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Your success has raised a few ugly and jealous heads around you. When we have achieved greatness, there will always be people around that want to take you down a peg or two. Stand up for yourself, defend your beliefs and do not let them bring you down. If we are in the limelight or even have a high public profile there will always be the ones in the shadows wanting to put their two pennies worth in. You may even need some legal advice to help this situation. Let them come, with your self-confidence, self-belief and prowess, they will fail if you stand your ground. Alternatively a creative project could be blocked by someone or something. Don’t get disheartened, keep pushing your vision with passion, you will overcome this predicament. The lesson is, always have a ‘worst-case scenario’ plan for the future.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

There is nothing worse than the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head. You may be questioning people around you who are not as enthused by your recent success as you would expect. Do not allow this to reflect on you, it is just then seeing their own failures and wanting to project them on you. Defend what you are passionate about and stand your ground if you are dealing with any conflict. The real friends in your life will want nothing but the best for you. The others? Let us just say that they are showing their true colours and should be left in the background as you move on to greater heights. The key here is to believe in yourself and everything that you have accomplished and to not let anyone around you dampen your triumphs. If anyone has managed to thwart your goals, re-align yourself and carry on, you are  on the right track, you just have to change lanes.

You are feeling at the moment that everyone is against you and that you are tired of trying to fight your corner. Do NOT give up! You have to dig deep and find your confidence and inner strength in this situation and defend who you are and what you want. Do not let others who have a differing point of view stop you from achieving what you want out of life. You could be overwhelming yourself with too many things going on so fine tune what you want to work towards. You may be giving in to other people just because it is the easier route. No it’s not, you have to draw the line with anyone who is opposing you and let them know they can no longer push your boundaries. Stand strong and stand up for what you believe in as it is you living your life not everyone else. Alternatively you could be flogging a dead horse and no matter how hard you try nothing is flowing. This is the Universe saying, move away and try something new. This is not a failure, it is you realising that you don’t deserve to waste your energy on something that does not serve you.

You are wanting to get this project off the ground and you are succeeding. It could be a personal goal or a work project that has got your heart at the moment and you don’t want to let it go. You know it’s the right way forward for you, but you are getting opposing views and possible criticism from those around you. If everyone could keep their nose out of it and mind their own business you would be a lot happier! You want to get along in life and achieve your dreams without other people interfering trying to tell you what is best. You are right in wanting them to back down as your goals are clear and these critics are just getting in the way. See yourself standing your ground and carrying on despite what others have to say. You have got this, keep those interfering opinions at bay and go for it!

Sometimes when we have the same niggling thought that won’t go away it is our inner voices telling us that we are right and to keep going. You may be feeling that you are getting a bit too sensitive over people who want to put their two pennies worth in. You are striving to achieve great goals in your life and all they want to do is criticise or make you want to value their opposing opinion. Listen to your inner voice! You are right in this, it really is none of their business and the voice inside you is telling you to back away from them and stand your ground. Keep focused, listen to your intuition and carry on reaching for your dreams. Your higher self is telling you to keep going on this project or goal until its successful end. Yes it is going to be successful, you already know that as you can feel it. So why let these people interfere and put you off course?

Even though you are strong and determined, you have in the past allowed people to sway your decisions and change the way you wanted your life to be. No more! You have learned that things haven’t gone right in the past because you have listened far too much to people who had opposing opinions. This is not their life to lead and you now know that you have to achieve your goals whether they like it or not. Jealousy could be a part of their motivation as they see you succeed where they have failed. Stand your ground and stay focused on what you want to achieve. Tell yourself that nothing or no one will interfere in you getting what you want. Perhaps beforehand you didn’t have enough courage or self-esteem to go against these people but you have grown since then. Show them how strong you are and how determined you are in achieving your goals. This time round you will succeed and realise that you have come a long way since your past challenges.

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You are galloping along at full speed and will be coming into a successful time with a personal situation or professional goal. The problem is some people around you don’t like seeing you achieve what they know they could never do. This potentially could bring about jealousy and people trying to criticise your venture through their own misgivings. You must not allow them to knock your self-esteem. Dig deep and draw the line with anyone who wishes to see you not succeed. This is your time and you really are coming into your own. Even if these people have thwarted you before, they will not do it again. Use your inner courage and determination to see this project through and place all of the naysayers in the background where they belong.

This is a time when you really have to dig deep and see what you are made of. On occasion you have surrendered to other people’s views and have allowed them to make decisions in your life. With hindsight you have seen that you have been swayed by others opinions. These opinions are from people that are projecting their own fears on you as they see you succeed and achieve your goals. Find your inner strength, seek out your passion and strive to achieve success in anything that you want in life. You know that you have got it in you, but sometimes lack of faith allows these naysayers to change your opinion. Let’s not be having any more of it! Draw the line now, defend your beliefs and opinions and put them in their place! You can do this standing on your head, you know you can, so why let others in and make you doubt your objectives?

There is something in you that others can get somewhat jealous about. You have a determination and strength that allows you to see anything through to the bitter end and usually this ends in success. There are some people around you who couldn’t achieve half of what you have so they project their own weakness on you by criticising or demeaning what you are doing. The only way you could fail any goal in your life is by listening to what they have to say. Jealousy could be a motivation here as well as people not wanting to see you succeed and become independent. Enough is enough! Defend your plans and goals to the hilt and everything that you believe in. Show them the line and tell them that they can no longer cross it. This is your life with your dreams and your passions being the most important thing. If they have differing opinions, that’s their business not yours. So dig deep, be strong, polish up your self-esteem and keep going undaunted.

You hope that the current goals that you have in your life will reach a successful conclusion. You have been working towards things that will compliment your life and put you in a greater standing. This has involved a lot of change in your life as well as you making new plans. Some people however have raised concerns and perhaps criticised you in your plans. Your fear is that they may be right and you are going in the wrong direction. You feel that they may be talking sense and your goals are just whimsical daydreams. Do not listen to these fears and certainly do not listen to these people who have differing opinions. Your hopes are real and you can succeed in anything that you want. Their opinions are merely echoes of their own self-doubt and the fact that they are not as motivated as you to succeed. Concentrate on your goals and leave behind their opinions and interfering ways.

You are entering into a phase of succeeding in any goals or projects that you have been working hard to achieve. The only problem with this fortuitous time is that there may be some that will raise concerns and criticism regarding your venture. Do not allow anyone to interfere with your success and know that they are merely getting involved due to jealousy or the fact that they feel you are leaving them behind. None of this is your issue. Defend your ground, stand up for your beliefs if you do come across people that want to dampen your spirits and your plans. You are on the right track, you are strong and determined and they may find this intimidating. You have embraced change and they are still reeling from you going out of your comfort zone. You are fine with it, but they are hanging on for dear life and wanting to pull you back from the abyss. Let them go and allow them to stay in their own restricted lives as you surpass them and achieve your goals and dreams.

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