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🔮 Do Chakra Points hold the key to your Psychic power?. . . & (VI) THE LOVERS Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:037] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria, who has been a Psychic for over 20 years.

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**This Podcast was recorded on 14th June 2023**




With Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:037

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk

Victoria (00:12):

From the Throat. We're gonna be looking more at how you communicate. Are you clear? Are you understood? Are you heard? Are you being listened to by the world around you? Or are you being muzzled? Are you being stifled? Are you having your speech compelled? Are you being told what to think or told what to say?

Oliver Duke (00:41):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us again on our podcast today. Now, we've been moving through the classic Tarot deck recently on our recent podcast, and we've been talking about each card in the deck just describing what the meaning might be, what the imagery, the colours, what they might mean in that classic tarot deck. And we're talking about the classic tarot deck, which is to be the illustrations by Pamela Coleman Smith that everyone will know. So now we're gonna be talking about the next card in the deck in the major arcana, and we've been moving through the major arcana first, and we are gonna talk today with Victoria about the Lovers. So this is card number six in the major arcana. And it's actually number seven because we've started with the fall at Zero, but it's card number six, and it's the Lovers. And Victoria is gonna take us through that in a moment. But what we're also gonna talk about in today's show is a little bit about Reiki energy and also about chakra points and everything to do with that, and all those chakra points within the body. And we're gonna be talking with Victoria. She's gonna take us through that later on. But right now we'd like to welcome back Victoria to Psychic Social. Hello, how are you doing?

Victoria (01:56):

Hello. I'm very well, Oliver. Thanks for having me back on.

Oliver Duke (01:59):

Good stuff. Great to have you back here. And it's great to be talking about the Tarot deck again. So guys, if you're listening, if you've got your classic tarot deck, if you've got a classic tarot deck in front of you, if you've got even better, our QR tarot deck, which you can get on Amazon. If you've got that in front of you, great. If you haven't, no big deal. You can pause the podcast and go and find a card or go and look online. And we are gonna have a look at the Lovers now, right now with Victoria. So Victoria, could you take us through this card and just tell us, give us a bit of an overview to begin with about the Lovers card, please?

Victoria (02:31):

Absolutely. So this is a favourite of mine because it always sparks a lot of intrigue. There's so many layers of meaning to lovers, and it can have a, a very different, you know, depending on the context of what you're looking into with your see card, or if you're reading for yourself, it can have really different and opposing meanings, you know? So I'll take you through those as best I can. For me, this is one of the more visually beautiful cards in the major arcana. You know, there's a lot going on. And to anyone listening, if they're sitting with their cards in front of them, have a look at the lovers and you'll see just the intricacy. There's so much detail in this card. And on first glance, you get this sort of image of, well, it looks like Adam and Eve, doesn't it, in the, in the Garden of Eden.


And you can see the two naked figures, the man and the women I think we've spoken about it on previous overviews of cards about nakedness being symbolic of vulnerability, you know, that kind of very exposed, very at ease with our surroundings, you know? And so as pure soul lovers would be, you know, there they are naked, and you can see the, the serpent in the background and the angel kind of looming over them. All right? So for me, first and foremost, lovers is a card of dilemmas. Okay? If you take your ba yourself to that, that biblical story about the Garden of Eden and what happened with Eve when she was tempted, you know? And so this card for me is about temp temptations, the things that can be distracting us from the straight and narrow, the things that can be pulling us away, drawing us away from our responsibilities, the things that are most important in our lives.


Whether that is your lover, you know, your romantic partner or something else that brings you joy. Are we being kind of coaxed away by something? Are we being lured? Is there temp temptation involved here? But that kind of spin on lovers maybe makes it sound a little bit sinister. You know, you could be looking at that in the lightest possible regard. You know, it could just be a, a, a mild temptation that, you know, piqued your interest from a fleeting moment, and then it passed you by, but it could be something a lot bigger. You know, we could be looking at real life changing temptations now. I would say, I'm coming back to that word dilemmas, because for me, the lovers, it's, it can be when we find ourselves in that energy of feeling yeah. Really conflicted about which direction we're going in.


Or it could be that we're a, a real crossroads in life where we have to make this huge decision. You know, think about your, your partner gets the, the job of their dreams and it's overseas, and you don't want to leave your siblings <laugh>, you know, and you, so you have to make this absolutely enormous decision about what the best possible direction to go in would be. And it's not that either is unpleasant, you know, it's just that it's it's a real head scratcher and there's a lot of consideration to, to be put into it, you know? So really conflict dilemmas and temptations for me comes through in the lovers first and foremost.

Oliver Duke (05:59):

Right. And, and would you also say that about, you know, more of a deeper connection there mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and, and the, and more of the drawing in, of the magnetism, the really, really close, like un inseparable. Yeah. what would you say about that aspect of sort of looking at the card in that way?

Victoria (06:18):

Yes. So this is what I mean about the lovers being so layers, because you're, you're talking about that deeply kind of passionate, strong, unbreakable connection. And that doesn't necessarily have to be about romantic partners, you know, it's, it's one of those cards, you can't really just take at face value. You know, it looks like it might be about one thing, but it could be about something completely different. And yes, it's about those strong connections. So what you might, you know, if you pull this card for you, say you're, say you're single, right? You don't have a partner, it's got nothing to do with romance. Romance isn't on your agenda whatsoever. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and the lovers comes through for you. You might be looking at, you know, what, what is, what is your strongest connection? What is your most powerful source of passion and joy?


You know, what, what is that thing that you can't live without? Mm-Hmm. It's really about that. And so for many people that can be your lover, you know, the, the, the romantic interest and the husband, the wife, you know, we could be looking at it in a very sort of black and white straightforward context, you know? I'll talk a little bit more about the, the imagery in this card. Mm-Hmm. Cause it's incredible, you know, I just think it's one of the most beautiful cards. There's a whole lot going on here. Okay. So let's kind of start with, obviously the, the land that they walk on there, it looks really green and lush and abundant. You've got this kind of lovely, gentle, soft blue sky in the kind of lower portion mm-hmm. <Affirmative> of the card. Mm-Hmm. And that to me, talks about again, that sense of ease, you know, that peaceful ambiance, everyone is okay with their surroundings all as well.


And then you can see above that blue sky there, there's a, what looks like a thunder cloud rolling in. So that's obviously symbolic of this stormy weather. You know, what's the trouble <laugh> that's lurking? What is this source of difficulty that could be coming in and compromising this wonderful, peaceful environment that we see the, the characters in? And then we've got the, the serpent. Of course, I think everyone's familiar with that, you know, biblical story, aren't they? You know? Mm-Hmm. We all learned in school, so there's no need to go too deep into that. You know, I'm, I'm not a religious person, my myself, so for me, this is all just very symbolic. So that serpent is about those temptations, isn't it? Yeah. we've got the, the fruit in the tree again suggesting, you know, abundance and a lush environment where everything is as it should be. And then we've got the angel, you know, which seems to be that kind of, you, you know, you're being watched, you're being monitored, you're being nudged to do the right thing here. And so there's a, yeah, there's a lot going on in this card. Even the way that they have their palms kind of turned upwards, you know? That's a kind of a, a symbol of surrender or

Oliver Duke (09:22):

Submissive, isn't it? Yeah.

Victoria (09:24):

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's a very honest kind of gesture, isn't it, to have your palms held out. I think even body language experts would talk about that, wouldn't they? You know, palms up is usually a, a sign of innocence and vulnerability. Particularly the risks for females. I know I digress a little bit from the tarot card <laugh>, but yeah, it's a very honest and open body language. So you can see they're both stood there completely in their birthday suits kind of at the mercy of something greater it would appear. Mm. is something else to say. You know, quite often when we find ourselves in chapters of life where lovers energy is surrounding us it could be that we don't feel necessarily that we have full control. You know, we might not feel that we have a hold of the reins and that there's something greater than us that's kind of taking charge, you know?


And when you think about real dilemmas, you know, let's look at a kind of a typical example here. If we bring romance back into it for a minute, you know, if I'm just, I'm pulling examples out of the air here, you know, but just to help the listeners understand, imagine you've been in a, a marriage for 20 years and it's been a very healthy relationship. You know, no, no terrible difficulties. All is well at home, and then someone else comes in and someone is distracted, okay? And it happens. Let's not pretend that it doesn't happen all of the time. Now, that's a really difficult situation for somebody to find themselves in. However, there's no off button for something like that. You know, I read for people quite often where their, their predicament is that they feel a temptation or a pool a draw towards a new energy, someone new coming into their life, and they really want to just switch off that, that distraction, you know, they really want to not have those feelings <laugh> so that life can just be nice and straightforward again. But of course, we're humans <laugh>, and we don't have that, that off button do we? And so that can be really crippling for someone to live with that kind of distraction in their life with all their, their ego and human condition <laugh>. Sure.

Oliver Duke (11:51):

Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And, and the, you know, obviously, like we said before, you know, earlier on, and like we're talking about now, you know, immediately people just gazing eyes on this card would see, you know, take it as face value as a romantic relationship. The, the meaning behind it, love between two people. And yeah, that would be what would be on face value of this card. But like you said earlier, a little bit earlier about complimentary energies, it doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic relationship. Like you mentioned, you know, you can have a soulmate, can't you, but that isn't necessarily someone that you're romantically involved with. It could be a soul that is with you on your life journey for another purpose, whether it's a mentor or someone else that you are energetically drawn to. So you would say that that might be applicable to this car as well?

Victoria (12:43):

Yeah, absolutely. It could even be your, your pet. You know, it could be your cat, your dog. If there's some sort of difficult dilemma sort of situation going on around that, you know, if that's where your heart belongs and that's the thing that you love then yeah, that's gonna come into your energy with this as well. Coming back to that kind of face value and just a little bit more about romance absolutely this card can come in to support positive messages around love. You know, again, we're, as you kind of advance with your, your reading and you start to add multiple cards together and look at spreads for sure the lovers is gonna mean very different things depending on what it's surrounded by. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So if, for example, someone came to me and said, you know what, I'm looking for love my <laugh>, my doorway is open, I'm ready for the one to come into my life.


And I turned the lovers and flanking it is, you know, the Ace of Cups and the two of cups, I'd be going, wow, you know, this is, you go <laugh> bingo, you know, you've got all the energy on your side. That's a really, really powerful kind of triplet of, of symbolism around love and alignment and fulfilment in that regard. So yeah, you're seeing a lot of passion, a lot of desire, and a lot of will to be vulnerable with someone else, and to share yourself honestly with someone else. Mm-Hmm. of course, we'll, we'll talk about it upside down another day, <laugh>. Yeah. But it gets even more complicated, <laugh>. Yes,

Oliver Duke (14:21):

Of course. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we've got those, we've got those reverse meetings coming up once we've worked through the whole deck for everyone on psychic social as we spoke about before. So thank you very much for that, Victoria. Well, it's great to hear everything about the lovers today on this show. And everyone at home, you know, have a look at that card, listen back to this part of the podcast. And also, you know, if you haven't got QR Tero, go and check that out. Go and check out the website psychic.co.uk, and go and look at the other meetings and videos we've got on there about the cards, and just get a really good idea of what that card will mean through all those resources that we've got for you. Well, thanks that again, Victoria. We're gonna go into a bit of a break now but we'll be back very soon with Victoria, and we're gonna be talking about Reiki energy and chakra points, so looking forward to that. And we'll see you after this.

Imaging Voice (15:12):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (15:22):

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And then we also have got a fantastic deal on the main course of 10 hour tarot, and you can find out there what sort of discount you're gonna get when you buy the cards. So you can get the cards right now. They're available at psychic.co.uk/qr tarot. And we'll put the link in the description below. They are on amazon.co uk and amazon usa. So amazon.com, and you can buy those cards through the website. That'll take you to your relevant Amazon site. And you can also go to Amazon as well, search QR tarot. So if you head there, you can get yourself a deck right now. Okay. Right now, back to the show.

Imaging Voice (17:41):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (17:51):

So you're listening to Psychic Social with me, Oliver Duke. And we have Victoria again here today talking through the tarot deck with us. And we are also gonna talk now in this particular show about Shakra points and Reiki energy. So, Victoria, can you tell us a little bit about these two particular things? Should we start with the chakra points? And maybe you can just explain going from the roots up to people, what they are and what they can symbolise.

Victoria (18:21):

Absolutely. Yeah. I think it's, it's good to let everyone know before I take you through the, the kind of root to crown chakra points that getting into Reiki energy and understanding a little bit about this stuff is really, really helpful if you do want to develop your psychic skills, you know, so I know we're, we're here primarily learning about tarot, but truly Reiki is a fantastic practise to get into. If you wanna kinda pick up on vibes <laugh> in other ways. Okay. so let me start at the roots, and I'll take you through those seven main chapter points that we find in, in the body. And then I'll tell you a little bit about my own reiki practise and kind of the, interesting things that's that come up during sessions. All right? So starting at the root, that's our source of our safety and stability in this world.


And that energy point within you is found at the base of your spine, okay? So kind of deepen the pelvis down at the tailbone. That is your energy centre for your stability and your sense of belonging and safety in this world. So if you are looking into your chakras, you know, you feel that you need something's up with your energy, and you want to get into good alignment, and you've started to talk about chakras and learn all about that. First things first, if your root chakra is not in great shape, you know, maybe there's a lot of sources of fear in your life a lot of reasons for feeling out of place or that you don't you know, you're not safe in this world you're, you're really gonna struggle to get anything else into alignment, okay? Because a good, solid, strong root is your foundation for everything, okay?


So we don't wanna be building on wobbly foundations <laugh>. So first things first, when we're getting our chakras lined up, we're gonna start with that root and maybe eliminate sources of that, you know, that discomfort, that sense of not being safe in the world. Look at how that can be eliminated. And so you can, you can fortify that base, and then we kind of move up. And your, your sixth chakra is your sacral, and that's down in kind of lower belly region. This is your, your centre, all of your passion in life. This is where our libido <laugh> comes into play. Our creativity and the things that bring us just real uninhibited joy, you know, the things that just I don't know, strike a match within us. You know, if you talk about the fire in your belly, <laugh>, that's your sacral energy, okay?


And so when our sacral chakra is good and healthy, we're enjoying a good relationship with our own body. We're enjoying all of our hobbies. You know, if you're a, a painter or a singer or whatever brings you real passion and feel good feelings in life, when your sacral energy is flowing well, that's gonna be, you know, looking really good. You're gonna be feeling really passionate about your, your pursuits. And when your sacral chakra needs a bit of work, it's kind of closed down you might feel, yeah, a bit disconnected from your, your sources of passion, you know, quite uninterested in your hobbies a little bit depressed perhaps. So really important that that sacral energy is always flowing. And you're gonna move on up and just kind of at your above the belly button, just in between the ribs there, that is your solar plexus energy chakra.


So this is all your yellow sunshine energy, and this is the point that can kind of governs your confidence, your expression, your physical energy. You know, if you imagine all of the things that the sunshine offers you, you know, that way that you feel, you just feel really revved up and full of life when you've been in the sunshine, your, your solar plexus chakra is kind of taking care of all of that for you. So yeah, if you're feeling maybe that you're not expressing yourself very well feeling a bit closed off from the world, don't really want to get out and about or just feeling really fatigued lethargic not yourself, you might be suffering with lots of kind of viral infections and coughs and colds and, you know, just feeling really depleted and shattered. That would be when solar plexus needs a little bit of work and some good energy flowing through it.


But if you're feeling really full of beans and expressive and confident and kind of not not terribly influenced by external sources, you know, if you're kind of on your own path and feeling really good about where you are, you've got good solar plexus energy. All right. And then we're gonna move on up to the heart chakra, just right in the centre of the, the breastbone. This is your green heart energy that's flowing through this part of you, and this is your bridge chakra. So it sits in the middle of your three upper chakras, which we haven't spoken about yet, and the three lower chakras, the solar plexus, the sacral, and the root. And up here in your heart centre, this is where your sense of empathy, compassion, your capacity for love your ability to be honest, vulnerable, connect with people, connect with your family, your children connect with your, even your ancestors and, you know, and meditations, that's all gonna come to you through the heart for me.


When this chakra is blocked you know, you're gonna be feeling really <laugh> not, not great, you know, this is, this is where depression really kicks in a sense of loneliness or wondering kind of what you're, what the point is. You know, you might just feel that you don't have much of a purpose in life if your heart chakra is closed down. And when it's open, you are loving, you know, to the fullest. You let people in, you're able to have that kind of healthy give and take. There are good boundaries in place. That's the other thing with a, a clogged heart chakra. It might not be that you are unwilling to love. It might be that you're taken advantage of or something like that. And so we need to get better boundaries in and kind of protect that heart energy.


But yeah, if it's, if it's not in good shape, then you're definitely gonna be feeling a little bit depressed. So it's important to keep that heart chakra moving. For me, that's one of the most obvious ones to pick up on. If someone's heart chakra is blocked, you can almost kind of see it, you know, you can almost see <laugh> that, that dense energy surrounding someone. But when the heart attack opens, it's really a beautiful feeling. You know, a lot of, a lot of energy healers and people that have had that experience will talk about that, that kind physical sensation that moves through you when the heart is opening and it's really, really pleasant, and it takes a lot to shut close the heart down again as well. You know, you have to endure quite a lot of, of pain <laugh> for it to be <laugh> beyond help, you know, otherwise, your, your heart is gonna open and close like a flower with your daily circumstances.


But it takes a lot to close that, that heart centre down. I think your heart's, you know, for me, that's where we're most protected. You know, if, if you're connected to your guides, your, your spirit, family, whoever you connect with in your spiritual practise, I think they speak to you through your heart centre. You know, you can really feel it. It's lovely. And then moving on up to your throat chakra, so obvious where that is that's your, your blue energy, and this is all about your communication. So we talked about expression coming from the solar plexus, from the throat. We're gonna be looking more at how you communicate. Are you clear? Are you understood? Are you heard? Are you being listened to by the world around you? Or are you being muzzled? Are you being stifled? Are you having your speech compelled?


Are you being told what to think or told what to say? Do you have control over your speech and your communication? That's really kind of more what's coming into play with the throat. If you're in a situation where you're feeling rather oppressed or repressed, then that throat is gonna be clogged up. For me, there's a lot of physical things that go on with the throat. You know, it's quite a telling if, if, if the throat chakra needs some clearing, you will find that you will suffer with coughs and sore throats and scratchy, you know, tickly coughs and things like that. For me, I had a, I had a blocked throat chakra for many years, <laugh>. It was a really tough one to open. But I got there in the end, thankfully. Now moving on up, where have we got to?


We're at Asna, so our third eye chakra, right in the centre of your, just right between the eyes that is your, your third eye chakra. So this is your kind of indigo energy. And this is your intuitive connection. Okay? So if you find that you have a lot of psychic, psychic experiences in your life then you've got an open third eye, okay? And that's where all of that kind of esoteric information is flowing into you. All of the things that can't necessarily be explained the things that yeah, kind of drive those gut instincts that sense of understanding what it is that you need to do in spite of not having any tangible evidence in front of you, you know, that invisible guide. So this is the difference between those upper chakras and lower chakras with the third eye and crown that we'll talk about next.


Those are kind of all about that spiritual connection and that kind of esoteric energy flowing into us. And the lower chakras are about our connection to this physical realm. Okay? So more ego based helping us to, to physically move through this world, okay? But your upper chakras are more about that spiritual connection. Your connection to source energy and your pure form, your higher self. Okay? Which leads me nicely onto the crown, right? In the top of your noggin, you've got that wonderful gateway. This, this channel of healing energy. This is your protection. This is your I don't know, I think a lot of people listening might be able to think of examples of, of moments in their life when they felt that there was divine intervention. You know, I know personally I had a, a near miss in a car accident once upon a time a few years ago.


And the way things kind of slowed down, <laugh>, you know, it was like slow motion. And I was taking in all the details and it was almost like I had a, a, a full minute to consider what was going on around me. And of course, in real time, that was nanoseconds. And anyway, I came out unscathed and it was a really bizarre situation. But I know, I know something came in to help me there, you know, I felt it. The whole world slowed down and I think a lot of people can you know, think of stories or know someone in their life that can tell a story like that. And for me, that is that, that crown connection to the things that keep us safe, to the things that are, to the energy that is willing us on. So whatever that is to you that is your, that is your connection. With an open crown, it's important to be careful that you're not letting your whole kind of flow of energy be bombarded too much. People who move through the world with an open crown, find that they are the most absorbent. You know, they're taking in the energies of everybody else around them you know, feeling all the feelings hyper aware of everything that's going on in their environment. And that can be really quite tiring. You know,

Oliver Duke (31:45):

You got to learn to protect yourself, haven't you? Absolutely. I mean, we spoke a little bit about, well, fair bit about that in the, in the course to now, Tara, didn't we, about in the mediumship section and other places where it's, how it's important to, you know, when you open up all these the chakra points and you open up the crown chakra, how to protect yourself, especially before you are going to be exposed to certain types of people, or you are going to, you know, collective areas where the collective unconscious is very negative, you know?

Victoria (32:13):

Absolutely. You're gonna be taken, soaking it all in like a, an invisible sponge. Yeah. Jokingly. That is your Craig.

Oliver Duke (32:18):

And you're gonna feel like crap when you've, when you get outta there, aren't you? You

Victoria (32:21):

Know? Yeah. You're gonna feel shattered. Yeah. You're gonna feel like you just don't want to stay at a wall <laugh> until you recalibrate, you know? And, and definitely, you know, I still forget to take my own medicine and get caught shorts in these situations, you know? So, I do certainly have, a limit on socialising and things for that reason. But yeah, you're taking it all in through that crown. So best advice in a nutshell is to ground down, make sure that your root is really solid, so you're always gonna be feeling safe, and that you can take on whatever life is thrown at you, and then make sure that heart is nice and open, that you're loving freely and your crown. Just make sure you're shutting things out because it's great to have an open crown when it's needed. You know, when you want to open up that connection, when you want to take the time to bring in advice from, you know, talk to your higher self, whatever it is you do in your meditations, whatever your practise is.


But in between, you know, if you're going out to the supermarket, you might want to just make sure that that's closed down and protected because you're just having your energy zapped for no good reason. Because while we're here in 3D <laugh> and not out exploring <laugh> the far corners of the universe, we really need to be grounded in reality, don't we? We need to be rooted down Yeah. And yeah. Prepared for the world around about us. So yeah, keep that crown closed as often as possible when you're out and about <laugh>.

Oliver Duke (33:52):

Well, thank you. That's a great explanation of all the chakra points. Very detailed for everyone there. And yeah, like I said before, you can just kind of rewind that if you want pause and rewind and listen back to that and take that in and maybe do a little search online for, for some imagery as well as you can see. And, and marry those, those things together. Now I did hear online the last few months about I read something about, or saw something about the chakra points from, from root to crown being symbolising the, I wanna say air quote, stairway to heaven, whether that's in a religious perspective or not. What would you, what was your, what's your take on that, you know, where, where you kind of open up these points and going from the route and then slowly working your way up to the crown, to the point where you are awakened if you like. What do you think about that?

Victoria (34:47):

Yeah, so I understand the, the concept of, you know, reaching nirvana, I suppose that's, that's what's meant by the, the stairway to heaven, isn't it? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and that kind of that soul evolution toward enlightenment. And so yeah, I can understand that, you know, if you, if you always have all of your chakras in perfect alignment, I can understand even in this physical plane, you know, having that, that experience, but then who really has the time to sit in meditation for 23 hours a day, <laugh>, you know, it's we've all got things to do. So yeah, I do understand that concept, and I think it's really interesting, but unless you make it your life's purpose to achieve that, it seems rather out of reach for most of us.

Oliver Duke (35:37):

Yes. Mainly in sort of, yeah. <Laugh> British temples, you know, but British monks and temples kind of thing.

Victoria (35:43):

Absolutely. You know, so I I I'm too much of a fidget you can get me if it's still that long. Okay. But I think what it is is, is as we, as you know, average Joe's, as we move through the world, I think what we'll find is we have opening and closing of all of our energy points all of the time. Mm-Hmm. You know, you, you have a, a difficult situation at work that's really knocked your confidence, you bet that solar plexus is gonna shrink right up mm-hmm. For a few, a few days until you've licked your wounds, until you've talked yourself through it and got back onto form. You know, so think of it like, I imagine the chakras as, as like flowers, you know, the, the way that they might open and close, imagine that. And they can be frightened, you know, by just like, knock, you know, if you're not really, really solid with your energy they can shrivel up and shrink away and really need to be kind of coax <laugh> back open again. You know, it's, it's so yeah, I think I think we just kind of take, take what we get on any given day, you know we're always gonna have broken hearts, we're always gonna have failures. We're always gonna have disappointment. And so I think for most of us, it's now impossible, isn't it? Sure. To have perfect alignment and climb that stairway to heaven, <laugh> ex.

Oliver Duke (37:05):

Exactly. Well, I mean, that would lead nicely into, into talking about reiki, but in this particular show, I, we are sort of running out of time at the moment, unfortunately, but would you want to come back and tell us about Reiki in much more depth on the next show? And maybe we can discuss that and you can tell everyone about that in, the next podcast?

Victoria (37:22):

Absolutely. Bring me back on for the next card then, and I'll do that for you, <laugh>.

Oliver Duke (37:25):

Great. That'd be fantastic. Okay. I'm sure everyone will want to hear about that and hear how that kind of links in with the chakra points. That'd be a nice sort of lead in. Well thank you so much for joining us today, Victoria. I'm sorry everyone out of time. It's great chatting with you again today about the Tarro deck and, and about all these chakra points. And yes, before we let you go, we need to let everyone know again that you have your wonderful code for 10 hour tarot, and it's currently 97 pounds, but you can get it for 77 pounds with Victoria's code, which is Vic 20 v C 20. So you just need to go to psychic.co.uk slash learn tarot, and we'll put a link in the description down below as well. And you go there, hit buy course now button, big green button, and you can go through to check out and enter your coupon code in there, Vic 20.


We'll put that down below as well. And you get 20 pounds off for 77 pounds, which is actually a pretty much a steal for that course for all the information you're gonna get. And you can also pay in three with Klarna which is 25 pounds, 67 or something like that per month for three months. So yeah, get involved with that. And also, we'd like to ask you if you are enjoying these podcasts please do leave us a review. If you're listening on Apple Podcasts specifically, please do leave us a lovely review. It all helps us deliver this content to you. And we'd love if you could do that for us at some point, that'd be great. Well, once again, thanks very much Victoria for for coming on and we'll chat with you on the next one. Thank you. Speak soon. Bye. Speak soon. Bye.

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