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It has come to the stage when quite frankly you have had enough. There has just been one thing after another hitting you and its getting tiring. You are mentally and emotionally exhausted but now is not the time to give up. These past challenges are showing you just how strong and resilient you really are. Keep your hopes and dreams in focus as you really are near the finish line. Do not let people stop you from getting there with their negative opinions and criticism. Keep your boundaries clear and do not let them past that invisible line. Embrace your supporters and concentrate on the people that are there for you with no ulterior motive. Don’t let the past make you put your barriers up too high as it stops the good people getting in. Take a deep breath, focus on your goal and keep going.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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If there was ever a time to keep focused it is now! You are being hit by negative people and endless waves of challenges that make you feel that you just want to give up. This is not the time however to throw in the towel. The Universe has brought you these challenges as a sign that you have to dig in, stand your ground and keep focused on what you want to achieve. Yes, it is tiring, yes you are wondering why you are getting all of this muck thrown your way but when we want to change things and get our lives right there are always going to be obstacles to overcome and difficult people to deal with who may be jealous of your achievements. You must believe in yourself at this time and know that you are headed on the right path. Don’t see these problems as signs that everything is wrong, see them as a challenge that you need to overwhelm which will lead to victory. Embrace the positive people around you that will help you realise your goals.

You have really come to the end of your tether. What you have to work out is if the people around you are being intentionally negative or you are overthinking things and being a bit paranoid. Get out of your head and see the situation for what it is you can then make wiser choices. Know that the obstacles that are being brought to you now are only going to lead to a stronger you. You will achieve your successes in whatever you are aiming for but you are being bogged down with setbacks and critical people. You must start adopting positivity and mindfulness. Draw on your inner reserves of self-belief and courage. If you are finding it hard to cope with everything going on, see if there are ways to ease the burden. Reach out for help in whatever you need assistance with. It is not a weakness to ask for help, it is a strength in acknowledging that you are going to achieve your goals with helpful proactive people helping you strive towards your end game.

You are gritting your teeth with determination at the moment and really do want to achieve everything that you set out to do. Ideally you want to get on with it and not have people putting their opposing views in and criticising your methods. Whatever you are aiming for in this situation it is about digging deep and bringing the stronger, more confident you out into the open. You want to achieve boundaries and draw a line with certain people that may be dragging you down with their negativity and possible jealousy. This is your time to shine, so you know that you have to keep dusting yourself down every time you hit a dead end or setback. You are on the right track here and know that no matter what comes at you, you will overcome it and move forward. Keep your end goal in the front of your mind and know that you will achieve success if you stay positive and focused.

You could be overthinking things here and projecting issues that aren’t really there. You could be hyper sensitive to what people are saying about your intended goals and projects. By taking on board all of this negativity your inner voice is saying to you that you will not succeed. This couldn’t be further from the truth! You must not let your shadow side influence your inner thinking. Look at any setbacks and critical people closely. Do they have ulterior motives? Are these setbacks a sign from the Universe telling you to change your approach? The answer to these questions is most probably yes. Take some time out to think over your situation and adopt positive mental processes to your goals rather than let the monkeys in your mind echo what some people have said and done around you. When you dig deep, you will find that your inner voice will change its perception as your worries will dissipate and see the truth in this situation.

You have in the past wanted to just give up and hide under a duvet because things were going wrong again and again. In fact you most probably did give up on a project or goal because you listened to the people around you who were critical or negative. You may have taken on board what they were saying and decided not to go ahead with a dream or desire. As it seemed tough at the time you also may have thought that what you wanted to achieve wasn’t going to work. With hindsight you have seen more clarity and realised that these people who had something to say may have been driven by ulterior motives. You may have seen why things weren’t flowing as they should back then. With this wisdom you have now realised your own strengths and ability to move forwards with any goal or project that you want to achieve. So now that you have this additional knowledge know that you can start manifesting your desires and start working towards what you previously abandoned. Keep the negative people in their place and embrace the positive ones who want to see you succeed. You have got this, you know you have, so go for it!

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You could be entering into a difficult time ahead where a goal or project will come to major setbacks or you may even find people opposing your standpoint. It is really going to be a tough time as you are going to have to draw on your inner reserves to deal with these obstacles and petty people. The trick here is to know that you are on the right path and will succeed, you must however draw a line to people interfering. Yes there may be setbacks ahead but that is only the Universe telling you to perhaps change your approach and not take on too much at a time. Do not allow other people to influence your decisions. Maintain your boundaries and focus only on the positive people who want to see you succeed. You can achieve anything that you want, the only thing that can damage this situation is you being too sensitive to other people’s views and wanting to give up before you even started.

You know that this part of your life is about you and what you want to achieve. You know that you are completely capable of achieving whatever you have set out to do. So why are you listening to the people around you who are showing you the possible pitfalls? They could be voicing their opinions through jealousy or insecurity. They are not leading your life and should not be able to influence what you think or how capable you are of achieving success. If you are not too careful you are going to lose your confidence in this situation and will want to give up. Dig deep to that inner strength that you have in buckets. Focus on the fact that you are determined and strong and can see this through to the end game. By doing this, other people’s views and any setbacks will just be water off a duck’s back. Keep your mind on nothing but your dreams and desires, it is your ticket to happiness and abundance.

You need to seriously stop and look at where you are in life. Along the way you have been lost to everyone else around you. You have taken on their opinions, criticism and views and have given up on what you really want in life. Sometimes people who see us grow or make change can meet us with resilience due to their own insecurities or even jealousy. These negative people may be influencing you right now and subliminally making you change your choices in life. Do not allow this to happen anymore. Your dreams and your goals are yours and yours alone. If you keep letting others rent your head you are going to end each project or goal before it has even started. Step away from the negative people, embrace those that want to see you succeed and do not allow anyone to sway you in your life choices. Stay strong, stay focused and let YOU be the captain of your ship, not the crew.

You do desperately hope that this project or goal that you have been working so hard towards will end in success. You have tried everything you can to get this far but setbacks and other people nosing into your business may have you rethinking this situation. Your fears are that these people may be right in what they are saying. You also may see that the setbacks are a sign telling you not to proceed with your goals. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Focus on the dream. Focus on how your life will be once you have achieved this goal. By doing this you will do nothing but highlight your hopes and dreams and send the negative thoughts and feelings into the darkness. Do not think that you do not deserve this chance for change and a new beginning. Self-love and self-belief must be your driving force now to succeed in everything that you want out of life.

You could be entering into a tricky phase in your life where you will experience setbacks and perhaps opposing views from the people around you. You cannot at this time feel that you want to give up or listen to this criticism. You may be facing some difficulties, but as long as you believe in yourself and defend what you are wanting to do this will still lead to an eventual success. The people around you may have ulterior motives in what they are saying so do not allow them to influence your decisions. This project or goal that you have been working so hard towards may seem like it is a loss cause as you enter this energy, but remember it isn’t! It is merely the Universe highlighting who should be in your life at this time and who can take a back seat. You may need to sort the wheat from the chaff in people and chores that you are taking on. Embrace the positive people who want to see you succeed and cut out anything that doesn’t serve the greater good for you. Yes, you may hit some obstacles but by staying focused and positive you will smash this and realise your goals and dreams.

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