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This is PART 2 of our 2-Part special Interview with the ‘Universal Medium’ – Grant Colyer on Psychic Social!
In this episode, you’ll hear all about Grant’s experiences on the X-Factor, his readings for ‘One Direction’, other stars from the show and his visit to the X-Factor house to investigate some ghostly happenings! We also talk with him about Trance Mediumship, Ghost Hunting and more!



*(This podcast was recorded on 15/05/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Grant Colyer PSPE:020 (pt2)

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.09] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.14] On this episode of psychic social ''that particular night, and I've got a beautiful photograph here, that somebody took on their iPhone. Where I opened up this channel to this energy, and I opened up a portal, and it was caught on camera, the most amazing piece of film I've seen, incredible''.

Welcome to part two of our fantastic two-part psychic social special with our guest, the universal psychic medium Grant Colyer. Now Grant, in the part 1 show, we touched upon your meeting with a certain boy band that people may or may not have heard of?

Grant C.: [00:00:51.08] Okay, all right, so you're talking about one direction?

Oliver: [00:00:54.22] I am yes.

Grant C.: [00:00:56.03] Yes. Well, this was an interesting story, and how that comes about was basically as I talked previously in the last interview about how I've worked at Psychic TV. And I always say things happen for a reason, and these connections aren't just random, I believe everything's fated. And it was weird because with that connection came from a prior to connection as I say with Psychic TV.

And the moderator and the producer that worked on the show, back in the day one and the other guys. Not one of the main guys he's a moderated/producer. He'd come away from working for that particular show Psychic interactive TV, and he went on to work for psycho productions alongside Simon Cowell and the team. And he was basically doing all the effects as well, so it wasn't just a runner, he was somebody that was also, somebody that would do the effects on stage, maybe setting up the fireworks.

And then he also later on went and done stuff with Britain's Got Talent and editing alongside all that as well. But anyway, at this stage, he had left Psychic TV, and he invited me VIP to the show. And after the show, we went back to VIP to a small bar where everyone would meet, and the family would meet, and VIP guests would be able to go and say hi to these guys and meet them. And I can remember that it was very, I mean Harry Styles was often just everywhere, so you could not get a hold of him, to speak to Harry he was just like a big thing at that time. And so was Liam actually, Liam was somebody that was just darting about all over the place.

But the one thing that stood out for me was how shy and endearing Zayn Malik was. He was a lovely young man, but he was very quiet, and I think he was a little bit sort of intimidated by the whole experience. I mean we were talking, I think this was their second show on The X-Factor. We didn't know exactly where they were going to be at the end; they weren't really credible in themself until the end of the series. But I can also remember talking to Niall, Niall was your cheeky little Irish chappie, and he was great.

It was almost like he was too young for the experience, but he loved it, and he was taking it in, and you're always there. And I got speaking to Niall, and I've got a picture somewhere of me, maybe we could stick that on the website, where he's actually kissing me on the forehead after I gave him a reading. And basically, I said to him you guys are going to do really well, and he said to me all right. He was taking it in; he was laughing and not really taking a lot of attention not to detail, because he had so much going on around him.

And we were generally just sitting and having a drink, and he said what do you mean by that? I said, well, you don't do not realize you're going to be as big as the Beatles? And I don't think he took any seriousness within that and I said you guys are going to be worldwide known. And I think he just took it all in tongue and cheek, I think he was just enjoying his X-Factor experience, and Zayn was standing there listening, he was quiet, he didn't even a thing he was just taking it all in with his eyes wide open with the experience of this mystical man giving me this prediction.

And sure enough, we saw the unfolding of it, and that story made a few articles in its time. Over the years, I had a couple of newspaper writers asked me about it. But I don't think the boys ever sort of said oh yes, this psychic told us this, so it wasn't really brought forward on a big scale. In this day and age, would they really want to, because it sounds a bit freaky, doesn't it? When you say a psychic has given me this, and a lot of people don't get it, so I think it's one that's not really put out there as big as what it is. But in 2014, I had already previously met Stevie Ritchie that made the show in 2014.

Oliver: [00:05:20.24] That's the x-factor again.

Grant C.: [00:05:23.00] That's was the x-factor again, yes. And he ended up going out with Chloe Jasmine; I don't know if you remember Chloe Jasmine on the show. But he ended up being with her on the show, and after the show, they got together, and they were together for a long time. And I met Stevie in a previous line up auditions; I was auditioning for x-factor back in 2011. And I predicted that he would be on the show at some point because he had done pantomime and stuff when we were talking.

He said I have done pantomime; I just want a make it. And believe it, or not, this was going to be his last attempt; he was never going to do this again. So he said that he was going to do the X Factor in 2014. Now I had no prior knowledge that yes it was going to be his time until I saw him on the show when I was supposed to be there and I was working out in Lanzarote, I actually got a phone call saying they want to be in front of the judges. I phoned Stevie, yes when I walked in, turned the show on the and there he was walking into the audition room.

And I had spoken to him for a long time, and I said to Stevie oh my god, I said I didn't realize you were on the show, he said to me yes. He said I can't talk too much about the situation, I'm signed under a contract, and I can't release anything too much. He was very upset on the phone; he said I haven't made the show well, but all I can say is that's all I can say. I said Stevie you have, I said I've got your grandfather here, brought his grandfather through, validated the other stuff and he went oh my god.

And I say you're going to go back a wildcard, you're going to be mentored by Simon Cowell. You're going to know that by the end of the week. Well, a couple of days later he got called up to go to do some filming. I think he thought it was about just the experience on x-factor because apparently, he had made it through to the judge’s house. I think he went out to Simon's mansion out in California. Anyway, so obviously he'd been told no. But a couple of days later, he text me and went oh my god, I said what? He said you were right.

And I went what? And he walked in, and back then, her name was Cheryl Cole. Cheryl Cole was sitting there, or Fernandez-Versini, or whatever her name is was standing here. And she turned around and said, I want you to be Simon's wildcard, and he made the show. And he was actually gob smacked. So Stevie would invite me up to the live shows every Sunday, and I would predict exactly who would go out every Sunday, and I did every week. He said I don't know how you do it, but you're my lucky charm. He saw me as his lucky charm.

And he asked me this question, he said, will I ever win the show? Am I going to win the show? I said Stevie look mate, as much as I'll love to tell you you're going to win the show. You're only going to make the eighth show; you won't make the semi-final, but this will give you a career, and you'll be able to go on the tour, sure enough, that's what happened to the exact detail. Well, in that cult time of events, it was before the October Halloween show.

I got called in by Simon Cowell to go investigate the X Factor House, the mansion where all the contestants stayed in. And I can remember I've read for Jake Quickenden, and I read Jake's palm. I said to Jake, don't worry about what comes from this show, you're going to go into another show automatically go into another show after this show, and you're going to do very well. Well, he did because he went into the jungle straight off and he made it. And then he's gone on to win I think it was strictly or Dancing on Ice, wasn't it? So he's done extremely well.

But yes, the X-Factor, I was known as The X Factor medium for quite a long, till this day, because of the things that I had done with that. And the reason why, because stereo kicks, which was the eight piece boyband, that's the reason why they called me in. Because they were having strange experiences in the bedroom where they stayed. Now there were sleeping; they all had double beds, an on-suite bathroom, and the light used to switch it on at night in the bathroom. They go oh my god, the lights just switched itself on by itself, and they’d have activity, the door would shut by itself, there was stuff going on.

So it was all legit, it wasn't a publicity stunt. So they called me in with a load of equipment, so I brought a load of equipment to back up my mediumship. So I took a K2 meter, which is an EMF meter and stuff. So we did it all under controlled circumstances. The newspaper were there to release all this stuff and take note of what was happening. And they were worried about why it was happening; I said well look all your energies are very heightened at the moment of emotions from fear, to excitement and everything.

And I brought forward two grandfathers and I validated for two the lads both their grandfather's names. And some of the stuff that I gave them; they were like, oh my god, that's my granddad. And apparently, after that, all the energy and activity died down after that period. I think it made the daily star two weekends on the trot; I made the front page with that. But yes, that was my X factor experience. And the x-factor, not only with the x-factor, but I had also made it in front of the judges at Britain's Got Talent back in 2010.

And they wanted me to because I'm a bit of a singer as well, they wanted me to sing Sinatra and do a reading for Amanda Holden. Well, that didn't work out very well, so I think it didn't get shown. And I can't really go into detail about what that was; it was all to do with Amanda didn't want a reading really, she didn't want it. But the producers hadn't organized and talked about what they were going to do and set that up. So they really wanted me for the show, and it's between you me and the gatepost, I was set up for being in the semi-finals.

But it was all quashed because of that situation, so that didn't work. So yes, I touched on a lot to do with the psycho, really. Psycho, I had done a lot of work with over the years with different things. And also within that as well I've done a lot of work for the BBC; I've done some work with the BBC. I have done work with the BBC with the culture show on BBC Two, and BBC Radio 4, and that was a project that they asked me to do for the art freeze festival in London at Regent's Park. And there was a guy called Jeffrey Balance who owns an art college in California, and he phoned me up late one night out of the blue.

He said hi, is that Grant Colyer? I said yes, it's Grant Colyer. He said hi Grant; he said we're doing this project with Freeze Festival, and they want you to bring dead artists through the energy of trance. And basically, I got I think seven colleagues of mine and me as well where we all went into trance and I didn't know who I was going to be, through the trance, because they didn't want us to be able to go and research anything [Inaudible 00:12:47.00].

So we knew that there was seven different big artists that have died, but they want this to be true, but we didn't know who is going to be. So right at that point, we had hundreds of art critics from all around the world coming to this sort of area in the art Freeze Festival of all that was all blackened off with the stage and everything. We had a piece of paper in front of us; now, we could have sat anywhere. They just sat us down and plonked us down with a bit of paper, so we could have been any of what piece of paper that was.

And I flipped it over and had Vincent van Gogh on it. And I went into trance, and I could see my guide, bringing this man forward who was reluctant to come. And that's all I remember for the half-hour session till I come back around. But that was amazing; they wanted to find out how the dead artists will see how the art world is today. That actually got documented and went out to CNN in America. It was actually put into a book on Amazon as well about the experience of what was going on, and it went down really well. So it got covered by a lot of the artist side of things, and it was an amazing experience. But also, they wanted me to do an interview on BBC Radio 4.

And I went on and done an interview, and they wanted me stand in the middle of Andy Warhol's work. Some of his paintings and it was like four million pounds worth these paintings and artwork, some of his cheaper stuff really. But they wanted me to do this interview and Channel through Andy Warhol and find out a bit about how he was and what the things that he wants me to talk about with him.

And there was a lot of things that he brought forward that wasn't open to the public domain, that only top art critics would have known about Andy Warhol in the background, and they was very shocked, and that was all interviewed on BBC Radio four back at that time. And I think the day before I did the trance session. So I've been very lucky. I've done some incredible things. I mean, I've even been asked to go down the ‘Love Lift’ with Paddy McGuinness. So I've done that, I was down there in 2014, so that was quite fun.

Oliver: [00:14:53.19] Sounds like you’ve had some fantastic experiences with all that, the x-factor, the BBC all the TV stuff, that's great. You just touched upon a couple of times just there about the trance stuff, when you went into a trance. Can you tell us about the trance mediumship and the difference between that and normal mediumship?

Grant C.: [00:15:11.00] Well, trance mediumship is trans-configuration mediumship. And it's one of the areas that it takes a lot of experience and control with. I know a number of trance mediums that do work, and I know one very much who's very nearby where I live down here in near Margate in Kent, she's amazing. But trance mediumship is a very old form of bringing through spirit. And a lot of trance mediums used to sit in a red box, red box I say a box with a red light in it.

Very low lighting and their guides used to come from there. Now years ago, they used to do what they call sort of like ectoplasm, so it used to come out and appear at the mouth and the nose. A lot of circles years ago used to use a trumpet years ago, like a trumpeter. It'll be a little dark, and what they'll do is like they put like a glow in the dark or luminous bands around the trumpet, and you'd see the trumpet dancing in the air.

Oliver: [00:16:12.08] I've heard of this ectoplasm voice box thing because I've read a book called life after death. I don't know if you've read that book at all?

Grant C.: [00:16:18.12] I've read so many.

Oliver: [00:16:19.21] Yes, it's a very small thin book. And it was written about the experiences of spirit mediums in the 1940s I think it was, or 50s.

Grant C.: [00:16:27.22] Well, that's right. I mean trance mediumship actually goes back to the Victorian time, séance and things. But it's an area where a lot of people don't understand the trance medium side of things. Because I'm a medium, but yes, I'm a trance medium as well. I always say trance mediumship is like going to the cinema and falling asleep and missing a good movie. What does that mean? It means that you're not listening to what's happening within the message.

So I don't need to do the trance, because I got Michael give him that in my ear as I'm passing the message on, so I could be part of that show if that makes sense. When you're a trance medium, most trance mediums have a guided figure as well that comes through them. But a lot of trance mediums as well only use that guided figure, but a lot of them can do the mediumship as well through their guiding figure that's coming through them. But I tend to be able to, like maybe a lot of other trance mediums.

It's not an area I've really looked into too much, even though I can do it, I haven't done it a lot because I don't need to, because I'm more with that, mediumship is the first stages of trance if you can understand because I'm not really going into that full takeover of that energy of the puppet feel. Because when we're working as medium, we expand that energy out from our heart chakra about two feet away from our body, from our natural aura field, which is about two inches away.

And when we allow spirit to come in there puppeting the energy, they're not actually entering our spiritual energy, because we possess our own spiritual energy. So they can't come into that, it's like putting stone into another stone it just won't work. That can only cover if that makes sense. So trance mediumship is an area where it is very controversial for a lot of people, it's always been a very controversial area of the work. Because there's an area of question mark, is that person, is that spirit? And I think you're only going to understand if there's a true trance medium in front of you if you're getting the validation. And it's a question that I've been asked with my work over the years about trance mediumship.

And I think that it's like anything within like mediumship; a lot of people have said to me well, how do you speak to somebody with a foreign tongue? I said well because it's through the energy of the universal language. So I'm getting through thought instead of through clairaudience and hearing if that makes sense, so we can get past that barrier.

Now, a lot of people have said to me, but if your trance and that guide is coming through thoroughly, then surely they would be able to validate a lot more than just give out recognition of what's going on in the world or whatever and talk about past lives and things. So I think it's an area that I have been able to validate with my trance mediumship, especially with the Vincent van Gogh stuff. I mean, he comes forward with the Dutch accent, and he was a very aggressive man, but he talked about things that the professionals and the guys that know, know that nobody else would know about Vincent van Gogh, so it was quite interesting.

But I think the thing with trance mediumship, and it has been a controversial area, a lot of people are very fascinated by the trance mediumship. But again, you've got to know what you're doing with it. And it's not something that can be really put out there on a stage performance, because one for the safety of the trance medium, and two that it could cause some controversy for the person that's doing it, so it's a very tense area. But it is a very good area, especially when you want to talk about what's going on in the world.

The trance mediums using their guides, it does seem to be very good for that. But I'm fascinated beyond the energy of my own mediumship, and like I said I don't need to use my mediumship because I feel in control, that I'm more in control of the situation as such. A lot of trance mediums don't always feel in control, and you have to be very experienced because you're allowing an energy to come in, and you could have something that jumps in that doesn't want to come away. Now we're not talking about negative energy; we're just talking about a very strong energy like we did with mediumship.

I might have an energy that comes forward through my mediumship, that’s very dominant, and I'm wanting to get other energies of messages across, but he won’t stand back because he wants to keep on talking. But I'm more in control of that because I will heighten my energy with Michael, and Michael will make that work and eliminate that energy and push it back. Not eliminate in horrible way, but say okay, you said your message pull back, and I can then focus on these other energies coming in with Michael. So it's one of the areas that is really fascinating, it's one of the areas that can be a little bit scary as well for a lot of people watching the experience, and that's why it's not really out there in a big way.

Oliver: [00:21:56.08] Well, yes, I totally understand. And also fantastic to hear all of the stuff in this first half about the x-factor guys as well and all your experiences so far. We're going to go into a break now, we're having a fantastic chat with the universal medium Grant Colyer, and we're going to hear much more from Grant after the break.

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AD: [00:23:42.01] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:23:53.19] Welcome back to part 2 of psychic social and our chat with universal psychic medium Grant Colyer. Well, we want to move on now and ask you some stuff about your paranormal stuff and your experiences with the paranormal over the years of your mediumship. Have you got any stories you can kind of tell us about that, please?

Grant C.: [00:24:11.08] Yes, absolutely. I got really more into the paranormal side because it was actually brought forward to me. It was a weird thing actually because I wasn't looking to go down the paranormal ghost investigation side as working as a medium. I've always found that for me, the recognition of working within the energy of dealing with people and giving loved ones their messages from their loved ones departed was where I wanted to be.

And it was around about, probably about 11 years ago or so I had a company from southeast London that wanted to find a medium and they come forward to me and asked me if I was interested. And I said well, actually I am. I've actually felt like I might be of interest. I've been working very strongly with psychic TV, so I wasn't allowed to do mediumship on the show. It was more clairvoyance because of OFCOM ruling.

So I felt that I wasn't really using my mediumship enough. So the paranormal side brought that raw mediumship back forward again. So I said yes, okay, let's do that, and I got involved with this team, and we had some amazing events. And I've done some amazing places, including some of the places that were covered by most haunted.

Woodchester Mansion, Galleries of Justice in Nottinghamshire, and so on, and Kelvedon Hatch bunker. So a lot of these places were amazing, and I think if you're going to ask me, which I'm probably psychic and I'm picking up what you're going to ask me next, what is probably my most haunted experience in all them locations?

Oliver: [00:25:55.00] Yes.

Grant C.: [00:25:55.11] I've got to tell you, I think that Pluckley village; the most haunted village in Kent is one of the best ones.

Oliver: [00:26:04.04] I've heard of Pluckley, yes.

Grant C.: [00:26:06.00] And the other one is Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker. And now Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker was obviously a secret nuclear bunker during the Second World War. So it was a bit of an MOD place, but it's now like a museum, so everything is like taped off all the areas. You got walkways, and you got dummies all around, and you've got bits and pieces. And I can remember we were splitting into two groups one night, and I had a two-way radio to the other team upstairs.

And I was in this long corridor down; it's like this long runway it must go about I don't know three hundred, maybe not two hundred yards long runs, and it was almost like an escape tunnel down there, all concrete up and everything. And I can remember seeing this soldier in my mind's eye standing there with his foot up against the wall, leaning against having a cigarette. And I didn't realize this, and I had no knowledge of this at all.

So as we walk down in the dark, someone's shown their touch on the wall where I was seeing, and it said that this is where the ghost stands. So I didn't know the story of this, but apparently, Derek Acorah picked up the same thing, and that's why they wrote it on the wall. So anyway, that particular night at the same time, that I got called upon the two-way radio.

And they were doing the Ouija board upstairs with a group, they said Grant please quick come up, we need your assistance I said okay, what's happening? They said well, your name's being spelled out on the Ouija board, and the name Vic, V-I-C, and the word die. But not die as, in die, it was just DI. I went, don't worry; it's just my grandfather. Now what you've got to remember is this was an MOD place.

Now the team and the people upstairs had no recollection of my family. I've never told them anything about my family at all. So I go upstairs, and I say don't worry, and I'm walking towards them. I said, don't worry, it's just my granddad, Victor, and that was his name, and my mum's called Diane he used to call her DI. So it's my grandfather coming forward then. Weirdly enough that my grandfather worked in communications during the Second World War, and he worked alongside the Enigma machine in Berlin. So where the situation was, the location was very apt of the reasons why he was coming forward, no doubt. So as I was walking towards them, I had this pain in my right side of my chest. Not over by the leg, and I felt like it was like really painful.

Almost like worse than trapped wind, if we get trapped wind in your chest. It wasn't in the heart; it was over in the chest on the opposite side. And I bent over in pain and agony, and I had a group of six or seven people behind me as I was leading the way up. And I put the torch under my arm, and I was crippled up in pain. And I heard this voice in my ear say I was shocked, while I was leaned over about three or four feet in front of me where these railings were around, where these office desks were because it's a museum.

I could see this thing shining on the floor, and I said, what's that? And then I shine it down, and it was a 9-millimeter revolver bullet. And I said no one go near it; no one go near it at all. And we had one of these gadgets that you could shine, you can press a button, and it shines a laser to that point, and it'll take the temperature of that surrounding. And the bullet was like six degrees warmer than the area around it.

Oliver: [00:29:47.23] Six, well, that's considerable, isn't it?

Grant C.: [00:29:50.000] Yes, that's quite a bit, yes. That means it had a warmth to it, do you understand what I mean? Now the weird thing about this bullet was is that if anyone knows about bullets, it was a small bullet nine-millimeter, but it was a rimfire bullet. So the actual head of the bullet had been hit with its pin, but it hadn't gone off. So you could see the indent of the pin where the gun was hitting, but it hadn't gone off.

And yes, so what the spirit was trying to tell me was that it had been shot. So I hadn’t even made it to get to where the guys were trying to communicate with my granddad, it all went pear-shaped. Now that particular night. I've got a beautiful photograph here that somebody took on their iPhone, where I opened up this channel to this energy, and I opened up a portal, and it was caught on camera. The most amazing piece of film I have seen, incredible.

And it basically looks like I've got this blue area of energy around me opening up around and I've got like this lightning strike that comes into light. And all I'm holding is a K2 meter with a fan, a duct, air duct fan above my head, no electric fans really. And you can see this amazing what looks like lightning, electricity running into my hand. And if you zoom into the photograph, you can see faces of spirit all emerging in it; it's really quite amazing. So I have to send you over that and put that on the web show.

Oliver: [00:31:17.29] I was going to say please send us that, and we'll put that on our social media and yes show everyone that, that'd be fantastic, thank you.

Grant C.: [00:31:24.00] Absolutely. But yes, the paranormal side of things Oliver it's just amazing. And I can't tell you; I'd have to sit here for 24 hours listing the amount of experiences that we've had. And it got so big at one stage that we had a news TV film crew come over from Russia to do an interview with us, it was that big. But all I can say to anybody out there if you are very skeptical, get out there in the field, and maybe that will open your eyes.

Oliver: [00:32:01.12] Right, definitely. Well, I mean, that sounds like we could definitely do a paranormal special with you at some point in the future. So we'd love to do that, that would be great. Okay, well, we want to move on to our next question for you, which is, what are your thoughts about the afterlife, given your mediumship experiences so far? And what do you think happens when we leave this earth?

Grant C.: [00:32:23.22] Well, the reason why we're here to start with is here to learn something on a physical form. Now I asked Michael a long time ago, why are we here for a set amount of time on this physical planet and then die? And these were questions that I was still asking before Michael come into my grandmother and just generalization of what I was getting from the spirit at the time, and we're here to learn a lesson.

Now lot of lessons are the physical, are very different from the non-physical. Now I don't understand that still to this day, what you want and nobody else will until we're there. But I ask the question; well, what is that major lesson that we've got to learn? But it's about what the higher beings learn that may have never walked these earth planes, so it's a continuous learning lesson. So basically, the answer was, is that we've got to learn how we deal with physical and emotional pain. With death, obviously being the big criteria, and also how we deal with emotions and how we deal with situations around our insecurities and things on the earth plane. How we deal with money, how we deal with COVID-19 all these sorts of things.

So that's the reason why we're here, what happens after where we go, we do learn something from the experience of this life. We may manifest and have to learn something that we haven't learned, maybe from a different angle, from the flip side of the coin. But when we transition, we are infinite. So if I was to say to you now you're already floating about in the ether, but you're as part energy you're already dead, but you're already here I would lose you, does that make sense? So you are an energy that's come back into this life of Oliver, to learn something from this experience alongside thousands of other energies that's learning that same experience in your one body, if that makes sense.

So when we transition, we can guide as much as we can learn, if that makes sense. So it's like putting two mirrors together, everything is infinite. So if you put two mirrors face to face, one continuation, isn't it. And the universe is one continuous learning notion, so where do we go? Well, it's a very hard thing for our human brain to comprehend about where we go. There is no physical form within such, spirit will show it as a physical form, because it's something that we can relate to and understand, a bit like a guiding figure.

Many young people that I've spoken to about our spirit guides that have also lived on this earth plane will see them in a form that they feel comfortable with. I mean, my young niece, a good few years ago, saw her guide this angel type figure as like an animate figure. Okay, if that felt right, and this guy didn't think it felt right. It felt right for you because you felt comfortable with it. So we don't take away what we see just because it sounds like, or it feels weird. Somebody can turn around and say to me, my guide’s Donald Duck, I go okay.

If your guide’s is Donald Duck, I'm taking nothing away from him. It means that there is no real being there, and angel doesn't come with any true form. It's a being of energy, so where are we once we've died. We go back to the universe; we are in the universe energy, we are part of that universal energy, and we are floating about in the ether on a wavelength. And mediumship, I suppose in some respects, and I do have to shift my consciousness. I don't feel like I do it, I used to feel like I do it when I was a child. I had to give them about vibrational energy to transmit onto that frequency wave.

But when we're naturally are able to do, it's a bit like getting on a bike and riding it, you understand what I mean? So when we were tuned to be able to do that or naturally be able to do that. Or we developed to be able to do that; it's like we're on that mission, we know where we are with it. But we're not in a physical form, so it's an energy of emotions and memories and everything rolled into one, and future energies of visions that are coming forward from what's being shown to you by spirit.

So there is no physical content, and I think this is important; this is why I always say to people you know your loved one is not in any pain anymore, because they're not in a physical body anymore. They're in this unconditional energy of love and energy, there's no negativity there. We only manifest negativity within our own demons, and this is another question that's been asked to me before. Do I believe in demons and angels? Well, demons are a different form of energy; demons only manifest within our own self.

So do I believe that angelic being will go to the light, whatever we do we go to the light? Some energies refuse to go to the light, so some energies are trapped between the two worlds at a certain respect because it's their choice to stay in that energy. Now for us, we look at time as being very different to time in the universe. So somebody passes from the earth and goes to spirit; then if they've been passed for ten years, for them, it's two weeks, I that makes sense because they're in a very speeding up time energy; we're in a very slow vibrational time. So where your loved one might pass, and it might take you 40 years to see your mother or father or whatever, for them, it's only five minutes. So that's why spirit are always more worried about where we are in life than where they are.

Oliver: [00:38:16.06] Sure. I was just going to just quickly ask you, in terms of you said obviously we're here to learn lessons. Why are we sent here, or why do we go here to learn these lessons? Do we learn the lessons so that when we leave here and go back into the universe, what do we do with those lessons? Were you told that by your guide or anything like that?

Grant C.: [00:38:41.00] Well, I think this the big question mark. It was never really through all the years of my work that spirit have ever given me the secret of why we do it. And I think that maybe because there are so many levels of consciousness within being energy. We're talking like beyond the 5, 6, 7, 8 dimension that goes on and on and on. I haven't, and my guides haven't learned enough within their journeys of life, even though they're higher beings and working on another dimension. They've learned enough to know what that throughout is as well. And I think that within that, I sort of understand that because in life do we learn everything? No.

I think we only learn probably 2% of what we're really meant to learn. Because even though we learn something, do we learn it completely? Not necessarily. We can learn about love, and love is a big factor on the earth plane without a doubt. Love is a really complex mixed emotion on the physical because we use our head that overrides our hearts a lot within situations.

But when you're in the spirit realm or another dimension on the next dimension or these other dimensions, you're not in that physical content to be able to use that questioning within your minds dimension about what your hearts giving to you, because everything comes from the heart within that energy. So when we think about love, we always reflect, or something comes in from a past situation. And it may be in your sub-conscience within your mind, but it configures into an area of disruption in the minds activity.

So if we really go within the energy of the non-feelings of stuff that we may have associated in life, to the slightest little thing where you might have been in a pram, you didn't understand it. Your mum walked away from you when you were in a dire need of food or whatever, but your mum had to go and take a quick call before she fed you. That can be something that could be stemmed in your brain, held in there within an area of your frontal lobe. But we know that's true scientifically, that there's an area in the frontal lobe that stores information.

But it causes us to affect the energy of where we are with other areas of our life when it comes to emotional feelings in our own life. Personal, maybe that's to our own children, loved ones, family, partner whatever it might be. But when you're away from the physical energy of that, you haven't got that confusion or that disruption going on in the brain. So it is a hard test because we're having to learn what we've already experienced, and us as humans hold on to a lot of emotion, we do that.

Even if you're the most confident person in the world or not confident, we all hold on to emotion. So this lesson that we're in, this physical dimension energy that we're in, is a very important one. Hence the reason why and I could go way into this about UFO stuff and why do I think that the UFOs come to this planet. I think there's more about protecting this planet for more than a bigger reason than just wanting it overtake the earth, do you understand what I mean? I believe that aliens are angelic beings.

They're beings that come from another dimension; they could be angels, they could be whatever. I mean, there was many transcripts of the vision of St. Peter, where he saw angels walking down the ladder and thing was that a spacecraft ramp and these angels got space packs on them. So we can talk about where Jesus was a spaceman and everything, and people will go mad. But the thing is with it; I do understand that a lot what was written within manuscripts, the Bible, and things were things that were probably overemphasized.

I mean, there were visions of the flaming chariots coming down from the skies, but they've called them chariots because they didn't know it was a spacecraft. They didn't have a word for it; they only knew what they were using at the time, chariots in the Roman times. So there's a lot that goes on within this world that still goes on beyond this world in the universe, in other dimensions, other wormhole, loopholes to every multi universes, and where there is connection.

And believe it or not, we are closer to the spirit world than we actually believe and the other side of the universes. We are so close to it, but I've always said that technology will take us to the energy. Where man's been trying to get to the other side of the universe by spacecraft or rocket for years, we don't actually need to do that.

You could sit into a virtual reality set, and you could be wherever you want to be, and I believe that's where the future is going. A bit like there was a film years ago; it's not like the minority report, there's something else. There's a film out there where people were sitting in chairs and living their life, well that is no different with then connecting to other areas of the universe. You can get there without actually leaving your sofa.

Oliver: [00:43:50.23] Well, it's a sort of thing which you're not being propelled as such by a rocket or anything like that, you're transporting matter from one place to another in a heartbeat.

Grant C.: [00:43:57.03] Well, you know your senses tell you what's around you now, but if I was to really freak your mind out and say, are you actually sitting where you're sitting now? Maybe you're not. And did we have this conversation a hundred years ago? Maybe so. That's how complex it gets. But I have learnt a lot from spirit over the years. It would fry a lot of people's minds, and I think this is why there was a lot of controversy with David Icke’s theories about the reptilians and things.

These were actual energies of cases of what's been talked about in scriptures for years about the reptilian energy, the Arcadian energy, and all the others, the Syrian energy. And this is where we get the films like Avatar because Avatar was the Syrian energy. They were the blue cat-like Alien. So these things that come from Hollywood have all got a hidden message.

Oliver: [00:44:56.02] Yes. Well, it's great to hear your take on all of that, it's a very in-depth look into all of that stuff, it's great. Thank you very much for all that, Grant. Now we're coming towards the end of the show now and towards the end of this two-part special. The last couple of questions we've got for you are going to be moving slightly away from the psychic world.

We just wanted the listeners to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you read and what you like to watch on TV. So can you tell us what was the last book you read, and or sort of box that you watched on Netflix or any other streaming platform?

Grant C.: [00:45:28.02] I used to read a lot of books years ago. I don't read them so much now. I think Michael always said to me you're a mountain of knowledge of things within yourself; you don't need to read a book anymore. And I find that books for me, I always found that books for me was I lost concept of them about halfway through, always did. I think the most prolific book that I read from cover to cover was when I was a lad, and learning about more about what was happening to me when I was about 16-17.

My mum gave me a book by Doris Stokes, the great Doris Stokes medium. And I read that from cover to cover; it was called voices in my ear. And it made me understand a little bit about what was going on with me, so I didn't feel a little bit freaked out that I was this weird kid because I didn't know about it.

So that was probably the real last book because I'm a flicker. I go through bits of read articles or read the sections of books; I don't read a full book. If I was to say to you what book did I read like recently, it was probably more a comic or a magazine, because I'm more of that type of person.

Oliver: [00:46:38.18] Right, okay.

Grant C.: [00:46:39.14] And comics leads me on to the energy of the films that I watch because I love Star Wars, I'm a massive Star Wars fan. So I'm 46 now, so my first film that really got me into Star Wars was Empire Strikes Back more than Star Wars because that was around the 80s.

Oliver: [00:46:58.10] 77 I think before that, wasn't it?

Grant C.: [00:46:59.26] Well, 77 was Star Wars...

Oliver: [00:47:02.20] Was the original, yes.

Grant C.: [00:47:03.24] Then you had the Empire Strikes Back that comes out, I think in 80-81. So I watched that, believe it or not, out in Canada when I was six years old. My dad's uncle, just before my mum and dad's break up, we went out to Canada, and it was turbulent time. So obviously, I think what was trying to happen at that time. As my mum took me and my sisters and went off to their uncle and aunt in Germany.

And I got the best end of the deal, I went to Canada, and I went Niagra, and I watched this movie. So Star Wars is my passion when it comes to that side of things, and also the Avengers stuff. Now obviously the infinity Wars and things like that, it's all where I sit within the energy of the universe and what controls the energy of the universe. So it's right up my street. And in certain respect, I've done my own show; I did online. I did a show where I dressed up as spider-man, and I did show live on camera on Facebook, and people laughed at it.

And I said well, this is laughable, this is funny, I want to make a bit of a tongue-in-cheek show, but there's a serious behind it. Because we're all mutants within the energy of our own abilities, everybody has an ability to do something we're all special; we're all unique. But we had the possibilities of doing a lot of things some people are super strong; some people are super-fast like Usain Bolt. Everybody has their unique ability, let's not talk about celebrities, let's talk about Joe Bloggs.

A man down the road that has this amazing ability to not learn what you learn from a college, but has the unique way of just putting an engine together and not knowing how that was done because he did it. I think that we've all got this amazing ability, be medium, be the psychic, be the musician, be the next Frank Sinatra. Everybody has a gift in some form or respect; your gift is doing what you do, Oliver.

And I think the thing is with it we shouldn't be taken for granted within the energies of our uniqueness, a bit like the Tony Starks of this world that could be Iron Man. And I think that within that, that to me has always, and I think that's good for ourselves. But we all are good at one thing; there's nobody can tell me out there that they're not good at anything. Because I'll believe that they've never tried if they tell me that, but I believe that they've got an ability to do something, creative or mentally.

Oliver: [00:49:42.22] Exactly. There's always something, isn't there that people can do?

Grant C.: [00:49:47.00] Exactly. So I try to inspire people to find their own mutant power. And I think that's why I love these films because they portray that energy that you can be your own superhero. Doesn't matter if you're the NHS worker on the frontline or whatever.

And I think that that's important for everybody to have a bit of something of a belief in them somewhere or a power or attitude to push them through and strive through life. So I'm a big sci-fi fan, wasn't big on Star Trek, but I'm a big fan of Star Wars. And if you saw around my house, they're all themed out. My living room is all Avengers and my hallways of Star Wars.

Oliver: [00:50:25.12] Amazing, right, it's great to hear that. Brilliant, thank you. Now one last thing, can you just tell the listeners how to get hold of you. So your website, your social media, etc. and anything you're kind of currently selling, so any courses or any books or anything like that?

Grant C.: [00:50:40.29] Well, actually at the moment I'm not doing many courses, I've come back from that at the moment, and obviously this year being the way that it is, there's been a lot that. I've got a lot of gigs that have been held off at the moment, that I've got to do when everything sort of opens up, and the world starts to be normal again, they're on hold. Yes, I'm still working online, and I'm still doing phone readings and Skype readings all around the world. And you can get hold of me on my website at www.Grant-Colyer.co.uk. You can also get hold of me by my personal email GrantCoyler@googlemail.com. And that's Google Mail, not Gmail because a lot of people with Gmail they won't get to me because it was the first time, the early days when Google came out.

And also you can catch me on Instagram, I'm not on Twitter, I haven't used Twitter for a long time, so I'm not on Twitter, but I am on Facebook. Now you can go through like and follow my page on Facebook, it's Grant Colyer - psychic medium, and when you go on there, you will get opportunities to see me go live. I will do live sessions, where you can see me demonstrating my gift on the mediumship and clairvoyance. And you'll have updates on what's coming up around me.

Oliver: [00:52:06.14] Perfect, great. Well, we'll put all those links to all of that stuff into the show notes on the website, so everyone can have a read and click into that. And get through to all those things for you.

Well, it's been thoroughly fascinating to have you on psychic social today for this two-part special we've done with you Grant, thank you so much for joining us and sharing all this great stuff and information I’m sure the listeners will love here. Well, take care and stay safe during these uncertain times, and we look forward to speaking with you very soon on a special that we can do with you again.

Grant C.: [00:52:37.27] Likewise Oliver, stay safe, and everybody out there listening stay safe as well. It's been a pleasure to be on the show, and I thank you once again for this exposure.

Oliver: [00:52:47.06] Thank You, Grant, take care.

Grant C.: [00:52:48.20] Thank you, you take care.

Oliver: [00:52:49.27] Bye-bye.

Outro: [00:52:55.17] Thanks for joining us on psychic social. Today's show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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