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Some questions from the Facebook Fans of psychic to the celebrities – Sally Cudmore. We ask Sally these fascinating and insightful questions from some of her Facebook fans in this Psychic Social Q&A special. It’s not to be missed!

*(This podcast was recorded on 10/07/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Sally Cudmore PSPE:021

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:02.05] Welcome to Psychic Social. Brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:11.16] Welcome to psychic social, and our Facebook fans Q&A show with psychic medium Sally Cudmore. Now on this show, we're going to be asking Sally a whole host of questions that have been asked about her on her Facebook fan page. So Sally, thanks so much for taking the time to hook up with us today, we're really looking forward to asking you these questions.

Sally C.: [00:00:31.05] Hello again, Oliver, lovely to be here. Yes, I'm really excited.

Oliver: [00:00:35.23] Great stuff. So are you ready, should we get stuck in?

Sally C.: [00:00:40.01] Yes, definitely.

Oliver: [00:00:41.18] Great, okay. Okay, first one nice and easy, so Christine Corley, she has asked how do you channel your psychic abilities? Did you think you were mad when you first noticed?

Sally C.: [00:00:53.10] Oh, I still think I'm mad. Okay, let's see. How do I channel? Basically, what I did is, I sat in a development circle as a teenager. And so what I tend to do is how do I channel the psychic abilities. So basically, what I do is it comes naturally now. I used to block it as a child as I wasn't ready, and it wasn't until my 30s that it did come quite naturally.
And I just knew, I just knew if I was sitting next to somebody and you either instantly like them or there was something about them I wasn't sure about. So it kind of come naturally after that, whereas I kind of opened up more and didn't block the ability and the gift that I've got. But yes, definitely as a child, I was known as being a bit weird and a bit mad, to be honest. I used to tell my school friends things that they couldn't believe that I knew, and this is as a child at primary school.
And actually, in fact, on one occasion, I got called into the Headmaster's office offering me counseling. Because he had heard from several children that I was saying things about their granddad that died, or their Nan or their dog that had died, and knew their names, and knew things that happened to them. So I suppose as a child I thought I was kind of a little bit crazy at the time and just thought what's happening, and then I blocked it because it did scare me. I think I was very misunderstood as a child.
And I can appreciate that, because not everybody believes, not everybody understands it. But how I just kind of at the moment how I channel is just by being relaxed and being open and trusting in what I'm being given by my guides, by the high self, by the spirit, by the loved ones and say as it is and that's all I can do.

Oliver: [00:02:59.19] That's great, okay, thank you for that one. So that was Christine Corley's question. The next one we're going to move on to now is from Lynette Alan [Inaudible 00:03:07.11] I hope I pronounced that correctly. She says, how do you relax when spirit isn't following you around?

Sally C.: [00:03:15.19] Oh, firstly, they don't follow me around.

Oliver: [00:03:20.06] They're stalking you.

Sally C.: [00:03:21.05] Yes, exactly. If I'm looking at the spirit there, they don't. Actually, I have to obviously close myself down. I'm not open sort of 24/7; otherwise, I would be mad. I want to say so obviously if I'm not working and I do close myself down. If I'm bored in the supermarket, yes I may open up and think all right, I want them two doing together because she's seeing the neighbor, or he's so and so. So I'll kind of, and it's not an extreme.
But I kind of open up if I'm standing in a queue for long period. But to be honest, whereas I've worked so much, it's nice to close down and leave it closed until I'm ready to open up again and if I'm working. But to relax, do you know what I love the simple life. So spending time with friends, with family, loved ones. I love sitting around the house with family and in the garden, having a glass of wine, chatting. Music, love music, love reading.
My mind's always active, so I sometimes find it hard because I'm quite a deep person and always thinking. I'm always planning or thinking of ideas and projects of what I want to be doing next. And making, God I've got books and books, notebooks of my plans and little notes I leave myself. And so I'm always, so though I'm relaxing, I'm always thinking, but I'm thinking the positive stuff and plans at the future and what could be quite successful. But again, it's been with my babies, my children, friends, family, and just sort of being myself, which is nice.

Oliver: [00:05:04.16] Sounds good. It sounds like you got a lot of good downtimes when you're not being spoken to by the spirits and stuff and doing your work.

Sally C.: [00:05:12.05] And being followed and stalked.

Oliver: [00:05:13.14] And being followed, stalked around the supermarket, yes, what are you trying to get for dinner, I wonder what's for dinner. Right, great, well, thank You, Lynette, for that one. Okay, next one is from Keeley Lutely; she has asked what is it like having your abilities? How do you connect with the people around you?

Sally C.: [00:05:32.01] Do you know firstly I'm lucky, I think I'm fortunate. I think to have such a gift. Although it can be demanding, very tiring, and sometimes you do, it does affect you because I'm only human. So when it's quite sad readings, especially of children or recent, if people's in front of me in absolute tears.
Then obviously that's going to affect me also. And so it can be quite draining. But then on the positive side, it's knowing people that it brings people satisfaction, it brings them comfort when people are at their lowest time. Because when you are breathing, I can't think of anything worse that you could be going through to that extent. And I feel that if I can just help a little bit in making them feel better, feeling at ease, feeling that comfort, then I'm happy, and I feel that I've done my job properly.
It's just about relaxing my mind, asking my highest self, my guides, the spirit worlds to sort of come forward. So that's how I connect with the people around also. But I do love what I do because I think that although obviously a lot of psychics and mediums get quite a hard time because not everyone believes. But the people that do believe, I get so much positive feedback, and do you know what? It makes it all worthwhile.

Oliver: [00:07:10.07] I'm sure it does, definitely. Well, thank you, Keeley, for that one. Next one is from Jeanine Bloom, she's asked at what age did you know you had this gift, and what was the situation with that?

Sally C.: [00:07:23.15] There's so many. But I think as I can't give an exact age, but I think around about ten, nine or ten. And I have lived in a house, obviously with my family and my parents in Greenwich in London, and it was very haunted.
Now everybody that knows me from my childhood used to go to my primary school when we lived in Greenwich that are in contact with me now have so many stories from when I was a child and the house that I lived in. So I would kind of, firstly it would start with seeing white light, certain white lights around me. I used to fuel, its a sense of fear and feeling on edge and not knowing why. And feeling very cold to the fact that you're actually shivering and feeling that something's there.
At times, I remember being in my bedroom, and it's that the hairs on my, I was going to say legs, [Inaudible 00:08:25.19] these lockdown legs. The hairs on your arms would sort of stand up, and you would feel this coldness. So that would kind of be the start of it. But being a child, I would block it, and I would be petrified.
So my way of blocking it would be just thinking of something different, and not allowing any thoughts to come into my head. It wasn't until later on that I became more relaxed with it, and it didn't actually frighten me anymore, and I didn't fight it. So yes, I reckon it was probably around about 9 or 10, and it was, mainly, it used to always be in my bedroom or on the landing in the house. I felt as soon as I come out of my bedroom door and the land is there, I would feel this coldness and this fear as if somebody passed on this landing.
And also, and toys, I would share a room with my brother at the time; he was a couple of years older than me. And his army, these little green army figures he would have, they would move when I was in the room on my own. So that was kind of the first, and this is just one of many stories I've got from a child. But it was quite bad when I was sort of before I was a teenager, but again as I said, I wanted to block it.

Oliver: [00:09:46.03] That's very interesting to hear that. And yes, it must have been quite sort of daunting, frightening as a young child having all this kind of happening to you and never like you say you kind of got used to it, and eventually kind of it became like say your norm.

Sally C.: [00:09:58.26] Yes, you embrace it then. When you're not scared, you'll embrace it.

Oliver: [00:10:01.23] Yes, exactly. Well, thank you, Janine, for that one. Okay, moving onto the next one. It's from Maria Snow, she has asked, can you tell when you are with a like-minded person? And if so, how?
I think she kind of means intuitively, I think maybe she thinks a lot of people struggle to kind of meet someone immediately and they can't sort of tune into them that quickly, I think maybe that's what she's saying. Are you able to sort of realize very quickly if you meet someone that they're exactly like you, and you tune into them quickly, is that?

Sally C.: [00:10:29.05] If it's another spiritual person and psychic person or however we want to call it. I kind of just get this deep connection. I feel totally relaxed, as if I've known them all my life. And I also, it's as if you can, because I have this with a couple of people and even if we haven't known each other that long, you just have this feeling. It's like you've known each other you can talk for hours, you can just feel relaxed around them.
And you don't even have to say too much, but just know how they're feeling or what they're thinking. It's an odd one. But when it comes to professionally in doing readings, and again it's kind just linking in with that person. Some people are, I've read lots of people that have got an intuition, but don't know how to open it up, how to use their gift, which I would definitely recommend you doing if you have that. But I think you just know; you get this feeling with someone, you're relaxed with somebody.
And it's just like when people say well, how do you see spirit? And how do they talk to you? And how do you know what they're giving you? You just know, you're giving. So you don't hear the voice. It's very, and does that mean you talking. You just know, you know the answers, and you see. You see things; you smell, you touch it's all about your intuition.

Oliver: Yes, great, exactly. Yes, well, thank you for that, Maria, thank you very much for that one. Okay, the next question is from Casey Kradin, and I think it's a lady. She's asked, do you get spirits talking to you all the time? Laying in the bath for a bit of peace and quiet, and then you have someone talking to you, for instance?

Sally C.: [00:12:21.14] No, thank God. Do you know what I do, again it's about closing down? But the time I do get spirit talking the most, even if I've tried to close down is if I'm dropping off to sleep. Whether it be with lockdown, my body clocks has been everywhere. So sometimes I'm not enough during the day, I'm not no woman, and then I'm up all night.
But I do tend to find if I'm sitting on the sofa and then I'm kind of nodding off, that's when I would hear spirit, and they're telling me things. And then I will kind of try and block out and I can't. And that's when your body's, you're most relaxed, isn't it? You're not putting barriers up, you're not trying to block anything, and that happens a lot to me. Thankfully not all the time, but sometimes I find it hard to block down when I'm totally relaxed and when I'm about to fall asleep.

Oliver: [00:13:13.22] I think that's when your brain is the most open, isn't it? When you're about to sleep. Your brain just, and everything just completely relax, and then you can open up and bring everything in. And I find that similar sort of thing happens if I'm meditating, I get that sort of openness in the brain where you sort of just, you are aware but you're kind of closed off.

Sally C.: [00:13:32.17] Yes, it's frustrating at times, isn't it? Because you just want to close down. And that's the only time I've really had difficulty.

Oliver: [00:13:41.19] Yes, so to get you back. Well, thank you very much, Casey, for that one. The next one we're moving on to now is from Megan Brown. She has asked, have you ever encountered a bad spirit? And if so, how do you deal with it?

Sally C.: [00:13:54.00] Yes, I have, unfortunately. I don't know if I've ever mentioned to you this before Oliver, but it was when I was doing, my mom's a psychic. So my nan was all into, I used to go to a spiritual churches with nan bless her heart, she's now in spirit. But I remembered a reading with my mum, and this has gone back years. And it was to do with this poor lovely lady that lost her daughter, and her daughter had been murdered.
And also, the poor daughter was found in a school yard by the bins. This is going back years when this happened. And the man had actually died in prison, and he wanted to come through to the mother to apologize. And the mother didn't want his apology obviously, and we couldn't get rid of him. He was there, and I actually had a panic attack, and had to stand up from the reading, left my mum with it who was more at the time experienced, and had to go out the front and get fresh air. And I kind of closed myself down.
And I actually did have a panic attack, and I was hyperventilating. But this is kind of early days of when I've gone into doing this properly. But that did actually worry me at the time, but then obviously the more you do it, the more confident you become. You know there's not more than just one way of closing down, there are various ways, and now I'm in control. Whereas before, I was kind of still working on my readings and still developing.
So that caught me off-key a little bit, and it sort of frightened me into doing more for a while. But then obviously when you've given a gift, you will come back and do it when it's the right time. But yes, that was quite freaky.

Oliver: [00:15:56.06] Yes, obviously it sounds bad, doesn't it? But then you say I mean when you learn how to control it as you went on, then obviously I guess it's a bit like I don't know like learning to fly playing or something. When you first do it, you're not that good, and then after a while, you get great control and ability to you know.

Sally C.: [00:16:15.04] Yes, well, while flying a plane, I hope you're that good because it's life or death.

Oliver: [00:16:17.05] I think I was just talking about a [Inaudible 00:16:19.24] But yes, very interesting stuff, great thank you for that one. Thank you, Megan Brown, for that one. And the next one is from Tara Taylor Coralie, she has asked did you get the same person visiting you in the beginning? Not quite sure what she means by that.

Sally C.: [00:16:37.28] Maybe as a child, because they used to be actually as a child, I used to sense that there was an old lady around me. Really lovely spirit and she used to visit me. But I'd never see her; I would just know she was there. And there used to be as a child in this house in Greenwich, it used to be a young person, a young child and I felt a male.
And I felt that he had learning difficulties I felt with him. And that he was disabled in some way, but this is sort of going back to when I was a child. So they used to come on a regular basis when I was younger and just sense them around, and things would move, etcetera.
But then once we actually moved home and moved the house, they must have stayed in the house because I never ever felt them around me again. But that's the only occasion where it's been a consistent person coming back unless I'm doing a reading obviously and it's my client coming back on regular times.

Oliver: [00:17:46.03] Okay, great. Thank you, Tara, for that one. And we move on to our next one now from Michelle Leg. She's asked a very short but simple interesting question, do our loved ones miss us too?

Sally C.: [00:17:59.14] Do you know what it's probably, and it's going to sound a bit strange, but it's probably not as bad for our loved ones in spirit than it is for us who are still on earth missing them like crazy and heartbroken.
Because they know, they've gone to the spirit plane, they know eventually, they can still see you, they're guiding you, they're looking after you, they're comforting you, and they know eventually you are going to meet again. So they are at peace, and they're always around you just differently. The shell is gone, the spirit is always with you. So it's probably a lot easier for our loved ones in spirit to what it is for us.

Oliver: [00:18:45.17] That's what I've always kind of thought, you know, I'm sure it's easier for them than it is for us. Because well, we'd hoped that they'd know way more than what we know.

Sally C.: [00:18:53.24] Of course.

Oliver: [00:18:54.16] Yes, all right. Great, thank you, Michelle, for that one. Now we're going to move on to June Erden. She has asked, have you had any truly evil spirits come through, and how did you deal with them. Well, we've had one already, are there any other ones that came through for you that you can tell us about Sally?

Sally C.: [00:19:13.13] Again, this would have to be as a child, but it wasn't actually really coming through to just me, it was more as a family in this house. Where we would have oh god, there would be a cup thrown and would come home, and it's like in the living room area. We had sort of like at the front where there would be things that were broken.
Or if we were upstairs in bed, stuff was smashing you'd go down, and it's something that couldn't have just fallen. So there would be things like that. But I've never touched word after the one I've just said regarding with my mum, and I pray to God and pray to my guide and loved ones that I never do. So till date, I've never ever experienced anything else evil no.

Oliver: [00:20:05.00] Well, that's good to hear, definitely good to hear. Well, thank You June for that one, and we're going to move on now to our next question on your Facebook fan question is from Lauren Brown. She has asked, are we born with good or bad souls? Or is it our actions and or experiences that shape our souls? That's a deep question, isn't it?

Sally C.: [00:20:26.23] It is, and you're asking me. Okay, let me see. Do you know what I believe, but this is my own personal view, I believe that everybody is born innocent. I think that it's due to our life experiences, it's due to who we've had surrounding us through our childhood, through our teenage years, who you have in your life throughout your adult life as well.
And I think I feel some people just cope with things differently what they've been through. Some people they could have an experience and wouldn't bother them as much. Another person could go through that same experience, and they could be devastated, and then it could affect them emotionally and do things and say things. Maybe they wouldn't necessarily. But I believe that and you're born innocent, and I think it's what you learn as you go on in life, don't you think?

Oliver: [00:21:22.14] Yes. I kind of think that. And I'm drawing comparison through animals as well maybe, they always say there's no such thing as a bad dog, it's just a bad owner, isn't it? And things like that.

Sally C.: [00:21:32.15] Yes, it's so true. And you remember things as well, don't you? I think things have happened, you remember them, and then it can affect you in later life. If I go and kick a dog, and then my dog if I go and kick it and then it'll come in the room. He'll probably avoid me because he's remembered me kicking him and to the other person that's nice to it.
So I think that what you do you remember the bad, and I think sometimes you can, I think it's about changing fault patterns. But I don't want to get in too deep about and the awful people, and evil people in the world and why they are the way they are.

Oliver: [00:22:06.13] No, of course not. We just want to highlight that no one here is kicking dogs, we don't want the RSPCA calling.

Sally C.: [00:22:12.25] No, and I don't have a dog, by the way.

Oliver: [00:22:15.14] Okay, I don't have one either, so that's fine. Yes, just wanted to highlight that. Okay, that's a really interesting answer and a very interesting question from Lauren, thank you for that one. Okay, moving on to the next one, this is Christine Corley, and she has asked another interesting question. She says, do you suffer any illness as a direct result of your ability?

Sally C.: [00:22:35.20] Oh, okay, that is a good question. Do you know what I think it's more to do with my emotions, and as I said, sometimes readings can affect me? But I try now, the longer I've been doing readings, I try to sort of be more professional and try and block a lot of things out. Because you can't take everything in, you can only do your best, and then you can move away from it.
And you can't dwell on it, because then it will depress me and make me down. So I tend to, unless I can help it further with this person, I tend to try and be there, support them. Give the odd message again or give them a call, how are you coping? But I try not to take a lot of it home and in my personal life.
But regarding illnesses, I don't kind of blame it on being psychic or having the stress or being open and taking on everyone else is stressed. I think it's a lot to do with your own mental being, and if I sit here and say I've just done a reading for someone, it's making me ill; it's making me feel like I'm a nervous wreck. If I think that way, then I'm going to feel that way. But I think once I close down, no, I'm healthy, I'm happy, touchwood. And if I am unwell, then, unfortunately, it's due to other areas of my life and me not looking after myself and doing what's right for me.

Oliver: [00:23:59.23] So it doesn't drain you, you wouldn't say after you did a reading, it wouldn't drain your physical energy greatly to the point where you felt fatigued or tired or anything like that?

Sally C.: [00:24:12.28] Yes, of course. Sorry, regarding actually doing readings and if I've been doing quite a few in the day. Most definitely, I could then at 8 o'clock at night be falling asleep with a headache and feeling drained. But [Inaudible 00:24:26.28] major elements, because a lot of people say oh, you always notice psychics or people that work in the spirit world, with psychics and mediums.
They always end up getting really ill and dying at an early age, and I've had so many people say that. I don't believe that for a second. I think it's unfortunately just because they're psychic; I feel that you've got to sort of, everyone can become ill and pass at an early age. It doesn't just mean because you're psychic that'll happen.
I think it's all about, as I said, it's about positive thinking and looking after you. But yes, of course, it can drain you, but then I think the next day you're absolutely fine. And all the positives that come from that outweighs anything after you sort of the clients will get back to you and say how better they feel, you'll feel drained, but after a good night's sleep, you're fine.

Oliver: [00:25:22.00] Of course. And it must be very fulfilling to hear all the great feedback from your clients. Saying how all the messages they've gotten, the way they feel, how good they feel after speaking with you.

Sally C.: [00:25:32.07] Yes, a hundred percent.

Oliver: [00:25:35.13] We're having a fantastic chat here on psychic social with Sally Cudmore, a psychic medium. And we're asking her some questions sent in from her Facebook fan page. We've had some great ones so far as you've heard. We're now going to give Sally a breather for a couple of minutes, so stay tuned because there'll be more fantastic questions to come for Sally right after this.

AD: [00:25:54.23] This is psychic social we're the world's best psychics tell you their story.

AD: [00:27:34.15] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:27:46.01] Welcome back to part two of our Facebook fan Q&A show on psychic social with psychic medium Sally Cudmore. Okay, so we've been asking Sally some fantastic questions from our Facebook fans in the first half, and we've got a load more here for her in the second half. So Sally, are you ready for the next lot?

Sally C.: [00:28:03.26] I am.

Oliver: [00:28:04.27] Great stuff, okay, here we go. We're going to go into the next question, which is from Samantha Martin. She has asked you never talk about your personal life, are you single, with someone or married?

Sally C.: [00:28:16.04] That's a bit nosy.

Oliver: [00:28:17.21] That's a bit nosy.

Sally C.: [00:28:22.03] Do you know what, I actually don't talk very much about my, especially on my Facebook page. People have said to me we never see pictures of you with a guy, oh the question I get asked in the inbox honestly about, anyway I'm not going to go there. So yes, I'm single, I was in a relationship for 24 years.
So I've got three children by this gentleman, I would say gentleman. But I think that's probably the nicest way I've addressed him recently. But yes, I was in a relationship for 24 years. Now at the moment, I don't have a boyfriend, I'm not seeing anybody at the moment, and I'm actually quite happy with that.

Oliver: [00:29:05.23] Okay, good.

Sally C.: [00:29:07.06] Very blunt answer.

Oliver: [00:29:08.27] There's a direct answer Samantha on that one. Okay, the next one we've got is from Lou Richards. She has asked is anyone else psychic in your family?

Sally C.: [00:29:23.11] Yes. I did say previously my mum; my mum's a psychic; she's been doing it for years since I remember. My nan was very spiritual, but she didn't have the confidence to actually do readings herself. But even going back, I think it was my great, great nan. So I remember my mom telling me stories about, I think it was my great, great nan that used to do the tea leaves, used to read the tea leaves going back. So yes, we do have quite a lot of people that were very spiritual and very psychic.

Oliver: [00:29:59.10] Great, okay. Thank you, Lou, for that one. Now, the next one is from Marie Saunders. She has asked, do you get upset when doing readings?

Sally C.: [00:30:09.26] Yes, I do at the time. And especially my shows, I think that can be quite upsetting because you've got a lovely atmosphere of hundreds of people there. And you've got somebody that has lost somebody very precious, and they're crying, and some of them are shocked at what they've been given. And they show their kind of vulnerable side. And it can be heartbreaking because you just want to put it all right.
And you can't; you can only give so much. And I actually do get quite upset. But again, when I walk away, I have to then try and block it and try not to think about it. But as I've said previously, if I see somebody upset and truly heartbroken, and then automatically, I want to just hug them. And I tend to do that, I'll go off the stage, I go into the audience, and I have to give them the biggest hug.
And stand with them and do their routine there, rather than if you're miles away from them. And so yes, it does affect you, but I think it's all part and parcel of your job of being empathetic. And yes, even now thinking about some of the readers I've done, I do get a little bit of a lump in my throat.

Oliver: [00:31:33.12] I was going to ask, have you ever sort of got to the point where you broken down in tears or really got that upset where you couldn't carry on with a reading? Or are you able to kind of control that or do you get help from your guides even to kind of control you, stop you from kind of that happening a lot?

Sally C.: [00:31:49.03] Do you know, in people that have been to my shows that are maybe listening to this will know that I've been on stage before. And there were occasions where we were talking about two children that I picked up that had been in a building that had collapsed, and the mother was there of these two children. It was heartbreaking, and I had given the reading. And then after that reading, trying to fight my tears back.
I had to then take a break and go off, and I'd only been on the stage for literally half an hour. But normally it's an hour and a half the first half. So I did have to take a break, gave myself ten minutes, and then went back on. Because I would have just been like I don't know sobbing on stage, and not being very professional. But thankfully, when it's one-to-one, I'm thinking of that person. I need to be the one in control; I need to be the one comforting them.
Although, I've had tears in my eyes before, and I've seen, and actually I've had somebody hold my hand and going are okay? And I don't know I'm fine. And I have to be the one comforting them. So on the odd occasion, on one to one reading, it has happened, but very rarely because I try and be the one that's looking after them.

Oliver: [00:33:13.00] I suppose it's in a similar sort of sense to the evil spirits, and not sort of breaking down crying as you have to kind of I suppose maintain that kind of control somehow with giving that reading. But it's very I can imagine it's very difficult, you're not an alien or anything, you're a human being, and you've got those feelings.
But obviously, still have to deliver the reading to the sitter. Interesting stuff, okay, thank you, Marie, for that one. And the next one we have is from Nadine Parker, she's asked, have you ever had somebody annoyed because of what you have told them? I'm guessing that's doing a reading, not just in the supermarket.

Oliver: [00:33:53.21] Yes, many people. Psychically, yes, do you know what? This is again before; this is kind of when I started doing it properly. So you live and learn, and some things I know now not to say. I don't want to be in a middle of a domestic for a start. But a woman came to me, and she felt as if her husband was having an affair.
And at the time of the reading, I gave the name of the person I felt was around and that he had been speaking to and had been seeing, etc. And she went back, told him, he admitted to it, and the next minute he's on my phone calling me up, calling me a stirrer. He was going to do this and that. And it wasn't until the following day he rang me and apologized to said he was just shocked, and that they were sorting things out.
And actually, they both came back for a reading together, and he brought me flowers, chocolates, things for the children, sweets and stuff because he was quite rude on the phone. But what I've learnt now is that I want them to go away happier, there are certain questions that I feel as if I don't want to answer, I can say in a more subtle way without sort of to the point and saying yes, actually it is.
So sometimes I prefer just being there to comfort people, rather than cause dramas for them. So it's nice to just stick to the sort of spiritualism and future things and guidance maybe. But yes, that that's the time and only time touch world that I do remember that it kind of went a little bit wrong.

Oliver: [00:35:43.11] Okay, I see. I can imagine at some point, sometimes there are those things that people might not want to hear. But yes, normally it's sort of guidance, isn't it?

Sally C.: [00:35:52.18] Yes, and sometimes maybe I shouldn't have gone in that direction. But don't ask me if you don't want to know.

Oliver: [00:35:59.02] Yes. I think some people would want to know stuff, and some people might not, but yes. Sure, okay. Nadine, thank you very much for that one. Okay, the next one, very interesting sort of ethereal, spiritual question here. Sophie Harris has asked, do spirits stay the same age when they die?

Sally C.: [00:36:21.06] That's a good question. So how I see is if, for instance, somebody, God bless them lost a child at the age of 10, and they lost his child ten years ago. So really if they were staying the same, they would be twenty years old in spirit. So when these ladies come to me wanting their child to come through, I'd say oh, I've got this young lady here of twenty years old.
And she thought no, I don't know that person of twenty years old; I've only lost a child who's ten. So spirit will show you how they were when they passed, this is how I see spirit, and this is how they give me themselves, purely because otherwise, it would be quite confusing for people that are on the receiving end.

Oliver: [00:37:11.13] That makes sense, I suppose, wouldn't it.

Sally C.: [00:37:12.28] Yes, it wouldn't make sense. So that is how I see the spirit.

Oliver: [00:37:16.27] Okay, sure that makes sense, yes, definitely. Thank you, Sophie Harris, for that one, good question. Okay, Lisa, Martin has asked what are your future dreams?

Sally C.: [00:37:29.00] Future dreams, do you know what I'd like to do more. I love sort of TV stuff, radio stuff things like this; I love all this. I'm in my element. I love talking about me, so that's cool. But I would like to do; we've got a lot of plans as I said previously to you, Oliver. We've got a lot of plans with a guy called Clarke Tribe doing a documentary, a TV series coming out called psycho to psychic, etc.
So we've got a lot of plans in the future. But I'm right in the middle of writing a book. So really it's just taking things day by day and not pushing myself too much, but I think sometimes things will come out of little things that you're doing, or ventures that you're doing, or something else will come out of that, you haven't even got planned and could be quite different. So I just take things sort of day by day and what happens, happens. But I am looking forward to future sort of ventures. But also as long as my family are healthy and happy, and I'm healthy and happy, that's my main concern, really.

Oliver: [00:38:41.25] Great, it sounds like you've got some interesting things coming up as well, haven't you?

Sally C.: [00:38:44.24] Yes, it quite exciting.

Oliver: [00:38:47.01] Yes, okay. So thanks, Lisa Martin, for that one. Now next one is from Rachel Drake, and she has asked what would you say to people that don't believe?

Sally C.: [00:38:57.21] That's entirely their prerogative, I think. I don't believe in every faith, religion. And so it doesn't make me feel any differently about the person because of their beliefs. So I think it's more of a personal individual thing.
And just because somebody believes in something and another person doesn't, I think a lot of people like to have their opinions. If they don't believe something, they like to bring a lot of negative to it, which I feel is really unfair. But it's entirely up to them. I don't judge people that don't believe, and I also wouldn't sort of push it in their face and try and push it on them if they didn't leave either.

Oliver: [00:39:44.12] Yes. I think lots of sort of people who aren't very open-minded tend to be the ones that force their belief systems on other people or force the fact that they don't believe in something, particularly on other people. Yes, okay. Thank you, Rachel Drake, for that one. Now the next question is probably one of my favorites. I think from Sue Bloom, she has asked, can you read yourself?

Sally C.: [00:40:09.13] No, I really wish I could.

Oliver: [00:40:13.17] I thought you were going to say yes.

Sally C.: [00:40:15.10] No, I can't. Do you know what, obviously I get my intuition which I follow, but I can't read myself? I would just spend all day reading myself and knowing what I need. I would have no problems at all, wouldn't I? I would just know what to do, know who to have in my life.
Know where to go, but no, unfortunately, I can't. I can obviously sense, get the feeling, and sense whether something sis right or not. But no, and people think that I'm at home talking to my nan or talking to my loved ones that have past and it's not that simple. You're given a gift to help others and support others, really.

Oliver: [00:40:51.08] That's the key, I think, isn't it? Is you're given that to have this, or be able to tap into this to be altruistic and to help other people, isn't it?

Sally C.: [00:41:02.01] No, not exactly. I really wish I could, though. And I would be a millionaire by winning the lottery.

Oliver: [00:41:07.16] I was going to say wouldn't it be amazing if you just predict what was going to happen to you tomorrow and next month and next year, and go well, that's going to happen to me so I could prepare for that.

Sally C.: [00:41:14.05] Exactly.

Oliver: [00:41:15.27] But it's not like that obviously. Great question there, Sue Bloom, thank you very much for that. Okay, next one is from Jackie Finch; she has asked when is your book coming out?

Sally C.: [00:41:27.07] Oh, I'm in the process of still, so you know lockdown, I have been doing more than which is brilliant. I've had a bit more time to go onto it and sort of type in more ideas with it. But I'm hoping by the end of this year because I've got other things coming up also.
But I'm hoping by the end of the year, but we'll see. Again, I wish I could read myself and know exactly when it's coming out. It's just having the time. So hopefully, looking at the end of the year. Oh, I will keep you all updated, but fingers crossed.

Oliver: [00:42:05.07] Yes. I mean, if you could read yourself, you could have given us a definite launch date, couldn't you?

Sally C.: [00:42:09.05] Exactly. And how many people are going to purchase it?

Oliver: [00:42:12.11] Yes, perfect. All right, thank you, Jackie, for that one. Okay, now next one is from Barbara Steer; she has asked the question, how do you keep so strong? Do you use positive thinking?

Sally C.: [00:42:24.02] Oh, that's lovely. Do you know one thing I'm thankful for is that I am very strong? And I think it's taken a lot of years to get to this point. I don't know people say to me, oh God, it's like you're so lucky in your life, and you are very positive, and I wasn't always like that. I've gone, I think until you've hit rock bottom yourself and experienced pain, I don't feel that you can then help other people and fully understand what people are going through.
But I try now and to keep as positive as I can by reading, God I've read so many positive books it's unbelievable. I have a cupboard full of them. I think it's just by self-development and trying to, as I said before, trying to think positive. But I've not always been this way, and it's taken me a good few years to get to where I am today. And I would never ever let anybody ever bring me down or do it to myself again to how I was going back years ago.

Oliver: [00:43:44.27] And it does show you and shows people that you're not setting that mindset always. And I was very similar, yes. I had a negative mindset for most of my life up until about four or five years ago, when I managed to just slowly turn it round with various things that I was doing in my life and books I was reading and stuff like that.
And just starting to shift the needle from always thinking negatively about something to turning things into positive and seeing the good situations out of everything, rather than concentrating on the bad. And it is possible to change.

Sally C.: [00:44:17.07] Yes, it really is. And don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these annoying people that's positive about everything, I used to be. Do you know what though I remember even as a teenager anything that happened, I remember my family going. Oh, here she goes again. I'll be like think positive, read this book Anthony Robbins or Susan Jeffers.
And I would actually be quite annoying as a teenager because I'd be the one that would turn it around whatever it was that happened, I would turn it around. And then obviously you go through different experiences and feel pain, and feel hurt, then you then understand why people can't just have a click of a finger and turn it around.
But there are days when I do sometimes have that moment where oh god, it's not going how I want it to, and why did I do this. And then, as soon as I find myself doing that, I would then change how I'm talking to me. And not fight it, not fight the negativeness but replace it with positive.

Oliver: [00:45:18.00] And that comes from being conscious about your thought processes because most people are unconsciously feeding themselves internally negativity. And the first step isn't it is recognizing when you start talking negativity to yourself, and then the next step after that is changing it around, isn't it?

Sally C.: [00:45:35.17] Yes, a hundred percent.

Oliver: [00:45:36.14] There is a great book called I think it's just called ''what to say when you talk to yourself'' that's what it's called.

Sally C.: [00:45:42.07] Oh, that sounds interesting. I haven't read that one.

Oliver: [00:45:44.07] Yes, it's a really great book about you kind of internally, how you speak with yourself, and what you say to yourself, and how to change that around. And it's not a very big book, it's quite thin, and I read that. And that was fantastic read, really good way to kind of, a good read on how to sort of change your mindset and how you think.

Sally C.: [00:46:00.08] Oh, I'm going to look into that. There is actually another one, ''get out of your mind and into your life'' is another good one to read.

Oliver: [00:46:08.07] Heard of that, yes, that's great. Well, we'll put the links to these in the show notes and stuff on Amazon and stuff so people can have that.

Sally C.: [00:46:14.02] Brilliant.

Oliver: [00:46:14.23] But yes, that's great. Thank you for that one, Sally, that was from Barbra Steer. So the next one we've got, this is second to last question here, so we're almost at the end of the show is from Mel Clarke. She said, would you ever change jobs and do something else?

Sally C.: [00:46:29.21] Oh, unless it was being a millionaires and having laying by the pool day all day long and being pampered, then no. And even then, I wouldn't stop because I love what I do so much, and I would always want to bring that comfort to people. No, I don't think I would ever change what I'm doing. Or even if I adapted my work in a certain way, I would always still be doing readings and doing my spirit and psychic bit.

Oliver: [00:47:05.03] Right, yes definitely. Okay, thank you very much, Mel Clarke. Now the final question we've got here on your Facebook fan Q&A podcast is from Mark Byers. And I think this is the only guy in the show. Today he has asked what do you look for in a man, and would you date me lol?

Sally C.: [00:47:27.08] Okay. Have you got a picture of him there?

Oliver: [00:47:30.19] I haven't got one, I could find him and send you one if you want.

Sally C.: [00:47:33.08] Please do.

Oliver: [00:47:34.03] Yes. Is it based upon that, I suppose?

Sally C.: [00:47:36.05] Of course, not at all. What do I look for in a man? Obviously, you've got to have an initial attraction with somebody. But I don't have; I don't really have a certain when it comes to looks, I don't think that is really that important. They've got to have a nice smile or a nice eyes, or just something about them that you can't put your finger on.
But mainly somebody, that is, I like quite a confident man. I like somebody that is quite confident in their abilities and have dreams and ambitions. Somebody that has a good sense of humor is probably one of the highest things on my list. And I don't like any aggression; I hate it if anybody is aggressive or too self-centered. But do you know what? I think you've just got to have a connection with someone, don't you?

Oliver: [00:48:30.06] That vibe, yes.

Sally C.: [00:48:31.15] I can write a list and say it has to be this, this and this. Because I could then go out and meet somebody totally different to who I was with for 24 years, and he's the total opposite, but there's something nice about him.

Oliver: [00:48:44.20] Yes, I totally agree.

Sally C.: [00:48:47.09] And where is he taking me on the date?

Oliver: [00:48:49.00] Where's he taking you? Let me have a look. I don't think he said actually, no; he hasn't said.

Sally C.: [00:48:55.07] Do you know what, in all honesty, after coming out of a relationship for that long, it's actually quite nice to, I've got so many projects on, I've got so much that I want to be doing. And it's nice having me time.
I've got lots of male friends that I love dearly that I could ring if I needed the male perspective of life and whatever. So I'm just happy doing what I'm doing, spending time with friends and family. And then if it happens it happens, if it doesn't then, I'll buy another cat.

Oliver: [00:49:24.00] Definitely. All right, cats as well. Great, well, thank you very much. Thank you, Mark Byers, for that last question there.

Sally C.: [00:49:30.09] Well, thank you, I'm flattered.

Oliver: [00:49:33.02] Thanks. Thanks so much for joining us today, Sally, and thank you to all your Facebook fans who sent in a question that had it answered today by you on the show. It was actually fascinating to hear the answers here, there were some really great questions there and some great answers from you Sally, thank you.
If you've not subscribed to the podcast yet, you can do so on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and basically pretty much anywhere else you can to your podcast. Just hit the subscribe button, and you'll never miss another psychic, social show.
You can also listen to the podcast on our website at psychic.co.uk, just head to psychic.co.uk/psychicsocial. So thank you so much again, Sally, for sharing all this with the listeners today, and we're very much looking forward to having you on psychic social again very soon.

Sally C.: [00:50:17.14] You know thank you, honestly it's been so much fun, I've loved it.

Oliver: [00:50:20.29] It's been great, we've loved it. No, it's been perfect, thank you. Well, enjoy your weekend, it's Friday today. So have fun, and we'll chat with you again soon.

Sally C.: [00:50:28.17] Thank you. Thank you, Oliver, love, and light to you all.

Oliver: [00:50:31.22] Thank you, Sally, cheers, and to you, bye-bye.

Sally C.: [00:50:33.04] Bye-bye.

Outro: [00:50:39.18] Thanks for joining us on psychic social. Today's show is brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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