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This is our very first ‘Special Interest’ show to feature on Psychic Social. Broadcasting in 2 parts, you’ll hear a quite unbelievable story from a woman who uses her dreams to help try to save her life and all about the book that she’s written on the subject called;
“Dreams The Can Save Your Life – Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases”.
In this Part 1 episode we chat with Kathleen about the history of dreams, some hugely interesting short bits from the book, how she dealt with being struck down with breast cancer on multiple occasions and ultimately, the dreams that saved her life.

*(This podcast was recorded on 13/05/2020)




With Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos PSPE:014 (pt1)

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Show Transcript

AD: [00:00:02.06] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.14] On this episode of Psychic Social, “And she showed the woman a picture of her father in the dream, and he was looking a little grayish-green. He was having trouble breathing. She said he's going to have a heart attack and he's not going to call 911 in time and he's going to die.”

A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Now, today's show is a two-part Psychic Social Special. We have a guest with us today that has quite an unbelievable story to tell, and she's also written a fascinating book on this subject. We're going to be discussing everything about this book, and it's all on the subject of dreams and how they can be a spiritual source of healing. The book in question is called Dreams That Can Save Your Life. And the author has very kindly joined us today to record the show with us from her home in Palm Springs, California. So, let's find out all about her and the book and give a warm welcome onto the show to Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos. Hi, Kat. Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. How are you today?

Kathleen O.: [00:02:09.02] Hi, Oliver. I'm doing great. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me on your show.

Oliver: [00:02:13.07] Thank you very much for coming on. It's a privilege to have you on. Thank you for being here. How are things with you over there in California?

Kathleen O.: [00:02:21.04] I think they're pretty much about the same as you over there in the UK. We're still pretty much locked down. Some things are loosening up just a little bit. So, I'm hoping we'll be back to playing outside with each other and being able to hug again in the near future.

Oliver: [00:02:38.06] Yeah, you never thought you look forward to a hug so much with someone you haven't seen for so long, like your family and things like that. Obviously, it's nice to hug them but when you haven't seen them for such a long time, in-person, it's difficult, isn't it? And I was just thinking the other day about just something simple like sitting in a restaurant and having a meal but just enjoying the ambience of the people around in the restaurant with you, despite the fact that you don't know them. It's just something that I found weird you know not to experience that at the moment.

Kathleen O.: [00:03:06.00] Yeah, makes you look at life a little differently and not take the small things for granted anymore like walking into a coffee shop and just going up and ordering your coffee and hanging out at the bar while you're waiting for it to come looking on your phone. You can't do that anymore. You gotta stand outside six feet apart with a face mask on.

So, it really kind of brings to the forefront how important freedom is to be able to move around and do the things that you want to do. And that's extremely difficult for those of us who are psychic because we draw a lot of energy from being around people. Sometimes we can get overloaded, but that energy that we share and get from others just by being around them is really important to our soul.

Oliver: [00:04:00.01] It is. Definitely, it is. Yeah. But hopefully, as the weeks and months go by things will change for the better. So, before we delve in and speak with you all about your book and all about the subject of dreaming, which is what this two-part special is about with you. We were just having a chat before we started recording about psychic COVID dreams. Can you tell us a bit more about these, which obviously, clearly relevant to the current global situation?

Kathleen O.: [00:04:26.00] Sure. I do a radio show as well on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Pacific Time US, and it's called ‘Dreaming Healing’. So, I have a lot of people send me dreams in emails, especially if they're not actually listening to the show live because maybe they're from the UK or we have a lot of people from New Zealand that listen. It's an international show, goes all around the world. So, they send me their dreams and I've been having a lot of COVID dreams come in, and I've been having a lot of COVID dreams coming from teenagers, I'm really impressed. And some of them are still just in middle school.

So, they're like 13, 14 years old, some as young as 12. And they're sending me their emails and they're really interesting. And I can go into some individual ones, but what I'm finding is the thread that's running through all of these COVID dreams is A, being chased by some dark figure, which you know, our shadow selves. Another one is being locked in a house or in an apartment building, and trying to throw people out, trying to throw them out of your dreams. And the other one is... There was a third thread but I can't remember what it is off the top of my head right now.

So, if I remember it, I will tell you. But mostly being chased, trying to throw people away. Oh, I know what it is, driving around in some kind of a vehicle and being afraid to get out, just staying in the vehicle all the time.

Oliver: [00:06:08.10] That's interesting. Yeah. Maybe that's just feeling protected inside that vehicle, you know, you have that kind of shield around you of that vehicle that protects you to a certain extent.

Kathleen O.: [00:06:20.08] Yes. Well, our vehicles are often our bodies in the dream world anyhow. If I were having a dream about a vehicle, I would say, well, it's my body, going out and going from place to place. And when we have dreams where we are never getting out of our vehicle, or if we are there's a change that happens, then it usually means that our spirit feels kind of trapped in our body. So, for instance, in one dream that someone sent to me, he said that he, and this was a person probably in his 40s or 50s.

And he was driving around in a truck, it turns out that he's actually a truck driver. So, his body, he actually identifies with a truck as a means for him to go from point A to point B, but his truck is made out of Legos. You know, the little Lego toys that our children play with. His truck is actually made out of Legos and he is a Lego person in the truck as he's driving from place to place and he's driving on the beach. He sees people on the beach as he's driving down the beach.

Now, usually in our dreams, a beach is a place that is between our regular world, our living world, our awake world, and the ocean of gnosis or spirituality. So, it's that spit of land that is between those two spots. It's not where we think on a daily basis and stay very grounded in our world. And it's not out in the spiritual world or the dream world. It's kind of in between those two places. So, when we're kind of stuck in our bodies moving from place to place, it's not unusual to see that we're actually driving or walking on a beach. That's very common.

But what was special about his dream is he was in his Lego truck. And whenever he would see a pothole in the beach or a hole in the sand or a bump, he would get out of his Lego truck, and he would become human again. And he would pick his delicate little truck up and walk it over the pothole, or he would walk it over the bump in the sand, and then he would get back into his truck and he would become a Lego person again, and he would drive down the beach. And then he drove through a forest. There are a lot of forests.

People drive on beaches, and they drive through forests, in their trucks, in their cars, and in their life. And he comes to a village. And he thinks to himself, “Oh, great, it's really safe out here in the village, because it's so isolated.” And he sees all of these cars lined up in long lines trying to get into this safe village. So, when I was discussing this dream on my show, I told him, I said, “If this were my dream, I would see myself as a Lego person as being very delicate, easy to shatter.” Because you can drop Legos and they fall apart into 100 pieces. But at the same time, you can take those pieces and you can remake yourself. You can remake yourself as a person.

And if our cars and trucks, our lives, our bodies, if our bodies fall apart, we can remake them as well. And so right now our bodies and our lives are so delicate that we have to work together to keep ourselves from shattering. When we see a bump in the road, when we come to a ditch or a hole, instead of just speeding over it the way we used to, we have to give it some thought. We've gotta get out and manoeuvre that now and then get back in and continue with our lives.

And although we hear on the news all the time, “Oh, well, if you're out in the country, you're going to be safe. You're not going to get COVID out there in the country.” Everybody that has the opportunity to leave the big cities are all going out to the country. So, you're finding you've got the same problems out in the countries that you've got in the big cities. Except now instead of lots of people being locked up in their houses, they're locked up in their cars waiting in long lines.

Oliver: [00:11:05.07] We had a similar thing over here with that with the parks. We have something called National Trust over here. And usually, you pay a sort of membership and you can go to these sort of parks and places all over the country. And the National Trust when COVID happened, they opened up all these parks for free for everyone. And obviously, everyone flocked to the parks and you know, it was just another place to get COVID. Like you say it was just-- You couldn't get that two meters or six feet from the person so they had to shut the parks in the end. But yes, a similar sort of thing happened.

Okay. Well, let's move on into the show now. We wanted to ask our first question to you regarding dreams and regarding the book as well. So, we understand from you that dreams have been used by ancient cultures as a means of healing and well-being. How did the people of ancient Greece and Egypt rely on the art of dreaming to diagnose illnesses?

Kathleen O.: [00:12:01.00] Well, this art of dreaming is even in the Bible. I mean, it's been going on forever but it's gone back even into the times of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, with the Asclepeion dream temples But I think the first dream temples that were discovered we're in ancient Egypt and it was when the high priest to the sun god Ra, Imhotep. And you may have heard about Imhotep if you watched the movie, The Mummy. That was Imhotep running around as The Mummy. And Imhotep started these dreaming temples where someone who had gone to the doctors or the physicians back during that time, went and weren't able to get diagnosed on what was wrong with them; they would go to these dreaming temples.

And in the dreaming temple, they would connect with a dream priest. And the two of them would dream in tandem is what it was called. They would lie down on the floor, lie down on one of those stone beds. And they would dream at the same time together overnight. And the priest would walk into their dreams and actually take part in their dream with them and watch their dream. And then the next morning they would discuss the dream. And during the night in the dream, the persons spirit guides, the guardian angels would come in and speak to them and give them advice, using signs and symbols on how to get well and what was wrong.

Now that I know that sounds really far-fetched, but it seemed to work. And then fast forward from ancient Greece, which was this was about between four and 6,000 years ago that that was going on into ancient Rome. And these took on the name of the Asclepeion dream temples. But also in the Bible, they talk about these dreaming temples, where people would go almost like a spa. And they would dream to work through situations or challenges that they had in life. And again, in these dreaming temples, these Asclepeion dream temples, the person would come.

And the problems they might be seeking answers to might be, “Well should I stay in this job? Or should I pack my family up and move?” Remember back then moving was a big deal. You didn't have u-hauls. You didn't have trucks. You had you and your donkey and maybe a horse and your family, and so packing was a big deal. And moving somewhere else was a big deal and you weren't sure if you would have a job when you got there because there were no phones, and so you couldn't get a job like that before you move.

So, they would go in into these Asclepeion dream temples and they would set their dream intention before they went to sleep and they would set it with the priest so that it was set in the proper manner. In other words, during the night, I would like to have a dream to answer this question. They might write it down, and put it under their pillow to sleep on it, and then they would go to sleep.

And if their problem was a health problem, they might ask, I would like to get information from my dream world about this pain in my side. Or if it was a woman that was going into the dream temple, she might ask, am I going to ever have children? Am I going to have a son? Am I ever going to get married, if it's a single woman. Because back then, if you weren't married, you couldn't have children, you were considered baggage. That was a woman's life; get married, have lots of children, and take care of a house and raise a family.

So, these people would go into the Asclepeion dream temple, lie down, and dream next to the priest in order to get the answers to their questions. And although this may sound very bizarre, and you're probably thinking, “Well, how could that even work?” In the book that Dr. Larry Burk and I wrote, there's a whole chapter in there of dreaming for others, where some people were practically strangers, had dreams for another person.

And in the book, there's a case where a man had met a woman at an event. They had exchanged emails, but they didn't really know each other and then they parted ways. And the man actually was on different coasts, he was on the East Coast, the woman was on the west coast in California here. I think he was in New Jersey.

She had a dream where the man's deceased daughter came into her dream and said, “My father's going to have a heart attack. This is what he looks like right now.” And she showed the woman a picture of her father in the dream, and he was looking a little grayish-green. He was having trouble breathing. She said he's going to have a heart attack. And he's not going to call 911 in time and he's going to die. But if he knows that he's going to have a heart attack, he could call 911. And even when he passes out on the floor, they can find him and revive him.

So, this woman in California sends the man in New Jersey an email and says, “I had a dream from your deceased daughter last night. She told me to tell you you're going to have a heart attack. And when you start noticing that you're sweating, and getting dizzy, and having a tight chest, you should immediately dial 911 so they can find you.” And he sent her back an email and said, “Well, thank you very much, but I feel very healthy. I don't have that greenish-gray colour that you're talking about. So, I'm amazed that you heard from my daughter because I haven't seen her in any of my dreams. But thank you very much.”

Well, within two weeks, he was walking around the house, and all of a sudden he started to feel shaky, and sweaty. He had cold sweats. He started having trouble breathing, his chest started to get really tight and he remembered the email in the dream. And he went over and grabbed his cell phone, dialled 911, hit the floor. And the next thing he remembered was lying on the floor and they had used the paddles on him four times, to bring him back to life. His heart had stopped. And if he hadn't remembered the email from the woman, he would have been dead.

And that woman would not have sent him the email if the man's deceased daughter had not come into her dream. So, she was dreaming for him, as the people would come into the Asclepeion dream temples, and sleep next to a priest and dream. And there are quite a few stories like that in the book, where people are actually dreaming for others, just as they used to do in ancient times in the Asclepeion dream temples. It's still happening now today. And the temples, they just found one of those temples in Crete. And there's another temple close to Athens that never really was abandoned. It simply became a huge spa.

So, there's some kind of an energy at those temples that helps people relax enough and connect with their psychic self, their spiritual self, their inner selves, and their spirit guides and guardian angels to help them with the crises or challenges they might be going through in life.

Oliver: [00:20:17.01] That's amazing and a fascinating story about the man with the heart attack and receiving that message in that way through the dream. Well, we wanted to talk, obviously a lot more about the book with you, and obviously it's based around this groundbreaking study and medical research by Dr. Larry Burk, who you already mentioned, and the power of precognitive health dreams. How were they validated by the pathology reports and how many people were in his research group and what were their illnesses?

Kathleen O.: [00:20:53.02] Well, his research group started when he was chief of Radiology at Duke University Medical. And so women would come in who were his patients and getting their radiation for breast cancer. And he would ask them, “How was your breast cancer found? Did you find it in a shower or something, or was it found on a mammogram, an MRI? How was it found?” And he found that there were a number of women who were saying, “I found my mammogram myself, but it was in a dream. I never felt the lump. I never felt anything. It was missed in mammograms.” Or they would say, “I had a dream telling me I had breast cancer and go to the doctor.”

And so I went to the doctor and the doctor said, “You had a test six months ago, you were healthy. Come back in six months.” And they would say, “No, I'm not coming back in six months. I'm here now. And I want an additional test. I want a different type of test because I had a dream that told me I have breast cancer and hey, I'm not leaving till I get it.” And so they would have a second set of tests, whether it was an MRI or a blood test, something else, and that it would show that there was a problem area in the breast. And then they would have a biopsy. And the pathology report from the biopsy would come back confirming the breast cancer.

So, Dr. Larry Burk thought this was just unbelievable. This was just blowing his mind. And so when he reached the point of 19 women, he requested to Duke University to do a dream, a breast cancer dream research study. And they said, “Well, you need 20 women.” And so he said, “Okay, I'll find the 20th woman.” And he went online searching for any women who had dreams that diagnosed their breast cancer before they went to the medical community for additional testing, or even for the first testing.

In other words, you had to have the dream first, then you went to your doctor or a medical community, then your dream was validated with a pathology report. And then some sort of testing, a regular testing and treatment followed after that. So, there was a definite protocol in there and that protocol had to be covered. And the pathology reports had to be accessible to Dr. Larry Burk. And since he was chief of Radiology, once we signed off on the paperwork, he was allowed to access those reports.

So, he was online looking for his 20th person and I had already written my first book, Surviving Cancer Land, which was at that time it was audio and also now it's in audible. And he listened to that book and he said, “I gotta find this woman”, because the whole book is dream after dream after dream and explaining it and following my treatment, the first time I had breast cancer because I'm a three times breast cancer survivor. And how yes, okay, breast cancer can be missed once, but this woman had it missed three times by the medical community. But her dreams found it every single time and saved her life.

So, when he was finished reading my book, he called me, he researched how to get in touch with me, he called me and said, “Would you be one of my research patients, my 20th patient that I need to do this work?” And I said, “Sure, I'd love to.” So, I was the 20th patient. He did his research. He sent it out to all the medical magazines, and it was published in the medical community. And when he was all finished, I said, “Okay, so Larry, what are we going to do now with…” He did a TED talk. I said, “What are you gonna do with all this information?”

And he said, “Well, I've pretty much done it. I've written it up. Duke University has published it. It has been published all over the place.” I said, “Yeah, but we have not reached the populace. We have not shown other women that their dreams can be a road map for their healing. And that dreams can be diagnostic doorways to divine intervention so that we don't die.” And he said, “Well, what would you suggest?” And I said, “Why don't we write a book together?” And so we came up with the book, Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases. And that part of the title is really important because all 20 women had these dreams that diagnosed their breast cancer.

And instead of waiting six months or another year, to go in and have their annual check-up, they went in early, and their cancers were found very early and they all lived except one. The one that did not was a nurse. And when she went in and said to her doctor, “Look, I know something is really wrong because I'm having these recurrent dreams.” And that was the other thing. They all had recurrent dreams that they had breast cancer. They had the same dream over and over again telling them through their spirit guides or some other symbol or sign in their dream that they had this breast cancer.

This nurse went in and told her doctor and her doctor said, “Look, it's just a dream. It's nothing. You're healthy, come back in six months and we'll do another mammogram.” When she came back in six months, it had moved into her lymph nodes gone throughout her body and she was the only research patient to die because her doctor didn't listen to her. So, the rest of us, we stood in our power and we spoke our truth and we did not back down.

And some of the stories in this book showed where women went in and said, “Look, I'm here without an appointment, because you wouldn't give me one. Because I've already been here and you didn't want to listen to me. So, I'm back because I'm having these recurrent dreams and I'm not leaving your office. I'm sitting right here in your chair in the reception room, until the end of the day, when you'll have time to see me.” One of the women did. She stayed there all day long. And the doctor finally invited her in at the end of the day, and said, “Look, do you see my wall over there?” And she said, “Yes.” He said, “Those are all my plaques.”

He says, “I am a highly trained physician oncologist. I would know if something were wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with you. Go home.” And she said, “No.” And he said. What?” She said, “No, I want a second test and I'm not leaving.” So, I don't know whether it was panic or just frustration, sheer frustration, he got her the test that she was requiring which was an ultrasound and boom, there it was. She was in early-stage cancer. They did a pathology report using, I think she had a needle biopsy, and it showed that it absolutely was cancer. And it changed her doctor.

Suddenly, he went from being this kind of arrogant person saying, “Do you see that wall over there”, to “Oh, my God. I can't believe this.” But the point was, it was caught so early, that I believe she only had to have a lumpectomy. She didn't have to have chemo. She didn't have to do radiation. If she had waited six months, not only would she possibly have had to do those things, but it might have been too late because she had a very aggressive cancer. So, the book is full of stories like this. And so I said to Larry, I said, “We need to share your stories with the world.” And we were lucky we got Dr. Bernie Siegel to write the foreword for the book and he was very supportive of our work.

Oliver: [00:29:24.03] Well, that story definitely highlights the power of the influence of those dreams, and the positive effect on nearly all of those people that it had. Can you tell us how your book is similar and different to other dream books that people can buy at the moment?

Kathleen O.: [00:29:43.00] Here's our book. Like I said before, our book is different because A, it's based on research at the Duke University. That's one of the things that makes it a little bit different. The second thing is a lot of dream books that are on the market right now are people may have been diagnosed with an illness, and then they use dreams that came after that, to help them through their treatment. And we have that in this book too. But those people who use their dreams after they were diagnosed, had dreams before they were diagnosed.

So, in the case of our book, Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, the dream came first. Then came the diagnosis, and then came more dreams to deal with the treatment and to keep the person on the path to healing. There are more than 30 dream patients in this book. There are the 19 of us that Dr. Larry Burk talked about, but then there's another 15 I think it is that's in the book. Some of them are cancer, but many of them are not. There's diabetes, there is lung cancer. Well, that is a cancer, lung cancer, but there's heart attacks. There are other types of dreams that aren't just cancer that people had that were then validated by pathology reports of some kind.

For instance, the woman who was having dreams about being a diabetic, she finally got so frustrated with the dreams she decided I've got to go to the doctor just to stop the dreams. And when they did the blood test, they found that she was pre-diabetic. I mean, very close. She was actually diabetic to the point where she was on the border, and she would; someday she'd be diabetic, someday she wouldn't. So, she had type two diabetes and the dream helped her realise that she was becoming diabetic and then helped her with her diet so that she was always able to not be diabetic and didn't have to go on to insulin.

Oliver: [00:31:57.14] Well, that’s interesting to hear about all the other diagnoses and all the other kind of medical issues that it seems to highlight, not just sort of cancerous ones as well. Well, we're gonna take a break now. We're having a fascinating chat here with Katherine O'Keefe-Kanavos here on our Psychic Social Dream Special. We're very much looking forward to hearing more from her in a couple of minutes where we'll hear more about her book and healing dreams. So, we'll see you after this.

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AD: [00:33:45.03] This is Psychic Social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:33:58.20] Welcome back to part one of our two-part Psychic Social Dream Special with Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos. Now, Kathleen, you mentioned you had a couple of great stories you wanted to tell. Can you tell our listeners about those, please?

Kathleen O.: [00:34:09.00] Yes, I picked out a couple of stories out of the book. And I wanted to just read them as they are. They're very short. Most of these stories are a page, maybe a page and a quarter. And we want to keep it short so that people reading the book could go through the book quite quickly. And you asked in an earlier question, what makes our book different than all the other books that are on the market? And you can really see it in this one chapter, Chapter 40. Because at the end of the dream, and the end of what's going on in this woman's life, we have my interpretation that says Kat's interpretation, and I'm interpreting her dream as though it were my dream.

But from the patient's point of view, or I like to say the guinea pig’s point of view. And then underneath my interpretation is Dr. Larry Burk's comment about what the patient was going through in their dreams. So, then you get the professional medical point of view as well. And there really aren't any other books that we know of out on the market that do that. And that's one of the things that made the publisher so excited when they got our book proposal. Actually, when my agent sent the book proposal out, within two weeks, we went into a bidding war with four publishing companies and ended up with the Simon, Inner Traditions, Simon and Schuster.

So, here, this story is called ‘Silver Spaceship Aliens Saved My Life’ and it's Chapter 40 in the book, and it's by Danna Anderson. And she says, she writes, rather, “At age 29 as a single mum with a two-year-old daughter, I was diagnosed with stage four uterine cancer. Although I was going through chemotherapy, and all the usual procedures to try and save my life, the prognosis was not good. In fact, I only had a 5% chance of surviving. Nevertheless, I was determined to live and be able to raise my daughter and pursued every possible means of healing. In the midst of all this, I had a dream I believe saved my life, and it's called ‘The Silver Saucer Spaceship’.

In the dreams, aliens landed in a silver spaceship. They approached me and told me what you need is called interferon. Remember interferon, and then they handed me some interferon. I saw the little tablets in my hand. I had no idea what interferon was when I woke up the next morning, but the message was so clear, and the words so distinct that I went to my doctor. Because the message was so vivid and precise. I told my doctor in detail about the dream.

He was silent for a moment. And then he said that interferon was a new type of treatment currently still being tested. He was very struck by the fact that I had dreamed this very unusual and particular word that was a medicine. On that basis, he wrote me a prescription for interferon, which acts to boost the white blood cells of the immune system. This was one of several specific healing dreams I had that directed me to my process of full and complete healing from stage four uterine cancer.”

So, that, she ended the dream by, or ended her chapter by saying that that was 20 years ago when the doctors had sent her home to tell her they've done all that they could do, and that she needed to find someone to raise her two-year-old daughter. That dream saved her life and now her daughter was actually getting married. So, my interpretation of it was Danna Anderson was well versed in her own dream language and understood the message in her dream.

Healing dreams can often happen during treatment to change the course of therapy from one of the norm to one of success. If this were my dream, I would have defined the dream as a literal dream because Danna heard conversations from the aliens who spoke to her and gave her the name of a particular medication that she was unfamiliar with, and that her doctor immediately recognised as new for uterine cancer. So, that was the validation, Oliver for the dream, the fact that she came away from the dream with a word that was not even out to the public yet, nobody knew about it, but her doctor knew it and was able to prescribe it for her for a change in treatment that saved her life.

This is a word that we're hearing a lot now. Interferon is a type of cytokine, and we're hearing about cytokine all the time on the TV with the drugs that are being given for COVID. It’s proteins made by cells in response to tumour cells, or any type of cells. And it can be made as a drug through gene technology, and it is administered along with chemotherapy regimens. So, Dr. Larry Burk says that she was able to use her dream to specifically find a high tech therapy that is quite remarkable. And for her to survive stage four cancer puts her into the category of radical remission discussed earlier in Chapter 10.

So, you see, his diagnosis or his interpretation of the dream comes from a medical point of view, whereas mine is coming from the guinea pig’s point of view. But the point of the whole chapter is this woman gets specific information from aliens in a spaceship that actually saves her life.

Oliver: [00:40:23.00] And the aliens in the spaceship that obviously, yeah, they were contained in her dream. Did they give any information that they actually existed in any kind of dimension or space? Or were they just sort of elements of the dream?

Kathleen O.: [00:40:41.11] Well, that's a very good question, Oliver. I mean, I found this dream so fascinating because she fell asleep and then dreamed that she woke up when the spaceship landed in her backyard, and she walked out to the aliens who were little tiny green men. I mean, that's really bizarre. And they handed her this medication with the name and then took off.

So, was it really a dream? Was there intervention from another dimension? Was it real aliens landing in her backyard because maybe she is a human that they're tracking? We don't know. But she had that dream. And the dream was validated by her doctor as having elements of reality in them. The dream changed her course of treatment. And she's alive because she changed the course of treatment.

Oliver: [00:41:42.08] That's an amazing story. Yeah, absolutely amazing. Now what you said you had another story off the back of that. What's that one all about? Can you tell our listeners about it?

Kathleen O.: [00:41:53.18] Yeah, there's another story in here, which is not a cancer story. But it's an interesting story. And it's called ‘Warning, Do Not Have Sex’, and this is my Athena Kolinski. And it says, the story begins with, “It has always been my practice to get tested between sexual partners to protect myself and others. Well, this was the first time in a long time, I had not followed my own protocol. When I met this new guy, things happened so fast, I didn't get to do that part, you know, get tested or protect myself. As with all new sexual relationships, things got hot and heavy with the excitement and newness.

So, about two weeks after meeting him, I had this dream, ‘warning, do not have sex’. I dreamt of my last long term lover, whom I had stopped seeing about six months earlier. I wanted to have sex with him again in the dream, but then I remembered I was involved with a new guy. At some point, someone in the dream told me you have something. Whatever you do, do not have sex with a new partner until you get tested, so she wakes up from the dream and she's totally freaked out. And she's not sure how much of the dream is literal, or how much of the dream is just her dreaming.

So, the next few days she spends calming herself down. And then she has a conversation with their new lover about their terms and conditions. And they both agree to have a test before they have sex. Two weeks after the dream, she ended up with a rash she calls it, ‘you know where’ that was like nothing she'd ever had before in her life. She was absolutely miserable. And intuitively, she began to put pieces together, that she had left a tampon in overnight for 10 hours, something she'd never done before, because she's trying to rationalise how she could possibly have gotten this type of rash when she did not have sex as the dream told her. So, she hadn't had sex in like six months. Where did this rash come from? Was it left over from six months ago?

Finally, she goes to the doctor's office and the doctor goes for the straight, worst-case scenario, and prepares her for the test results from a biopsy that he did on this rash that goes all the way up inside of her. She was shocked that his first reaction was, “Well, this is probably cancer.” And so while she's waiting for the test results to come back, she has another dream that tells her “No, it's not cancer. It's a reaction. It's an allergic reaction.” But if she had sex, her partner would have gotten the rash as well.

Well, in the end, the test results come back and it comes back as an allergic reaction to superglue used in the new tampons that are being sold in the market. And it just so happens that Athena Kolinski is allergic to superglue. And I understand that because I am too. You can't use it on me if I have any surgery because I break out in head to toe in a rash. So, from my interpretations, I say if this were my dream, I would define it as a warning dream that was literal. It was not about symbols and signs. It was about listening to dream advice. It was about conversation. And that's a literal dream.

And Dr. Larry Burk says “This story is an excellent example of the intersection between intuition and dream guidance in navigating through a delicate relationship issue. If in our culture, families restored the time honoured tradition of dream-sharing at breakfast, perhaps more of our younger generations would be better prepared for accessing their inner wisdom to inform them of such important decisions.”

Oliver: [00:46:00.00] I was just thinking, wouldn't it be fantastic if everyone could have a dream visitation every time they had an ailment or something wrong with them and get some answers almost immediately instead of a lot of people have to, obviously, have to go through whether it's major or minor sometimes going through seeing doctors many, many times and having tests for this and that and the other. And yeah, it would just be nice if we could, and easy, wouldn't it if we could just have that dream and then have the answer. But it's not like that for everyone, is it?

Kathleen O.: [00:46:30.06] Well, maybe we all do have those dreams. But what if we're not writing the dreams down, so that we're not remembering the dreams and we can't figure out what our dream message is. Because I believe we're all born with the capability to understand our dreams, and then we forget it. It's like we're born bilingual. We have our own dream language. And as we get older, we're taught dreams are just dreams. They're just random firings of a sleeping brain, they don't really have any important information.

And so our book, Dreams That Can Save Your Life, is showing, yes, they do have important information. And if we're spending one third to one-fourth of our time sleeping every night, there's going to be a reason for it beyond just random firings of a sleeping brain. Because we also eat three times a day and without food, we would die. We have to have food. So, our dreams have to be important. What if our dreams are food for our soul on the earth plane?

Oliver: [00:47:32.04] Sure, exactly. And I think we're gonna get onto some dream journaling a little bit later on in the show or in the second part of the show. But we're gonna move on now to the next question I want to ask you. What or who is the dreaming e-patient, and why are they so important in the book?

Kathleen O.: [00:47:49.03] Oh, that's a great question. Well, much of as dreams are windows into another information dimension, the internet, if you think about the internet as a type of informational universal wisdom window that's right at our fingertips. And so access to the Internet has created a new type of patient, the e-patient. And just about every single patient in our book, Dreams That Can Save Your Life turned out to be an e-patient. So, what happens is many of us found each other in Dr. Larry Burk's breast cancer dreams project through the internet. And the groundwork that led to the book was also from being able to access the internet.

And so, according to Wikipedia, the e-patient is an individual or a health consumer who participates fully in his or her medical care. So, the dreamer, e-patient in the book, combine dream information or psychic or spiritual information with grounded internet information to fully arm themselves with facts for their life-saving journey back to the path of health and wellness.

So, prophetic dreams, plus internet information created a powerful weapon to combat illness. And I tell people even today on my radio shows when they call in and they go, “Well, yeah, I had this dream. But now I'd like to go to the doctor, but I don't know how to explain it to him.” One of the most important gifts that being an e-patient can give you is to write down the medical language your doctor can understand. So, you understand your dream language, then you go onto the internet and you find that same language, translate it into medical language so that you can explain to your doctor in his language, what your dreams explained to you in dream language, about what's going on in your health and your life.

Oliver: [00:49:07.23] That's interesting. Thank you very much for that description of that. So, we wanted to sort of move forward obviously into the next question and ask you as one of the women in Dr. Larry Burk's research group, you wrote about your guided dreams with the Franciscan monks as spirit guides or guardian angels, and also talked about them on the Dr. Oz Show, The Sixth Sense: Shocking Premonitions, and George Norris Coast to Coast radio show. Both these programs are aired in America just to let our UK listeners know. Can you share more about the monks from your dream in the book with us, please?

Oliver: [00:50:34.10] Yes. These monks, they started showing up right after about six months-- Well, right after I had had my mammogram blood tests and physical exam, and they started telling me that I had breast cancer. So, the year is 1998 and I was actually in Boston, Massachusetts, with my gynaecologist who was also my general practitioner and Dr. Dennis Wagner, and he looks a whole lot like the late actor Gary Cooper, kind of acts like him too. And so a guided dream from the previous night sent me back to him. And after I'd had my mammogram, blood test and physical exam, and this dream involved a Franciscan monk who sends me back to the doctor's office.

And this is the, actually the first of many medical visits that my doctor and I will share over the next three months. So, I'm in his office and when Dr. Wagner enters the room, he kind of looks like you know, the song from high noon plays in my head because he looks just like Gary Cooper. And he says to me, “I can't feel anything on or around your breast. Perhaps you felt a fiberistick tumour sensitive to your menstrual cycle. Let's do another mammogram and just keep an eye on it. You're only you know, 43 at this time you're too young for breast cancer. So, go home and I'll call you with a mammogram and blood test results. And then I'll see you in six months.” And then he just kind of snapped my chart shut and he walked out.

Well, so I'm thinking to myself if he's not worried about this invisible hard spot, why am I? After all, he’s the doctor, right? But the voices from my dream world from the night before just kept bothering me and waking me up, and I would see them again in my waking world. So, my life has always been active and healthy, but three mammograms, three blood tests, and three physical exams later with three yellow copies of healthy mammograms over the next three month period. And the third recurrent lucid diagnostic and prophetic dream sends me back to the doctor and this is what the dream, the third dream was.

This Franciscan monk walks into my dream. I'm actually enjoying my dream and suddenly it's stopped, like a frozen computer screen on your computer and we all know what that's like, right, or a TV show that's been put on pause. And in the centre of my dream, a pop-up window appears much like on a computer, and the window expands into a door. And a spirit guide or guardian angel dressed as a Franciscan monk in a long brown robe with the hood up in a knotted rope belt and these little leather sandals, steps through the sacred dream door. His hood completely covers his face, so I can't see his face. He kind of looks a little bit like St. Francis of Assisi and maybe the Grim Reaper.

And he says, “Come with me. We have something to tell you.” So, I am dreaming in a dream and I wonder but obediently follow him into a room I call the room between realms and this is a place, Oliver, that's really cool because it's neither the living nor the dead. It's a parallel universe of consciousness. And it's a waiting room. So, waiting for me are two other monk guides. And one of the monks takes my hand, puts it on my right breast, and says, “You have cancer right here. Do you feel it?” And I did. He says, “Go back to your doctor tomorrow without an appointment. And I started crying.”

And I tell him in the dream that my doctor won't listen to me tomorrow or any other day, just as they didn't before they do. And I tell the monk, they just keep giving me the same test over and over and telling me I'm healthy. If you want me to live, you help me. So, the spirit guide looks at me and he reaches into his enormous sleeve, and he pulls something out and hands me a tiny white feather no bigger than the one that escapes from a pillow at night and glides to the bedroom floor. And he says to me, “If you use this feather as a sword to fence within your verbal battles with the doctors, you'll win against their scientific facts. You need exploratory surgery. If you present your cause to the doctors as though you were an attorney standing before an incredulous judge who dislikes you, you're going to win.”

He says that then he turns, and he walks out of my dream. And the sacred dream doors closed behind him. And my previous dream starts right back up where it had left off, as if someone had taken it off of pause. Time had stood still as the monks from beyond time and space delivered their life-saving message to me in this esoteric dream plane. So, then I go back to my doctor the next day with my imaginary little feather, and I confront him with “Look, I know something's wrong. I need you to help me. I need a second set of tests and I need exploratory surgery.” And he looks at me like I've doused myself with gasoline and set myself on fire when I tell him that.

And he goes, “I can't do exploratory surgery on you. It's against my policy, it's against hospital policy, you have to think of infection, something going wrong. I'd have to put you under to do that. Anesthesia has side effects.” And I said, “I'm not leaving until I get this.” And it's almost like somebody had glimmered him. You know, like when we see these vampire movies where the vampire says, “You will go and jump off the roof of the building.” And they go “Oh yes, I will.” And they go off and they jump off the roof of the building. Well, that kind of is what happened to my doctor. And he walked out and he came back into the room, I'm still standing there looking at the four walls going, “What just happened?”

And he goes, “Okay. I made an appointment for you three days after New Years, we'll do the exploratory surgery.” And it turns out I was In stage two aggressive breast cancer, and it was in a lymph node. And all of this, you know, is in my first book, Surviving Cancer Land. My first book is all about how my dreams found the cancer, told me about the cancer, sent me back, armed me to fight with the doctors. And throughout the treatment, those spirit guides guardian angels kept coming back in, into my dreams, and guiding me through the whole treatment process.

Oliver: [00:57:29.11] And I take it that when you went to see the doctor that last time before he sort of sanction that exploratory surgery that you didn't tell him about your dream with the monk; you just used the information that you took from that dream to go forwards and try and get what you wanted from the doctor. Is that right?

Kathleen O.: [00:57:47.04] Yeah, you're absolutely right, Oliver.

Oliver: [00:57:50.21] I can imagine… [crosstalk]

Kathleen O.: [00:57:51.13] These were really, really conservative Boston doctors… [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:57:54.15] Right. You not gonna tell them about your dream and they're just gonna think you’re nuts and kick you outta there, I suppose.

Kathleen O.: [00:57:59.08] Right. They wouldn't give me treatment. They just give me a padded room.

Oliver: [00:58:03.04] And some sedatives, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Kathleen O.: [00:58:06.02] Some sedatives to make me stop dreaming.

Oliver: [00:58:08.07] Yeah, sure. Well, that's a fantastic story and a wonderful outcome for you as well in the end through those dreams. And it's really, really interesting to hear all of this. Kathleen, thank you so much. Well, we're just about out of time, in part one of our Psychic Social special with Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos here. We're very much looking forward to hearing more from her in our part two show, which will be coming very soon on Psychic Social. And we'll be talking much more about dream journaling and lots of other stuff about the book, and also maybe a bit about lucid dreaming as well. So, keep an eye out for that on social media and on the website on Psychic.co.uk. But for now, I'd like to say thank you so much for joining us today, Kat and we'll see you very soon for the part two show.

Kathleen O.: [00:58:58.02] Thank you so much, Oliver. This was great. I really enjoyed it. I can't believe how quickly the time went.

Oliver: [00:59:03.02] It's gone very quick, but yeah, very much looking forward to the part two, and we'll see you soon. So, stay safe in the meantime.

Kathleen O.: [00:59:09.14] Thank you.

Outro: [00:59:16.07] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today's show was brought to you by Psychic.co.uk.

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