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You are a ball of fired energy and passion at the moment. Your ideas for the future are making you feel exhilarated for the adventure ahead. Even if there could be downfalls, you simply don’t care as you feel that you can take on anything that comes at you. This new concept or goal has you so excited that this has become infectious to the people around you who are basking in your charisma and confidence. You want everything yesterday as you race towards your goal. Be prudent however, yes you know there is nothing stopping you in finalising and succeeding in this project, but be mindful to stop now and then and make sure each step is thought through and is in alignment with the greater good. Being too ‘gun ho’ may ruin your plans on a long term basis, so be clever as you bound along on this exciting path. Patience is key, choose what needs to happen right now and what can wait.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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There is nothing stopping you at the moment, action is the word of the week! Your idea that is now starting to blossom has you excited as you see your dreams coming true! You are racing along with this project or creative idea at full speed and really can see the finishing line where you will be so much more abundant. You are so full of energy and passion that everyone around you is feeling your excitement and wishing you well. Be mindful however to slow down just a tad to make sure that everything is going smoothly and to your liking. You really don’t want to fall down at the last hurdle because of silly mistakes made out of haste. You are nearly there now, so enjoy the ride as it will only get better.

Slow and steady wins the race here, be mindful of the hare and the tortoise. You are so fired up with this passionate idea that you want to zoom ahead and get it up and running. In this haste you could miss out on finer details that could affect the long term life of this project or goal. Try not to act impulsively on everything that comes along, just take a breath and take each stage slowly and efficiently. Alternatively you could be near the finishing line on a creative project but there seems to be delays and obstacles that are frustrating you. Pull back and see if there is anything that you can change to make the project run a little more smoothly. Patience, fore thought and a steady path towards your goals is what is called for right now.

You are almost bursting with excitement as you have had a creative idea and now you can see it is blossoming into a fantastic project or passion. You cannot wait for this idea to solidify which makes you impatient and perhaps a little too hasty. You know however, that this is going to be an amazing hobby, interest or pursuit that will most probably be with you for life. You have come to a time where you can give it your full attention and now just want to see it take off in magnificent ways. Ideally you want the project finished yesterday, but make sure you slow up your passion a little, it isn’t going anywhere. You do not want in your haste to miss finer details that could affect the perfect outcome that you are anticipating.

Whenever there is a quiet time in the day this idea comes to the forefront of your mind. A passion that you have wanted to carry out for a while seems to be renting your head most of the time. That is because it is going to make you feel so much more contented. You know this and so want everything to happen sooner rather than later. This could be a creative idea that is now growing into something tangible or even a serious hobby that you want to incorporate into your life. It really will reap dividends that is why your inner voice keeps dangling random thoughts of this interest whenever you have five minutes to yourself. Go with this feeling as you really are going to enjoy bringing your passion into your life. Just make sure you steady yourself up so that everything can be done properly and no mistakes are made out of haste.

In the past you have found that when you embarked on an exciting idea or project you have become a tad impatient and things didn’t work out how you wanted them to. You may have even invested in a hobby or creative idea which kept having delays or obstacles placed in front of you. This is most probably because it wasn’t the right time or in your haste you may have missed finer details that pretty much drew your passion to a halt. You have learned from your past mistakes made out of haste and over excitement and now know that slow and steady wins the race. Even though you want to burst as you are so excited with this plan, step back and allow the Universe to set the right flow in motion so that you this time round everything will grow at its own rate and not through your impatience.

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You are so close to the finishing line on a creative idea or project that it is taking everything to hold in this excitement that you have for it! You have put a lot of time and effort into this hobby, interest or pursuit and are getting impatient with it finally coming into fruition. You will enjoy the benefits of this investment but make sure you slow down a little to make sure that all the finer details of your plan are in place and are ticking along at a steady and measured pace. This will consolidate your plans and give you a far more stable foundation for this interest to last long term. Haste only creates silly mistakes that could jeopardise this passion from growing into something magnificent. Do everything in moderation as you really are coming into a fantastic phase where what you love doing is going to be an important part of your life from here on.

You know that when you have a creative idea or are passionate about a project that you can get over exuberant. You get really excited about what you want to work towards and could in your haste miss vital points that need to be rectified in order that you are successful in your endeavours. This time around monitor your patience and know that slow and steady wins the race on this one. You know that you are going to succeed so what does it matter if it takes a little longer in getting to the finishing line? If you are honest with yourself your over excitement can lead to calamity so make sure you harbour some of that passion and moderately apply it to your plan for amazing results. You know that this project is going to make you a lot more happier and abundant so continue to check the finer details, keep to your plan and keep your over enthusiasm in check.

When we want something to happen and there are delays that take place in its fruition we can get extremely impatient! It’s natural to want everything yesterday when you have been investing in something that you know excites you and will bring so much abundance into your life. This could be a creative idea, hobby or passionate pursuit that has you in a tizzy when you think about it. The delays or obstacles could be signs from the Universe to slow down a little and make sure you are covering the finer points to your plan so that it can run smoothly in the long run. It may also be the wrong time for this to come into its full glory because of other things happening in your life. So listen to your instinct, listen to the Universe and methodically go along with your passion holding some of that excitement in for when it really does come into full effect. You are so close, so don’t get disheartened by any hiccups. You will get the results that you long for, just know that this will be divinely timed for the very best results.

The idea that you have had in your head for what seems like ages is finally starting to manifest with each passing day. You have seen this little seed in your mind grow into something tangible where you can now follow your passion or creativity. It has been a long time coming and your excitement levels are through the roof. You hope that this hobby, interest or pursuit is going to be a major thing in your life and bring happiness and abundance. You fear however that some tiny delays may be a bad sign and that what you long for won’t come into being. This couldn’t be further from the truth so don’t dwell on fear of failure as you will attract further delay. Stay focused, be patient and know that the Universe has your back on this venture. Focus on what your end goals are and do not allow any hitches in this playing out affect your positivity.

With precise planning and patience you are coming to the finishing line with a passionate pursuit. As long as you have curbed your excitement and stayed focused, success is the only outcome in this project. Whether it is a creative idea, hobby or project all of the love that you have invested into it really is going to reap amazing results, Even if there have been a couple of delays along the way you really will experience abundance and happiness as you see your passion come into being. Be mindful to have patience as you ride along the home straight. This will serve you well as you won’t miss any finer details that need to be smoothed out. This is your time to enjoy this passion which will make for a far happier you!

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