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You are in an amazing space right now as you enjoy the love of your friends and family and a happy harmonious home life. Take time out to celebrate with people you love. There could be a significant milestone in your life such as a birthday, anniversary or a successfully completed project. Whatever the case, it’s a great excuse to get together with the people that make you happy and have some fun! Look around you and appreciate everything in your life. You could also be nesting at this time by renovating your current home or on the lookout for a new home. Either way, stability in home life and family is at its strongest right now.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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You are in a world of bliss, accomplishment and celebration right now. Home is where the heart is and you are truly enjoying the love from your family and friends as you take a breath and look at what you have achieved so far with pride and happiness. You could also be making improvements in your lovely home or even moving to your dream place. Whether this is a work or personal project that you have worked so hard towards, celebrate the fruits of your success with loved ones for a job well done. There could also be birthday, anniversary or significant events being celebrated at this time. Bathe in the love of your close family and friends knowing that you are supported in every way and are at your most stable right now. Stop and smell the roses, because at the moment they are sweet!

You may be feeling somewhat unstable at the moment. This change isn’t serving you well and you really don’t know who to trust. You could be moving home, leaving a relationship or changing jobs, whatever the situation is, it has you out of your comfort zone and feeling a tad vulnerable. If there are no major changes going on then you may be finding yourself at war with loved ones or feeling that there have been too many arguments in the household for your liking. It is time to try and create some peace at home but if you are going through change know that this is necessary and that you will come out on the other side stronger. Alternatively you have reached a milestone in a personal achievement which you don’t really want to shout about. You could have reached your goal weight, ditched the cigarettes or moved away from the booze. Whatever you have achieved be proud of yourself, you are succeeding in making a stronger more balanced you.

You are focused right now on achieving exactly what you want, in fact you may have already reached a milestone where you want to punch the air with victory! You are aiming for complete balance. Peace and tranquillity at home, celebrating the love of your friendships and family or even just wanting to improve you, inside and out, is all you want. Whatever the goal, whatever you have been working towards you know that there is still a little more work to be done but it doesn’t matter. You are passionate about maintaining a happy family life, celebrating loving relationships and achieving a sense of peace within. You want to broaden your horizons on a personal or work project and the way you are feeling now you will succeed as you are so passionate about achieving your goals and desires. What makes it better is that you are totally supported by your loved ones and you know it!

You have had it in your mind for so long, this want to improve yourself and your surroundings. You have already spent time working towards bringing your family and friends even closer so you can bathe in their love and support. You have achieved this but you still want to broaden your experiences and enhance your life. There is still a deep feeling that even though you have reached a milestone, you are not quite there yet. You could be wanting to improve your home or are even feeling the need to move into a new one. Whatever that itch is deep within, it is your intuition telling you that if you continue in this right direction you will experience nothing but further love, happiness and celebration of a job well done.

Echoes of the past are still here when big change had to take place in your life. This could have been a relationship ending, a stressful house move or even a job change. Whatever the upheaval, it did leave you a little vulnerable and made you feel a lack of security. It appears though that you have healed from the situation and have grown stronger in its wake. You are now seeing the potential in yourself and in your life. You have worked towards a happy family home and should be celebrating the love and security you find in it. Just take a breath for a while and embrace what you have achieved since your upheaval. You will then see how far you really have come and what you are capable of. You are supported by amazing friends and family. Celebrate your personal accomplishments so far as very soon you will be jumping onto your next project which will no doubt be just as successful as this last journey that you have conquered.

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You are entering into a phase where you will give yourself a huge pat on the back for a job well done! You will feel the bliss of family love as you sit back and take a breather after everything that you have achieved. Whether this was a work or personal project you are feeling very happy and secure in yourself and will feel the need to celebrate with your friends and the people that you love. You could even be moving home or making lovely changes to your current one. Home is where the heart is my love and you certainly will be feeling at home in the near future. It has taken some planning, but you really need to stop and look at how far you have come. You could also be celebrating an important anniversary which will bring all of your loving tribe together. Feel the bliss of your existence, the world is nothing unless you have love!

You do not want to let go of the feeling that you have bubbling in you right now! You are feeling exceptionally happy with yourself as you have come so far! Whether this was a personal project to make you feel healthier or a work project to help make you feel more financially secure, you have cracked it! You want to burst inside for what you have achieved but are silently smiling to yourself as you don’t want to rub it in other people’s face. The strength you feel inside and the realisation that you can achieve anything is contagious. Your friends and family are catching on to your upbeat energy making the home and your friendships a very happy place to be. Well done you, I think it’s time for you to pop open some bubbly!

Home matters are so important to you right now. If your loved ones that surround you are unhappy then you are, if they are happy it’s vice versa. Balance needs to be achieved at the moment to keep the home fires burning and the atmosphere cosy. Communication may be needed with family members so that everyone can acknowledge each other with love and respect. When everyone is happy you feel secure and adore being amongst your loved ones. When someone rocks the boat, everyone feels it and you feel like you are back to square one. Be mindful of bringing your loved ones together in positive situations so you can all feed each other with mutual love and happiness. Don’t allow the people you share your life with to rule how you are going to feel. Make the first move and promote peace and tranquillity in the home.

You are doing nothing in your daydreams but picturing the perfect family life in your perfect home, feeling loved and blissfully happy. You are currently working towards this utopia and are nearly there. Everyone seems happy and you have certainly made changes to make your home beautiful and all of the people in it. There is nothing more that you want then to be surrounded by happy smiling faces that radiate love in your direction. So why spoil your daydream with worry? We all have our ups and downs but you have to remember that you have achieved so much in keeping a happy family and home life. By worrying or thinking it will all go wrong is almost attracting that situation in. Do not wait for the bubble to burst. Celebrate with your loved ones and honour each other with nothing but love, kindness and contentment. Isn’t that what you are aiming for after all?

By staying focused you will be seeing the beautiful benefits of your hard work in this situation. Whether this is a personal achievement or a huge change that you have implemented and moved on from, this certainly will be your time to celebrate with loved ones. Everything is going to be in balance on the home front with you enjoying waking up every morning. Your home could have undergone improvements or you could even be moving to your dream house. Either way, home is where the heart is and it’s where you will want to be. Security, love and support is coming your way and it is so richly deserved. This is all down to you working together but most of all your strength and efforts to attain a happy and blissful life.

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