The Star

The Star Tarot Card

General Meaning of the Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot CardAll that spiritual work has paid off! You are completely aligned to the pulse of the universe and have found your true meaning in life. You literally can reach for the stars and realise your dreams and goals. You have learned by living a positive life that you can fulfil your wishes at any time. You feel complete and are ready to continue this fabulous journey of personal growth and development. You may be taking on new projects and learning new things to enhance this bubble of love and light that you’re in. You have endured a lot of pain in the past which has brought you strength and a resilience that can’t be broken. The Stars have brought light into a place that was full of darkness. You are now full of hope and positivity. You may also wish to share your abundance with others through sharing your knowledge or sharing your finances to a good cause.

Reversed Meaning of the Star Tarot Card