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Interview with Psychic Medium – Kim Alexis. On how she became a medium, some information, and stories on Crystal Healing and Past Life Regression, plus much more.



*(This podcast was recorded on 13/01/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Kim Alexis PSPE:004

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.06] Welcome to psychic social, brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

Oliver says: [00:00:13.19] A very warm welcome to psychic social, the podcast show brought to you by Psychic.co.uk, the only place to get the very best psychic readings the Internet has to offer. You can check us out online at Psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn just search for Psychic.co.uk.

Now today's guest has over 20 years’ experience in the psychic industry as a psychic medium, clinical hypnotherapist, crystal healer, and past life regressionist. Over the years, she has amassed valuable skills to assist her clients in the best way possible in their present life circumstances.

As well as being a medium, she specializes in crystal healing, past life regression, hypnotherapy, and inner child therapy. She also currently runs extremely successful psychic retreats in two destinations abroad and has been featured in The Guardian, the Tate, Vogue, and the independent, to name but a few. She's also been the go-to psychic for the U.K. radio station LBC. Our guest today is Kim Alexis.

Oliver says: [00:01:35.26] Hi Kim, welcome to psychic social. How are you today?

Kim says: [00:01:38.16] I'm fine, Oliver, thank you for inviting me on. It's a pleasure to be speaking with you today.

Oliver says: [00:01:44.21] Absolute pleasure to have you on here. What have you been up to today?

Kim says: [00:01:47.25] I have been at lunch. It's my way of balancing what I do, and just hanging out with girlfriends and eating food, because I love food, I'm a foodie.

Oliver says: [00:02:03.03] Don't we all love food, yes lovely, sounds great. So what are your kind of plans for 2020, we got other things excited lined up in the pipeline?

Kim says: [00:02:11.29] Yes, I have actually. As a possible retreat in Hungary, of all places that I'm going to be shown around the country, and having a look at these beautiful lakes there and castles and mountains, so that's possible. I'm also possibly flying to Sedona in Arizona; it's a very well-known healing place because it's an energy vortex. There are loads of healers there and psychics, and so I'm going to be doing some healing there.

And then more than likely my own retreat in Sardinia, which is a psychic development and well-being retreat in a very kind of isolated, beautiful rural place on the beach. So when I'm not doing that, also just the usual, which is giving psychic mediumistic readings and crystal healings and hypnotherapy, and all sorts of things. Fears, phobias, anxiety, confidence, and past life progression as well, which is a very interesting topic to be working with.

Oliver says: [00:03:38.09] Sounds like you've got an awful lot going on in 2020 then?

Kim says: [00:03:41.27] Yes, it's looking good, so I'm excited about it, yes. I think it is going to be a good year for a lot of people; I think 2020 is just, I don't know high energy.

Oliver says: [00:03:53.27] Right. Because I've been told that this is potentially the year of balance, is that right in 2020?

Kim says: [00:03:59.14] Yes, I think it's about letting go stuff.

Oliver says: [00:04:02.11] Yes, it starts a fresh.

Kim says: [00:04:04.24] Yes, cutting ties, unfinished business and that kind of thing and letting stuff go and starting over. But then I think that is with any new year as well; we want to be letting go with the smoking and stopping the drinking, getting fit the usual stuff. But I think that I don't know for some reason 2020 feels like it's a newer energy or more powerful energy let's put it like that.

Oliver says: [00:04:36.28] Right, great, we're very much looking forward to 2020 as I'm sure you are, that sounds great. So let's go straight into question one here. So I'm going to ask you to take us back to the beginning, and how did you become a psychic? Was it passed down from a family member? Or was the gift with you from an early age? Or how did it happen for you?

Kim says: [00:04:57.11] I would love to say yes, my grandmother and her mum before her and her mum before her, unfortunately, no. Nobody in my family, that's my other sibling me and my brother and mother or father were never involved in anything like what I do. So no, I didn't feel that I was one of those people at young age that spoke to Invisible Children that others couldn't see and all that kind of thing. I really started quite, I mean, it may have been there, and I wasn't just aware of it, but I guess I started quite in my twenties actually.

I was always reading books on the esoteric and Tibetan monks, and I always had a few crystals laying around, and I always kind of play around with the tarot cards, but I never really understood them, and I was always having to read up in books what they really meant. So I always had kind of this interest in my 20s. But then I went in a hospital, and I was reading a book on Tibet. And I read that there was an earthquake, and I was feeling tired, I put the book down, and I switched on the radio, and there was a news flash to say that there's been a huge earthquake in San Francisco.

And I looked in my book thinking no, I just read that, but it wasn't in the pages, it wasn't there, so I had already had a premonition of what had happened. And I was kind of like my first kind of query, as hmm that's interesting, how did that happen?

Oliver says: [00:06:41.28] That's amazing, wow.

Kim says: [00:06:42.28] Yes. And then other little things started to crop up. I got this message that my mother wasn't well, and she wasn't going to live very long, and I thought oh Kim, it's just a horrible thing to think, what a horrible thought.

And actually, within a couple of months, she had died. So things like that started to happen, and I had some very out-of-body experiences which were absolutely stunningly beautiful. Light everywhere and this profound love coming through, things just started to happen with me.

Oliver says: [00:07:24.13] Was that in a dream state, or was that an awakened experience?

Kim says: [00:07:30.20] Well, I was lying in bed at the time, but I was awake, and I felt like I was just transported out of my body into this huge beautiful white light, and taken up and up and up and up. And I did feel like there were light beings there that felt angelic. I'll never forget it because it's never happened since; it was the one-off experience like that. So the colors were just incredible, nothing like what we know here.

And yes, that was an amazing experience, and it wasn't something I intended; it just happened. And then a lot of these expand its happens when I was living abroad because I left when I was 17 and I worked with, I was selling crystals in Morocco when I didn't even know they were crystals, they were just semi-precious stones that I used to have to sell to the tourists and try to sit outside on these like Persian rugs and entice the tourists into this jewelry shop.

And it's funny that years later I'm then a crystal healer, so life had a funny way of kind of keeping me involved with the crystals, even when I didn't really know anything about them back then. And then I came back to England, and somebody mentioned to me it was a neighbor actually who knew I was interested in all the spiritual stuff. And she said had I been to a Spiritualist Church, and I was like no, what's that? And I went off to a spiritual church, saw a medium on the platform, and instantly I was like I want to do, I can do that.

Oliver says: [00:09:11.09] Right, yes, okay.

Kim says: [00:09:12.19] And it kind of went from there really, I went into a circle and literally within about three weeks I was hearing, seeing, telling people about their lives, I was a natural.

Oliver says: [00:09:21.03] So kind of awakened your talent or what you had inside you?

Kim says: [00:09:24.26] Yes.

Oliver says: [00:09:25.29] Okay. Well, let me wind back a little bit there to what you're saying about the crystals, because my next question with you, it's all from your website that you do a lot of crystal healing. Can you tell us about that and your experiences with that over the years?

Kim says: [00:09:39.29] Yes, I really studied the crystals because I just had a thirst to understand about them. And when I was doing it, I felt it was really important where other people in the class or on the courses, it was just a sort of hobby, whereas for me it's like no, I must learn this. There was just something really so important to me about it. And so I went on to become a crystal healer, and I love the crystals because they amplify the healing, and you choose specific crystals that it's a bit like having a prescription, a personal prescription.

A person tells you what's going on with them mentally, emotionally, physically, and you can choose the crystals that will assist with those problems. I've had people come in, bent over with back/spine problems. And there's a crystal which is called selenite and fishtail selenite, and it actually looks like a spine with little bones going across it, you know like a fish with its bones. And I've had people come in that can't move, and then I do a crystal healing, and they get up, and they go it's gone, I can't feel anything.

And they start moving around trying to feel it, and I say whatever you do, don't look for it, don't try and bring it back, it's gone so things like that, yes. I had another woman who I put some crystals on her, around the womb and fallopian tubes, and this kind of thing; she wanted to freeze her eggs. And what had happened through that process she had got cysts on her ovaries, so I put crystals on her, did the crystal healings.

And throughout the crystal healing, she was going ouch, and I thought this is strange, nobody's ever done that before, it's never been painful before. Anyway, also what came up was there's some anger with these ovaries that were part of the cysts, and that is due to a relationship breakup. So I did the healing she went off, emailed me about three weeks later, and she said I'd had a scan, she said all the cysts are gone, and I'm now able to go through the process and freeze my eggs.

Oliver says: [00:12:29.03] That’s amazing.

Kim says: [00:12:30.03] Yes.

Oliver says: [00:12:31.11] And do you actually touch the person with the crystals, or is it raised just above the body? Or how does that work?

Kim says: [00:12:38.07] I put crystals around the body and on the chakra points, so they call it the solar plexus part, etc. And then my guides come in; my healing guides come in. I have even been told to move out the way by my guides, and they're going to do it, so I was like alright.

Oliver says: [00:12:59.29] So you have guides present during the crystal healing, so you would summon them?

Kim says: [00:13:03.28] Yes.

Oliver says: [00:13:05.06] What do they tell you in terms of the healing process? How do they guide you through that?

Kim says: [00:13:10.10] If I'm honest, they don't often tell me much; that's much more for when I do my readings. When I do the healings, it's more of me picking up what I feel has caused the issue. So if somebody's got stomach problems, you know that can be because there's been anxiety and hurt, or being bullied, and this is the manifestation of why they've got this issue in the stomach. So they don't tend to tell me an awful lot just that very occasionally that will happen and I said they'll say move out the way or they will tell me something.

But I generally kind of go into my own space with that and just do the healing without doing too much of the reading as such. So yes, it's more of sensing the energies, feeling energies, and removing energy as well. I remove a lot of negativity out from the physical and out of the aura, so I'm not just doing the healing, I am actually doing removing the energies, as well as I do a lot of what we call spirit release. So removing, sometimes we've got attachments, spirit attachment that are like hitchhikers, they just hook onto us, and they don't really belong with us.

So I do that, but I don't always tell the clients I'm doing that, because that would obviously freak some clients out. They're not of that understanding, that's a bit too much of it oh my god, what are you talking about? So I tend to just get on and do that as a natural part of my healing process, really.

Oliver says: [00:15:05.15] Okay. And how many sorts of crystals do you use? Are there lots of different types? Is there one or two that you use? Have you got favorites?

Kim says: [00:15:13.21] Yes, I have to admit I've got favorites, but I have got a room full of crystals, people come in and they go oh wow. And they're all kind of in sections I've got the yellow crystals; I've got the orange crystal in a pile, the green ones in a pile, the black ones in a pile. So I use all sorts. And when I was buying them years and years ago, they were absolutely they were so cheap. But now you can't pick up the kind of crystals that I used to buy many years ago; they cost so much more now.

But yes, I have got favorites, I guess, you know the quartz is because they're the master healer, you can heal anything with the quartz points. Rose quartz, of course, because it's the nurturer, it's the loving energy. I like the malachite because it's got copper in it, and it helps with anything to do with bones, as well as there is another one that I like, the blue gosh can't think of what it's called. That's the other thing that happens; people say what is this called, and I'm like I can't remember. But they've all got different qualities, and they all do different things.

So a bit like having little friends really, they have their own personalities. There are some crystals that don't like working with other crystals, and some that love working with other crystals; it's a bit like that really.

Oliver says: [00:16:54.20] Right, okay. Well, that's all fascinating stuff; that's going to move us nicely into a break now. So we're going to take a short break, and we're going to come back and talk some more with Kim Alexis right after these, so don't go away.

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AD: [00:18:52.13] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver says: [00:19:04.03] Welcome back to part 2 of psychic social and our chat with Kim Alexis. Now we were talking about crystal healing before the break; I'm now going to ask Kim about another thing that she's got a lot of experience with, and that's past life regression. So Kim wanted to know from you tell us all about your experiences with past life regression, and how does it work.

Kim says: [00:19:27.19] Well, for me, past life regression is a good way to find out what is causing perhaps a current life issue. So, for example, I had a lady who had a fear of water, and I did the usual hypnotherapy to try to find the root cause of what and where that had come from. But I couldn't really figure it out, so I took her into her past life, and it turned out that in the past she had fallen down a well as a child, and she had survived that in the past life, the father had managed to get her out. But she had obviously brought that fear over into the current life.

So we healed that, and once she no longer was carrying that energy, that memory, that vibration she took up swimming lessons. And she'd actually been a bit of a drinker, and she stopped drinking, and she actually got out of her relationship which had not been particularly good, been a bit of a toxic relationship, so it completely changed her life.

So the way past life regression works is fascinating, and it's just really taking the person back, putting them in a hypnotic state, taking them back, and then asking them what do they see, what do they feel, there are techniques till you obviously get them to say what they're feeling and seeing. So it's really all about what they are experiencing, and there can be unfinished business, there can be chords connected to people that they're no longer needed to corded to.

Old war wounds that they may have had, they may always have a problem in this life with their legs and it, and it turns out that they were in a war and had their legs blown off. There have been people who have a fear of flying, and it's because they were a pilot in the war, and their plane got hit and came down. So it's really fascinating, and it's really interesting to see what comes up and how that can then allow the person in this life to just have that sense of harmony really and balance that in themselves.

Oliver says: [00:22:15.26] Sure. I mean how many sorts of, kind of on average I mean I suppose you can't really tell. But when you're doing these past life regressions with these people, how many past lives come up? Is it one or two or several? How does that happen?

Kim says: [00:22:29.20] Well yes, it can be several, but one or two, I tend to deal with it the most because there is a time issue.

Oliver says: [00:22:41.27] Yes, sure.

Kim says: [00:22:43.12] You could go on and on for hours, really. But I try to do one or two, because you want to then get to the resolving stage, of what decisions that they make in that lifetime, what vows did they have in that lifetime, what assumptions did they make in that lifetime.

And to be able to go through that and heal, the healing process. So if you just jump from life to life to life, then it's very hard to actually go in-depth to heal the issues. So I like to do one or two lives within one session, and obviously, people can come back if they want to discover more, but yes, that's how it works.

Oliver says: [00:23:34.11] And how long does it take on average in a session to sort of regress someone?

Kim says: [00:23:40.10] A couple of hours, two hours.

Oliver says: [00:23:41.26] Wow, it's a long time, isn't it?

Kim says: [00:23:43.18] Yes. It's mainly me getting the person into that very relaxed state, and then as I mentioned and then it's all about, and I'm doing all the talking and then it's all about them doing all the talking as to what they feel, what they see, what they're hearing, yes.

Oliver says: [00:23:58.19] Okay. Have you had any sort of funny or hilarious stories during regressions at all that you can remember over the years that stood out to you? Anything that made you laugh?

Kim says: [00:24:10.25] Not in regression, but more in when I've been doing readings.

Oliver says: [00:24:15.12] Okay. Well, tell us about that then, have you got anything that's funny to tell us about any readings that you've done in the past?

Kim says: [00:24:23.10] Yes. I don't do it anymore, but I used to stand on the platform and give messages to the audience. And there was one lady that came through; she was I think was like a grandmother who was talking to her daughter in the audience.

And I remember at the time I can't say that, and it turns out that grandmother I had to say your grandmother was the one that always came to church with no knickers on, she went yes, that's right definite evidence.

Oliver says: [00:24:58.00] That is funny, okay. Well, moving on to my next question for you, we wanted to know a bit more about your psychic retreats, we've seen a little bit about it on your website. What's involved in those, and what can people look forward to learning from these? And you mentioned a location earlier, some new locations potentially this year. What are the current locations that you kind of offer to these people?

Kim says: [00:25:25.10] Well, mainly it's Sardinia in Italy, the ones I mentioned at the beginning of the show, that's all up in the air at the moment with Hungry, so I'm just going to see how that kind of rolls on. But on the Sardinia retreat, it's the most beautiful place, the water is just clear and blue, and it's just stunning.

Oliver says: [00:25:54.23] I can imagine that, beautiful.

Kim says: [00:25:57.00] Yes. And I teach on these terrace kind of overlooking the trees and the sea, and it's lovely. So what I teach is how to develop your psychic ability, your intuition, to grow your psychic muscles really because we can all do it. People say oh, you're gifted, and I don't really like that word. I don't think that it is a gift; I think that it's just innate within all of us. We can all do it, we all have intuition, and it's about honing those skills.

So obviously yes, there are going to be some people who are better than others, the same as there are better pianists than others or better sportspeople than others. But I teach people how to connect into the energy of the chakras; I teach people how to connect to their spirit guides. I teach how to read other people's auras; I teach how to connect to loved ones who have passed over. I do some teaching around the crystals; I do some past life work there as well, and some inner child work, which I find really rewarding and that I love to do.

Because we've all got those beliefs and wounds from our childhood in one way or another that we're carrying. And so I like to do some inner child work to get people to really think about some of the stuff that they don't need to believe any more about themselves. So it's all about self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence, and the stronger you feel in yourself, the greater trust you can have to know that there are spirit, angels, guides and loved ones there around you who are always assisting you. So the more connected you are, and the more meditation you do, you're stronger. Yes, it's an inside job basically; the stronger you get inside, the better of a connector you can be.

Oliver says: [00:28:16.09] So you're saying potentially everyone could at some point be able to tap into a spirit guide or guides? Everyone has the ability in them?

Kim says: [00:28:27.08] Yes, absolutely, I believe that yes, without doubt. Because what are we, we are spirit. There's that very common saying having a human experience.

Oliver says: [00:28:46.22] Yes, I've heard that before, yes.

Kim says: [00:28:48.11], And so we are spirit, but we're incarnate, we're in these bodies.

Oliver says: [00:28:54.12] In the physical body, yes.

Kim says: [00:28:55.15] Yes. And what is that which we connect to outside of us? It's spirit just without the body. These bodies are just like an old raincoat.

Oliver says: [00:29:06.23] They're vessels, yes.

Kim says: [00:29:07.40] That gets worn out, and we take them off, and what's left? We are spirit.

Oliver says: [00:29:12.05] We're all energy, just energy, yes.

Kim says: [00:29:14.05] Absolutely. So that's why I say it's not a gift, we can all do it, it's just we can all do different levels of it. Some people might only see colors in a person; some people can be clairvoyant and see lots of visions.

Some people clairaudient and hear spirit, and some people are very clairsentient, so they just have the feelings and the knowings. I personally I'm very clairaudient, so I hear word for word, and I just relay those messages to clients when I'm receiving information from a loved one or from a spirit guide.

Oliver says: [00:29:54.29] How many guides do you have? Have you got one or several?

Kim says: [00:29:58.16] Well, I've got a few, and guides come in and out of our lives as we're evolving. It's a bit like being in school, you know we have different teachers as we move along the way, as we up and up with new knowledge, new wisdom, new understanding. We do have guides that are with us from birth and stay with us, but we can have new guides coming. And sometimes those guides can be very naive as well; they can be learning as we're learning.

They're not always the wise old man with the long white beard and the scrolls or the Native American Indians. They might be a very young boy Native American Indian, for example, that are learning with us. And like attracts like, so when I do my readings, I get a lot of lyrics from songs because I love music, and I used to work with music business as well. So sometimes I might have someone, I had a woman in fact in front of me, and she was quite skeptical, and she didn't say a word when I tell people not to speak anyway, but she was very kind of quite Stern faced.

And I just got this Engelbert Humperdinck song, and I started singing it to her, and she went oh my gosh it's my husband’s favorite song, and her husband had passed over. And so that for her, her face was lit up, she was like a completely different person. So I often get song lyrics with my readings, and I also get languages I can hear how they're speaking to me when they come out when the spirit loved ones come over with the Indian accents, and polish accents and because I like languages.

So a spirit will work with what you've got; spirit will work with what you like. And spirit are. Also, they're much more helpful to us over there as well. If you had I don't know a grandfather who smoked a pipe and sat in front of the TV or reading the newspaper; he's a lot more useful now when he's in spirit than he was here. Because he can put you at the right place, at the right time, connect you with the right people, help you out so they can be a lot more useful to us. No less loving, of course, but more useful helping us along our path.

Oliver says: [00:32:39.20] Sure. Well, I also wanted to move on and ask you with all the experience that you've got over the years in the last two decades plus. What are your thoughts and feelings about the afterlife? And what happens after we leave this earth?

Kim says: [00:33:00.11] Well, I believe that, like I said, we're just spirit, so we leave the physical body behind. We are always greeted by our loved ones. Actually, I've got a really nice story about my father, it's bit long-winded, so I'll just make it short. But when he passed, and he didn't believe in any of this, really. I actually got him to see his father and to see his friends in spirit, and to lead him through the light, so that he could be greeted by them and taken by them.

And he was going oh, oh, oh, because he didn't know where he was at first, he was really confused about it, and then I told him to look up to the light, and you're going to see your dad and mom. Anyway, and he went off and he kind of went out of me. I kind of do this long kind of breathing where I kind of release spirit, and he went off and out. And he's come back many times through different mediums; they said oh your father's standing with you.

So I believe we get greeted by loved ones, I believe that we kind of go through a resting period for us to get used to being in this new energy. And I also believe about the kind of the halls of the Akashic records where we get to see the things we've done or could have done or should have done. Not in a sinful way, there's no such thing as hell; there is only one plane which is like heavenly.

But I think we get to see some of the things that we've lived through life. And I think that we then get a choice to come back and relive some of the things maybe we could have done differently. I believe in soul groups, so we come back, and we stay in the same soul group, the same people that we've known before, but we may come back as you know example my father was my father, he may come back as a son or a mother in future lives. So yes, not just past life but future lives too.

Oliver says: [00:35:24.26] That's very interesting to hear your take on it, thank you very much. Well, we're sort of coming towards the end of the show now, but I've got another question, one last question for you which is not psychic related at all. It is I just want to know what the last book you read was or what was the last box set you watched, anything interesting there at all?

Kim says: [00:35:45.29] Yes, I'm a bit self-help, any books I read they do tend to be in the self-help field. I'm reading the Daodejing or the Dow made easy rather by Alan Cohen, it's just a really lovely book. It's like the Chinese master and his student and how he teaches him these little stories of wisdom and compassion or kindness or how to see things differently, so it's very sweet. And the other book is if I can remember the title why men don't love or something like that.

Oliver says: [00:36:33.07] Okay, not true for all men I'll have to say.

Kim says: [00:36:38.00] No, and it's not an issue I have either. A friend was reading it; it was more to do with some of the work that I do from a psychotherapeutic view. So it's a book about unavailable men, emotionally unavailable men that kind of thing. So yes, those are the kind of books I read when I get a chance.

Oliver says: [00:37:03.13] And do you watch much TV, stream?

Kim says: [00:37:08.23] No, I don't watch TV, but I do love Netflix, I do love a good movie.

Oliver says: [00:37:14.00] Okay, good.

Kim says: [00:37:15.20] Yes. And the last movie I saw was knives out which was at the cinema, so on Christmas Day with my brother.

Oliver says: [00:37:24.09] Oh cool, Christmas Day movie, nice.

Kim says: [00:37:26.12] Yes because the cinemas are open on Christmas day.

Oliver says: [00:37:29.09] I didn't know that.

Kim says: [00:37:30.15] Yes, in central London they are. So knives out, and it was a really fun, great twist on an Agatha Christie movie.

Oliver says: [00:37:40.12] Right. I'm going to have to check that out now, thank you very much for that one. Well, it's been fantastic to have you on the show today on psychic social Kim; I think we're about out of time at the moment. But before we let you go, can you tell people what's the best way to get in contact with you? Where's the best place to find you?

Kim says: [00:37:58.20] Yes. You can go to my website, which is KimAlexispsychic.co.uk, and all the information’s on there, and you can connect with me KimAlexispsychic on Insta and Facebook.

Oliver says: [00:38:15.22], And the stuff you've got on your website, the psychic retreats all the details about that is on there as well if people are interested in that.

Kim says: [00:38:23.28] Yes. There are details yet to come out, so what's that saying TBC to be confirmed.

Kim says: [00:38:36.17] Well like I say it's been fantastic to have you on the show, thank you very much for joining us today Kim, and hopefully, we can catch up with you again soon for a part two or something, that'd be great.

Kim says: [00:38:45.02] That would be lovely, thank you, it's been my pleasure.

Oliver says: [00:38:47.17] Alright, thank you very much then, Kim, take care now.

Kim says: [00:38:49.17] You too.

Kim says: [00:38:50.11] Thank you, bye.

Outro: [00:38:58.12] Thanks for joining us on psychic social. Today's show is brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

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