Most Misunderstood Tarot Cards in the Classic Tarot

20th November 2023

10 Most Misunderstood Cards in the Classic Tarot Deck

Tarot readings have historically captivated those seeking a deeper understanding of their lives. Nonetheless, certain cards in the classic tarot deck are frequently misinterpreted, which results in widespread misconceptions regarding their authentic meanings. Consequently, it’s essential to demystify these cards to significantly improve your comprehension and appreciation of tarot.

The 10 Most Misunderstood Tarot Cards


The Death Card – Most Misunderstood Tarot Card

Contrary to popular belief, the Death card rarely signifies physical death. Instead, it represents transformation, endings, and the start of a new chapter.

The Most Misunderstood Death Tarot Card


The Devil Card

The Devil card, while it may not always suggest malevolence, often represents attachment, addiction, or the feeling of being entrapped in a particular circumstance. Therefore, this card prompts a deeper introspection and a call for change.

The Devil Tarot Card


The Tower – Most Misunderstood Tarot Card

While it appears alarming, The Tower symbolizes necessary upheaval, breaking down old structures to build anew.

The Tower Tarot Card


The Hanged Man – Most Misunderstood Tarot Card

This card primarily symbolizes suspension and the act of letting go, rather than signifying actual danger. Consequently, it encourages the viewer to adopt a fresh perspective, urging a shift in viewpoint.

Misunderstood Tarot Cards Tarot Cards The Hangman


The Moon

Often associated with deception, The Moon actually encourages exploring the unknown and trusting intuition.

The Moon Tarot Card


The Ten of Swords – Most Misunderstood Tarot Card

This intimidating card implies a conclusion to a challenging phase, thereby marking the onset of a period dedicated to healing and recovery.

Misunderstood Tarot Cards Tarot Cards The Ten of Swords


The Three of Swords

Associated with heartbreak, it also signifies the necessary release and clarity following emotional pain.

Misunderstood Tarot Cards Tarot Cards The Three of Swords


The Eight of Cups – Most Misunderstood Tarot Card

This concept revolves around the idea of abandoning the familiar, thereby embarking on a journey to pursue a higher calling or discover a deeper truth.

Misunderstood Tarot Cards Tarot Cards The Eight of Cups


The Five of Pentacles

Often seen as a card of loss, it also highlights the importance of seeking help and community support.

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card


The Chariot

While it implies victory, it also calls for balance and control amidst opposing forces.

The Chariot Tarot Card


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