Your weekly Horoscope

by Russell Grant


20th June 2022

20th June 2022

Your Personal Horoscope for the week ahead . . .



When you must deal with those from your past, keep in mind, that they are more likely to listen to you if you keep your words respectful. Normally, you desire to weigh the pros and cons of any prospective match, but it will become skewed when you have a personal stake in the outcome. With the potential return of a lover, this week your independent judgement of the situation is going to be off-kilter; ask another for their thoughts on the pairing before you make a move forward.


Good vibes at work could lead to great things with planning and partnerships if you are willing to share all the risks and rewards that come with the connection. It is more important to focus your energy and attention on your current project than worry about how much money you are making. If you need a side hustle to help pay the rent, this is the week to make it happen. Be sure, that whatever you choose will allow you to remain flexible with your time.


Time spent outdoors with family and friends makes the best use of your free time. Yes, it is hot out there, so take extra water and find a nice shady park to enjoy some of the summer season. There will be plenty of time for all of you to do things around your living area later in the year; do not allow others to keep you indoors this week. Look for events which allow you to gather together and put the restrictions of past lockdowns behind you.