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🔮Does spirit know who the killer was?. . [with Psychic Medium, James Levesconte PSPE:011]🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium – James Levesconte. On how he practises mediumship and how he honed his psychic skills. And also information on his Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairgustance Psychometry, and his take on the afterlife.



*(This podcast was recorded on 17/04/2020)




With Psychic Medium, James Levesconte PSPE:011

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.04] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.13] On this episode of psychic social. ''It hit the national headlines, and as soon as I was looking at this picture of this girl, I felt as if someone was flicking my nose. And I said to my ex’s mother, I said the person they're looking for I said is underneath the nose of the police.''

A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Today's guest is a psychic medium based in Newport, South Wales. He possesses many different psychic abilities, including medium clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairgustance psychometry.

He has studied at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College, the College of spiritualism and psychic sciences. Now, this has led him to demonstrate his wonderful clairvoyance at various events, including a show at Alexandra Palace in London. The person I'm talking about is James Levesconte. So let's get talking with him right now. Hi James, and welcome to psychic social. How are you today?

James: [00:02:00.03] Hi Oliver, very well, thank you. Good to speak to you.

Oliver: [00:02:03.07] And it's great to have you on the show, James. What have you been up to today?

James: [00:02:06.16] To be honest with you, I've literally just been going through my emails. People obviously started to make a few inquiries for readings; as such, obviously, my usual way of doing readings, which is a private one to one's face-to-face are all on hold. So people are obviously looking at my website and looking at various services I have to offer and WhatsApp, and email readings seem to be people's interest at this moment.

Oliver: [00:02:37.15] Right, okay. And how has it been for you? Obviously, we've been locked down by the UK government in our houses for the last sort of three and a half weeks is it now? Three in a bit weeks. What have you been up to during that time, and how have you been managing things?

James: [00:02:54.04] Trying to keep the weight off is one thing, which I've been managing quite well. I think we've all got to be careful, especially looking after ourselves, most importantly drinking lots of water. Even though everyone's been sort of posting things with regards to enjoying themselves, which is great. But at the same time, we are in a crisis situation in this country.

None of us want to be in this position ourselves, but we all must adhere to what is happening out there and stay safe. But for myself, I've got various interests outside of my psychic work that keeps me occupied. I took their reading; I've got other interests which are very geeky. But it's the thing that blokes like to do, so yes.

Oliver: [00:03:40.06] Sure, sounds good. I mean, is there anything that obviously people there are going to be an awful lot of people that are kind of feeling quite down about the situation at the moment. And obviously, everyone's trying to stay positive. But is there anything that people can do to sort of, or feel to sort of raise their positive vibrations at the moment.

James: [00:03:59.19] Well, there are some things that we can do, and what I've done is I've studied the laws of attraction. I've read up on the laws of attraction. And one of the things, if you know about LOA, it's about gratitude. And what I've been doing is when I get up every day, is writing in my diary, my gratitude diary about the things I'm grateful for the day. That’s something that you can do. I always say whenever you're in a position of where you are completely isolated, always have something to keep mind to do planning ahead, planning ahead, what you're going to do this day, what you're going to do that day. It keeps your mind focused, other things as well as health and wellness, it's important. If you've never really touched on meditation, this is a perfect time for you to do one of the things that I've done in in teachings, which is called stop.

And it stands for sitting in silence, tuning into spirit, observe, and process. Now obviously, if you're not spiritually aware, it's a good opportunity for you to sit in silence and just relax. Because people don't realise how much they need to look after their bodies, more even going down to people after your feet.

Your feet, you stand on them all the time, and things of this nature is about looking after yourself. So that's another thing that you can do is actually start to look after yourself a lot more. Drinking lots of fluid, looking after your body is most important. So that's some of the things that I've been doing, and it works for me. And reading, I do a lot of reading as well.

Oliver: [00:05:46.05] Yes. It all sounds really important stuff, and the exercise and all that kind of stuff is really important not only for your physical health but really for your mental health as well, isn't it obviously. And the meditation, I've got a feeling I don't know whether it's true or not, but there's going to be a lot more people potentially taking up meditation during this period of time. And that's obviously going to be a wonderful thing for them, and for everyone around them as well. Isn't it?

James: [00:06:14.02] Well, absolutely. Meditation is not something that's new; it's just that it's become the new sort of fad amongst people. People have been meditating for centuries, but it clearly works. And we are connected to the universe; we are just pure balls of light. When we depart this world, this body stays, but the light of which we are, the energy, that goes and that is connected to the universe.

So the more that we connect to the universe, and the more that we channel, and we can shift and move energy, the better we're going to feel. I would have never believed in meditation until I started on looking into it and realising how much it can do and how much it can change you. And one of the little techniques that one of my teachers taught me was, she said come on, let's have a look at your chakras and visualising the colours of what you see. And actually how do you see that colour, well I see dirty red, so it needs spring clean.

So when you start visualising your chakras, the colours, and if they're not the vibrant colours you expect and it tells you that your body needs a good overhaul. So you can actually give them a clean in your mind's eye, and when you come out of that meditation, you've done a little bit of cleaning.

You'll see the difference in you, you'll feel more uplifted, re-energised, and charged, and this is what it's all about. So yes, I do hope that people will follow these little changes in their lifestyle. Because not only will it benefit them, but it will benefit others.

Oliver: [00:07:49.26] Exactly, and that's the big thing about it as well, isn't it? It doesn't just benefit you; it benefits everyone else. Well, let's move into some questions regarding you as a psychic. We wanted you to take us back to the beginning, James. How did you become a psychic? How did the gift come to you? Was it passed down from a family member, or was another way that the gift came to you?

James: [00:08:11.02] For me, I was always aware that, sounds a bit peculiar. I was always the odd one in the family, didn't know why. And it pretty much came about when I was in my teenage years, I was a bit of a rebel leading up to my GCSE's, and I'd had an argument with my parents once, and I stayed up, late they've gone to bed. And I heard this sort of bang in the kitchen, and then all of a sudden I felt someone standing next to me in the living room while I was watching telly, it was late at night.

And I've seen these, this dark brown, slippers, and brown trousers and it's scared the living daylights out of me. It was my late grandfather, and they were the actual same slippers and trousers that he wore on the night he passed, and I was there when he passed. So that was sort of my first experience. But for me, it happened when I went to a fortune teller, and she did the old cards, and she said you're a psychic. Me? No, I'm not a psychic.

She said yes, you are, and I've been to see her over the years, and she'd never mentioned it ever in any of my readings. So I knew that there was something there, I didn't realise probably until I'd experienced some sort of trauma in my life. And I think that was my sort of spiritual awakening, and then when you feel this difference in you as I like to call it the quickening from the Highlander film. And that was pretty much my spiritual awakening, and then my father would say to me that it was in the family, and my aunt had it. And then other things was spoken about then, mentioned about one of my relatives runs a spiritualist Church, and my great-grandma was a psychic and she could read fire.

And she saw the death of her late husband, my great grandfather, even before it happened. So it's being there within, and obviously, as you get older. It started to develop without me realising. And then so the one thing that sort of sticks in the back of my mind, was when I met one of my exes, at the time my long-term partner, I met her mother. And the first thing she said to me I was a psychic, and I really said yes, she said you are a psychic and didn't think anything of it. And it was only pretty much I started to look into this more when I spent time with my ex's mother, and she said one night she said have a look at this picture.

So she got me a picture, and it was of her late mother, and she said read it for me. I said, what do you mean, she said what do you feel with it? So I was given this information, and she said that's right and I went really yes? That's right. So then next thing she gives me a newspaper clipping, and it's of a young girl who was, I won't mention the girl, but she was murdered, and it hit the national headlines. And as soon as I was looking at this picture of this girl, I felt as if someone was flicking my nose.

And I said to my ex’s Mother, I said the person they're looking for I said is underneath the nose of the police. And I said that the person they've arrested in regards to this is the wrong person. I said he's in the same profession as her, and then I also was getting tastes of, I could see that there was something to do with a rejection of love, etc. And I never mentioned it to anyone else other than my ex's mother. So we didn't think anything of it, and at this time the person they've arrested for this murder, I felt they arrested the wrong one.

And then six weeks later, all that I had read through the picture of this young lady who have been murdered came to light. They arrested the same person that I was describing, not actually how he looked, but some of the things his traits, and it was a rejection of love. And so that was an experience I didn't really think anything off, but she's the only one who could validate that till this day what I'm sharing with you.

Oliver: [00:12:46.25] And that just came from a newspaper clipping, did it?

James: [00:12:49.16] Yes, that was from a newspaper clipping. That was even before I had started doing any sort of teacher training with a spiritual teacher, yes. And it was a young girl that's known in the media because her murder went national because they arrested the wrong person. And I got all that from a newspaper clipping.

Oliver: [00:13:13.15] Okay, that's very interesting, very interesting. Now tell us more about the specialised areas of your psychic abilities, there's a lot of stuff listed on your website there. Can you tell us a bit more about that, please, James?

James: [00:13:26.02] Well, one of the things that I didn't choose to do this work, Oliver; I never wanted to be a psychic, never ever. And it was just something that happened after I'd split up with my long-term relationship. I was sort of in a dark place, and because the relationship we've been together for quite some time and etc. And a friend of mine suggested that I look into my abilities, my spirituals, my spiritual awareness.

I basically put in a shoe box to put on the shelf and forgot about it. So then she suggested I come and speak to a lady in Cheltenham called Carol Green. Carol Green, who I speak very highly of, she helped me an awful lot, and this is going back to like 2013. And she took me on the path, so I started attending a class while I was still working in the corporate industry. But because of the pressures I was under in that job, and doing spiritual awareness and development in the evenings, it was having an impact I wasn't able to manage myself.

So I was feeling sort of out of my depth. But the services I offer Oliver, sorry to digress, are pretty much come about since I was pushed to the limit, how I felt physically and emotionally, and when I went to the Arthur Findlay College. That was my make or break for me, to be honest with you. And since the Arthur Findlay College, I've looked at exploring other avenues within my spiritual ability, so I've not just stuck to one.

Because when I first started out, I was just doing telephone readings. I was registered on one of the national psychic networks, and that's all I wanted to do was just do the telephone readings, nothing else. Nothing else appealed to me: platform work, face to face readings you name it. Even the picture readings and the newspaper reading didn't appeal to me. But the Arthur Findlay College was the catalyst to where I am today, and I feel blessed to have had that experience there.

Oliver: [00:15:54.12] That's great. Can you tell us a bit more about the, you've got some things obviously like we mentioned listed on your home page, on your website about the clairsentience, the clairgustance I think it is, the psychometry. Can you explain a little bit more about that for the listeners, please?

James: [00:16:10.22] Yes. I mean, I knew I was clairvoyant anyway, which is obviously the opportunity of being able to see. And then when I left the Arthur Findlay College, I had a good friend of mine who helped develop and build my website. She said to me that you need to offer a variety of services out there to make you more appealing, so you stand out in the crowd. And that's what my website is about. It doesn't mention that I do platform work; I do mediumship and platform work.

So I do public demonstrations. I've done the church; the churches within the SNU (Spiritualists’ National Union) and outside of the SNU. But the actual services that I offer are pretty much all thanks to me developing my own gifts, knowing that my light wasn't just about clairvoyance, that I do have clairsentience, I do have clairgustance, I have claircognizance, I have clairaudience. I have all the various Clair's, and it's just that I've been allowed to develop and explore them as I call it my psychic toolbox.

So I'm not just about one thing, and that's why I have all these varieties of services on there, that try and tick a box for every person because a lot of my clients don't want to give me anything. Which is natural, you don’t want to give me anything. And some will say I don't want you to see my pictures, that's fine, no problem. We'll pick a date, we'll pick a time that's convenient for you, and we do the telephone reading. Some are like I don't want to speak to you, well that's all right, nobody wants to speak to me anyway.

So we’ll do a WhatsApp reading, I said well that's just exchanging of words, and I chat away, and you say yes or no over the messenger. Email readings is basically I connect the link into the energy or the photograph; all I need is the person's name, first name only, date of birth, and the question. And then I link in and let my guides come through with the information they're sharing with me. And then I write it; I scribble it down. I've got such awful writing. You’d think I was a spider in a past life the way I write. What on earth have I written? It goes across the page, down the page. I mean, it's like dot to dots.

And then I sort of put that all together, and then I forward it then to the client. So there are lots of various services on there as well. I offer a path, obviously. I mentioned I do mediumship and I do public demonstrations, and I've done a lot of trance work as well. So my toolbox it's quite big, but I enjoy doing it, and I do card readings as well.

And you mentioned psychometry. Yes, I've been able to, I need to obviously pick up a physical object. But yes, I'm looking at exploring different parts of my light, what I've not really touched on a lot, and obviously to grow that. So I'm always looking, I've done ribbon readings and anything. Scrying with water, crystal ball, pendulum, so you name it. I like to add lots of chinks to my armour.

Oliver: [00:19:32.14] Sure. Just explain about the psychometry, so that's actually taking an object of somebody's and connecting the energy through that to that person, isn't it?

James: [00:19:42.07] Yes. It's basically, most people it's like a watch, a piece of jewellery, item of clothing. And then you connect to the energy. I mean from my own experience, my father would put a ring on my finger many years ago, it was a gold ring. And I didn't realise that it belonged to my grandfather, the one that I saw passed. Because no one else had actually worn the ring since he had passed, I felt the energy still connected to the ring, and I was having a heart attack.

I could actually see him lying on the bed in the mortuary, and there was lots of other things. My mum was that worried that she was going to phone 999 because she thought I was having a heart attack. And it was all because of the ring which was only on my small finger, because of the energy and I was able to obviously link into it.

All that over the years had stored within the ring was still there. So I was able to interpret it and feel it in my word, I've never put that ring on my finger since. So that's what's psychometry is. So it could be any object, doesn't have to be a piece of jewellery, it could be an item of clothing or something that belongs to that person.

Oliver: [00:20:58.15] But can you do this potentially so, can you see an item obviously in the current situation that we're in the moment, we can't do face to face readings. Can you see an object if someone sends you a picture of a ring or a watch or something like that? Does it work that way as well or not really?

James: [00:21:16.06] I can most certainly try, Oliver. I had done it for a friend of mine once, she lost her Rolex, and it was a Rolex. And she asked me, and this was a few years ago. And I painstakingly tried to link into it, and she searched high and low, high and low in the house.

And from what I could remember when I told my friend about this, I seen it stored in a like a black bag or something. I was able to tell her that the Rolex watch was still in the house, and I'm sure I think it was in the loft or something of that nature. But I was able to pinpoint where it was, and lo and behold my friend did find her watch, her Rolex.

Oliver: [00:22:03.00] That's great that you can do that, that's amazing. Well, that's going to move us nicely into the break now; we're having a great chat here with James Levesconte, psychic medium. And we're very much looking forward to hearing more from James in part two, so we'll see you after this.

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AD: [00:23:34.22] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:23:47.16] Welcome back to part 2 of Psychic Social, and our chat with James Levesconte, psychic medium. Now we've been hearing some great stories in the first half. We heard more about James's mediumship; he told us a little bit about his guides. And can you tell us a bit more about your guides? James, do you have one or many? How does that work for you?

James: [00:24:07.06] I've got many guides, Oliver. One particular guide who's been there for quite some time his name's George and how I've seen him showed me is a military person. I would say very much like the Lord Kitchener poster, that type of person that he was; it wasn't Lord Kitchener. But yes, he's come through many a time working with me. He's got a very sort of, how can I out it, strong personality.

Can be a bit sort of cheeky with some of his comments as well. I've also had a guide as well from the Roman times; Zephyr. He was a Centurion. There's also been also a few other guides. I've even had one thing, one of the famous native Indians ‘Red Cloud’ has stepped in once or twice. My great grand mamma I spoke about, she's occasionally come in. Even my late son in spirit, Bradley, he's come through once or twice to help, especially where it's children involved.

Because of the sensitive side of things. And I have a new guide who's stepped in as Joseph; I know very little about him. But yes, I've had a few interesting characters stepping in. And there's another little lady, an oldish lady. I got to be careful; I don't want to insult her because she won't speak to me, Enid. And she was mentioned to me as well while I was at the Arthur Findlay College as well. So yes, I've had an interesting plethora of guides.

Oliver: [00:25:49.00] Okay. When a new guide comes into you, how do they kind of present themselves? How do they arrive to you? Is it clairvoyantly? Clairaudiently? Or a combination with all those things. And do they kind of give you a sort of breakdown of who they are and where they've been and where they've come from and how they're going to help you? How does that work when a new guide comes in?

James: [00:26:13.14] My own guides, when they all show up it will be in a case of when I'm doing a meditation and things of that, they will show themselves. If I don't ask anything about them, they won't tell me. But I've learned lots of things with just little things were going into my usual guidance meditation. I have a sort of routine; I take myself on a journey as such. Very much like when you leave home to go to school, you go the same journey every time.

So I've had that experience as well. And there are little things as well, or just the way I'm working completely different, something will come in and share that with me. So I've been able to really build up a portfolio of knowledge about who my guides are. I don't always ask them what they do, because sometimes I feel it's a bit sort of personal.

But they're an open book, but I mean one of the great things is to be blessed with is having my great-grand mama come through occasionally and to help and support me. And I work with the angels as well, Shamwell. I've worked with a lot, as well. So I call them rent-a-mob, because sometimes once they start linking into me and they start talking, they never stop. But I'm eternally grateful and blessed to have them with me because I wouldn't be where I am without my team and the angels at the highest realm working with me.

Oliver: [00:27:41.16] Sure, okay, yes, I totally understand that. Now you mentioned earlier a couple of times about the Arthur Findlay College.

James: [00:27:48.14] Yes.

Oliver: [00:27:49.14] Can you tell the listeners a bit more about that, how that works? And if you've got any stories from that particular part of your life.

James: [00:27:56.08] Yes. I mean, my aunt told me of the Arthur Findlay College many years ago. And I went and had a psychic assessment with an Irish lady called Moira Dwyer. And she said it would be in my interest to go to Arthur Findlay College. So I looked up for a course to see what would be there, and one particular course was advanced mediumship. Now I never wanted to do this work, Oliver, I hated platform work.

I have voice recording evidence when I had a reading many years ago, saying how mediumship and my psychic ability was strong, and there was no way you were going to get me out in front of the public doing demonstrations, it wasn't my thing. But this course advanced mediumship would teach you how to do these things, and that's what I did. And it was very much, so my own experience with being in boarding school up at eight o'clock.

Breakfast starts at 9:00 you finish at 9:00 you have your individual break. But my word that course, it either makes you or breaks you, and I felt so lost when that course finished on that Saturday. It was like breaking up from a long-term partner. It left you in such a place, but it had such a profound experience on myself that I nearly quit the whole course purely because on the Tuesday, and I've been there since Saturday. It just wasn't working for me, couldn't get anything right, and my teacher was Val Williams and I, myself and one other male.

So sat down for lunch, and I said to my friends on the table, I said look I'm going after the lunch. Why? I said, well, I've had enough; I'm going. Five o'clock my suitcase is packed already. I'm off. So went back upstairs to freshen up, and at the time, I was only working with my one guide, George. I said to George; I said hey, if you don't help me, me and you, we are going to fall out big time and I'm never working with you again, and I'm leaving this work for good.

That afternoon then, myself and the other male student, we had to get up Val is there watching us, bless her. And she's got her eye on me and him, he goes first, and then Val says come on it's your turn. So I get up, does my introduction. And as I'm standing now in front of a group, there are about 15 of us. And I'm nervous my heart is beating like a big brass band, it's like going your first date with someone you really like, and you want it to work so much. And all of a sudden like my hand, my arm dropped, and I thought, what's this? And I felt this handbag, this beautiful clutch handbag on my arm. I was describing literalistic detail; I've never done that before in detail of such.

I was having a look in the bag, and I knew I was with this particular lady in the audience, a professional medium. And one thing led to the other, I was describing, I had the street address she took describing this lady that she took, and then I brought her this name. And I gave her this name, and then all of a sudden she starts to cry. And she was quite emotional; I was getting emotional. Kept with it and a few other things, and then we ended the reading.

And I only brought in her mother who had committed suicide at such a young age, that she'd been to so many various mediums across the world and no other medium could actually bring in her mother, and I actually brought her mother in standing in my energy. And I'm getting goosebumps just sharing this with you now. And from that moment, that Tuesday afternoon in June 2018 was the catalyst to where I am today.

It was that sliding door moment that make or break whether I stay with this work or I quit and if I quit, I wouldn't have come back. And yes, it left me for the rest of the week in such a place that oh my word, it was incredible. Even my own notes that I kept in my book, because I mean I've got a book where I keep all my notes, and it's like my book of shadows, because of my lineage that I write everything there in it and that was it.

Oliver: [00:32:27.02] That's a lovely story. And it's obviously; you were meant to carry on along that path, weren't you?

James: [00:32:33.00] Absolutely.

Oliver: [00:32:34.07] Yes. Well, we wanted to ask you off the back of that, we ask all our and guests that we have on psychic social this question. We want to know what your thoughts are about the afterlife, and what happens to us when we leave earth? What are your thoughts on that?

James: [00:32:50.12] Well, I'm a firm believer in the afterlife, I've had many lives. One of my own lives is that I've been a witch, a male witch twice. I've even got the witch's pentagram on my headline, the palm of my hand and on my foot. So if that's not validation, I don't know what is. And I feel a lot of the things from our past lives affect the lives as we are today, so our fears and things of that nature. I do believe that when we do pass to the spirit world, our lives are played back very much like in a VCR, fast forward to this part when you did this, did that.

So I do get that feeling that we do get judged on our life that we've lived as I say renting this body that we're in now. And if you have been an unpleasant person that has not been the most pleasant, I believe you go to a darker light. And again, you go to a darker light if you don't repent your sins. So I do believe that, but I'm also a firm believer that you have so many lives that you have to live. So whether you have 20 lives, 30 lives, 40 lives, and then you live out those lives. And that's what my own firm belief is, but yes, I do believe that we do come back.

I do believe in reincarnation, and I do believe we don't understand and learn our lessons in this life, then we're coming back to learn those lessons. Yes, I'm a firm believer that our past lives have an effect on us that it is just what it is. My own fear of water, I've always had a fear of water. And then I went and saw a lady in Cirencester, and she took me on one of my journeys regarding water, and this is how I learned about my past in regards to being a witch, a male witch. And she said that I used to hunt witches, oh great I'm a witch hunter now.

And she said all the good witches; the innocent ones were persecuted by the ducking stool and all the bad witches were saved. And she said you used to observe watching those witches being persecuted, drowning. And I've always had a fear of water, being on the water's edge, and if you think years ago I was cabin crew for over three years, and I had a fear of water, God my passengers wouldn't have gotten on the plane.

But that experience of having that, and I put it to the test last year Oliver when I went fishing. I deliberately put my seat box on the water's edge, which I'd never do, sat there, and the water fear had gone. Because before I'd be afraid of being pushed in or falling in, I had no fear whatsoever. So I do believe that lady had allowed me to shift that karmic past out of me, and now I don't have that fear of water anymore. So sharing that not only with you but with the listeners, it's something that's changed me as well as a person that I don't have that fear.

Oliver: [00:36:07.17] That's interesting. And so what sort of time period are we talking about in terms of when you say your past life as a witch. What sort of time periods?

James: [00:36:15.14] Oh, I was a witch in the ninth and the thirteenth century. I've also been a young boy; I drowned in my grandparent's back yard. I must have been either three or four; I had a balloon in my hand.

And I was looking at the koi swimming around, and a boy of that age mischievous looking over leans over, loses his balloon. Feeling is that what's it like when your soul is taken from you, it's very much like having your vacuum cleaner put on high and then putting your hand over it, the suction it's so quick, it's you're gone.

Oliver: [00:36:51.06] Did this come, the past life knowledge, did it come through your own psychic abilities, or were you regressed through hypnosis or anything like that?

James: [00:37:02.03] It was regression. The experience with regards to the water, the lady who I actually went to see, I was recommended. We just went on a journey through her backyard, I mean she got acres of land, and it was hot summer's day.

And luckily enough, I didn't wear any shorts, because I would have been completely stingified with stinging nettles, but she was quite a sort of used to it. But she wasn't a psychic or a light worker, but she was able to connect into the energy, and she was able to relay this back to me, and I wrote it all down in my book.

Oliver: [00:37:43.03] Well, it's great to hear all this stuff and all this information you've given us on the show regarding your psychic experiences, and your psychic mediumship. And we're going to leave that all to one side now, and we're going to ask you a bit more about you. So just wanted to know a little bit about you in terms of any kind of books that you've read recently that you could recommend. Or any kind of box sets you're watching, anything you're into on any of these streaming platforms at all?

James: [00:38:07.13] What am I doing, reading at the moment. I'm reading a very rare book which is called ''The Book of Knowledge, the keys of Enoch'' that a very good friend that I met at the Arthur Findlay College. She went and bought it for me and sent it over from the USA, and she left the price ticket in which I wasn't too pleased about because it's a very expensive book, that's one book I'm currently reading. Mentioned earlier about the gratitude diaries, that's the book I've read by Janice Kaplan.

There's a good book out there, people want to get into the LOA laws of attraction, and it's called ''The source'' by Tara Swart. Now she is actually a qualified psychologist, so she takes the laws of attraction from the scientific side of it and not the spiritual side. So if people think oh yes, it's all about psychics and spiritualism, it's nothing of the sorts.

And one book as well, I'm just going to say I'm reading, and he's actually a friend of mine within the spiritual work is a gentleman called Chris Howarth, and he's a physical medium, and his book is called ''The vision, the voice.'' And it's very much the story of his life, his journey within the spiritual world. And his sort of awakening into spirit. That's another book, and then hopefully I will get around to writing mine, whether or not people will want to pick it up and read it is another thing.

Oliver: [00:39:43.29] I'm sure they will.

James: [00:39:45.06] I do feel I've got lots to share, but I'm a firm believer in sharing.

Oliver: [00:39:50.21] Sure. And do you watch much TV at all or box sets or any kind of soaps?

James: [00:39:57.08] Box sets or soaps, you mean like Imperial leather?

Oliver: [00:40:03.18] Yes, that's the one, Lux. No, just like anything you're kind of watching. A lot of people are kind of into watching, getting into various things like Game of Thrones and things like that. Does that grab you, or is it not really your thing?

James: [00:40:18.21] Game of Thrones is not my bag. Homeland I've been watching, I've also been watching, I've managed to find it on YouTube, and it's about paranormal, spiritual happenings even with the Sasquatch in America. I think it's called the woods are haunted. True stories of people, not actors, sharing their experiences of coming into contact.

People being very foolish and stupid, dabbling with the Ouija board. But also, people coming into contact with Bigfoot and some of the footage quite startling the amount of sightings that have been recorded. Not just in America but across the world. But this series I found it's season 1 season 2 very good.

Oliver: [00:41:12.26] Yes. I've seen some of those Bigfoot stuff, I've seen some ones that look fairly convincing, and then ones that just, you wouldn't believe.

James: [00:41:21.18] Trash TV, yeah.

Oliver: [00:41:24.22] Okay. Well, that's great stuff, thank you, James. And finally, where can people find you, can you tell people where they can get hold of you so your website, your social media? Anything else that you're kind of selling on your website at the moment?

James: [00:41:37.18] Yes, absolutely. I mean, my website is JamesLevesconte-psychicmedium.co.uk. I do have an Instagram account; I think that is the same. I mean, it's James Levesconte. I don't do much with Twitter; I'm not I'm not a Twitter or Twitterer or anything of that nature, I find Twitter annoying.

But Facebook, I can be reached as well as same James Levesconte. But my website, you can find it quite easily, and you can see my reviews on there as well and things of that nature. And I'm looking to start running a blog as well from my website as well because I am set up to write blogs. But yes, I do try and shun away from blogs, but I keep getting prompted by friends and say look, you need to share with others what's going on with you. And I'm like really people are interested in me, and they say yes, they would be, so yes.

Oliver: [00:42:33.11] It's a great way to get content on your website, not only for people to read but for search engines to like and thing like that as well. So yes, it's a positive thing to do. Well, I'm going to put all those links in the show notes on the website. So everyone who is listening can click on those links and find all those books and all your links to your website and social media. But like I say, thank you very much for joining us today, James.

It's been great having a chat with you on psychic social, and hopefully at hopefully at some point in the future, you might come on and record a part two with us at some point. We can have maybe a deep dive into another realm of something else there in terms of psychic mediumship. But yes, thank you very much for coming on and take care of yourself in these current times, and we'll speak with you again soon.

James: [00:43:21.10] Thank you, Oliver, and thank you for this opportunity. Yes, I would like to if the listeners would be interested, then yes absolutely I'd love to do a part two, and yes, all of you out there stay safe, listen to what has been given in regards to the advice, it is for your own health, safety and wellness. And we all need to stay safe and not be arrogant.

Oliver: [00:43:43.26] Exactly, yes. Stay safe, everyone. And thank you, James, and we'll chat with you again soon.

James: [00:43:47.21] Thank You, Oliver.

Outro: [00:43:53.26] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today’s show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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