Your weekly Horoscope

by Russell Grant


20th June 2022

20th June 2022


Your Personal Horoscope for the week ahead . . .



Showing your vulnerability will help someone to see just how trusting you are of them. Love is all about give and take. Sometimes you find yourself giving more and other times you are taking more from your partner. Finding a balance where everyone is happy is different but not impossible if both of you are willing to work for it. However, if you find that you are the one who is doing all the giving, then this is your week to put an end to it.


Seek out some breathing room in the work arena by working to get as far ahead on your assignments as possible, even if it requires you to put in a few more hours than normal. Once you have built up a surplus, turn your attention to satisfying your personal needs. Take a day trip, ride a train, go to the spa, or do something that seems silly or indulgent. After all, what is the point of working if you do not reap any personal benefits from it?


This week has you asking, are you in the right family? Most of the time it is easy to see eye-to-eye with those around you, and sometimes you are so totally out of step with them that it seems you were switched at birth. Do not worry, you will be back in sync soon enough. In the meantime, to avoid becoming at loggerheads with each other, strike out on your own path to find new social and personal connections; visit places without the guilt of dragging someone else along.