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You are currently experiencing difficulties and battles in your life against others who have an opposing stand point. It seems that there are people around you with different motives that don’t meet your own. You are all struggling to find a resolution which is leading to conflict and disorder. Despite you trying to get your side across no one is listening. This leads to frustration and nothing really going any further forward. This situation needs people to listen to each other and to understand each other’s point of view to find any peaceful conclusion. If this is in a work environment, suggest a meeting or a brainstorming session to iron out all of the creases in order to find a mutual way forward. With patience and respecting others views, the battle could be a lot less fraught.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

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Too many cooks spoil the broth and you are finding yourself getting hot and heated in the kitchen! Everyone is trying to get their point of view across and no one is listening. Chaos and confusion are reigning over this situation whether it is in the workplace or in your personal life. The problem is with all of this noise and arguments, what needs to be sorted is nowhere near being concluded. Try and establish some sort of balance by implementing a brain storm meeting or a get together where everyone can have their point of view heard. There could also be inevitable change coming. If you don’t listen to what others have to say and vice versa, the battle will continue with nothing and no one getting any further forward.

Sometimes you just wish people would keep their nose out of your business and just leave you alone. However, they may be just looking out for you as they can see the situation a lot clearer than you can. The problem is you are going through an internal battle on a decision in your personal or professional life. Should you stay or should you go? Everyone wants to put their two pennies worth in, but it really is down to you and what you want, even if in your heart of hearts you know it’s the wrong choice. You could even be burying your head in the sand and not wanting to face confrontation in this situation. Avoiding it is not going to make it go away. You need to speak your truth calmly and wisely to all concerned to help reach a mutual conclusion. Alternatively you could have worked through your anger and hostility issues and are finally feeling at peace after coping with difficult people and situations.

If only would people would listen to you! It drives you crazy as you feel you know how to improve this situation but everyone is talking over everyone else which is just leading to ill feeling and lack of movement. You really do want to find the solution to all of this drama going on around you. Everyone seems to be falling out and you are not being heard. You want to aim for a peaceful life, where everyone can respect each other’s opinions without another battle taking place. The people we love the most can affect us the most so keep striving for peaceful resolutions with your loved ones or even work colleagues if this is a work problem. By keeping focused your end goal of a balanced and peaceful ending will come about if everyone is willing to sit down and hear each other out.

You are feeling the need to withdraw from all of the noise being created by people giving you their opinion in this situation. You need to work out what your inner voice is telling you over this problem but it doesn’t help when everyone else keeps jumping in with their advice and opinions. Some of it is well meant, but you just need to iron out all of the issues that are keeping your mind busy day and night. Your thought process is telling you to come away from all of this and avoid confrontation at any cost. Your inner voice however is saying that you have to say your truth and face a few people to overcome this situation and enjoy a peaceful conclusion. Sit in the quiet and listen to your gut as that will tell you what you really want in this situation. Burying your head in the sand will just delay the inevitable.

You have overcome quite a confrontational situation in your recent past. Everyone seemed to want to get involved and have their say but all it led to was conflict and bad feeling which proved to not resolve anything. However you took the higher ground and allowed people to have their say whilst you just listened and tried to understand their view point. Well done you, as this led to peaceful resolutions and an end to a relentless battle. Whether this was a work based situation or a personal problem, everything is now where it belongs, in the past. You have resolved your issues now where perhaps you felt anger, resentment and frustration before. By working this through and taking everyone else feelings into consideration you will now find yourself far more confident in dealing with confrontation or coping with people who have opposing views in the future.

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There could be change coming soon that will lead to people wanting to say their piece and you might not want to hear it. Rather than let this turn into conflict and a battle of wills, sit back and let them have their say no matter how hard that seems to do. By embracing this you are going to bring a level of calm to what could be potentially a very explosive battle of the minds. You may not want to face this confrontation, but it is not going to go away by avoiding it so you might as well face what is coming and allow everyone to have their say. Try establishing a well-balanced respectful meeting or a brainstorming session if this is a work problem. Whatever your situation is, by staying calm and taking on board everyone’s view point, you can make a decision for the greater good rather than out of resentment or anger.

You know that the people around you are right to a certain degree. You are not that happy with a certain situation or person and inside you are battling with yourself, this could be a ‘should I go or should I stay’ dilemma or even a ‘how do I confront them with this difficult situation?’ Whatever the problem, you know that you can’t avoid if forever which is what you are doing now. Have courage and the strength to believe that your decision and your point of view is just as valid as everyone else’s. If you face the problem and the people involved with empathy and respect, you really will achieve a greater outcome rather than shouting the odds to anyone who wants to hear it. This needs to be dealt with delicately and with as less fuss as possible.

Sometimes you just want everyone around you to shut the hell up! You are aware that they are just trying to help but all they are really doing is just adding to the chaos and confusion you find yourself in right now! You have decisions to be made. There could even be huge changes taking place and you just need to step back and have a think about what you want. The problem is you are being given advice left right and centre and no one is really listening to what you want. This could be leading to conflict and upset by you allowing everyone to overwhelm you with their pieces of wisdom. Get yourself away from everyone, find a peaceful place and take time to think out what you want to do in this situation. You have heard all of their advice, take it gratefully but then decide what you want for a happy, peaceful life.

You are hoping for all of this chaos and confusion to finally come to a peaceful conclusion. People around you have been trying to get their point across but because they are doing it at the same time it is leading to arguments and conflict. If only everyone would have a bit more respect for one another, take a step back and appreciate what everyone else has to say. This is what you want right now as a problem has arisen or a change has taken place which needs a supportive team effort, not all of these cross wires and battles of the mind. You are worried that if someone doesn’t get a grip of this and create some sort of productive way forward, you are going to remain in this argumentative mode which will bring further ill feeling and anger. Perhaps you are the one who will suggest a brain storming session or a respect meeting of the minds so that you can all move forward to a peaceful resolution. Whatever transpires, a peaceful resolution is needed as soon as possible.

There is change afoot and if you don’t deal with this quickly and correctly, arguments and bad feelings could manifest pretty quickly. This situation is going to lead to a difference of opinion with the people around you, so be prepared to sit back and listen to their view points because if you don’t this could lead to a full on battle of minds and will. Everyone wants to put their view point into the melting point but all at the same time, which will just lead to confusion and chaos. You will desperately be trying to get a grip on this, so be mindful to hold your tongue and let others speak. Once you have taken on board what everyone else has to say then you can make your decision on what is best for you. The key is not avoid this confrontation. Get hold of it quick so you can get yourself into a peaceful resolution a lot quicker.

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