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You are in your power right now and have never been so grounded and focused. You are attracting the right people around you who will support your vision and do the work for you. As you inspire them, people will do your bidding fully respecting your passion and drive for a great outcome. Everything has been planned and the long term goal is clear in your mind. Your strength and ability to inspire others is second to none. You will succeed in all of your plans with the help of others. You are not wasting time on people or situations that can’t help you along. Direct and robust action is your way forward right now. Nothing is stopping this work project or goal. Be mindful to keep committed though, a seed cannot grow and blossom without regular attention and nurturing.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

The name of the game is action right now. You have achieved a personal or creative project which finds you completely empowered and in the best place that you have ever been. You have banished fears of what others think and have had nothing but success and drive on your mind for a while now. This has brought you a strong team around you that are helping you to achieve momentous success in your project or goal. You are no longer wanting to create or grow an idea, it is already there and you are leading willing people to achieve your goals. Nothing is stopping you now so run with this fantastic strength and drive to achieve. The only thing that is needed now is further commitment to your cause so that your goal stays on point and cannot fail.

In a work environment you are working among a team that share your vision. The only problem is you may be sitting back not wanting to be the born leader that you are. It is time to reassess the impact that you are having on your peers as they really do want to help you in your goals but need a starting point as well as direction to get there. Perhaps delegate someone that can voice your views and vision to these willing workers as at least you are half way there. Alternatively you could be sitting on success at the moment and may be getting a bit too big for your boots. Do not let your ego go unchecked where you could come across as arrogant or being seen to take your supporters for granted. Allow yourself to be YOU and guide others with an empathic and gentle way rather than ruling with an iron fist. Remember there is no ‘I’ in team. Alternatively you could be striving for an unattainable goal that is exhausting you. If it is too far a reach, let go and find another way to achieve a more sustainable goal.

You have brought an idea or concept to full fruition and are now racing ahead at full speed with strength and focus. You really do want to see the best outcome for all of this work you have put in. You are mindful now that you have willing supporters that want to take the baton from you and carry this venture even further forward. So you find yourself brushing up on your leadership skills balanced with wanting to be a team player to keep everyone happy. You are now wanting to delegate all of your vision to the ‘doers’ in your group as they are happy to take up the reins. By being the caring and diligent leader that you are, you have no qualms in realising your end goal and realising the dream that has been with you for so long.

You know that now your successful project has legs to run free unchecked, it requires help from other quarters. So your thought processes have gone from bringing your goals into fruition to how you can inspire those around you to help you continue this excellent venture. This requires your empathic and ‘team playing’ methods to kick in so you are thinking on ways to help support and inspire your team. You may sometimes feel a little intimidated that people are looking at you for direction so dig your heels in as you know in your heart of hearts that you can do this standing on your head. Embrace the limelight and allow your inner strength to shine as you direct your supporters on the path to true success and completion.

There may be a little bit of trouble in your thought processes now as you look back on previous goals. You had the idea, you brought it into fruition but when others became involved the flow of the venture broke down. This could have been because you weren’t confident in being a leader or being responsible for delegating your team. You could have also dealt with these people in the wrong way which led to them not wanting to support you. You have learned from all of this and now have been offered or have found a new goal that you wish to achieve. This time you are stronger, wiser and have discovered a new found confidence in leading a team and delegating with respect and the right authority. So no more looking back on past failures. This one has a fire ball lit up within you and you have no qualms in taking this forward with the right team backing you all of the way.

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There will be an opportunity presented to you where you just can’t say no. You can see the vision, you know how to implement this venture to a successful conclusion and all you need is the right people behind you to make it happen. You will enter into an energy of strength where you will see clearly how to lead your supporters towards the end goal with you doing nothing but being part of the team as well as being a compassionate leader. This will bring about abundance and a sense of accomplishment as you carefully lead the way to this opportunity being simply amazing! Stay true to yourself, respect your followers and stay focused on the end prize. You will be an inspiration to those around you who will respect your fire and your drive. This will become infectious where your team will stop at nothing to see your vision come into fruition.

You know that you are a born leader. You have always taken the reins on any project and challenge and guided it along with others to its successful conclusion. You know how well you can relate to others and listen to their needs. This is a vital attribute as when you are inspiring people they will come on board willingly sharing your vision and helping it along. You may have had some doubts in your ability and may have reeled away from being the leader but you have learned that this won’t get you where you want to be. It’s not about you nurturing an idea along anymore, it is about encouraging those around you or a dedicated team to make it happen for you. By displaying passion for this project is all you need to fire up your supporters. You know that you can do this standing on your head, so get going and lead!

It is all about the people around you now if you want to see your vision manifest into a brilliant success. You have had the idea, you have brought it out into the open, and all you have to do now is get the right people around you on board. So be mindful to guide these followers on this shared vision with compassion and respect. The last thing you want to be doing is ruling with an iron fist and making their lives a living hell. Lose the ego and you will find that your team will do everything in their power to help realise your dreams. You know that you are a natural born leader so get involved with your team, fire them up and let them manifest what you want to see succeed. Once you have them in the palm of your hand they will literally go to the ends of the earth for you. Just remember there is no ‘I’ in team, so lead by example and don’t forget to be a team player.

You have now reached a point with a personal project or work goal where it really has succeeded far beyond what you could have imagined. It’s now time to get the people around you to help move this venture forward. You hope that you can do a great job in being a leader and guide these people in the right direction. You fear though that you may not do a good job by not handling them right. The thing is you know that you are a natural born leader. Lose any ego connected to this situation and know that by being a team player and leading by example you really will get the best out of your supporters. Now is not the time to get heady with success as this will lead to what you fear the most, a mutinous team that do not share your vision.

If handled right you can expect to achieve your goals and dreams without any stress at all. By handling it right, I mean that you have to lead a team of supporters in bringing your vision to even more glorious heights. The knack here is to keep your supporters on board and respectfully guide them on what you want to achieve. By being a compassionate and supportive leader you are going to achieve such greatness that you won’t believe it yourself. You will have a very happy crew who will literally do anything for you in seeing your vision succeed and going beyond anything that you can imagine. Lead by example, stay true to yourself, respect your team and you will experience nothing but success, abundance and a job magnificently well done. You could also be offered an opportunity that will make your day. Take it on board and make sure that you delegate the right people to help you reach a successful conclusion. It’s all about encouraging your team and guiding them along with passion, gratitude and support. Doing this will bring you the ultimate in success and accomplishment.

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