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Interview with acclaimed Psychic Medium – Nicky Alan. About how she began as a medium, some funny and heartwarming stories, what happens when we die, and some insights into her life.

*(This podcast was recorded on 20/12/2019)




With Psychic Medium, Nicky Alan PSPE:001

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Show Transcript

Oliver says: 00:14 A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Oliver says: 01:04 She's toured with the likes of Colin fry. She had stages with most haunted Derek Acorah. She's also featured on many different radio shows and recorded two series of angels with Gloria Hunniford. She's been on come dine with me live from studio five and featured in the sky documentary a sisters loss. She's a triple columnist as a psychic detective in fate and fortune magazine and writes diary of a psychic in spirit and destiny magazine both here in the UK and in Australia. She also freelance writes for many other spiritual magazines. She can be seen tutoring throughout the country in workshops and residential spiritual retreats. The lady I'm talking about is the one and only Nicky Alan. Hello Nicky, how are you today?

Nicky says: 01:45 I am very well and all the better for being here speaking with you.

Oliver says: 01:50 Oh thank you very much. I really appreciate it. It's lovely to have you on the show. How are, how are you today? What have you been up to?

Nicky says: 02:01 Everybody's going to be totally bored with this answer because I've just had flu for the last two weeks and today I'm being really lazy and if you really would need to know I'm sitting in my pyjamas cause I haven't bothered to get dressed today because I've been wrapping presents and catching up.

Oliver says: 02:13 Oh, I see. You've been getting ready for Christmas in your pyjamas. Yeah,

Nicky says: 02:21 they’d see me sitting here in my Christmas PJ's, which isn't a good look.

Oliver says: 02:24 No, we don't have the cameras on at the moment. Do we? So we can’t see! Well, like I say, it's lovely to have you with us today on psychic social. So, um, my first question was to you, we wanted you to sort of take us back to the beginning. Um, in terms of you being a psychic, how did you become a psychic? Was it passed down from a family member or a mother or grandmother or was there another way the gift came to you?

Nicky says: 02:50 We’re kind of like the wizards and the witches of the world because everybody else, we deal with demon as muggles to be honest with you. I think at least seven or eight generations, I can go back with psychics in the family. There's a phenomenon that most people that know about spirituality know about the seventh son of the seventh son. And so my granddad, I'm not to… basically, there's always been a seventh son of a seventh son and my granddad was a seventh son of 14 children. Um, and we all have the gift. It's, it's more stronger down the paternal line, which is the granddad I'm talking about. Um, most of my aunties, uncles, my brothers, my, my nieces, my nephews have all got the gift in one way, shape, or form. The main part is being a medium. I'm having visions, psychic visions, seeing people that have passed over messages from angel realms. Um, also my aunties and uncles use tarots crystal ball. So basically we grew up with, you know, my Grandad looking at tea leaves in a cup.

Nicky says: 03:51 So I always thought that the things that I saw, the dreams I had, the things I predicted as a young child, everybody could do. I just thought that was a natural thing. The big, the big time when it hit me when I knew that I was very different, was three days after my dad died in road accident when I was nine years old. And I was out walking with my auntie because obviously with the family around the house cause he'd just passed. He's only 38. Um, and he drove past in a car and stopped. Don't ask me how that happened. I don't know that you sat there and said to me, I'm okay Nick, don't worry. And he put his thumb up. And so you can imagine as a nine-year-old child, I've gone running back home, absolutely angry distressed because everybody told me my daddy had gone to heaven and I'd just seen him in a car and he'd stopped and talked to me.

Nicky says: 04:39 My auntie didn't see obviously see a thing and how he manifested that, I don't know. And then that's where my granddad, when I just told you about my dad's dad, said, I need to talk to you. I need to tell you that you're a special girl. And then it went on from there. You know, my brother ended up having a knife under his pillow as a child, so he kept getting visitations from my dad but didn't understand it and was really scared. So from that day on, I pretty much took it on board. It bubbled away in the background through my teen years. But then it literally hit massively when I was 21 again. Um, I was doing readings for people and it was awful, I was doing a bit, a bit of a party trick to be honest with you. Um, you know, guessing, well not guessing, but looking at someone across the room and saying, right his name’s this,

Nicky says: 05:21 …he does this for a living, And they'd go over and check it out. And it used to be right. Um, but then the first thing where I thought, wow, I really need to take this seriously. It was when I had had a few drinkies in a social club and a man who had been murdered at holiday camp came through to speak to this girl who witnessed the murder and she lost the plot. And I realized then I had a massive responsibility on my hands and that this really was real and that I had to start crafting my skill with you. Like I had to start learning about it. And so then I just literally found, I went to a psychic fair and the woman said to me, you don't need a reading, you're going to be doing them, come with me. And this woman just taught me how to hone my craft if you like, how to learn how to, you know, um, connect through meditation, how to understand messages. And then I started doing, I was a police officer and I started doing readings in the evening, um, and using my psychic ability during the day as well.

Oliver says: 06:16 Okay. And what's, what's the best way for you that you do connect, um, with the, uh, with, with the other world and the people that have passed? Is it through, through visions or is it through of things that you hear auditory? How does it work?

Nicky says: 06:29 Well, I'm very, very lucky. Most mediums out there, um, have a particular forte. They perhaps, you know, they're clair. They're clairvoyant, so they see things where they, they get visions. I'm very lucky, um, that I have all my senses used. So for instance, if not, for instance, I'll give you, this man just popped in my head that I brought through in a show once who died because of an addiction of cheese. So he showed me him eating cheese in my mind, I could smell it and I could taste the cheese and I felt sick from eating so much of it. My stomach was turning and I could hear him saying it was the cheese. It was the cheese. And I know this is a really weird conversation talking about cheese, but I can use all my senses so I can hear, taste, feel, smell and know anything they want to bring me.

Nicky says: 07:18 You know. So if I see February written up in my head, I absolutely know it's not my thought and it's to do with something. So then I further investigate it by zoning in. And so what you showed me February for and then I’ll either get, as I say, visions or get a thought or feeling or hear whisper in my ear. So I'm very lucky that I can use all of my senses. For instance, you know how someone passes. If they pass of a heart attack. I'll feel it in my heart area. And I said, I basically use everything they can to get the message across to me by using all my senses, which I know is quite rare because most mediums mainly work on one channel if that makes sense? And it's the same with all my family all my family have got the same thing. Plus dream visitation. I get massively prophetic dreams, um, and visitations from spirit, people in dreams. It's, it's remarkable how they get to me. Um, but yeah, so I'm very lucky I can use all of them.

Oliver says: 08:14 Yeah. That's amazing stuff. Well that’s gonna move me on nicely to the next question, which is, what's the most important thing to you about being a psychic?

Nicky says: 08:22 The most important thing for me is bringing the comfort and the knowledge that our loved ones are not just dead and buried and gone. That I've gone through so much trauma. I've lost. I've literally got an auntie and uncle and some cousins left. Every other family member’s passed some of them tragically and quickly. Some of them, you know, not as, not as quickly. Um, and the thing is, I know that losing your loved one, even a pet, it's like the end of your life. You don't want to carry on. You don't want the world to carry on spinning because it's not spinning with, you know, with your loved one. Um, and I've learned that trying to bring some lightness to the biggest fear, which is us losing people through death. Um, is my passion in life. If I can help someone or bring them comfortable or assist their grieving in any way, that's what I live for.

Nicky says: 09:10 I live for educating and proving the afterlife as well as helping people get through the darkest times of their life. I pretty much did it in the police as well as bereavement. Um, trained family liaison officer for murder victim families, rape victims, and I kind of carried it across when I got retired to doing it full time, but on a more spiritual aspect, if that makes sense. So that's why I do it is to help people get through the darkest time of their life and, and to, and to survive and perhaps even start a spiritual relationship with their loved one up in spirit worlds, which is easily done if you try and in helping them through, is there been any sort of heart-warming stories that stand out from any of those times? I've have to say there've been hundreds over the years, so I've been doing readings for over 20 years now.

Nicky says: 09:54 However, there is one that as you've just said that it's stuck straight in my head and I doubt they’ve brought it to me. There was a lady in the audience who looked broken, absolutely broken and it was a quite small gathering I was doing, I called them intimate evenings where it's a small gathering of people do readings for and um, her mum, I think it was a mum came through first of all and I knew that wasn't the person she needed to hear from but a mum was sitting her in because she was a sceptic. She did not believe in the spirit world. She didn't believe in mediums. She was just dragged along to this evening and her mum brought her daughter. Now her daughter was two years old, was in the back seat of a car and because she was so busy she hadn't clicked her safety belt in properly.

Nicky says: 10:37 She got hit up the back side by a van and the baby, I'm not going to get into the logistics and you know what happened, but the baby basically died because she wasn't properly fastened. So you can imagine that mum has lived with the guilt of feeling that she'd killed her own child. Thank God, this little girl was such an amazing communicator, being helped by her nan that she named the car she was in the colour it was, the time of the accident, her name, what they buried with her, where she was buried, what time she was buried, who came and saw her in the chapel of rest. She gave such amazing evidence and one of the biggest things she said was, mummy, I am so sad to see you’re still sad thinking that it was your fault. I was meant to go to heaven and be with Nanny...

Nicky says: 11:20 …You've got to let go of this. And because of the evidence that little girl given her that nobody could ever have guessed or known, that woman basically changed her life overnight. She ended up getting a job. She was depressed, she was on medication, she was suicidal, and she changed her life. And I remember crying my eyes out. About a month later, she sent me an email saying how I changed her life and now she knew her little girl was safe, that she no longer felt guilty. She was getting help to deal with her grieving and she was a totally new woman. That's fantastic. God, I'll never forget that one. And I cried my eyes out when I read the email and I had so many of those emails where I've changed people's lives. Not me, but what I've, you know, through my ability through my, through my gift. I've been able to give them answers that nobody else could give them. And that's what makes me feel so incredibly overwhelmed, um, with what I have because I can bring this to people and that's what is my passion in life is to just keep doing it as long as I can.

Oliver says: 12:21 Yeah. Wonderful. That's great stuff. Well, we're just moving into the end of the first half now, so we're going to take a short yes, did go very quick. Yeah, it's very, we're going to take a short break. Um, and after the break we'll catch up with some more stuff and some more questions for Nicky Alan. So we'll see you after that.

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Oliver says: 14:32 Welcome back to part two of psychic social, uh, and our chat with Nicky Alan. Uh, now continuing. Well following on from the last question, um, I wanted to ask you, were there any conversely, any funny or hilarious stories that really stood out from you, from any of your readings? Anything that really made you chuckle?

Nicky says: 14:50 There’s been so many, do you know what the thing is that I love humanity. I'm so obsessed with people and how they work and the fact that I've got two that very, the first one's really quick actually, because you know, you think it's all love and light and all light angels with harps and fluffy clouds and all the rest of it. And I remember this man coming through and I'm going to call him Terry and there's a man called Terry here, died of heart attack and he's wants to talk to his wife. I think her name's Doreen. So she, this woman put her hand up and so he goes, she goes, yeah, well I’d rather you wouldn’t, cause I hated him. I couldn't stand him, tell him to go off and go off where we came from. I went, seriously? Yeah, I can't stand him I hate him.

Nicky says: 15:26 I went, well he needs to speak to you. She goes, I don’t even care, tell him to go away and she literally hated the ground he walked on and I'm like oooh, what do you do with that one then? And everybody was just laughing in the end because the stuff, I'm not, I can't say it on the podcast, the stuff she was saying, what he got up to it was hilarious. So it's a great icebreaker. But the best one, the best one, I, that's come to mind. I was doing a demonstration in London, right? And there was this bloke came through, I can't remember his name. I've obviously, it's written somewhere in my journals, but he came through and he said, I'll, I'll say his name to John, right? I said, my name's John and I'm, He, but Oh yes, this is how, how I remember it. Because he was drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe on the, out in the open air and he dropped dead.

Nicky says: 16:09 He had a heart attack, drinking coffee. Right? So that's that, you know, that's going to kind of bring the audience down to one in the audience unless there's loads of people that died drinking coffee. And, um, so I saw this woman, I thought it’s her, and I said, he wants to talk with, I’ll caller Jean, And so Jean and so this bloke is elbowing the woman, she's going, no, no, no, no, no, no. And I'm like, am I with you Jean? She goes, Nope, Nope, not at all. And the husband's looking at, her, like sitting next to her, like what the hell? So I said, it's saying that you lived, and I even had the address, right? I said, did you live in, and I'm making up; Avendale Road? She went, yes, I went, so I'm with you. She goes, no, no, no, you're not. This went on for about five minutes, right?

Nicky says: 16:49 And this spirit blokes going, for Christ’s sake I know her, I know her and I'm like, she's saying no. And in the end, because everybody was getting the hump with her, I basically said, you know what, I'm going to leave this, but you know, he definitely is with you. And he's saying that he really loved you, but don't worry about it. We'll leave it. She goes, no, Nope, no. The husband's looking at her like, what the hell? Anyway, during the half time, I'm backstage right in the dressing room. She comes in, she knocks on the door. She goes, Jesus, I cannot believe you just did that. And I said, why? She goes, I was absolutely crapping my pants. I said why? because I was having an affair with that man because he lived a few doors down from me and I'd been having an affair with him for years.

Nicky says: 17:31 We adored each other, but we both agreed to stay with our mutual husband and wife. She goes, so you're telling me all this stuff and I'm scared you're going to say what? You know how much you love me? Because my bloody husband’s sitting next to me. She goes I'm so sorry. He goes, but I was having an affair with him and I didn't want him to know, Oh my God, don't worry about it. So she said is he still here? I went well no, he's got the right hump, and he's gone back to wherever he came from and it was just, it was so funny because everybody knew it was her and the husband, he just couldn't understand why she kept saying, no. Yea, it’s John down the road love. That’s John who lived at number 45. She was going, no, no it isn’t. She was absolutely. So the truth can still come out there, even beyond the grave. You've gotta be careful, haven’t you, when you’re cheating on your partner!

Nicky says: 18:21 Yea, there’s been loads of those so many laughs like that, Oh my God, so many of them, especially when I said to someone, I want to feel your breasts, excuse me? I need to feel your breasts. A what I meant to say was, I can feel your breasts and I can feel that there's a lump there. It's very nice you want to touch my breasts but I don't think it's quite appropriate. I'm not, Oh my God, no, I didn't mean that that went down. Do you know what? It's all good fun. But at the end of the day, demonstrating to show shouldn't be all maudlin and sad and everybody like sitting there. You've got to have a laugh with this, but know when to tone it down at the right time. Cause you need energy. You need vibrant, positive energy because spirit people work on such a high frequency where they are that it's almost like tuning into radio station.

Nicky says: 19:03 You've got to match that frequency. Otherwise the show or the demonstration of the reading is going to be a total flop, you know, so you've got to have laughter and humanity in it. Otherwise it just doesn’t work. Totally agreed. Um, now the next question I was going to ask you is something that I think a lot of people think about and I think about, you know, a fair bit myself as well. And it is kind of what are your thoughts and feelings about the afterlife and what happens after we leave this Earth? I'm going to say straight away, it's not thoughts or feelings. I know 100%. I've been taken up there so many times and been given the proof afterwards. I've been actually taken to heaven on a number of occasions, which I've said about on my YouTube channel. But I've also, I've also written a book about this called heaven calling in which I, I propose my to be, to, to be my second book out because I actually been shown it since I was a kid.

Nicky says: 19:54 But when my, um, family member died, I said, right, I want to know what happens. Show me the whole process. So what happens is, is that you obviously in your physical body, I know because I get a lot of violent passings and suicides that come over that we’re taken from our body before any trauma happens to our body. So we don't go through the pain, we don't go through the dementia, we don't go through like being killed. We are taken out and almost look at our body and what happens to it first of all. So that's a really good, hopefully a good comfort for people that, you know, they've got family members and loved ones who've died violent deaths and we’re taken out before the body is subjected to whatever happens to it. Um, we're then taken up, we’re normally met by people we know, hence why people shout out family member’s names just before they pass.

Nicky says: 20:38 Okay. So we normally, I'll have someone come down and help us. I've also been told because I work with the angel realms, the Archangel Asariel assists us, Archangel Asariel presides over a body just before it's about to pass. He then takes it up, to, and they're really weird. And I've recently found out that these, cause I don't, I don't read anything. I don't research anything. I just go by what I'm told by my guides, by the angel realms, by my spirit family. Um, and then if they say look it up then, then I can obviously look it up to confirm what they're telling me. They're like little spirit huts that you’re taken to and there's like a cement plinth. That's the best way to describe it. Your soul is laid out on this plinth, okay. And then you're met by Archangel Jeremiel who reviews your life.

Nicky says: 21:18 Okay. So he reviews how you got on, what you did wrong, what you honoured because we've all planned what we want to do before we come down, how our human experience was and if we need any healing from anything that's taken place. That's why spirit people heal so much quicker because they are taken through all of their trauma and it's all ended. And then they're all purified of those thoughts, feelings before the death and the connections with their loved ones a lot quicker than we are. Then what happens is after the healing process we’re then taken, met by our family members and dogs. I've seen dogs turn up at the plinths as well and we welcome you and say, Hey, hi, you're over here now. And the next thing you know is you're taken to a place called the reality layer and or what other people know as heaven. Okay. And you go to the reality layer and whatever you love to doing whatever you wanted to do that you were never able to do, you can, you can create. It's a bit like 24 seven dreaming. And you know those dreams where everything seems really real. You can almost taste it and feel it. It's exactly what it's like being a spirit person.

Nicky says: 22:20 Yeah. So if you love sailing, you'll be sailing your boat if you, and the other thing as well, which is really important, is if you've had multi marriages and you think, God, you know, who am I going to end up with, cause I certainly don't wanna end up with my ex-husband. You have defined soulmate throughout your life that you end up with. So no matter how many times you've been married, no matter what relationships you've had, we all know there's the one, all right, we can be married, but there's always one that sticks in our heart and that ordinarily will be the one you'll end up spending the rest of your life with until you decide to come back down on another reincarnation. So it really is as euphoric as they say, the colours, the dimensions, the pain, the human memories of trauma are all gone and you are basically a pure, definitive spirit there.

Nicky says: 23:04 Some, some people go and work and help spiritual people down here. Some people work as guides, some people just chill out and drink beer, like my Mum does, at her social club drinking wine! I dreamt of her the other night actually. She was just drinking wine as she always did, with my Granddad in a social club, I’m like right okay, nothing changes there. And then they obviously will spend time as much as they can through Archangel Gabriel as well as, cause Archangel Gabriel assists them in bringing their energy down to bring messages to you. And that's where they start bringing messages through dream state or they'll start showing you synchronicity through numbers or signs or playing their favourite music. Every time you go out they will show ways of connection. We think, God, that's my mum there or a Robin will turn up in the garden. You know, all these sorts of things will take place where you start getting weird synchronicities and coincidences happening and that is the beginning of how you start a spiritual relationship with your loved one.

Nicky says: 23:59 It's never going to replace the physical loss, never ever but I, you know, when my mum died the year before last and that was Christmas time, so Christmas is tough for our family, but straight away, as soon as she went, she, they know that the light bulb went really bright and then dull just after she passed and that was a sign to say go and get out. I'm done. Now I'm going up to the spirit world, and the way we dealt with it is like someone gone on holiday. Do you know if you've got a friend or a loved one gone on holiday? I wonder if they've landed yet? I wonder if they’re having a nice time. It's exactly how we view our loved ones when they go over. So we get over our grieving a lot easier as spiritualists because we imagine that they've just moved on to the next place and they're loving it and they're out of pain.

Nicky says: 24:39 And they’re back with their loved ones, my mom was back with a favourite auntie back with her mum back gardening back drinking back doing what she wanted and she looks amazing now when I see her, she looked so young and so amazing when I saw her night before last in my dream. I'm like God mum, I'm so glad because she looked like a wreck when she was ill down here and so you know, anybody can do this so you don't have to be a medium. Anybody can open their minds and hearts the possibility once you send the intent up there, that's when it can all start happening for you. And that again is another thing I'd try and do is educate people to open their minds and energies up to this no matter what their belief or religious system is and just accept that they are still alive and they are still waiting to communicate and look out for you and they do, my God they do.

Oliver says: 25:26 Yeah, I mean winding back a couple of minutes to something you said a couple of minutes ago about reincarnation in terms of that and in terms of, you know, how many on average lives the people do you think have, um, you know, is it just something that just is like a constant loop where people are constantly coming up and down and or they're going to other worlds or places or w what's that all about?

Nicky says: 25:51 Yeah. Not getting too deep with it and trying to keep it layman's terms, which I think is why so many people can relate to me is I basically had this come up where my guide, Juliana said that, um, I’d, he'd looked after me and I was a nun called Mary, which is a laugh in itself. Right. And that was in 1452 in Trastevere Rome and went, Oh really? He goes, yes, that's how I know you. And that's why I look after you. And I thought, really? Do you know what? I'm going to sound like a nutter telling people, oh my guide, my guide and all this rubbish. Do you know what did? I got a ticket to Rome got in a taxi. Said take me to, Santa Cecilia’s church in Trastevere Rome. And I went in there and I found the bust of my guide and found that the Pope, he said looked after us, was the Pope that covered that diocese at the time and realized that I did exist in the house of Mary Magdalene in 1452 and I thought, Oh, okay.

Nicky says: 26:43 And then all the, I've got two more guides, Catherine and Khan. And basically they have proven through what they've told me and when I've researched it, that where I existed, what I wore and what I did was exactly what was right for that time and era. So that proved to me about the fact that there is reincarnation. And I've seen my previous lives, some of us are aware of it, some aren't. I'm most pretty aware of it so I can share it with other people down here. We don't, there's no given amount of time you want to come down here. There’s always a three generation gap so that you don't bump into your nan. You know, because there has been some blips, I don't know if you remember about the little boy who insisted he belonged to a family in Cork that lived by an air strip and he was in America.

Nicky says: 27:23 And in the end they honoured it because I thought it, you know, it would end his psychosis and it turned out that you knew the family and naming them all when he was only four year old kid. So there are a couple of blips and coming down too soon. But basically the way I've seen it really, really short is that yes we can go to different planetary environments that the older our soul is, cause I've been to them. Um, we we’re in such a euphoria, and I'm not joking, once you get over fact that you've, you've got back up with your loved ones, you get a bit bored. It's all exciting to begin with it. It's like when you come home from holiday, like, Oh, I can't wait to see my dog. And then after, a bit you think, so I've got feed it and walk it again now.

Nicky says: 27:58 And it’s the same thing, you get a bit bored and everything is perfection up there. Whatever you intend to do, you can do. And so people crave the human experience. So after that three generation gap, the whole family cluster get together. And so, right. Do you know what should we have another human experience? What should we do this time? And we're so sick because we go, I know, why don't you leave me so that I have to go through being left and then you meet me later on and I remarry you. Oh, and I never had a child before. I'll have a child. And how about this child? You know, I perhaps miscarry the first one. So I can go through that experience and we choose more and more harder challenges. The older our souls get for the human experience. Believe it or not, we actually plan what we want to do. So when we're down here with our blueprint of what we aim to do, our guides have got that blueprint. And if we're way off course like I was when I had my road accident, which is a whole other story and I will pull you back and change your life completely. So most people who have a massive life change on hindsight, look back and think Christ, it was awful at the time. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. You know, and that’s guides nudging you and keeping you in to your blueprint basically.

Oliver says: 29:07 So if you’re a really, really old soul that's been up and down quite a few times, you might, you know, you might, your, your, your next earthly experience might be throwing, being in a war in a war-torn zone or something like that. Right? Okay.

Nicky says: 29:21 Absolutely. Right now you could end up thinking or do you know what I want to be a murder victim this time round, I know, I know it sounds sick, but we, we, we, we basically have more obstacles. So you know, you know, when you see these, these um, these programs where people give up their whole life to like, you know, rescue animals and they've got no money but they don't care as long as their animals are okay or they voluntary look after you know, orphaned kids. You think Jesus, what you're doing, they've got no interest at all in the material world whatsoever. And they're the old souls. All the young people that are worried about making money. The people you see on apprentice, the people who care about power money and the next Louis Vuitton bag you can buy. They're the younger souls. You know, the young people that win the lottery, they're getting all of the easy stuff.

Nicky says: 30:00 But the older your soul gets, the harder the challenges get. And the more that you have to struggle down here because you've chosen it because you want that human experience. And then when you go back up, you're back to euphoria again. You're back to this completely beautiful life, this utopia, you know, with your family, because basically your soul is eternal and these tiny little lives that we have down here is like a speck of salt in an ocean of infinity, basically infinity. And so when I have things happen in my life, obviously I've had the worst thing happen when I had this life-altering road accident. However, now when I have anything happen in my life, does it really, really matter that much? Is it worth worrying about, no. Because this is a tiny little lifetime because I know I'm like hundreds if not thousands of years old. And yes, eventually once you get to a certain level of acknowledgement or Ascension in your soul, you then go onto even higher realms, which gets really deep, different planetary systems, different dimensions and that kind of thing. But I don't want to get too deep, so we'll leave it there.

Oliver says: 31:03 It sounds like a perfect opportunity for part two with you at some point, Nicky, if you want to go into a really, really deep one. Yeah, okay. Right. Well, let's, let's leave the deep stuff for the moment and we're going to move onto the more slightly more vacuous stuff, which is, I'm going to ask you, what was the last book you read?

Nicky says: 31:22 The last book I read, I, sometimes I try and do a busman's holiday and read spiritual books. But to be honest with you, most of them are quite samey, apart from my one of course, my one is amazing! No, but, um, my last book that I read was called Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey and it was absolutely amazing. Sounds a bit depressive, but it was about a woman coming to terms with her dementia and going back to a very, very pivotal time in her life when her sister went missing. And in her current life, a friend she thinks has gone missing, funnily enough. It's just been put on a TV adaption. It was on the telly the other night. I couldn't believe it, but that was the last book I read. Not very racy, not very sexy, but absolutely brilliant, but loved it.

Oliver says: 32:04 Right. Great. Okay. And, um, the other thing I was gonna ask you was what about box sets? Are you a binger on box sets? Have you got something that you like? Are you all over a certain streaming platform?

Nicky says: 32:15 All over it darling. Right, I was five years bed bound, so I should be the next like Jonathan Ross, because I know every film, every box set going because I've watched the lot of them. However, the one I've just finished and I've been eking it out. I've been really good actually, I've been eking out, but I finally finished it a couple of weeks ago. The Vampire Diaries, there is nothing I like more than supernatural Sci-Fi fantasy. Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on. And the Vampire Diaries. Oh my God, I love it.

Oliver says: 32:44 Is that a bit like, is that a bit like Twilight, Twilight? I've not watched it, but is that, is that a vampire thing? Yeah.

Nicky says: 32:52 So much better than that. It's not as cheesy and it just involves all different types of phenomena. It's brilliant. Thank you for that one. I'll just note that down, where’s my pen? and they're all good looking. Oh my God, girls, the men and the girls are lovely. There is eye candy throughout.

Oliver says: 33:08 I'm definitely noting it down now! Well it's been absolutely fantastic to have you on the show here on psychic social today. Nicky. Um, before we let you go, can you tell everyone all the listeners, um, what's the best way to find you? Where's the best place to find you? Uh, online. Is it your web, your website,

Nicky says: 33:26 online, online is the best way. I just want to say thank you for having me. I think I’m the first guest here.

Oliver says: 33:30 Not at all, it's a pleasure, it's a pleasure to have you as our first guest on psychic social.

Nicky says: 33:34 Honestly, and I really know that you're going to have some lovely success here. It's a lovely, lovely thing you’re doing. So thank you for having me. Anybody can find me on all of the major, you know, social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, under Nicky Alan and N, I, C, K, Y, A, L, A, N. um, I have a YouTube channel, which is Nicky Alan, which I give lots of erm card readings as well as philosophy and advice and, and answer questions. Um, and also, um, obviously I'm on Facebook as well. I've got Facebook pages, Nicky Alan, author and psychic medium and just my normal Nicky Alan and profile. But literally if you type in Nicky Alan Psychic, I'll come up one way or another.

Oliver says: 34:13 Okay. What's, what's the web address of your website? Just for the, for everyone?

Nicky says: 34:16 It's www.nickyalan.co.uk and there, there's a merchandise, um, uh, page for guided meditations I've produced. I've got my book, me and myself and I diary of a psychic coming out in May, um, which is about my journey, um, from a life altering road accident that had me bed bound for five years. And the, the miracles that the angel realms, the spirit world brought to a very, very faithless young lady. So that's a good read that one, so it’s coming out May.

Oliver says: 34:46 Yeah. Give us the name of the book again.

Nicky says: 34:48 It's M E myself and I Diary of a Psychic. Would that be available on Amazon at all or, yeah, it'll be on Amazon and all leading bookstores from May 2020 and I'm counting every day and getting very impatient.

Oliver says: 35:01 I'm sure you are. Well It's been wonderful having you on the first psychic social podcast show. Thank you very much, Nicky Alan, and we're really looking forward to catching up with you in a part two at some point in the not too distant future.

Nicky says: 35:25 Yep look forward to it darling, you take care, thank you.

Oliver says: 35:30 Take care then, Nicky. Thank you.

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