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Psychic LTD

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Use of Website

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10-Hour Tarot (FREE Taster Version)

When enrolling in our FREE ‘Taster Version’ of 10-Hour Tarot, access to this course is valid for 14 days only from the date of customer registration.


Refunding and Cancellation

If you wish to request a refund, please email support@psychic.co.uk.

Our return policy (right to return within 14 days of delivery)

You have the right to return a maximum of 14 days before you begin the course.

All requests must be made through our office via phone or email and are subject to verification.


Disclaimer (Free to list Psychic Directory)

All psychic readings on the Psychic.co.uk ‘Readers’ Directory are provided to the user for entertainment purposes ONLY by the Psychic Individual themselves and do not in any way constitute medical, financial, legal, personal, or any sort of professional advice.

By having a psychic reading or using this site, you understand that these practitioners do not provide advice, give any directions for you to follow or any recommendations. A psychic reader may from time to time offer a personal opinion but this does not constitute advice. A reader will not diagnose conditions or illnesses and that includes questions pertaining to death or pregnancy. The content of psychic readings and the use of this site are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be relied upon.

We do not guarantee, endorse, recommend, refer, verify, or evaluate any services provided by readers, and nothing shall be considered as a guarantee, endorsement, recommendation or referral of any reader. We do not warrant the legality, quality, validity, safety, accuracy, completeness, or applicability of the content or anything said or written by any reader or any advice provided. We will not be liable for any damages sustained due to any dependence by you on such information provided by any reader.

Readers are not employed by us and the provision of any of the service by a reader shall be directly between you and the reader. You and the reader are solely responsible for the conversations which take place whilst a reader is providing any services.


Quality Control

At Psychic.co.uk we are constantly striving to offer the best possible service to our customers.

We very much hope you have an enjoyable learning experience with us at Psychic.co.uk!