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Interview with Psychic Medium – Paula Mary. On when she reaslised she was psychic, her intuitive work with animals, conversations about her extensive work with the paranormal, and her take on the afterlife.



*(This podcast was recorded on 01/03/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:009

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:03] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:14] On this episode of Psychic Social. “There was this dark, this big dark cloud. And literally, I just sort of fell back. And my treatment rooms up the stairs and we had the lights on and as she walked up the stairs, all the lights flickered. Everything flickered.”

A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Today’s guest has been a psychic medium for over three decades. She’s owned and operated the psychic clinic for over twenty years, providing psychic teaching, spiritual mediation, and paranormal investigation. She’s well-known for her energy clearings, both in person and remotely. She’s also a highly intuitive animal communicator. She’s featured on tv and radio all over the world, including in-depth interviews on tv stations and radio programs in America, both in Boston and in California. She presents her own radio show, “Spiritual Surgery,” every Monday on Pulse Talk Radio, a spiritual development show with guests, readings and discussions on all things psychic and paranormal. So, let’s hear more about this with today’s guest, Paula Mary. Hi, Paula. Welcome to the show. How are you today?

Paula: [02:15] Oh hello Oliver. I’m brilliant, thank you. How are you?

Oliver: [02:18] I’m very well. Very good. Having a good day, despite the rain. What have you been up today? Anything exciting?

Paula: [02:24] Oh yes! I had a really nice, early morning session, this morning, with a young child who’s six years old, with their mother. They’re a very spiritual family and he was sort of connected to the spirit world quite a lot. And they just wanted some advice about that. And he was sort of a, he had a little bit of a negative energy, or what you’d call like a little imp telling him to do naughty things. So, I had a look at his energies, I cleansed him, balanced him down and earthed him down and put a protection around him, just to help him. Because when we are young, we’re very open. And he was getting sort of, he was so open, he was… We actually took quite a long time to bring him down, his energies down to his body to earth him.

Oliver: [03:16] So how long did that take?

Paula: [03:18] Well, the session took an hour and a half, this morning. But talking to the mother, to give her some tips on how to keep him grounded, how to keep him earthed more. And it’s very difficult when you’re so open as a child, as I know myself, and it’s hard to do that. But it’s a bit like a consultant session as well as doing some heling and earthing and grounding and sort of telling the little imp to leave him alone.

Oliver: [03:49] Alright, ok. And have you done many of those in the past?

Paula: [03:52] Yes! Yes. I predominantly do a lot of that. And I think that that boils back down to my childhood as well, as I’ve had lots of experiences speaking to the spirit world.

Oliver: [04:04] Right, ok. Well that leads me nicely onto the first question, and I was gonna ask you: How did you become a psychic, how did it start for you? Was it from a very young age, like you say, was it a family member that passed that gift down to you? How did that happen for you?

Paula: [04:19] Well, my family, interestingly enough, I was born into a very strict Catholic Irish background. My mom’s Irish. And as far as I was aware, and now I know, I was the only one. So it’s a bit of like the outsider looking in for a long time. But I remember at 4, I would say I was born very much psychic. And at the age of 4, I remember I was playing in the garden, and I sort of fell over. And I bumped my head on a flowerbed. And when I sort of got up a bit, I could see fairies, I would say. I didn’t know quite what they were at the time, but they were very specific: one was yellow, one was red, one was blue. I could still see them today. And they were around me. And I sort of then really started opening up and spending a lot of time talking to the fairies and the spirit world. And then at the age of 6, I was walking with my mum and she was talking to her friend, and her friend was crying. And her friend said, “I can’t have a baby.” And I was tugging on my mum’s skirt saying, “I see baby! I see baby!” And then two weeks later, the door rang and my mum’s friend was there. She brought great news: she’s having a baby. So it was very early I picked up on people and their vibrations.

Oliver: [05:54] So it was more sort of feelings that you had, clairsentient things you had there?

Paula: [06:00] Yes. Seeing, feeling. I then could see lots of energies. I could see the light, the dark, the shade. And that’s what’s equipped me to be a good healer today, because I can gauge very quickly when I see someone or energies on them that need removing, or that they need to be earthed and brought their energies in. So when I was younger, I could see the light around someone and then maybe I could see a bit of a shade or a bit of gray. So I could really see people’s energies at a very early age. And of course then, I didn’t really know about, too much about it. And when I saw dark, I was like, “Ooh!” I remember I was on a bus once. And I could see light dark shade, and I could look at someone, and I was 11, and I saw this woman and she looked really sad and I could see gray around her. And I thought, “Oh, she’s very unhappy.” And things like that. And then I saw somebody else, “Oh, they look very happy.” So yes, very early on, I could feel, see these things. And I also started seeing faces and spirits as well.

Oliver: [07:06] And you’re a psychic medium. How, what sort of guides do you have? Do you have one or many or do they change for you?

Paula: [07:14] Yes. Well, absolutely. I remember, I think when I was 11, I had my first experiences with my guides. And I’ve still got Jim today, and he’s still there. They do change actually, because when you grow, when you change your energies, and I’ve obviously went trainings: Federation of Spiritual Healers and mediumship trainings. And you grow and your spirits do change. And in fact, I had a change about a month ago. I was doing a lot of work and I got this message, “We’re going on a holiday! You’ve got trainees.” So I’ve got three new trainee spirit guides at the moment. So yes, I do believe they change, because we change, we develop, we grow. And I do believe that your guides change too. But I have got the same ones that have been always there, always there, always comforting me.

Oliver: [08:07] Tell us about your Jim, you said. Tell us about Jim. Can you tell us more about him, at all?

Paula: [08:13] Yes. I mean, the first time I remember, I was feeling really sad, I could see all these faces. I didn’t quite know what was going on. And I was in my room at the time and I was a little bit upset because obviously, I just wanted to not see all these pictures sometimes. Because sometimes to me, back then when I was young, it scared me. And I remember this and he was like, “I’m here, I’m here. It’s Jim, it’s Jim. I’m here to keep you safe.” And he always has been. And he goes right back to my ancestry side on my father’s side, believe it or not. Because even though when I was growing up it was very strict and we didn’t talk about the spirit world, it’s only now, my dad’s in his 80s, and it’s only recently over the last couple of years that he’s talked to me about his spiritual, what he’s seen. And he’s seen spirits and ghosts and things. And it’s only now that it becomes much more clearer to me…

Oliver: [09:15] Right, ok.

Paula: [09:16] …family history. So it’s my father’s side. So Jim belongs to my father’s side of the family.

Oliver: [09:24] And your father, did he explain a lot of what happened to him in the past or…

Paula: [09:29] Yeah! Yes, absolutely. I mean, they’re not, they’re not that open to it even now, you know. “As long as you’re busy Paula, we’re happy for you.” But it hasn’t stopped me, it’s in my blood. But yes he, back then I think especially from a strict Catholic upbringing, it wasn’t, you didn’t really want to talk about it… It’s only now when my dad’s become really more open about it. And yes, he was driving along, his dad had passed on recently. So this was quite some time ago. And he was driving along in his car, quite upset. But as he went around he corner, he saw a car and people standing there. And then when he got out to help them, they were not there. And he looked back and it was interesting. There was an accident there at that particular time. And then he started seeing more things.

Oliver: [10:27] Amazing, that’s amazing. Wow. Well that’s really interesting stuff. Moving on a little bit. Can you tell us a little bit, we seen it on your website, your animal healing. Can you give the listeners a little bit more information about that?

Paula: [10:40] Yes, absolutely. Well I love animals. When I was young I had lots of animals, and even now I’ve got four. And when I was little, I just gravitated to them. But it wasn’t until I went on a spiritual, on the Federation of Spiritual Healers’ training, that I then sort of tapped into the healing. And my first job from that was actually animal. And it was two pugs, and they were puppies. And I got a call to say they needed calming down and they were too playful. And I walked in, and I they were sitting in one bed. And as I walked in and I spoke to the lady, and she said that, “You know, they’re not settling. They’re quite agitated.” And I said, “Oh no, that’s fine.” And then I got this voice and it said, “I don’t like him, he’s biting my feet. And I want my own bed.” And I was like, “Who spoke to me?” I was like, double take, “Who was that?” Because at the time, I didn’t really know.

Oliver: [11:49] Sure.

Paula: [11:51] And I looked and there he was. And I said, “Oh my God, you’re speaking to me.” And I said, “No, it’s going to be fine. I’m talking to mum and we’re gonna get you a new bed and everything’s going fine.” And then my guides came in. And how I work with my healing is I channel it through my guides and I go up to sort of like a high vibrational. And I was just like calming their energies, bringing their energies in and talking to them. And then from that moment then, I felt, “Oh my God!” And I came out and wanted to talk to every animal.

Oliver: [12:27] Suddenly, all the birds were talking to you, and the cats, everything. Yeah.

Paula: [12:32] And it’s taken from there. And yes, my guides, I have an animal communicator as well. And he comes in and he helps me find animals too. It’s gone on from there, and I’ve done a lot of psychic surgery as well on animals that were perhaps not well. And there was a dog three years ago- oh, he was beautiful- called Bobby. But he had leukemia and it’s always a last resort when people call me. But I did a lot of healing. And what I do is, my guides, I work a sort of bit aboriginally when I do my healing. So I take it away and I cough. Not massively, but I’d cough whatever sort of fluid is there or liquid and I try to take it away. And it’s obviously not gonna cure him because he passed over, but it builds up the immune system. It makes him deal with it a little bit better and enabled him to cope with it. And I do all sorts of things like, he had a bad leg. And so energetically, we would wrap a protection blanket around him, just to hold his legs and bones a bit together. And things like that. So, yes, it’s amazing what my guides do. They come down, when I do my psychic surgery, on the animal’s side. They come down like in a little rope. They don’t… A lot of people when they do psychic surgery do chants, I don’t do any of that. I make the channel, and the energies and the guides actually come down into the animals themselves. So I’m the channel for that. And when they’re finished, then the guides go after their work. One time, they come down with their little hammer and their chisel, and they come down. They’re quite jokey, my guides.

Oliver: [14:30] Ok, that’s very interesting. Interesting stuff. In terms of finding the animals, have you got a great story about an animal that you might have found through your psychic mediumship?

Paula: [14:40] Yes, absolutely. I’ve found quite a few cats. And for some reason, because people say I’ve got cats’ eyes, and for some reason I have this absolute sort of…cats just come to me. And when I communicate with a cat, it’s absolutely really amazing. But how I do my work. So, say a cat’s gone missing. It was like a year ago and this lady rang me and said, “My cat’s been missing for seven days. I really don’t know what to do.” Now how I work is, I immediately go and communicate… So, I need a picture. So she sent me a picture and I looked. And then I tap into the cat. So as I, so I communicate with the cat. Now, if the cat’s been in the cold or locked away, sometimes this is difficult to get a communication from the animal straight away. So you would need to do some healing to bring the vibration of the animal up, so that you can connect and talk. But in this case, the cat was very warm. And I was talking and asked him where they were. And basically what happened was, it was sort of a neighbor, but over the next road, as it were. And I got this cat in a window, and I got the bins. She was sitting at the window and she was saying, “I can see these bins, and I see this red car,” and all this information. So I write all this information down and the cat was saying that the people have locked the door. She’s been going in there, but she’d been going in there for food. But you know, sometimes when you don’t wear a collar, people think that they’re lost. And it wasn’t in a bad way, but they obviously liked the cat and the cat’s been visiting. But she couldn’t escape. She couldn’t get back because they kept her indoors. Not in a bad way, of course. But, you know, they thought that she was a stray and she kept going in there for food. And so she explained exactly where she was. And I said, “Ok, thank you.” And I sort of said, “If you’ve got an opportunity to escape” and she was speaking, saying she does want to go home. Because some cats, you know, they were saying, “No, I prefer here.” Because they seem to choose, don’t they, their owners. But it’s quite funny when you communicate. So then I told the lady exactly what to… And I got a sort of the name of the road as well. And also, the car, I’ve got two registration that some of the digits as well. And so I immediately then talked to the client and they went round there, and there she was: out the window. There she was, and they got their cat back.

Oliver: [17:40] Amazing. And that’s very specific information when you’re getting parts of number plates and stuff like that, aren’t you.

Paula: [17:45] Yes, I don’t get everything. But I get specifics. Sometimes, specific things. But sometimes, again, I communicate with the animal, so it all depends on how the animal is and whether that animal is very open. For dogs, they’re slightly different. Especially when dogs go missing in the woods or something like that. And they’re very cold and they’re very wet. And they’re scared. So when they’re scared, their energies come out and it’s really difficult then for them to sort of tell you where they are, if that makes sense. So it’s harder. So a lot of healing is needed to comfort them and to make them feel better. So sometimes, not always, has there been a 100% happiness on some of the dogs that perhaps have been out in the woods for over 10 days and they’re very… But they’re very… Yes, there was a dog story that went missing, and I got… And this was 6 years ago. And a lady rang to me and she said, “I’m sure someone’s taken him. I’m sure someone’s taken him.” And now you have to be very careful, my guides only give me information. Because obviously when you go into that, it draws into so much negativity as well. So you’re only given information that the owner can cope with. And also, myself, you’re only given certain information to help. But this was a collie dog and it had been taken from the back garden. But I’ve got that there were two sites, two caravan sites. And I got that it was predominantly in this one. And also, I got that they would be able to get it back. Because sometimes, if I don’t get that they’re gonna get it back, then obviously I don’t pursue it. Because sometimes there’s a block and the guide is saying, “It’s not gonna happen.” And that’s really sad. So it’s hard sometimes doing the animal communication side. It’s really sad because people love their animals so much. But on this case, they went to where I said, and I got a big red van. And I got like a metal cast in the van. And I got that it was around there. And they went and they got their dog back.

Oliver: [20:07] Fantastic.

Paula: [20:09] So I have, out of all the animals that I have managed to find and locate over the years, because I’ve been doing it for a long time, I would say only sort of six I haven’t.

Oliver: [20:21] Right. But you found many many more in the process.

Paula: [20:25] But there have been many more. But it varies on the situation. It varies from the animal, whether they’re open to me talking to them. And it varies like humans: some are open and some aren’t. And that’s the same with animals as well. It’s not quite straightforward.

Oliver: [20:42] No, I could imagine. It doesn’t sound it, at all. Well, that’s fantastic information and great stuff to hear for everyone listening. That’s gonna move us nicely into our break. We’re gonna talk some more stuff with Paula Mary, psychic medium, after the break, and we’re probably gonna delve into the paranormal, I think. So we’re gonna catch up with more from Paula in part two. So we’ll see you after this.

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Oliver: [22:33] Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social and our chat with Paula Mary, psychic medium. Now my next question to Paula was, we wanted to find out a bit more about her show, because she does a show on a radio station called Pulse Talk Radio. Now can you tell us a little bit more about that please, Paula?

Paula: [22:50] Yes, absolutely. Well Pulse Talk Radio is a paranormal radio station, and I have a show weekly on a Monday called Spiritual Surgery. And it’s exactly what it is. It’s a development show, a technique show, and a debate where we have guests. And I love it so much because I do some meditations, I do some techniques for grounding. But we have some wonderful guests on the show, and it’s so varied. We’ve had a mind warrior, we had crystal goddess on the show, we have people from America, people from England I work with. Actually, Watkins Publishing. And a few weeks ago, we had Claire Broad on about a book about what the dead are dying to teach us. And so very very interesting and every guest gets asked what was their first spiritual experience and one technique they can give to the listeners that helps them. So I’m very excited about it. I do readings on the show as well. And yes, I have to say, Oliver, I’m loving it.

Oliver: [23:57] Sounds great! And you deal, I’ve just noticed you mentioned, you deal with Watkins Books. Now that’s the oldest, I think it’s the oldest metaphysical bookstore in the world. Isn’t it? In London.

Paula: [24:05] It is indeed. And yes, we’ve got a deal with them. And people, their new books coming up, the spiritual books, they come on the show and they talk about them. It is absolutely amazing.

Oliver: [24:18] Now I know about Watkins Books and the reason why I brought it up was because I used to work in London and I went there on my lunch break once and had a psychic reading there, with a guy in the window, yeah. So it was very interesting. This was 12 years ago. So it’s interesting that you just brought that up, yeah.

Paula: [24:32] Oh yeah, fantastic. Yes, Watkins have been absolutely brilliant. And we’ve got some more coming up as well. Karen Kay came on the show as well, she’s the fairy lady. She came on and talked about fairies. So lots of different guests come on.

Oliver: [24:48] Ok, great. Now, can we talk, I’d like to take sort of a mini deep dive into the paranormal stuff that you deal with on that show. Can you tell us a little bit more about that and how, what’s talked about there and what’s talked about on the show?

Paula: [25:00] Yes, well, we always talk about energies. So we have different guests come on that sort of specialize in that. And we talk about ghost experiences, different people’s experiences that they’ve had perhaps with their house, perhaps they’ve had an experience when they went on holiday. And we talk about the energy. So we perhaps talk about entities, we talk about poltergeists, we talk about the different vibrations. And then we sort of, so that people have a better understanding of the energies, and not to be so… Some people are quite afraid of the paranormal, aren’t they?

Oliver [25:43] I think that’s mostly down to media and films, isn’t it, which sort of made it into this “scary thing” that they might think it is. You know?

Paula: [25:52] So people come on the show and talk about their paranormal experiences. As well as myself, I’ve had a few experiences there. So yes, it’s an open book, an open talk. We talk about, perhaps, sort of the poltergeist and the vibration of them moving. And you know, I believe that poltergeists are made up of different entities, so they come in a force. And so they have a strong high level of movement and vibration there. So when you’re sort of clearing, or someone comes and wants to clear a property that’s got one, you have to be mindful that the energy doesn’t split. Because when you often try to clear something like that, the energy would split up because it’s made up of the different entities there. So yeah, we’re talking all about that and ghosts and whether you should clear ghosts off or not. And that’s variable. Because some ghosts, they just want to be there. Don’t they? They’re not harming anything. But others, like poltergeists, they do harm. They have a strong vibration. So yes, we really sort of talk about that and we have stories that guests come on and talk about their experiences. So it’s very honest, it’s very open, and hopefully it will help people.

Oliver: [27:12] Sure. Well, I think that the listeners would love to hear maybe one of your paranormal stories. I’m sure you’ve got many. Maybe you can tell them about that. One of those.

Paula: [27:20] Yeah, absolutely. I’ve got a lovely one and I still to this day. So basically, I’m an energy worker and so I do remove spirit. So I had a bit of a… So it was two and a half years ago, and I had a free day. But then I got a call, and it was a client of mine. And she said, “It’s an emergency! It’s an emergency!” And I said, “Ok, it’s fine. I’ve actually got time, I can see you.” “Can you come to me? I’m not far away, but I’m with my friend and my friend wants a reading, but she doesn’t really believe in it. But she wants some advice and guidance.” And I said, “Ok, that’s absolutely fine.” And so I thought, “Oh, gosh. So she’s got some energy there.” So anyway, she knocked on the door, but when I opened it, this is the truth: I fell backwards a little bit. There was this dark, this big dark cloud, and literally, I just sort of fell back. And my treatment room is up the stairs and we had the lights on. And as she walked up the stairs, all the lights flickered. Everything flickered. And she said, “Can you read my friend first” I said, “Absolutely not.” I said, “We need to sort you out first.” I said, “You’ve come here because it’s an emergency,” and so she was shaking. So she sat down and I said, “You’ve got some energy on you that we need to remove.” And she was like, “I know, I know.” She said, “For the last two days, lightbulbs have been going, everything had been sort of flickering.” Electricity had blown. Everything. And while she was in the room, the absolute lights were shaking. And of course I was like, “Oh my goodness.” But I was tuned up, so that was really a sort of positive. And her friend was a non-believer. But as I was removing the entity - but I’m gonna call it a poltergeist, because it really was. It was sort of on the back of her neck and it was whirling. And no joke, it was whirling. And it was whirling around, and I just stayed very very calm. And I just called all my guides in and we just sort of covered it up first in a big blanket of protection, and then I cleared it away from her. But before that, just as I cleared it away… And of course, poltergeists can be quite, I don’t… They’re just really strong.

Oliver: [29:55] Stubborn, yeah. Yeah.

Paula: [29:58] And it came off her so fast and it went right around the room and over her friend’s face as well before I got it to clear off. I opened the window and my guides took it away. When I turned around and saw her friend’s face, it was the most pale face I’ve ever seen, and she was so shocked. And she said, “I’ve never seen anything quite like that in my life.” And even today she talks about it at dinner parties. Now, the lady is quite spiritual, that had the poltergeist on her. But her energies were very low. She had been quite ill with the flu and she went somewhere into a pub and she said that there was some sort of altercation with this man. And then she sort of came away, and she felt that there was an attack and that the energy had gone on her. And I did actually say that I felt that yes, that was the case. But she was very spiritual as well. And so yes, she was, I protected her then and cleared it. But it took about three days to clear the energy from the room. So that’s sort of a day in my life, of my work. So I do remove energies.

Oliver: [31:21] That sounds intense. It sounds very intense. In terms of, can you tell us and the listeners, how does the poltergeist, how do they get around that person? How do they get into a dwelling, how does that energy arrive there in that place? And why doesn’t it just dissipate naturally? What’s behind that?

Paula: [31:42] Yes. And it all depends what is in the building. So if a poltergeist is in a really light building or a light place, it wouldn’t really survive. It will go, it will disperse. But if it’s in a dark sort of, really sort of old, and the walls of a house have got a very negative vibration…

Oliver: [32:06] Like a basement or something like that maybe?

Paula: [32:08] Yes. Or there was a graveyard built underneath that house or whatever. And then the energy is very sort of dull and negative, then it will survive more. So what I got from the poltergeist from the lady that came in with, it actually was on this man. So this man had obviously some issues and I feel that he was feeling very low and slightly depressed. That’s what the client had said. But also, they were in a very old building that was known to have spirits too. So it’s a multitude… I’m gonna say it’s a multitude of different reasons why then the poltergeist will manifest and come forward. So obviously on that day it was manifesting in, I would say, one of the toilets in the pub that they were in. And it was on really old grounds as well. And they had several activities there in the building. So what happens then when you’ve got lots of old, and lots of heavy energies? That’s when the entities progress and they vibrate and they move and they come in together. And it would build up, and it could take months for it to manifest and to build up. And then it becomes quite a big force. And then, of course, when your energies are on a different vibration… So everyone has different vibrational energies. So when there’s a lot of people with the same sort of vibration, then the poltergeist will be able to move a little bit nearer. And then they see sort of, “I want to get out of here.” And then they can attach to the person’s auric field, if it had some sort of grey around it. Because a lot of people, they go around every day, and their auric field is nice and clear. But on the outside, it’s full of grey. So it can attach itself to that grey mass, if that makes sense. And it can cling on and get stronger and stronger. And this is what’s happened in this case. And of course, the man was angry with the lady. So in his anger, he had, he was shouting at her. So that energy went on to her, and she was weak at that particular point, and it went on to the back of her neck. So sometimes, the back of the neck is quite vulnerable for that. So this hasn’t happened a lot of times, I want to tell the listeners. This isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it has happened.

Oliver: [34:54] Right, ok.

Paula: [34:55] But it does, it can happen. And it’s proven that it does happen. You know, over the 30 years I’ve been working, I’ve probably would’ve removed about seven poltergeists from people. So, it’s not an everyday occurrence. And of course, they feed off… so poltergeists feed off. So if you’ve got a damp place, they can feed off that. If they attach to, they will feed off that. And so obviously, to remove them and get spirit to send them away, that is the right way forward for them. And then, the energies would split up and move away, and then that energy would become lighter. It’s only because the poltergeists are grouped together that they become a strong force. So on their own, the vibration would be lighter, and less heavy.

Oliver: [35:48] Ok. Well, I mean, it’s absolutely fascinating to hear all of this. And I really do feel that we’ve just kind of scratched the surface with it. I think we’re gonna have to delve in and do another show with you potentially, in the future, and really look into the paranormal stuff. Because I think everyone would love to hear more about this. I think this is really really interesting stuff. But we’re gonna leave that there for the moment and I’m gonna move on to the next question and I’m gonna ask you: What are your thoughts and feelings about the afterlife and what happens after we leave this Earth?

Paula: [36:20] Oh yes, absolutely. Well, I feel that we go over. And I do a lot of mediumship and I feel very much that we go home. I was very tuned in to the spirit world at a very young age, and every time I tune in I feel like I’m home. I feel like I’m at home and I can help people and help people with their stress. And, you know, send healing and readings and whatever it is. And I feel like I’m home. So, for me, there is a home. And for me, spirit do go over. And I feel that we’re on a journey. And I feel that we have a soul and our soul goes over to either restart the journey again… I do believe in past lives and everything like that, and I feel that when someone passes over, their soul moves over. And they get the comfort that they need and they have another journey. Definitely. And I can feel that so strongly when I’m tuned up to spirit, and I feel that home. And I, sometimes when I was younger I’d think, “Oh my goodness, I feel more at home when I’m tuning in.” And now it’s much better. Now I don’t have that feeling. However, when I tune up, I do have that feeling. But when I was younger, I just wanted to tune up all the time. I just wanted to have that feeling of being home. So absolutely, I do believe that there’s a beautiful afterlife, and I’ve talked to a lot of spirits that have passed over and it confirms to me that there is a journey that the soul is on. Absolutely.

Oliver: [38:04] Excellent. Well that’s good to hear. Well, I think we’re gonna leave the psychic stuff here, now. Because we’re coming towards the end of the show, now. But what we wanted to ask you was: What was the last book you’ve read or what you’re reading at the moment? Or are there any box sets that you’re watching?

Paula: [38:19] Yes. Well the last book I’ve read, believe it or not, was a lady that came on this show. She’s Carolyn Wilkins. It’s “Death at a Séance,” and it was an absolutely amazing book. She is a psychic medium, but it’s a beautiful book. And oh my God, it had me. It’s a murder mystery. It’s fiction. And I’ve just finished it the other day. Absolutely amazing. And so much so, I’ve bought her other book, “Melody of Murder.” And so I’m on that one. So it’s Carolyn Wilkins, but her writing murder is amazing. And it’s really held me. But also, she talks about the world of the spirit world back then in the 1920s. So it’s very interesting.

Oliver: [39:05] And any sort of tv you’re watching at the moment, any sort of box sets that you’re watching? Any sort of streaming platforms, or?

Paula: [39:11] Yes. Well, I’m gonna say I love the Disney films.

Oliver: [39:16] Right, ok. My daughter loves them very much.

Paula: [39:20] Escape into the…

Oliver: [39:22] Sat through many of them.

Paula: [39:24] All the Disney films in the world. I do, I love. And I love Tinkerbell with all the magical stories.

Oliver: [39:33] They’re great, aren’t they? Really, yeah.

Paula: [39:35] So yes. I’m typical. I do watch Coronation Street, East Enders. I’m very normal in all of those.

Oliver: [39: 43] You’re all over your soaps, great.

Paula: [40:40] Well it’s a pleasure. And thank you for inviting me and thank you to all the listeners. But yes, absolutely, very happy to do a reading.

Oliver: [40:48] Thank you very much. Well it’s been fantastic to have you on the show. Just before we let you go, can you tell everyone where they can find you in terms of your website and your social media? Anything that you might be selling, merchandise?

Paula: [40:57] Yes, absolutely. Well I have produced my own future-reading cards last year and that’s Paula Mary’s future-reading cards. And they go back to the old fortune telling days, which I really love. But I offer mediumship readings, psychic surgery, energy clearing, animal communication and healing. I do online workshops for mediumship and psychic card-reading. Also, I have a couple of staff that work for me under the psychic clinic, and we have reiki training online or in person. Annie Harmstone is a reiki master who works alongside me in the psychic clinic here. And we do healing retreats in Brittany. I have a house in Brittany and the next healing retreat is on the 4th of June this year, and there’s still spaces available. And it’s amazing, and it’s very rural, and you get all the healing or development needs that you need, as well as yoga and meditation. Because I’m a meditation teacher as well. You can catch me on Facebook, the Psychic Clinic or the website: thepsychicclinic.com and email me at the psychicclinic@aol.com. And if you’d like to have a look on the spiritual surgery show, Pulse Talk Radio, the next show is on the 9 of March. And we’ve got a lovely medium from America coming on to talk about restore and rejuvenation, which will be very brilliant. But I’m on a Monday, pulsetalkradio.com, spiritual surgery 6:30 until 8:00. And you can catch me on twitter or Facebook: the spiritual surgery.

Oliver: [42:39] Sounds great. Great stuff. And just so people know how they could get hold of those tickets for the retreat to Brittany, where do they find them?

Paula: [42:47] They send me a message through the website, the psychicclinic.com or email to psychicclinic@aol.com. And if they mention psychic.co.uk, they’ll get a discount.

Oliver: [43:01] Oh, well sounds great! Wonderful! Good stuff! Well it’s been fantastic to speak to you today, Paula. Some really interesting stuff and we really do… You know, we’d be happy to, love you to come back and we’ll do a paranormal deep dive because I think that’s something that we’d really like to talk more deeply about here on Psychic Social.

Paula: [43:20] Absolutely. I would love to! I love all that.

Oliver: [43:24] Yeah, I do too. Yes, definitely. Well thank you very much Paula and enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll chat with you soon.

Paula: [43:30] And you. Thank you very much Oliver. Take care.

Oliver: [43:32] Thank you, you too. Bye bye.

Outro: [43:39] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today’s show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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