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Time to step out and go beyond your comfort zone. Start planning your initial steps which will lead to your final goal right now. Whether this is a decision to travel, make a career switch or enhance your education, your passion to make this change fires you up. You are still deciding if this is the right way forward as you will be experiencing change and going beyond what you’re comfortable with, but if you don’t try where does that leave you? Have the courage to embrace this new plan and push yourself forward. After all, your instinct wouldn’t keep nudging you if it wasn’t the right way to proceed.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You have had the idea in your head for a while. It could be a change of job, home, location or even just wanting to change yourself. There has been such a strong urge to do this that you are finally ready to make a plan and implement it. The only trouble is you will be going out of your comfort zone when you make these changes which is playing on your fear factor a little. The idea wouldn’t have come to you if it wasn’t meant to be. Look at it as divine intervention, a little spiritual nudge to help you move forward in life and make improvements. You know this if the right way forward, so try and bury the negative thoughts and go for this new challenge. You will be so glad that you did.

If you had a genie sat right in front of you now offering to grant you your deepest wish, what would it be? This is the energy you find yourself in at the moment, what are your dreams and how can they come true? You may have followed a certain path recently that didn’t really lead to much, so it’s time to go back to the drawing board. What is it that really floats your boat? What dream do you have that makes you light up when you think about it? This is what you should be aiming for, realising that dream. It is time to start implementing a plan in order that this dream can become a reality. We all have wishful thinking, goals and desires. Start making a plan on how to move towards yours. Stop being so reluctant to step out of your comfort zone, you are being pushed to start this wonderful journey, but it can only be fulfilled with a solid plan behind it.

During the quiet times when you have your daydreams you fantasize about what you want to aspire to and where you want to be in the future. You take a deep sigh and wish it could be true. Why can’t it be? All you need to do to manifest this into reality is start with a solid plan. You want to see your dreams and desires become a reality so that you can finally live your life in peace, harmony and contentment. You know that it will take focus and a little leg work, but you really can achieve what you are longing for. You may be wanting the perfect career, home, relationship or just a balanced way of life. Whatever you wish to aspire to the ideas are there, you just need to start making a comprehensive plan to set these goals off in motion.

Whenever your mind is still, the same thoughts and desires keep resurfacing. You may even dream about them. It is your inner voice gently pushing you towards finally making a decision to implement your personal goals and dreams. It has been going on for quite a while now so why are you avoiding the insistent need for change? You are now in the right phase of your life to start making solid plans that can help you get closer to your goals. That niggling feeling is your inner compass telling you that it’s time for this venture to begin. Ignoring it just delays your path to true happiness and fulfilment. Don’t let the fear of you stepping out of your routine or comfort zone stop you from setting new plans in motion.

You may have pursued a goal or dream in the past and felt very excited as it started to proceed. You may have then come to a stale mate or wondered why you never quite got to where you wanted to go. This may have been because you gave up as it was too far out of your comfort zone or you realised that it wasn’t for you after all. It’s now time to go back to the drawing board and see if there are any other personal goals or dreams that you wish to achieve. Everybody has some whimsical idea or a wish for betterment, the problem is they just leave them at that. Don’t do this as you are capable of succeeding in anything. Start to form a solid plan on how you feel you are going to achieve any desires and then go for it. The results will surprise you as they will be favourable.

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You must be feeling the pulse of excitement because you will soon be carrying out plans that will implement a positive life change. You have been having the ideas for a while now, you have formed some sort of plan and now you are ready to go for it. This personal goal, dream or desire is going to take off and as you have insured a practical and well thought out beginning you are going to experience nothing but success and happiness at the end of this journey. Don’t allow fear of stepping out of your comfort zone ruin this. Life creates challenges and beginnings to keep us feeling alive, go with it and enjoy every new experience!

You know that you are capable of achieving anything that you set out to do. This one is a bit of a big ask though as you are wanting to achieve your dreams and goals in life. How scary would it be if you started working towards them and they fell flat on their face? This is where you must stop allowing the fear to be a factor in executing your life goals and dreams. You have had the ideas for so long now and have hatched a plan on how to start moving towards your ultimate desires. It is now time to implement the plan and make that patient yet meticulous journey towards your final destination. Deep inside you know that you have got this, so don’t allow silly thought processes to stop you achieving what you want and deserve. It’s all there waiting for you, go for it!

You could be at a crossroads at the moment. People around you or even a situation could be the thing stopping you from achieving what you really want out of life. Should you go for your dreams or appease the people around you and step back? Do not let anyone hold you back by them projecting their own fears on your life plan. Sometimes we also create obstacles to implementing a plan due to our own fears of failure. The thing is you have had this dream or goal in your mind for a long time. You have made a solid plan and now want to start effecting it. You are the only person to lead your life and experience it, the rest is just an added bonus. So stay focused on what you want to achieve. You can by all means listen to those who want to give their advice, but don’t allow this to stop you attaining your end goal. 

You have had an idea in your head about a life goal and now have got to the stage of making a plan on how to implement it. The excitement of this new beginning is making you feel quite heady! You hope that you have prepared yourself enough to make this change in your life. You want to achieve this goal as you know you will feel so much happier and have a sense of fulfilment. We all have dreams and deserve to follow them. This is where you are now, hoping that everything that you have had in your head will become a reality. Your fear is that when you start on this new path it will fail or go wrong right before your eyes. Nothing was ever achieved without trying, so forget the fears and go for this new venture trusting that you will achieve your personal goals and live your dream out as you so rightly deserve.

The seeds were sown in your mind for this new venture a while ago. It is an exciting idea that will help fulfil one of your lifelong dreams. You have held it in your mind for a long time and have now made a plan to execute one of your life’s goals. As you have made such a solid approach to all of this change you will enter into a swift energy of advancement, success and ultimate contentment. The trick here is not to thwart your plans with fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. Go forward envisioning your end goal knowing that you will achieve it. Whatever the dream or desire is, you have enough focus now to achieve this ending and literally live happily ever after. This goal is not a fairy tale, it is an achievable dream that will just take some focus, patience and a willingness to succeed. Everything you have wanted to manifest is now closer than ever, so keep going and reap the rewards as you cross the finish line.

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