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You are the social butterfly at the moment, floating around people radiating your courage, strength, vision and determination. You are in the limelight expressing your views and goals whilst everyone around you wants to jump on board and go along for the ride. Networking is the order of the day, attracting people towards your radiant light and helping you get to where you want to go. You really are in your own energy at the moment and feel nothing but strength, good health and vitality. This is the time to get out there and express your plans and ideas for the future. You are a strong leader who inspires confidence and strength in others. Bringing together all of these likeminded people will help you reach your final target. Don’t be afraid to show any weaknesses to the people around you, transparency will only warm them to you even more.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Wow if there was ever a time where you felt amazing in your own skin then it is now. You are radiating confidence, vitality and strength. It is being noticed by people around you and affecting them in a similar way. You have mastered a creative pursuit or project and now is the time to show the world how brilliant you are. Think of marketing your ideas and accomplishments and do not be shy in bringing people on board to help you manifest your goals. You are an amazing leader and having this attribute attracts willing peers who want to help you move towards your ultimate success. By staying true to yourself and even showing any weakness that you may have only warms people to your transparency and the fact that you are only human. Your health could also be the best it has been for a very long time purely because you are in such a vitalised energy.

You have reached a stage of self-confidence now and know how it feels to be successful so well done you. You could however be at a stage of wanting to go inwards to absorb everything that you have achieved. This is not a problem and could prove fruitful for your own self belief system and the fact that you really are in the right place. You being a social butterfly may be put on hold but it is all for the greater good. Alternatively you could be reeling from being too sensitive to other people’s thoughts and opinions and have become introverted. Take this time to go within yourself to build up your self-confidence and resilience. You must aim to be in a space where you can be yourself and succeed irrespective of other people’s opinions.

Your goals are pretty much achieved at the moment as you float around as the social butterfly that you are. Ideally you want to remain in this space of self-confidence and personal power. By owning this energy you will send it out to others who will absorb your strength and want to be part of whatever you are achieving and working towards. You are wanting to branch out and let the world know of your achievements whether they be a creative project or concept. Marketing and demonstrating your prowess in your chosen field will reap dividends. Show everyone how capable and resilient you are as you enjoy one success after the other! Most of all you want to show people who you really are, warts and all and do you know what? This will only make them love you even more!

You are feeling that exciting vibe within you that makes you feel elated and invincible! Your self-confidence has taken a massive leap as you find yourself achieving one goal after the other. If you have been concentrating on a particular project you are finding that it has been worth the effort as you see it grow to full fruition. You are wanting to share your endeavours with those around you who want to see you do well. Socialising, marketing and new ideas are driving you forwards now. With those spare few minutes you have to yourself, your thought process lies with how you can achieve further greatness with this newfound vitality. You could even be thinking on how to maintain this healthy glow you have had recently through diet and exercise. Listen to your thought processes and intuition, they are serving you well.

You may have taken some time in the past to yourself and gone within to see what needed clearing out and what needed to be encouraged. You would have gone through a process of alleviating yourself of negative thought processes and nurturing your personal strength and self-confidence. Having done this work where you may have even become reclusive has served you well. You have made the decision that other people’s opinions and viewpoints really won’t affect you anymore and that you can decide for yourself what is best for you. With this new found confidence you have become a social butterfly proudly displaying your achievements. This has attracted people who want to see you reach dizzier heights, so bring them on board with your excellent leadership qualities to help you accomplish even more that you have set out to do.

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You are entering into a phase where you really feel elated and vitalised. You will be spreading your wings and letting everyone around you know how strong you are in your new found confidence. You have achieved your goals that grew from simple ideas and you will be ready to market this as well as expand your horizons with a project or idea. You will no longer worry about judgement and will be feeling invincible. This will attract more positive people in your corner who will help you achieve whatever you want in life. Your leadership skills will now come into full force as you delegate and guide people to help assist you in your next creative idea or project. A pat on the back is in order as you really are heading for abundance and success!

There was a time when you looked back at the old you and realised that you were far too sensitive to other people and what they had to say. You have learned from the past and now see yourself as a very resilient person who is now able to see that you really can achieve anything that you set out to do. Your self-confidence has rocketed. When you look in the mirror you can see a healthy and happy you ready to perfect an idea that has turned into a massive success. You also know that you have the leadership skills to get others to help you along so that the path isn’t as difficult. You have come through so much and now you are feeling so proud of yourself. So get yourself out there and show others how it’s done!

You have found that perhaps you have become far too sensitive to other people’s words and opinions. On realising this you have strengthened your boundaries and realised that you are a lot stronger than you think. With this revelation you have found personal strength and a new found confidence that has you batting away people interfering without even thinking about it. You find yourself in an environment that makes you happy and vitalised. Any projects or goals are sailing along nicely and not only that, you are attracting people to you that want to help you in your success. You now find yourself surrounded by positive people who are willing to knuckle down with you merely from changing your perception and your inner belief system, well done you!

You are now at the end of a long journey where a simple idea manifested itself into a viable project where you found abundance, happiness and strength. Long may it reign, I hear you say to yourself. With this new found confidence how can it not? Possibly if you fear it all collapsing or not continuing to grow. Do not allow this thought process anywhere near you as it will attract the wrong sort of energy from the Universe. Go with the flow and know that from your excellent leadership skills you have attracted the right people in your life to help you continue achieving your goals and dreams. Now is the time to embrace positivity and continue on this winning formula. Most of all you can be YOU which is bringing you so much more freedom.

It has taken it’s time, but now you can expect everything that you have worked towards to explode in a flurry of success, happiness and most of all completion. You have painstakingly nurtured this creative idea or pursuit and now you will finally see the end results. This will bring you so much happiness and sense of fulfilment. You will feel a new vigour as you realise that you were stronger than you realised. You remained focused and now your dreams will come true. You will also see a lot more positive people flock around you attracted by this new strength and vitality that you are radiating without even knowing it. You will feel a sense of leadership as these people come to you wanting to know how they can help you bring your project along to an even bigger potential. All in all you are heading for improvement in all ways just as long as you stay true to yourself and not let others sway you in the wrong direction!

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