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🔮 Does a Medium suffer more with grief?. . . & (IV) THE EMPEROR Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:035] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary, who has been a practicing Psychic Medium for over 35 years

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**This Podcast was recorded on 22nd May 2023**




With Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:035

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by Psychic.co.uk

Paula Mary (00:12):

And it has surprised me, but all I'd say with mediums is we do need to grieve without that connection. We do need to get ourselves grounded and Earthed and just deal with the loss of the person that you can't communicate, you know, in a human form before you start the communication. Because I feel that, that you do need a bit of time.

Oliver Duke (00:39):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us again today here on the podcast. Now we're gonna be talking about another card in the deck. Yes, that's right. We're talking about another one of these tarot cards in the classic tarot deck, and we are looking at the major arcana at the moment, and we've been working through the deck. If you've been following us on Psychic social already, we've been talking with Paul and Mary and Victoria about these particular cards in the deck, and just sort of giving you a bit of an overview of what they might mean. So we've worked our way through so far to the Emperor, which is card number five, but labelled card number four in the deck. And we are gonna talk with Paula and Mary today about the Emperor. So welcome back to Psychic Social Paula. Hope you do okay today. Are we ready to talk about this card?

Paula Mary (01:27):

Yes, absolutely. Hello Oliver. Hello listeners. And I'm really pleased to be back.

Oliver Duke (01:31):

It's great to have you again. So, right, let's look at the emperor here. So like we said before in previous podcasts, if you do have a copy of our QR tarot deck you can pull out the emperor from that now and have a little look at that card and get it in front of you. If you don't have QR tarot, why not? You need to get it <laugh>. But if you don't have that, you can get yourself another classic tarot deck if you've got that at home. And just pull the emperor card out from that in front of you and have a look at that and follow along with us here. So we've got the card in front of us here, Paula. The emperor is sitting upon a throne here. Is it indeed. And yeah, could you tell us a little bit about this card, please?

Paula Mary (02:09):

Yes, absolutely. Well, like the empress, that's female energy. So the emperor is male energy, so it explores new possibilities. It's like the key of life renewal of life like in yourself and then you can deal with anything. So it's about, you can stand anything. You are the male, you can deal with anything, but you have to like yourself first. So it's about bringing something new into the world, uplifting but that uplifting energy that you are sort of sitting on in your, in, in your, your seat and your crown, and you are, you are holding the key of life. Actually, I don't know Oliver, if you could see that. Yes. The emperor's holding the key of life mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. So renewal of e renew renewal of energy, renewal life. But that needs, in my view, to be developed. So you are, you are there, but you are developing the power within you. So your, your own authority, your power is your consciousness, and you, you are sort of moving forward in a really, sort of, in your own way and not being persuaded by other people's energy and hidden agenda. So it is about coming into your own. And if you are a female and you get this card, this is about acknowledging your male energy with you and standing firm in your ground and opening up and developing new possibilities for yourself.

Oliver Duke (03:40):

Right. Okay. And, and y yeah, you definitely touched upon that divine masculine, you know, like we spoke about with the empress. It's, it's, yes, it was the divine feminine, and this is the opposite of that. This is the yes, the divine masculine. But as we spoke about when we talked about the M press and the court cards the other day on the other podcast and like you've just said there as well, you know, if, if this card is drawn for a female, you know, this card can be relevant to male and female as well. It's not Yes. Just depicting the male energy no physical male energy, but yes, it's, and it's interesting, I'm just looking at the, you know, his eyes and like, he does look quite stern and he's kind of not looking straight at you. He's looking to the side. He looks sort of very stern and serious is Yes. When this card is drawn for someone or either they draw that for themselves, would you say that that would be depicting a really serious situation? Or would it just, would it mean not something not that bad? Something's much lighter than that in sense of like,

Paula Mary (04:45):

Well, I feel it's about power, actually. Oliver, it feels like, yeah, he, he's staring, I'm in power, I'm in control, I'm in charge. I think if you've got this card, it would mean that you've got to look at that within you. It might, might be what you are absolutely saying is that you might be giving off that vibe, and people are a little bit scared to approach you mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. So I feel that that could be looked at. Definitely. But the, but if you look down on these white beard, the white beard is power, wisdom so therefore, then it's sort of, so it's a mixture. Do you see what I mean? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, and, and if you are on the negative side of the card, then you have to be careful about how people perceive you. So that's what I would say around that.


But it's about being strong within your power. And some people, as you know, they can mistaken that can't, can't they Oliver for being a little bit sort of, you know, oh, I don't want to approach this person. But I feel that the card, if you get this card, it means that actually you've got to stand in your power more. You've got to be open to new development coming your way. And you have the wisdom to do that. So it's about tapping into the wisdom that you actually represent and coming across in a, in a sort of power wisdom way, but not in an aggressive way.

Oliver Duke (06:05):

Sure. So it's not like, it's not like a bad negative energy. No. It is a, it's a powerful, it's a positive, positive. A beginning

Paula Mary (06:12):

New solutions grounding wisdom. It's all about wisdom, this card. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So I would've said, if you got this card it's about using your wisdom to deal with situations. Right. and it's about self-determination. So like the eyes or determine, you know, determined I'm in power <laugh> sitting on that chair, but it symbols the self-determination that you have the representation of your family as well. So it is like you need to be in order of your family and the power around that. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So I think you need to just judge it. It's, it's like you can become too powerful sitting in that chair.

Oliver Duke (06:55):

Yeah, exactly. Well, when, when we talk about the power powerful side of things this emperor card can also sort of depict like a leadership. So a leader of Yes. People, a leader, you know, displaying leadership as well, can't it? Yes.

Paula Mary (07:10):

No, absolutely. Because you know, you've got the, the red rope, which is solutions. So people come to them for solutions around them. And the red rope is very grounding. Again, I mentioned the key life that's about re renewal of life being positive. So that's helping people as well. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, the crown is about authority power, so that, you know, so it's all very sort of powerful wisdom solutions. There's no hidden agendas here. You know, you are who you are. Yeah. You know, you are not hiding yourself, which is really good. You're being open and honest. And I do like the white beard because it's just be, it is just like your power.

Oliver Duke (07:54):

And the wisdom,

Paula Mary (07:55):

The wisdom man. It's very ancestral. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. You're tapping into your family definitely on, on this card. And you are, you are waking up your, everyone around you, you are waking up their spirit. Mm-Hmm. If that makes sense.

Oliver Duke (08:08):

Sure. And there would be a sense of sort of like discipline with this semper as well, like being disciplined Yes. With whatever they are trying to do within life. Yes. Whatever their work or family or Absolutely,

Paula Mary (08:19):

They stand for everything. They're, they're very powerful that, but, you know, they, they don't like bad feeling and that they want, they want happiness and success and they want everybody else to have that as well. So it's a very, it's a very powerful card to have. It's about to be in control of oneself first more than anyone else. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. But the emperor wants that to go out to everybody Sure. Wants that power to be able to be for women as well as men, you know? Yeah. So I think it's a very positive card indeed, to have you, I think if you have this card it's about accomplishing things for yourself first and, and connecting into your spirit.

Oliver Duke (09:05):

Sure. And what do these kind of rams on this throne or this chair that he's sitting on, what do they kind of de depict? Cause is there's two on the arms and two on the top at the back behind him. What do they kind of depict?

Paula Mary (09:18):

Well, I think it's like renewal of life, really. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> sort of, it's like a garden. It's like growing. So I, I would say if it goes back to sort of the sign of the Zodiac, I think it's Aries comes to mind mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. but it's about the renewal of life, I would say Oliver.

Oliver Duke (09:39):

Sure. And then this, this, this in the background, you know, we've had this colour this yellow colour. Oh yes. The orange in the background. Is that symbolising kind of like his seriousness and sternness? Or does that symbolise a setting sun or a rising sun? What does that mean, that colour or, well,

Paula Mary (09:55):

I feel that it is a very compassionate colour. It's a very powerful colour. I feel it is a re it, it sort of sets, it is like the sunset actually. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. It's like, you don't have to look for the sun anymore. It's like you are there, you've achieved it, if that makes sense. But it, and it's very powerful. So it's a very positive colour to have. It's like orange, and it is to do with sort of your, you know, your solar plexus, your spirit, your, your energy. And its very vibrant mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. so it feels that it flows well and it's going to be, it's very successful. The colour is a very successful colour. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And I think it's one that you embrace and it's like bringing that flow of energy into all of your body and, and connect into that, I feel.

Oliver Duke (10:45):

Sure. Well, that's great. We've got some wonderful information for everyone listening there on, on the Emperor. So to kind of recap, it's like a divine masculine energy, this card there's a bit of a sense of the sternness and the seriousness, but not in a, in an negative sense. It's no more of a sort of leadership disciplined Yes. Sense of this card.

Paula Mary (11:09):

Definitely. It, you know, you can solve anything. If you get this card and you're in a difficult situation, it will be solved quite quickly if you get this card, is what I'd say.

Oliver Duke (11:19):

Well, that's great. Thank you for that, Paula. Well, yeah, we, we've got some fantastic information right there for everyone there on the on the emperor card number four in the classic tarot deck. We are gonna talk a little bit more with Paula after the break. We're gonna chat with Paula about mediums and, and grief within being a medium. And we're also gonna talk a little bit later about some card spreads. Very simple kind of card spreads that you guys just starting to learn can do at home with your deck. And so yeah, we'll be chatting with Paula after the break about those things. So we'll see you after this.

Imaging Voice (11:56):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (12:06):

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Imaging Voice (14:25):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (14:35):

Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social. Today we have been talking about the emperor card in the classic tarot deck in the first half of this show with Paula Mary. And now we're gonna be discussing with Paula about mediums and how psychic and spirit deal with grief themselves. I think there seems to be a sort of concept possibly that some mediums tend to be able to handle grief better than, than sort of air quotes regular people. So we just wanted to chat with Paula today about that. So Paula, should we have a, you know, tell us a bit more about how you know, being a psychic medium, how grief affects you and is it the same or different to like a sort of regular person?

Paula Mary (15:19):

Oh, thank you, Oliver. It's a good subject to talk about as my dad recently passed away over, just over two months ago. I think there's lots of perceptions with people saying, oh, you know, Paula, it's okay. You are a medium, you can talk to your dad. It's all right. But I think, yes, it is to a point, absolutely. But I still feel that we go through the same process as everybody else. Because you've lost someone that's been in your life for, you know, I'm 58, so my dad's been in my life all that time. You still feel the loss, you still feel the grief. And in a way, I'm gonna say it might be a bit harder because cuz you're connected to spirit. You feel it more, you have like an intensity around you. If you lose a pet or you lose a loved one, you, you being a medium, you can sense the energy.


So for example, like before my dad passed I, a week before he passed, I could sort of feel that he was going. And you know, sometimes that's good or, or that's not. But if you look back at it, I'd perhaps not have liked to have felt like that because it sort of brings your energy out. And I would say from sort of a week before he died, my energies were so tripped out. And I think other mediums feel the same because you are connecting and that person that is connected to you, they hold onto your energy because they know that you can help them. They, you can help them pass over, you can help them move on. So I would say it's somewhat a little bit harder sometimes being that medium and actually feeling the energy more around your loved one. And so it's the senses that you feel I couldn't sleep very well.


I kept hearing my dad's voice exactly his voice before he passed over, saying he was gonna go soon. And I think that woke me up most nights within that, that seven days before he died. And I'd gone to the hospital obviously every day to see him. And when I came home, then at night I was really linked into his energies for him to leave. And I would say no matter how much I tried to ground, no matter how much I tried to earth myself it kept tripping me out. And then of course when he left, he gave me a message to say he had gone. But it's the overwhelming feeling of that. I mean, I felt really calm when he told me he'd gone and I could really feel it. Mm. But afterwards, it's the devastation that they're not gonna be there anymore.


And I know you can feel it and you can speak to them, but you are you, it, it's hard. Do you grieve? People said, oh, you haven't grieved, but you are talking to him. So it's really difficult actually then to sort of get a finger on it for yourself. And you are, you are left in a really sort of weird place for a little while. I mean, I'm much better now. I'm much more earth and grounded. I don't speak to him. Only when I sort of sit on his bench and say hello dad. And I think you have to sort of draw a line around it so that you can keep yourself safe and actually grieve yourself. It's okay connecting, but then you are not grieving, if you see what I mean, Oliver. So, so it is, it is a very, it's different and it's, it's not easy. This

Oliver Duke (18:46):

Is the thing, isn't it? I'm just, I'm just thinking while you're talking there and just thinking that it can't be, it must be more difficult for mediums and, and, and yourself. Yeah. Because it's more difficult for you to detach. And I know that sounds like you don't want to detach from your loved one who's past. Yes. But you know, regular people that don't have mediumship abilities, you know, a loved one passes, passes on, they grieve it's difficult. And over time, you know, you slowly kind of come to terms with that. Yes. But it must be more difficult for you because I know it's very early on still, but you have that ability if you want to, to connect with him in that way, which in a sense might sort of stretch out your grieving process Yes. And make it more difficult for you in the long run. Is that what you would agree to that? Yes,

Paula Mary (19:30):

Absolutely. And, and that's why I've sort of stopped talking to him now. Mm-Hmm. Cuz I feel I need to get my, to deal with the grief on a normal level. I need to be erred, I need to be switched off from him and I need to actually you know, grieve his loss mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. and I think if you are still open to them and still communicating with them, it really does bring your energies up. It, you know, you really does make you feel very floaty, very unsettled and more emotional. And I think, you know, we have to grieve. Everyone gets emotional when they're grieving, but I think you need to be earthed as much as possible. And then connecting to the spirit, I feel doesn't help so much if in the early stages. Mm-Hmm. Now I can go to the bench and go, hello dad.


And, and he says, hello Paula, and that's cool, you know mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. But when he just passed over and he, he was, you know coming through, which really surprised me because he wasn't very spiritual mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. but now I'm thinking, oh absolutely, of course he was. But yes, I, I think it's important that you have to switch off when you're a medium and actually really look after yourself as a person individual and deal your grief before you start connecting to your loved one. It was great. He told me he had gone and as I came in the phone rang and I got told he'd gone. And I mean, I, that is, that is nice that he did that. But I think switching off from it and, and actually coming to terms with his staff and then when you feel a lot better to communicate with him, I feel is a much better way forward.

Oliver Duke (21:10):

Mm-Hmm. Yeah. And I think you need that kind of bit of discipline with that, with yourself just to, just to make those times to switch off. And, and it must be very difficult for you cuz you know, all you will probably wanna do is just communicate with him. Yes. But, but being able to just go, right, I'm not going, I'm gonna have some discipline and I'm gonna, you know, switch off and I'm not actually gonna do that all the time.

Paula Mary (21:30):

I feel that, that that can actually make the progress go on longer and longer. It's like if you lost a pet, yes. You want to make sure they're right. Yes. You want to communicate with them. But I think the more you do, the more you become emotional, the more your energies as a medium when you are connecting to a, a spirit animal, you get, you are open so much, your, your energy opens up so much that they come in and yes, it's lovely and comforting at the time, but it feels like you need a cutoff. You need to actually look at the picture, be be grounded, tell them that you love them, and really sort of deal with your emotions first before you make that contact all the time. Because I feel that otherwise you are not allowing your grief to come in. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (22:17):

I, I mean, have you had, had, in the conversations that you've had with your father so far in the short period of time has he sort of told you what it's like where he is? What has he described where he is, what he's doing? Or is it just a communication of between you and him of, you know, what's, you know, something else? Well, I,

Paula Mary (22:37):

I feel they're gonna be more Oliver. I feel that there's going to be a sense of, of more communication with him. I did cut it off because obviously I wanted to be more grounded and, you know, every time I, I did tell him when I go to the bench, you come through, but, you know, a hundred yards towards the bench. I'm here. I'm

Oliver Duke (22:54):

Here. <Laugh>. <laugh>.

Paula Mary (22:56):

Okay. Dad. Okay.

Oliver Duke (22:57):

Yeah, I'm coming. Yeah. You

Paula Mary (22:59):

Know, that's fine. I feel that we had a complex family and I've got complex sibling and a complex mother and I, and I feel that he was coming through saying he was very proud of me and everything like that, which is good. He did say that he was in like, being healed. And he was getting healing because he wasn't very well, he hadn't been well for five years really. And so he's on, so he's on a healing journey mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and he's been shown <laugh> his life. That's what he's told me. And he said, you know, don't look back, just let everything go and live for today. And then he said, he'll speak to me later, so later more about where he is. So I think, I think it could be a good communication, definitely. Mm. But I, but I just

Oliver Duke (23:58):

Still very raw sort of thing, isn't it? Yeah. It's

Paula Mary (23:59):

Very raw and, and obviously, you know, the, the family left behind that, that's raw as well with my siblings and my mother. Mm-Hmm. and you know, I spoke to her the other day and she's like, Paula, you know, you are magic. I want my dad back. Get him back, get him back. You know, they've, no, they've been together for 64 years and I can't <laugh>. Yeah. And my mum's not an open emotional person, so she, when I say, well, he's there, she doesn't believe me. Mm-Hmm. So that's hard, you know? Mm-Hmm. that, that's difficult. So I feel he's come through just to make sure that he's saying he's proud of me, he's having healing and he will come back and talk furthermore. So I do believe Oliver will get more information.

Oliver Duke (24:42):

That sounds very interesting. And yeah, maybe we can hear more about that in a future podcast, if you don't mind. If you don't mind. No, no, absolutely. But the life review thing is very interesting to hear, and I've read a lot of books and I've listened to a lot of information about you know, passing on and moving on to the next plane or wherever we go. And that life review where, you know, you, it's almost like people say they were, you know, have near-death experiences. They're surrounded by you know, tonnes and tonnes of what seem like TV screens and they're just playing back every moment of their life. And people have said they can kind of, you know, they can interact with those screens and go and look at that particular moment in their life and understand why they did a certain thing or, and, and, but not only that, I dunno whether you heard of this as well, but they, when they go in to look at that particular moment of their life in their life review, they get to feel in depth what it felt like for the other person in that situation.


Not for them, but how that other person felt. And yeah, that all sounds, when you mentioned the life review thing, it just made me think about that. And the yes. And the stuff I've heard about that. But yeah, it's interesting that he's giving you that information Yes. Already so far. Yeah, very

Paula Mary (25:49):

Much. And you know, he, you know, my dad was the light of the family mm-hmm. <Affirmative> but he never, you know, understood what I did <laugh>. Mm-Hmm. but it was amazing that, you know, he, we had that connection, but at the same point, it really spiraled my energies out <laugh> Sure. For, for a few weeks, put it that way. And I thought, no, I can't go on like that. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (26:13):

But I do know when we spoke, when we filmed the course last year, and he was, you told me he was very proud of, you know, what, when he was alive, what, what you were doing. And he was really interested, wasn't he? And messaging you Yes. Asking about filming. And he was really happy for you, wasn't he? That you were

Paula Mary (26:26):

Doing that very much. I mean, he, he was, he was very light my dad and very much you know, was very proud of me which, which, which is amazing. And that's why I, you know, we've got that communication. And you know, through the hardness of my childhood, he was always the one that was protecting me. So, you know, it, it, you know, we do have a good relationship and I'm really happy that we have able to continue that relationship, which had surprised me. I didn't even think about it to be honest, Oliver, I didn't think that this would happen mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. and it has surprised me, but all I'd say with mediums is we do need to grieve without that connection. We do need to get ourselves grounded in earth and just deal with the loss of the person that you can't communicate, you know, in the human form. Mm. Before you start the communication. Because I feel that, that you do need a bit of time.

Oliver Duke (27:21):

Mm-Hmm. Well, it's good to get your perspective on, you know, what it's like for a medium to grieve, you know? And I'm sure a lot of people out there didn't really know much about that and probably have a better understanding now. We'd hope that Yes. That, that it is very, very difficult a lot. It's difficult for everyone, but, but it's difficult for, for you guys, especially when you're so connected. Yes. I think to grieve like normal people grieve, you know?

Paula Mary (27:43):

Yes. Because obviously your family, your energies are connected, and if you're a medium, you know that that person that's passing, they would automatically go on to an openness in, into spirit because they know that you'd be able to help them go over. And I feel that that connection there is really strong. Mm. And I think it sometimes can be difficult to deal with when it's actually happening. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (28:06):

Mm-Hmm. Yes. Most definitely. Well, thank you for telling us about that, Paula. It's, it's it is really good to hear that and for everyone to hear that here on Psychic social. Now let's move on and talk a little bit about we were gonna discuss about some simple card spreads for people listening. Yes. I know there's probably a lot of people that are, you know, got a deck possibly in front of them now or after listening to this podcast, they might want to try out some basic card spreads and, and we do have those obviously available in the 10 hour hour course. Yes. But we're gonna talk, Paul, are you gonna talk us, talk us through the, the kind of one card reading first of all. And then once we've done that and you've explained that how people can kind of just do that for themselves at home with, with the deck. Yes. And then maybe we can chat a little bit about three card reading, past, present, future after that. Yes. So first of all, could you just tell people how, what's the best way to kind of just do just a quick sort of synopsis of the best way to kind of give yourself a one card reading maybe card of the day or something like that with your tarot deck? Yes,

Paula Mary (29:02):

Absolutely. So if you've got your QR tarot, just pick up the deck or any other tarot deck we'll do. And then you just take out the cards and I've got them here, so I'm going to give a demonstration on audio and shuffle them. Just shuffle them and put your energy on them. It's really important to put your energy and cause of card of the day. You probably have a question or there might be a situation that you're in. And so you just give that one question that you can't give loads of questions, but just give that one question about your day what's going to happen or if there's a situation in that day and then you just spread them out and intuitively you go and pick one out. And what, how I do it is I sort of go, no, no, no. Yes, yes.


<Laugh>. Mm yes. I'll pick that one <laugh>. And you sort of intuitively pick a card out. And actually I've, oh, I've got the moon <laugh>. No. Which is a really nice card to have. And it means that obviously the moon is looking out after you and you know, the question of today is, is I'm gonna have a good day. Well, if you get the moon card, yes, absolutely, you are going to have a good day. And you've got two dogs on there as well, and the river and the sun. So it's like follow your heart's desires, really. So yes, what I want to do today, if I follow my heart desires, I'll have a really good day. So it's just as simple as that. You don't have to sort of really go deep into card of the day. It is a bit of like happiness, positiveness card of the day.


It shouldn't be looked at as in like negative. It should be a bit of fun because otherwise you could get a little bit obsessed with it, Oliver, if that makes sense. Yeah. So I think you need to be mindful that you, you know, it is not too deep when you do card of the day because you could really read into it wrong, if that makes sense. Cuz one card Yes. It, it's significant, but if you are wanting more deeper and we'll talk about that in a minute, then the three cards would be help would be more helpful.

Oliver Duke (31:09):

Yeah. And no, you, you're totally right about card of the day one card, isn't it? Not really too deep into that and, and trying to get, get the positive element from that card. Yes. because you know, you could pull yourself the tennis swords and that is probably the worst card in the deck or one of the worst cards in the deck. But actually yes, if you pull the tennis swords at the start of the day, you go Right. Well, I would positive, my positive spin on that would be, well, I've got a clean slate, I'm at the very, I'm, I'm, I'm at the, I'm at the bottom, I've got a clean slate. I can do whatever I want today and I can go all the way up from here. That would be my positive spin on that card. Absolutely. so you can, you can take it from that angle, can't you as well. A

Paula Mary (31:43):

Absolutely. And I think that's what card of the day is, it's meant to be positive. It's not meant to be negative. You've got to look at the positive in card of the day. Sure. and, and sort of not overdo it in your questions and just have one sort of thing what you'd like to focus on. Mm

Oliver Duke (31:57):


Paula Mary (31:58):

Sure. And, and keep it a little bit varied, like don't sort of go too deep. It's like, am I gonna have a good day? And because you are developing and you are learning how to use a card, so if you go too deep at the beginning, you, you sort of can lose track. So you need to start off and build up your intuitiveness each day and it will help you to do that. The more you look into it, the more you'll get more information.

Oliver Duke (32:20):

Sure. that's it. Exactly. And you know, we're also gonna talk now about the three card past, present, future spread. Yes. now I've, in the last few months, I've started doing a few of these every now and again, and I've just kind of, I pull them for myself and I've asked, obviously you need to ask the question, that's an important thing, isn't it? What the question has to be given to the cards and then the answer comes through the cards, but then I just do them out to myself in front of me, past, present, future. And I tend to open, tend to open, tend to turn over the present. Yes. And then the past and then the future. And I'll look at those cards and go, actually, yeah. They kind of make some sense. And then I'll just think about those cards or I'll take a picture of them, of them with my phone. Yes. And I'll just sort of let them run through the week or whatever. And as the week goes by, I just sort of start to just think about the cards a bit more again, every now and again and try and think, oh actually yeah, now this is starting to play out and apply. You know? So that's kind of how I would do it. Yes. How would, how would you say is best for people learning at home to do the three card spread?

Paula Mary (33:17):

Well, what you're doing is absolutely, absolutely great, but you know that you can do it. There's no right or wrong, really sure if you've got three cards, I think it's about your situation that you're in. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, so that's card number one or the present problem. So either the situation or the present problem, and you put the cards down, face down so you don't see them. So you work out what is your present situation, the, the situation that you're in. Mm-Hmm. The second card is like what you have to do to get out of the situation. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So it's like the way out and the third card is the solution or the future around that. So you would take out, you'd put them down and you'd, you'd obviously turn around number one. So those present situations, so if you don't know what situation that you were in, or I feel that it would be more difficult to read, it would be important to have an idea of what's going on for you to be able to do it.


Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And then you just turn the card around and see. And often if you're in a difficult situation, then you'll get that card. If you have say for example what normally happens, and I've just picked a card here, so I've got the moon is number one, but I've picked up the, for the second one is strength. Mm-Hmm. So that is the way out, you know, your strength is going to deal with the situation that you're in, right? Mm-Hmm. <laugh>. Mm-Hmm. So that's really positive. And then the solution, I've picked out a card, which is the King of Cups. So if you stand strong, you know you're going to come through so that the, the spread that I've got here will actually say that the, my situation is, is going to work out really well, you know, but if you stand strong in your, in your beliefs.


So I think it's important to pick the first card out and really have a look at it, really understand your situation and understand the card and the information, the intuitive that you're getting around it. Mm. Then you pick up number two, so the way out or the task, and you really look at that with card number one. So really have a look at that. And I've got the strength and the moon. So the moon is saying you can deal with anything. The strength is saying you are strong and then you turn over the last card after you've looked at the first two, and then you merge them together and have a look. Well, the King of Cups, well he's quite strong, isn't he? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> in, in his chair. And I feel that, you know, you can, you, you might be overflowing, but you'd be able to deal with the situation, the solution will work out quite well. So I, you need to then merge the three together. So you look at the moon, the strength and the king of cups, and if you've got the QR cards and it's really good then to, to go onto that and see the meaning mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and have a look. So that would be your overview, and then you merge them together and you, you can then feel calmer about your situation that you are in.

Oliver Duke (36:09):

Sure. And over time it just gets a little bit easier, doesn't it just naturally when you draw Yes. More than one card together. So three cards together for instance, like that. Yes. So just sort of like I said, like I do my, if I'll do one for, I won't do it every week, but if I do one at the start of the week now, how's my week gonna pan out? You know, and just over the week. Yeah. Like I said before, it just slowly starts to sort of make, bind them together and get more, meaning those three cards so they don't, they don't end up just being those standalone cards, you know, next to each other. They start to merge together and be, be, become a meaning and have a story to tell. That's

Paula Mary (36:43):

Right. They, and the more I'm looking at the moon, the strength and the King Cups, now they do become more of a story and they do integrate within each other. Mm-Hmm. It's good to look at them separately when you first turn them over, but merging them together is a much more powerful reading.

Oliver Duke (36:57):

Sure. And like you said, you know, if anyone has got the QR tarot deck, I'm sure they'd be scanning away with their phone, on their phone's camera Yes. To, find out the meanings from, from Nikki and Victoria. And if you haven't got QR Tarot yet yeah, go on, go ahead and get it. And you can get it from Amazon dot co uk or.com. And yeah, once you get the deck, you just scan the back of the cards and it'll give a video meaning from Nikki Allen or Victoria of the meaning of that particular card. So yes. Thank you for that, Paula. Well, thank you very much for joining us today. And so we've been able to talk about the classic tarot deck again, and the emperor and and discuss about, about the mediumship and, and, and mediums and grief.


It was really interesting to hear about that. So thank you for joining us. Thank you. Before we let you go we're gonna tell everyone again that your, we've got your code for 10 hour tarot wonderful video on demand tarot course. And we've still got that code. It's Paula 20 and that'll get you 20 pounds. Yes, 20 pounds off the main course which is normally 97 pounds and you can get it for 77 pounds with Paula's code. So all you need to do is go to psychic.co uk slash learn tarot and go to checkout and put in the code, in the coupon code section Paula 20. So that'll all be down in the show notes here of this podcast. And thank you again for that code, Paula, for everyone.

Paula Mary (38:18):

No pleasure. It's lovely to be on the show, Oliver.

Oliver Duke (38:20):

It's great to have you again. And we'll see you again I'm sure very soon, for another card in the deck.

Paula Mary (38:25):

Fantastic. All right. Bye bye

Oliver Duke (38:27):

Everybody. Thanks Paula. Bye-Bye.

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