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Your plans are well underway in making change in your life. You are stretching beyond your comfort zone, all you have to do now is stick with it. This could very well point to overseas travel, study, learning or personal growth in order to bring more colour and change into your life. Dream BIG right now and know that you will manifest exactly what you want to achieve if you just keep going. You are aware that there may be obstacles and challenges in the future but the wheels are already in motion, so ride along this new experience being ready for anything that comes your way. You are broadening your horizons and making new experiences for yourself. Well done you!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You had the ideas, you made the plans now it is time to set the wheels in motion as you start the journey of your dreams. You have looked far ahead to know what possible obstacles may come about and are ready to deal with them. You are making major changes with a professional or personal project and feel confident that opening yourself up to these new horizons is going to serve you nothing but abundance and happiness. You could even be planning to work, study or even move across seas. Whatever journey you have invested in, you are attracting nothing but fortuitous opportunity and fast growth. Stepping out of your comfort zone is giving you a new lease of life and don’t you just love it!

Sometimes our ego really does get in the way of our true path. If there is something that you desperately wish to achieve but are too scared to step out of your comfort zone than you are allowing your ego to stop your true destiny. It is time to be brave and make a move to what you truly aspire to. All of this ego based nonsense really will leave you stuck and going nowhere fast. You could have even started the plans of this major project or change and found yourself out of your league. Perhaps there was a lack of planning in the beginning. If this is so, that’s fine, just take a step back and micro manage your project so that it’s easier to accomplish. If you are waiting on other people or certain stages to be completed on your journey, accept this and perhaps allow the buffering time to think of how you can run this project a lot more smoothly.

You have had the ideas in your head, you have made the plans on your project or lifestyle change and now you are raring to go. You can see way ahead of this project and can see the end result which will make you so much happier and better off. You can see that once you dip your toe in the water, it will be warm, calm and inviting, giving you the confidence to wade through unknown territory without fear. The excitement of this new project, home, job or life change is getting you excited as finally you are recognising that you need to approach your life differently. You could also be attracted to working or living abroad. Whatever you are aspiring to, get on and do it as you can see that the end game really will make you a very happy person.

When you have a feeling that won’t go away it is usually your subconscious gently pushing you towards where you want to be. You have been idealising over changing your life whether it is a longed for job, new home or personal relationship. You could have even had ideas about working or living abroad. Whatever the situation, you have been wanting to broaden your horizons for quite a while now. The need to step out of your comfort zone and make the changes is getting stronger as your inner voice tells you it’s time. Let go of the fear, don’t overthink this, just go for it as when you are on this path you will realise that it is the best thing that you have ever done.

In the past you have implemented a longed for plan and started a new project or change in your life. Whilst working towards finalising this project you came to a flying halt and never picked up the reins again as it just felt like too much effort. You are now feeling a little regret that you didn’t see this through. It could have been a house move, a new relationship, professional goal or even a move abroad. Whatever the case, you so desperately wanted to change your life and broaden your horizons. Because it didn’t flow you may have overthought it and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the right decision. You need to re assess this situation and see if it was just down to poor planning or bad timing as you know deep down that this change still needs to be executed. You are not happy with your current situation, so start creating the winds of change again to realise your dreams and ultimate goals.

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You are just about to start the journey that you have been thinking about and planning for quite a while now. It is going to bring change and open new horizons for you as you embark on this exciting project. It could even involve travel or going abroad for what you have in mind. This is a time of life altering experiences as you set the wheels in motion to change your life. It is so near now that you can feel it. You have made sure that all of the potential issue or obstacles are surmountable so there really is nothing to worry about. Don’t let your own ego interfere with this journey because you really will be realising your dreams and life goals. Enjoy the ride, because the ultimate destination is going to bring you nothing but happiness and contentment.

You normally have excellent confidence in yourself and throw yourself into challenges with vigour. So why are you hesitating now? Yes this new way of life or project may have you stepping out of your comfort zone but you have been there before, feeling out on a limb. Perhaps you feel that you are older now and really don’t want to rock the boat but the way you see it is your life really won’t change for the better unless you make the change that is needed. You do want to broaden your horizons which may even involve travelling abroad. So stop all of this worry of failure and that this isn’t the right time. Deep down you know it is, so get your big pants on and start implementing that change that you know is necessary for you to realise your goals and dreams.

You are currently running a project or are implementing big changes in your life that require careful monitoring and supervision. Whatever this life altering goal is, someone has to get their end of the bargain sorted for this venture to move forwards, they are taking their sweet time and it is driving you crazy. It could be a person or a situation that has your project delayed or even at a total standstill. Do not overthink this as a sign that you are on the wrong track. Be patient and allow whatever has to transpire to take place. This is your path, this is the right goal to concentrate on, just go with the flow and allow things to unfold as and when they need to. If you have planned this right, obstacles like this are a given, so use the time to tweak any other plans that are involved in this venture.

You have had the ideas, made the plans and now want to get this project or longed for dream up and running. You hope that it flows easily and that everything falls into place as you start moving towards your end goal. This could be a life altering change, or project that you have always wanted to achieve. Whatever you are working towards, you really do want to get to the finish line as it is what you have wanted for a long time. You know that it will certainly make you a lot happier and will also broaden your horizons bringing so much more enjoyment into your life. You fear that you may not have not done enough at the planning stage and that this dream could fall apart before it has even begun. You also worry that people or situations could thwart your plans out of the blue. Projecting all of these fears is not going to help you achieve your desires, so try not to overthink this. Focus on the end game and nothing else.

You have been very careful in making the plans to successfully complete a goal or project that is very important to you. You may be broadening your horizons on a personal level or branching out on a professional level. Whatever you are aspiring to you are going to succeed in achieving your dreams as you have thought about this and put so much effort into it succeeding. Do not allow your ego to interfere with this project as you jump from one phase to the next even if there are a few hiccups along the way. Your intuition has pushed you towards making this huge leap of faith in changing your life. The reward is that your bravery will reflect the outcome in this life changing decision to a favourable one. You really will attain your ultimate goals and realise your dreams now that you have made the decision to change your life for the better. Well done you!

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