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This is PART 1 of our 2-Part special Interview with the ‘Universal Medium’ – Grant Colyer on Psychic Social!
In this episode, you’ll hear some amazing stories from Grants psychic life and experiences to date, including what it was like for him growing up being psychic, his TV career and some great descriptions of his guide, Michael.



*(This podcast was recorded on 15/05/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Grant Colyer PSPE:017 (pt1)

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:01.27] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.11] On this episode of psychic social ''there's me looking at my grandmother in the casket, and I thought that's not my Nan. And I heard this voice go I'm not there darling, I'm behind you''. And I look round, and there was my Nan standing there in full solid apparitional form.

A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Now on each psychic social podcast, we'll be providing you with great content for everything psychic, and we'll be interviewing a different psychic each week. Finding out all about them, their journey into the fascinating psychic world. Some of their stories, including past readings they've carried out, and a deeper look into their thoughts on all things spiritual. So let's get right into the show.

Today's guest is an international psychic, medium, teacher and speaker whose work spans over 30 years.

He's brought many people's loved ones through to them during readings he's carried out in his long career, and also given psychic readings to many well-known celebrities. He refers to himself as the universal medium, as he believes when we pass, we go back to the universe. So we'd like to give a very warm welcome to the show Grant Colyer, universal psychic medium. Grant, thank you for joining us on psychic social. How are you doing today?

Grant C.: [00:02:17.05] Well, thank you for having me, Oliver. Yes, I'm doing fine mate, the sun's shining through my window down here on the south-east coast. So yes I can't ask for a better day through these horrible times.

Oliver: [00:02:29.03] Sure, exactly. It is always nice when the sun shining through all this, isn't it? What are you doing to keep the positive vibes going? Is there anything you can kind of recommend to our listeners that they can do to stay positive as well?

Grant C.: [00:02:39.29] I think communication is the key, isn't it? I think that you know anything that you can do maybe a phone call or interaction through the internet, talking to people is always good. Like Bob Hoskins used to say, ''it's good to talk''. I think if you are sitting there and you're sitting there looking out the window, nothing is stopping you from going out, taking your shoes off and standing on a fresh blade of grass in your garden or a local park for a little while.

The energy is suppressed as it is when you're sitting in four walls, and it certainly can feel like a dungeon. And I think that even if you can't or not able to get out, and maybe you are somebody that's sitting in an energy of isolation where you either are in that area of being over the age of 65 or maybe you have some ongoing health conditions that hold you back. Meditation is a key, and I think that meditation is a massive area to get you out of that zone.

And I think meditation is something that I've always used through my work and my experience; it's that it releases you from the boundaries of what's around you on a physical form. So if you aren't able to get out there and experience this, the sunshine or maybe having this energy where you feel like you're worried about stepping out and maybe picking up on this horrible virus that's going around. Meditation is what you need. And I'm a true believer that you can also be proactive in meditation, not closing your eyes and listening to angelic music.

I think meditation can be done by sticking on your favourite album. It maybe Queen or something like that and releasing some of that energy of your momentum monotonous day of routine. I think that the way I look at it is that keep proactive. I think we have so much potential in us we don't realise as people. We sit there, and we wonder what is it that we can do, I’m not at work doing my normal routine. For me, I'm a spiritual guy, and my work is very strong and very active all the time with my work and dealing with people.

But even I have time out when I need that time out for balance, and in this lock-down, what do I do? I turn to something, even being a hobby, I do something. I'm a prolific model maker, so I make models, it gives me a sense of achievement at the end of it, and it breaks the monotony, and it's better than watching sometimes the television all the time.

Oliver: [00:05:16.03] Exactly, yes. That's really good advice there, thank you for that Grant. Well, I mean I kind of do meditation as the listeners probably already know by now, I mentioned it before. And if you haven't got time to sort of sit there for a while and do meditation as well, I do a little bit of breath work as well.

So I might do like box breathing or four, seven, eight or something. So if you guys want to look up box breathing online on YouTube or wherever or four, seven, eight they're really good breathing exercises, aren't they to reduce stress and anxiety?

Grant C.: [00:05:43.07] Well, they are. And do you know something Oliver, I've watched a lot of videos recently because I wasn't really into the side of that really, I was more into the meditation? And obviously, meditations is about breathing, but the breathing exercises really work. And I did some breathing exercises that I watched from a YouTube video only about a month ago because I actually did go through the COVID and I had a bad time with it to be quiet honest.

Oliver: [00:06:10.19] Really?

Grant C.: [00:06:11.22] Yes. It didn't last for long, but I panicked, and I did think I was going to the hospital at one point. And I sat out of my balcony like two o'clock in the morning, hoping that this wouldn't go to my chest and give me pneumonia. And I sat out there, and I have my guide Michael, which we would talk about in a while I'm sure.

But I did these breathing exercises, and I took plenty of menthol sweets and guzzled a lot of Benylyn. But the breathing exercises really calm me down, and I think that a lot of what happens within these things; I'm not being a medical person. But I think a lot of what happens within the energy where we are, obviously panic and panic energy does shallow your breathing through these times. And I think that's in any circumstance; I think breathing exercises does calm your energy down. What you're doing is you're breathing in vibration within the energy of the vibrations around you. And so I think that within that, it's a great positive for mind, body and soul.

Oliver: [00:07:15.11] It is, definitely. Well, that's hopefully some good stuff that people can take away and try themselves. Hopefully, today after listening to this and make themselves feel a little bit less stressed and less anxious about everything at the moment.

We want to move into the show now; we wanted you to take us back to the beginning. How did you become a psychic? How did the gift come to you? Was it passed down from a family member a mother or father? Or did you sort of feel it at a young age?

Grant C.: [00:07:42.27] Well, this was happening; something was happening to me very naturally. I was brought up on a pig farm in north Kent, and I was the youngest of four children. And my house was very haunted back in that time. It was an old kitchen house, a cookhouse that was for a manor house that was bombed in the second world war, so it did date back to actually the building that I was in, was back in the built in the, built in the 1930s.

But it was a strange thing because I obviously didn't understand what I had really at a young age. Because a lot of people have asked me, they say, Oliver, when did it really start with you? Well, you can't pinpoint the exact time of when this was, because I think there was no understanding about what I really had at the ages of like five or six. My mother and father had quite a major divorce, and there was a lot going on at that time.

But I was the youngest of four children, and I was that one that had a little bit less understanding because they were about five or six years older than me. There was a very confused energy within me, and I can remember being very sensitive as a child and quite shy. But I know that for the years of around about five, six years old, I was starting to experience these energies of visitations.

Visitations with insight, visitations within sound, and visitations within being touched. And that was an energy that I couldn't see as a full manifested figure; what I used to call them was the bubble men. And the only way I can describe what I was experiencing, if you ever seen the film ''Predator'' where the alien goes invisible, it's like a clear shadow walking towards you, that's how it looked. So I wasn't really seeing full-form spirit energy as like a full manifestation, what I was sensing was the energy of these bubble men coming towards me and being touched, being stroked. And I can remember the only real vivid feeling that I had of a feeling of a lady, was the lady who used to visit me every night.

Roughly as I started, I suppose it was developing through that five, six, seven years old field. I used to constantly get this woman that used to visit me. Now she used to come in a more fuller form or a ghostly apparition. So I did see her more, but she was part of the building, she was there in history, she wasn't connected with my family. But she was the only one that really stood out.

So I suppose in some respects, I suppose she could have been like an early guided figure. I never really quite worked out who she was because I was obviously very young at that time. And I think being asked the question; I was just very frightened and fearful of what was going on. And then my early recollections of the days was my mum coming into my bedroom and going what the hell have you done Grant, your bedroom is upside, your bed turned upside down, and I had no recollection of it at all.

So was this spirit, was this me? I don't know, maybe a mixture of a lot of things. But all I could say to you is that as time progressed, and as I went into my teens, that I started to realise that there was more coming from this gift than I could give weird sort of messages to families and friends. And I'd be that sort of freaky kid if that makes sense. But as time went on, I got to 11 years old, my grandmother passed, and this was my dad's mum.

And my grandmother was a lovely lady, and I had no knowledge of where she was within our self and type of person she really was because I was so young. All I could remember was being Nan, and she was lovely. But I could remember when she passed away; my mum went to me, would you like to go down and see your Nan? That's a big thing at 11 years old. And I said well, what do you mean mum? She said well, would you like to see her at the chapel of rest and I thought wow, I've never experienced seeing a dead body before.

And I can remember saying yes, okay, I'll go. I was a bit apprehensive; a little bit frightened to see my Nan in that particular state. So I decided to go, and I would like to say goodbye to my grandmother. And I walked down with my mum, and obviously, it was very separate because my mother and father wasn't together, so she wanted to say her farewells to her mother-in-law which they had a bit of turbulence within the energy obviously, and she didn't really care for her. So she took me down, and me and my mum went. And it was a very solitude sort of experience walking into this Chapel of rest.

There's me looking at my grandmother in the casket, and I thought that's not my Nan. And I heard this voice go I'm not there darling, I'm behind you. And I looked around, and there was my Nan standing there in full, solid, apparitional form. And I was like wow, and she only was there for a split second and then she was gone. And after that experience, I noticed that suddenly there was this burst of energy that was coming from me and it was even more enhanced within my clairvoyance and things than before.

And she was acting as my early guide at that time, she served me, was always there, and I could sense her energy when I was connecting with peoples loved ones. And even in meditation that I would go, she would meet me at these great big gates and take me into the dimensional energies of the realms. And she would stand there within like this very beautiful lilac looking dress with beautiful lilac wings, believe it or not. And I could always remember that wherever she stood, there was a large rainbow behind her.

Like not a very solid rainbow, just a very light rainbow. And it was such a beautiful thing, and I felt that I had more connection with my Nan on a spiritual form as a guide, that I had with any experiences of being a young lad and not really knowing my Nan well. But I did, so it was quite beautiful to have those, this guided feel. But yes, so for me really Oliver, it was a natural process, it was a scary time. I didn't understand it; I didn't know nothing about mediumship and nobody else in the family spoke about anything other than the family about mediumship.

We didn't come from a spiritual or religious background. So it was quite weird that I was the one that had it. But what I didn't realise was, is that my grandmother was a clairvoyant and apparently she didn't work as a full-time clairvoyant, but she used to read the tea leaves and apparently she was very good. So I suppose in some respects, the reason why she comes forward and guided me because she had the knowledge to impart down to me. So obviously skipped a generation from her son down to her grandson.

Oliver: [00:14:57.07] That's really interesting to hear that, and hear how it kind of would you say kind of really sort of awakened the whole thing in you, although it was there already, but it just kind of accelerated that even more.

Grant C.: [00:15:08.26] I think the way it accelerated is the fact that I felt comfortable that my grandmother was there, and I think that helped. It gave me that sense of reassurance that I was protected within that field. That I could go forward, that I wasn't going to get hurt or haunted or hurt by these things. And from what I had already experienced was that nothing was there that was going to hurt me, I just think it's the fear of the unknown.

And when we're children, we do understand that we don't understand if that makes sense. And I think that within that reassurance of having that grandmother so solidly around you within your energy really gave that journey a big boost. Because I knew for me, that it was something that I was going to be protected by.

Oliver: [00:15:56.02] It's very interesting to hear all that, thank you for that. We just wanted to move on now and sort of ask you more about your sort of television work you've done in the past. You've told us that you worked for psychic interactive TV in the past, what sort of stuff did you get up to on there?

Grant C.: [00:16:11.03] Well, I'm about to start with, I mean I've been working as a, I mean I wasn't doing this is a full-time job. I've been doing this all my life, and yes I would do some private readings now and then for groups and people. And in 2008, this was an amazing story. I can remember being made redundant, I was a landscape gardener at that time and work was very hard and times weren't good around that sort of time.

And I fell out of my work and got made redundant; the firm went bust basically. And I can remember going down, just basically what you do sign on, get you stamp paid. And I can remember walking down, literally the day I got my redundant in the morning, I walk down, I walk past this new holistic shop and the new holistic shop I walked into. And I was looking at the crystals and feeling quite down on my luck at that moment because I just obviously lost my job.

And the lovely lady behind the counter who run the shop, Carolyn. She said to me. Oh, what crystals are you drawn to? I said all of them; I'm a medium. And she said really, are you? She said I would love a reading from you. So I gave her a reading, oh my god I must have you working in my shop. So one thing led to another, I started working in the shop and helping with that. And I decided, I thought well this is the way to go, and at that point, I'll go self-employed, and that's what I did. And things really got well advanced within that, and I met a lot of people that was connected with the shop. And where I come across my good friend Robbie [Inaudible 00:17:52.26] who was the master palmist.

Who has worked with the London College of psychic studies, still does to this day as a lecturer? And he's one of the best palmists I've ever come across in my time. Robin was there in a lovely woman called Carolyn, who was a colour expert therapist, aura work, workshops and things that she did. Anyway, the story was that Caroline she got an email or something for an interview for Psychic TV in London. And she said well, I'm not going to go, they don't want to pay my fare.

So I thought okay, I said can I have their number, and I'll give them a call. When I gave them a call, and they said yes okay are you willing to come up for an interview and though based off of Portland Street in London and then that's next door to Radio 1. And I walked up there, and I had the interview, And I the most amazing thing was I had this interview with this young boss, manager of the show.

He was about 26, and he sat me down, and he said okay, you're just going to read for me now, put me on the spot. I said right; there's an A4 piece of paper; I'm going to write the notes that you give me. I gave him, without going into detail, so much validation on stuff. And I brought his mother through that, unfortunately, took her own life from being a drug user. And obviously, at that time, I'm bringing all this energy I'm thinking oh my god, mother drug user, I hope that this spirit is giving me this all correct.

And at the end of it, he said it was the most amazing reading and his mother, and everything that I give him was absolutely spot on, and he said well, okay and at that point, they never gave me the job. He says okay, I'm not going to say anything at that moment; I'm not going to say yes, you've got the job or anything. So he said we will get in contact with you in a few days. A week went by, and I actually emailed them, I said is there any news on a possible knowledge of where I'm going to be with this.

And I had that feeling being psychic that I know that this was going to be big somewhere, and I thought well it feels weird because I feel a good feeling with these, I'm not getting nothing come back. Anyway, Benjy, who was the boss he got back to me, and he said to me, Grant sorry, we've been so busy with stuff, and there's a lot going on with the studio at the moment. He said I just have completely not got around to getting back to you. So he said I do apologise, we want you for a second interview. He said but what you're going to be doing is be interviewed by my other main manager and producer, main producer of the show, a guy called Mo.

Now Mo, obviously what a character, and he's somebody that I could go talk on about forever. But he I come to the second interview, and there was a girl from Brighton come up with me, and she was at the interview we're waiting outside, and we went in, and Mo interviewed us both. And basically, I was in there for about two to three minutes, and he introduced himself, and he said Grant can you please go outside, I'm going to interview this lady first, and I'm going to come to you. So he said go and have a cigarette out on the street or something.

So I said okay, why not go and have a cigarette. Well literally, I hadn't even got the lighter out of my pocket to light my cigarette, and this girl walked past me and said well good luck etc. So anyway Mo opens the door and goes she hasn't got the job, right come in. He sat me down Oliver, and he said to me oh my god, I've been waiting for this moment for like nearly over a week now, and I went what do you mean? He says I've been speaking to Benji; he's told me what you did with the reading. He said I want a reading from you.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I brought his uncle through that, unfortunately, had been shot in either a war or a situation, and he just burst out in tears, and he said to me oh my god. And I tried to pronounce his uncle's name, and he was like oh my god that's his name, and he just couldn't believe it. And he said I want you on my first show, you've got to be the man that's on my show. So I said okay, he said well I can't tell you when you're going to be scheduled, but we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Well, the next following day they said okay, is the 16th of March okay for you to start the show; it's going to be a Saturday night. And I said yes, I said that's really ironic. He said, why? I said that's my birthday and he went okay. I said oh, the universe is working with me, nice birthday present. So the funny situation with that, and this is probably tied in with a bit of a funny story really. The funny situation with that is that I got there on the show, and I worked with two other psychics.

We used to work on a rotation system, so two people were going to a booth taking calls, one will be on the desk with the presenter, and we'll go on a rotation system about 20 minutes each taking text messages or voicemail messages from callers just asking questions. And this particular night, the actual system had gone down, so we weren't able to take text messages and put them up on screen. Because something down at Canary Wharf had gone wrong, they couldn't even show the at home psychics, used to sit in a little box in the corner, so they'd be just blank boxes.

So I'm sitting there very first time in front of the camera, and my manager and producer, main producer that time Mo says to me. Grant, got some bad news, I went what do you mean? We can't bring any text, you're going to have to take a live call and I went; whoa, that's on the spot. Somewhere, I got a feeling that the universe and spirit were intervening with this somewhere. So anyway, what happened was is that I had this guy phone up, this guy called Paul. I can remember it as plain as anything, sounding very sort of London Kent Essex accent.

And I gave him his reading, and I said to him about that I could see him in this van with a roll of carpet that sticks through the front of his van, and I could see a man on the other side and this big Alsatian dog. And he said shut up; he said to me do you know me? I went no. He said to me, well I'm a carpet fitter with my dad, and that's his dog that comes with us. He's like I can't believe that, so I said well look.

Okay, that's just a little validation, so I know that I'm in your energy. I said, but the biggest message is that I want to tell you that your wife loves you. And he pause for one minute, and you could hear this emotion in his voice come back and go oh my god, I said you haven't been getting on very well for the last year, have you? He said, how do you know this stuff? And I went; I said you've been married for three years, haven't you? He said yes, just three years.

And the thing is with it; he said my wife hasn't told me she loved me until this morning in the first time in a year. I said well, can I just give you one thing off the back of this, Paul? He said, please do. I said you've just booked a holiday and you need this holiday, the pair of you, you both need a break. I said sometimes relationships could be hard, I said sometimes the monotony of life can get to us a little bit and it can put pressure into our lives. I said, but you've just booked a holiday, he said yes I have. I said you're going away on the 26th September and he went; you are absolutely kidding.

Oliver: [00:25:34.27] Exact date.

Grant C.: [00:25:35.24] He said that's when we're going away, on the 26th of that time. So he could not just believe it, he was like oh my god, and my producers in the background were going, yes.

Oliver: [00:25:47.00] Nailed it.

Grant C.: [00:25:48.13] And you could tell why because suddenly, we had a stat board and we could see what was coming in, of phone calls coming to the show. And then suddenly the stat phone just went off the scale. And my producer was like no, keep him on the desk; we don't want to get rid of this guy as I sat on the desk for about an hour and a half for the first show that I was there doing these live readings.

And after that show, the producers sat down and looked back at the show, and they nicknamed me Mr. Validator, and that became my name. Grant Colyer Mr. Validator on the show. And the show was an amazing platform; I worked around some amazing people in the show.

Oliver: [00:26:36.23] Sounds great, yes.

Grant C.: [00:26:37.29] In different varieties and forms as well. We're talking Rune Stone readers; we're talking clairvoyance, we're talking so many other types, mediumship everything.

Oliver: [00:26:49.19] Yes. That's an astounding story and fantastic to hear that, that's brilliant. Well, we're going to go into a break now. We're having a great chat here with Grant Colyer universal psychic medium. And we're going to hear more from Grant after this.

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Oliver: [00:28:39.20] Welcome back to part two of psychic social and our chat with universal psychic medium Grant Colyer. Obviously, we've been hearing about your mediumship so far throughout the show. Can you tell us about your guide or guides, I mean we kind of ask every psychic that comes on the show. How many do you have? Do you have one or many? And how do they work with you or for you?

Grant C.: [00:28:59.05] Well, for me, I have many guides like everybody else does. Everybody's got many guides, and a lot of the guides we probably won't even work with, but they are there in different levels. I think even guiding figures, i.e. like family that have passed over to the other side.

My main guidance Michael, Michael is a character, and I've been with Michael, Michael's probably been with me now in this life. He's been with me for around about 26, 27 years now. It was a really weird thing when Michael comes into my life because I went through a stage of what we call folding. Now, what does that mean? It means that there was stage in my mediumship when for about six months, where I felt like I was losing my gift, I suddenly felt like I lost connection with spirit. And that may well have been through personal stuff that was going on around my life; I did feel that lack of connection.

And my grandmother was around me a lot of that time before Michael stepped in. And I didn't even feel my grandmother's connection there. So one day I woke up and I could hear this male voice in my ear, and I went, who are you? And he said I'm Michael. And I went okay, who are you, Michael? He said well, I'm your guide and I'm here to, we've lived together in many life’s. You've been me, I've been you, we are as one, and we've experienced life together, and I was like okay. Now obviously he did not give me everything at that point, I learned a lot about Michael over the years and how he works and how he is. But I know one of the lives that we had together was one during the times of Christ. Where we had been together, but we followed that sort of leadership.

We weren't the main disciples, but what we were was in the following of that energy. But we were also alongside the energy of the crucifixion of what happened at that time. So many of the followers and supporters of Jesus was crucified as well. And I know that Michael said to me, he was crucified with Jesus alongside me for prophesying over the energy of what we sort of talk about now. And these beliefs of something beyond this life.

And Michael, I always said to Michael, what do you look like? And he showed himself to me one day, and he looks like a very young Matthew Kelly, okay. So remember Matthew Kelly from years ago, stars in their eyes, well he was younger; he was in his twenties, thirties. He's about six foot five; he wears a long golden robe. But he has the most amazing ability for every area, teaching, protection. I use him not just within this work, I use him within the paranormal side of things as well, and using for protecting and shutting down certain stuff that we use during the paranormal stuff like Ouija boards and things like that.

Which Ouija board is just a divination board really, people have overemphasised about how negative they are, use it the right way, they're fine. But Michael will shut all that down; he would also protect people that will be overcome by spirits energy. Because even when I'm working with teams, we get customers coming and people will be overtaken by the energy. Normally they feel a bit nausea, so they feel a little bit lightheaded, or they don't feel their self.

And I will take them out; I say Michael will take them out because he uses me to take them out. And then he takes that energy away, protects them with loads of gold light. He's an amazing character; he's very funny, he's very cheeky. But he's all about getting to the core energy of a situation. So for instance, if he's looking at situations around work, relationship, family situations, he will work not just to say oh, well you need to do this, you need to do that.

He dissects what's happened, makes that person look at what's happened and how they can guide their energy to understand the person that they're with for one, i.e. as a relationship, how that might be that person might have been before they come into their life. So they've got an understanding of who person is before you judge the energy of how that person is within it and how you can relay that to make it work if that's possible. And also the energy of like career as well, what was it? Yes, Michael might pick up on what it was that person might want to do when they never left school, but schooling took them another area, and they fell into a job that they didn't like.

So Michael was very good at looking at the areas of where people are with their best attributes, so he can guide them if they've been stirred off the wrong direction if that makes sense in life. So he's very good at looking at that and making people understand. Now like any guide sees, even other people's, other mediums guides that I've spoken to in clairvoyance over the years. Spirit aren't there to tell you what to do; life is about choice.

They can only guide you to knowing and knowledge of what that person knows. So for instance, when Mike was coming into a situation. He's there to tell that person that there is an option because you can see from the experiences that they've worked for that person in the past, and they may have deterred that person. So he would direct them in the best possible way. Yes, he will give validation; he will show things on that energy.

And he's also very much the person that will coordinate a bit of decorum on the other side. Because before Michael come in, even though I had my grandmother, I used to get a lot of mixed messages from loved ones in spirit. I might have four or five spirits trying to talk to me at once. So imagine how many people, imagine I'm standing in an auditorium of five hundred people, and everybody wants a reading from their loved one. Imagine how many people on the other side wanting to get that message back.

And Michael would basically be that security guard, and make that orderly fashion happen. So I have no control over that, Michael is the one that does that. So Michael was the one that's able to hold back that energy and bring the energy that's mostly needed first to the person in the audience. So he's very much the man that I rely on very dearly.

And a lot of his work or a lot of his work is channelled through me. So I always say look, this isn't about me; I'm just the telephone call. Michael is the one that's doing the work, and he's also the one that's allowing that telephone phone call to come from a loved one from on the other side. So he's a massive energy there, one to protect me, so I don't wear myself out. And he can shut me down naturally because before Michael comes into my life, I had to shut down myself, I had to protect myself with gold light, and that took a long time to do.

Naturally now I can just click on click off with Michael being there, it just shut me down naturally, that's it. Put the spirit back, and I'll go that's it Michael I'm not working now, I don't want any spirit around me at the moment, and he'll do that, he'll shut that right off. But that connection with Michael, and that trust and that energy between us, took a good ten years really to understand each other on a level. He's somebody who still got to build that trust up with.

And now I even trust Michael to the point where he even tells me stuff about my own personal life that comes up and warns me off stuff. And I have to go is that me, or is that Michael, because it's very easy for your own feelings to come into play around situations, this is where love is concerned. But when Michael validated the stuff that he's given something with these warnings, he shows me he's there for me on every level.

So Michael is a very wise soul like I said he is part of me and I'm part of him, we've entered many lives together. And I'd lose count over the energy of 30 lives that we've lived together, and that is beyond this planet. So we have worked in other dimensional universes, planets, galaxies within that journey.

Oliver: [00:37:34.07] This is what I was going to ask you. I was going to ask you about where is Michael? And what dimension is he in or is he on an astral plane or where does he sit?

Grant C.: [00:37:45.09] Well, Michael sits in every dimension within the universe. So it's hard for us humans to get our head around because when we're working on it, we're working above the fifth-dimensional energy. When we've got these higher beings, and that's what Michael is, he is a higher being. And no different maybe to when I come back or leave this earth plane, I will go on to be a higher being.

And he may come and join that part energy into a new life. Because when we're reincarnated, we don't come back as one soul energy, we come back as part of an energy to learn something new. Now even though he's a higher conscious spirit and he has a lot of understanding about what's going on, it's a bit like how they talk about the Kabbalah, you learn so much in one area of lives. You go on to learn more, more than what we would know within these physical life dimensions.

So Michael is in multi-dimensions, so he is in different astral plane if that makes sense. So he's drifting around in the universe and picking up on many different facets of the energy of this multiple universe. And when we talk about the universe, the universe is multi-dimensional. And so it goes beyond multi-universe, and that's why I always talked about me being the universal medium.

Because I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about Michael, Michael is the universal medium. I am part of his energy, so I'm not actually the universal medium if that makes sense. Because if you took Michael away from the situation, I wouldn't have a bloody clue, if that makes sense. Because the thing is with it, this is Michael talking and not me.

Oliver: [00:39:35.00] So you're saying you're effectively kind of channelling him.

Grant C.: [00:39:38.07] I am channelling him with everything that I do on a message to get out to people in certain respects. So he will let me talk about where my experiences of what's happened, but when it comes into talking about where he is, he tells me that your brain wouldn't even comprehend the energy of where he is because he's everywhere at once.

Oliver: [00:40:01.16] Well, it's very interesting to hear all that stuff about your guide, and all that information, absolutely fascinating. This is just part one of this two-part special; we're very much looking forward to catching up with Grant again in the second part which will be very soon.

We've much more to chat with him about including the lowdown on Grants readings for some very famous pop stars. So keep a lookout or an ear out for that psychic social listeners. That just leaves me to say it's been fantastic to have you on the show today Grant, thank you again so much for joining us.

Grant C.: [00:40:31.11] It's been a pleasure to be on the show, and I thank you for this exposure

Oliver: [00:40:35.11] Thank you, Grant, take care.

Grant C.: [00:40:36.15] Thank you, you take care.

Outro: [00:40:43.02] Thanks for joining us on psychic social. Today's show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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