Two of Cups

Two of Cups Tarot Card

The Two of Cups Tarot CardGeneral Meaning of the Two of Cups Tarot Card

Unrequited love and mutual attraction are coming your way or have already arrived! You’re either in or attracting a new soul mate relationship where your energies fuel together in a dizzy and heady union. Passion and equal respect for each other’s souls is the order of the day. This is a love that can leave you giddy and weak at the knees. Engagement and wedding proposals could also be on the horizon. This also represent a business partner where your ideas and visions are shared in equal abundance. The goals that you are aiming for in business will be fortuitous and successful as you work together on the same wavelength. Whether it is a passionate romance or an exciting business concept, either way, you are on fire and racing along at lightning speed.

Reversed Meaning of the Two of Cups Tarot Card