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Interview with psychic to the celebrities; Sally Cudmore. Sally has appeared on the likes of ITV’s ‘This Morning’, and ‘Loose Women’ and possesses many different psychic abilities, including medium clairvoyance. We talk with Sally about her amazing work which has helped her find missing people, some stories about some of her past readings, her national TV appearances and her take on the afterlife.

*(This podcast was recorded on 15/06/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Sally Cudmore PSPE:019

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.09] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.05] On this episode of psychic social, ''they did look into the allotment, and she was actually found with no shoes on. She'd been there. I think it had been her fourth, nearly fifth day and unfortunately close to death. And I said to her, and I actually said at the police station if she wasn't found now, there's a warning sign she's not going to be here''.

A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

Today's guest is a world-renowned psychic medium, who's been a practicing medium for decades.

She's appeared on the likes of ITV's this morning, and loose women. And she possesses many different psychic abilities, including medium clairvoyance. So we'd like to give a very warm welcome on to the show psychic to the celebrities, the lovely Sally Cudmore. Sally, thank you so much for joining us on psychic social, how are you doing today?

Sally C.: [00:02:16.18] Hi Oliver, thank you for having me and asking me. Yes, I'm absolutely fine. I've actually had quite a nice day today. I've done a lot for me today and done nothing in the house, so I look around at all that's got to be done. But I've kind of put myself first, been relaxed and pampering myself, just been one of those days actually.

Oliver: [00:02:38.01] That's good, isn't it? Because a lot of people, especially people who've got children and stuff like that. If you've got kids, you have to put them first most of the time, so it's nice to do something for yourself, isn't it?

Sally C.: [00:02:47.10] Oh no, it really is. And I'm quite lucky because my two eldest 21 and 17, so the youngest is 11. And he's a little sweetheart; he just gets on with it. So thankfully, they're not young, where I'm running around after them. So he's quite happy to talk to his friends online and play his games. In the lockdown, I've actually had quite a few days like this; I'm getting quite used to it.

Oliver: [00:03:16.10] That sounds great.

Sally C.: [00:03:17.12] Yes.

Oliver: [00:03:18.00] Well, I've got two young kids here, and one of them is sort of 15 months old, and I've just got very used to the sound of screaming throughout the house. I mean, can you hear anything now? There's nothing.

Sally C.: [00:03:28.03] No, it's quiet.

Oliver: [00:03:30.11] Yes, it's actually quiet for a change, no it's good. Well, it's great to have you on the show, and we've been wanting to get you on for a while, it's been fantastic that you've been able to join us today. And tell us everything about yourself and your psychic journey and your experiences so far. We've sort of been asking the guests that have been on recently throughout this kind of lockdown period what they've been doing to kind of stay positive, raise their positive vibes and sort of keep happy through this very sort of difficult troubled time we've had over the last three months. What have you been up to?

Sally C.: [00:03:58.29] It has been difficult for a lot of people.

Oliver: [00:04:01.28] What have you been up to, to kind of raise your positive vibes, and what would you suggest to people that still sort of feeling a bit down about the whole thing?

Sally C.: [00:04:08.06] Do you know what feeling down is quite normal. And I think just so basically not to be so harsh on themselves; I think it's quite normal how people feeling at times. And it's so different, isn't it? And people haven't experienced this before. So what they are experiencing is normal for them, but I can appreciate that they sometimes it's hard to know how to think and what to do.

But I take things day by day, so what I've started to do at lockdown is just worry about today. Think about myself a little bit more, trying to do somewhat positive things, speak to family, speak, to friends. If really down, there's plenty of support lines so people can call. But I tend to not look at the bigger picture thing, the oh God, so we're still going to be like this next week, next month, next year I take it day-by-day, get through today then tomorrow worry about tomorrow if and when. I think that's how I've actually coped.

Reading a lot of positive books etc. speaking to my family, my mom, doing FaceTime over the phone, and just trying to keep his contact with loved ones and friends as much as possible. Clearing out old cupboards is also a good one, keeps you busy, which I've been doing. I didn't actually realize what a holder I was until I started cleaning out all my cupboards.

And the bin man had a fit on Wednesday because the amount of black bags. I've gone through all my cupboards; I've just tried to keep us busy and positive as possible. But I get my down days that we all do, and it's just trying to keep your mind active and busy and having people around you that understand you.

Oliver: [00:05:45.02] Exactly is that. And it is like you said earlier about your staying in the moment and focusing on today. And sort of what can I do today and get through today and then we'll think about tomorrow when it comes.

Sally C.: [00:05:55.07] Yes, most definitely. And it does help Oliver, it really does.

Oliver: [00:05:59.05] Yes, it does, definitely. Well, that's the kind of mindset that I've tried to adopt throughout the whole period, and I try to adopt on a daily basis. And it does help, because it stops you from being anxious about the future, what may happen. And there's no kind of point worrying about that until it does or if it does.

Sally C.: [00:06:12.20] Most definitely. And it's easier said than done sometimes; sometimes people get a little bit lost and start worrying about what's going to happen. And the majority of the time, you find yourself worrying, getting yourself in a state, and it actually doesn't happen. You feel all that time I worried, and it's actually fine.

Oliver: [00:06:29.25] Yes, exactly. But it never tends to be as bad as you think it's going to be, does it with anything really in life, I suppose?

Sally C.: [00:06:36.20] No, it doesn't. The thought is worse, isn't it?

Oliver: [00:06:39.11] Yes, it's the anticipation.

Sally C.: [00:06:41.19] Yes, definitely.

Oliver: [00:06:42.25] Yes, well, we would like to move on into the show if we can now Sally. We wanted to learn obviously everything about you during this show and this interview with us on a psychic social. Could you take us back to the beginning from when you kind of started as a psychic, or when did that kind of, the gift come to you? How did it arrive with you? Did you have it would you say from birth, or was it something that you kind of had to cultivate over a number of years? How did it work for you?

Sally C.: [00:07:09.04] Oh, it's going back as a young girl actually. We always had sort of spiritualism and psychic offense within a household, and my mum and the family we were all very spiritual. But as a child, it used to scare the hell out of me in all honesty. But I think it would do as a child; you don't really understand it. I would see things; I would hear things, I would see toys moving.

And God every night I remember when I would have to go upstairs to bed, I would get into bed to put the blankets over my head, and there were literally sheets and blankets then, we didn't have posh duvets then. But the blankets overhead and I used to be sweating thinking I'm not looking out of these covers because I'm scared of what I'm going to see. And that's how I would sleep every single night with blankets over my head.

On occasions, I would take the blankets down if I heard a movement in the bedroom, there be small toys that have moved, or something that has been pushed off the side or I would see lights in the room. And I tended to block it out as a child because it did scare me. And even to the fact at school, I would come out with things that the teachers would be shocked by; I would tell them the things that only they would know. And at one point, even got told to go to the Headmaster's office because I had upset a child after her granddad had died, and I told her so much about him.

I got sent to the head teacher, and the head teacher actually said you need to go counseling, and you need to see somebody. Not realizing myself really what it was, but my mum went up to the school and explained to the guardian I'm quite spiritual and quite psychic. And so I kind of blocked it for a long period of time, because I felt that I was upsetting people with it.

Then I became, so once I hit my 30s, I suppose it came out more. And I kind loved the evidence I was being given, and I loved then how people took me seriously. And how I could change people's thoughts and feelings and giving them comfort. So I feel that was, it wasn't until my 30s that I then started to take it a lot more seriously.

Oliver: [00:09:32.29] And I suppose when you're really young, that you're kind of given this gift. You don't know what it is, and you don't know how to use it, utilize it properly, or cultivates it or so. I can imagine it must have been quite scary, and it is for a lot of people who are psychic, and a lot of people that we've seen from or heard from them on the show that they get it from a young age, and they kind of don't know what's going on.

And they're seeing things like you've seen, and things moving stuff like that, feeling presences and things like that. But yes, exactly. Well, we would like to move on to our next question for you if we can. We wanted to know; all the listeners as well wanted to know at psychic social. Were there any kind of really funny stories that you had from any of your readings over the years that you have done?

Sally C.: [00:10:18.08] Oh, let me see. You know one that always stands out and actually always makes me smile. It's got to be this lovely lady. Obviously, I won't name her; it's confidentiality. And she won't mind me saying this anyway. But a lady came for reading; it was her first time actually. And I gave her confirmation of loved ones in spirit, and she was very happy, and they've got the reading. I remember saying to her right, well, I have one here in spirit, and she replied, oh, I'm not quite sure.

And I said well, that's okay you'll have to hold it, and you'll have to ask. Meaning asks family members when she gets home. So then all of a sudden, she's looked up at the ceiling, and she's called out Ron, who are you? I'm normally very professional, but on this occasion, I actually couldn't keep a straight face. And I started laughing, and even now I'm still trying to be professional. And explains what I meant when I said sort of you'd have to keep it, you'd have to ask the meaning.

And thankfully, she found it as funny; she found it as amusing. And we both were laughing for some time, and even when I started to continue for the rest of the part of reading, she would be laughing and would just randomly laugh. And then I just have to kind of be very professional and start again. But actually, that was quite a funny occasion, and it's a story I always tell, and it always makes me smile, but bless her heart.

Oliver: [00:11:49.27] Yes. And conversely, have you got anything, a story that kind of really sticks in your mind from any of your readings over the years. Something that just sort of really sort of resonated with you and stuck with you kind of reading?

Sally C.: [00:12:03.07] Do you know what there's been so many. There has been one that always stands out for me, is another one that always I did a reading for a lovely lady, and she won't mind me saying her name, Lou Smith, and she's now a regular client. And the first time I actually did a reading for her, I've done her reading and then I said to her why do I keep getting a red car with you? And she said oh, that's my car.

And I said you know what before you drive home today, I want you going to a garage, a car garage. There's something not right with your brakes on your car, and there is a red warning sign around you. And obviously, this has startled her; she's driven straight to the local garage, which was thankfully just up the road and had her car checked and her brakes checked. The gentleman actually confirmed to her that her brakes were actually hanging off like a piece of string, and if she'd gone home on the motorway, gone quite fast and broke quite quick, they would have snapped, and she would have had no brakes.

So it actually did save her life. So it was actually a great ending thankfully, but that is one story that really does stick out for me because I think it was very important that came that information come through. And a lot of clients will say oh, don't tell me anything horrible, don't tell me anything terrible. But when it's warning signs, I think it's always obviously good to give, because that saved her.

Oliver: [00:13:32.23] Yes, exactly.

Sally C.: [00:13:33.11] It could have awful.

Oliver: [00:13:34.17] And a lot of people that sort of might not have a psychic reading or might not sort of have psychic readings at all, would think that it was just kind of contacting people or kind of stuff like that and kind of finding out a bit about your future, maybe. But yes, when you're actually able to save someone's life, it's a pretty amazing gift isn't it to be able to do that for someone, unbelievable.

Sally C.: [00:13:54.25] Yes, I was so pleased she came for a reading because she could have gone somewhere else, and then it would have been different. But we're actually really good friends now, I think since then. We're very close; she comes for regular readings, bless her.

Oliver: [00:14:10.26] That sounds like you were meant to hook up together, weren't you?

Sally C.: [00:14:13.05] Things happen for a reason.

Oliver: [00:14:14.25] Exactly, yes, they do. Okay, well, so we've been hearing about your mediumship so far in the show. We want to know about your guides or guide; do you have one or many? And how do they work for you, or does that guide work for you?

Sally C.: [00:14:27.20] Oh, do you know I'm probably going to be the only psychic that says I'm not sure, okay. Because I've never been given names, I have guides, and I feel that there's more than one guide. It's like when you have many friends, and you have different friends for different things. There's one friend that I could call up if I want to cry, there's one friend I could call up if I want to laugh. There's one friend if I need really serious help with something.

And it's a little bit like that with guides because I feel, and I sense the difference in each part of the information I'm receiving to give to others. But I haven't got that close, and I'm quite jealous of the fact that I don't know their names and I wish that I could say their names, but I haven't.

I know they're there, but I can't really answer that fully because I don't have names, I don't really. I've sat down, I've meditated before, and I've tried to see if anything came through, and name sort of will come through. But then, when I sat down again, another name would come through. So I know they're there, but I have no names for them.

Oliver: [00:15:38.25] Okay. And how would you communicate with them? Do you communicate with all the different ones differently, or is it all the same? It is all sort of through clairaudiently, I should say. Do hear them, or do you see visions or signs or symbols? How does that work with each one?

Sally C.: [00:15:55.06] Do you know what, really it's all of them with different once. And for instance, if I see spirit, it isn't like say you and I sitting in the room, and you're clear in front of me, that's not how I would see spirit. If you're sitting in a room with me, I'm looking at you, and then I leave the room, and I think about you, that's how I see spirit in my mind's eye.

It isn't just as clearly as someone sitting there. And the same with human spirit. I can hear your voice now, but I'll put the phone down, and then I would think about you, and I'll think about your voice, and that's how I hear spirit.

Oliver: [00:16:30.09] Okay. And do they kind of tell you where they are? Or do they give you any more information, or do they just channel through you to the person that you're trying to get the information from?

Sally C.: [00:16:39.12] I've worked in a way where they channel through me to give information to help others. I don't know people will say to me, but where are they and what are they doing. I don't know; I haven't been told that. All I get told is they are there; I give the information I've been given. And I know that they're there for loved ones, guiding and helping them. But that's how I see spirit and hear spirit.

Oliver: [00:17:06.21] Okay. And you're sort of firmly a psychic medium, so most of your psychic readings are all kind of connecting with people that passed on, is that right?

Sally C.: [00:17:15.02] Yes. I give evidence to people who have passed over to spirit. Guidance for future, and that's guidance, I'm not a fortune-teller, I can guide people. There may be two different pathways, but ultimately it's down to them what pathway they choose.

I'm not allowed to tell them what to do; I can guide them. And a little about their path in the past, so that they know that I'm with them as well and that they know that I have that connection. Because I'm telling them things that only they would know.

Oliver: [00:17:46.21] That's really interesting stuff, thank you, Sally. Well, that's going to move us nicely into our break here. We're hearing some great stuff from psychic medium Sally Cudmore on psychic, social today, and we're very much looking forward to hearing more from Sally in part two. Where we hear all about her TV appearances, her take on the afterlife, and much more. So we'll see you after this.

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Oliver: [00:19:59.19] Welcome back to part 2 of psychic social and our chat with psychic medium Sally Cudmore. Now we have our next question for Sally, Sally, are you ready for your next question from psychic social?

Sally C.: [00:20:10.09] Yes, I am, thank you, Oliver.

Oliver: [00:20:12.07] Great stuff. So we had a little chat before we started recording, and you mentioned to us that you've done some work with the police in the past. Helping them with cases of missing people. And you've helped find these people. Can you tell us a bit more about that, please?

Sally C.: [00:20:27.12] Yes, I did. And this is going back a couple of years ago; I had a family approached me actually who was regular clients, the whole family. And unfortunately, their grandmother had gone missing; she had Dementia, Alzheimer’s and she'd been missing for two nights. So they were absolutely distraught.

They came to me to see what I could pick up, I did pick up a little bit, but I felt as if I needed more information about this woman as in holding an item of hers. Doing a little bit more of psychometry, because the actual woman wasn't here in front of me. So actually, I canceled clients for a few days, and I concentrated on this poor woman.

I had to go to the police station at Bromley, held items of hers, pinpointed on a map, and basically, I kept picking up that I was seeing a white van. I saw a gentleman had dark skin, and I kept getting like a water and hearing water dripping and water around and gates being locked. So I pinpointed on a map which was bringing me to a road, and in this road, I kept seeing there's a lot of green and it was an allotment in the end.

And when the police had to get somebody to open the gates, the gentleman arrived. He was a black gentleman with a white van and had to unlock the gates, which is what I've seen previously to this. And they did look into the allotment, as she was actually found sitting, laying, half sit and half laying next to a big water tank in the allotment with no shoes on. She'd been there; I think it had been her fourth nearly fifth day and unfortunately close to death.

And I actually said at the police station if she wasn't found now, there's a warning sign she's not going to be here. She was taken straight to the hospital, and thankfully she lived to tell the tale for a while longer. Bless her heart she's passed now; she passed a year after this all happened. But we did find her in the place that I actually pointed out and described, and she was found safe and sound. So that was quite amazing to be part of that. And on my [Inaudible 00:22:51.06] the police got out helicopters, sniffer dogs. So it was quite daunting at the same time, I was thinking please don't let me down guides, and they didn't thankfully.

Oliver: [00:23:01.04] Yes, that's amazing. And you said you use this kind of Clairegustan psychometry thing, whereby you were holding the objects. Where were the objects from, and how did you get hold of them? Obviously, you said at the police station, and was it relatives that had given them?

Sally C.: [00:23:12.20] Yes, they were relatives. So we'd arranged this and relative said, turned up at the police station with the items and I held the items for a bit. I know that there was a necklace of hers, and I think there was a scarf of hers that I held onto it also. And then with the map, now I'm not great at maps, I'm terrible with maps. But once the police officer pointed out sort of roads and whereabouts it was near and etcetera, then I was fine with it and I just sort of pinpointed the road. And he said, but there was a lot of green, so the police went there and then realized that the end, very end of the road there's a little bit of an alleyway and that was where the allotment was, and a lot of green, so it makes sense.

Oliver: [00:23:57.06] Amazing, that's great. And was there anything else you kind of help with the police with using your gift?

Sally C.: [00:24:03.29] Yes, there has been. There's been a not so happy story. So I'm not going to go right into full details because I haven't asked permission from the family. But there was a gentleman. Unfortunately, that has since passed. He drowned in a river in mid-May. And I was in close contact at the time with his girlfriend. And she asks where she thought he was, and she kept wanting to go back to Canterbury to see.

She was convinced that he was still with us, and I knew that he wasn't. So all I could do is give her the name of the road in which he would be found, and I gave the name of the road, and it turned out then a few days later, police in that same road had to get divers in, and his body was found, unfortunately. But that wasn't such a happy ending.

But yes, I have done a few things with missing people like that. Another gentleman local to me that was missing again had dementia, and I pinpointed where I felt he was. But thankfully, he did return home. And where I said he was, that is where he had been for a day and a night. So that did also make sense.

Oliver: [00:25:21.21] And did you see when you're kind of trying to locate these people, you said you pointed on a map and things like that. Do you get given the images, the visionary images of this to try and locate these people? Or what's the primary thing that helps you find these missing people and where they are, their locations?

Sally C.: [00:25:41.15] Do you know really it's a photograph of them. Ideally, psychometry an item of them affairs, but I couldn't on this occasion with this young gentleman that passed. But it was really a photograph, and then I put up a map myself on Google as to where he was last seen. So where he was last sighted on cameras around the village, and then I looked at the bigger map, and that is where I could just go towards this road and know that that's where he was last actually. Even before, because it wasn't all on CCTV, it was just the highest street, mainly that he was last seen. So the side road that I sort of pointed out that was quite further on and wasn't known by police at all.

Oliver: [00:26:29.00] Sure. I was obviously yes, I was kind of sort of referring to from your guides, and how did you see where they were in your mind through a vision from your guides.

Sally C.: [00:26:42.18] Yes, they will give me. So basically, it's like they would give me a picture. Just like I said that when it is a clear picture, it is in my mind's eyes view, but it isn't very clear. But I would get a picture, I will get the name also, and I will also get the feelings with it.

I don't know if it's right or wrong, you just know, it's an odd feeling, you just know what it is, you know where it is, and you know it's correct. And so say it was Church Street, I would sometimes they give me symbols; sometimes they would show me a church. And then I would then see the streets. So they would give me pictures as well, which will confirm exactly where the person would be.

Oliver: [00:27:26.21] That's very interesting and good to hear all that, how you actually, the process of going through it all to help you find those people. Now we wanted to move on to asking you about your appearances on television because you've done some very popular, you've been on some very popular UK daytime TV shows to name but this morning and loose women. We'd love to hear a bit more about what happened when you're a guest on those Sally if you would tell us.

Sally C.: [00:27:55.01] Oh, do you know I loved every moment of it. My first appearance was on this morning ITV, and with lovely Amanda Holden and Philip Schofield just going back a few years now. And I was nervous at first, but I am nervous before even going on for a show. But as soon as I'm on there, absolutely fine, you'd never know. But I got on there, and Philip was very skeptical, Amanda very interested. Even in the end, she said, oh, can't you stay around and speak to me because I've got the second lot to record.

And unfortunately, I couldn't because I had a psychic show to do in the evenings, so I had to just literally leave after. So she was really interesting. But I do remember actually, and I have tried to speak to somebody this morning and tried to speak to Phil because he was very skeptical, it was that good cop, bad cop with Amanda and Philip. And I remember saying to Philip about oh, I keep getting Australia around you, Scotland.

Why have I got someone that's going to come out as somebody being gay? And I remember Philip just looking at me and saying oh, I don't know if I believed and walked off. And I always remember that, and Amanda sort of looked and said oh hopefully we catch up afterward, and they were both there to hear that.

And I think oh, why wasn't that filmed on camera. But I had an amazing time, an absolutely amazing time. And especially loose women got to be my favorite, loved it. It was just so relaxing; I kind of knew what to expect after being on this morning, I was more nervous then. And with I can't remember, was it, Kay Adams, I think it was that was very skeptical.

Oliver: [00:29:39.06] Yes, I was going to say who was on loose women, because they changed the panel quite a lot from what I understand, don't they?

Sally C.: [00:29:43.04] Yes. Stacey Solomon, she was beautiful, love her. Kay Adams was the bad cop one again. The rest of them were lovely, and I'm terrible with names Oliver, but they're a panel. I was very lucky to have that panel on that day. I do remember, and another thing that I wished that was on camera because Kay was very skeptical.

And she made that a little bit clearer on filming as well. And they're all lovely, when we stopped filming [Inaudible 00:30:15.14] I thought well, I've got to get Kay on something. And I went up to her and said why do I want to call you Pat? And she went oh god, how did you know that? And I said well, I'm psychic. And she went you know you could never have looked that up, and she said it isn't published anywhere. But that's my real name, Pat is my real name, and nobody knows that.

Oliver: [00:30:34.12] Oh, is it?

Sally C.: [00:30:36.16] Yes, even people I don't know. But not many people knew that, and she actually confirmed that to me and said oh, I wish that was on camera, and I thought yes, so do I. But it was amazing, I could do that every day, I loved it.

Oliver: [00:30:51.11] It's good fun, yes. And what were the audience like?

Sally C.: [00:30:54.01] It was lovely the audience, the cameras I just love that environment, this is what I'd like to do a lot more of most definitely.

Oliver: [00:31:03.07] Good, it sounds like good fun, yes, good experience. And obviously, you've been in front of you know a few million people I think as well, on those two shows.

Sally C.: [00:31:10.25] Yes, it's exciting.

Oliver: [00:31:13.08] Yes, it's great to hear all that. I'm sure the listeners love to hear all that. Well, we wanted to ask you our last sort of psychic question of the show, as we're coming towards the end of the show now. We wanted to know what your thoughts are about the afterlife, generally through your medium experiences so far. And what happens, what do you think happens personally when we leave earth.

Sally C.: [00:31:34.27] Okay. I can only answer what I've experienced myself. [Inaudible 00:31:39.25] I experienced it as a child, and then sometimes could be a little bit skeptical about things. But obviously, as I've got older, I'm a lot more clearer, a lot more confident and a hundred percent know that the spirit world exists. But I can only talk about what I've experienced myself, but I can also say what I believe. I do believe that they have gone; our loved ones in spirit have gone on to another plane. I feel as if they are there to help us, to guide us and as through sidekicks or for yourself by following your own intuition.

I feel that they're around us when we need this. I don't feel they're around us all the time; I feel they're around us when we talk to them or when you want them to connect to you. I feel that it's the spirit still there, always with us. But I feel as if the shell that's gone.

But I feel it's like they're on another plane. But it's never been confirmed as to where exactly they are because I do get a lot of clients say to me where are they then? Where are they living? All I know is that they're on a different plane to us and that they are in contact with their loved ones. And they are guiding them, and they're trying to help them until they meet again.

Oliver: [00:32:56.11] And what do you think about the sort of concept that the astral plane or heaven or whatever you want to call it, wherever we are going next. What do you think about the concept of the fact that might be ''home'' in inverted commas and earth is not our home. Because just a few psychics have said that, that have been on the show in the past, they sort of postulated that idea. And I say and thought about that for quite a while, and it's just an interesting thought. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think that's the case?

Sally C.: [00:33:25.03] You know, it is. It is really interesting, and you know what is quite a lovely thought as well, isn't it? Because you're going to something. You feel that whatever happens, you're going to something better, and you're going with your loved ones. And I do feel that I feel as if we're all going to eventually meet again.

Because they're waiting there for us, but again I can't confirm for definite, because I've never visited there. And I don't want to go there yet; I'm not ready yet. But what a beautiful thought, and I do believe that we will all meet again eventually.

Oliver: [00:34:00.02] Yes, I believe that too. And you obviously, I'm trying to formulate a lot of my own ideas and thoughts about the whole thing after I started to record this show. And it's just yes, it's letting a few of the thoughts percolate and thinking about them, and thinking what do I do believe in, and what do I don't out of everything that I've heard.

And it's just interesting to hear all the different psychics take on everything and the afterlife and all that kind of stuff. Well, Sally, it's been fantastic to have you on the show. We're just going to ask you; we're just going to move slightly away from the psychic world now. And just wanted to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you like to read or watch on TV or anything at all box sets, anything on Netflix or anything like that?

Sally C.: [00:34:41.16] Oh, okay, I'll keep it clean then.

Oliver: [00:34:43.10] Please do.

Sally C.: [00:34:45.17] I'm only joking. You know book-wise, I love kind of mindfulness, I love positive books. I've just read well. Actually, I haven't completely finished it yet, get out of your mind and into your life by Steven Hayes, amazing books.

Honestly, I absolutely love it; it makes you think. Do you know what? There's always room for development. And there's always room we've sort of develop in and within and making things better within. So I love self-improvement books. So that's a book that I read. I love what's the other one?

Oliver: [00:35:27.28] The power of now, is it?

Sally C.: [00:35:31.01] The power of now, yes. There are lots of positive books that I like Susan Jeffers, Anthony Robbins. I love books. And you go into your own little world for that moment.

Oliver: [00:35:43.19] Yes, I'm a big Tony Robbins fan as well, yes, definitely.

Sally C.: [00:35:45.26] Yes. I think it's good to, especially now and around like now, with everything down on the world. It's quite nice to kind of get yourself lost into a book, which is very positive and makes you kind of feel better after reading it, and it makes you think a little bit more. So that's what I've been doing a lot in lockdown is reading. Also box sets, now do you know, believe it or not, I actually don't like horrors.

Oliver: [00:36:11.08] Really?

Sally C.: [00:36:11.18] I will not watch a horror movie. No, it scares the hell out of me. So I'm not going to. So my daughter's 22 and she's all come and let's watch this, no way. Even if I go, I actually have to go into different rooms. She watches horrors downstairs. And I can hear the screaming and the yelps, and I literally have to put headphones and thinking I don't want to be any part of that hearing, so I'm a bit odd like that.

But I have been watching; the stranger was quite good. I've just finished that. But I'm a real romantic at heart; I love romance and that kind of thing. But the stranger was good; it's about a woman who goes up to people that are kind of related in some way, revealing secrets about their family. So that's actually a good one to watch. So I've just finished that one. I do actually need a new one, so I do need to look through and find a new series.

Oliver: [00:37:05.16] Right, okay. Have you watched afterlife with Ricky Gervais at all?

Sally C.: [00:37:08.28] Yes, that is lovely.

Oliver: [00:37:11.12] That was quite good, wasn't it?

Sally C.: [00:37:12.21] I've watched the first one, the second one I have watched on and off. But I think whereas I've been busy reading and busy planning other things. I hardly ever watch telly, believe it or not, I only ever put something on if I can't sleep, then I put a series on. But I tend to never have the TV on; it's normally radio or reading. God, I sound so boring.

Oliver: [00:37:36.21] Oh dear, no, that's great. Reading a book is almost the kind of lost arts or lost thing, isn't it really these days?

Sally C.: [00:37:44.16] I know, definitely, I love it.

Oliver: [00:37:47.29] Yes, it's great. Well, thank you very much for that, we'll pop the links to those in the show notes as well. Now can you tell us where they can get a hold of you, tell them about your website and your social media? Anything you are selling, any courses or books or anything like that?

Sally C.: [00:38:02.06] Oh, well, my social media. Mainly I have quite a nice following on my Facebook, so Sally Cudmore psychic on my Facebook page. I do live links on there sometimes, which I will continue to do in a couple of months, which is always nice. And sometimes my shows, my psychic shows are also put on there live for people to view, so that's quite nice.

I am in the middle of; you know I can't say in the middle, because that actually would be a bit of fibbing. I'm at the start of writing a book about my psychic life and going back to when I was a child, etc. which I'm really excited about. I've also teamed up with an amazing guy called Clark Tribe and Jay Singh, they're both producers, actors and they are actually in the process of, well, we're sort of co-writing a horror movie believe it or not. However, I don't watch them.

Oliver: [00:39:00.19] Really?

Sally C.: [00:39:01.04] Yes, a horror movie. It's quite exciting because it's about a family that moved to an empty house and it comes apparent that they're not the only one's resident there. And I'm actually playing in this movie, eventually when it's all done, the psychic. So I'm playing myself in a way, but obviously playing a part.

So I think that would be quite interested. I'm giving my input about how psychics, what would happen if the house is haunted and how you were try and clear it etc. So I'm given quite a lot of my input with that, which I think it's going to be quite exciting, see what happens there. There's. Also, we're sort of in pre-production again with, this is just with Clark Tribe. We're doing a, we can't go right into it at the moment, but this is hopefully going to be a new TV series, it's called psycho to psychic.

So it's going to keep people on the edge of their seats, we can't divulge too much, but we are sort of in discussions regarding this. And also we're going to be doing a documentary, so there's going to be six serious documentaries and mine's going to be one of these small documentaries about my psychic life, about sort of helping others. It's a lot about helping others and the community, and it's also going to be about homeless work that I do and helping children with illnesses, etc. So I've got quite a lot on to look forward to this year.

Oliver: [00:40:28.11] That sounds really interesting all of that stuff, it's great. And your shows that you were doing, you said the people get tickets for them or how can they book in?

Sally C.: [00:40:37.23] Yes, they can go through via myself, or I have a number phone number of my psychic Sally Cudmore Facebook page, and so they can buy tickets. The next one is going to be in Blackheath, but because of what's going on at the moment. It's supposed to have been in May, but obviously, that's postponed. So we're looking to hopefully go ahead within the next couple of months when we get the all-clear.

Oliver: [00:41:03.03] All right, I see, okay So these are in-person shows, they're not sort of over Zoom or anything like that?

Sally C.: [00:41:06.25] Oh [Inaudible 00:41:07.25], but I do record my personal shows, so people can watch them also on my Facebook page.

Oliver: [00:41:14.21] I see, okay, cool, excellent. Well, thank you very much for all those; we'll put all the links for those in the show notes on our website on psychic.co.uk so everyone can click through to those for you.

Sally C.: [00:41:24.01] Thank you.

Oliver: [00:41:26.18] Well, we're about at the end of the show now Sally, it's been fantastic to have you on psychic, social today I'd like to say. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing all this great information that you've given us; it's been really nice to hear all of this. And I'm sure everyone's enjoyed listening to it.

Sally C.: [00:41:40.12] It's been a pleasure, thank you so much for inviting me. And it's so lovely to get out of the mundane of lockdown and [Inaudible 00:41:47.25] so it's been fun.

Oliver: [00:41:49.12] Yes, it's great. Great stuff, and we'd love to do a, I think we discussed before we love to do a kind of Q&A with you. And so if we can get some of your Facebook fans to kind of get a few questions in and we'll do another show with you at some point.

Sally C.: [00:42:01.00] I would love that, thank you, most definitely.

Oliver: [00:42:02.19] Great, thank you. Well, take care Sally and stay safe, and we look forward to speaking with you again very soon.

Sally C.: [00:42:07.05] And you, thank you, Oliver.

Oliver: [00:42:08.21] Thank you, Sally, bye-bye.

Outro: [00:42:15.05] Thanks for joining us on psychic social. Today's show is brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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