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Some questions from the Facebook Fans of well-loved Psychic Medium – John Spratt. Rated one of the UK’s most respected and outrageous Psychic Mediums. Not to be missed!

*(This podcast was recorded on 07/05/2020)




With Psychic Medium, John Spratt PSPE:018

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.11] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:12.10] Welcome to psychic social and our Q&A show with John Spratt, psychic medium, and ghost hunter. Now on this show, we're going to be asking John a whole host of questions that have been asked about him on his Facebook fan page. So, John, thanks so much for taking the time took up with us again. We're really looking forward to asking you these questions. Are you ready?

John S.: [00:00:30.23] I'm ready.

Oliver: [00:00:32.14] Great stuff, let's get stuck in. Right, so the first question is from Stephanie Swan. She has said, would you ever do a séance and land healing ceremony at the most darkly haunted place here in the highlands in Scotland? Lara already knows the place. I would so very love to help bringing peace to this place. Come on, Spratty, it's too scary for myself alone.

John S.: [00:00:56.02] Do you know; I am someone that whenever anybody offers me to go to anywhere that has sort of scary paranormal, I'm there, okay. So most definitely, get in touch, and we could solve something. It actually sounds quite interesting, did they say land was haunted, is that what it said in the message?

Oliver: [00:01:17.05] It said and land healing ceremony at the most darkly haunted place here in the highlands in Scotland.

John S.: [00:01:23.07] So that sounds a bit like it could be like I don't know, Indian burial ground sort of vibration that comes from it, that sort of energy. I would most definitely like to know more.

Oliver: [00:01:34.17] Right, okay, we'll get on that; we'll get back to her on that one. And now the next one is from Amanda Bateman; she said hi Spratty, I hope you, Erin and the kids are doing good. Is there any psychic you've not worked with yet that you'd love to have the opportunity to work beside?

John S.: [00:01:49.13] Okay. People are going to hate me for this one; some people are going to love me. But the Long Island medium from America, and Theresa I can never pronounce her surname. I would absolutely love to work with that woman. Purely because I think she's got that same craziness as what I've got. You know when you watch her on the TV, and I know we’re only seeing a clip of her when she’s on the TV.

But from that small clip, you could see she's got that nice, upbeat energy. How she's just going to say things as she gets them, and that's the way I am. You know I just see it as it is. I would love to sort of meet her and work even if it was just for five minutes to be in her energy, and do like a joint reading or something, that would be fab.

Oliver: [00:02:41.20] I've watched Long Island medium many times, and yes, she's really enjoyable to watch, isn't she? She's really good.

John S.: [00:02:47.08] Yeah. I mean, I know a lot of people say this, and I mean I'm someone until I've met you and what have you, I keep no sort of judgment on things. But I think she's fantastic.

Oliver: [00:02:59.14] Yes, great. Okay, right, so the next question is from Caroline Wallace. She says hi John, I hope you, Erin and the boys and all your animals are good. Now your boys know they're getting older, are they like you? Do they tell you they see spirits? Keep safe, much love, and big hugs.

John S.: [00:03:18.08] Thank you. My oldest, my six year old most definitely. When he was three, he used to sit in the living room, and he would look out the window. And Erin would say what are you looking at Ruhari, and he'd say oh I'm watching the angels. And Erin used to see the angels, what angels? And he said Dad's angels at dad's work. And we always thought it was a bit bizarre because I'm not the type of person that talks about angels, you know. There's nothing even in our house about angels. If I'm talking about doing work or readings, I'll say it's spirit; I'll never say, angels. So it was a bit bizarre. He now also talks to his great gran all the time, he's always telling us stories, he's never ever met his great gran.

She actually died I think it was three weeks before he was born. So it's a bit strange that he's able to describe her, there are no photographs of her anywhere, so we leave him to that. My youngest is the exact same, although he's a bit more crazier. Because my oldest is like oh, that's really nice, sweet, love, light and then my youngest is like a boy. You know he's like go away, don't annoy me, I want to play with my dinosaurs.

But he's definitely picking things up, and he sees animals more than anything. He's forever telling us there's a cat in his bedroom or a dog in his bedroom, and I know we've got cats and dogs, but you know they're downstairs than more up in his bedroom. And he's walking downstairs sometimes, and he's got his hand out. And I'm what are you doing; he's like I'm putting this cat outside, it's not ours.

Oliver: [00:05:08.19] Brilliant, love it, great.

John S.: [00:05:10.14], So the kids are just like their dad.

Oliver: [00:05:12.14] Yeah, sounds like it, yeah, definitely. Okay, so that's that one. The next question is from Harpreet Nija; I hope I pronounced that right, Harpreet. They've said we all know there is a good and evil everywhere regardless in the spirit world when we are told to ask for help from our guardian angels or loved ones in time of need from let's say an evil psychic attack, are you putting them in danger? How do they protect themselves from the evil spirits?

John S.: [00:05:38.08] That's quite a good question. So there is obviously light and dark, that we're very much aware of. You know, just like here on the Material Plane as well, you've got good people and bad people. I always say, I'm sure I have been asked this before, and my answer was that the good have always got a stronger energy, so they're working with the purest of energy. And as for the evil, the dark side, they're working with like a diluted sort of energy. And that's why they need up that feed up; they need to hear. They need to keep it in, because they need to keep their energy up, okay.

And so this is what protects your normal spirit, your angels, your guides, helpers whatever you want to call them, that's what keeps them strong, keeps them grounded. They're able to ward them off because they're a lot stronger, they're working with a purer energy.

Yes, there are times where you know the evil side if you get a collection, so if you got a pile of them of four or five, six or something it will make it slightly harder for the pure energy to overpower that, but it will always be able to overpower it, if that answers the question.

Oliver: [00:06:56.12] Great, thank you for that one. Okay, moving on to the next one, Maria Ann. Hi, has a spirit ever become attached to you, and if so, how did you deal with it?

John S.: [00:07:06.00] Yes, I have had it once. I went to it was an Abbey that I went to that was in ruins. And as I was there, I was aware of a gentleman who was just walking around it was like he was lost, and I was like oh, isn't that bizarre. But when I came home, I still felt I had that gentleman with me, and it was where I was in my bed, where I was actually I heard them like talking and things. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but I heard him talking and mumbling away to himself.

I was like, oh my god; this person must have come home with me. I thought nothing else of that thinking maybe he'll just go back himself, just maybe wanted to come home with me and make a cup of tea or something, you know just the normal sort of thing. But about three, four days later and he was still here, and what I had to do was to go back to where I was.

And it sounds weird, but I had to return him. He made me feel like he was lost, and he didn't mean to come with me. He just followed, and when he was seemingly here on the Material Plane, after communicating with him, that's what his job was.

He was a servant, so he followed around and things like that, so it was really bizarre. But yeah, I had to actually take him back. I have heard of people having attachments, where they've had to sort of, do rituals and things like that to move them on. But I've never had to experience that, just that one where I had to take him back.

Oliver: [00:08:40.13] Okay, good. The next one is Claire Pettelingro; what's the best thing about your job? And what's one of your favorite or most memorable readings you've done? And when are you doing a live theater show with the amazing Claire Pettelingro and Lara Wells? I guess you know this girl?

John S.: [00:08:58.01] We will be doing a live theatre show very soon. What I love about this work is, you know, it sounds bizarre because everybody would say it's passing on the readings to people, and to me, it's not. It's about picking people up when they're feeling absolutely down, okay. Whenever anybody comes to one of my shows after anything, even if it's a group reading, it doesn't matter what it is, or a Facebook live.

I always say to everybody at the end of it, you know, sorry, I couldn't get around everybody but material time always catches upon us. But if you could take one thing from one person's message, even if it was the word mum or the smell of a flower or the colour blue, anything, please take it, I know that loved one was here.

And then I go on to say, and if you cannot take anything from anything, then I hope at least I've put a smile on your face and taken away your daily troubles for just an hour because, to me, that's what it's all about. It's about leaving that room feeling better than you did when you come in, and that's what being a medium is all about to me.

Oliver: [00:10:12.01] Totally understand that. Okay, let's move on to the next one. Tanya O'Neill, do spirits ever haunt you to give people readings or after you have given readings?

John S.: [00:10:22.19] Back when I first started yes, spirit would hang around. Most definitely you would be in the supermarket, and you would be in the queue, and you would have someone’s Granny shouting... I need to speak to them; I need to speak to them that would drive me absolutely crazy. But now that I've got that control where spirit don't get to come and connect to me when I'm not doing readings, I don’t have that problem.

I do know a lot of psychics that do have the problem, and you know I've seen them walking down the street, and you can see them turning around as if they want to go and talk to somebody, I'm like don't do it, keep walking. But yeah, I've very much got that control. I have done readings, so I've done a private sitting for someone, and maybe though whoever's come forward, I always remember a lady doing it, actually it was somebody's granny.

And she stayed around with me, I had more readings to do that day, and she stayed with me the whole day I was doing readings. And it was like she was just going around the back of me cleaning up and polishing furniture. Which is quite nice, but that's sometimes happened but not always.

Oliver: [00:11:35.07] Sure, right, okay. The next one is Liam Gahan; I hope I pronounced that right. What was your first encounter with the spirit world, and how did you realize that you had the gift? And what made you want to pursue that career?

John S.: [00:11:48.29] So the first time was at my gran's house, where I saw the piper on the steps. Which at the time I never knew was a ghost, obviously because I'm just a wee lad, just a six, seven-year-old boy seeing this thing, could hear this person. I thought it was just somebody; I used to say to my gran and that oh my god, he really needs to start playing his music a bit quieter, who is he? You know, asking questions and things.

And it was then when I was like oh, that's not a real person. I've got to admit it still never sunk in, even when I was a bit older, sometimes now you know spirit can show themselves to me, and it's like looking at anybody else, like looking at you, looking at whoever. Not as often now, but it still happens. As for taking it on as like full time and doing readings, being the psychic full time that was when I was about 22.

23 when I just decided that I’d had enough of the work that I was doing, I felt like I had achieved what I wanted to achieve through it. I reached as high as I could, not as I could go, but as high as I wanted to go. And I wanted something different, at that time I did not know it would be a medium, I really thought it was going to go to uni or something and learn something else, but no the spirit world had a different tactic up their sleeve.

I can't really say an exact date when I became like full time; it was just I went to a spiritualist Church one day, got up and did a reading, and all these bookings came in at the back of it, and I've never stopped. So I've never really said to myself I want to do this as a career, it just took hold of me, and we've just gone with it.

Oliver: [00:13:45.27] Sure, understand that. Okay, next one from Sean Steven Clark. When did you find out you were psychic? And how or where did you go to help you learn how to develop your gift?

John S.: [00:13:57.01] So just like in the last one, same as when I first saw spirit, but that's when I knew. For learning I never went anywhere. I'm quite lucky that I never had to go to development circles or development classes.

I never had to go through any of that. Don't get me wrong, I have done lots of courses along the way for like reiki and healing, and I've been on astrology courses and things like that, just because I felt like I wanted to tap in and to see what happens in those things. But for my mediumship, I never developed in any way, it was all self-done it was there, there was nothing to develop.

Even when spirit changed the way they worked, like when I was a wee boy, I was able to hear spirit, so it was like talking to me and you. Then over time, that sort of pulled back, and it's more images to show me, feelings they gave me it's like they did it slowly, that I was able to pick up. So again, I've never had to sort of stop and learn how do it for me to be able to do it.

Oliver: [00:15:02.10] That's good because we've heard before a lot of psychics have had to kind of cultivate, they've got it, but they've had to cultivate it quite a lot sometimes you know. Or had to work at it quite hard for it to be there, and be with them.

John S.: [00:15:14.23] Yes. I always call myself the lazy psychic, because I’ve never had to do any of that, and I feel so sorry because I run a development class as well. You know I've got students, and I get frustrated with them, and they're like don’t get frustrated with me John, and I'm like it's just so easy, why are they not grasping this? You know, and then I think, oh John, you already had it, it was just sitting there, it was natural, you're not needing to re-train your mind or re-train that focus.

Oliver: [00:15:43.23] You've already tapped into that vibration sort of thing.

John S.: [00:15:46.20] Yes. I've got a lot of respect for mediums that you know had to sit and develop and tap back in, as for me I was just lazy and never had to.

Oliver: [00:15:57.11] That's good. Well, we're going to take a short break now. We're hearing John Spratt psychic medium answer some of his Facebook fan questions, and there's much more to come in the second half. So we'll see you after this.

AD: [00:16:09.27] This is psychic social, where the world's best psychics tell you their story.

AD: [00:17:31.03] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:17:42.06] Okay. Next one is for Melissa Dawn Warren, how easy is it to detach from spirit when you're going about your normal day when not doing a reading?

John S.: [00:17:53.25] Well, it's not easy, and I'm sure other mediums will agree with this. It took me ages, took me a while, you know a good few weeks once I decided I found a way of doing it myself. But for me, spirit do not get to communicate with me when I'm not working; it's just not allowed. When they do it, I just go in a wee huff, and I lost my temper at them, but I do know some people find it hard to close down from the spirit world.

For anybody that is having troubles, you know keep it simple. If you’re out there, and you can connect to spirit, and you feel they’re around you all the time. And you've been told an exercise how to do that, and you think it's so complicated, it really doesn't have to be. It could be as simple as imagining something like closing a door and locking it.

And as you're doing that, you are saying to yourself I'm closing the door to the spirit world, no one could come in and speak to me until I open that door the next time. Yes, it's not going to happen right away. You're not going to just, you know all of a sudden everybody disappears and that's that. You need to be quite strict with that; you need to be quite powerful with it.

And when you're closing that door and if you feel like it's still open, and spirit are still there, close your eyes, bring your focus, get that door and slam it closed. So get forceful with it, you know like you would do in the house if a door doesn't shut the first time. You push your harder; if it still doesn't go, you'll slam it closed until it's shut. And that's what you need to do in the spirit world when you're closing down when you're opening up.

Oliver: [00:19:32.18] Sure, interesting answer. Okay, Jackie Hardy says hi, I hope you're well. At what age did you realize you were psychic, and who is your spirit guide?

John S.: [00:19:42.01] So my spirit guide is a lovely Native American Indian, who is also an alcoholic. I call him Gerard, but that's not what his name is, I just can't pronounce his name. And he always said to me my name could be whatever you want it to be. And when I came out of a meditation, I always remember going; oh, what was his name, it was Gerard. I went on to some googly gwook that I couldn't pronounce, and I was like his name is just Gerard, I'm just going to make him a Gerard.

And I could remember the two of us laughing about it because he’s like I'm a Native American Indian called Gerard and I'm like yeah, it's good enough for me. But the first time I met him I was in my twenties, that's when he first came through, and I got introduced to him, I know some people say they change their guides and they get new guides, I've never changed, he's always been there. And as much as he's, I call him a pain in the neck honestly.

He's like an animal that you just want to get rid of at times. I would ’ne change him, you know if he did ever disappear or the spirit world decided right John, that's you and Gerard’s relationship over, I'm giving you something new, I think I'd be quite upset. I would probably stop doing the work because I've got this great, it's really bizarre to say to people, because like when I'm doing my readings, I could still be speaking to him, and we could be having a laugh and a joke, he's like that friend.

But he's only there when I'm working, so he's only there when I open up to the spirit world. It's not like if I'm lying in my bed watching the TV and the wife's in the huff and she’s not speaking to us. It’s alright, Gerard will come and talk to me, you know it doesn't work like that. So yeah, he's like the lovable rogue that you would rather not have, but you can't really do the job without him.

Oliver: [00:21:40.13] Sure, I can imagine. Okay, right, so next one is from Kerry Brinkoffski. What was your favorite message for someone? And your favorite haunted place that you've been?

John S.: [00:21:51.17] My favorite message for someone would have to be the glass eye. And if you listen to the last podcast, you would know about the glass eye. But we did are reading for someone, and I was connecting into the mum, and I was giving this lovely message over to the lady from her mum when things were getting quite upsetting, and she was sad, and things and there was that change in energy, and in stepped her dad. And I said oh I've got your dad here as well, your dad must be in spirit, and he wants to acknowledge a celebration because he's having a drink as he comes forward, so there’s a birthday coming up, or just been, and the girl was like; It’s my birthday, it's today.

I was like perfect, and as that, I got a really dry mouth because I was able to taste the alcohol from him. I went to pick up my water, and as I picked up my water, I threw it to the ground because what I saw in it was a glass eye. And I said to the girl oh my God, sorry I’ve picked up that water and there was a glass eye in it. And the person I was doing the reading for was like yeah, my dad had a glass eye, and he used to put it in people's drinks.

So that's my funny one that I remember, but it's also about one of like wow, you know just got that wow written all over it, there's no other word for it. For haunted locations, it kind of depends. For spookiness, and for things going on, I would definitely say Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh. For amazing paranormal activity where you can actually witness and see it, there is a tiny Museum up in Stone haven in Scotland. And it's tiny; it's around the size of maybe an average living room, so it's a really small place.

But the evidence that we've had when we've been there, and guests when we have been there has just been amazing. It's not got that scary atmosphere to it, I mean even looking at it, you would go; this place is not haunted. Which then, because of that, the people that have come along are like oh well, nothing scary is gonna happen while we are here.

And so they're relaxed, and true enough nothing scary happens. But what does happen is like if you were doing an EVP session asking for voices on a tape recorder, you get replies to your answers, which is brilliant. If you ask for something to move or be thrown, you were able to see things getting thrown, you were able to pick it up. You could feel that it was cold, that sort of thing. So that's got the best for experiences I would say.

Oliver: [00:24:38.07] Okay. Next one is Michelle Tilly, how often if ever are your shopping trips interrupted by spirit?

John S.: [00:24:45.29] They used to be all the time, but now because John has got the foot down, and it's firmly staying down, they are not interrupted anymore.

Oliver: [00:24:55.27] Okay. So when you're going around Sainsbury's or Morrison's or Tesco, there's no one in your ear putting you off shopping?

John S.: [00:25:03.29] No one in the ear apart from the wife or the kids throwing in loads and loads of things that we don't need. I mean before, I used to know, you would have everybody's aunts, grans, uncles, sons, daughters but now absolutely nothing, it's great. I can go and do shops without being bothered by spirit.

Oliver: [00:25:26.01] Wonderful stuff, okay. So next one is Dillies Bond, do you encounter any of your own family in spirit?

John S.: [00:25:36.11] I have only ever once seen my dad; it was during a meditation actually. I was doing a group meditation, which normally I would be talking through, so I wouldn't take part in it. But I'd put them into this place, and everybody was happy, and I just sort of closed my eyes as well and got myself into the meditation. And then I saw my dad; it was like oh my, I've never saw anybody of my family in spirit.

So he came forward, and I just sat down with him, and the doorbell gone in the house. So I jumped myself back out to go get the door because I didn't want it to disturb the people who were sitting in meditation. And it was a postman to deliver a parcel; it wasn't even for me, it was for the neighbor. I sat back down to try and get back into this meditation and to hopefully, for the first time ever see my dad, and it never happened. And I've never ever got the chance again.

Oliver: [00:26:39.22] That's such a shame. Well, okay, well, let's move onto the next one; it's from Kathy Skeen Yates. How did your family and friends react when you told them you were psychic?

John S.: [00:26:50.12] Family just sort of, I don't know it never really came as a shock. They just carried on, nothing really changed. As for friends, the majority of my friends sort of knew; they grew up with it anyway. Some of them did pull the leg a little bit, you know, oh you should have saw that coming, or oh, that's that and the next thing. But yeah, I mean, I've got to say everybody sort of accepted it pretty well.

Even new people that I meet, when I tell them I'm a medium or a psychic, they look at me sometimes like okay. Or some go oh that's cool, I'm really into, and then they'll say like I don’t know yoga or meditation that sort of thing. And that's when I scratch my head saying how have we gone from yoga to talking spirit. You know it’s their sort of way of pulling it in and accepting it which is fine. So everybody's been pretty acceptable, I don't really think anybody said I'm not going to be your friend John because you're a medium, I’m quite lucky.

Oliver: [00:27:53.25] Sure, good. Next one, Sue Valentine; How old were you when spirit started making you aware that they were around?

John S.: [00:28:01.25] Do you know, I always want to say I was aware from birth, to be honest. But the first time when spirit made me self-aware was the gentleman on the stairs, the piper man at the age of six/seven. And I want to say where he used to play these bagpipes on my grans stairs. That's when the first really started to come in.

Only purely because that's what I remember, there was probably things before that, but I don't remember them. And I've got the worst memory; I don't even remember to that age I have no idea. Because I can't remember what I had for me tea last night. Yes, six-year-old was when things started to move forward.

Oliver: [00:28:49.09] Okay, cool. The next one is K. Piercy; have you ever been scared of a spirit?

John S.: [00:28:54.28] I've been scared once, I don't even think I was scared of the spirit, I think I was just scared in general because it was something different, it was something I hadn't done before. So once I was doing a House Clearance after I got about a fright just from what I was seeing going on. The other one was on a paranormal investigation in Gilmerton Cove in Edinburgh, and I was standing, and I got everybody lost in this place.

Now, if you've ever been to Gilmerton Cove before, it's impossible to get lost. It's an underground cave, which is a circle, so you just walk in a circle, and there's no way you get lost. There's no offs to go, there's a circle, and there's a stairwell that goes back upstairs, that’s it. And I had everybody walking around this circle for about 5-10 minutes trying to find the exit. And they’re all going, John, what are we doing? We're just going to get out here in a minute; it's just around this corner.

[Inaudible 00:30:00.16] because I couldn't find the way out. And what I then saw, as I turned around, and it was like John, you've just had everybody walking around here for the last ten minutes in a circle, and I saw the stairs. And as I looked at the stairs, I saw someone pulling a body along. And when I saw that, I did run, I ran for these stairs and I ran up them and everybody just sort of ran with me.

When we got off the stairs, I was like what yous all running for? And they were like; Because you ran and when the medium runs when we're on a paranormal investigation, we're running with you. That's got to be one of the things. I don't know what it was; I think I was so confused because I knew that I was walking around in a circle. I knew there was a set of stairs to go up, and all of a sudden I saw this man pulling a body along the ground, I thought now I'm not staying here for this, I just ran. But yeah, everybody ran with me.

Oliver: [00:31:01.18] Right, okay, that's good. Okay, the next one is from Marie Lamont. How did you know you were psychic and not just a mad Looney tune?

John S.: [00:31:10.00] Well, I still think I'm a mad looney tune, to be honest. I'm not your average joe psychic [Inaudible 00:31:18.15] some bizarre names for me like the, the psychic boofy, and the ‘see it as it comes’ and the ‘no holding back’. So I still think I'm a bit crazy, I’m a bit looney tune, but I don't really know. I knew what I was seeing, and what I was getting, what I was hearing was always right, so I never classed myself as a looney tune. I quite like that!

Oliver: [00:31:49.23] It's a kind of question I've always thought as well. You know if you are psychic, how do you differentiate between hearing these messages and thinking God, you know, am I going mad? Where is that line, you know where do you differentiate?

John S.: [00:32:04.08] I mean, I think it's just because it's been so natural with me. I assumed it just happened all of a sudden. You know if you were just one day sitting on the sofa, and then spirit came in and started talking to you, I assume that would be a bit of a shock most definitely.

But for me the way I've had it, it's never really been crazy, or you're going a bit loopy John, you know it's been normal. I do remember when my doctor once asked me what I did for a living, and I told him I was a medium, I hear voices, he did want to sort of send me for some tests!

Oliver: [00:32:42.20] I've got a great psychiatrist I can put you onto actually.

John S.: [00:32:46.13] Now he's had a few readings from me as well.

Oliver: [00:32:50.14] Great, okay. Sorry, carry on, you were saying?

John S.: [00:32:55.05] No, I was just saying he gave that funny look, and he was like, do you hear voices? And I was like I'm a medium.

Oliver: [00:33:00.17] Okay. The next one is from Mandy Laisse; how do you stop bad spirits coming through?

John S.: [00:33:08.15] So for me, I always do a protection before I open up. So whenever I'm doing it, I've talked about you know when I'm not working, spirit don't get to speak to me because I close down. So before I do work, I open up, so I open the door, and I say, right, okay, you can come forward; you can talk to me, we could have a wee party, let's do some messages whatever.

Unless I'm doing that, opening up, I always visualize a white energy surrounding my entire body, and I say this is my protection. This is what keeps me safe; this is the purest pure energy. I asked my guides to stand forward as well, and it strengthened that energy. I also watch and read roots go down my feet and just planting themselves in the ground, keeping me safe and secure.

And so yeah, it's like a bubble I want with the white light, and that's what I have as my protection, and I always say to people when they are developing they should do that, they should have that white light as well. And it's not about just seeing the white light; it's you believing that white is doing what it's meant to do. You feel that white energy actually protecting you, and it will. It will help you, and it will protect you, that's the way I protect myself.

Oliver: [00:34:29.13] Okay. The next one is from David Gothic Williams. Hi John, how do you know when you're in touch with the spirit and get a reading? I imagine he sort of means whether you, I think you mentioned earlier that you sort of clairaudiently hear things. Yeah, so clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, clairsentiently how does that work for you?

John S.: [00:34:46.17] I use all the Clairs when I'm doing a reading. When I first started, it was the voices, so audient. And then it sort of changed to images and signs, and now when I’m up, I could see them at times standing beside me. And then I could just be opening my mouth, and I have got no control over what's coming out, it just rolls off my tongue and before I know it, I think; I hope I haven’t said anything to upset anybody.

Other times it's the feelings I get, and it's images that come in my head, and I've just got to, I know what those images are, those feelings are, so I relay them. Sometimes I could be even just looking around the room, and I'm drawn to like you know the chandelier, and as I'm looking at that, it reminds me of something which then I tell to the person, and they're like oh, that's so-and-so. So I work with all your Clairs, all sort of mixed in together and warped into one sort of strange, bizarre Spratty special reading.

Oliver: [00:35:52.10] Okay, great. And next one is from Chantal Claire, how far have you traveled to do your work?

John S.: [00:36:00.04] I have been, the farthest I have been would be Germany, no, not Germany. I've been all over. Actually, I don't know. I'm useless when it comes to Geography, so I've got no idea where the farthest away one. But I've been out of the UK most definitely; I've been to a loads of different places. France, Germany, Poland, Australia, America, so I've been hundreds of hundreds of places with my work.

Oliver: [00:36:30.29] All over the world, great. Okay, and the final one we've got here is Susan Millsam is asking, have you ever done levitation?

John S.: [00:36:39.27] I haven't, no. I wouldn't even know where to start with it.

Oliver: [00:36:46.09] Okay. Right, thank you very much for the last question, Susan. And thank you, everybody, from John's Facebook fan page for asking all those questions. And thank you very much, John, for answering all those for us on this Facebook fan page special of yours on psychic social. We'd love to do another one of these with you again at some point, and I’d like to thank you again for being on the show today, John.

John S.: [00:37:11.07] You're very welcome. It's been an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to hopefully doing it again.

Oliver: [00:37:16.08] So do we very much so, thank you, John, and we'll speak with you soon.

John S.: [00:37:19.22] Speak soon. Bye.

Oliver: [00:37:20.18] Cheers, bye.

Outro: [00:37:26.21] Thanks for joining us on psychic social. Today's show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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