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Interview with Psychic Tarot Card Intuitive – Julia Blake. On how she became a psychic, her work with the tarot, conversations about her life, and her take on the afterlife.



*(This podcast was recorded on 29/02/2020)




With Psychic Intuitive, Julia Blake PSPE:008

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:02] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:13] On this episode of Psychic Social. “We’re kind of down here to learn lessons. My belief is that for those of us that decide to come back time and time again, it’s because we want to experience or learn some other lessons.”

A very warm welcome to Psychic Social, the podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk, the definitive online psychic directory in the UK. You can check us out at phychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Today’s guest has been an intuitive psychic tarot reader for nearly 30 years. She owns and operates Shining Star Holistics, where she provides intuitive psychic readings in person or over video call. Through her website, she also offers tarot or angel parties, online spiritual workshops, spiritual life-coaching sessions, and holistic therapies. Shining Star Holistics has been providing these wonderful services for nearly a decade. So let’s hear more about this with today’s guest: Julia Star. Hi Julia, and welcome to the show! How are you today?

Julia: [01:58] I’m really good, thank you Oliver. And thank you for having me.

Oliver: [02:01] Well it’s a pleasure to have you on Psychic Social today. What have you been up to today, anything exciting?

Julia: [02:06] Well, not a great deal this morning. Just been trying to get on top of some email readings that people have booked in the week, because I like to get them out within two to three working days, so that people aren’t hanging around. And just a bit of admin. And then, talking to you.

Oliver: [02:21] Sounds good. It’s great. So how many email readings do you get? Do you get them on a daily basis or are they kind of…

Julia: [02:28] It’s normally about three to five a week. Sometimes if I do a special deal or if they all come flooding in in one day.

Oliver: [02:36] Right, ok.

Julia: [02:37] The thing is, in this job- but it’s not really a job, is it- no two weeks are ever the same. No day is ever the same.

Oliver: [02:45] I can imagine that, yeah. Ok, our first question to you, so we’ll kick off the show is, we wanted you to kind of go back to the beginning and how it all started for you in terms of becoming a psychic. Was it something that was passed down to you, was there a family member involved? Or was it something that you found yourself?

Julia: [03:03] Initially, I would say that it was something that I found myself. I realised as a quite young child I was experiencing a lot of déjà vu moments. Now, I know a lot of people have those, but it sort of intrigued me. And then that kind of led on to understanding a bit more about the zodiac signs. I’m a Sagittarius, so I love to learn. And I guess I probably bought my first tarot deck in, I think it must have been in my late teens. So probably 19, 20 something like that. I know I’d left home at that point.

Oliver: [03:40] Which deck did you buy? I mean, just out of interest. Was it a standard one or…

Julia: [03:44] I think it was a pretty standard Rider Waite. I’ve probably still got it somewhere.

Oliver: [03:50] Right, ok.

Julia: [03:52] But it was a case of looking at the pictures, reading the book that actually came with it. So it really was self-taught until many years later when I just realised that life had been at a massive crossroads. And I just decided to take it further, I guess. I guess my calling really happened, you know. Probably around 2008, 2009, it sort of came back. The cards were always there, but I was 30 when I had my children. I’ve got 17-year-old twins. So life got a little bit busy.

Oliver: [04:35] Right, I see. And what were you doing when you first started learning the cards? At what point did you start giving readings, or were you not doing them at all? How did that work for you?

Julia: [04:44] I wasn’t doing them at all. When they, as a teenager, it was just me. You know, didn’t really discuss it with anybody- family, friends- I was kind of like the bedroom tarot person. But when I came back to it later on, I still struggled with a lot of the images that come with the typical tarot deck. And obviously, at this point in time, I think I joined Facebook in 2008, 2009. I felt drawn to a particular deck called the Faulkner Tarot, which is a black and white deck that shows real people and real-life situations. And this really grasped my attention. I felt drawn into the cards, I remember receiving them and the energy that I got was absolutely amazing. So this kind of led to checking out this person on Facebook, who created the deck: Rhiannon Faulkner. And I think within a very short period of time, she was advertising a one-day introduction and I decided to go for it. I mean, for me, this was very out of character. I don’t drive the motorways particularly well. I don’t go to places I don’t know. But I drove all the way from my hometown in Kent all the way down to Andover. So it was about a three-hour journey. And I guess for me, that day, really opened up a lot more for me. I felt like I belonged. Which it kind of led on to, although I knew tarot, I knew a lot of the keywords, these images were really speaking to me. So I decided to invest in a 12-week course. Which I did, with a lovely lady. And a year after that, I actually became a Faulkner tarot trainer.

Oliver: [06:44] Right, ok.

Julia: [06:45] And the rest is history. It’s kind of developed into the healing modalities along the way, doing more and more courses: reiki, crystal healing. I have a love for astrology, numerology, Moon energy. You know, anything and everything I can get my hands onto, I’m drawn into finding out more.

Oliver: [07:09] Ok. Can you sort of roll back a little bit and kind of explain to people listening: What are the fundamental differences Faulkner tarot cards and, let’s say, Rider Waite for instance? Is it just the images, or are there any more differences than that? What’s in that?

Julia: [07:26] No, both decks are going to have 78 cards. Now, for me, I’m a very modern girl. Whenever I did my Art GCSE at school, it was abstract, it was simple, things that stood out. So with the Faulkner tarot deck, because it has these very clear images of everyday life, you kind of can relate it. And I’ve found since I’ve been using the deck now for 10 years, my clients can relate to it. And a lot of them, and even some of my students, they’ve had the Rider Waite and other Rider Waite inspired decks, but they all say the same. Because you can understand what that person is going through, say in the five of wands, where it is almost like holding his head, banging on the table, frustration. But yet in the Rider Waite, they are very traditional, and I’m not gonna take that away. Because I know there’s a lot of readers out there that do like the traditional. But for me, I think the one thing that really stood out was the court cards. In the tarot deck, for listeners, is listed into sections: the major arcana and the minor arcana. In the minor arcana, it’s kind of like a normal deck of cards, you’ve got an ace all the way through to a ten. But you then have the court cards: the page, the knight, the king and the queen. And they would be dressed in the attire you would expect in days gone by that kings and queens would be dressed in. But when you look at the Faulkner tarot, you’ve got very normal people. So my card, the queen of wands, which is the fire sign energies of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, shows a woman sat at the kitchen table, the lap top’s on, she’s on the phone, she’s got a child standing next to her, waiting to show homework, and another child maybe doing reading to her. So it just shows real multitasking energy that comes with the queen of wands. So for me, that is it in a nutshell: just being able to see those real situations because they are relatable. And with tarot, it’s all about the storytelling. So when you get two or three cards in a row, you start to see the story play out. And that, I feel, from my own personal experience and the feedback I get, is what the clients want to see.

Oliver: [10:10] And this sort of brings the whole experience more into the 21 century and like you say, becomes more relatable because they’re not looking at the card which the Rider Waite, some of their stuff looks like medieval times with the attire that people are wearing and things like that.

Julia: [10:28] It does! And you know, this is a really weird thing for me, because going back to my early 20s, I was sort of very much into King Arthur, the myth of Avalon, dragon stories and things like this. But still, that tarot deck did not speak to me. So it was only when I discovered the Faulkner tarot that I just felt, “Actually, this is something I want to take further,” and I’m so glad I did. And it opened so many amazing doors and opportunities for me.

Oliver: [11:01] Sounds great. And it sounds like a great trigger for you to sort of move you forwards into tarot reading.

Julia: [11:08] Definitely! It was almost like, I think, when I was going through my 20s, I think my own ambition in life was to be a mum. I’ve worked with children since I was 15, it was like, “I wanna go down that road, and that’s it. I don’t want a career or a purpose.” But actually, when I saw these cards on Facebook and I immediately ordered them from Amazon, it was kind of like something lit up in me again.

Oliver: [11:36] That’s fantastic.

Julia: [11:36] And I know it’s something that… You know, I’ve got various decks, but I’ve also got lots of brand-new Faulkner tarot decks, just in case. [laughter]

Oliver: [11:46] Right, I see. Ok. And kind of when you’re doing it, you’re using the Faulkner tarot deck when you’re doing readings. How does this work for you? Are you, I think we always kind of ask all our guests, how are they channeling their energies from spirit or things like that? Are they having clairaudiently or clairsentiently or are they seeing auras and things? How does it work for you when you’re doing a tarot reading with the Faulkner tarot card deck and what are you experiencing to transmit this to the person?

Julia: [12:18] So, with me, it’s very much that my guides come in. I tend to have different guides because I do the healing as well. So it’s almost as the right guides will step forwards. I do get a lot of the clairsentience, which is the feeling, the emotion. And my guides tend to show me very simple objects in my mind. I know a lot of readers or psychics will talk about the tv screen. They can see things playing out. But for me, and I think this goes back to my 20+ years in childcare, I get the symbols. And it’s almost like I’ve got my guides and we’ve got our own symbol dictionary. So if I see a ladder or I see a star in my mind, I know what that is going to be interpreted as. Now, I’m a strong believer that when I work with my guides, one of our catchphrases when we teach this particular tarot deck is, “Say what you see.” So it’s a little bit like Catchphrase. And I can look at the same card, you know, five times a week, and my guides will make me aware of something else that I need to see. Something that I may have never seen before. And this is something that’s happened to the creator of the deck, it happened to my students. It’s almost like the cards are evolving with us. And when we’re meant to see something for the right client, then we see it.

Oliver: [14:01] And how did you… Were your guides always with you? You’re obviously a firmly a spirit medium, is that right in saying that?

Julia: [14:07] I would probably say I’m more psychic with the mediumship that’s very much connecting to the loved ones. And yes, there have been many occasions when I’ve done this, whether it’s with a client or a workshop I’ve gone on. But again, it doesn’t take over for me. And Nicky would tell me off for saying this, she’s always saying, “You don’t need your cards.” The cards, I guess they’re like my security blanket.

Oliver: [14:41] Right, right. And just to say, that’s Nicky Alan. You’re friends with Nicky Alan who’s been on the podcast before. Just for the listeners. Sorry, carry on.

Julia: [14:52] Yeah, so very much it’s the clairsentience and the feeling. Sometimes the claircognizance comes out. That sense of “just knowing.”

Oliver: [15:02] Right, ok.

Julia: [15:04] Which is weird. Because you could be talking about something and maybe you can come up with a phrase or knowledge on something that actually, when I’m sort of closed down with my chakras and I’m not working, that kind of stuff would have not come out of my mouth. So it’s kind of like, for me, the guide that I’m working with, my guides, they take over. And I never know how they are gonna work with me from one reading to the next. Sometimes they give me songs or nursery rhymes. It’s crazy. [laughter]

Oliver: [15:43] Really? Alright, well that’s very interesting. Well right, ok. Well that’s all very interesting stuff to hear about that and how you’re kind of using that deck and utilising that deck and how your guides are involved as well. My next question to you was going to be: Were there any heart-warming stories that stood out for you, from any of your tarot card readings, from the time you’ve been doing this?

Julia: [16:07] They’ve been so many, but there’s a couple actually that really come to my mind straight away. On social media, I used to do a lot of daily guidance with Facebook live, just for everybody. And there had been this American lady that I think had followed me for about a year. Because I think you sometimes find that people follow you, they wanna get to know you before they approach you for a paid reading. And she actually booked a reading for her husband. He had a work situation and he was very much the sceptic. So we were talking to each other via video on Messenger, and it was only a 15 minute reading they’d paid for. So I kind of did the work reading and he’s like, “Yes, that’s in my mind. Okay, I now know what I need to do with this.” But he was actually completely blown away by it, having it been his very first experience. Obviously, his wife is quite spiritual. But actually, to be pushed into it. And again, usually, I don’t wanna keep going on about the Faulkner tarot, but seeing images, because I always show my clients the cards, even if it’s an online session. He was just blown away. And the one thing that really did make him emotional… We were just finishing up, and I just happened to say- and again, this is the claircognizance that I feel coming in, even though it can be a bit of the mediumship as well- I instantly had to say to him, “Who is Raymond?” And, you know, it’s a very unique name. And it actually related back to his brother who was sadly no longer with us.

Oliver: [18:05] Oh really? Alright.

Julia: [18:08] And again, I think we were both so emotionally overwhelmed. One, because he was a sceptic. I’d just given him a 15-minute reading to give him some action steps and, you know, where we’re gonna be heading with work. And I think it was actually about leaving the job and doing something self-employed. But then to finish with, “I’ve just got to say this: Who’s Raymond?” that just blew him away 100%. Just tears and everything. And it just touches my heart that spirit can work in such a way because, at the end of the day, we are only the messengers. But yes, it was a bit emotional. But for me, it was just seeing that almost changed from sceptic to believer.

Oliver: [19:00] That’s always good when that happens. When people don’t believe and then, suddenly, they experience something like that through a psychic reading and their concept and beliefs are almost changed immediately, aren’t they?

Julia: [19:12] Definitely. I mean, certainly over the last 10 years, I’ve probably read for 10, 15 husbands where they’ve been pushed by the wives to get some guidance. Whether it’s a one-to-one session or a psychic fare. And you can see the body language when you’re starting and it’s very rigid, arms are folded. “Yes. No.” They don’t really want to talk to you. But actually, as the reading progresses, they kind of start to see something unfold.

Oliver: [19:48] They start leaning in and getting engaged, you know.

Julia: [19:51] Totally! Totally. And at the end, they’re like so grateful that they’ve been pushed to have this reading because it’s opened their minds. It’s just lovely to see.

Oliver: [20:03] Wonderful. We’d love to hear your other heart-warming story, most definitely. But we’re gonna take a break now, so maybe we can hear that after the break. How about that? Would you be able to tell us after the break?

Julia: [20:13] Yeah, that would be lovely. I’d love to share it.

Oliver: [20:15]Excellent. Right. Well that’s gonna take us into the break now. We’re hearing some great stuff from Julia Start here, psychic tarot card reader. And we’re gonna catch up with more from her in part 2, so we’ll see you after this.

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Oliver: [21:56] Welcome back to part 2 of Psychic Social, and we’re having our chat here with Julia Star. She is a psychic tarot card reader. Now, Julia, continuing on from the last question that we asked you before the break, you said you had a couple of heart-warming stories. We’ve heard the first one. We’d love to hear the second one. Can you tell us what it is, please?

Julia: [22:14] Yeah! Yes, of course. So this had been when I was doing my readings, professionally. I think it was probably a couple of years in, and I had a young girl that came to my house and we did quite a general reading. We used the Celtic cross spread and it was starting to evolve. Again, it was a work scenario. And what the cards were showing me, that there were gonna be some changes or challenges. And what sort of struck with me with this one, quite often in a card reading, a spirit will make me look at an actual title of the card. So in this instance, it was the nine of wands which, for your listeners that understand tarot and for those who don’t, it’s a card where there’s lots of frustration with work. But determination, perseverance, will see you through. And it was being shown to me as a time-frame. So the way that we teach time-frames in our Faulkner course, nine of wands relates to nine weeks. So I passed this information on and she was a little bit wary. You know, “What is this going to mean? Is it going to mean I’m gonna lose my job? Is it gonna be some other changes within the role?” You know, sometimes the cards and spirit don’t want to give the whole story. Because, obviously, everybody has their own free will. But for me, that 9 weeks that I was being drawn to on the nine of wands seemed incredibly significant. She went away, happy. Maybe being a little bit cautious around the work area because I had highlighted a few things in the cards. And she didn’t come back to me for about a year. And she basically said, when she walked in, she said, “You were right,” and I’m like, “Oh? Ok, remind me.” Because I read for so many people. And she said, “You were right about the job situation. There was an upset with,” I think she actually lost her job in 9 weeks and 1 day. However, the way it transpired, I think she got offered a better job within the company. So yes, she probably left with a little bit of worry and little bit of anxiety, but moving on with the 9 weeks and the one day, it actually turned out to be the best conclusion for her. And I think all readers will agree, when you get that feedback, even if it’s a year later, it kind of feels good. And that’s not ego-based, it’s just nice to have the feedback. Another very quick story. I did a very simple reading, three-card reading for somebody locally. And it was sort of autumn going into winter. I was being made aware of butterflies. So I passed this on. And she is very open to spirit but she doesn’t do cards or anything like that. And she messaged me literally two days later to say that a beautiful butterfly, I think he was a Red Admiral, had flown into her conservatory. And when we talk about spiritual signs, particularly with the animal signs, butterflies are very much about transformation. And it was totally in reference to the three-card reading that I’d given her. But it just warms my heart when they come back and say all this to you.

Oliver: [26:14] Yeah, it’s lovely, isn’t it? It must be very satisfying for you and fulfilling for you.

Julia: [26:18] It is. It’s such a rewarding journey to be on, because it’s not a job for me. This is something I know I’m gonna continue.

Oliver: [26:30] It’s your passion.

Julia: [26:31] I’ve always been about helping people, whether it’s through the children, working with the health visitors that I’ve done for a while. But now, with the teaching, with the tarot readings, you know, this is my life and I love it!

Oliver: [26:44] Great. Well that’s fantastic to have your passion that you’re doing for a living, isn’t it? Were there any sort of funny stories that you can remember from your readings that made you laugh or…

Julia: [26:55] There probably were. I mean, you get laughter, you get sadness tears, you get happy tears. There’s just so many. It’s very hard to pinpoint a funny one that sticks in my mind.

Oliver: [27:08] Right, ok. Ok. We’ll move on to the next question then. What we ask all our guests as well, when they come on the show, is we’d really like to know what their thoughts and feelings about the afterlife were. And what their take was on it, and what happens after we leave Earth.

Julia: [27:23] Ok. So my belief, my feeling on this is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So, you know, even before we come into our current human body, we’ve already been in spirit. You know, I think with reincarnation, my belief is that you have this decision to make how many times you want to evolve. And obviously, when we come into the life that we’re currently in, the blueprint of our lives has already been decided before we start our life on Earth. If that makes sense. So all of life’s experiences, whether they’re good, bad, indifferent, we’re kind of down here to learn lessons. And my belief is that for those of us that decide to come back time and time again, it’s because we want to experience or learn some other lessons. Now, some of the listeners are probably gonna say, “But what about all the bad stuff that happens? Why would you agree to that?” And my feeling is on that, sometimes these bad things happen because we’ve gone off track. But again, it’s all about life’s experiences and I’m a great believer, particularly with the life I’ve had, that everything does make you stronger. You often hear the saying, don’t you, about children being “old souls.” And I have got a couple of friends who have got little boys, I think one’s 6, the other is probably going on 10 or 11 now. And ironically, it’s the things, the sentences, the phrases that they come out with which makes you think, “They’ve been here before.” And what’s really interesting about this is I’ve just, probably about a month ago, I started reading a book that was actually based on our journey as souls. And in this book, it talks about that there are, kind of like 5 stages that you can go through. So you kind of start from the very beginning. I’m just trying to think what it was now, without looking. So you’ve got the infant soul, then you go into the baby soul, the young soul, the mature soul, and then the old soul. And, you know, the person that wrote this book talks about all of these stages are kind of like the 5 stages, or the 5 opportunities to come back. So, the children that a spoke about a minute ago, maybe this is their last time on Earth.

Oliver: [30:22] This is exactly what I was about to ask you. At what point does all these existences that we choose to have on Earth potentially do we go, “Alright, this is gonna be my last one.” And does that happen through some sort of level of like “awakening” in that existence where you go, “Hang on a minute. I’m not just some sheep who’s going to and from work every day just asleep in my life, in my existence on Earth.” Would you say that’s how it worked? Do you have an awakening as a spirit inside you as a human being in that carnation, or do you think that’s…

Julia: [30:59] I think you would. Say, well I’ve had past life experiences, I’ve done a lot of meditations. So I know I’ve been here before. But I think for all of these spiritual beings, having the current human experience, it’s personal choice how many times you want to come down and evolve. They’re probably gonna be people out there that disagree with the things that I’ve just mentioned about the cycles, because there’s just so much information. But I personally believe that it’s about wanting to achieve those life experiences. So my life’s experience is, in a nutshell: parents divorced, I got pregnant with twins unplanned. Then got married, the marriage ended. I’ve been a single mum for ten years, and for the last four years, I’ve actually been with somebody that I’ve known since I was a child. So, through all of those experiences, I’ve gained so much life experience which also, as a reader, helps me to have that empathy and that compassion for when my clients come in. And you often get that sense of “like attracts like.” So the right people will come to me because we’ve had the similar experience at some point or another.

Oliver: [32:29] So as a being, should I say in spirit, you then choose what your earthly experience or human experience is gonna be each time. And it’s more just for a sense to come down, learn, and then go back up. And then decide whether you’ve learned enough or not. So it’s not really a sense of having a light-bulb awakening moment as a human being in a particular incarnation, it’s more of a case of it’s being steered from the spirit world by yourself through different existences. Is that…

Julia: [32:58] Yeah, that’s my belief.

Oliver: [32:59] Right, ok.

Julia: [33:01] Because we all know, we hear the word “blueprint.” And everything that happens to us has already been decided.

Oliver: [33:10] Sure.

Julia: [33:11] I mean, you can go so deep with that conversation, you can start to look at the Akashic Records, etc., etc. But yeah, the simple way is: we’re spiritual beings, we decide how many times we wanna come down into Earth, and the lessons that we want to experience. Whether they’re good, bad or indifferent.

Oliver: [33:35] But yeah, that sort of, I don’t want to say theory. But that sort of statement from psychics seems to be a common thing that we’re having on this show, where they’re saying you choose your blueprint. You come down and if you’re kind of veering off it, you’ll get steered back on to the right path and stuff like that. So yeah, it’s very interesting to hear everyone’s take. But it always seems to be a common sort of theme running through.

Julia: [34:02] Definitely. I mean, I also know that if somebody of an elderly age has died, my belief is they can choose what age they actually they want to be in spirit. So, I don’t know if you’ve heard that before.

Oliver: [34:16] I think I have, yeah. Yeah.

Julia: [34:19] I know from organising mediumship evenings, and attending them, quite often they will come forward to the medium, but maybe they’re gonna be in their 30s. You know, young, fit, healthy, suited and booted, and maybe not the person that went to spirit. There’s just so much that comes through from the spirit world, it’s amazing.

Oliver: [34:47] Yeah, well, we can obviously talk about this for hours. Maybe we can do a part 2 with you on your take on all of that and…

Julia: [34:56] Yeah, I’d love to!

Oliver: [34:57] …and go even deeper. But for now, I think we can probably leave the deep stuff there and we’re gonna sort of move on to the more vacuous day-to-day stuff, should we say, and ask you. Obviously, you’ve mentioned a book that you read recently. Is that a book you’ve read recently, the book you’ve mentioned a few minutes ago?

Julia: [35:15] Yeah, I’m dreadful if… It’s a bit like workshops and courses. If something jumps out to me, I grab it. So it had been on my Kindle for quite some time, but I actually started reading it probably about a month ago. I tend to dip in and out of a lot of books, particularly the more spiritual ones. Because they are quite a heavy read sometimes.

Oliver: [35:44] Ok. Can you let the listeners know what the book was called?

Julia: [35:47] Yeah, it is called, I’m just trying to find it quickly, “The Journey of Souls.” And it’s a case study of life between lives. So it really focuses on the reincarnation and the things that we’ve been actually talking about. And the author of the book is a man called Michael Newton.

Oliver: [36:12] Right. And I’ll put that all in the show notes.

Julia: [36:12] And I believe he is a hypnotherapist.

Oliver: [36:14] Well alright. Well I’ll put all that in the show notes and I’ll put a link to it in the show notes on the website. So anyone who wants to go and take a look at that book and potentially buy it, they can do.

Julia: [36:24] Lovely.

Oliver: [36:24] Yes, thank you for that. So what about box sets? Is there anything catching your eye on tv or Netflix or any other streaming platform?

Julia: [36:31] Oh, I’m terrible. If I find something I like, I binge-watch the whole season.

Oliver: [36:38] Ok.

Julia: [36:39] So, recently, I’ve done Season 3 of “Grace and Frankie” which is a very upbeat almost comedy, but lighthearted program, 30-minute program. I also like all my soaps, so you’ll get me watching “East Enders” or “Neighbours” and things like that every day. Other box sets, I’m watching “Designated Survivor” with my partner. I’ve already watched all three seasons, but I thought he would like it, so we started doing that. I liked “Twilight,” “The Divergent Series,” “The Crown,” “Killing Eve,” “Suits.” My watching ability is very very varied, so the stuff that I watch on my own is definitely more feminine. But when I see my partner at the weekends, it’s “Hawaii 5.0,” it’s “Magnum,” it’s the action-packed stuff.

Oliver: [37:40] He’s injecting a bit of testosterone into your viewing.

Julia: [37:43] Definitely. Although, I can’t complain. So, I do enjoy them. But he would not sit through the soaps or any of these housewife programs. Housewives of New York, or whatever.

Oliver: [37:53] I think a lot of men might not, as well. [laughter]

Julia: [37:56] It’s light-hearted, and yes it’s out of this world crazy, the lives, but sometimes you need a gentle release from your own.

Oliver: [38:05] Sure, exactly. Totally get that. Before we let you go, can you tell people where they can find you, the best ways to get in contact with you. So your website, your social media, etc.?

Julia: [40:26] Absolutely. So, on Facebook, you can find me on Julia Star, which is my public profile page. I also have a business page on Facebook called Shining Starr Holistics. The Starr has two “r’s” on it, just to be different. And I’m also on Instagram, and you can find me on there: Julia Starr Blake. And my website is shiningstarrholistics.simpl.com. But the website details are on the business page, if people don’t grasp it on the podcast.

Oliver: [41:10] Alright, I’ll put that on the show notes as well. So that will be in text form on the show notes as well.

Julia: [41:14] Lovely.

Oliver: [41:16] And is there any sort of merchandise that you’re selling at the moment?

Julia: [41:20] So at the moment, I have availability, if anybody wants to learn tarot, it’s a 12-week course. If anybody is interested in that, please send me a message. I have a lot of email… So, for a specific type of readings, on the website shop page. And the one thing that I’ve recently started, in the last month or two, is a spiritual online circle, on Facebook, which kind of looks at the astrological energy. The most obvious ones, every month, are the full Moon, the new Moon. At the moment we’re in Mercury retrograde, but you also get your Tarotscopes in the circle, you get a weekly card, interactive reading, and so much more. If anybody wants to talk to me a little bit more about that, please send me a message. You will see posts on Facebook supporting all of this. And you know, I can help you and direct you in any way that I can.

Oliver: [42:23] Alright, that sounds wonderful, yes. Don’t hesitate to get in touch guys. Like we say, all of this will be in the show notes. So yeah, get in touch with Julia and let us know how you get on, send us an email. And let us know how you get in touch by Facebook at psychic.co.uk. As I said, it’s been fantastic to have you on Julia, today. Thank you very much, and we look forward to catching up with you again at some point in the near future. Like we said earlier, potentially for a part 2, so that would be fantastic if we could do that.

Julia: [42:50] I would love to. It’s been so enjoyable. Thank you for having me.

Oliver: [42:53] It’s been great to have you on. Thank you, Julia. Take care now.

Julia: [42:55] Thank you, bye!

Oliver: [42:56] Bye!

Outro: [43:02] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today’s show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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