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Question and Answer Readings, randomly chosen from a special Facebook post, prior to recording, with acclaimed Psychic Medium – Nicky Alan.

*All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Our readers do not advise on financial, legal or health matters.*

*(This podcast was recorded on 10/01/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Nicky Alan PSPE:002 (pt1)

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:00.04] Welcome to psychic social, brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

Oliver says: [00:00:11.17] A very warm welcome to psychic social, the podcast show brought to you by Psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the Internet has to offer. You can check us out online at Psychic.co.uk or find them on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for Psychic.co.uk, and you can follow all our psychic social podcasts by hitting the subscribe button or link wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Now, most weeks, we're going to be offering our listeners and social media followers the chance to have a text reading on one of our podcasts, with our chosen psychic medium. This week we have the lovely Nicky Alan, returning after her fantastic first episode interview with us.

We've previously posted on Facebook that Nicky will be doing these readings on the podcast, and we've compiled some responses for reading requests from people on our social media. And right now, she'll be giving her psychic readings for a randomly chosen lucky few. So without further ado, let's welcome Nicky Alan back to psychic social.

Oliver says: [00:01:12.22] Hi Nicky, it's great to have you back. How have you been?

Nicky says: [00:01:15.12] Hello, it's a pleasure to be back. I've been wonderful. Straight after Christmas and new year everybody wants to change their lives, everybody misses their loved ones, so you can imagine I've been rather busy dealing with the mounts of messages, but you know what I love it. I absolutely love it that people come to me for help, guidance, and support, so yes, it's been fabulous.

Oliver says: [00:01:35.15] Great stuff. And how are you feeling about the new year ahead?

Nicky says: [00:01:38.10] I am so positive. My new year was predicted back in 2014 that this was going to be my year, it's a year of balance 2020 anyway, things come into fruition for people, and it certainly has so far been completely accurate from all those years ago. So I know I've got some amazing things coming this year, very excited, very excited.

Oliver says: [00:02:01.20] Great, it does sound exciting, right okay. So shall we get right into this show, obviously this is going to be podcast readings for people that have requested these on Facebook? So I've got a few here, we've picked a few our random; I've got the first one here. Are you ready for the first one, Nicky?

Nicky says: [00:02:21.02] Yes, it's exciting.

Oliver says: [00:02:22.02] Okay. It is exciting; I'm a bit nervous. I don't know about you.

Nicky says: [Inaudible 00:02:25.04]

Oliver says: [00:02:28.15] I'm just doing the show; it's all down to you, isn't it? Okay, right, so let's do the first one. This first one reading request is from Wayne Chettleburgh, and that is he said I'd like to hear from my mum. Is she at peace and happy being reunited with dad? And is she around me?

Nicky says: [00:02:49.16] Darling, the first thing I need to say is as soon as I heard Oliver reading it out, I saw the name, Peter. Sometimes I can misinterpret that with Pat, the PT name I could see the PT name unless it's their initials P and T., But that came through so strongly as I was listening to the question being asked, okay. Now with your mum, this leads on really nicely from a reading I did earlier because it's all about reunion back in the spirit world. Can I see you please, my darling? Now even though your mum was a very positive person, okay.

I do feel that the loss of your dad hit her massively, and I feel like even though she tried the very best to be the best person she could. She tried to be cheery, she tried to do things and get out, but she'd lost part of her soul. I really do believe that Wayne, and it really hit you as well darling. Wayne, you are such a sensitive guy; if I was doing a completely blind reading, I would honestly assume, don't take this the wrong, my darling, that I was doing a reading for a woman.

You are so sensitive, you've got a beautiful feminine energy going on around you. And that means not only that you're more open to the spirit world and what they can bring to you, but it also brings, yes, your mums just coming and gone, excuse me you're supposed to be linked with me. I'm just psychically connecting around your energy first, and it strengthens up my energy with your mum and dad darling, okay.

But what I want to say to you is that don't you worry if you cry at films, don't you worry if you feel extra sensitive, because you being like that and doing things such as meditation or even taking yourself out on nature walks, you will get whispers, inspirations, ideas it will be both from your mum and dad, okay. She's also happy to have words with your Nan, your mum in law. So I don't know if they'd bantered down here or she couldn't stand you, sorry to create like a domestic up there, but she said oh and she's rolling her eyes, saying yes I've seen her don't worry.

But it was a love to hate, hate to love the type of relationship with a woman up there, and your dad feels to me like he's got a newspaper saying I'm not getting involved. That's the feeling I get. So it's just a little snipe to each other, but they adored each other, but they'd love to have a little bit of an argue, I really do feel that up there. And there's a Labrador, sometimes I can misinterpret Labradors with retrievers, and it's funny how they always say if it's relevant to you about what pets are up there.

Because you know we miss them as much as we do have our spirit loved ones, our human loved ones. And so I want to ask you to encourage your feminine side, your spiritual side, perhaps through meditation, perhaps even a workshop or class because you really have got a lovely ability to see a lot more that your mum and dad can bring. Listen more to your dreams as well darling, have a notepad next to your beds.

Can I see you please angel Judy, sure she said Judy or July as well Wayne? So hard to identify the names when I'm not connected physically to your energy if that makes sense Wayne, I'm just working on your vibration of your letters of your name, but I'm sure she's mentioning that name. I know that if you take on more of a spiritual essence on your life as I say, the inspirations, the ideas that are brought to you, will be from your loved ones up there.

There seems to be a big family up there darling, what I'll say is it seems also to me that a lot of them past when you were younger, it's a bit like me all I've got is an uncle and aunty and cousins left, and that seems like that to me, it feels like more of them are up there than they are down here. There is a connection to Australia here Wayne; I don't know if there is family members over there or they're referring to that. But whatever reason that's about, it's either been discussed recently, or there are people over there, there's a connection to it, okay.

So obviously skeptics or listeners are going oh yes, but the fire is going on it's nothing to do with that. Again I keep feeling with her that she's more old-school than a modern mum, so I feel like she loved our home, I feel like at the moment the reason I'm saying that is because I see her standing in a kitchen which was in the back of the house looking out over the garden. As I see the garden, she said it wasn't the best-maintained garden, but it did.

And there's one of those, you know the really long washing lines that go to a post rather than a whirligig one that goes around, she's showing me that. I don't know if this is your family home, there is a swing in it unless she's describing me your house and that she's showing she's been there, okay. I feel like, she starts saying it wasn't big or posh or anything I don't know if they were counsel or ex-counsel, but she's not a materialistic lady I told your mum, okay.

Again, I felt breathless earlier on with someone; I'm feeling breathless with your mum. This could be your dad, but because I feel he's sitting around behind her, I'm going to talk about that in a minute it’s so funny. But I feel that one of them would have had emphysema or really struggled with a lung condition, okay or chest. I assume one of them used to smoke, so I can see cigarette smoke and smell it. If you smell cigarette smoke, that's going to be a family member coming and visiting you; whoever you think off first will be that person.

Your dad is a sort of person they adored each other, right? But they weren't all lovey-dovey, and over the top, it was just a complete foundation of nothing but respectful love of each other. Your dad is still sitting; this is what's making me laugh, right. Your dad is sitting there still with a leg crossed over one leg, he's got dark trousers on, and I could see two hands. I'm told it was dark-haired, right? Because it seems to be dark hair on his hands, I could see it so clearly, but all I can see is a newspaper, I'm like excuse me, do you want to talk to me.

So I don't know that was one of his things that you'd leave him for ten minutes so he could get his newspaper done, but I keep seeing that and just the odd little shaky of a leg, swinging up and down while he's reading the paper. He'd like to stay out of the drama of things; he liked to stay out of all of the oh no you deal with that love, so she was a communicator. It feels like your mum was. And she did definitely decline emotionally after Dad passed; there is absolutely no doubt about that.

And you know this saying about people that pass of a broken heart, even though it was a couple of weeks after he passed, but it's quite a gap, it's quite an empty gap. But with your dad, she just completely missed him and couldn't find a way around it. Grieving did take place, she did improve, but it was never enough. She just couldn't get over it. The reunion was unbelievable, I really do feel that the night she passed, I don't feel it was in July darling because she's bringing up July, she keeps doing, six.

I don’t know if she passed at six o'clock, or on the sixth, but I know that that's relevant for you darling, okay. And she's making me feel like, or the six-minute past the hour, you'll know it, you’ll know it when I say it night. But it feels like something happened I don't know if you had a dream, or there was a flash of light, or there was something that you perhaps you still think no, it couldn't be. But this is almost like the energy by bringing it down to say we're reunited as one again. I can't remember if I mentioned the Labrador. I just thought it, but there is definitely a golden coated dog up there that is absolutely big, quite chubby, and running around like a puppy. I really hope that dog connects with you or your family members because it's important that I mentioned that dog.

So if I've repeated it, I can't remember if I thought it or said it? That's how it works. Your mum loved music as well or singing, or I don't know if she was in a choir, but I feel like I'm listening to a radio on a really low volume, okay. If music is something that soothes you, or there's music that reminds you of your mum, please do play it, darling. She's aware that you are also feeling I've got it.

Your mum, I don't. I feel like it was supposed to be your mum, would have had problems with her tummy or bowel area, because I'm now starting to get discomfort and upset around my tummy, bowel, and around the bottom of my back, okay. It could even be just as low as the kidneys, but there seems to be an issue there, and it's almost like once that happened, and that was it; this is the thing I'm getting, one date led to a decline. Very happy, very lovely dressed, she's certainly not someone what was a heels foo-foo lady I call them. She was very practical lady but always dressed very well, that's what I want with her.

She's talking about someone coping with addiction down here at the moment because when I mentioned about smoking, she said, can you talk about that. Someone knows that they're either drinking too much or overdoing it a bit, but she's aware that that could be something that could go into a few more problems if it isn't dealt with, okay, so she has highlighted that. There's medication needs to be changed, I don't know if this is with you Wayne or not, but there's someone who's not getting the benefit from a medication they take in, so there needs to be another visit to the doctor exactly what I'm talking about when I say this apparently.

But they need to go back to the doctor just to revisit milligrams of a certain medication there on for them to feel better, okay. And with that my darling, know she's with your dad only because I can see him behind the newspaper, I assume that means they're together, but she's making me feel they are. They are literally in just a straightforward home; there's no I'm going to be in a mansion with a dive tank and the sea behind me, I'm going to create everything up there. But your mum is not that sort of person; she’s created. There's a lounge area very busy; there are relatives in and out all the time, which it used to be in the old days.

There’s buns, and God knows what's being baked and cooked in the back kitchen; there used to be an outside lavvy at that old place, she’s just said, don't know what she's talking about. It really is just a bog-standard house, and she doesn't want anything more, all she wants is the love of her family around her. And wants to make sure that the love of the family and her can reach to you and the rest of your family members, okay. And I really hope you receive and understand that love that she brings you because she's trying very hard to let you know she's not alone.

She's showing me a key; I feel like someone never intended to move, suddenly makes a decision, and changes location. This is going to be okay, so don't worry if it happens quickly, all right, my lovely. And she's also sending love to someone that's studying or in an apprenticeship as well; I don't know if that's you Wayne or someone else.

But I know that I'm getting focus and we've got you come on you can do this energy coming to that person. With that darling, please know your mom is actually happy; she's just shouted out the name Helen. Again it could be Ellen without the H, Ellie, that kind of name, but I know she's just bought that name to me as well. So take her love, know that it is very much how it used to be in the younger days when you as a kid, everybody in and out totally crazy chaotic house and nothing has changed up there apart from the fact that she misses not being able to physically touch you.

She can touch you, but it's a very different experience of how they’ve explained it to me. And I'm sure with this message as well as the sensitivity you have, that you know when she's with you, all right. Carry on communicating with her, carry on honouring and the fact that you're sensitive because it can pay dividends for you darling, in that you'll experience a lot more from your mum and dad and the rest of the family. Sorry, just one more thing, I do feel that your mum would have lost a child in pregnancy very early on because she's showing me a boy, a brother up there.

But he doesn't feel that he actually lived and breathed on the earth plane, and so know that there was a spirit brother there as well that connects with you. Take their love darling; I'd love to know the feedback for this one, especially Australia because it was so strong. And I really hope you can identify with that beautiful dog up there that's running around like a nutter. With that darling, thank you for sending your name in, and I really hope that I've bought some sort of peace and comfort to you from the words that I've imparted; thank you, my lovely.

Oliver says: [00:14:21.27] Well, thanks for that one, Nicky. We're going to take a break now, and we'll have some more readings from Nicky Alan in part two, we'll see you after this short break.

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AD: [00:16:15.00] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver says: [00:16:25.15] Welcome back to part 2 of psychic social. Now we're continuing on with our podcast readings with the lovely Nicky Alan. Let's get right back into these, Nicky we have our next question and request from Anne Firby. I would love to hear from my mother in spirit.

Nicky says: [00:16:45.06] I knew she was going to say, mum, I could hear her straight away. Anne, and also this is Anne, lovely. Hello Anne, okay let me have a look at your mum, I know I just know, I said mum as soon as it came out, so I know that you want to hear from her. There's an anniversary at the moment, literally either just gone or coming concerning you or your mum.

Again because I'm rushed, I would obviously look into this a lot deeper and a lot closer, but I know, hello darling, I know that I'm looking at passing or birthday, this relevance has made you think of mum a lot, this has nothing to do with the time of year or in January at the moment, i.e., Christmas, New Year this has to do with a birthday or anniversary. Your mum had mobility issues before she passed over my lovely, I don't know if it caused her to put on weight or she felt uncomfortable, but she's got this massive sense of relief around her that she's out of her body now because it just felt useless to me, that's the way I want to see it.

Your mum felt like a very focused, very driven, very ambitious person in wanting to love her family and do things for the greater good, and that was taken from her, which was very upsetting for if you like. She found it very hard to lose her independence. I don't know if she also had problems with her eyesight or it got really bad, or she couldn't see very well, but I keep feeling that my eyes are dimming or they're feeling very weak, okay. Your mum also was a very proud woman. I do know that or is I should say oh she's just told me off; she said I'm not was I'm is. Ooh I say! So a very strong principle there with her, and she said as I got older I softened a bit though, I have to say I softened a bit. And I'm like right, okay, I understand.

So she still had this very strong principle that she would say it as it was, she would stand her ground if she believed in something, also feel a bit stubbornness with her. So if you said mum that's grey she'll go no it's white, then you go no it's grey, she goes no it's white that's the end of it, that's the feeling I get with her. There's a strong smell of peppermint creams here; I love it when they bring all this yummy stuff because I'm experiencing it without putting any weight on.

And I know that it's either her munching on them or there's a memory of you making them or munching them together, but there's a definite strong sense of peppermints. And so I know that you need to look out for this smell when mums about, okay. She's very sorry for the other loss now; it feels like there was another man like she's not bringing him in because I haven’t got time, thank you, darling. And that comes, hello, yes I've got you, that would have passed after her passing.

I don't this is uncle, or they were going over to in-laws, but she's acknowledging he's over well and safe. I don't know if Jack connects in with this as well, but I know the name of Jack's being mentioned. I also feel with your [inaudible] Laura, she's saying about Laura, don't know Laura she's just said mention that name as well because she knows she's on a time limit. She's got very fine hair, your mum, and I feel at the moment, so I'm just seeing it like mousy with a bit of grey in it.

So I don't know if that was like her older life's hair colouring, definite glasses on here with her as well. And this may be another symbol to show that she did have problems with her eyes before she passed over, okay. There is like, I don't know if it's a border terrier or a terrier type look up this, because I'm looking after him don't worry. So someone would have lost a dog dear to them that she's looking after, it feels like she's got them all up there actually to be fair. Even her ankles and her legs are better darling and I feel like, oh there she goes, up she gets she had her own chair, I think it was a throne darling.

I think she commanded it; I really do think Anne that she commanded her presence when you walked in the room, I love it. I know this is a very common name, but I hate saying this name. But we've had Jack, and now we've had John unless some people call John when they were called Jack, Jack called John. I know she's referring to that name, I don't know if this is your dad's name, but it seems close in the male category area of your family, okay.

She's making me feel as well hang on, I don't know if someone's been doing climbing rock climbing, hiking, but I keep getting a sense of being she's showing me visitation here, proving that she's been around and knows what's going on. Someone has either been rock climbing or climbing, hiking in mountainous regions although that they're now or they have been or literally going very soon, but she's acknowledging this, and there's a smile to it. So it means I'm really glad they're getting out and doing what they're doing, could even be you, Anne, I'm not sure.

I feel that perhaps you're making decisions to do a bit more travelling, perhaps visit friends that live far away or you're thinking I'm going to be booking these holidays a bit more, definite more sense of fun this year for you my darling, definitely well-deserved. We don't have to be spending lots of money to get away, but I want to encourage your social well-being. I want to encourage you doing really nice things for yourself; you deserve it. You've spent a very long amount of your life caring for and running around for other people, okay.

Some of them deserved it because obviously, they needed your help; this is what mum is talking about in respect of her with the mobility and stuff. However, there are people that really can carry themselves a lot more easier but take you for granted. So I think what you need to be thinking about this year is supporting people, you are not responsible for other people's paths. I don't know if this has to do with your children or people that tend to rely on you, but stop operating more boundaries, okay, my lovely.

I feel that she's holding a handkerchief up; I don't if you've got a handkerchief that she used to have that you get out or you've kept close to your heart, but she's showing me a white handkerchief. Now I could have got this wrong because I haven't got your energy to bounce off of or I would work out; it's hard to explain how triangulation of energy works. So it either means that you've got her handkerchief or you've got material that connects with her or there is sadness at the moment, it's very hard for me to work out which one. Because all I can see is her sitting there holding the handkerchief, which doesn't help me.

So if this does mean there are tears at the moment, can you give me the result please. Sun, Sun Card, really weird. I don't if your mum loved Tarot or you do, but I've been seeing Tarot all the way through. So I saw the three of cups just a minute ago, which is embracing friendships, improving your social life, going out, and having fun with friends, booking holidays that kind of thing. And then she's just showing me the Sun cards, which is the ultimate, it's one of the most ultimate wish cards in the whole of the Tarot deck.

It's about abundance and a happy ending, and everything's bright in your life and everything you wished for it's like dreams and wishes to fulfil, a bit like a star card. So it means to me that wherever if there is sadness going on here, if you show me the sun card, there must be, then I know that I want to work through this. If there's anybody around you at the moment, Anne, that's dealing with a bit of depression, or they're having mental health issues, then this needs to be addressed by talking it out and the various channels to take.

If anything, when I speak with people that have depression or grieving or dealing with that kind of state, I always try and adopt implements such as mindfulness, meditation, essential oils, going out and walking perhaps this is what she was referring to. And I think that's more how we can help ourselves rather going direct to a doctor. I'm not saying don't go to a GP to anybody who listens to this, absolutely not. All I'm saying is that sometimes we really can get ourselves out of a pit if we work on ourselves first and try and find the positives.

So John's Wort is an excellent health supplement that's natural for depression, but I really feel someone needs this advice at the moment bought from your mum. And I don't if your mum perhaps suffered with it or again she's just had vast knowledge of it, there really again I had this earlier on, but I'm sure there is a nurse, here again, seems to be a nurse connection. And I don't know if she's referring to someone that's just recently trained or it's to do that she was one, but I do know that the more I'm going towards this, the more I'm feeling that there's someone that's like finding it hard to be positive, and so she's working on that.

You must have a massive connection with angels Anne because, again, she's shown me all different types of angels. And the one she's pointed to thank goodness because it's the daddy of all daddies, and my favourite angel who I work with all the time Archangel Michael. Can I just ask you for the strength and courage to move forwards, ask Michael to come into your life on this lovely deep blue ray, to help you move forward and make change, courage to change things that you're finding very hard to do.

He's a warrior; he helps you also cut all of your ties that bind you to the past or negative things that you don't want in your life anymore. If this isn’t for you, then it's certainly for the person that is finding it hard to move on darling, okay. So please take her advice, please take her love, she's sitting there quite happily, she's got the most typical cardigan, cosy got me cardigan on I'm sitting here, having a little munch, I'm having a cup of tea, love her to bits. Very calm, very understanding, very understanding of your situation or what's going on down here on the earth plane, and she's acknowledging also that there must have been a new baby born, girl.

I think she's saying girl because I can't see blue or pink so I'm going with girl and that was born subsequent of her passing or they were so young that they didn't know her. But she's also acknowledging guardian angel energy over that child. I hope this helps you, my darling, and I'll leave her love with you, thank you so much for writing in and asking about your mum. That's lovely, thank you Anne’s mum, perfect, thank you.

Oliver says: [00:26:01.15] Wow, that was great, Nicky. Okay, I'm conscious of your time, so have we got time for one more reading?

Nicky says: [00:26:09.24] Oh, I think we can. Do you know what anybody that comes to my public demonstrations will say to you, I say every single time I just want to give more and more and more and I shouldn’t, because it does play on your energies, but I say we've got time for more, so everybody will know me for that. So why not? Let's have another one in.

Oliver says: [00:26:27.09] Right, perfect, excellent, well we've got one more. And this one is from Tina Chapman, and her question is, is there anything from my brother or mum? That will be amazing, thank You, Nicky.

Nicky says: [00:26:38.28] Okay. The first thing that I am going to go to straight away is mum, mum to me feels like straight away on your name Tina, your mum feels like she's a really cuddly type lady. There are all sorts of people that come through, there are the really strict or really nasty or really grumpy, but I just come through with massive cuddles for her. She feels like to me she's got a curvy build on her. I don't know she would have had darker hair when she was younger, but she seems to be showing herself with darker hair.

I know that your brother was a younger male, I don't feel like I'm seeing a boy or a young boy as in he's six years old or a man in his 50s. I feel like I want to go like either early 20s or when literally it was such a shock that his life had been taken from him so quickly. I know that your mum, I don't know why I'm seeing this, but she's surrounded by cats. I don't know if you've always had cats in your family, or she's making a joke about that at the moment.

But I know it to be right there’s Leslie that connects in here, so I don't know if this name is connected with your mum or you have been recently speaking with someone by that name, because she's acknowledging being with you and visiting you during this time. Because I haven't got enough time to completely describe everything she says, I just like to bring across what she wants to tell me if that's okay for you, Tina.

I do know at the time being that she's making me feel that she's exceptionally proud of what you've achieved lately. Last year for me, darling seems to be very much up and down with you. I feel there was lots of worries around either children, or how things were going to work out there were financial implications of such a budgeting that needed to be done, and I feel like she's connecting in this. I feel really that this is more, we have psychic connections, and we have spirit proving their identity.

Here I feel like she wants to talk more about what's going on in your life Tina, I have to say because I've bought up what I am looking forward to in this year, this year of balance. I do feel not yet. I'm feeling around July-august time; there's going to be a sigh of relief everything comes to a plateau here for you. Your mum is making me feel she was very breathless before she passed as well because I feel like I'm trying to get a deeper breath before I actually engage in wanting to talk to you, okay.

I do know that she's been with you a lot, I would feel certainly with her that what I'm going to be bringing smells, can I have them please darling? I don't know if she liked pear drops, or it's like lemon sherbet or something, but I can smell like this fruity candy. And I don't know if she liked to munch on those or not, but I really would like to look out for that smell, because it's acknowledging part of a visitation to you. There's a photograph of her sitting; I believe this is in the heart of the home, so it’s most probably ordinarily going to be lounge, isn't it? Where we put them.

But she's in like this navy or blue top, and there's like a white collar's or it could even be a white necklace, it's a bit blue at the top round her neck area, but this is a really happy time for her. I feel like as well that this maybe when she's away or on holiday, or she's acknowledging the fact that you need to be mindful to keep balance Tina, keep balance with holiday and hard work , okay. It just seems there's been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on certain projects.

It feels like work environment as well as personal environment, and it's time to just take a breath, relax, and make sure you have this balance; it's all about that. If I was pulling a tarot card now, I'll be pulling temperance, which is patience and letting things flow. I'd also be pulling the justice card, which tells me that everything is coming into final balance and harmony, the mid part of summer for you.

She's very proud of what you've achieved, I don't know if there's also been charity work, but there must be something also connected with what she passed with, and again I'm feeling with her that there's not a lot of communication going on before she passes, this either means that she had a condition I don't know if it was like a dementia condition or a condition where she was in quite a lot of sleep state before she passes. But I know that she's very verbal now and just wants to chat, chat chat chat chat, which is all in what she wanted to do. She's acknowledging Charlie up there as well darling, and I would assume that he's someone that she's very fond of there to bring him through.

God knows what her name is, I've been asking for ages but hey ho. There is either Doris or Dorothy Dot also up there connected with her. I don't know if that's on a sister link or it's to do with her actual name. But I know darling that she's very proud of what you've achieved. Know that she's regularly around you; she's looking very much forward to February, March time.

Again I don't know if these are to do with anniversaries or birthdays; what I do know is that there seems to be an uplift in your life during that time. I can't see or feel your brother, I can't manifest him, but I do know she's acknowledging this really far too soon passing for your brother. Obviously, it's tragic because he was too young for this earth to go. I'm going to my head, I'm touching my head for some reason, so I don't know if this is related to his passing or not.

I know he was very cheeky, very funny lad. I know that he was someone that always tried his best with people, but I do feel there are also flaws there where he felt he wasn't good enough, and that's just part of the soul connection with him. Your mum, I don't know if it's your father-in-law, but she keeps saying dad, dad, dad, and I certainly don't want to send your dad up there, I think he's still down here on the earth plain.

But what I feel from that is she's acknowledging being reunited with her dad, which is obvious; because she's old enough now and obviously your granddad would be about hundred years old. But what I do know is that obviously right now, I do feel your dad is still down here, and I feel like she's bringing healing to him. There seems to be an ongoing health condition with him that she wants to bring to you, okay. So sorry to throw so much at you darling, take time to go through everything I've said.

And please take her love, I could go on and on and on with this woman. There's just one more thing that she's bringing me, and I don't know why this is, right. But she's got daisies in her hand, right? So I don't know if she's referring to the name Daisy or this was like the big daisies, not the little ones that you can pick and make daisy chains, the big ones I can't remember what they're called, but she's making me feel like these are relevant.

Again I don't know if this is because you just bought them or they were laid with her, or you know that flower represents your mum, but she's showing me that as important. And I just want to add before I go in the other hand she's got a palm, there's got coins in to say financial things will improve, and that budget will be worth everything that you strive to succeed for last year. Hope that makes sense, darling, sorry if my vocabulary isn't brilliant. But when they're shoving different words and phrases into my head, and I've only got a short amount of time, sometimes the grammar goes a bit wrong.

I hope you get comfort from that. Please take your mum's love. She's got a beautiful smile, she's got the most bright sparkly eyes, so that tells me that there must have been quite a bit of illness before she passes because she's alive, happy, and well. She's referring to Ireland as well; I don't know where the Irish connections are and acknowledging that she's very happy. Please let me know what the cats are about because she's laughing about that, and I have no idea.

And I just like to add as well; I'm sure the name Scott is relevant around your brother or should be relevant to you, Tina because that's just been shouted to me just as I'm asking your mum to step back. Lovely woman, lovely woman, and all I'll ask is that now and then just send a thought up to her.

I think you do that already, speak to her because even though you won't get the answer directly as a human would give you, you will find a way through a sign or something that she will manage to get to you, thank you, darling.

Oliver says: [00:34:20.23] Well that's fantastic, thank you very much for that Nicky. Some wonderful information in there for all those people. Now just in case, the people mentioned today haven't managed to catch this podcast, we'll be putting out a post on Facebook when this show goes live online, tagging all the people that have had a reading today from you on the show. And we look forward to hearing their replies very soon on our Facebook page, and also on your Facebook page Nicky.

If you or anyone you know would like a psychic reading from any of the psychics that do these Q&A podcast readings, make sure you follow us and like us on Facebook and look out for posts about these readings coming up again soon on our page. Just search for Psychic.co.uk on Facebook, and your question and reading could feature on the next show.

Also, remember to follow all our psychic, social podcasts by hitting the subscribe button or link wherever you listen to your podcasts. Well, that just leaves me to say thank you ever so much for joining us again today Nicky, it's been absolutely wonderful to have you on the show. And we look forward to having you back on psychic social again very soon.

Nicky says: [00:35:20.23] Ahh so do I, thank you for having me. And thank you so much for allowing me time to connect loved ones from up there with loved ones down here, there's nothing more priceless than that. So thank you, and I can't remember a word I've said now.

Oliver says: [00:35:34.26] You can listen back to them.

Nicky says: [00:35:40.01] I just hope it really does make sense to the people that sent their names in, I really do. Let's see and wait for the comments to come in.

Oliver says: [00:35:47.00] Yes, definitely. And let's do another one of these very soon.

Nicky says: [00:35:49.12] Love to, absolutely love to.

Oliver says: [00:35:51.15] Right, thank You, Nicky, then.

Nicky says: [00:35:52.12] Pleasure, bye now.

Oliver says: [00:35:53.20] Take care, bye-bye.

Oliver says: [00:35:56.25] If you or anyone you know has suffered a bereavement, and/or is suffering from any mental health issues. You can get professional help and advice from cruse bereavement care.

You can go to their website at www.cruse.org.uk, that's CRUSE.org.uk. Now the Samaritans can also offer help, and they're at Samaritans.org. And you can also find great information about mental health issues at Mind.org.uk.

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