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Interview with Psychic Spirit Medium & Mediumship Master Teacher – Kate Winters. On how she practises her powerful blend of mediumship, psychic skills, psychology and neuroscience, and her take on the afterlife.

*(This podcast was recorded on 25/03/2020)




With Spirit Medium, Kate Winters PSPE:010

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:02] Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:13] On this episode of Psychic Social.

Kate: [00:16] There is no time and no space. Time is manmade so that we can get our head around getting our matter which is our body from one place to another and keep a structure in our lives.

Oliver: [00:34] A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Today's guest is a psychic, spirit, medium and mediumship, master teacher. She practices a powerful blend of mediumship, psychic skills, psychology and neuroscience which helps her to achieve truly outstanding results for her clients. Through her readings, she can help people in business, self-development or in their personal lives. She has a degree in psychology and has been studying mediumship, quantum physics and human behavior for over 10 years.

This all sounds like fascinating stuff and the person that I'm talking about is Kate Winters. So, let's get talking with her right now. Hi, Kate, and welcome to the show. How are you today?

Kate: [02:07] I'm very well thank you. How are you?

Oliver: [02:09] I'm very well, too. Thank you very much. It's fantastic to have you on Psychic Social today. Wonderful to have you with us, especially under the current circumstances that are sort of spreading the world at the moment with the current coronavirus crisis. So, it's really good of you to come on today and join us with all that's going on. What have you been up to over the last few days? Obviously, it's the 25th of March now. We've been put on lockdown two days ago by the Prime Minister. What have you been up to since then?

Kate: [02:41] Well, staying in really. Homeschooling my children. I’ve been putting out some meditations over social media to try and help people to really still feel connected. I think it's really important in these times that we look at our social connection over the internet, but also spiritual connection as well. This is what's going to keep us really kind of grounded and give us a really good perspective on looking at what we can really take from this situation rather than kind of looking at the negative parts of it because clearly we have to change the way that we think and we have to change certain behaviors.

The further on we go with this, the more I see that it's so important that people start having a look at their spiritual connection during this time because when we think about a spiritual connection, we think about guides and past loved ones. But actually, the spiritual connection is the connection between each and every one of us. Which means that if you’re looking at your spiritual connection, it means that you'll be able to get love and support from your past loved ones and guides. But you'll also be completely connected to everybody on the planet and will be able to send this feeling of upliftment and send almost joy to somebody else that is kind of feeling sort of lower down. So, we can really sort of pull together.

The other thing is that if we if we started to trust our intuition, really trust it, it means that we can keep ourselves safe which gives us feeling of empowerment. Which means that we can create our lives rather than being a victim of them because if we really centre ourselves and look at working psychically which is different to work mediumistically. It's reading the energy around us and everyone can do it. If we do that before we go to the chosen supermarket or the chosen place that we've decided to go to, we can decide whether we feel that journey is A, necessary or B, going to be safe for us and our family.

Looking after your family in that way is so empowering. It means that after this period of lockdown, it means that we're going to come out of this with a renewed sense of self and self-trust and self-esteem as well which is really important.

Oliver: [05:33] Yeah, well, I think there's going to be a lot of people looking deep inside themselves right now and sort of really asking a lot of questions about their lives and about what they're doing, whether it be their work or their relationships or whatever. I think mother Earth has given us a massive sort of reset button push as if it were and it's going to make people really, really hopefully wake up a little bit in terms of what they're doing with their lives and how they behave to their fellow human beings as well, I think.

Kate: [06:09] Yes, absolutely. The really good thing about this kind of going back to point zero with it is that it's taken us back to a simpler time. A time where people are cooking their own food rather than eating in restaurants and spending time with their children and looking for activities that don't cost money. It's really taken us back to grass roots. That in itself is really quite spiritual. The other thing is that we can look at our interconnectedness and look at our spiritual vibration, but we can look at it with new eyes because even though we're going back to a simpler time, our knowledge of spiritual development, psychic development, mediumship, how the brain works and what's happening in the neurochemical system. This is all really cutting-edge stuff. We can now apply that to this much simpler time, which is going to give us the best, connected, supported feeling that we've ever had as mediums, as psychics and as just everybody within their everyday life.

Oliver: [07:27] I think gratitude levels are going to sort of rise exponentially in terms of people just feeling much more grateful than maybe what they were previously. I've personally written a gratitude journal in my phone every day for the last nearly two years now. So, the five things that I'm grateful for each day and they can be the smallest, smallest things. That I enjoyed my breakfast to something much, much bigger than that. It can be anything you want.

Even if you've had a day where you go, “I can’t really think of anything.” You just say I'm grateful for being alive. I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for -- there's always something every day you can be grateful for no matter what is going on in your life. That sounds hard for a lot of people at the moment because there are an awful lot of people all across the world who are going through hell at the moment. But there are always positives you can take from a negative situation, you know?

Kate: [08:23] Yeah, absolutely. The more you train yourself to look at the positives, the more you find it just becomes easier and easier. Life just feels like it's just going in grace and flow. It just it does make life easier even through the hardest of times.

Oliver: [08:39] Yeah, exactly. Well, we've got our first question for you here, Kate. We wanted to ask you, take us back to the beginning. How did you become a psychic? How did the gift come to you? Was it passed down by a family member or was it something that you had from a very young age?

Kate: [08:58] Well, first of all, I was a very psychic child. When I say psychic, I don't mean in terms of seeing spirits. I mean in terms of reading energy because working as a psychic and working as a medium are two different things. When you work psychically, you're reading the energy in the air all around you because in the air around you, you have vibration, within the vibration is frequency and within that frequency is information. Like your radio and your microwave.

So, I was very tuned to working psychically, but I thought that it was something everybody had and everybody did. Some things I just instinctively knew, which is one of the clairs that we use to identify spirit. So, that was something that I had at a young age, but having said that, everybody is psychic. Absolutely everybody. Every child I've said I was a very psychic child, but all children are psychic. It's just that some are more attuned than others. I look at where this may have come from.

My dad was very psychic. He read energy and that could possibly be, it could be innate that is in me from his biology, or it could be a learned behavior or it could be a combination of both. I think personally, that it's a combination of both. But in 2011, my granddad died and that was when I started actively looking at learning mediumship rather than just the psychic part of it.

Oliver: [10:52] Okay. That's very interesting to hear all that about how you became a medium and how it came to you. Can you tell us more about your psychology background and what you studied within neuroscience, and how that kind of all links in with your mediumship?

Kate: [10:52] Yeah, I've always had a deep fascination of the mind: why people do what they do. Why they think what they think and different personality types. I got a psychology degree and then after that I kind of put it to one side a little bit until I started really looking at mediumship. As I was going through my mediumship training, you hear all kinds of sort of blocks and stuff. Believe me, I went through every single pitfall there was and then I realised that people will sit in training to be a medium for years and sometimes it was working. Sometimes it wasn’t. People were getting disheartened and it's okay. It was very kind of inconsistent in the training.

So, I had a look at the psychology part of it, which brought in the neuroscience on the back of it because when you're training as a medium, when you're looking actually at mediumship, it's not just about the exercises, the spiritual exercises that you're given. Because if you want to be the best medium that you can possibly be, you need to look at a number of different areas. You need to look at self-esteem. You need to look at past experiences, and then you need to look at the chemicals that you experienced because of past experiences. So, you kind of get this sort of gestalt kind of feel to the mediumship.

You can do all these different mediumship exercises, but if you're not understanding and accepting that you have a lower self-esteem or that you have a lack of self-trust, you're not going to necessarily give the information to your sitter that they could possibly want or need. Or you could end up interpreting it in a different way, in a way that is acceptable for you to give the information because you're too nervous or worried about getting something wrong. I've seen a lot of mediums that have a tendency to give a lot of information but then as soon as somebody says that they don't understand one bit, their self-confidence has literally just goes through the floor.

And they’re thinking that their spiritual connection isn't what it should be. Actually, their spiritual connection is absolutely amazing. It's that their self-esteem needs work because if there's issues with self-esteem when you're working as a medium, you're going to experience anxiety. If you experience anxiety, your whole energy system is going to clam up. You're going to have adrenalin flowing all the way around your body. That's going to affect your performance.

So, if we identify past experiences, how that's had a knock-on effect with self-esteem, we can then identify the neurochemical system and we can just get rid of that. Then you've got a medium who is stood completely in their own power. They are so strong. They've got such a clear connection because we haven't got the conscious mind stepping in and the unconscious then taking over. We've just got one complete, aligned medium strong in what they're doing, strong in their connection, and confidently delivering an inspiring, uplifting message that is going to really help their sitter to move forward in their life either materially or emotionally.

Oliver: [15:23] That person obviously needs to remain completely open and sort of at one with themselves and calm, like you say, and like with lots of things in life. If you're stressed out, if you're anxious, your whole bodily energy doesn't really work properly and you're not able to get in that what they call that flow state, where everything just moves smoothly and works properly, you know?

Kate: [15:51] Absolutely. It could be even if you feel as a medium that you don't feel in distress, like in your general life, all it takes is for you to sit in front of a sitter that reminds the unconscious mind of somebody during childhood that caused you stress. You will then start to experience all the stress hormones that you used to feel at the age of seven. That's going to affect your performance. So, actually, it's understanding as well it's not just about whether somebody is experiencing stress in their life now. It's about understanding their story, how they got to where they are, so that they become stronger in themselves and the subconscious mind doesn't take over when they come into contact with different personalities.

Also, when you've got a medium or a psychic that's working with different numbers of groups of people, that could trigger a memory in the long-term memory or the subconscious mind and create the stress hormones that were programmed in at the age of 10 or 11 at school play. That again is going to affect their performance. So, if you can look at all these parts, you then get the energy flowing. The energy flow is much more continuous. Then that in itself leads to the medium having a higher self-esteem because they know that they're not going to be stepping into any period of stress that belongs in the past. That is uplifting in itself.

Oliver: [17:51] I imagine all of this kind of links in with your mediumship training. Can you tell us more about your mediumship training courses that you do?

Kate: [18:00] Yes. At the moment I've got Becoming Super Psychic part one, which is going to be starting first week in April. That I teach in the same way that I do readings. It's really about teaching people how to really connect all the different parts of information because there's information in the air all around us. As a medium, we can miss a lot of this information. I use my four-way scientific method, which is looking at, as I've just explained, we've got the conscious and the subconscious mind, self-esteem and self-trust.

That's a real biggie for delivery and also for the collection of the information as well because when we're working psychically, we will collect the information that is in the air all around us and it will then go around the energy system. Straight up to the brainstem, where it is transmuted into information that we can then give to our sitters. But if we've got blocks, in terms of self-love, self-esteem and limiting beliefs, that kind of thing, it will stop that energy flow. Bearing in mind that a lot of most empaths are -- well, empaths are psychics.

Empath personality is a psychic personality. They're reading the energy of other people. So, it's really important when we start training that we have a look at this. So, first of all, we've got the Empath training, which is a very short course to understand the personality and the psychic part of the personality. Then we've got the Super Psychic part one which is as I said, starts first week in April and looks at the psychology, self-esteem, energy blocks. We run that alongside the spiritual exercises.

It's a six-week course. Each week you have a little bit of theory, and then a mediumship exercise, but also a psychic exercise so that you're really immersing yourself in energy rather than just doing one or the other. They’re deliberately run alongside because I found that this is the best way for you to see really good rapid results. Super Psychic part two where there's less theory, but really, there's a lot of practical. A lot of practicing. A lot of work. We do this over Facebook. Then finally the last part is the train to be the ultimate medium which we’ll give you the business element of this.

Oliver: [21:04] Okay. So, just to confirm this can be done all remotely at this current moment in time. So, no one's got to worry about sort of being in person with anyone or anything like that. It's all done over the internet, like you said through Facebook.

Kate: [21:16] It is. Yes. Yea, also, I have a manifesting course as well, which is being run around the same time as the psychic courses. I've done that deliberately because when we think about manifesting, we think about manifesting and being psychic or being a medium as separate entities, but actually, they're so deeply intertwined with each other. If you go and do a psychic development course while you're manifesting, you're so immersed in the energy, and the information, which puts you right on the wave that you need to be on, right on that vibration, and then you get the best results that you can. So, there's quite a lot of stuff that's going on, but it's all really interlinked and it all kind of dovetails together.

Oliver: [22:21] It's great to hear all that. What we'll do is we'll link to your website at the end of the show. We'll have a chat about that at the end of the show. So, you can tell us more about the links and stuff like that but this is going to move us nicely now into a break and we're going to catch up with more from Kate Winters psychic, spirit medium in part two. So, we'll see you after this.

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Ad: [23:57] This is Psychic Social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [24:08] Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social and our chat with Kate Winters psychic, spirit medium. Now, we're going to move on to our next question for Kate. That is what is the most important thing about being a psychic to you?

Kate: [24:25] There's a couple of things really. First of all, I love doing the readings that I do. I do the traditional tarot readings, but I also do readings for massive self-progression. That's in terms of business and personal life as well, understanding people around you and how to deal with them to get the best outcome that you can. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who wants to know what is in their reality but then to bring in and how are they going to do it?

While we're doing that, we're having a chat with granny, with granddad, with guide, with everybody that's helping them on this human journey so that we can put it all together with a real plan so there's a real feeling of moving forward. But also, I feel so humbled almost that I can be a part of the transfiguration Mediumship, is part of the physical mediumship, it's very much kind of linked into sort of the old school mediumship even though I tend to do the more kind of modern empowering sort of stuff, but this is great.

My dad died four years ago and when I was working as a transfiguration medium, the energy came over my face and he manipulated the energy to show himself with this energetical mask that the spirit world had put over my face. I've also got some great pictures of Oliver Hardy doing that as well. So, there’s a real fun element to it as well. But the most important thing to me is the empowerment and the upliftment and the dream achievement that people get from the readings, the progression readings that are linked in with their guides and their loved ones.

Oliver: [26:29] You're really kind of pushing these people forwards and upwards. That's the key thing that you're sort of transmitting to them during your readings to them.

Kate: [26:37] Yes, absolutely. Really raising the vibe. People, unfortunately, have a tendency to kind of look at what they feel that they can't do or what they what isn't as good as -- they feel some of their qualities aren't as good as other qualities rather than really seeing the beauty of who they are and what they're capable of.

Oliver: [27:03] I think that's key, isn't it? I think most people are completely unaware of what they are actually truly capable of, what their true potential is. Whether that be through self-doubt, lack of belief or self-esteem or whatever it might be, but yeah, people definitely -- I think, pretty much everyone has it in them to do and be whatever they want and be whoever they can. It's just a question of sort of waking that up inside a person. It sounds like you're kind of doing that to those people or with those people.

Kate: [27:34] Yeah, absolutely. Again, this links in with understanding the mind, the conscious, the subconscious, and the neurochemicals that people are experiencing because it all has a massive effect on the reality that they're experiencing right now.

Oliver: [27:54] That's all very interesting to hear about this. Now, we wanted to ask you what your thoughts are about the afterlife and what happens when we leave Earth?

Kate: [28:07] My views are that it's not the spirit that is inside the body, it's actually the body, the little body that is inside the huge spirit. So, when the body dies, the spirit doesn't actually leave the body. It's just that the body leaves the spirit, which means that all of the consciousness of that person that had that little body attached to their spirit -- when they're alive, you've got the body but you've got the consciousness that is in the whole spirit which is everywhere. This comes into the reality of the quantum field because an atom is, is somewhere and yet nowhere which is quite hard to get your head around.

But if our spirit is absolutely everywhere, this would explain why as a medium or as a psychic, that sometimes when you're not really concentrating or trying to get a link, you suddenly get a link with somebody or you get a link with something or you get a feeling. It's because the consciousness of the people that we have known is all around us. In terms of the afterlife, what I believe is based on not just studying quantum physics, but it's also based on the experience that I've had through mediumship training and psychic training as to how we connect with the different frequencies that are all around us.

Oliver: [29:57] Okay. Do you personally kind of believe that there's a sort of astral plane or somewhere where we all sort of go after we leave Earth? What do you think about that?

Kate: [30:06] I don't believe that we do leave Earth. We stay where we are because dimensions are stacked on top of each other. I don't believe that there are past lives in terms of a life starts and then it finishes. The reason that we have been led to believe this is because the human brain needs to have an A to B point, a beginning and an end so that it can understand where it goes from one point to the next and that then creates time. So, if we're going from point A to point B, and we are moving matter and we move matter from one point to another, that creates time.

Now, within the spirit world, we link into different lifetimes. People talk about the Akashic records. But actually, if you consider this that dimensions are all stacked on top of each other and we are linking in with different past lives because actually, these lives are all happening all at the same time. So, that would make it more plausible that we can link in to past lives because I can be working with somebody and I know where they are, where they've been, which country they've been in because I can sense it, I can feel it. It's because all of these different lives are happening at the same time.

In the quantum world, there is no time and no space. So, time is manmade so that we can get our head around getting our matter which is our body from one place to another, and keep a structure in our lives. So, it's quite a long-winded answer. So, I don't believe that anybody does leave Earth. There isn't somewhere different, somewhere else where people go to. We are energy and the energy stays where it is. It may be transmuted into something different but energy can't be created or destroyed, as they say, in the quantum field.

So, it's just the body that dies, but the consciousness of the person stays in exactly the same place. It stays covering the Earth, which is how you can connect from one person to -- another person could be in Australia and a medium can connect in with them. It's because the spirit isn't in the body. It’s because the body is in the spirit, which makes all this information and all the different streams of consciousness from different people easily accessible.

Oliver: [33:10] Well, it's very interesting to hear your take on that. It's a very, very unique take in terms of the people that we've already interviewed so far on Psychic Social. So, it's very interesting to hear that from you.

Kate: [33:22] It's very linked in with the with the science of the quantum field and it's quite new information, really. But what it does is when you're learning psychic development and mediumship, what it does is it tells your brain that this information is everywhere, which means that you can access it, which then takes away any blocks that the mind will put up in terms of self-esteem and that kind of stuff that you won't be able to do that.

So, it's a very scientific approach. If we're blending the science and the spirituality, then we look at both sides of it. We realise that it dovetails together better than we could have ever possibly imagined. It explains a lot in terms of connecting with the world around you, connecting with the spirit world, and connecting with the energy that is around you to be read from inanimate objects.

Oliver: [34:30] Very interesting to hear all that, Kate, thank you for that. We're going to leave the psychic stuff there for now. We're going to ask you something not psychic related, which is what was the last book you read?

Kate: [34:42] I’m giving something away now? It's Quantum Sobriety by Jodi Rosa.

Oliver: [34:49] It's not a regular book that people would pick up and read.

Kate: [34:53] Well, it's switching from a party lifestyle to a very spiritual lifestyle. It's a brilliant book to get stuck into. There's a lot of the quantum stuff in there. This absolutely blows your mind open to the possibilities of your life once you connect in with the quantum field rather than kind of sort of looking at the sort of old school way of looking at things. It just kind of blows everything wide open.

Oliver: [35:23] Well, and what about sort of box sets? Have you watched anything on the TV recently that you could recommend a film or anything you’re watching at the moment?

Kate: [35:33] To be honest, I haven't. But I have watched reruns of Star Wars recently. I realised actually, that I loved the first three Star Wars that came out in 1977. I've realized now looking back, it was my favorite film when I was a child. I've realized that it's all about the quantum field.

Oliver: [35:53] It was so well done for back in the day, wasn't it? It was beautifully made.

Kate: [35:58] Yeah.

Oliver: [36:00] Great. Well, it's been great to chat with you, Kate. Can you tell people where they can find you, so your website and social media and anything you might be currently selling, books or courses? We've talked about that already.

Kate: [36:12] Yeah, there's a short Empath course on my website, as well as the Becoming Super Psychic course part one and part two. I'm actually running an opportunity on Facebook because, as I said, it's really important in these times that everybody gets really kind of connected and that we can start really connecting in with ourselves and that's what psychic ability is. So, I'm offering somebody a free place on my Becoming Super Psychic part one, and also offering a couple of discounts on there as well just to try and really help raise the vibration of the planet. There's the Manifesting course on the website and you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Oliver: [37:03] Tell us a bit more about the mind maintenance side of the courses that you offer on your website.

Kate: [37:09] The mind maintenance is a crucial part of psychic development and mediumship development. People get quite involved in cleaning their chakras and their energy systems, which is absolutely right. But we also need to look at concentration levels and brain health because the brain is the organ that is transmuting the information from the pineal gland so that you can transfer it to your sitter.

If your concentration levels are not where they really need to be, the mind doesn't stay still where it needs to be so that it's on one vibrational frequency. When this happens, the brain will connect with a couple of different vibrational frequencies, different consciousness. They'll have a link with a couple of spirit people and then the information can get jumbled rather than just having information from one consciousness. So, it's really important that we're able to keep the mind still. We can do that by going into -- sorry, my dog's crying...

Oliver: [38:23] Is that your dog? It’s all right. Carry on.

Kate: [38:26] We can achieve that by going into the alpha brainwave and we do that by meditation and we achieve that through meditation. But being able to hold that brainwave, it's really important that we work on our concentration levels. You look at what you're putting into your body as well. So, I would recommend when training that you look at taking omega 3, which is going to be really good for your synaptic connections in your mind, but also taking a really good multivitamin so that your brain health is where it needs to be. You can have the best spiritual connection in the world, but if your mind isn't healthy enough so that it can be really stable in one place, you're not going to be able to deliver that to your sitter.

Oliver: [39:46] Great stuff. Okay. Well, thank you so much, Kate, for coming on the show today, especially under the circumstances with what's happening with coronavirus at the moment in the UK and all over the world. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing the best to everyone in the UK and all over the world and stay strong. We're in this together. It's been fantastic to have you and take care and we'll speak with you soon, Kate.

Kate: [40:13] Thank you very much for having me.

Oliver: [40:14] That’s all right. Take care now. We'll speak to you soon.

Kate: [40:17] Thank you.

Oliver: [40:17] Bye.

Kate: [40:18] Bye-bye.

Outro: [40:25] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today's show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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