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You have reached an incredible milestone and must celebrate how all of your hard work has brought success and a sense of accomplishment. This has all been worth it, so expect to be publicly acknowledged for your efforts. You could also be praised in your work situation for a job well done. People who love to see you succeed are so happy that you have achieved something in your personal or working life. Embrace their love and support as you really have done so well. Be mindful to get the word out there, think of marketing your project and shouting form the rooftops what you have achieved. You are still on a path of growing, so be ready for any possible obstacles in the future, the energy you are in now though, you’ll smash it!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Victory is yours so it is now time for you to give yourself a huge pat on the back! Whatever the situation, personal or professional that you have been working towards, you are now crossing the finishing line and have smashed this! You have worked so hard and can now see that everything that you put in has come to a very happy conclusion. Everyone around you is happy to see this success and are proud of your achievements. If this is a work or creative project, make sure that you now start to spread the word and concentrate on marketing your idea and your prowess as a business person. You may even receive public recognition for your efforts. Online marketing is the way forward. You need to let the right people know how magnificent you are! Yes there may be a challenge ahead on getting out there to everyone, but after this success, this is a walk in the park!

It appears that you have reached a milestone. If this is a personal goal that has been achieved perhaps you want to just acknowledge to yourself what a good job you have done. If it is a professional one, you may not want to shout from the rooftops what a success it has been. Are you afraid of the attention or being in the limelight? Check this scenario with yourself do you not have the self-confidence to own this victory? Don’t let your own thought processes spoil the fact that this success may need to be shared to boost your work status. Also make sure you have worked for this success for your own needs and not to seek approval or to keep up with the Joneses. Alternatively be careful on shouting out how amazing you are if you have had a major success. People can be riled by you being a bit too big for your boots and may feel the need to put you down a peg or two. All in all, balance this situation right and you will experience a happy victory. You could have also have had a failed project that has knocked you for six. This is the Universe telling you that it wasn’t going to work, so get your thinking cap on and change your approach.

You have been working on a personal or work project that you hope with all of your heart will be successful. You have given birth to this idea and have seen it through each step of the way and are so close to success that you can almost taste it. Don’t let your ego fail you now! You have been picturing the success of this project for far too long now so don’t allow negative thoughts of it failing into your mind. If this is a professional goal, you will make this work and you know it, so make sure that you sing from the rooftops of your success. You can see that you want to take this further so start the marketing and get your idea out there. If this is a personal issue, you know that you have smashed it. Whether you want to just give yourself a pat on the back or share in your triumph know that everything you have been concentrating on is going to be amazing!

You have been working so hard towards this goal. Whether it is a personal objective or a professional project you know inside that you have smashed this and that you are victorious. The question now is do you just sit in your own success or do you tell everyone and anyone of your triumph? There has to be balance here, so in your mind you are thinking shall I shout from the rooftops or keep modestly quiet?  If this is a professional goal, then yes go for it, spread the word and get your business prowess out there for all to see. If this is a personal accomplishment then allow the recognition that you deserve. The Yin and Yang of this situation is, don’t get too big for your boots if you have smashed a certain challenge as you may put people off. By playing this right, you will receive the public recognition you deserve and the support to take any project or goal even further.

You may have worked towards a personal project or goal in the past and it just came tumbling down around you leaving you despondent and feeling a failure. You could have had a work project that did the same, crashed and burned despite you putting every effort in to make it a success. Whatever the goal or issue that you strived towards, you have learnt from this in the past and have had the courage and strength to take a new approach on achieving your goals. This has proven to be fortuitous as you can now see the success that has befallen you. You are now standing triumphant and finding yourself being patted on the back by your friends or publicly recognised for your work in a business environment. Bathe in this success as you truly so deserve it! Now you have to keep the fires burning and take your success to a new level by either marketing your ideas or making the right people aware of your business prowess.

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You are so close to reaching your end game it is tangible! You have worked on a personal or professional project and wow you have smashed it! All that hard work has paid off as you stand in victory knowing that you have done an amazing job. In fact you could even be publicly acknowledged for the fantastic job that you have done in a work environment. If this is a personal goal, people that admire you will be patting you on the back and wishing you well in your success. However, keep an even keel on your success. In work, consider marketing yourself or your brand to reach even more dizzy heights. Be sure to spread the word of your success in a balanced way as no one likes a show off! On the other hand, don’t undersell yourself for fear of being rejected or criticised. You have given birth to this venture and seen it through to its amazing end, don’t leave it there, let the right people know.

The only thing that can ever thwart our goals and ideals is a negative ego. You have given birth to a personal or professional project, you have nurtured it and through all of your efforts have made it an outstanding success. Do not let your fear of failure or being pushed into the limelight stop you at the last hurdle. You have been courageous and have diligently given your all to this, so do not let your fears muck it up at the finishing line. Give yourself a break and know that you and only you have been responsible for this success and acknowledge that. Spread the word of your triumph! If this is a work concept or project market it to the hilt. If this is a personal achievement let the people who admire and support you in your life know that you have smashed this through your own determination and passion. Don’t let the little imps in your mind tell you that you don’t deserve this, as you so do!

You need to be thanking the people around you that have brought you to this victorious place in your life. This could have been someone who left you in a relationship and you have now found your own personal happiness. You could have lost a job or been criticised for your work and now you have created your own work project that is nothing but successful. Whoever has made you change your approach and come up with these creative or work ideals, you should thank them as you are experiencing success and a sense of achievement that you never thought possible. Give yourself a huge pat on the back as the universe created all of these situations around you. You didn’t back down, curl up and give in, you fought harder and survived and now look at you! You have triumphed against all adversity and have found yourself stronger, wiser and most of all a winner!

Every day you sit and daydream about how your personal or professional project is going to succeed and you are going to bask in the glory of success and abundance. You hope that everything that you are working for is going to bring all of the rewards in life that you deserve. Don’t think this is a daydream, this is a reality that you are creating for yourself where you will triumph. The only problem is your fear that your work project may crumble before you even get it out there. You fear that it may fail and no one will be interested in what you have to offer. You may feel if this is a personal goal that you will give up and not succeed. As you can see, these are feelings and not the reality that you find yourself in. Do not allow your ego or negative thought process to thwart your goals and dreams. You’re putting the work in, you are nearly there. Success and abundance will be yours, just don’t let the monkeys in your brain stop you achieving the dream.

You have worked so hard towards this project or idea and are so close to the finishing line that you can smell it! You have worked diligently with no doubt that your goal or achievement will land you with success and abundance. Because of this, you will experience the glory of triumph if you keep your mind focused and positive. Everything that you have aspired to is about to reach a successful conclusion. All that you have hoped for will come into fruition. Victory is yours, do not let fear or worry stop this from happening. Sometimes when we work so hard towards a dream we lose a bit of faith and think it is just that, a dream, but no this is really going to happen and you are going to succeed! Get ready to give yourself the hugest pat on the back because you are really coming into an energy of celebration and a job well done!

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