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Bonus Show #003 Question and Answer Readings, randomly chosen from a special Facebook post, prior to recording, with acclaimed Psychic Medium – Nicky Alan.

*All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Our readers do not advise on financial, legal or health matters.*

*(This podcast was recorded on 10/01/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Nicky Alan PSPE:003 (pt2)

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Show Transcript

Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

Oliver says: A very warm welcome to Psychic Social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by Psychic.co.uk, the only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. Just search for Psychic.co.uk, and you can follow all our Psychic Social podcasts by hitting the subscribe button or link wherever you listen to your podcasts.

We couldn't fit all the readings that we’ve selected into our first Q&A Podcast with Nicky, which was episode two. So, we've added this bonus podcast. So, here are some more readings from Nicky Alan.

Okay. The next one, the next reading for you Nicky is from Claire Redmond Grover, and her question is “Hi Nicky. Happy healthy 2020 to you. I would love to hear from Brian.”

Nicky says: Oh my God, I can’t believe this. I cannot believe this Claire. Darling, I don't know who is going to be coming through, this is all totally live. You know, I'm not being told who is coming through. And I absolutely categorically swear to you, I just saw a man standing before I was even asked a question. And I saw the name Brian or Ryan and I thought I can't believe that you've just said that to me. Oliver, I can't believe it, right. Okay. Claire, Happy 2020 to you. What I know with you, my darling is that you are someone that, hello sweetheart, you are someone that is such a positive, I just got to say this first, right, and honestly think this is coming from him. You are a positive, thoughtful, spiritual, beautiful, beautiful girl. I want to give you a big hug and say thank you for your addition in this world because you spread nothing but love and light. I know that people like us, you're an empath, darling. And I know that as an empath, we do get very sensitive, and we're sensitive to other people's behaviours and what they say and do. But you just toughen that skin darling because you are an adorable creature. You're beautiful. I don't know if you're doing writing at the moment or writing poems out or you've actually returned something in memory of Brian. But what I do know is that he's thanking you for that.

I know I'm seeing silver great hair here with Brian. I know, I'm sure I'm seeing glasses here on him as well. I can only describe him really, he’s a medium to larger built man, and he's in a grey suit at the moment. Ooh he’s obviously dressed up for the occasion. Well done to you, Brian. And I know that he's a really kindly spiritual person himself. There's a big bond towards you. I don't feel he's a family member though, darling. I'm almost on the same vibration as what another reading I just did where we're talking friendship, but it was closer than that, there was a spiritual connection with this man. Okay. I feel that and I'm not being disrespectful of the family around him, but I feel like he viewed you as a family member or a very close friend and almost closer than some of the family members around him. There feels a distance of people that should have been supporting him or being there for him. And as I say, I'm not being disrespectful of his family, but he's telling me this and that's what I have to do is tell the truth, not change anything. I do know that he's absolutely ecstatic being up there. And I don't mean that he would rather be up then and down here, but he seems to have met with a woman here, and I don't know if this is his wife or his mom. I cannot see her because he’s not letting me see her. The love, to me, feels like a soulmate. So, I'm wondering if this is a partner, a wife, but he's absolutely ecstatic that they are finally reunited with this woman.

And I hope that this brings you a lot of closure, Claire because I feel like down here, he really missed this woman. And I feel like he would spend hours dedicated to try and connect with her or hours thinking of her perhaps even visiting her at her resting place or places where they used to love to go. He loves to say and I know that there's a situation here where you're either standing by the sea or an estuary, and you thought of him and it's making me feel like I was standing there next to you. I feel also, come with me darling, he’s so happy, so happy. The misery is over he's making me feel, the misery over. There is a downward decline in his passing but I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about the here and now. If anything, he's going to be like a guardian angel over you, Claire. And he wants to thank you for everything you said indeed, after his passing, okay. It really wasn't your position to do that. I feel if anything, it should have been closer family members, but I know that he's very, very happy for the small, tiny sort of things you did in honour of his memory. Okay, my darling. He's sorry that you didn't have communication with you before. So, I don't know if you are meant to see him or pick up the phone and then it was a very sudden passing. He didn't think he was going to go that quick, but it really doesn't matter because I know I've got this beautiful connection with him now. He absolutely adores you, Claire.

And really, bear in mind that no matter what upsets come your way from what other people or situations, just walk through them knowing that a good heart and a good energy always wins through. Absolutely. And he's standing at the moment actually, by, funnily enough, this beautiful canal and there's a rainbow behind it and there's all these greenery and there’s this little breeze going through and he’s in the sun and he's smiling. He looks like he's been out for a while, so he looks a bit tan, God love him. And one of the things he's telling me is the reason why I've created the rainbow, talking about me is because she needs to look for the rainbow. The synchronicity that Brian will bring you to let you know that he's about is a rainbow, Claire. So, this will either be you’ll randomly sit in a photograph online on a computer or you literally will walk out the door and they'll be a huge rainbow. Know that that is a synchronicity sign from Brian, and as soon as you see it, acknowledge it verbally. He thanks you for continually remembering him and speaking with him. And I know that he's going to be someone that's going to hold your hand during the difficult times and raise a glass during your celebratory times. You're a beautiful woman. So, much love to you and my God, there's so much love coming from him. I hope that's okay for you, Claire.

Oliver says: Okay. Shall we move on to the next one?

Nicky says: Yep.

Oliver says: We have a reading for Anna Shiels. So, it's S-H-I-E-L-S, and her question is, “I would love to hear from one of my best friends Mary or Bridie.” That's B-R-I-D-I-E.

Nicky says: All right. Hang on. Ah she’s asked for two… Hang on. Just have one please, guys. Yeah, that one. Okay. Sorry, was it Ann or Anna?

Oliver says: Sorry. Yes, it was Anna Shiels.

Nicky says: Anna, Anna, right. Okay, hang on. ...Christ I hope that's not the Irish link That I just got, and they knew that they were coming, hang on. Are you Mary? Please be Mary. All right. Okay. Okay, Anna. This is an interesting one. You might have to bear with me on this because they're both friends, both females, they could merge and give information between the two of them to give to you. It's very common. If they both want to get a word in that could happen and it feels to me with your energy, you feel very bright, funny, bubbly person, and I've got a feeling they most probably are as well. So, if you kind of get information from both women, my job's done. If I'd longer I would separate them and obviously, work out who's who. But I've got a little feeling both of them might want to come and try and come in. As I mentioned their names up to the spirit world, I do feel that possibly with Mary. I know with Mary that I've got quite a slim lady. I know that I see her smiling, I've got real cheeky eyes. I know that as a younger woman, she would have been someone that would have got away with murder, basically. I feel like I've got a real cheeky little energy going on with her. Interestingly enough, the names--

I don't know if this is me because they sound Irish or the fact that I've already bought Ireland up in the previous reading. But that really does seem to resonate with me because I'm being shown a century where my old family used to live near Dublin. I don't know if that makes any sense to you or I'm just gone completely mad. But Mary to me, and the other reason why I still feel I'm going to Ireland because I felt like Catholic connection or religion connection, and I can see which obviously can be quite a common thing. But I can see a necklace that does have a cross on it and I'm wondering if you have, you will bequeath that or they bought it for you when they're on the Earth plane alive, okay. I don't know if Mary worked in clerical or you do, but I keep seeing someone typing, typing, typing, and lots of banter going on around in an office. There seems to be a lot of laughter. I do feel also with Mary, it could be the other way around, and I could be talking to Bridie, they don't acknowledge names when I'm trying to address them, they will acknowledge energy. Okay, so please forgive me if I get them the wrong way round. I'm going with the more brunette coloured hair here, which is like kind of like she kind of changed it, - shoulder-length to show--

And I don't know if there is a connection here with breast cancer or there's cancer to the chest area, because I feel like very achy around there at the moment. I'm wondering if this is the passing condition of her, okay. I do know that you were thick as sisters. If anything, the way I'm feeling this, Anna is that they were sisters for you. Okay. They're making-- I'm going to say they now because I keep flicking between two different energies. I honestly think they're both here together. I don't know how we managed to get them here just by mentioning your name, don't worry about the semantics, but I feel I'm getting to energy. So, I believe perhaps they both will be here giving information to you. What was that darling, again? I've lost the link. Hang on a minute. They were showing me something and I've missed it. Hang on. Yes. They're laughing because I don't know if it's you Anna, but have you moved a lot? Because there's almost this joke of you not settling where you are or always wanting to change things in your house. It's like you sit there and think I don’t want that settee I want to change it here. You know, this could either be you or one of them, but there's lots of laughter about keep wanting change all the time. Don't get me wrong, embracing change is amazing, you know.

Now, the weird thing about them talking about a past memory to do with moving and changing things is, is that I feel there is a sense of you know, it does happen when we enter into the new year anyway. But there is definitely a sense of me wanting to say to you that you need to start taking a review of what's gone in the last three years. Don't ask me why I'm going back three years, could possibly be when one of them passed, I don't know, okay. Hold it. And I know that I've got this feeling of you taking stock of your life at the moment. What doesn't fit move forward, move forward and change it, have the courage to change it. And I believe you have because they're saying how wonderfully brave you are. I hate it. It feels like a cop-out me saying they instead of dealing with one that spirit person. But as we’re on a time limit, please forgive me and acknowledged then Bridie and Mary together in saying they. I don't know if you are a carer or work in a hospital. This doesn't feel like a hospital environment you know for when they passed. It feels like someone actually is working or connecting in a medical or care profession here, because they're definitely mentioning this to me. Okay? I feel as well someone love chocolate. Oh my God, they're munching chocolate. I can smell it again. I don't know if it's them or you because this is a completely separate connection. I haven't got the triangulation of your energy Anna, just your name darling. But I can smell chocolate really strongly like someone just breathed over me in chocolate. So, whoever had the chocolate fix or if it’s you, I'm loving it. Don't be too guilty. But again, I can't express how much laughter there is.

Now I do know that there was a bit of disappointment. I'm going with, they’re most going to be both blinking brunette now, aren't they? But I'm sure it's Mary. I'm feeling about the disappointment. And I don't know if this is to do with a sister or sister-in-law connected with her, but there seems to be bad speaking or bad environment or someone not pulling their weight during the passing or just after the passing. She's acknowledged that, she's tapping the side of her forehead saying, don’t worry. I know it all. And she's then pointing too and saying I've seen it all. Don't let it get you down. Don't go back and think about well, that shouldn't have happened, okay. Move on from it. There is also a man involved in this, but I feel it's more the woman that was pulling the strings if that makes sense. Okay. I do know that again, you very much have time where you speak with them. I would assume you either have items that connect with them or you look at pictures of them on your computer and go oh, bloody hell, why aren’t you here? I know they were brilliant confidants and you told them everything and I don't feel you've got that connection anymore with anybody that you desperately miss. I don't know who Amanda or Mandy is but this could be connected with the girls or with you. But that name seems very relevant at the moment. I also know that there's someone that's going for tests at the moment, and I feel like that either-- If it's not happening right now, Anna it will be coming up. This could be you. I don't want to divulge too much information because I know it's private. But what I do know is someone is going for a test and the worst thing they think it is, is the C word and I feel that this has been brought up because of how Mary passed. Okay.

So, what I want to say to you darling is, is that this person who's going for the test is going to be a bit worrisome. There seems to be preformation of what could potentially be something concerning, but they've gone quick. They've gone in quick. So, if there's anybody around you or it's you that has got something niggling, don't put it off, get in there, get the test done because it really isn't as bad as what they thought. If anything, the stress of it is going to create more of a problem. I hope that's okay with you, darling. I can feel and hear nothing but laughter. I feel like I want to go out for a gin with these girls, and have a real catch up. I know things got more difficult for them before the end of their passing. But I'm being taken right back to younger days where we're fit, we're healthy, we're well, and we could laugh about anything. And there's a message in that as well, Anna. No matter what comes your way, and I think there'll be a couple of things one starting already. And this is with a family member where you’re getting the hump a bit. I hope that's okay for you darling. And I'll leave their love with you.

Oliver says: Well, thanks for that one, Nicky. We're going to take a break now and we'll have some more readings from Nicky Alan in part two. We'll see you after this short break.

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Oliver says: Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social. Now, we're continuing on with our podcast readings with the lovely Nicky Alan. Let's get right back into these. Nicky, we have our next question and request from Marion Medhurst. She is saying “I would love to hear from my darling husband Nevil, Does he think I should move?”

Nicky says: Marion, Nevil. Hang on. Could I have Nevil please guys, if you can bring him in or someone representing him? Oh, I’ve got-- Hello. Hi, Marion darling. Firstly, I can't imagine how hard it is for anybody to lose their spouse, their husband, their partner, it is you know, obviously all passings are horrific. But when you're living day in day out with your loved one, with your husband, and then suddenly they're taken from you, I just I can't imagine what that could be like for you. However, you are exceptionally strong and you’ve very slowly baby stepped your way to healing, which I love. There is definite healing which have been brought around you on a psychic level of me feeling around your energy, I can see green, I can feel green which is the lovely rays of Archangel, Raphael. So, I know that you've either received it, you've got gone and got Angel healing or Reiki healing or you're really working on healing yourself. So, well done you, okay. He was your soul mate, is your soulmate and I know that when the time comes despite whether you meet anybody else, or whether you're in another relationship with someone else, he will be the person waiting for you when you eventually go up. But you've got a long time yet my darling. And he's laughing about that. So, I think sometimes you just think oh, I wish I was up there with you so I could nag you even easier. He says you still nag him from down here, which I love.

Do you know what, when I feel Nevil’s energy, he feels a really calm, patient man. He's the sort of person that wouldn't want to be in the limelight and be angry and aggressive or you know, I'm here rah, rah, rah. He just feels really quite modest of himself. What a lovely, lovely guy. Now, this is weird, as I'm seeing him I can see him standing next to a greenhouse, right. So, I don't know if any of you had a penchant for doing cuttings or having a greenhouse. So, this is a photograph you know of him, and the other side is some really nice - mature shrubs, lovely mature shrubs. Okay. I've got a reasonably slim build with your husband and I feel like he loved to learn new things, he loved to look in books and have a bit of nose in a book by the looks of it. Very funny guy. When he wanted to be he really could be the entertainment for the group at dinner or whatever. But really, he would prefer to sit back and watch people. That's what I feel Marion with him, darling, absolutely adored you, thought you were the absolute-- Oh, my goodness, beautiful woman. He was in awe of you. And he said she never changed, never change. I always looked at her and loved her. Isn't it always the way that we have these beautiful soulmate connections, and they get taken away from us too soon. He was aware of your presence around him when he passed.

Again, this doesn't feel like a road accident or something like that, I just feel like you were with him when he passed or possibly he could have passed and you missed the physical passing, was there within minutes. I don't know quite, I've got to say, I'm a bit appended with that situation because he's crossing the energy a bit. Hang on a minute. He's acknowledging, Marion darling that you were rubbing or touching his right hand. Okay. He's aware of that, I don't know if he was in sleep state or had already passed. But he's acknowledging I was aware of that. It feels to me that he's very, very spiritually aware and you have had many gob smacking signs from him. You are comforted by the efforts he makes to communicate with you, whether it's through favorite records, whether it's through your favorite films, it's just weird things that come up. I've got yeah, weird things that come up that you think oh my God, well done darling, I love you. Okay. He's expressing as well, and this is a very common phenomenon for lots of people. I hear it so many times no matter what time of year, but there is a robin messenger connection here. So, I feel like you've either noticed a robin or a robin’s turned up a certain time of day or it’s actually done naturally or you've seen it in a really weird environment, that's him send you the Robin, I am the bird, he keeps saying that, okay. He must have had a love for nature, darling because now I'm seeing blue - around a bird feeder. So, I don't know if he loves birds or it's you know, to do with or it’s your background. I don't know, but he’s acknowledging that.

Now, one of the main reasons about this move isn't really about practicalities. I feel like either you were in this place with Nevil and it's like you're almost ending the memory of him by moving. Absolutely not. The one thing that husbands and wives in the spirit world want to say to their better half is that we’d like to see you move on. We’d like for you to do change, we’d like for you to better your lives. Just because you're bettering your life, you're laughing or you're embracing new relationships, it doesn't mean we've forgotten, we understand that. They know that there's a short amount of time on the earth plane, and they want us to enjoy that until you get back with them. Okay? That's the most important thing. It's really weird, he's talking about Essex and Billericay. I don't know where you're from, but I keep seeing that, d’you know like Gavin and Stacy, where they like they got Billericay and then they've got Wales. I don't know if the two, unless he's trying to incorporate Essex and Wales as being relevant as memories, but I'd really be interested to see why just saw that. Or the names are relevant, I don't know. But he's making me feel like he wants to encourage you to make this move.

You have spied a few properties here which will be idyllic. I don't know if you're looking more towards the coast or more countryside, but it feels like you're looking for downsizing, but also something very peaceful, you know, where you can feel really cozy and at home. I don't know if you're rattling around where you are but I do feel it's time to move on darling. Okay. Yes, absolutely. You're saying you're not the sort of person to be spontaneous and jumping come what may, you do think things through. As a Virgo, I just completely think and overanalyze everything. So, I feel like that's what you're like. Don’t know if you are a Virgo, but I do know this is what you're like. So, I think you've done enough thinking now love, that's the feeling I'm getting with what he's telling me, okay. He's also, just very quickly, he's acknowledging Ted or Edward, and I feel like this is someone that he's reconnected with up in the spirit world, darling. Okay. Again, I'm not gonna bring him through, haven't got time.

What I will say is that this is-- A lot of contemplation has gone into this. I do feel it's the right move for you. And again, I feel more movement or a solid decision coming up towards the beginning of the summertime. I'm wondering if perhaps-- Oh, thank you, that's clever. I'm wondering perhaps if September, Virgo is very clever, very analytical mind Nevil’s got, love him. He must have been pretty good with engineering or work with his hands as well. He’s very, very clever man. And so he’s incorporated the Virgo in with me saying that September is an optimal time of change. So, I'm wondering if that's actually the move or you’ll actually find the place you love. But I'm just getting a sense of you embracing this with excitement and not fear and regret, please Marion. I feel like I want you to say do you know what, I deserve a little adventure and this will be just the thing to pick me up to change, you know where I'm living and to move forward. It seems like it's a win-win situation. He loves lists as-- No, I think that’s your-- is that your mom? There’s a woman just come in and she's quite, again, quite a portly lady, and she's got quite lovely, what's the best way of calling it when it's a lady, quite nice shaped hands on the bigger side, and she's got a pen, lovely nails, well-manicured nails. And she's just come in, and all I've got is a flash of her hand writing out a list. Okay.

So, I don't know who she is. And I don't know if it’s Jean, or Joan, June, Jean, I hate the J names, John and Jeans, I can't stand them, they're a nightmare because you can misinterpret them. But she's just come in and writing pros and cons and I think you should actually do this if you haven't already. The pros of moving, the cons of. I think I feel that more of the cons will be down to ego, fear, doubt, should I, shouldn’t I, what if, what buts. Do you know what? Again, I just want to say to you, go for it, use this as a new challenge, a new thing to aspire to for the new year because I feel like it's going to give you such a buzz of energy and a sense of accomplishment when you've done it, and I think you deserve that now darling. So, he's making me feel like keep talking to me, but less of the nagging. Absolutely, love it. For some reason, he's given me the 10th of August. And so I hope that resonates with you and there is something to do with, I don't know if it’s Raven more. So, I don’t know if he's giving me an address, because I immediately went to Harry Potter because I'm a Harry Potter fan, and saw Ravens claw, but I've got a feeling it's more Ravens. If you have any connection with this new address or house connected to do with birds or Raven or anything like that, I would love to know when it happens, because that seems to be an omen or it could even be a Raven sitting on the fence as you walk in to view the house. But there seems to be some connection to a black bird with your move. Mark my words, it will happen and you'll be gob smacked. Go for this, and see it as the optimum adventure for you darling because I think you just need a little bit of a shake up to get you excited again. I hope that's okay for you my lovely. Please take Neville’s, love and that strange woman who came in showing her lovely hand doing the list. Thank you, darling.

Oliver says: Now just in case the people mentioned today haven't managed to catch this podcast, we’ll be putting out a post on Facebook when this show goes live online, tagging all the people that have had a reading today from you on the show. And we look forward to hearing their replies very soon on our Facebook page, and also on your Facebook page, Nicky. If you or anyone you know would like a psychic reading from any of the psychics that do these Q&A podcast readings, make sure you follow us and like us on Facebook, and look out for posts about these readings coming up again soon on our page. Just search for Psychic.co.uk on Facebook, and your question and reading could feature on the next show. Also, remember to follow all our Psychic Social podcasts by hitting the subscribe button or link wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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