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Interview with multi-talented Psychic Medium & Reiki Master – Carolyn Wilkins. On her Mediumship, Reiki, music and how they all tie in with her psychic skills. And insights into her thoughts on the afterlife and the many books she’s written over the years.

*(This podcast was recorded on 18/04/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Carolyn Wilkins PSPE:012

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.14] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.08] On this episode of psychic social. ''This reiki vibrating at this level, or this note of music vibrating at this level will actually create a resonance within you that will allow you to open to a higher level of being''.

A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Today's guest is a psychic medium and a Reiki Master. She's been providing reiki services to students, staff, and faculty at Berkeley College and Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, since 2016.

She's also an initiated Priestess of Yemaya, the African goddess of the ocean. She's a jazz pianist and a professor at the Berklee College of Music. And she's also written a number of books, which is another one of her many talents. So it's a pleasure to welcome to psychic social, our first guests from America, Carolyn Wilkins. Hi Carolyn, and welcome to psychic social. How are you today?

Carolyn W.: [00:02:02.07] I am very fine, Oliver. It's a pleasure and an honour to be here with you today.

Oliver: [00:02:09.08] It's great to hear that, and it's an absolute pleasure to have you on psychic social today. You are our first guest from overseas, so it's a pleasure and a privilege to have you on from the United States of America. Thank you very much for joining us.

Carolyn W.: [00:02:22.06] Thank you so much. I feel very honoured. Thank you. I'm hoping I represent well.

Oliver: [00:02:29.12] You will, I'm sure it's a landmark day for psychic social. So tell us, Carolyn, what have you been up to within these sort of current very difficult times that we're going through at the moment?

Carolyn W.: [00:02:40.17] Well, of course, like everyone else, I'm home all day every day. But I've been trying to use the time, and actually, my approach to this whole COVID situation has been to use this time to really focus on going a little bit deeper within myself.

There are so many exterior activities that have been cancelled, and so instead, I'm spending a lot of time home meditating, walking, connecting with nature around me just in my yard or whatever and spending a lot of time reflecting on sort of finding a deeper connection with my spirit.

Oliver: [00:03:30.08] That sounds wonderful. And these are all things that kind of people might be able to do to currently try, and sort of raise their positive vibrations if they're feeling sort of down about this situation at the moment.

Carolyn W.: [00:03:41.24] Absolutely. And I will say I do feel that we as a human race are being challenged to choose how we choose to focus our attention. Will we give our attention to the fear and the craziness that is presented to us in the news and so forth? Or can we use this time obviously being sensible and using reasonable precautions, but staying in and instead, turning away from fear, to focus on self-growth and just quality time both with ourselves and with our families.

Oliver: [00:04:26.24] Exactly. And it's also a chance to try and sort of; now they're sort of, the initial time has passed since this all started to happen. That people can sort of reflect, and kind of like you say, move away from the fear and look inside themselves and try to find that calm within the storm within themselves. And appreciate and be grateful for what they do have no matter how big or small it might be. Be appreciative of your family and what you have and the things that you have. And definitely take a different perspective on life in general, I think.

Carolyn W.: [00:05:02.15] I do. I feel that this time has been given to us for that reason. Normally, I don't know about you, but normally I'm running around from one thing to the next. Go here, go there, go teach, go out, come in, do this, do that, and very little time to really spend with friends or with family or whatever.

And now, even though, of course, I can't see them in person, I will say that I have connected more with friends in recent days because everyone is home. I've had people contact me out of the blue, that I literally have not spoken to in decades.

And they are reaching out to say hello, or just checking in. I think another thing about this whole situation with death being so present now around us, there's also a feeling along with the presence of death. A feeling of greater appreciation for the sweetness of life, and for the simple things of life. Love, friends, family, connection. Those kinds of things that sometimes get lost when we are busier.

Oliver: [00:06:32.28] And it really takes it back to basics, doesn’t it? Because so many people are consumed by sort of material things on a daily basis. And I'll hold my hands up and say I am to a certain extent like that, as I'm sure a lot of people are. But it really does bring you back to basics, doesn’t it? Like you say with your friends, your family, your loved and important connections. And the material stuff just seems to sort of dissipate, doesn't it?

Carolyn W.: [00:07:00.07] It does. And the truth is it's literally dissipating around us. Nothing is known for sure what the outcome, what the economy, any of all of those things are in doubt. And there isn't a whole lot, at least right in this moment that any of us can really do about those things because there's so much up in the air. So it seems to me very important to focus on our true sense of supply, which is, in fact, our connection to the one, the God that created the universe whether you want to call it spirit, whether you want to call it your higher self, your soul.

Our connection to that energy that runs the universe is the only thing that is certain to us right now. So I feel like the best thing, and the wisest thing for anyone to do is just to kind of focus on that. And to understand that as crazy as things may look out there, the earth is still turning, the flowers are still blooming, the sky is still blue and we're still, God willing, those of us who are healthy, we're still healthy, we're still here. So to focus on the joy and the love that is available in the moment.

Oliver: [00:08:37.09] Exactly. It's just about that moment, isn't it? Experiencing the moment and bringing yourself back into the moment. Well in that moment, we’re now gonna progress on with the show now, Carolyn.

So our first question to you was, we wanted you to go back to the beginning in terms of you as being a psychic in your mediumship. I mean, how did you become a psychic? How did it come to you? Can you tell the listeners about that, please?

Carolyn W.: [00:09:01.00] Well, yes. It's very interesting when I was about four years old; I had a number of very intense psychic experiences. I saw things in my room; I saw energy, I saw little dots of light floating around. And it was extremely intense, and actually quite terrifying. Because I didn't know what it was, I felt really scared actually by it. And eventually, my parents actually took me to a child psychiatrist, who convinced me that all these things were just ''my imagination'' which they weren't. But her telling me that, and me believing that for many years actually did enable me to calm down and function in the world.

Because I was kind of non-functional. And even to this day, I have a very early memory even earlier than that of being in my crib as a baby and feeling the presence of two angels, one on either side of me. And this precious memory that I've carried with me throughout my life. But after that sort of initial explosion as a child, I was always considered sort of just sensitive, and you know well she's sensitive like many of us. But I never really thought of myself as being really psychic until much later in life.

My training has been as a musician, which, as you know, does require, especially in my field, which is jazz, requires a deep connection to our intuitive abilities, and allowing energy to flow through us and manifest in this case as music. I've always had that.

So when later in life, and I mean much later well into middle-age, I really felt a call to explore my psychic gifts more and actually call them being psychic. It was easy to make the transition from music to psychic. And actually, now, I use them both together quite often.

Oliver: [00:11:40.03] Okay, that's great. I mean tell the listeners a bit more about your mediumship and your Reiki and how they work together and how that intertwines with your music, which you just mentioned.

Carolyn W.: [00:11:51.08] Yes. So one of the first modalities that really awakened me to the fact that I had the ability to heal and to see energy and all this kind of thing was that I received Reiki initiation, the Reiki attunement. And when I did, I immediately began hearing messages and seeing things, as well as feeling the energy move through my hands. And those of you out there in the audience who do Reiki, you understand there's a wonderful feeling in the hands, and then the deeper you explore as I went on to get my Reiki masters training.

I learned that I can send it at a distance across space and time. I can send to people; I can also then awaken the Reiki energy in others. And so now in my current practice, I offer Reiki to people, and at the same time, I'm also tuning into their energy field because I am psychic, and the Reiki energy allows me to connect with their energy field in a very deep way.

And then from that place, when I'm finished offering the Reiki, I'm also able to offer them insights from my guides, from their guides, sometimes from their ancestors in the spirit world. Further insights that speak to their current situation, what may be going on with them that may have caused them to ask for a Reiki treatment in the first place.

Oliver: [00:13:47.18] Okay. And how does the music fit into that?

Carolyn W.: [00:13:51.11] So also now I've also been doing an additional thing, which is that psychically I'm perceiving the energy field of the person, and then using my musical training, creating a piece of music and I'm calling these musical aura-graphs. And these are little pieces of music that are designed to reflect the energy of the person for whom I'm reading, and bring a healing through the energies of the music.

Oliver: [00:14:29.04] Right, okay. And you mentioned a couple of minutes ago about sending the Reiki healing across space and time. Are you able to kind of delve a bit deeper and tell us how that actually works? Or is it kind of unexplainable to people listening? How does it work? Can you tell people a bit more about that and with the music as well?

Carolyn W.: [00:14:49.18] Yes. I would say that it seems kind of almost like magic if you will. But the truth is, we live in a vibratory universe. This has actually been proven by science, by physics, right? Everything is vibrating at different rates of speed. And at some level, as they are recently discovering in quantum physics, we're actually all one gigantic sort of thing.

So, therefore, from that point of view, if you take that perspective that we all participate in a oneness, and that we are all vibrating at different rates of speed. Then it's easy to understand how the Reiki energy can vibrate at one level. And if you have a similar within you vibration as we all do, we all contain many octaves of different resonances, right? That this Reiki vibrating at this level or this note of music vibrating at this level will actually create a resonance within you that will allow you to open to a higher level of being.

So, for example, if you've ever played a musical instrument and had a tuning fork, right? Can you image that, a tuning fork, right? If you strike the tuning fork, and you place it up against, for example, the wooden body of a guitar or the soundboard of a piano. The piano itself will vibrate to the note of the tuning fork. Why? Because they are both in resonance. This is just a scientific principle. The strings in the piano that are tuned to the same note as the tuning fork will then start to vibrate without your having to touch the piano or play a key or anything.

So this is the same concept, and this is how energy goes across space and time. And truth be told, we all have the ability to send energy across space and time, we're just not always aware of it. And the beauty of Reiki is that you're actually being trained to be able to do it in a conscience way so that you send the highest and best vibrations of energy to connect with people.

Oliver: [00:17:49.18] That's a fantastic explanation, thank you very much for that. And I'm sure the listeners will have enjoyed hearing about that. I want to move on to our next question now. We wanted to ask you throughout your readings over the years; I'm sure they've been many. Is there one that really kind of stood out for you for whatever reason that might have been? One that really sticks in your mind?

Carolyn W.: [00:18:08.29] I have to say I have really enjoyed working with creative people. Maybe because I'm a creative person myself, and I'm a musician, and I'm also a writer. When I work with creative people, I feel that because we have a shared worldview, I'm often able to help awake within them things that were there but are kind of sleeping. I have seen several clients who are musicians, but who were feeling blocked maybe in a certain way feeling depressed, feeling that they couldn't quite get the energy to create music.

And I've been able in this particular one case that I'm thinking of this one young man was feeling blocked, he was feeling frustrated, he was depressed, he wasn't able to do what he knew he wanted to do in the world. And after receiving the Reiki treatment, and the insight that I was able to bring him into his current life situation, and why he was blocking himself in this particular way.

He then did email me that lo and behold, he was able to go out and write a whole new piece based upon feeling more open, and the energy more open. So those are the kinds of things that I do in my work, and they make me feel very joyful.

Oliver: [00:19:49.20] I'm sure they do, yes, that's a lovely story to hear that. This is great stuff, and we're having a great chat here with Carolyn Wilkins, psychic medium here from the USA. And we're looking forward to hearing much more from Carolyn in part two; we're going to take a break now. So we'll see you after this.

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AD: [00:21:23.00] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:21:34.10] Welcome back to part 2 of psychic social and our chat with Carolyn Wilkins, psychic medium. Now before the break, we've been hearing some great stories and great information from Carolyn. And she mentioned, well touched upon some information about her guides earlier briefly. Carolyn, tell us a bit more about your guides. Do you have one or many? And how does it work for you?

Carolyn W.: [00:21:56.05] Well, this is a great question. I have found that at least for me, I have some major guides who have been with me all along from the beginning. And then there are spirits who kind of come in and out based on what I need and where I need to grow and where I need help. So I almost feel my guides to be almost like a committee or a council. So about 25 years ago, I received an initiation into Yemaya, who is an African goddess. She's the goddess of motherhood and of the sea. And I received a formal initiation, which was an extremely elaborate ceremony involving wearing white clothes for a year and sleeping on the floor in my priest's house for seven days and elaborate things.

As a result of that, I feel a deep connection with Yemaya. Now Yemaya being the Divine Feminine and the Holy Mother, is worshipped in multiple guises throughout the world, right? For Christians, we may think of her as mother Mary, other religions may view her differently, and it really doesn't matter. It's that Divine Feminine, and for me, it's Yemaya. And millions of people feel a connection with her. So I certainly would not want to say oh, I'm her one and only girl, it's not like that.

But I do know that she works through me, she counsels and advises me, particularly regarding my healing work regarding my work of compassion, which is a very important work for me in the world. And I feel her whisper in my ear, and I also feel because of this connection, a deep connection to a whole lineage of women, particularly women healers African and African-American healers, who have spoken through the wisdom of Yemaya.

Because I am myself an African-American, I also have this connection to my ancestors. Both my biological ancestors, my grandparents, great-grandparents, great back great, etc. and also spiritual ancestors who were in their time healers and teachers and preachers. So I have a lot of connection to that, and I do feel them coming in and out as needed when they're needed to speak on particular topics.

Oliver: [00:25:11.23] Okay. How did she come to you? Is it Yemaya, how did she come to you initially? Was it through a meditation or through some sort of regression? Or how did she arrive to you? You mentioned clairaudiently she speaks to you?

Carolyn W.: [00:25:24.13] Yes. And I've seen visions, and I've had dreams of oceans and waters and then felt moved to do certain things. And I just always felt called to this energy even before I knew what it was. Her colour is blue, and I remember as a kid, I insisted on painting my entire room blue. And I've always felt this deep connection.

But then when I went through this initiation, there was a whole process of, there were ten priests, there was dancing, there was chanting, there was music, there was ritual work it was just a whole full-on experience for about a year that really heightened my connection, and my feeling of this was an important, in fact, major energy in my life.

Oliver: [00:26:28.17] Right. That sounds very deep, and like a sort of major turning point in terms of your spiritualist journey.

Carolyn W.: [00:26:35.09] Yes, exactly.

Oliver: [00:26:38.10] Definitely. Well, we want to move on to the next question, we wanted to know, and the listeners wanted to know what your thoughts are about the afterlife. With all this sort of bearing in mind, what happens when we leave earth?

Carolyn W.: [00:26:50.05] Oh, great question. And as you say right now, I do feel as we had discussed earlier that death is very much in our face these days. We're everywhere on the news; it's out there. So I think it is very important that we are able to have a clearer perspective on death, and that perhaps this might relieve some of the terror that I think many people are feeling right now.

Because if you have sort of a more materialist perspective on life, then you say well, okay, I am my body and my physical body and living and breathing. Once I'm dead, boom, that's it I'm gone, and that's it never to return. But my particular perspective as is the perspective of many people who are of a more spiritual orientation. Is that the death of the physical body is merely a shrugging off if you will of a set of clothes that we put on our spirit, which is an intrinsic eternal part of us that is never born and never dies.

Our spirit puts on this sheath if you will, this mortal set of clothes comes to earth to learn particular lessons in life. We come to the earth plane like the earth being one giant schoolroom, in which we're here to learn and to grow and to learn how to love each other. How to be more compassionate, to realise our gifts and talents, etc. and then when we have learned everything that we're meant to learn in this life when it's our time and never before then, we quote die and we leave behind this earthly shell, and we return to the dimension of spirit from which we came.

And I feel that once we're there, we then sit with our guides, with our spiritual support team, and we review our earth life almost like a final exam or something. You're looking at your life, and seeing oh, this happened, oh that happened. Oh, I did this, but I could have done that, etc. and we just sort of returned to the spirit world for a while to rest and to think about things that we might want to improve or change.

And then once we're in the spirit world, we have the choice whether we wish to return to the earth, to once again work on the lessons that need work or whether we want to go to other dimensions or whether whatever. It's far more infinite and broad than we have been led to believe.

Oliver: [00:30:06.20] Right. This is something that I personally struggle with and have done throughout my life is; I'm sure a lot of people do as well, is trying to get your head around eternity. Because obviously we as human beings, we've been fed and given time as a way of having order and getting from A to B and having a beginning and an end.

And because that's so deeply ingrained in human life, to try and think about eternity for me personally, I always find it impossible. But what would you say to people that sort of thought in that way?

Carolyn W.: [00:30:40.07] Yes. These are vast concepts, and the truth is they go beyond the ability of our mind to focus on, and that's okay.

Because I also think much is it's true that we're infinite and so forth and so on, the reality is we're here now on the earth now in this moment, and this now is, in fact, its own kind of special place, that's the only place from which we can affect change in any dimension. Either past, present, or future is only to be present in the now. So these other concepts are lovely, and they're kind of philosophical, and they're good to know. But the important place to be is in the now, if that makes any sense.

Oliver: [00:31:34.17] Most definitely. It does for me personally, because you know I've practised sort of meditation for the last 10/12 years and I know how important it is personally to remain in the now. But yes, and I'm sure a lot of people are sort of experiencing that at the moment and hopefully sort of having a chance to stop and think in this current time to sort of think about the now and the moment, and trying to enjoy it.

And not looking behind you, and not looking forwards, because looking behind sometimes will lead to depression, and looking forwards will lead to anxiety. And we certainly don't want those things, do we?

Carolyn W.: [00:32:10.03] Now is the time. And just to focus on that, and then if you can add into that to be grateful for those things in your now that are pleasurable and fun. And even if it's only the smallest tiny thing, I got up this morning. Okay, that in itself is something.

A lot of people didn't get up, right? Even the smallest tiny thing to bring you joy in your now. If you could only just focus on that, I feel you're going to get through this whole COVID disaster in far better shape.

Oliver: [00:32:55.26] Exactly, 100%. And in the previous show we recorded, we covered a gratitude, journaling and on the show, I think before that. And yes, something that I do as well personally, I've told the listeners as well that I do a gratitude journal every day. Vitally important, I've been doing that for two years now, and it really does help in general. For you to feel grateful, and keeps you happy and a happier mood in general.

Carolyn W.: [00:33:22.15] Yes.

Oliver: [00:33:23.21] But yes, all very interesting stuff, thank you very much for that, Carolyn. Now we wanted to move on to the next question. We wanted you to tell everyone about the books you've written because you've written a few books, haven't you? I think you've mentioned to us before we came on air that it was five or six books you've written. Can you tell our listeners about these books and the connection between writing them and your channelling?

Carolyn W.: [00:33:45.21] Great question, yes. I've written six books, one of the books, the very first book that I wrote was a book for singers. Because as I mentioned, I'm also a musician. And in my day job as a college professor of music, I wrote a book to help students with working with singing. So that's my first book, it's called ''Tips for Singers''. Then the next two books that I wrote, I really felt drawn, I had mentioned to you earlier in our conversation about my connection to my ancestors.

I felt very drawn to explore my family history and to talk about my current life and the way in which the struggles of my African-American ancestors had sort of affected my own life and my own current views. So I wrote two books that are a combination of African-American history and memoir about my family. The first book is called ''Damn Near White'', an African-American family bittersweet journey from slavery to bittersweet success, something like that obviously I fudged the title, but it's called ''Damn Near White''.

All these books are on Amazon. But that book was about my grandfather, who was, in fact, the very first African-American ever to be appointed by President Eisenhower in 1954 to be an assistant secretary of labour. And he had a very difficult position within the U.S. government. And as an African American first, he struggled a great deal. But he also was on the very first United States Civil Rights Commission, during the civil rights era. So he had a very interesting life.

So I talk about that, but I also talk about myself and my family currently. And then the second book in that memoir series is called ''They Raised Me Up''. And it's about the women on my mother's side of the family, all of whom were singers. And myself as a singer and pianist, and their struggle coming up from the south, and from very difficult conditions and rising sort of to moving to Harlem in the 1940s. And what it was like to do all of that.

And then mixed in with my own experience as a single mother, who my great-grandmother was also a single mother and that whole thing. So those are my memoir books, and then additionally, I have three murder mysteries. These are a lot more just for fun; they're like I said murder mysteries. They're not gory, but they are fun.

They're just like kind of fun puzzles who did it type thing. They're a little bit like ''Murder She Wrote'' set; two of them are ''Melody for Murder and Mojo for Murder'', both of which feature surprise an African-American music teacher, who ends up having to bail her students out of various jams.

Oliver: [00:37:34.11] That's not you, is it?

Carolyn W.: [00:37:37.02] Yes.

Oliver: [00:37:37.03] You gave it away.

Carolyn W.: [00:37:38.16] And then my last and most recent book is called ''Death at a Séance''. And this one is set in the 1920s in southern Indiana, which is in the Midwest of the United States. And it's during a very lively time in American history. Alcohol was prohibited, so the period is called Prohibition. You weren't supposed to drink, but of course, people did.

And meanwhile, you have gangsters who are shooting each other over the right to sell liquor, illegal liquor to people. This was also a big period in spiritualism, and so my main character in this book is an African-American teenager who is psychic.

And she inadvertently foresees a murder, which in fact comes to pass. And when it comes to pass, she herself is accused of the crime by people who don't understand psychics very well. So those are my books, and they're all available on Amazon.com if any of those call you.

Oliver: [00:38:55.17] Great. It sounds like you're multi-talented and very creative. What we'll do is we'll link to all the books in the show notes, when we've recorded the show, and we'll put them on the website. Really interesting stuff to hear about all your books Carolyn. That's going to lead on nicely to my next question, which is going to be excluding your books, what was the last book you read? Or what kind of box or TV show you watched?

Carolyn W.: [00:39:16.21] Oh wow, okay. So I love English murder mysteries, surprise, surprise!

Oliver: [00:39:25.12] Okay. Which ones?

Carolyn W.: [00:39:26.11] And I just recently subscribed to Acorn TV. I don't know if you have that over there. But it's all British mysteries. And so I've been watching, oh my gosh they have something called Agatha Christie. And there are different Agatha Christie stories that have been dramatised; I've been enjoying those.

And of course, with the quarantine, I've been in a lot more, and I will say binging a little on those. Shakespeare and Hathaway, there are a few different ones I like. I don't like the really bloody ones if they're too graphic. Even if they're well done, I can't handle them. So I tend toward the cosy ones. And I believe there's one called ‘Queens of Mystery’ or something like that, that these women who are also mystery writers who solve crimes, and I've been enjoying that one a lot as well.

Oliver: [00:40:31.25] Okay, that sounds good, that's good for the listeners to hear what you're into at the moment on television. And that you're into some UK murder mystery dramas and things like that. Right, so we're about to wrap up the show now. Before we go, can you tell everyone where they can find you? So in terms of your websites and your social media and anything else you might be currently selling, obviously your books we know about them.

Carolyn W.: [00:40:52.14] Oh great, thank you so much. And I will say again thank you so much for having me on the program, really enjoyed talking with you. So, people who are interested in finding about me, the best way is to go to my website, which is www.CarolynWilkins.com. And if you go there, you will find all my books.

You will find some free music from my piano music, and links to some of the CD's that I have made. And also information about me as a psychic, and as a medium. And if any of that draws you, Reiki, all of those things are there, and you can also sign up and make an appointment to book an appointment with me as well. You're also welcome to look for me on Facebook under my name Carolyn Wilkins. People can also find me, and that's just my name because I put a lot of stuff up there as well.

Oliver: [00:42:02.01] Okay, that sounds great. Well, thank you so much again, Carolyn, for coming on today, and sharing everything with us on psychic social for our listeners. It's been wonderful to have you on the show, and like we said at the beginning, wonderful to have our first guest from overseas from the United States of America. So thank you again for joining us.

Carolyn W.: [00:42:19.23] Oh well, thank you, it's been my pleasure.

Oliver: [00:42:23.09] Well, take care of yourself now, Carolyn, and stay safe during these times. And hopefully, we can chat again soon, maybe record a part two with you and take a deeper dive into maybe some Reiki or something like that.

Carolyn W.: [00:42:32.23] That would be fabulous, I'd love it.

Oliver: [00:42:35.14] Perfect, thank you. Well, take care of then, Carolyn, and we'll speak with you soon.

Carolyn W.:[00:42:38.11] All right, bye.

Oliver: [00:42:39.20] Bye-bye.

Outro: [00:42:45.20] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today’s show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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