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Interview with Psychic Medium and Animal Intuitive Communicator – Becky Willoughby. On how she became a psychic, her work with animals, some information about her life and her take on the afterlife.

*(This podcast was recorded on 11/02/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Becky Willoughby PSPE:006

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Show Transcript

Intro: Welcome to Psychic Social brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: On this episode of Psychic Social.

Becky: I said, “Can you cut me some hair and send it to me and I will work remotely?” And I said, “I need 3 days, because that's how it usually works is 3 days, and then tell me how your horse is.”

Oliver: A very warm welcome to Psychic Social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk, the definitive psychic directory in the UK, connecting people for the very best psychic reading experience the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk, or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Now, today's guest has been a psychic medium for nearly 30 years. She's a hypnotherapist and psychic intuitive animal communicator, helping many different animals, including locating lost pets of all kinds from all over the world. Her extensive work with horses in the equine industry sees her working closely with and healing many working horses, including Polo horses and riders to improve their performance. She's featured in the Sun Newspaper and The Sun Online, the London Metro, The New York Times, Talksport radio, and will be featuring in the Daily Mail very soon. I'm describing the hugely gifted and lovely, Becky Willoughby. So, let's get to know much more about her right now.

So, hi, Becky and welcome to the show. How are you today?

Becky: Hello, Oliver, I'm fine. Thank you very much.

Oliver: Great. That's great. What have you been up to today, anything exciting?

Becky: Well, I've done 2 animal communications this morning, been doing a little bit of admin. That's always the bit that I hate, but it has to be done. And then I finished work for the rest of the day now. So, after this, I'm off to the gym.

Oliver: Off to the gym, right. So, you're a free agent.

Becky: I’m off to the gym.

Oliver: Okay.

Becky: Yeah.

Oliver: So, you're looking after animals, now you’re looking after yourself?

Becky: Yeah.

Oliver: Yes, good, excellent. It's very important. Okay, fantastic. Well, I mean, you mentioned obviously, the animal stuff and we mentioned that in the intro. But we want to really take a deep dive into that during the show. But my first question to you was, we really wanted to sort of go back to the start for you. And how did you become a psychic? How did you get to be able to talk to, communicate with animals and find lost pets and stuff like that? How did that happen for you? Was it a gift that was passed down by someone or did it come to you naturally? How did that happen for you?

Becky: Well, we're going back 26 years ago, approximately 26, 27 years ago. I had horse riding, it wasn't an accident. I was horse riding, it was my niece's birthday. And I was cantering across the moor and I turned around while I was cantering, giggling at my brother coming along on this horse, and I hurt my neck. And as a result of that, I was in awful pain, and I'd been to see chiropractors, the doctors. And somebody mentioned, “Why don't you go for spiritual healing?” and as a last resort, I did. I kept an open mind about it. So, I went down to my local spiritualist church and received healing, and it really did help. And the lady that was giving me healing said, “You've got a lovely energy about you. You would make a wonderful healer. Are you interested in training to be a natural healer?” So, I took her up on the offer and I trained for 2 years. And I found that when I was giving healing, I was able to actually see inside of people and see cells and actually what was wrong with them.

Oliver: Wow. Sorry interject. You were able to see down to a cellular level into the person?

Becky: Yes.

Oliver: Wow, that's unbelievable. Okay, sorry, carry on; yes, carry on.

Becky: And then I would get messages from the people in the spirit world. And so, I told my tutor and I continue training to be the healer, but alongside of that, I started training to really nourish the gift that I've been given of insight. And I trained to do that alongside of the healing, and kind of it's grown. So, we're talking 26, 27 years ago that that started to happen, and it's just flourished really from there on.

Oliver: Okay. And you've been doing that ever since?

Becky: Yeah, ever since.

Oliver: Okay. Now, tell us about your communication with pets and the communication with animals. What we really wanted to know, and I'm sure the listeners at Psychic Social wants to know as well, how does this work in terms of communication with the animal? How does that happen? Does it happened a different way to what you've just explained? Or how does that work? How do you do it? Does the animal talk to you? Do you get a message from the guide? Or how does that work for you?

Becky: Well, I mean, it's not like having a telephone conversation with you like we are now talking. So, what's happening is, is I'm working on a frequency level. So, I'm sending out frequency wavelengths, and then I'm receiving them back. And it's up to me to use my intuition and my senses to interpret what message I'm getting back. But as well as that, I hear, I see things in pictures. So, I'm using all my senses to communicate with the pet.

Oliver: Right, okay. And, you mentioned to me beforehand, I've seen on your website that you mostly deal with horses, with equine. In terms of helping horses in that sense, how do you help them? Are they horses that are kind of would be disturbed or were they horses that have severe injuries or how does that work in helping them in that sense?

Becky: Well, I mean, I do work in the industry. Because I'm a hypnotherapist and I'm trained in other skills that I have, hypnotherapy being one of them, I've been invited into the equestrian world, in the Polo field, and the horse racing fields to work with the horses and the rider to really get them to bond and to hopefully improve their performance. But I do work with dogs and other pets as well. So, I can tell just by walking into a stable how that horse is feeling and if they've got pain anywhere and whereabouts the pain is and what the pain is. I'm not qualified to diagnose, so I always make that clear. And that's how I work. A lot of horses are holding trauma inside of them. They get shipped around quite a lot and they see a lot of things. So, they tend to hold on to their trauma. And also, if a rider has got emotional issues going on inside of them, the horse will pick it up because they're so intuitive themselves. They're so sensitive. So, I work with both of them.

Oliver: And you can feel the horse’s energy. So, when you walk into a stable you see the horse, you feel the horses energy, and that's a part of the way that the horse can communicate to you. How do you communicate to the horse? Do you talk to the horse physically, verbally, audibly talk to the horse or do you close your eyes and imagine what you want to say or think about what you want to say?

Becky: Yeah, I don't have to close my eyes, but I kind of do it telepathic let's say. Some horses are okay with it; most of them are. There are the odd 2 or 3 that I've been to recently that have kind of got a bit freaked out by it and start getting really fidgety and agitated because they don't really know what's happening and they don't know what's going on. But that's not very often, to be honest; most of them are quite acceptable to it.

Oliver: Okay. And the sort of horses and the equine stuff aside, if you're going to sort of help animals, I take it you would go to someone's house to help with their dog or their cat or whatever the animal may be, or would you go to a veterinary surgery, or how would that work?

Becky: I get invited to the yard. Obviously, if it's too far for me to travel, and because I work worldwide, so it doesn't have to be done in person, like I work on Zoom, a bit like Skype, but I use Zoom. And we can have a live video link. And I can also work from a photograph. But I'd rather go in person if I can.

Oliver: Sure. And you can sense the animal’s energy and you can sense what the animal is feeling over a video call.

Becky: Yes.

Oliver: Yeah, that's fascinating, amazing.

Becky: Yeah, it works in the same way as me being there.

Oliver: Okay.

Becky: But yeah, it works in the same way.

Oliver: Because I personally would have thought you would have had to sort of be there. But that's very interesting that you can just do it over a video call.

Becky: No, sorry to interrupt you.

Oliver: It’s alright, it’s fine.

Becky: A little story. We had a friend over from America and he brought over 2 his friend's, a husband and wife who I'd never met before. And we were just showing them around the sights, the local sites here. And she happened to tell me that her horse was in pain and she didn't know what it was. And that was it. I had no photograph, no nothing. I knew nothing about the horse and I said, “Your horse is a mare, it's 2 years old, and it's having a problem with his back right foot.” And her jaw hit the floor and she was gob smacked. She said, “That's right. It is his back right foot.” I said, “Well, what it is, is when the horse is putting the foot on the floor, it's like having electric shocks going up the leg past just up,” and I said, “It's causing pain there.” And she said, “That's weird you say that, because I had a feeling that that was what was wrong.” So, I said, “What you want to do is just gently massage the area. Obviously, I'm not qualified.” And she just said, “That's absolutely unbelievable that you've picked that up just from me saying about my horse,” because I'd never met her before. So, she went back and did what I said and called the vet out and, yeah, that was actually the problem. So, I don't always need a photograph for anything.

Oliver: That is absolutely amazing that, I mean, you must be so tuned in in terms of with animals. Are you that tuned in with people as well, would you say or in terms of..?

Becky: Yeah.

Oliver: You are, right. Well, I suppose it would have to go across the board, wouldn't it? But that's unbelievable that you don't even need to see a picture, someone can just describe to you about a being as such, whether it's an animal or human, and you're able to do that. That's amazing.

Becky: Yeah. It's taken a long time to get there. So, what I do to really get my senses is, as my husband is driving along in the car, I close my eyes, and I'm still able to see what I'm passing. So, I know what's coming up, the scenery, and sight because I see it in my mind's eyes, and I open my eyes to make sure I'm correct. So, I'm always testing it, not testing it, but enhancing it, let's say strengthening it.

Oliver: Right, okay. I've honestly never heard of anything like that before. That's unbelievable. So, I imagine that those kind of things and those kind of skills could help you an awful lot with another one of the sort of I'll say quote/unquote ‘services’ that you offer on your website, is the lost pet service; so when people lose pets.

Becky: Yes.

Oliver: Tell us a bit more about that. What's involved in that? I suppose you're using all your skills to try and find an animal then that’s lost.

Becky: Yes. The lost pet service can be very draining, so I only take on a limited amount at a time. So, what I do ask for, but I again, I don't I don't necessarily need a photograph or anything, but I do ask them to send a photograph, and I'll start to communicate with the animal and then tell people where their pets are. I have been known to give actual street names and house numbers and I've been correct. There was a cat missing here in my local town actually called Nyla. And she's allowed me to share this publicly so I'm not giving any secrets away.

Oliver: Okay.

Becky: But Nyla had been missing for 3 weeks, and the lady involved asked me to come out visit, so I did. And just standing there, I was able to tell her the address of where the cat was and the house number. I said, “It's either number 6 or number 8.” And I described other things which obviously, I can't say on air because the gentleman didn't really like cats.

Oliver: Yeah.

Becky: But I said, “Your cat is shut in a metal shed, etc.,” and everything I said was correct. She went there, and there was the cat.

Oliver: Wow, that's amazing.

Becky: Yeah.

Oliver: And that was in the UK, I take it, obviously, you said it was near you, wasn't it?

Becky: Yeah.

Oliver: Have you found any lost pets further afield, so in other countries or anything like that at all? Or do you just work in either?

Becky: Yes.

Oliver: Okay.

Becky: I found a dog in Australia. I found cat in America. I found 2 skunks, 1 in Poland.

Oliver: Okay.

Becky: A skunk.

Oliver: not many people can say that, “I found a skunk in Poland.”

Becky: I found a skunk in Poland, and I found a skunk in this country as well. I found lots of, it's mostly cats, to be honest.

Oliver: They tend to go missing quite a lot, don't they; cats?

Becky: Yeah, yeah. But I've worked all over. Obviously, I'm only human at the end of the day, so I don't find all of them.

Oliver: Yeah.

Becky: But because I do charge a fee for it, so I make sure that, on my terms and conditions, it's not guaranteed so that people know I'm not saying, “Yes, I'll find your pet for you,” it's, “I can't guarantee it because it's we're working with energy at the end of the day. It depends on the person that, the pet owner, it depends on the pet, it depends on me.” So, I don't say, “Yes, I’ll 100% find your pet,” but I've had more pets I've found than I haven't.

Oliver: It’s really truly fascinated to hear about all this. Well, that's part 1 just about done now. So, we're going to go into a break now. But we'll catch up with Becky in part 2 with more stories about her and more stories about some pets. So, we'll see you after that.

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Narrator: This is Psychic Social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: Welcome back to part 2 of Psychic Social and our chat with Becky Willoughby. Now, we've been talking about pets in the previous section and part 1. Now in part 2, I've got some more questions for Becky and my next question for her was, Becky, were there any funny or hilarious stories that really stood out for you from any of your readings or any of your encounters with animals?

Becky: Funny stories. I don't really have any funny stories, to be honest. I mean they’re all pretty serious things that I get called out for, to be honest. I’ve had some strange requests.

Oliver: Right, okay.

Becky: I've had phone calls to help somebody find their parrot.

Oliver: Right.

Becky: Someone else has asked me to find their love bird that's gone missing. And I've been asked (which I'm doing tomorrow evening actually) a rabbit communication.

Oliver: Right, okay.

Becky: So, I haven’t funny stories. No, I don't really have any funny stories.

Oliver: Okay, fair enough.

Becky: Yeah.

Oliver: Make sure you’re stocked up with carrots though with the rabbit.

Becky: Yeah.

Oliver: Where there any kind of heartwarming stories where you helped pets in the past, where really, whether the owners or something that really warmed your heart in terms of the story around finding a pet, say?

Becky: Yes. There's 2 that stick in my mind. One of them is a horse, this is public as well so I'm allowed to share. It was a lady called Jody. She called me out to see her horse called Sia. Now, Sia had been checked over by the vets and x-rayed and they didn't know what was wrong with her. So, I walked into the stable and I immediately knew. So, I told Jody that it was the spine area just by the withers, and what's happening is the spine is rubbing together. And when Sia is jumping up and then landing back down, her spine is crashing together, knocking together. And then that's causing pain that went down her back and then down that end, and she was just in such pain. And she said, “Well, the vets have x rayed her from head to toe,” and I said, “They've missed it,” so, she said, “Okay, I'll get her x rayed again.” And I was a bit nervous about it, to be honest, because I thought, “Oh my god, what if I'm wrong?” And she messaged me and she said, “Becky, you were absolutely spot-on. The vets have X rayed Sia and they've looked at where you said, and it's exactly as you described,” because obviously, I gave more information than I'm giving you. But Sia has had an operation and now, she's in full recovery and it's lovely to see her. She's just a completely different horse. And that's through the animal communication.

Oliver: Wonderful.

Becky: Yeah. Another quick one is a lady called Viv. She had a horse that had, the only thing I can describe is green snot coming from her nose. And she'd had 2 or 3 lots of antibiotics and nothing was helping. So, what I asked for was, I said, “Can you cut me some hair and send it to me and I will work remotely?” And I said, “I need 3 days, because that's how it usually works is 3 days, and then tell me how your horse is.” So, I left it for the fourth day and she said, “There's improvement.” And so I carried on, and within that week, because the vets wanted to drill a hole on the side of the horse’s head to release the pressure, and I kept saying, “I don't feel she needs this.” So, that's when I said, “Cut me some hair and I'll work remotely,” which I did. And within the week, she was fine.

Oliver: Right.

Becky: She was fine. So, she didn't need her head drilling.

Oliver: Saved her from having that invasive procedure, I suppose, yeah.

Becky: Yeah. So, those are 2 nice stories.

Oliver: That's lovely, yeah. And winding back a little bit, why do you need 3 days? What's behind that?

Becky: Well, it's things that I use that I've been given that I use. Gosh, I'm not explaining very well, am I? I've been given, let's say from the universe, things that I can use, symbols that I use remotely to help with pain. I channeled it, let's say I channeled it. As a medium, I channeled this symbol, and I was told how to use it and how it works, and that is what I use. And whenever I work remotely, it always takes about 3 days for some reason.

Oliver: Are you channeling a being from another dimension or another from the spirit realm, or is that something that what you're doing or is it still just kind of more of a feeling?

Becky: With the symbol, you mean?

Oliver: I mean just in general, when you mentioned about channeling, would you say you were channeling a person that gave you this information?

Becky: Well, it just came.

Oliver: It just comes in, right.

Becky: I mean, it just came in. I could have asked who it was, but I didn't.

Oliver: Right, okay.

Becky: So, I don't know who it was, to be honest.

Oliver: Okay. Fair enough. Massively interesting, though, really interesting stuff.

Becky: It is, yeah. I've used it a few times now on a dog that was off of his legs and he was on a time limit, and I used to this symbol. And again, after 3 days, he was up on his feet. It's really odd. Yeah, but it's a wonderful, it's wonderful.

Oliver: Right, excellent. Well, we’re going to shift gears a little bit and I'm going to ask you about, which was a question that we ask all our guests on Psychic Social, what's your thoughts and feelings about the afterlife and what happens after we leave Earth?

Becky: Well, I believe in the afterlife, obviously. I don't believe that energy dies, I believe that the energy leaves our body and we go somewhere else. But that's still energy, isn't it? And I believe that we can choose to come back in another form if we want to or if we haven't finished our jobs here that we can come back. Especially with pets as well, they can come back in another form to the same family, but it would be the same soul, the same spirit.

Oliver: So, they can come back in a human form or you think, or an animal form again?

Becky: That's an unusual question. I've never thought of it. I would always have imagined a pet, a pet’s spirit to come back as another pet. But that's an interesting question, to be honest, I hadn't thought about that.

Oliver: Right, yeah, we’re full of interesting questions here at Psychic Social.

Becky: It is an interesting question.

Oliver: It would be nice.

Becky: I suppose the next question is, would a human come back as an animal?

Oliver: As an animal? Well, yes, there's another thing. It'll be a nice sentiment, wouldn't it, if an animal that you love to come back into your life in another life as a human being and then potentially you come back as an animal in another one of your loved one’s lives?

Becky: Yes.

Oliver: But yes, that would be a very interesting dynamic, wouldn't it?

Becky: Yes.

Oliver: Right.

Becky: Definitely.

Oliver: Well, let's leave that stuff there, all the psychic stuff there, and I'm going to ask you your last couple of questions before we let you go because we're conscious of your time. We wanted to ask you, what was the last book you read or box set that you watched, or both?

Becky: Well, do you know my spare bedroom has a bookshelf? It's absolutely crammed with books because I'm always studying; not always but a lot of my time, spare time that I have (if I have any), I love studying how the brain works and about our cells and things like that. So, I don't really read any novels. Most of my books are, like I said, research books on healing and the Akashic Records, obviously about hypnotherapy, about the brain, and about biology, and things like that. But saying that, I did buy William Roche, He's Ken from Coronation Street.

Oliver: Right, yep, yep.

Becky: He's called William Roche, ‘Life and Soul’. I saw him being into interviewed on this morning, I think it was this morning, Good Morning Britain. And his approach to life is just amazing. So, I bought his book, but I haven't actually got around to reading it yet. And the last box set, I mean, I love ‘Peaky Blinders’ and I loved ‘Game of Thrones’. The newspapers have actually referred to me as a real-life Brandon Stark. I don't know if you've watched Game of Thrones, have you?

Oliver: I'm going to admit it and say I've never watched it. I'm sorry, no.

Becky: Oh my gosh!

Oliver: Everyone says that to me, “You should watch it.” I'm going to watch it at some point, I will. I promised many people.

Becky: Some of your viewers will have watched Game of Thrones, and what he does is he closes his eyes and they go on a bit weird. I don't do that. But he's able to go back through time and see what happens. So, that's a kind of easy way of describing the newspapers have described me as doing that. And so, I'm the real-life Brandon Stark.

Oliver: Right, I see. Okay, brilliant. People are going to be listening now going, “Why hasn't this guy seen Game of Thrones?

Becky: I know. Yeah, so, yeah, and Peaky Blinders I like as well.

Oliver: Yeah, okay, great. Well, that's good to hear about that stuff. We always like to hear what people are reading, what they're into on TV and stuff like that and on streaming platforms. So, it's always nice for people to hear that. Well, it's been fantastic to have you on the show today here on Psychic Social, Becky. Before we let you go, can you tell people where they can find you? What's the best ways to get in contact with you, so your website, social media, etc.?

Becky: Okay, yeah, of course. My website is beckywilloughby.co.uk. I have 2 Facebook pages. One of them is Becky Willoughby Hypnotherapist Well-being Coach. The other one is Becky Willoughby Lost Pet Service and Animal Communicator. So, I've kept them separate, although they are kind of integrating a little. I am on Instagram. beckywilloughby@icloud.com is my email. My contact details and my phone number and everything is on the website and on the Facebook pages anyway. So, I don't really need to give that out here.

Oliver: No.

Becky: But I am doing a talk in May, I think is the 17th and 18th of May in Birmingham at the Hypno-Meetups live. And I'm going to be promoting my masterclass. So, I'm going to be starting to teach this in workshops. I can't obviously teach people to find lost pets. That's took me 26 years to get where I am now. But I am going to be starting to teach people how to use their senses more, and then who knows? They might be finding lost pets. And there's also going to be an online course as well.

Oliver: Excellent. What's the online course? Is there a name for the online course?

Becky: I haven't got that far yet.

Oliver: TBC, right, okay. Cool, okay, no worries. Alright, so as I said, it's been fantastic having you on, and we'd love to have you on for a part 2 show at some point in the future. Maybe we can have a deep dive into your hypnotherapy or something like that, which we haven't covered massively today. But would you be up for that? We'd love to have you on again.

Becky: Yeah, of course.

Oliver: Yeah.

Becky: Of course.

Oliver: Okay, great. Well, it's been wonderful having you again. Thank you very much, Becky, and we'll see you again soon.

Becky: Thank you very much for inviting me, Oliver. Bye-bye.

Oliver: No worries. Bye-bye.

Becky: Thank you.

Oliver: Bye-Bye.

Outro: Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today's show is brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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