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Your thirst for spiritual knowledge and personal development is at its height at the moment. Think about attending spiritual workshops, meditating and developing your higher self for a better understanding of why you are here and what your destiny is. Your spiritual journey could bring great revelations and a wonderful peace within your soul. Alternatively you could be on the brink of wanting to bring a creative project into fruition. Think about how to implement this and make plans before proceeding. Being overzealous at this stage could lead to a shortfall. To manifest your ideas and dreams into reality, iron out a solid pathway forward.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You are starting to look within and feel a need to seek a more spiritual understanding of your life and destiny. When we connect to the Universe and start spiritual practices we find that we can cope far better with obstacles and challenges that befall us in our human lives. Think about spending more time in nature, meditating or joining a spiritual class in order to discover your soul purpose and destiny. You may find yourself being enlightened and far more at peace than you could have ever imagined! You may also be thinking of starting a creative project or even harnessing your natural talents as a career prospect. Take it easy as the excitement may get the better of you. Plan your project methodically making sure you walk along checking all is ok rather than race along and miss the bloopers. By making a solid plan you will find that you can manifest your dreams and goals into reality. It’s time to delve within and manifest what you truly desire.

You have a dream of manifesting an idea or creative project into reality. Every time you think of this venture it brings overwhelming excitement as you imagine it growing and even being a source of income. Be careful not to run into a hazy fug of daydreaming at this stage. Think through a solid business plan or strategy before making any moves. Once everything is in place then start to implement your dream, as being too hasty may make this project fall flat on its face before you have even begun. You could have tried this before and it has not worked out. You may now realise it was because you didn’t plan it out properly. So don’t be disillusioned by previous failure, put all of your creative energy into this situation and gently nurture it along. Do not allow you ego, in this case fear and doubt to affect your goals. KNOW that this will succeed with the right approach and that you will attain ultimate success. You may also want to start a more spiritual approach to your life and spread your wings. You may be feeling caged at the moment and want to delve into your soul to see what lies there. You don’t want everyone to know about this journey and may be keeping it to yourself, but if that works for you, what’s the issue?

You have had an idea for some time now that you know if handled right will flow into something magnificent. It is a natural talent or creative project that you either want to take on as a serious hobby or even make it a new career prospect. Either way, you must make sure that there is a solid plan in place as you don’t want it to fall to pieces at the starting gate. Your passion for this venture is second to none. Every time you think about it you can feel the butterflies in your tummy telling you it is going to be such a wonderful achievement for you. You may even want to reach out past the burdens of everyday life and gain a more spiritual perspective in life. Perhaps you want to expand your mind through meditation or spiritual classes. The time is right for you, so start finding ways to discover your soul path and destiny. You have waited along enough, it is time for this caged bird to fly.

You have been feeling it for quite a while now. These niggling thoughts and feelings have been telling you there is far more to your human life than you are experiencing. You may want to start looking into spiritual practices or start meditating. Anything that has you looking out of the box is going to reap rewards for you. You feel like a caged bird and want to fly by broadening your spiritual horizons. You may even be thinking about that creative project that you have always wanted to do. It keeps popping up in your mind because now is the time to implement a solid plan so that you can manifest this dream into a reality. Your inner voice won’t let this go, so surrender and enjoy the new path that you are going to tread. You wished you had done it years ago!

In the past you may have had a creative idea that you wanted to implement into a reality. It could have been something that you wanted to take up as a hobby or even use your natural talents as a new career choice. It however may have failed or you felt that you weren’t capable of achieving this dream. The reason it didn’t flow then was because you allowed your negative ego traits to thwart this project before it even began. You may have also been too impulsive and not thought through proper strategies to get it off of the ground. The problem is this idea is still in your mind. That’s because you are capable of doing this so get your thinking head on and create a solid plan on how you are going to manifest your creativity into reality! Look back and see what made this project fail and be mindful to not make the same mistakes again. Slow and steady wins the race, so think it through, play around with ideas and then get going!

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You are entering into a phase where you feel that you want to have a deeper understanding of life. You may have been wondering on how to connect to your inner self and how to view life on a more spiritual basis. Think about taking up things that will enhance your intuition such as meditation, spiritual classes and mindfulness. You have been wanting to do this for a while, so there is no time like the present. You may have also been keeping a creative idea in your head that you wish you could manifest into reality. Again, this is the time to start spreading those creative wings! Play around with your ideas and concepts. See how you can implement a solid plan to bring this creative idea into a new career or serious hobby. You will succeed with due diligence and proper planning. Don’t let self-doubt stop you, everyone has a dream it’s just the strong and brave that end up living them.

You have been looking at yourself for quite a while now. Perhaps there seems to be something missing or you have an itch that you just can’t scratch? Sometimes this is your soul calling for a more enlightened state. It is our inner voice asking us to open our minds and start to live our human lives on a more spiritual basis. You may even think that you have stronger intuition than most or a certain need to expand your mind. Think about meditating, join spiritual classes or working mindfulness into your life to broaden your soul understanding. You know that you are capable of achieving almost anything so why not open yourself to this new way of thinking? You may also have a creative idea that keeps rattling around your head. It is there for a reason as it is part of your future, so play around with that idea, see how you can manifest it into reality and go ahead with this dream. You see yourself as a spiritual person, so why not take yourself along a new path where you can become more enlightened and at peace?

You may have found yourself witnessing all sorts of curious things in your life. You may be seeing synchronicity again and again. You may be having vivid dreams that you know are not your own. Perhaps you are seeing the same numbers wherever you go or people are telling you the same thing but at different times and locations. These are all influences form the Universe gently pushing you to learn more about your soul and to take on a spiritual path. This could lead to a new career or at best a new way of living your human life with peace and contentment in your soul. You could also be having coincidences backing up a creative idea that you have been harbouring for a while. Notice all of these signs, take them on board and start pushing yourself forward in this new venture. The Universe is telling you that you are ready and that you can achieve your dreams if you believe in yourself.

You have an amazing creative idea that has been with you for a long time. Every time you think about implementing it and making it a reality your fears kick in and tells you that it won’t succeed or you will fail. It is about time you got hold of these fears put them in a box and locked them up for good! The reason you had this amazing idea was because the Universe brought it to you! So get out of your head and your ego and start making a solid plan on how your creative idea can be made a reality and an important part of your life. You may also be drawn to wanting to broaden your spiritual horizons, but again fear that people will judge you or you won’t be able to achieve enlightenment holds you back. What nonsense! You have to start somewhere, so think about meditating regularly or attending a spiritual class. You are wanting to spread your wings, do let your fears clip them!

You are about to come into a phase in your life where you want to broaden your spiritual horizons. There has been a need in you to understand your soul purpose and life for quite a while now. You want to experience everything beyond the normal human existence. You may feel that you want to start meditating or attending a spiritual class. If this is the case, the Universe and your inner voice is telling you now is the right time. So get your spiritual hat on and start to embrace a whole new way of being. You may also be at a point where you desperately want to take a creative idea into a solid career or hobby. There is nothing stopping you apart from fear itself. Start concentrating on your creative idea and how you can manifest it though a solid plan. When you start entering into this energy go with it at a slow and steady pace. It’s your time and your soul knows it.

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