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Interview with Vibrational Intuitive Psychic – Sas Bullock. On how she discovered her psychic abilities, some information about her life, past readings, her take on the afterlife plus much more.



*(This podcast was recorded on 14/01/2020)




With Vibrational Psychic, Sas Bullock PSPE:005

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.10] Welcome to psychic social, brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

Oliver says: [00:00:13.28] A very warm welcome to psychic social, the podcast show brought to you by Psychic.co.uk, the only place to get the very best psychic readings the Internet has to offer. You can check us out online at Psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn just search for Psychic.co.uk.

So without further ado, let's get right into the show. Today's guest has been a psychic medium for over 25 years; she's an intuitive Claire sentient, a healer, and an inspirational tarot card reader. I'm describing this super talented and lovely Sas Bullock, so let's get to know her right now on psychic social.

Oliver says: [00:01:10.28] Hi Sas, and welcome to the show. How are you today?

Sas says: [00:01:14.00] Hello Oliver, and to all your listeners, I'm very well thank you for inviting me on. I'm looking forward to sharing some information about my particular journey from the psychic perspective.

Oliver says: [00:01:26.20] Great stuff, what have you been up to today? Anything exciting?

Sas says: [00:01:29.27] Nothing too exciting, it's a Monday morning. So I generally create my day to fit in with my kind of souls, a calling if you like. And at the moment, Oliver, I'm currently involved in a 21-day abundance meditation group situation.

So I have been doing my particular exercise and tasks for the day, which was to create a list of 50 people who I admire and I feel a very sort of holistic in the way they live their lives. So it's all about focusing in on the gratitude, and what you have already in your life that you can focus and appreciate.

Oliver says: [00:02:06.05] That's good.

Sas says: [00:02:07.00] So I've done that this morning in a meditation this morning, and I also have a sort of daily routine of specific health drink to keep all my tubes, and everything clear. And just to give my vibration a good old clearing out, so to keep it raised. And then I work every morning before I start anything I do a five Tibetan right, which is kind of a yoga moves which I read about years ago this fantastic book that I got into. Which is like a novel, but actually, there's lots of truth in it.

And it was about this guy who found Shangri-La and a particular place all these monks lived in Tibet and none of them ever aged they all looked about 25. And he went there to find out what this was all about, how come his friend who'd returned after the war looking 25 years younger. So I do these rights really religiously every morning to keep my system clear. So that's what I have been doing this morning, and what I do most mornings before I start anything.

Oliver says: [00:03:11.07] That's good, that sounds like a very good start to the day.

Sas says: [00:03:14.04] It is. I don't start doing anything till at least midday, other than my exercises, and getting into the swing of the day.

Oliver says: [00:03:23.12] But it's a very healthy start for body and mind each morning.

Sas says: [00:03:27.01] It feels like that. So I always feel very clear, and also I do a lot of psychic work at night, and also after twelve o'clock, I feel much more tuned in as a soul reader and a psychic. I felt much more tuned in after midday, and I quite often I'm working till three o'clock in the morning. So I don't I don't sort of approach the morning with too much in gusto and vigor.

Oliver says: [00:03:48.11] Okay, fair enough. And I was going to ask you your name Sas SAS, where does that come from? It's a very interesting name.

Sas says: [00:03:56.03] Well yes, it is a quite interesting name. It does derive originally it's very long story about all my names, but I got stuck with that one at school because I was somebody that had a lot larger feet than anyone else. Now it's quite normal for people to have quite large feet, especially women. But in my day when I was growing up, I had rather large feet; I couldn't really find any shoes to fit anyways. So all my friends thought it was hilarious; they called me Sasquatch, which was short into Sas.

But then years and years and years later, I had a kind of one of my awakening experiences. I heard a voice which said to me that my name Sas, SAS, actually should stand for soul awakening sound because I won't go into it right now. It's something we can talk about at a later date, maybe.

But working with vibrational frequencies obviously as I do with readings. I tune in to a different type of frequency, which is to tune people back into their original calibration, or their original soul energy. And I use sound to do that, vocal sounds as well as instruments. And so hence the name was born soul-awakening sound, which I shortened into Sas.

Oliver says: [00:05:11.22] Well, that's very interesting indeed, yes, very good.

Sas says: [00:05:14.27] Yes, and obviously, it's gone to sassy as well, which of course I am that as well, so it covers quite a few bases.

Oliver says: [00:05:20.15] Covers all the basis, yes, interesting story. Okay, well, with that in mind, we'll go into some more interesting stuff; we're going to ask your first question. So we wanted to sort of go back to the beginning for you, back to the start and ask you how did you become a psychic? Was it passed down from a family member? Was there another way the gift came to you? And if it came to you at a certain age, at what age did it come to you?

Sas says: [00:05:49.14] Well, Oliver I'm not sure anyone chooses and goes right today my life career is going to be as a psychic, I think it just is a gift that everybody has, it's just what you choose to focus your attention on. As you know, energy flows where attention goes, so I always had a very interesting awareness as a young child. I would say probably the awareness came to me about six or seven, and I became aware there was something not quite right about this planet, and I could sense it in every fiber of my being.

And so I sort of dealt with that by being quite rebellious, and not caring to the normal rules and regulations that other people seem to abide by. So I was constantly in trouble growing up, constantly a nemesis to my parents, a thorn in their side, so to speak. But I just felt very in tuned in to the planet that it wasn't quite operating on the right level, and I knew that from an early age. And I think that's what guided me to tuning in and becoming more aware into people’s psyche.

So friends used to come around, my parent's friends used to turn up here at dinner parties and things, and I would come and start talking to them. And I'd start saying things to them about this and about that, about how they were feeling and maybe I could pick up something an illness and I would share this with them, and they would kind of go gosh, what a weird thing to say. And then they would come back to me a few weeks later, so you know that thing you told me it's actually happened, or I found out that I had this particular illness or whatever. So it started not necessarily as a choice that I'm going to become a psychic, but it started to evolve through me from about the age of about seven. And as a result of that, some very weird and wonderful things kind of I've experienced on a sort of spiritual awakening awareness level, a lot of it energy.

So it's a kind of journey, it's a progression, it's an expansion into your, everybody has these abilities as I said before. I say to people when I do readings that they could also do what I do; it's just whether you choose to focus your attention on it. So I'd say it started from seven about seven, and it grew and grew and grew into lots of other modalities, lots of other interests that are sort of on a similar path through the healing modalities that I trained to do as well.

So I would say it's an expanding, growing, ever-growing journey that you kind of move into. I didn't necessarily was aware of anyone in the family that had a psychic career or a mediumship career, but I was aware that my mom was incredibly tuned in. And you couldn't get away with doing much without her already knowing what you had done. But I don't think it was a particularly welcomed sort of asset in days of quite a strong religious upbringing with my grandparents, that they were very strictly Christian.

And to do anything with tarots or anything like that would have been seen as dancing with the devil. And I suppose a lot of people still have that drummed into them. But I used to gather with school friends, and we used to do Ouija boards, probably isn't such a great idea unless you know what you're doing. And so we used to have all sorts of incidents that's happening, where we would have fingers on the glass and be asking questions. And we'd get ridiculous messages from the Ouija board saying you just got through I'm horny the devil, and then the glass would fly off, and we would all scream.

So for years, I thought well I'm not sure I want to dabble in that; it a bit scary. And then, as I got older, I realized you could set your intentions about what you were doing, and you can align yourself with everything that you were working with. It was going to be connected and intended to be all from the person's greatest good and for the higher good of all involved. And so I used to sprinkle salt around a circle, or I'd smudge everybody with a smudge stick before we came into the circle to do anything any kind of work that included connecting with other forces.

But then I realized actually there are other forces were just myself on a higher level, and I actually work with people's higher perspectives. So I'm not tapping into anything that's outside either myself or anybody else, it's just reaching a higher vibration where the information is accessible on a much higher perspective.

So that's how I work, I don't necessarily connect with other spirits or other entities that may be feeding the information. It's actually coming from my higher perspective and the other person that I'm working with a higher perspective. So I asked permission first, and that ensures that everything that I do is coming from a good place.

Oliver says: [00:10:41.22] Right. Okay, so you said you work clairsentiently, do you work clairvoyantly? Do you see clairaudiently? Do you hear things? Do you have guides that you get messages from? How does it work for you?

Sas says: [00:10:57.00] Well again, I am clairaudient, so I do get messages, but again it's coming from myself; it's coming from a higher perspective. I have messages all the time that ask me to do things, and also on the clairsentience I tune in, and I sense somebody's energy. And I have a little dog, and she senses people's energies. And if they're poorly or they're feeling distressed or upset, she will go to them and give them comfort and love, and I suppose on that level I also can tune in.

So, for example, I might be at a festival, just there for pleasure, just going to enjoy myself. And I'll be standing by a fire, and a few people will be around the fire. And I get a message which will say can you tell that guy next to him that he needs to cover his kidneys up, because he may get kidney problems. And I would just say I've just got a message; it may sound a bit strange, would you like to receive it, they will go yes what's the message. I said well it comes from the spirit world, that's how I say because then people kind of understand it.

And I'll say I've just been given a message that you need to look after your kidneys because they could be struggling, especially if it's out in the cold, you need to put something around them. And I remember one time this guy came to me, oh my god, that's really weird my dad just died of kidney disease three weeks ago. So sometimes when I was growing up, I used to get messages, and you think, am I completely mad? Will people think I'm crazy if I pass it on? But then I thought well actually it's not really up to me to decide, information’s coming through and I act on it now.

I act on it all the time, and I have literally been sent to places around the world through messages and guidance I get what I call from my highest wiser self, which is on a different level to my consciousness. I explain to people that 75% of your awareness and your consciousness does not enter into the body when you're born, it remains in a higher perspective. And I call it the director of your life, the director of your play, the director of your drama and the director is always trying to guide you, a bit like a sat nav. But you have to take movements in life in order for it to kick in.

So I always say to people if you're stuck in life, make a movement in any direction and you'll soon get feedback is it the right direction or whether you need to take a left turn, right turn up-or-down. So I don't actually see the spirit, I do see lots of orbs. I see lots of bright turquoises and dark purple and blue lights around people, but I don't actually see human beings in their spirit form around.

But I have sensed them, I have sensed him in my bedroom, I know it sounds weird standing at the bottom of my bed, but I was too scared to look so I'd always keep my eyes closed and say, please go away really cowardly.

So I haven't encouraged spirit to visit me in terms of visualization or visualizing, but I do see energies out of the corner of my eye, and I see lots of orbs, and when I take photographs and things and look at them there, sometimes I have thousands of orbs around. So I do sense things, I do sense energy more so than actually seeing spirit.

Oliver says: [00:14:08.26] Well, that's very interesting. I'm going to move on to the next question now, and we wanted to know at psychic social, what's the most important thing to you about being a psychic?

Sas says: [00:14:20.16] I would say that I've been born on to this planet at this time like many other people to help bring about a shift in the consciousness of humanity, and to me, it's about helping people to find their own power, their own abilities, and gifts that may be latent.

That may have been hidden, that may have been put to one side, especially working with adults. Because adults, when they're children, have lots of amazing creative imagination, they have wild dreams and imaginings which I encourage with my own children.

But I noticed that a lot of people play it down, and when a little girl may say I've got a friend here in spirit, an invisible friend. Or they may see or hear things that are beyond the realm of visible light, they were encouraged to play that down, and that's like nonsense. So to me, it's about helping people to reconnect to all those parts of themselves, all those aspects of themselves that are wanting to express themselves, and wanting to give them greater powers, a greater range for them to access.

So that they can have more say and more co-creative ability in their life, so they're not at the mercy of what I call fate. Where people are just sort of expecting life to take them on a ride, and they're just going with it. Obviously, you can do that, or like I encourage, why I do this work is to help people find a way through life that is going to bring them the greatest joy. To me, life is about joy; it's about finding your joy; it's about service to others because that brings me immense joy.

To help other people, to see other people flourish and to grow. So when I do other work with people and help them release trauma and stress and illness through their voice, through using their voice. And people say oh can’t sing, and I said you don't have to, you're just using your voice to clear energy and allow yourself to recalibrate back to your original point. And when they come together, and they allow those thoughts, those insecurities to subside, people come out with the most amazing things, and it just fills my heart up, it's just so beautiful to see the amazing creative abilities that people have, and what's being shut down in them throughout their growing up.

So that to me is the reason why I do the work, is to access and quite a lot of people are very interested in the psychic world, probably because it's something which they probably have an inkling of or have a connection to themselves, and want to follow that up and are very interested in that subject. So that's quite often an opening connection tool that I use, and it's also do some the other work that I do.

Oliver says: [00:17:14.16] That's great. And it's really important the thing about helping people as well, isn't it? It's been proven, isn't it? I think that when you help someone, it can leave a good feeling within you for days afterwards unconsciously, which is nice, isn't it? And it's great to help people all the time. And I personally would try and do that on a daily basis as much as I can, I personally set myself a goal to sort of do three or four kind acts a day if I can.

Sas says: [00:17:48.09] And also what's really interesting is when you're kind, it releases I think it's nitrous oxide into your body. You know when like you hold a baby in your arms, or you see something which appeals to you in a kind of cute ah way, it actually releases the nitrous oxide which is actually a kind of kindness chemical that actually keeps your heart open, and opens all your vessels and veins.

So actually there's actually a physiological benefit to kindness, as well as a feel-good factor on an emotional and mental level. And also I kind of understand obviously having an awareness of what the connection of all things, is that we're all energy, we're all vibrating at a certain level, but we're all connected, we're all one energy, one consciousness. So when you help other people, that's why I suppose Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself, because the neighbor is yourself, just in a different outfit.

So when I meet people, they are me disguised heavily as themselves, but so you are an aspect of me Oliver. You're the aspect of me that is doing something other than I'm doing, but if I can help you, I'm also helping myself as well. But to give you the chance to help other people means that you're contributing to life, and I think most people feel their best when they're helping other people.

Look at what's happening in Australia, through all the dreadful situations going on there and how the silver lining to it all is look at all the beauty, kindness, and compassion that people are showing to each other, to the animals. People around the world are doing mass meditations and prayers for everybody. So actually sometimes the worst situations can bring out the very best in humans.

Oliver says: [00:19:38.08], And it actually is inherent, isn't it? In human beings essentially.

Sas says: [00:19:42.08] Yes. Well, what we call the called humankind, so my life is about putting the kind back into being human.

Oliver says: [00:19:50.07] Lovely, that's a lovely sentiment. And that's going to take us nicely into the break, so that'll be the end of part 1 here with Sas Bullock, and we're going to catch up with more questions and more stuff from Sas in part 2, we'll see you after this.

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AD: [00:21:48.19] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver says: [00:22:00.19] Welcome back to part 2 of psychic social and our chat with Sas Bullock. Now continuing on with our questions for Sas, we've got another one here, and it is are there any heartwarming stories that stand out from any of your psychic readings over the years.

Sas says: [00:22:15.29] Well, of course, I have done hundreds of readings over the years, and there have been some really heartwarming, ones that people phone back, and they'll kind of fill me in of what's happened since we had a conversation or reading. But one particularly stands out because I had this really beautiful soul, and she phoned up, and I wasn't too sure exactly what she was wanting because she didn't make it clear, and I did ask her and what is the nature of your call and how may I help you.

And she decides to tell me this story that she goes to salsa dancing and different dancing classes. And she had a problem because she couldn't find any men that have the energy to dance in the manner that she did. So she was kind of ringing up to say could I guide her to anybody that would be maybe up to being able to keep up with her very lively energetic dancing. So as we got chatting, I'll just say name was Lily. I said Lily, what's going on? She said I go three times a week and I've never found a man yet that can keep up with me; they're all too crusty and old.

And I said well how old are you, Lily? And she said I'm 85 dear, but I've got the life and soul of a about 30 years younger. So I sort of gave her a few suggestions, I said there's a really interesting group that you can connect with called meet up, and they quite often have lots of different local gatherings and groups in your area, so maybe you can extend your social connections through this medium. So she said, do you know what? I'll do it. I can get online, I can do all of that with men of my age, not of them was able to go on the computer, she said I’m absolutely fed up I need someone younger, so I directed her to this particular, she probably heard of meetup.

And anyway, a couple of weeks later she phoned back, and she said oh my goodness, thank you so much. I found a man 20 years younger than me that had the same kind of energy, 65 he is called Harold, and it's actually fantastic at dancing, I'm so pleased, I wanted to ring back to say how amazing I was. Anyway, she phones back another week later, and she said well do you know what I thought my life is going downhill because I wants to share it with somebody, and this Harold she said I found out he's got a campervan, and she said he'd invited me to travel around Europe with him and his campervan, so she said, and I'm going.

So 85-year-old Lily not only found a dancing partner who could keep up with her, but she also went off on, I don't know what happened to her, she never called me back after that. But she went off traveling with Harold in his camper van, and she was 85 years old, and I just saw that was just absolutely brilliant.

And this goes to show that you can never give up on life. If you still got some spark to always ask for guidance if you're stuck because sometimes we do need someone outside of ourselves because it's very difficult to be objective about your own life and about your own emotions and to give yourself guidance when you're attached to an outcome. So this lovely Lily, it just absolutely I thought it was amazing, an 85-year-old lady going off in a campervan around Europe.

Oliver says: [00:25:29.19] Sounds like she got a lot of life in her at 85.

Sas says: [00:25:32.22] Yes, I know, I loved it. I said you've obviously made my day, made my month Lily. So she said that meetup is really good. I have been to lots of really interesting gatherings, I said great. So yes, and she also said I see you do some healing can you give me a little bit of sound healing, I’ve gone a bit deaf; I said, well, I'll certainly clear your ears out with my sound. So she was just open to everything and that’s what I always say, if you remain open, you’re like a parachute, you work you need to be open don’t you.

Oliver says: [00:26:00.15] Exactly, you do most definitely. Now were there any sort of funny or hilarious stories that really stood out for you from any of your readings, some that made you really at all?

Sas says: [00:26:12.15] Well, there are again many obscure bizarre ones more so than funny. But I did have this strange phone call; it did make me laugh. Which was this guy and he phoned me he's quite well-spoken, and he said hello, my name is Alan, are you, Sas Joy? I said yes, I'm Sas Joy. He said I've got a bit of a problem, a bit of a dilemma? I said I'm sorry to hear that. How can I help you? He said, well, I have a client; he said I do what you do.

I'm a medium. I had a client, and he's very wealthy, and he died last week. I said I'm sorry to hear that, he said well the trouble is he was the sixth richest man in the world. I said oh right, okay, so is there a problem with that? And he went well he left me over six billion pounds, and I don't know what to do with it. So I was rubbing my hands in glee, and I said, well, let me do some cards for you, and let me see if there's any particular guidance. Maybe the reason why you've been left this money so that you can fulfill some fantastic service to humanity.

He said I don't know about that, but it has completely thrown me off track. I mean, what do you do with six billion? And I was thinking of millions of things that I could do with six billion but thought I’d better hold back! So I laid out the cards, and immediately there was this lovely, very powerful card in there, which is obviously a powerful woman that's coming in. So I said Alan, I said how's your love life and he said oh it's been very bleak for many years, I said well I think it's about to perk up. He said, what do you mean? And I said well I can see at least a couple of women in here, and I said one particularly she's a very powerful woman coming your way.

He said don't tell me about bloody women; they're all money-grubbing whores. The lot of them! And I thought that’s absolutely hilarious and so he was obviously talking to a woman at the time, I thought he was absolutely hilarious because he was no holes barred at all. But yes, so any money-grabbing whores out there. I said, well, actually I don't think she is going to be a money-grabbing whore; I think she's going to be someone that's going to go actually uplift and expand your life in quite a way. So anyway, it was a really interesting reading, but you do get some weird, bizarre, wonderful, uplifting, and some that are absolutely traumatic and heart heartbreaking. So you go across the whole gambit, the whole range.

Oliver says: [00:28:39.24] Yes, I'm sure. That one sounded completely bonkers though, I mean six billion pounds to inherit.

Sas says: [00:28:45.20] Six billion, could you believe it? I was thinking oh my god if I could just have a little smidgin.

Oliver says: [00:28:49.11] What do you do with that? I think you'll give most of it away, don't you?

Sas says: [00:28:53.28] Well, that's interesting now you say that Oliver, but I think there are something like ninety-nine point and percent of people who win a lot of money like the lottery, for example, within three years it's all completely gone.

Oliver says: [00:29:08.14] Gone. Mainly because they don't know how to manage money, I think it is as well.

Sas says: [00:29:11.12] Well, I think it's the compass, isn't it? Your wealth compass is set by your parents, so most people don't go beyond that. So if money comes in a large sum, most people just don't know how to manage it, they don't feel worthy, so they get rid of it, interesting.

Oliver says: [00:29:28.15] It is.

Sas says: [00:29:29.26], But if anybody out there is wanting to deposit some money and clear it, I'm sure Oliver would be very open and very receptive.

Oliver says: [00:29:37.22] Yes, please, all donations gratefully received. So that's great that, so that's a really good story. My next question to you was, what are your thoughts and feelings about the afterlife? And what happens after we leave this earth?

Sas says: [00:29:54.25] Well, I could go on for many years the subject of the afterlife. My personal feelings and I've read lots of books about people who have actually died, and they come back, and it's completely utterly changed their world. I don’t know if you ever read a book Oliver called dying to be me?

Oliver says: [00:30:20.07] No.

Sas says: [00:30:21.06], And I read saved by the lights, I've read lots of books on this. And my own feeling is that we are literally spiritual beings having a human experience, and so the spiritual aspect of us, which is pure consciousness, is never-ending; it's infinite. It's like electricity, we may not have the light turned on, but we know that it's there, we don't see it only in the form of the light coming through the light bulb or switching something on. But a lot of things that are invisible in this world, invisible to us.

Did you know that your ability to see the spectrum of light is only 0.005%, so we only see a tiny bit of what's available to our eyes, our brain only computes a very small amount? So to me, we go back to our spirit selves, and we either get recycled back onto the earth if we are pulled like a magnet back to the earth. Or we can then move on to a higher dimension, where our lessons on the earth have been learned. But it may take thousands of lifetimes to do that.

I believe that we review our life; we look back at what happened and how we've progressed, and what things we've experienced, and what further experiences we need to enjoy. It may not be on the earth; it may be in a different dimension, in a different world. But we get to choose with the kindest, most loving beings that work with us to decide where our next step is going to be, where we're going to take our consciousness next. So I think we choose depending on how we feel this particular life is gone.

Oliver says: [00:32:11.22], But this seems to be a common theme from some of the psychics we've interviewed, where they said you're a spiritual being having a human experience. And when you pass on to the next realm, that you are then eventually reincarnated into many more lives and you've had potentially many more lives before that, until you build a certain understanding, and then you progress onto the next dimension like you say or further up or a higher plane or something. Is that right in me saying that?

Sas says: [00:32:43.24] Pretty much if you see this earth as a school of learning. But also every experience that we have, every experience that every life-form has is contributing to the consciousness of the whole. So every so often, it's like a breath in and a breath out, so you can imagine that creator breathing out and sending information far and wide across the cosmos, and then the breathing in is harvesting all the information. So on a smaller level with the individual, you harvest information about your experience on the earth.

And then you review what's gone on, and then you decide, so again you're an empowered sovereign being. That decides along with your guides and your spiritual guides and maybe even loved ones that you're working with as a group. So I think you incarnate as a soul group as well, that's why I thought. You know connecting with people that you suddenly recognized all those you're familiar with, I sort of know you from somewhere before, never seen you before, but turn out to be part of your soul group.

Oliver says: [00:33:50.22] On that note, I have found that I've bumped into people and met people in my life so far, a few people that where I just felt like I've known them for all my life, and I'd spoken to them for like two minutes. Would you say there's anything in that?

Sas says: [00:34:07.20] Absolutely. Definitely, they're your tribe, say your vibe attracts your tribe. So to be your real true authentic self is the other thing I really want to help people become because then you can attract people into your life that are reflecting who you are and giving you feedback. And other aspects of your consciousness that may need awakening, it normally happens through people that you end up recognizing and knowing and thinking I’m sure I’ve connected with them before, how come they seem so familiar, and you get on really well.

And obviously, when people are doing readings, they often say to me it's like my twin flame or my soul flame or I just instantly knew them the minute I met them, it's like I've known them for years. So I do believe you incarnate with your soul group, and sometimes part of your soul group they're not necessarily your best friend, they can be your worst enemy, or you could experience something really horrific with this person. But you've agreed before you came here they would behave that way in order for you to learn maybe forgiveness or non-judgment.

So quite often, they were saying the greatest enemies in spirit are often our greatest allies. And so I think you can reconnect with your soul group, and eventually, you go back to source. But I think you choose when that is; you decide when that is. If you're vibrating high enough, you would then move on to the next levels, so they say seven heavens, seventh heaven. So we're on the third dimension here, moving to the, there is supposed to be an ascension happening on this planet where a lot of consciousness, a lot of awareness, a lot of beings are moving on to the fifth dimension, happening in our lifetime Oliver.

Oliver says: [00:35:57.04] Right, okay. Maybe we could have a deep dive into that at some point with you in a future show because we're always interested in taking it further beyond that, after you’ve passed on and what happens.

Sas says: [00:36:09.12] Oh really because obviously, first interest is that people want to know what is going to happen to them, what's in their life, what's coming up, what's their future. But obviously, people create their own future with their thoughts and their beliefs and what's been programmed into you from an early age, what your conditioning is. So a lot of that I can tap into, you can see the behaviors and the certain behaviors and belief systems that run that behavior.

That you can change, that you can replace, that you can upgrade it's like your software in the computer. Do you feel you're ready for an upgrade, and how do you do that? So it's also that is part of the journey is that the soul's consciousness wants to connect more to its higher perspective and has its greater ability so that we're not so reliant on looking outward in life from the answers, but we find them from within.

Oliver says: [00:37:08.19] Okay, that's very interesting. Well, I think we're going to leave the deep stuff there for the moment and have a look at some less deep stuff. I'm going to ask you what was the last book you read? Or perhaps box set that you watched?

Sas says: [00:37:23.11] Well, currently, I'm actually reading a book at the moment called the Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak. It was written in the nineties, and I read it in the nineties. And have you ever been to see a film or read a book and when you reread it or re-see the film, you see so much in it that you didn't notice before.

Oliver says: [00:37:46.07] Yes, definitely.

Sas says: [00:37:47.20] So it’s like another level, so I was reading this book Bringers of the Dawn, which is about a family of light we're on the planet right now being incarnated, the family of light to raise the collective vibration. So I'm imagining Oliver that you're part of that family of light, it is an absolutely fascinating book, really fascinating. Box sets, I don't really get into huge amounts of box sets, that's because I'm normally working in the evening. I don't tend to watch a lot of sort of programs and things during the day.

But I have, through many people persuading me, that it's actually really good and actually from a history perspective, I've started to watch the crown, but only very recently. I think it is about three series, and I’m on about the fourth episode of the first series, but absolutely fascinating stuff because obviously say things I find really interesting or tend to be books that are written with true things in them, but with a bit of embellishment.

Kate Moss is one of my favorite authors, can't remember the first book I read of hers, but it was all steeped in French in the South of France. And the Cathars and they're all the sort of ancient sort of spiritual leaders that were persecuted for their beliefs. But there's based on real places and real-time, and so it's mingled in with history. So I quite enjoy entertainment that has a kind of truth in it.

Oliver says: [00:39:15.13] Yes, I'm very much a fan of factual books and reading those kinds of things as opposed to as opposed to fiction, but yes, very interesting. Well, it's been fantastic to have you on the show today here on psychic, social Sas. Before we let you go, can you tell us where people can find you, the best ways to get in contact with you? So a website, some social media?

Sas says: [00:39:35.11] A few psychic messages.

Oliver says: [00:39:37.21] And psychic messages, yes.

Sas says: [00:39:40.24] Basically, I am on social media. I am on the platforms there, and I kind of use the website on Facebook under my professional page, which is Vision Om, Om, which is the universal sound of the cosmos, God energy in the beginning or was not the word, but the sound. And vision Om and I can also be found at Sas Bullock as well, and also Bullock Sas on Instagram. So those are the best places to leave a message, to private message me, or connect with me. Or just go and have a look at the work I do and see if it is a match if it vibrates if it resonates.

Because it's always important, I always say to people that not everybody's going to be a match for you in terms of your connection with your psychic awareness or wanting to tune in to you. So it's always good to have a look at the information that a psychic or a medium’s putting out and see how that sits with you. How does it resonate. So it's really important to be drawn to someone.

So I will say go and have a look at the work I do, Sas Bullock on my professional page at Vision OM Facebook.com and that's the first point of point of call, and then I tend to have conversations people over the phone and little chats and to see if they want to take it further with me and go on a journey with me.

I do have a kind of lots of other strings to my bow, but again it's whether the people want to come on board with me and all the things that I do. So just the psychic readings and my intuition and working with that is one aspect of what I do, and it dovetails into all sorts of things that are all about uplifting someone's pathway in this world. And how to enhance everything from their health, so I have lots of different go-to things that I would recommend to people to raise their vibration, I work with sound and energy, I work with the psychic aspect, I do shamanic journeying. So all of that is kind of what I put into how I work with people, and then through that and they can access other things that I may offer.

Oliver says: [00:42:00.03] Well, it's been lovely to chat with you today, Sas. Hopefully, we can catch up again soon in a part two or potentially a Q&A, so that would be nice if possible.

Sas says: [00:42:09.13] Yes, it would be lovely. Obviously, it's my favorite of all this is my favorite subjects. It's what I excel and drawn to, and so I've obviously been investigating this on for many years. So I have lots of insight into all sorts of other areas as well as kind of world that we live in.

And it helps make sense of it, doesn't it? Helps to get the pathway, it may not be for everybody but a particular pathway they can follow to and access their greater good, their greatest vision of themselves, how do you do that? So that's really what I'm about, it's helping people on that awakened journey.

Oliver says: [00:42:48.16] Perfect, great, Well, thank you again, Sas. Sas Bullock and we'll speak to you again very soon, thank you for joining us.

Sas says: [00:42:55.08] Oliver, thank you so much for inviting me onto your psychic social, and I look forward to coming on again and discussing other things as well. So thank you so much, it's been great speaking to you.

Oliver says: [00:43:07.05] And you, take care now.

Sas says: [00:43:08.09] Take care, bye-bye everyone.

Outro: [00:43:16.23] Thanks for joining us on psychic social, today's show is brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

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