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You have taken on so much at the moment that you are exhausted. You are weighed down with extra responsibility and the burden of this is making itself known. Whether it is taking on extra working hours, helping out others or caring for a loved one, something needs to give before you collapse in a heap! Think about delegating some tasks to others to lighten the load. Perhaps think about careful time management or dropping some tasks that aren’t a priority. You are nearing the end of this temporary burden but still try and make it easier for yourself. Some of you may have created this extra burden through a business project, make sure you aren’t the chief cook and bottle washer. Give some responsibility over to a trusted acquaintance as you cannot continue doing everything.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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If you have been feeling tired or a little grumpy lately there is a reason why! You are taking on far too much and your body and mind is telling you that something has to give. The burden of your responsibilities is starting to overwhelm you and if you don’t let something go soon, you will get even more tired. You may be running around too much for other people, working far too hard or just literally being everyone’s ‘go to’. It is time for you to ask for assistance and start delegating some of your chores or responsibilities. In a work environment you need to ask for assistance or voice that you are being allocated far too much for just one person. This is also a warning not to take anything more on until you establish balance. If you are an empath, you no doubt also take on everyone else’s business and worries. You must start respecting yourself and your boundaries, yes, you can say no, so start getting used to saying it! The good news is ten refers to completion, so this madness is only temporary!

There is nothing worse than having your head filled with heavy thoughts and burdens. We do tend to hold our dark thoughts in as we don’t want to worry people. The thing is you are worrying people and they don’t know how to approach you as you are closing down any offers of assistance. It is time to be brave and ask for that help whether it is a family member, trusted friend or even a counsellor. Nobody got anywhere by being a martyr so don’t do this to yourself. You have clearly taken too much on emotionally and physically, it is now time to lighten some of the load. If this is a physical thing, start to prioritise what is important in your life and put the other things on the back boiler. Perhaps having a spring clean, decluttering your house or wardrobe may help you to get back that spring in your step. Don’t be the person everyone relies on, give them some space to find themselves and in turn this will give you a rest. Ten is completion, so hang on in there as this energy around you is soon coming to an end.

You are so determined in everything that you do that you don’t want to stand down. You want to be there for everyone and succeed in everything that you do. The problem is you have too many plates up in the air and keeping them spinning is leading you to exhaustion. Ideally you want to fine tune your responsibilities and focus on the things in life that are a priority. You are getting there, but some things still need to be let go off for you to succeed in your ventures. You don’t want to say no to people but you can see that by letting people get on with their own lives is going to lift the burden of your already overbooked schedule. You can reach any goals if you focus on what you need first of all and delegate what doesn’t have to be done by you. You are realising this and know that if you keep to these principles you will end up with success and a lighter approach to life.

There are people in your life that are making you feel like they couldn’t do without you. This is creating unnecessary burden on you and you know it. They may make you feel guilty and inside you are feeling that by saying no it’s a little selfish. This is utter rubbish! You need to start realising that saying no on occasion to the people around you will make for a happier and lighter you. You also know that inside you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Again this may be because you are taking on too much of other people’s concerns. You may also be doing far too much and not allowing any ‘me’ time. You need to change your thought processes and start streamlining your priorities. It is time to declutter your mind, your life and work environment. Delegate or ask for assistance in the parts of your life that are just too chaotic. It is not your problem if people around you do not like this sudden change. The quicker you establish boundaries and let things go, the quicker this overwhelming part of your life will end.

In the past you have allowed yourself to be everyone’s somebody. You have also said yes to anything that has been asked of you. This has led to burn out and you feeling totally exhausted physically and mentally. You may have even worked yourself so hard that you were close to a breakdown. You are mindful to never get back into this space again. Be very aware of how much you are giving out to other people. You have learned from the past this does not serve you well, so take this as a vital lesson that should be carried through into your present and your future. Learn to say no when you have too much on. Get rid of things out of your life that do not serve the greater good. Ask for assistance if you are feeling weighed down and declutter anything in your life that is making you feel burdened yet again. Hindsight is foresight in this situation. Remain vigilant and do nothing but be kind to yourself.

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You are entering into a phase where you could possibly burn out if you don’t drop a few things in your life. The burden of other people’s needs or just life itself is starting to weigh heavily on your emotional and physical body. You may find that everything in life is just too much and the reason is is that you allowing yourself to be stretched to your limit. If you feel this energy coming on you must act quickly and start to delegate any responsibilities that you can. Say no to needy people and start to look at ways of streamlining your daily activities and responsibilities. The world isn’t going to stop by you letting some things go in your life. Do this for your own wellbeing and health. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. This may be difficult for you as you have always been the strong reliable sort, but sometimes we all need a break to recharge our batteries. Be kind to yourself, lighten the load and allow yourself to breathe. The good news is ten refers to completion, so this burden will soon pass to calmer waters.

You know that you are the ‘go to’ person and love the fact that people need you and value your input. The problem with this is you are starting to feel a little resentment as you are totally exhausted by everything you do on a daily basis. You keep feeling that the world can’t cope without you. Here’s a news flash, Yes it can! Start changing your mind-set and realise that you need to put yourself first in everything. It may be a hard concept to get your head around but if you don’t change your thought process soon you are going to burn out. Start asking for help rather than being the hero. Say no to people’s incessant needs and start to delegate some of the things that you naturally thought were up to you to do. Draw on your close loved ones to help you lighten the load. As you feel lighter, your thought processes will lighten making you realise that you come first. Once the self-love kicks in you will make for a stronger person that can still help but only when it fits in with your newly balanced regime.

If you could just live in your own bubble for a month you would get so much more done and feel great after achieving it! The problem is that people around you are slowing you up and weighing you down with their needs and concerns. As you are a kind and empathic person you are allowing this to happen. We all feel good being the strength for other people. Something has to give here though as you are fast becoming exhausted and extremely burdened. You may also be taking on too much work or running around like a headless chicken with no rest in sight! You need to start drawing the line with some people in your life. You need to distance yourself from their lives and problems and let them navigate rather than you guiding them every step of the way. You may also have to make a point at work that you are being taken for granted and being asked to do far too much. It is all about the courage to see what you can change and changing it! Think about delegating things that can be delegated to others. Ask for help if you are struggling and let people be a rock for you for a change. If you don’t deal with this you really will lead to a total burn out. If you do go down you can’t help anyone anyway. Balance is the key here, so start decluttering the things in your life that don’t need to be there!

You have always been a driven and ambitious person. Whether this is as a worker, a parent or a good friend you have always strived to be the best that you can for everyone around you. You hope that you are doing a good job but you have been noticing that you feel exhausted both mentally and physically lately. You fear that you won’t be seen as that solid rock that you always are for people or perhaps that your work might falter in your career. Whatever the situation is, it is time to surrender and realise that you are not a machine. Everyone has to maintain balance in their life so that they can remain strong and reliable for the long term. So lose the fear of thinking that asking for help is a weakness. Lose the fear that people may see you in a different light. By asking for help, delegating chores or lightening your workload you are actually showing boundaries, self-love and control of your life.

If you don’t start letting go of a few things in your life, you will head for a complete burn out. You thrive on being busy and being everyone’s rock but there is always a switch off button when things become too much. If you ignore that switch off button you are heading for more exhaustion both physically and mentally. In your enthusiasm you have taken on too much. This could be caring and running around for others, taking on far too high a work load or putting yourself under too much pressure on a personal goal. You have to take a breather and start to lose some responsibilities that aren’t a priority. Start saying no to the needier around you and perhaps start delegating more in a work environment. You are not a machine so give yourself a break and start to declutter so that you don’t veer towards a burn out. Show yourself some self-love and honour the fact that you have a life too!

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