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🔮The haunted hidden basement. . . [with Psychic Medium, John Spratt PSPE:013]🔮

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Interview with well-loved Psychic Medium – John Spratt. Rated one of the UK’s most respected and outrageous Psychic Mediums. We talk with John about his Mediumship, Ghost Hunting, his take on the afterlife and much more!

*(This podcast was recorded on 07/05/2020)




With Psychic Medium, John Spratt PSPE:013

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Show Transcript

AD: [00:00:01.29] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.14] On this episode of psychic social, ''and eventually she actually peeled the carpet back, and there was a door there that went down the stairs. And as I got down the stairs, I just felt this fear coming from like a children's energy and things''.

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John S.: [00:02:07.23] I'm absolutely fantastic, it's a pleasure to be here. How's yourself?

Oliver: [00:02:11.28] I'm very well thank you for asking, and it's an absolute pleasure to have you on the show on psychic social today. What have you been up to today in these obviously current uncertain times with the lockdown that's still going on?

John S.: [00:02:23.10] Do you know something it's actually a bit crazy, because obviously while having kids. So I've got two young boys. I've got a six-year-old and a three-year-old. And my entire day is at the moment spent trying to get the six-year-old to do homework that his teachers keep sending him.

I am not a home school teacher, and it is not working very well. I've got a three-year-old who wants to play constantly with toys. So my day during lockdown is pretty much, if I'm not doing readings and locked away in my office, I'm sat playing toys and trying to force my children to do homework.

Oliver: [00:02:58.23] Are they knocking at your door all the time, daddy, daddy?

John S.: [00:03:01.24] Do you know; I will not be surprised if we get a knock at the door while we're doing this.

Oliver: [00:03:06.10] Right. Well, I have to say that probably includes me as well because my daughter, who's five, has knocked on my door four times today already, I think for various reasons.

John S.: [00:03:15.08] It's constant. An you think I've got myself five, ten minutes, they're quite happy in the sand pit outside or in the paddling pool with mum and then the door goes knock, dad can I get it?

Oliver: [00:03:29.20] Well, I can sympathise. I know all too well how that is. Yes, definitely with kids at home myself. Now we want to sort of get into the show, I mean with this current lockdown situation as well, I just want to ask you before we start. I mean is there obviously, people are going to be feeling relatively [00:03:45.08] sort of down about the whole situation at the moment, the way things are we've been locked down for a few weeks.

We're not sure when we're going to be kind of let out of our homes properly again, and when normal life will be resuming. Is there anything you can advise to people to sort of raise their positive vibes at the moment, and make themselves sort of feel a bit happy. Is there anything that you do, you can advise people to sort of do?

John S.: [00:04:06.12] We all sort of do things in a different way, we all go about our daily lives, pre-lockdown before this happened, we all did different things. And we in this house, in the Spratt household, have said we're going to try and keep things as normalised as we possibly can, which is hard, because normally we're out every weekend with the kids or I'm out doing touring and things like that.

But we're trying to keep everything as normal as we can. So like when we're getting up in the morning, we're still having our breakfast, go down into the garden rather than going for a walk. I feel that, even when I've been talking to people, it's really important that people remember that although we're in locked down, we're still allowed to go outside, okay.

And the best medicine that I see we've all got is getting outside and getting some fresh air. No matter how horrible of a day you're having, or if you're feeling like you just can't be bothered. Going outside and just taking that little walk is what sort of perks you back up, getting that fresh air.

I know that there are some people, there are some circumstances they can't get out, but stand on your doorstep. Every Thursday, people are doing it at the moment, but what's stopping you just standing on that doorstep and taking a bit of fresh air at the moment. And then when it goes to later on at night when we're thinking about oh, I really want to talk to mum, or I wish I could go visit mum, technology is amazing at this moment in time.

All the companies as well, they've removed a lot of their fees, so you're getting to do these things call people, video call them for nothing. Sit and have video chats, have virtual parties that have sort of took over the country at this moment in time, and I've witnessed some crazy ones. But I'm just trying to tell people try and keep that as normal as you can, but just having to alter things ever so slightly. But getting that fresh air is very much what I would highly recommend for everybody.

Oliver: [00:06:02.28] Yes, exactly. I would too, and obviously if you can do some exercise as well obviously if you're getting out and again to walk. But if you're at home, if you can kind of do some exercises at home. And there are people like Joe Wicks and stuff, they're giving sort of great things online and on YouTube and stuff for people to do daily and keep fit at home, and that's especially good for the people that can't get out as well.

But yes, I totally agree with you on that. Right, well, let's delve into the show shall we, and we've got a few questions for you. And the first one was we basically just wanted you to take us back to the beginning and wanted to know how you became a psychic. How did the gift come to you? Was it passed down to you from a family member? Or did it come to you at a young age, were you aware of it at a young age?

John S.: [00:06:46.08] So it does come down from family members, comes from great grans and grans. But for me, it started when I was; I think I was about seven. And I could remember being in my Gran's house and I saw spirit on the stairs. And I used to always say the pipers on the stairs and everybody used to be who’s the piper a bit crazy. Then as I grew up, I was seeing more and more, and I would be around people, and I would say things, and there would be oh, that's about strange; how do you know that.

And then as I got into school and things, and it sort of disappeared and I always say everybody goes through that. We've all got the connection to spirit, and once we sort of go to school and we start getting material things coming in, and our minds start to wander, we lose that connection to the spirit world. And then I went out went to work and I never really thought about it anymore until one day, I sat, and I was watching the TV and all of a sudden I saw spirit appear when I was a bit shocked, I think it was round about sixteen, seventeen at this point.

And I was shocked by it, and then it sort of all flooded back, and I started to remember the piper on the stairs in my gran's house, talking to people, getting information. And then from that point of being sixteen, I got very much involved in going to spiritualist churches, watching mediums work, watching psychics just doing everything. Even watching the television and watching shows on there about mediums. Then when I reached around about I'm sure was 21, 22, I was in my work one day, and I just realised that wasn't what I wanted to do, and I could remember I was a manager.

I could remember my area manager coming in, and I handed him my keys to the work and just said I will not be back, and I walked out the door. And about a week later, I started to panic, thinking, my lord, what am I going to do? I can’t just sit around all day; I really should maybe go back to work. I went up to a spiritualist church, and I sat down, and the medium who was on that night came to me and said, you should be standing up here. She says, in fact, you're coming up here. And in the second half of the service, I stood up, and I gave a reading at the age of 22. And I do them every single week; I do about three or four a week.

And that's really where it all started; I'm quite lucky, I never had to go and sit in development circles or anything like that. It's natural with me, I mean I open up, and the information comes, and the spirit world had always been there it just took that change like spirit said to me, well, we've got a plan, this is what it is you're going to be working for us, sort of thing.

And ever since then, that's where I've have been. I have been crazy busy, never looked back. I sometimes miss the work that I did, but even when I see it myself, right? I'm taking a step back; I want to pull back on my readings and demonstrations. I take another two weeks, and then all of a sudden, the spell starts bringing in work again, and it builds it back up. Then I'm like okay, I'm definitely staying I’m on the right path.

Oliver: [00:10:09.00] Right, yes interesting. So you definitely sort of say it was your calling because you keep getting pulled back to it. I mean when you kind of wanted to step away, um did the sort of messages you were getting did were they still there and were they are always? Or when you decided mentally to step away from it, did those messages kind of stop or did that kind of stop for you completely and then eventually come back again? How did that happen?

John S.: [00:10:34.11] Yes. The first time when I decided enough was enough. I'm sure it was around about the age of 26 because I was like five years into it. And the reason I wanted to stop was because I was constant, you know the messages was always there. I would be lying in my bed, and I could always remember this one day lying in my bed, and a horse appeared. And I said my god there's a horse in front of the television and I was reading to the site to watch the TV.

And I thought I can't do this anymore; it was constant. If I don't have people from the spirit world I have got animals coming in, and it was all the time. So when I said enough was enough, a funny story, I actually stood at my front door, and I opened the front door, and I shouted at the spirit world and I was like everyone of yous get out now. And I was shouting at the door; I want telling them to get out of my house, my neighbours must have thought oh my god, John has lost the plot. He’s actually cracked.

And for about a week, it was really quiet, and I thought to myself, oh, it's actually quite scary how quiet it is. And then, all of a sudden, they started coming back. And so I got that week's break, and I went to a medium who was absolutely amazing. She came from Dundee in Scotland, and I went to see her, and she said John, you need to be in control of when spirit comes in. And she explained it yes, they are the boss, but it's you that has to say right, this is not my time.

So from that point on, I always say now, I get no messages from spirit when I'm not working and because I say no, I'm not working. I don't hear from them; I say that's enough. Only when I'm doing readings ad when I'm working, spirit get to come in. Didn’t just happen overnight; it did take a couple of weeks for me to grasp that and to get that firmness of no, I'm in charge here, okay. You think you're the boss, but I'm in charge.

And then every time that I sort of took that step back from then on wards, spirit never ever came forward until I said oh, I think I need to be pulling back in. But what they did do was give 101 signs; I say the spirit world is quite cheeky. And if they want you and you’ve told them not to talk to you, they'll do that, they won't talk to you. They'll instead throw pictures at you 24 hours a day.

They're like a five-year-old child if I decide I'm not going to speak to my five-year-old they’ll do something, they’ll get my attention. And the spirit world is just like that, or they are with me. They will try and get my attention, and that's how I can welcome them back in all those times. So they would give me that nice week of quiet, and then it would be enough is enough John, it's time to put you back on track again.

Oliver: [00:13:25.23] Right. So they kind of leave you alone in a sense, and then they sort of go right after a while hello, we're still here sort of thing.

John S.: [00:13:32.06] Yea, you’ve had your weeks holiday, it’s time to come back to us, John.

Oliver: [00:13:36.10] Yes, come on, off you go, that's interesting. Now, are there any kind of really sort of funny stories that you can think of from any of your readings that you've done over the years? Or anything kind of funny, we know you kind of do a lot of Facebook live stuff. Is there anything really funny that happened on one of those sessions, maybe so we can share with our listeners?

John S.: [00:13:55.00] I can definitely share a couple of funny stories. I never remember all my readings, and I'm sure other mediums, other psychics will tell you the same thing. We never hold on to them. But there’s things from readings that sometimes sticks in our minds. And I could always remember our demonstration in a church.

And I was doing a reading to this woman and her mum and come forward and she was really upset, the lady I was giving the reading to was upset as well, she was crying and things. And all of a sudden, I felt this change in energy coming in, and I said to the lady. Oh, is your dad in the spirit world as well sweetheart. And she was like yes, I was like he's got a lovely energy to him, it's very upbeat, he's really funny.

But he wants to acknowledge a celebration right about now; there must be a birthday because he's having an alcoholic drink, and I was able to taste whiskey from him. And she was like, yes, it's my birthday; it's my birthday today. I was like fabulous. And as I went down to pick up my water, I looked inside it, and there was what looked like an eye inside my cup of water.

And I put it down; I actually threw it down because it was a bit freaky, I thought oh, that's a bit much. And I said to the woman oh, I've just picked up my water there and I could see like a glass eye, there is an eye sitting in my glass of water. And she was like yes, my dad had a glass eye, and he used to put it in people's drinks.

Oliver: [00:15:26.01] Wow, amazing.

John S.: [00:15:27.29] I was like oh my god; I mean we did then have to get a mop and clean the floor and things. But to me, that was amazing, but it was really funny as well. Because it was his sense of humour that came through, it wasn't just the glass eye it was his sense of humour; this is what he did when he was here.

That reading just always sticks in my mind; I use it quite a lot when people ask me what funny readings I have done because it's the one that just makes me giggle all the time: that one, and the one where I did a demonstration actually. It was a show I was doing one of my tour dates, and the night before, I decided to have a bottle of wine, which I never normally do.

I normally say no alcohol before I do a demonstration. Well, this one occasion, it was a friend's birthday, and one thing turned to another. And it was just meant to be one glass, and it turned into one bottle, which turned into a few other as I'm sure some of us will know.

Oliver: [00:16:32.24] Been there before, yes.

John S.: [00:16:34.09] Before you know it, you got to your bed, you can't quite remember how you got to your bed. And I woke up in the morning and I thought oh, I really shouldn't have done that, I've got a demonstration tonight. And I felt fine; I don't have a hangover or anything like that. But I got to my demonstration, and I just felt, normally I get this buzz, so I'm not getting any messages from spirit, but I get like a vibration through my body.

A good sort of three or four hours before a show, and that, to me, is always, the energy starting to build up. That spirit letting me know that they're ready for me without connecting with me and giving me any information. On this particular day, I had nothing, and I started to panic. And I got up, and I did my normal talk that I do before I do a demonstration it's how I open up, and one of the lines, until my guide comes forward, I can't get any readings, I've got to wait on him.

So once he comes in, he'll show me lights above people's heads, and that's how I know who I'm connecting with. And all of a sudden, the hangover just appeared as I'm doing that talk, and I was like, uh, what a time to get a hangover when I'm on stage in front of two hundred people. And then I decided right; I have no link; I'm going to have to keep the conversation going. So I started to tell my audience, I did a naughty thing yesterday and I ended up having a few celebratory drinks with a friend. And as I'm doing that, I sense my guide coming in, and he’s saying to me, now John, you're going to have to admit what you've done wrong here, because you're always telling me what to do. It's time for me to tell you what to do. And he’s wafting food and bacon and everything in front of me, just to make me feel really sick.

And at the end of that, I said, do you know what? I'm going to apologise to each and every one of you, because I'm obviously not going to be able to give my 100 percent which what I would normally do to you because I have got this hangover. And as soon as I apologised to everybody, my guide said well-done, congratulations.

The hangover disappeared, the smell of food disappeared from me, and all the connections started coming in. And his last words was I hope you've learned your lesson. And again, it wasn’t a reading that I did, but it was like my guides sense of humour, you know it's him shining through, and it was funny, and again I still laugh about it.

Oliver: [00:19:09.14] It was that experiential thing, wasn't it? Yes, obviously, all the smells and the senses and not the actual reading, but yes from your guides. What about on Facebook live, anything sort of funny happened on there at all?

John S.: I think on my Facebook lives, it has to be, there's one story that stands. It was a gentleman that came on, and anyone that does Facebook lives or watches Facebook lives, will know you get trolls on there. And they're lovely half of them and the other half of them are just not so lovely. There was this man, and he was saying oh, I don't believe in this, I don't believe he had blardy blardy blardy, kept going on. And I warned these people if you've got an opinion that’s fine, it does not bother me in the slightest; just don't be rude about it, okay.

And I went I was like I'm actually drawn to you because I feel like I had a gentleman coming in. And I said it was your brother, okay. And he was like yes, I've got a brother. What are you doing on my Facebook page? I'm not on your Facebook page; I'm live on all my devices in my house, I can't scroll your Facebook page. And I was like was your brother killed in a motorbike accident? And he said yes. Then I went on to describe his brother and things, and he agreed with things, and then he went really quiet, and I wasn't getting any response from him as I was carrying on.

And it was after the live had finished, I was reading some of my inbox messages, and he had inbox me. And his opening words were, I apologise for all that, his language was a bit colourful, for what he said. He's like everything you said was absolutely spot-on John, and there's no way you could have gotten the information from Facebook. He then sent a picture of himself to me, and he was about six foot eight and he was built like the side of a house; he was massive. Big guy with tattoos all over the place, and a bald head.

Then he sent a picture of him and his brother, and he was the same, and I was like wow. I said is it all right if I post this validation on my page because it's really nice, and he was like yes, no problem at all. And I put it up, and I mean even his friends he had shared it with were coming in and were like I still didn't believe that, etc. and they listened to the live back.

And now the guy I gave the reading to he's actually a close friend, he phones quite a lot for a chat, not for readings. But that one always stands out, not a funny one, but one that just stands out as oh my god, you know you laid your mark there John, you never let somebody that was been negative overturn the event that you were doing.

Oliver: [00:21:56.05] Yes, that's a really nice story, really nice story. Any you kind of changed his views and turned him around in just by what you do, your gift.

John S.: [00:22:05.10] Yes. He did say at the end of it that he still doesn't believe, but he believes in what I do, which I thought was quite nice. And I kind of agreed with him, I’m a bit like that, I mean I'm the medium, I connect to spirit, I get the messages, and they're still times even I say come on, give me something else, really prove yourself to me. So it was quite nice that he kept that opinion, but at the same time he did say and acknowledge that he believed in, what I gave him. And it really gives him that food for thought, which was nice.

Oliver: [00:22:42.05] Sure, that is a really nice story. You mentioned about your guide briefly or guides earlier on just now. Can you tell us a bit more about him or them? Do you have one or many, and how does that work for you, John?

John S.: [00:22:56.12] Yes. So it's a quite funny story. Actually, I should have used this earlier. I was always jealous when people would say, oh, you get a spirit guide; I love that. I love the thought of a spirit guide; I was never aware of this before. And people would be oh I've got a nun; I've got a native American Indian I’ve got Priests I’ve got this, oh this is amazing, I want a wee nun standing beside me and a native American, that would be fabulous.

And it was when I was about 21, once we really got back and after handing those keys in and stuff, is when I met my guide. And I could remember I was meditating at the time, and I was able to see this Native American coming to me, and I got excited. I was like this is exciting, this is just what I wanted, I wanted a Native American Indian, I wanted to be a bit like everybody else. Until that guide stepped forward, and yes, he was a Native American Indian, but he practised sort of hallucinations and stuff.

Live Native Americans used to do, so he would make his home-brew, his alcohol and things, that would put them into that journey stage that they used to do. So to me, he was an alcoholic, and that's the way even to this day I still look at him as he is an Indian and he's an alcoholic. Because he's got that strange sense of humour, and I kind of kept to myself because it was like how could I not have just got a normal Native American, why did I have to get an alcoholic one? And it's really only recently, probably in about the last five years that I've realised why I got that.

Why I never got the normal, the everybody else. Purely because of the way I do my readings. I try and keep things upbeat; I don't want people crying. I want the laughter; I want everybody that comes to an event of mine to feel like they've had a reading even if they haven't. And it's not me that does that, it's my guide and his crazy sense of humour that he's got. He's got that acknowledge where he can talk about spirituality, and he can give you philosophy like it's coming out of his ears.

But he's got the presence to be able to do it; he's able to talk about it in a lighter and more simple sort of way. And I feel that's the way people want to hear it at times; they don't want complicated words that they don't understand. They don't want sentences that they're scratching their head about thinking, oh, I don't understand that. My guides got a way of just saying it the way normal; common everyday people would say things. And that's why I believe I got him. He has a great sense of humour; he's way of turning things around.

And I do have another guide; I don't know her name, I don't know anything about her. All I know is she's just a plain old lady. And she comes in normally when we are I call my Indian guide ‘Gerrard’ because I can’t pronounce his name. Normally when we are having a bit of a giggly moment, when we're doing a reading or when we're doing something. She comes in, and she's got that strictness where she gets us back on track, she really just has to glare at you.

She's got one of those looks that when she's staring, you could feel the hairs on the back of your neck just standing on end because she's like enough is enough. You two are like naughty school children, so she's the cracker. And then other person I'm aware of from the spirit world that comes in is an animal, which is a Wolf. And the only time I ever see my Wolf coming forward is when I'm doing any sort of paranormal work, or whenever there's sort of, not a sense of danger, but I've got to act with caution, got to protect a little bit more, my spirit Wolf comes in.

But a lot of people acknowledge that as well. The Wolf sometimes they say they can smell like a wet dog. It's normally when I'm doing paranormal work I get that. Another one I get is when I'm doing events, and readings, some people have actually seen smoke before at the back of my head as I'm doing the readings and that's my guide smoking his peace pipe. So it's quite bizarre some of the things that people could see, and it's good that people see these things as well because it's like okay, I'm not just the only mad one, they can smell the smoke coming from my guide. They can smell his alcohol at times which is revolting, it’s like walking into a brewery but a brewery that’s gone out of date.

Oliver: [00:27:45.00] It's very interesting and diverse deep description of your guides there; thank you very much for that. Well, we're going to move into a break now, John. We're having a great chat here; we have John Spratt psychic medium and ghost hunter. We're very much looking forward to hearing more from John in part two, where we're going to hear all about John's ghost hunting, the paranormal, and much more. So we'll see you after this.

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AD: [00:29:30.12] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:29:41.10] Welcome back to part 2 of psychic social, and our chat with psychic medium and ghost hunter John Spratt. Now, as I mentioned before the break, the listeners wanted to hear more about John's ghost hunting and paranormal work. And some of the experiences that he's had over the years with that. John, could you tell us a bit more about that please?

John S.: Yes, so it started as a little. I want to say a little project, really. Someone had once said to me, have you ever did any paranormal stuff? And I was like no. I have only ever done churches, private readings that sort of thing. So I got invited along to a paranormal investigation, and that was quite local to me. And as soon as I go up there and got into the atmosphere, go into the energy, following the experiments that this group was doing and things, I thought well, this is really good, this is really interesting.

And it was extra special for me because as they were doing things, they've been asking for things that happen. I was like, oh, it's going to happen in a minute because I could hear spirits say to me right, we're going to do that, get ready. So it was really exciting for me, and from there, that's what really grew my paranormal obsession as I'm going to call it. And then I started up my own paranormal group from there which was just, it was just me and a few friends, and we went around some alleged haunted locations, and we did some calling out and things like that.

And then some friends got in touch and were like, oh John, you should do these but let us come with you. And I think at that time, most haunted just sort of come on the TV as well, so everybody was quite excited about that and wanted to do these things. Maybe it's a good idea, let's do that. So I started a company that specialised in ghost hunting events for the public; we sold tickets to people that wanted to come along to these events. But we changed up the way it was done.

Back when we started, it was called after dark, and there was only about another two places, other two companies that actually run public ghost hunting events, and those were down in England. So there was none up here in Scotland. So we were the first public events company to start, and we were selling tickets for every event really quick, but we took a different approach because we watched the other companies in England. We went on their events, and it was very much people watched what they were doing.

And I wanted people to come along and actually experience a ghost hunting event; I wanted them to take part in what was going on. So that's the way we pushed it and how we got people coming along to our events, and it was very much hands-on. You know, if we were doing a séance, it was the people that bought tickets that were taking part in that séance, and it was being led by myself. But we had some great times, and some amazing evidence that we caught as we were going along with it.

And then it then snowballed into where people would then contact me; they were having problems in their home and I thought we’d go and have a look. So that's what pushed me into that side and then started developing the paranormal sort of specialist area. I mean I don't feel like I'm a specialist in the area, that’s why everybody sort of named me.

Because when they were having a paranormal problem, it was my name that always came up. I do sort of go along, and I do what I can when these things are happening, But the last couple of years, I haven't done as much paranormal, we were due to be doing a lot more of it this year. But the current state at the moment, we're all locked in our houses. And there's not much spirit in my house, and I can't bring everyone along to do an investigation.

Oliver: [00:33:41.20] Yes, sure. But in the past, you've kind of done sort of paranormal clearings, and things like that, and paranormal clearings from actual human individuals as well?

John S.: [00:33:51.17] Yes, I've done many people's houses, clearings of the houses. And mostly a lot of, portals is what I call them, is what I've been called along to. So I've had to go and like close up portals, I've had to move on, that's why moving on spirit a few times. And I've also had to explain to people that it's just their mum being around them, and trying to get their attention at times as well.

Oliver: [00:34:18.20] I see, right. Okay, that's really good information. Can you kind of tell us, I think lots of people want to know? Where was the most haunted place you've ever investigated?

John S.: [00:34:29.29] So I've been pretty much to, I would say half of the locations in the UK that are seemingly haunted. The big ones that we all know about, the 30 East Drives, the Mary Queens Close vaults, I've been in hundreds of them and I’ve, investigated them loads and loads of times. The scariest place I have ever been was actually a house clearing that I did for someone. When I was walking around the house, they were saying to me there was just a heaviness in the home, that it just always felt heavy.

And as soon as I got to the front door, I felt my wolf coming in before I even stepped over the threshold, and I was in trouble here. And I walk there, and I felt the heaviness. And I did a full walk around the house, I didn’t want to know anything that was happening or what had been going on. I walked around the house, and I was picking bits up, and as I got to the living room, I said I want to go further down, there must be a way to get under, there are more rooms under here.

And the woman was like I bought this house 20 years ago, there's nothing under here. There's nowhere to go; there are no doors; there's nothing. And I said to my guide, I said, tell me how to get down and he took me to a cupboard right at the back of the room, and they had boiler in it - the floor was carpeted and I said down here there's a door to get downstairs. And she was like no, I'm telling you there's no, I put that carpet down myself, I'm telling you now, and I argued with her for about three minutes. And eventually, she actually pulled the carpet back, and there was a door there that went down the stairs. And as I got down the stairs, I just felt this fear coming from like a children's energy and things.

And I stood down there and I was able to see what had been going on, abuse that was happening to these children. And as I’m explaining this to the women that owned the house, she was like this explains so much about what's happening there up the stairs, because this is how we all feel and what's going on with us. And then I tried to clear that energy there, and it was tough, I actually had to leave and go back the next day, because I was so drained.

That has to be the most scariest time I've ever done it, just felt horrible. Publicly, the most scariest place I've done would be Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh. It's also been the funniest place I’ve done as well, and the place for the most bizarre sort of evidence. Because some days you can go in and nothing happens, and other days you could go in, and it all kicks off.

And it's just one of those places that when it kicks off, it really does put the fear into you. And it's not just because it's underground, it's dark, it's wet, and it's dingy looking. It really has got that presence of when someone says oh, is that a shadow up the top, everybody's hair stands on end. It's got that real hidden energy to it. So those are the two that always stand out.

Oliver: [00:37:47.03] Sure. And we've heard before on the show, I think from another guest about these kinds of heavy negative energies and poltergeists and things like that. And how they're drawn to sort of dark, dingy sort of damp dwellings and areas and things like that. And how it's hard for those energies to escape from that place, because of the nature of that place. Is that right?

John S.: [00:38:10.10] Yes. I always say things like poltergeists, evil spirits whatever you want to call them, we feed off of fear, that's how they get their energy, that's how they get stronger in what they do. So if you've got the option of standing in the garden in the sunshine or standing underground in a wet dark, dingy area. You're going to want to go in the garden because the dark, dingy underground area is a bit scary. You're gonna give off that frightened energy, and that's what those dark energies feed on.

They feed off that energy you're giving up. If you're standing out in the garden, you're giving off a different energy; you're giving off that positive side. You're relaxed, you're calm, the energy is flowing slower than what it would be if you've got that fear. And so that's how those negative energies linger in those darker places because they could feed faster off of what's given to them if that makes sense.

Oliver: [00:39:15.10] Sure, no, it does; it does make sense. That's great information about all that paranormal stuff. Well, I think we're going to leave that there, for now, fascinating as it is. We just wanted to move on and ask you a bit more about your Reiki. We see you do that on your website; you offer that service. And you're also able to do Reiki on animals, which is pretty amazing. I mean, how does that work for you?

John S.: [00:39:36.27] Actually, me and my wife, I've always did spiritual healing. And when I was doing my spiritual healing, people used to say oh you're doing reiki as well; I never knew you were a reiki master John. And I'm like I'm not a reiki master. I don't know why I'm doing Reiki; I don't even know what Reiki was at the time. So I decided to do my reiki one, two, three, and master, and I did that and thought it was absolutely amazing.

And the help that you were able to give people. But then I got a lot of people saying, are you able to do that on my animal? So I did a little research, and I found a course that was reiki, but it was for animals. So I went on that and spent, I think it was seven days I was away for doing the course. And you had to do Reiki on all these different animals which was really bizarre, but it was great. I enjoyed it because I also connect with animals anyway, so when I'm doing my readings for people, if their dogs or their birds or anything come forward from spirit, I connect with them as well.

I'm also able to connect with animals that are still here. So someone's got trouble with a dog, and it's maybe acting weird, I could go in and sort of get the energy from the dog and see why it's acting weird. And the reason for getting the reiki involved was it sort of strengthened that connection. So now when I go to someone like just like two months ago actually, I went to a lady who had a cat and she says now my cat is not going to sit still for you, it's going to go crazy. And I was like, don't worry about that, don't worry.

So I went, and I sat with the cat, played with toys and things, and then I got it to come over, and I picked it up, and I started doing reiki on the cat. And as I was doing the Reiki, I was obviously able to connect, but the woman was amazed, she's like I don't know how you've managed to get the cat relaxed. I'm like that's the Reiki site.

Before the reiki, that cat I would have just had to leave, there was no way I would be able to get it calm. So that's what pushed me into doing the Reiki more into the animal side, because it helps with calming them down, for getting in connecting with their energies.

Oliver: [00:41:49.00] That's great, really interesting to hear that. Now we wanted to move on a little bit and ask about your thoughts about the afterlife, sort of through your mediumship experiences so far over the years. And through that, what do you think happens when we leave this earth? What's your opinion on that?

John S.: [00:42:07.20] I am a big believer. And from what I have seen, and from what spirit tell me, it's no different. It's no different in a sense of what we see now. So we move into what I call another dimension. So as I'm sitting here in my chair, if I had passed, I would still be able to sit in this chair and see what I could see, okay. Just other people, the physical body wouldn’t be able to see what was going on there. So to me, heaven or whatever you want to call it is where we are now; it's just in another dimension.

And it works on a different frequency; we can't, well mediums can connect into it. But in our everyday life's, we can't see that other frequency here. I'm a great believer that we've got lessons to do when we're here, and once we're dead, then we've achieved those lessons. We go back to our dimension, the spirit world, whatever that is people want to call it. Where we then get to progress and move forward on that side for what we want to do.

The only difference is we've no physical body when we're over there. So people are always saying to me right John, so if the spirit world is just the same as this world, it's not really much to look forward to, is it? And I say, but why? And I’ll say, I'll still have this body; I'll still need to go to the shops and buy bread, I'll still need to do this. No, you don't, because those are all physical things. Those are things that are put in front of us. We wouldn't have a physical body when we move over; we are then an energy. You won't have aches and pains; you won't have to buy a loaf of bread from the shop, so you'll have no need to go to the shop.

Because your body is a physical thing, you don't have a body when you look in the spirit world, so you don't have to buy the food to go there. And when you start breaking it down like that, it then starts to make a bit more sense. I know other mediums and other psychics, and things have a different opinion and say that yes, we go to a different planet and things. I believe we probably can't do that, but for me, I keep it nice and simple, and I keep it simple for everybody else as a just this only to the side of us, if that makes.

Oliver: [00:44:27.22] Okay. Well, that's great to hear your take on it, John, thank you. Now we're coming towards the end of the show now, and the last couple of questions we've got for you are going to be moving slightly away from the psychic world.

We just wanted the listeners to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you like to read, and what you like to watch on TV. Can you tell us what was the last book you read and or box set you watched on Netflix or any of the other streaming platforms?

John S.: [00:44:52.15] So the last book, I've got to say it, I haven't read a book in a long time. The last book I read was the Mr Men book to my five year old.

Oliver: [00:44:59.00] Okay. Which one was it?

John S.: [00:45:01.09] I think it was Mr. Tickles, to be honest.

Oliver: [00:45:04.11] Good one, that is, I've read that one, it's great.

John S.: [00:45:06.27] We've got the whole set of Mr. and Mrs. all 48 or 49 books and it was his birthday just the other week there, so he's loving them. But the last box set I actually watched, I actually watched a program which have just finished on Netflix, and it was called Salem. And it was all about the Salem witches, and that was quite interesting.

The only thing is it was one of those that when you watched one, you had to watch the second one and before you know it you watched a whole box set, and it was like six o'clock in the morning. It's really good, but it was a good story that went along with it. Apart from that, I'm quite lucky if I get to watch the TV in the house because the wife is like always in charge of the TV remote.

Oliver: [00:45:56.05] Right, okay. It sounds like that in my house; it's very similar. The wife either has the remote or my daughter has it. And there is various sort of CBeebies, or Sylvanian families or something going on.

John S.: [00:46:09.09] Yes. Fireman Sam or Eastenders.

Oliver: [00:46:14.09] Yes, that's it. Okay, well, it's great to hear that stuff, John. Now can you tell the listeners about your website and how to kind of find you and get hold of you, your social media, etc? Is there anything you're also currently selling, so any books or courses anything like that?

John S.: [00:46:29.06] You can find me my website where you could book readings with myself, you could also get tickets to events with myself. Also, I've got my team of readers there as well, so that people could get readings and things. For events that are coming up, everything is sort of cancelled at the moment. But what we have been doing, and I've done three of them already, as we did three virtual online psychic shows.

So it's very much like coming to see me at the theatre, where I'm still able to see everybody because it's done through Zoom, so I could see everybody. Everyone could see me and hear me, and it works the same. I look out to the audience or instead of looking out, and I'm looking at my TV, screen, and I'm like, oh, I'm pulled or connected to whoever. Joe in the middle there, I then un-mute his microphone, so I'm able to hear him; he could hear me.

So it's very much that theatre experience only you're sitting in your house drinking wine that you need to pour yourself instead of someone doing it for you, I can see that. So I've been doing those, we just did one last week, and I am just about to put another one on sale in the next couple of days, which is going to be for the middle of May.

Oliver: [00:47:48.12] Okay, great. Okay, I'm going to put all the links for your stuff in the show notes on the website and on the podcast sites.

Oliver: [00:48:16.19] Well, it's been thoroughly fascinating to have you on psychic social today, thank you so much for joining us and sharing all this great stuff with the listeners here. We have a Q&A that we're also recording with John that has quite a few questions for you from your Facebook fan page.

We can already see there are quite a few diverse and interesting questions there. So everyone on psychic social, or who listens to psychic social, look out for that one coming very soon to the show. Well, take care John and stay safe and well during these uncertain times, and we look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Thank you for being on the show.

John S.: [00:48:50.21] Thank you very much for having me, take care, and stay safe as well.

Oliver: [00:48:54.12] Thank you, John, take care, bye-bye.

Outro: [00:49:01.00] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today’s show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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