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Interview with Psychic Medium and Health Intuitive – Richard Morley. We talk about his emergence as a psychic, his healing work, conversations about his life, meditation and his take on the afterlife.



*(This podcast was recorded on 17/02/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Richard Morley PSPE:007

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Show Transcript

Intro: Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Host: On this episode of Psychic Social.

Richard: I've been doing one with someone recently who's got mental health problems and we've been doing like deep meditations it's helped him no end. And in fact, he said that after the first session, he said that he's had… he had the 2 best days he’s had in like 20 years.

Host: A very warm welcome to Psychic Social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk, the definitive psychic directory in the UK, connecting people for the very best psychic reading experience the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk. Now, on each podcast, we’ll be providing you with great content for everything psychic, and we'll be interviewing a different psychic each week, finding out all about them, their journey into the fascinating psychic world. And some of their stories including past readings, they've carried out; some fun, some tear jerkers, and some heartwarming ones along the way, I'm sure. So, without further ado, let's get right into the show.

Today's guest has been a psychic medium for nearly 3 decades, he has the ability to connect with spirit loved ones and has the art of prophecy to help guide people on their earth path. He also has the honor of connecting with the angel realms, blending with him and enlightening him with the ability to scan people's souls, locate ailments, and advise on the best way forward for them. His passion lies in educating people in the spirit world, the angel realms, and his at his happiest when he's helping people regain health through holistic practice and diet. He truly believes that the body and soul can be healed by mediumship, psychic and physical healing, behavioral adjustments, and life coaching. The person I'm talking about and today's guest on Psychic Social is Richard Morley. So, let's get to know much more about him right now.

Hi, Richard, and welcome to the show. How are you today?

Richard: Yeah, I'm not too bad. Thanks very much. Excited about being on here.

Host: Great stuff. Well, we're excited to have you on Psychic Social. What have you been up to today?

Richard: Well, I was meant to be in Devon visiting my sister, Nicky. But because of the severe sort of weather warnings and they actually shut off quite a few roads, I've had to stay in sunny old Southend on sea. So, I was meant to be doing a few reading today for people in Devon, but I haven’t able to do that. So, I'm actually having a nice chilled today off actually.

Host: Great, okay. But it’s a shame, isn't it, that you didn't get to make it down there. That's just storm Dennis, I take it, that we've just had.

Richard: Yeah, storm Dennis, yeah. Well, Nicky rang me on the day it was meant to go down and she said that is actually like ripping the coast up. So, it's a good idea not for me to go down there, it’s too dangerous. So, unfortunately, I have to stay in Southend.

Host: Probably best not to go, yeah. Okay. Well, it's great to have you on the show. We'd like to kick off the show with our first question to you, and that is for you to take us back to the start. We wanted to ask you, how did you become a psychic? Was this passed down from a family member or grandmother or mother? Was there another way the gift came to you?

Richard: Well, it's all in family, to be honest. As I said, Nicky's a psychic medium. My sister Sarah was a psychic medium as well. My mum was a medium, but she lost faith when my dad passed, so she stopped working. And my granddad, my dad's dad, was the seventh son of the seventh son and is the most spiritual guru I'd ever met, you know? So, it was all in the family. And even from a young age, when I was around 5, I was walking around the house, and I remember because my mum stopped me. I had like a knife, like a pen opener… like an envelope… envelope opener and I was running around the house with that. My mum said, “What’s the matter?” I said, “Oh, someone's broken in,” this is at the age of 5. But I wasn't… I was seeing spiritual people, but I thought there’s people in the house. So, it started from a very early age. And… and it's always been like a way of life really for us. It's always like normal.

Host: Right.

Richard: So… so it's kind of started there. So, it’s just been like a normal thing for me. As in my actually working as a medium, I've only been doing it for the last couple of years. But, up to… I was always… I was doing readings, but you know, like professionally, I've only been doing it for a couple of years now.

Host: Okay. So, just rolling back to what you're saying when you were a child, what sort of things were you seeing? Were you seeing shadows or actual apparitions or solid people, or what were you… what was manifesting in front of you?

Richard: Everything really. I mean, I had… my intuition was very good there. So, I was feeling a lot… you know, I was feeling a lot of spirit people. But I did actually see people walking past my room. And there was always… when I was standing at the top of the stairs, I used to see people walk pass the bottom of stairs and walk into their lounge all the time. And I'd run down there to see who it was, but then I couldn't see them. So, it was a bit of everything really, to be honest.

Host: Right, okay. And as a psychic, do you… do you work clairvoyantly, clairsentiently, clairaudiently, or all 3 or a mixture of those? How does it work with you?

Richard: It's just it's a mixture of everything really. You know, like I say, sometimes you just feel what's right to say, what to say. Sometimes I'll see things. I do lately, more so lately, I've really been like, smelling a lot of things.

Host: Right.

Richard: So, for instance, the other day, I was doing a reading and a real, real strong smell of tobacco smoke come through, and I said, “Whoa, he used to smoke roll ups, this guy,” and it was like, you know, you could… you could smell the sort of strong tobacco that you smoke, and she's like, “Yeah.” But it was more so lately, I've been getting that a lot where the smell of, you know, the person or the perfume, all that that's coming through. So, yeah, that's been quite good. It's been a bit… bit of an upgrade.

Host: Right, okay. That's very interesting. So, you're seeing, you're hearing, and you’re sensing, and you’re smelling as well.

Richard: Yeah.

Host: All at the same time. Wow, that’s very interesting. Now, on your website, we can see this, there's lots of stuff going on there. We sort of get the impression there’s very much a holistic approach to your psychic work. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Richard: Yeah. Well, I'm actually a health intuitive. So, I'll pick up on ailments they’ve had in the past and stuff that's going on with their health as well at the moment. And I'll also get a feeling for what sort of medication they should be taking. Because sometimes, I'll just get the name of the medication popped in my head, or what supplements they should be on, and also diet changes that will help them as well. So, I've been doing that for a while now, and it's been quite good. I’ve had some quite positive results from that as well. And it's been nice because I've helped quite a few people like get well. And also within that, I also pick up on any sort of negative energy, as in like depressive… depression energy, that sort of thing. And so we can work on that side of things as well, which… which is always good because there's obviously a fine balance between the body and the mind.

Host: Mm-hmm.

Richard: So, that way, if we work with both of them, we can get their health back up or, you know, not saying I can cure people, but I'm saying that I can help them to relieve certain symptoms.

Host: And you can steer them on the right path as such. So, potentially, if they're not taking, you know, the medication that might be helping them from the doctor, you can tell them to go back to the doctor and maybe sort of suggest, you know, that they should try this or try that or something that you might have suggested through your… your psychic visions or work with that person.

Richard: Yeah, that's right. And then the other thing is, obviously, me and Nicky, we both suffer from a stress-related condition like ME, and I get a lot of people come to me from that. And also, because my life experience of that as well, I've helped a lot of people with that as well. So, it is… it's really good to be in a position where I can help people in that respect. Likes so, I'm not a doctor or anything like that. But like, you said there, sometimes I'll get… I'll get a feeling that their medication might need to be reviewed, you know, things like that. So, they go back and then they… and they change their medication, they start to feel better that way as well.

Host: Right.

Richard: So, it's all good because obviously, you know, you're helping people to sometimes get back to work or get back into their life because they've been so unwell.

Host: Yeah, that's great, isn't it, to help people you know, get back on the right track, and like you said, get back to work or, you know, not be at home anymore unwell. And in terms of the supplementations, does this… does the… does this come to you through your guides or through your senses to tell them what type of supplements they should be getting, or are you using some of your experience that you… you've learned about supplements to help them along the way? Or is it… is it… is it being fed to you, so, “This person needs to be on vitamin D,” or something like that?

Richard: Yeah.

Host: Are you told that through… through… through your… through a guide or something like that, or how does that work?

Richard: Yeah. Well, I think it works both ways actually there because obviously, I've helped a lot of people, so I still get a feeling of what they should be, you know, to tell them with certain ailments. But I have been… I do get… because I work with Angel realms you see, so I do get a lot of like supplements and that's sort of basically placed in my head. For instance, there’s one which was like cactus, I said, “I'm getting cactus. You should be taking cactus,” and I thought, “Actually, you can't eat cactus. Surely, it ain't good for you.”

Host: It’s going to hurt, isn’t it?

Richard: And then when I… and then when I Googled it afterwards, it’s actually used for pain relief.

Host: Right.

Richard: And it’s a supplement.

Host: Right.

Richard: S… so, I get that a lot of the time. Also, I get what I call triggers. So, if I get the woman for instance drinking a glass of red wine, for some reason, that means that there's like a hormone problem, like a hormone imbalance or something like that.

Host: Right.

Richard: So, they've sort of work with me on these little triggers to help me sort of get through the reading and to get… get on the right path with people basically with their health issues.

Host: It sounds very interesting, yeah, you’re taking the full approach to helping these people, obviously in conjunction with… with their doctor, like you say, and the supplementation; so, it sounds great. Now, it's going to move me on to my next question, which was, what's the most important thing to you about being a psychic? I think you briefly touched on this already, but… but tell… tell the listeners a bit more about what's the most important thing to you about being a psychic.

Richard: Like I… yeah, earlier, I said helping people basically. So, if I can… obviously mediumship and healing it's the same sort of thing for me really. Because obviously if you're… if you're grieving someone who's passed, and then I bring them through for you and you… and you get a nice, you know, sort of sense of relief that they're… they’re well up there and they're doing fine, and then they also come through and they help you with your… you know, your life and whatever's going on with you at that time, then, to me, that's healing as well, you know? So, it's the whole healing aspect, healing the mind, the body, the soul, and helping people through their life. Because, you know, life isn't easy, to be honest.

Host: Mm-hmm.

Richard: And so sometimes, just by, you know, getting mum, dad, or your brother through and knowing that they're okay, and also proving that it’s actually them, you know, it just… it's just a big relief for people.

Host: Mm-hmm.

Richard: And when people say to me, “You know, that's helped me a lot,” or, “You know, I feel much better about this now. And thank you for helping me with my health or whatever,” it just… it just makes me feel good. And it is the best part of the job. As I say to people all the time, it's the best job in the world. It's the best job I've ever done.

Host: Hmm. Most wonderful to help people, isn't it, if you can, no matter what you're doing. But if you're doing it for… for a living, even better, isn't it?

Richard: Yeah.

Host: Now, obviously, we've spoken to your sister on Psychic Social, Nicky Alan. We were talking to her about her guides and who they were. Do you have your own guides, personal guides? And if you do, how many do you have?

Richard: Alright. So, I've got this really beautiful Indian woman that's always been with me… well, I say always, I think for the last sort of 10 years, she's been with me. And she's actually a brother of one of Nicky's guides. She came through to me whilst we was doing a trance meditation, and she’s stuck with me. But I have… she's always there, but I have other guides come in and out all the time. And I think it depends on stuff I'm going through or what sort of upgrades I get, if you like, or, you know, what stage I'm going through with the people I'm working with as well. So… but she's always with me. She's… she's the one that really helps me with my health intuitive work as well. But she's always there. But like I say, I always say like different guides come in. Sometimes, they bring knowledge, you know, and sometimes, like I said, they bring me sort of different aspects to what I'm doing as well, you know, so like I said, upgrades and things like that. So…

Host: So, you have the…

Richard: … that’s how it works with me.

Host: They'll come and go. So, you won't have like 2-set guides or 3-set guides or 1-set guide, the different ones will come and go, is that right?

Richard: Yeah, that's right. So, Like I say, I always had the one guide, she's always with me. But I do get it…. I mean, they might stay with me for months, you know, they might have stay with me for a year or so. But they do change. They do swap and change.

Host: Okay, that's very interesting, okay. Now, my next question to you was, are there any heartwarming stories that stand out from any of your readings over the years?

Richard: Heartwarming stories. There was one lady who was really suffering with her health. She'd been diagnosed with like fibromyalgia, and but she also had really bad reactions to… she couldn’t even wash her hair. She couldn't even rinse her hair with like water. She had to use bottled water because it would just bring her skin up and it be painful. She couldn't use makeup or anything like that. So, the first time I saw her, we changed her diet, put her on the right supplements. That kind of helped her sort of 50, 60%. And then there was a drug that sort of popped into my head whilst I was doing another reading. And she's done that and she's like doing so much well, and it's unbelievable. She's gone back at work, she's sort of 90% back to health, and she's just so much more happier. So, to me, that's… you know, it's not… it's not that heartwarming, but to me, that means that I've, you know, job done basically, I've done a good job. And there's quite a few, you know, little stories like that where people are sort of back, you know, where they… where they should be, like working and enjoying life.

Another one that comes to mind was there was this lady that had booked a reading with me. And… and I didn't realize that her dad only passed like a week ago. And he came through really strong for her, and it was almost like he was standing next to me. It was a really good reading. And she kept on having more readings, and it came apparent to me that she was sort of living through me so she could sort of… you know, sort of keep her dad alive, if you like. And her energy wasn't too good. She's quite depressed because she… she absolutely loved her dad, and he was basically her life. And this is where it's quite good where I work with Nicky, because I was sitting there and I thought, “You know what? I'm going to have to tell her that she can't have any more readings because she needs to grieve.” And then as I thought that, the words Prism Living come in, and it's a course that Nicky does that helps people with grief and helps you get your energy back up and sort of… sort of move on with your life and things, really good for people that have depression issues. And she used to be so upset and, I mean, she used to be so low when I used to talk to her on the phone.

Anyway, I put her on this course and I said, “I'm not going to be able to readings for a while because I want you to grieve.” Anyway, I put her on this course. And then she did book another reading with me, I thought, “Oh god, here we go. She's… she's not done it.” And anyway, when I picked up the phone, she was like, “Hello,” I said, “Whoa, your energy’s changed. You seem a lot happier,” she went, “Yeah, I feel great. You know, the course is brilliant. You know, I'm loving it. And, you know, I feel a lot better about dad now and everything's great and everything’s brilliant.” And that just, again, it just felt like, “Job done, I'm really happy for you.” And it just… it just… again, it's that warm feeling of like, “Now, I've helped someone,” and it's brilliant.

Host: That’s… that’s really… really lovely. It must be really fulfilling for you to… to… to have those kind of stories to tell and to experience that, you know, a lot, I should… I should imagine probably on almost on a daily basis.

Richard: Yeah, that's it. And that's what… as I said earlier, it's the best job ever.

Host: Yeah.

Richard: And like I said, to get paid for it… I always say to people, “If I was a millionaire, if I was a multi-millionaire, I wouldn't even charge for it. I’d just do it in and just be…”

Host: Yeah, why wouldn’t you? Exactly, yeah, yeah, for sure. Well, that moves us nicely into the break. We're hearing some great stuff from Richard Morley, the psychic here. And we're going to catch up with some more stuff from Richard and some more stories from him in part 2. So, we'll see you after this.

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Narrator: This is Psychic Social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Host: Welcome back to part 2 of Psychic Social and our chat with Richard Morley. Now, continuing on from the last question, before the break, I have another one for you here, and it was, are there any funny or hilarious stories that really stood out for you from any of your readings?

Richard: Funny or hilarious? Yeah, I'll tell you what was funny. Me and Nicky, we do like live feeds on Facebook. And the… we were… this time, we actually tried to do it on YouTube. And because our ratings got so high, the live feed went out to all the people that do all the gaming, because like they do all the live… live feeds on gaming, don’t they?

Host: Mm-hmm.

Richard: And so, we had gamers on there and they started going on there and writing stuff. And what happened was some… this… there’s this one guy and the stuff he was writing, it was really rude, but it just was so funny that, as I was reading it, I just started laughing. And Nicky was like, “What are you laughing at?” I was in the middle of a reading, it’s really… it’s really unprofessional, to be honest. But we're in the middle of this reading, Nicky, “What are you laughing at?” I went, “Look at that,” and we started laughing so hard that we had to… we couldn't carry on with the reading. We was actually rolling around. It's all… it's all on Facebook.

Host: Okay.

Richard: We're actually rolling around like laughing so hard, and he carried on. And in the end, he got the hump because he was trying to upset us…

Host: Right.

Richard: … but we found it funny. And I actually said, “You can come back again,” I invited him back because it was so funny. So, he didn't… again, I didn’t sort of have the desired effect that he wanted, but we laughed. And to be honest, everybody that was watching it, they all found it funny as well. They were also cracking up as well. Yeah, that was quite…

Host: So, they were trying to troll you as such on YouTube?

Richard: Yeah, that's it. Yeah, they're trying to troll us, but it just didn't work.

Host: Didn’t work, yeah.

Richard: It just made us laugh.

Host: Too much love and light. Exactly, right, okay. Well, my next question to you off the back of that was, this is something that we ask every guest that we have on on Psychic Social, and that is, what are your thoughts and feelings about the afterlife and what happens after we leave earth?

Richard: Right, okay. So, for me, I've always felt that, you know, there's like one place where we go and there's one place where we are. And I sort of stand in the middle and I'm, you know, the conduit, I can talk to people from one side to the other, like I’m the medium, I’m the one in the middle that's passing information. And I always thought of it as black and white. And then Nicky started talking to me about angels, and I've never been one that's been sort of, you know, to read the Bible and thought about God and angels and all that sort of stuff. I had some experiences a little while after she started talking to me about it that made me believe. I mean, these… I’d have to write a book about it, I can't even go into it here, it’s such a long story. But it was so powerful that it just changed my life. And I was like, “Yeah, I believe in angels now, definitely.” So, I know that there’s angel realms, I know that they help us work, and I know that they look after us. And as soon as people accept that, their lives get better. I've seen it happen a lot of times.

Host: Mm-hmm.

Richard: But, yeah, I do believe that we go to another place. I don't believe it's anywhere near anything like our material world here. I know for a fact that there's no such thing as time there. Time’s like a human thing.

Host: Mm-hmm.

Richard: It's not… it's not… you know, that's not there. And I know that because they've spoken to me about that through meditations and things. So… and I believe that, you know, I have one guy say, “You know, what’s my dad wearing when he’s up there, and all that lot?” and I said, “Well, I'll tell you what he's wearing now, but this is just for you so that you can connect with him,” I said, “But there's… you know, they don't sort of get up in the morning and put clothes on and all that. It's a totally different kind of thing. We’re a different sort of entity there. We have soul recognition with each other up there. It's not facial or anything like that.” Because obviously, I believe as well that we live different lives. So, we can, you know, live in a different time period. We can live different lives. And… and it's not like… it was like I said about the linear time thing, that that's… that's only a human thing. That's not… that's…

Host: That’s manmade, isn't it, time? It's obviously…

Richard: Yeah.

Host: Yeah.

Richard: It's just so that we can organize ourselves. Well, they don't need that kind of organization up there, you know? So… and that's why sometimes spirit come through, they'll show themselves during readings as a young person, you know, or they'll come through as, you know, how they looked before they passed, that sort of age. I have it quite a lot. I've actually had people whilst doing a reading, come in, you know, when they… you know, just before they passed and show me how they looked. And then they come in again as a young person. I'm thinking it's a different person coming in, and they've gone, “Actually, no, that's my… that's… that's my uncle when he's just showing you when he was younger. He’s just trying to sneak back in the reading again.”

Host: Right, okay.

Richard: That's… that's what they do. So, that's what I think things, you know? I feel that we come down here just to experience, because in the spirit world, there's only the emotion of love; that's the only thing there is there. And I think we come here to experience all the other things, you know, them… all the other emotions. It's a little bit like, you know, basically playing the computer game really, you know? You're sort of they're controlling it, sort of, and then you're experiencing stuff that you wouldn't in the real world, you know? And so, and that's how I see it, that we're actually coming down here just to experience that because we can't experience it up there. Because there's no such thing as hate or jealousy, or anything like that, you know? So… and that's… that's my look on it anyway, that's how I believe it is.

Host: Sure. And we’re… we're here to, from what… from the understanding that I get from all the psychics I… I’ve spoken to on the show is that we're here, like you said, you know, to do a job to learn as well, to get a greater level of understanding from the existence that we… we take and the life that we take in in whatever human form we take. And we… that may have happened, you know, hundreds of thousands of times in thousands of lives before, and it may go on after that until we…

Richard: Yeah.

Host: … until we learn a certain amount of things, number of things, and then we move up when we… when we die in an incarnation and… and move on to somewhere else. is that… is that what you think probably happens?

Richard: Yeah, I think so. I think that we… also, I think that we choose our life path before we come here. So, often, there's a certain amount of free will, but we definitely have definitely… know that sort of definite times when something happens when something changes in our life, you know?

Host: Mm-hmm.

Richard: And I also believe that we ask people to jump in to… to make sure that we are edged towards that, you know, sort of destination point each time. So, yeah, exactly what you're saying you know, we go ahead and it is all about, you know, we do a lot of learning. I think a lot of us, there's a lot of us that come… that are put down here as Earth Angels, if you like, to sort of help everybody else and steer them. But, like I say, I believe that there's a life path that we follow, but there is a certain amount of free will. But we always get edged back to what we're meant to be doing and, you know, where we're meant to be eventually. So, yeah.

Host: This is something that Nick… that Nicky mentioned, I think as well about being on your path, you know? If you… if you're not… if you're veering off the path that you're supposed to be on, you get put back on it in some way, shape, or form, whether it be by an angel, or by, you know, another being, you know, that puts you back on… onto the path you should be taking.

Richard: Yeah, that's right as well. I think we have friends that come and go.

Host: Yeah.

Richard: You know? You sort of…

Host: Sure.

Richard: … have people in your life that don't stay there forever, and you know, and then they come and go. And they've helped you with whatever it is you need at that time.

Host: Yeah.

Richard: And it could be the most smallest thing, you know, it can be the most smallest thing that sort of just gets you on there. It could be just a couple of words and it just makes you change your approach to whatever situation, but they're just steering you in the right place again.

Host: Yeah. Well, a couple of times you mentioned in the show so far about your meditations. Can you tell us a bit more about your meditations, what you do in those and in terms of your connection to your spirit guides? Is it through the meditations or how does that all work for you?

Richard: Okay. So, what I do with my meditations are, because I feel very attuned to nature, if you like, so when I meditate, I always have sounds of nature on. I like to be sort of by a waterfall or river. Lately, I've been… tropical rain forest sounds, I've been putting them on because I love the thunder and all the… you know, the rain coming down. It just really relaxes me. And soon as I close my eyes, it brings me straight to the rainforest, you know? But I also like to meditate in the bath.

Host: Okay. With a rubber duck?

Richard: Yeah. And I get in the bath, put some candles around, get me tropical rain forest…

Host: Lovely, okay.

Richard: … sound on, lay down in the nice bath. I'm topping the bath up. I've been in there for 3 hours before…

Host: Really?

Richard: … topping the… topping the wall around. Yeah.

Host: You turn into a prune, no?

Richard: Yeah, yeah, I do, yeah, definitely. But and I… you know, I always put like Epsom salts and things like that in there as well because it relaxes you more, makes the magnesium and that relaxes your muscles more. And… and I just drift off and I connect with Angel realms or, like I say guides, depending on whatever it is I need to do. To me, meditation just sort of means to clear mind basically, so whatever I'm going through at the time, they might just bring me or hints of what I should be doing. You know, because especially like recently, because of like, we've got these shows coming up and stuff like that, they've sort of been putting me in the right frame of mind and sort of helping me towards that kind of things. Because it's different energy I'm working with. And I had the same thing, they sort of done the same thing with me when I started doing the live feeds as well. And because it is a different energy, every time, it's always like a different sort of way of working. So, they've done that with me. But yeah, my meditations are, to be honest, I love them. And I do what I call a healing meditation as well like… so, like I say, cause I’ve got ME, if I'm having a particularly bad one and I'm crashing, I have a healing meditation, I will be in the bath for a couple of hours. But when I come out, I feel amazing. I feel much better. And I can move on, you know? And I do the same thing with colds and stuff as well. If I get a cold, I’ll eat sort of raw garlic and ginger and things like that, make some teas and stuff, and they'll sit in there with me tea, get in the bath and do a healing meditation. And I feel so much better when I get out of the bath.

Host: Mm-hm.

Richard: So, it works in a lot of ways. Obviously meditation, soon as you balance your mind and… and relax your body, you can just unravel all your life's problems, I believe. I've been doing one with someone recently who's got mental health problems, and we've been doing like deep meditations, and It's helped him no end. And in fact, he said that, after the first session, he said that he's had… he had the 2 best days he’s had in like 20 years.

Host: Oh, fantastic.

Richard: Yeah, he said, “I felt…” he goes… he goes, “I didn't feel my heartbeat,” and I thought, “What’d you mean you didn’t feel your heartbeat?” you know, thinking, “My God, what have I done to him?” And he said, “Because my anxiety is so bad, my… my heart like literally jumps out of my chest all the time,” he said, “But for 2 days, I couldn’t feel that,” I was like, “Brilliant.” And that's… that's what it's all about. And that's why I think meditation is a really important tool, whether you're spiritual or not, you know, whether you believe in, you know, God, Buddha, Superman, whatever, it doesn't really matter, because meditation is just… it's just clearly… it just clears your mind, it helps to sort of heal the body. It's just a great tool just to get through life.

Host: It's… it’s really a powerful thing. I mean, I’ve personally been meditating for over 10 years. And it's a really powerful thing, isn't it, when you can be able to get to the point where you can sit down for 10, 15, 20 minutes (if you can reach that long) and just be with yourself and your mind and your thoughts and just close everything off and just… you know, just be. But what would you say to people who… because I know I've got a lot of friends and family who… who don't meditate, and… and when I suggest, you know, the concept of it to them, they just said, “I couldn't even sit for a minute,” with their own thoughts. So, what do you say to people who… who would want to try meditation potentially and… and in that sense and try and relax with their own thoughts? How… is there a way of your technique you teach people?

Richard: Yeah, well, basically, it's funny because when I do readings to say to people, “You know what? You need to meditate. You need to sort of… you know, sort of connects up there and relax your body and your mind,” they go, “Oh, I can’t meditate. I find it really hard to meditate.” And I always say to them, “Meditation is personal. There's no real sort of no right way of doing it, you know? If you feel happy sitting under a tree, meditate underneath a tree, you know? If you feel happy, sort of floating in a swimming pool, float in a swimming pool. Wherever you feel comfortable, whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy, do, you know?” Some people meditate to like Pink Floyd, you know? Some people meditate… could meditate to heavy metal if they wanted to. So, it's all it's all about whatever makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. And that's the main thing, you need to be relaxed. What I always say to people, “A good way to start off and say sort of teaching yourself to go for the meditation is to imagine a white light starting at your head and then going down your body. And each time it sort of, say it reaches your neck or your shoulders, you sort of… sort of mindfully think, ‘Are my shoulders relaxed?’ you know, if they're rounded, then you sort of relax them. And then as the light goes down, you think, ‘Oh, is my back relaxed? You know, are my arms relaxed?’ until you get to your toes. Because in that way, you're basically telling your body to relax and you're doing it consciously,” you know?

Host: It’s a body scan, isn't it? Yeah.

Richard: Yeah, basically a body scan just to sort of make sure that everything is alright. But a lot of people they say, “Oh, by the time I get to my stomach I was away with the fairies anyway,” because, you know, I mean, they're concentrating, they're not thinking about anything else. They're not thinking about their everyday life stuff. They're not thinking about work, not thinking about kids. They're thinking about relaxing their body. And then, you know, it's like me. If I sit and read a book, within about 5 minutes, I'm falling asleep. I can't read; I can’t read books. It's just, as I start to read and it just relaxes me so much, I'm off, you know?

Host: Yeah.

Richard: And, again, you know, it's just finding the right thing. And like I say, sound, I think is really important. I think sound is really important because, if you're sitting there just sort of laying on your bed and you start to sort of try and relax and then you got someone shouting outside or a police car goes past this, this can be quite hard to concentrate. Later on when you're meditating in that way, it won't bother you, you'll just see it as part of the meditation. But so I think headphones are always a good thing, music, like I say, nature sounds, that sort of thing, just to take you way from your space that you're in at the moment is a real good thing to do.

Host: Yeah, if you've got a particularly noisy space that you're in or you live in the middle of an inner city or something like that.

Richard: Yeah.

Host: But so, yeah, I've learned a very good technique when… from meditating when imagining an imaginary cloud going across the top of your head, and any thoughts that you have. Because people, you know, when they try to meditate and haven't done it before, they get lots of thoughts going through their head, and they can't… so they’re trying to clear their mind, you know, consciously, but obviously, that's impossible. But what the technique was is just to let each thought flow up from the top of your head into the cloud and just fly off into the distance. And every time you had a thought, just let the thought go into the cloud and head off. And I found that…

Richard: Yeah.

Host: … quite useful, you know, to think of that while I was meditating.

Richard: Yeah, that's quite a good one. I’ll use that!

Host: Yeah, that's good, yeah.

Richard: Yeah. Another one I do is following a butterfly as well, and that's another one. Because, you know, sometimes, when I take people into, like guided meditation, I'll get them to actually look at specific details, you know? So, if I've got them in the woods, I’ll say to them, “There's a butterfly flying past, you know, sort of. What’s… what’s the color of the butterfly?” you know, and that sort of thing, because then, they're sort of con… they sort of concentrate on that thing, which also, they're concentrating on that, they're not thinking about other stuff. You know, what I mean? So, that works as well, I found. So… but I find that when I take people into guided meditations, the best place to take them is somewhere in nature, somewhere lovely, beautiful, and, you know, and sort of out there. I know one person who likes to be in the Arctic, they like to just be having snow around them.

Host: Right, okay.

Richard: Place just white basically, they love that, you know? So… yeah, so it's just personal, like I say, it's personal wherever, you know? Let’s say you do your thing with the cloud. Some people do like a say the butterfly. Some people like to be by river, by the sea or wherever. It's very personal. And that's what you got to do. You got to find what is good for you, what helps you to relax and what helps you to sort of get through your meditation.

Host: Yeah. And it's, like you said is vitally important I think for… for everyone's mental health. And I think if it… was it the Dalai Lama said if… if everyone meditated for 20 minutes every day in the world, in the next 50 years, we'd eradicate war completely, you know?

Richard: Yeah.

Host: And, yeah, I think that more people should try and make it part of their daily life. But you can only lead a horse to water, you can’t… you can’t make people do it, I suppose.

Richard: Yeah, exactly. I mean, I think to be honest, it's… sometimes, it's better than like watching TV. It's like… it’s like something…

Host: It is, yeah.

Richard: … you can do. It's like a pastime. You can actually go to do a little meditation now rather than watching TV or whatever.

Host: Yeah.

Richard: It's actually something that you can get in and actually do because it can be quite enlightening. You know, some of the things you see, some of the inspiration you get from what you do. You know, there's a lot of good poets and songwriters out there, they meditate and they get a lot of inspiration from it, you know? So, it’s… yeah, it’s important. And it's definitely, like you say, about the, you know, eradicating war, it does chill you, it does relax you, and it does make you notice as well and see that all the things you worry about in everyday life, you know, sort of money and work and relationships and that, they don't… they're not necessarily as important as what you think they are, you know, because you just sort… it takes you out of that space for a little while, then you start looking and go, “Actually, is it that bad?”

Host: And you concentrate more on the present moment instead of, you know, when you're looking into the future, you're always anxious, aren't you? So, when you concentrate… concentrating constantly, while as much as you can on the present moment, then the anxiety becomes less, doesn’t it?

Richard: Yes, absolutely, yeah, absolutely right. That's right, yeah.

Host: Well, that's all very interesting stuff. I'm sure, I mean, I could talk to you about meditation for the next 2 hours, probably. But we can't unfortunately, because the show has a time limit. So, we'll leave that stuff there. And we're now going to ask you some unrelated psychic stuff and unrelated meditation stuff, which is, what is the last book you read or books that you watched?

Richard: Right. Okay, so the last book I read was probably about 20 years ago.

Host: Right. Oh, we just mentioned you didn't read, that you fall asleep when you read a book, yeah.

Richard: I fall asleep, yeah.

Host: Yeah.

Richard: But it was that… it was ‘The Godfather’ I read, the last book I read.

Host: Right.

Richard: And the book before that was probably was Stephen King, ‘Desperation’, I think. But, yeah, I don't… I don't read, I'll be honest with you.

Host: Sure.

Richard: I don't read at all. I'm just… I'm just… I’m a bit… maybe I'm lazy. I like to sit and watch TV and stuff like that.

Host: In terms of boxsets, what… anything that you've watched, anything you like to watch on TV that you can tell us about?

Richard: Right. What am I watching it? I'm watching that Lock and Key at the moment. I don't know if you've seen that.

Host: I haven’t seen that. What’s that?

Richard: It’s… there’s this… they’re in this house, they've just moved to this house and it's got magical keys that do all different things. One’s… I think I've got to a point where one’s… there's an anywhere key where you put it in a door and go anywhere, you know, in the world. There's one that you've put in the back of your neck and it opens up your mind and then you can actually get in… and you actually sort of walk into your own mind. You can see stuff in the past that, you know, like memories and things like that. And there was another one which is a mirror key, which was not very nice. You walk in… walk through the mirror, but it's like a trap, that key, so it's not very nice one. But it's I like things like that. I like things like that, you know, like Harry Potter, anything magical, that sort of thing. I mean, I love Supernatural, but that’s just been on for a bit too long.

Host: Mm-hmm, sure.

Richard: And things like that. My other thing is, which is totally different from spirituality is I love zombies.

Host: Right, okay.

Richard: I love zombies. So, Walking Dead, that sort of thing, you know, I like… I love watching things like that. And…

Host: Right.

Richard: … I started watching Walking Dead from the beginning actually, because the first few series is really good. So… yeah, so anything sort of magical, mystical or with zombies in.

Host: Right, I see, it’s right up your street. Well, it's great to hear all that stuff, and listeners obviously love to hear all the things that our interviewees are kind of reading and watching as well. Well, it's just about… we're just about out of time now, so I'd just like to say it's been fantastic to have on the show today, Richard, on Psychic Social. But before we let you go, can you tell us where people can find you, the best ways to get in contact with you, so your website social media? Anything else that you’re currently selling or…?

Richard: Okay. So, to find me, you can go on www.richardmorleymedium.co.uk. And to be honest, if you just type in Richard Morley Medium on Google, I'll come up straight away. So, you can do that. I've also got a Facebook page which is the same thing, Richard Morley Psychic Medium and Health Intuitive. You'll find me there. The one thing I would say is that also, you'll following me… because if you follow Nicky, you'll find me all over there as well because we sort of talk about each other a lot on there. But I would say the one thing I'd like people to look at if possible is the show that's coming up with me and Nicky, which is be… it’s called The Power of 2, because it's both of us going up on stage. I think it's going to be really special. And I think it's going to be really fun as well. I'm really looking forward to it. A little bit nervous, but I'm really looking forward to that. So, if you can have a little look at that, I'm sure you'd quite enjoy that.

Host: Tell us… tell us where… where that's going to be, what the dates, are there tickets left for that?

Richard: Yeah. So, that's at Ambleside in Southend. Local for me, it's going to be a good one for Nicky because she's been away from the Essex scene for quite a long time. And that's kind of where… obviously where she started because she's an Essex girl originally. But she lives in Devon now. So, soon as we went live with that couple of days ago, it went a bit nuts, to be honest. And we sold sort of 2/3s of the tickets within like 24 hours, basically.

Host: Wow.

Richard: So yeah, so but there are still tickets available for that. Like I said, that's going to be a great show because if you've seen any of our shows that we do online, you will see that the energy is good. We have a laugh as well. It's not just about you know getting the messages out there, we do have a laugh. And that's why I'm looking forward to it because it's going to be a nice relaxed sort of… you know, sort of show. We don't sort of put pressure on ourselves…

Host: Sure.

Richard: … to be anything different than what we are, if you know what I mean.

Host: Right.

Richard: We just… our personalities, that's the way we are, you know? So, it's going to be good, it's going to be really enjoyable that one.

Host: Right, okay.

Richard: So, check that one out.

Host: And how much are the tickets for that?

Richard: They're £16.50, it's on the 1st of May, which is a Friday. But it… like, I say, it's well worth it. It's going to be quite a long show as well because it’s 2 of us doing it.

Host: And all the details for that are on your website, is that right?

Richard: Yeah, it’s all on my website. So, you'll find it all over Facebook as well.

Host: Right.

Richard: But it’s all on my website.

Host: And your shows you do online with Nicky, are they on YouTube, whereabouts can we find them?

Richard: Yeah, I think that's one that's been saved on YouTube. Because after the trolling thing, we… we decided we'll stick to Facebook.

Host: Right, okay.

Richard: But, yeah, they're… all the videos are actually been saved on Facebook as well.

Host: Right.

Richard: So, for my Facebook and… and on Nicky's as well.

Host: Okay. So, people can go there and have a look?

Richard: Yeah, they can have a look.

Host: Okay.

Richard: Yeah.

Host: Great. Okay, well, I think that's about it now. So, thank you very much, Richard, for joining us. And it's been lovely to speak with you today on Psychic Social. And hopefully, we can have a catch up with you again on another show at some point in the future, maybe a part 2 where we can deep dive into something with you. That'd be great.

Richard: Yeah. No, I’d loved that. I've really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Host: Great. Well, thank you very much, Richard, and take care. We'll see you soon.

Richard: Lovely. Cheers.

Host: Bye Bye.

Outro: Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today's show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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