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Everything is moving ahead fast and making your head spin! This is not the time to recoil through fear or stress of this forward motion. Grit your teeth, hold on and allow yourself to go on this fast ride of accomplishing your dreams and goals. Action is the energy surrounding you right now. Move full steam ahead with your plans as there is nothing stopping you. You may even be bombarded with more visions for projects and ideas, but let’s deal with one thing at a time. Finish what you have started then race ahead with these new concepts. You may also get important communication that helps you move towards your end goal. There could even be a flying visit, business trip or a last minute holiday in the mix. Either way, go, go, go!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Wow you haven’t got time to breathe at the moment as everything that you have been planning goes full steam ahead. Settle yourself as you are in for a fast ride. Whether this is professional advancement or a personal situation, this is what you have been waiting for. Communication, action and the green light have all been given for you to finally get where you have wanted to go for a while! This fast motion has got your juices flowing where you are having more fresh ideas and concepts. But let us take one thing at a time. Once this has come to pass, you can let fly with all of your new dreams and visions! You could also be planning business trips, quick getaways and travel to help you get closer to your end goal. It’s all good, just buckle in and let this situation race ahead at full throttle!

Patience is the name of the game here! You may be so excited about a project or what is coming that you are zooming ahead and missing out the finer points which could lead to failure. Take a breath and slow down so that everything that you are working towards moves smoothly without a hitch. You could also be experiencing delays in something that you are counting the days to finish, again this requires you to chill out and let the days unfold as they should. Remember to stay focused on the job at hand or you could be multitasking and getting nowhere fast. If things are frustratingly slow, perhaps you need to sit back and find a different approach that will lead to a successful conclusion. Perhaps change your routine or daily activities to bring a breath of fresh air into your life. With a fresh perspective you may realise that plans need to be put on hold until things are more stable. Alternatively you could be moving towards improving health, emotional wellbeing or working on improving your energy levels. Either way slow and steady wins the race.

Whether this is a personal venture or a work project you cannot wait for everything to come together and start working for you. You are trying to stop yourself from racing ahead as you know that the outcome is going to make for a happy more abundant you. You are reminded however, that even though you will succeed eventually, you have to be patient and let things unfold naturally rather than forcing the situation. We all want to achieve our goals but sometimes if we push them forward far too quickly we miss the smaller things that keep the engine running smoothly which could then lead to things breaking down. Keep your goals in mind but in the meantime chill out, know that you will eventually get there and that the Universe will deliver when the time is right.

You are like the proverbial duck swimming along at the moment. Above water you seem calm, in control and are slowly working towards a favourable outcome in this situation. However under the water you are paddling like crazy as you want to get there quickly! Concentrate more on being the calm duck sailing along the water allowing everything to pass as it should. You are getting impatient and your mind keeps telling you that things aren’t happening quickly enough for your liking. Try to stop these thoughts of wanting a quick conclusion as you will miss out on the finer detail that needs to be attended to. You are going to get where you want, but by forcing the issue with your racing thoughts and a need to finish could have you swimming in deep water.

There was a time in the not too distant past when you had an idea, project or goal and knew that it was going to improve your life. You raced ahead with excitement and then when it came to fruition there were a couple of things that went wrong because you didn’t stop to take in the whole picture. Now you must learn from these past mistakes. Any venture, project or movement that you want to achieve in your life must be approached with patience and getting it right this time. Focus on one goal at a time and take yourself through each stage monitoring that everything is running smoothly, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. This time you will succeed and there will be no mistakes as you have learned your lesson. Be prepared for when it comes as when the time is right there will be no stopping this situation!

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You are entering into an exciting time in your life where you have made a plan or change in your life that brings you joy as it comes into fruition. Everything will be running at full speed which is what you have been waiting for. However take a breath as you race along and make sure everything is running smoothly with your plans. Being too hasty may potentially damage the ultimate outcome. Keep focused on one project at a time as you really will succeed in this situation. If you steer off on another venture, you could end up multitasking and not getting what you want out of any of the things that you are juggling. Yes it is exciting, but just slow down and smell the roses as you enjoy the ride. You could also be improving your mental or physical health and emotional wellbeing by changing some aspects of your life. Rome wasn’t built in a day so take it easy and let the Universe guide you along rather than pressing the issue out of impatience.

You are like a cat that has got the cream when you have an idea or a project that excites you. You feel ecstatic and just want it to all happen yesterday. You know that you can bring all of your plans together to make for a happier healthier life, but you must take a breath and be a bit more patient. You know that you are being somewhat impatient as you can feel the frustration creeping in when there are any unexpected delays or something takes you away from your goal for a little while. Think things through with every step that you take in this situation as it’s not going anywhere. By checking yourself and making sure that you are not acting out of impulse will serve for a better result. Equally if you find things are not flowing this may be a sign for you to take a break and wait for things to settle. Only you can captain your own ship, so sail it along steady waters so that you can see the way clearly for an optimal outcome.

You are driving yourself crazy! You so want to reach this goal that you have been working towards but people or the situation around you is making all of your plans go frustratingly slow! You know in your heart of hearts that this project or thing that you want to achieve is going to be successfully accomplished so why are you letting things that you can’t control get you down? Be patient with the people involved as racing ahead leads to mistakes. There could be a few obstacles that are also put in the way, but why has it all got to be done so quickly? All you are doing is putting yourself under undue stress and worry. Just let it go and let the Universe deliver your every need as and when it should happen. You will get nowhere by forcing the issue. When the time is right everything will swiftly fall into place, so let it all unfold as and when it should.

You have put yourself on a path where you know you are going to be improving your life for the better. Whether this is a work thing or a personal situation it will all lead to a lot of happiness and success. You are hoping that it will come sooner rather than later, but you have to be mindful to be patient. You are fearing the worst by any delays that are happening. You are thinking that the delays are going to jeopardise what you really want. By doing this you are telling the Universe that it isn’t going to work. You must not let your fears alter the course of your end goal. Be positive, be patient and know that everything is divinely timed and when this is right everything will flow so beautifully it will make your head spin!

If you remain patient about this situation it really will deliver to you everything that you want. You are so looking forward to this change in your life whether it is a work or personal goal that you just can’t wait! Take a breath as what you are working towards is going to happen and make you so much happier. However, things in life sometimes do not run as smoothly as we would wish. So don’t go racing ahead wanting everything to come at once and get frustrated when it slows down. Check everything is running smoothly, put on the brakes and watch the miracles that the Universe can bring when the timing is right. For when you wait patiently with a positive mind-set, everything will flow magnificently and faster than you can imagine. This is worth waiting for so be patient!

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