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Interview with Psychic Medium; Claire Broad. Claire Broad. Claire has been a practising Medium for over a quarter of a century. She dedicates her time to helping others heal emotionally, following bereavement and carries her work out in various ways; as a therapeutic practitioner of mediumship, as a spiritual teacher, and as an author – her books being bestsellers in the spiritual & paranormal genres. Her latest work being;
‘What the Dead Are Dying to Teach Us’.
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*(This podcast was recorded on 18/09/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Claire Broad PSPE:023

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Show Transcript


Intro: [00:00:01.8] Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.3] On this episode of Psychic Social.

Claire Broad: [00:00:15.8] Cuz often times we worry or beat ourselves up or feel guilt that we didn't do enough or that they were suffering more than we know. And actually the process of of dying is not easy, but the process of death is very easy. It's a complete release.

Oliver: [00:00:35.8] A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

So, let's get right into this show. Today's guest is a world renowned psychic medium who's been a practicing medium for over a quarter of a century. She dedicates her time to helping others heal emotionally following bereavement, and carries out her work in various ways such as therapeutic practitioner of mediumship, as a spiritual teacher, and as an author.

Her books being bestsellers in the spiritual and paranormal genres. She's known not only for accuracy in her messages, but for our ability to communicate knowledge and insight about the spirit world in a clear and simple to understand manner. She balances both current scientific understanding with specialist wisdom gained during her extensive hands on experience with spirit communication.

She's addressed sold theatre audiences and made guest appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live, Howard Hughes' Unexplained on talk radio, and has also been featured in the Daily Mail, the Sunday Mirror, the Express and many popular spiritual magazines including Soul and Spirit, Psychic News and Spirit and Destiny. The lady I'm talking about is the truly enlightening Claire broad. Claire, thank you so much for joining us today on Psychic Social.

Claire Broad: [00:02:51.3] Hi to your listeners. Thank you so much for having me on.

Oliver: [00:02:53.5] It's fantastic to have you on the show. What have you been up to today, Claire?

Claire Broad: [00:02:56.4] I have been out into beautiful countryside actually for a spiritual walk with a fellow practitioner and we've been discussing all things spiritual. So, I'm really in the mood for this.

Oliver: [00:03:09.3] A spiritual walk sounds fantastic. Where abouts did you go?

Claire Broad: [00:03:11.9] We went to Ripley in Surrey, actually beautiful part of the world and walked all along the canal and into the trees. Just yeah, just beautiful. Just nice to get outside on this lovely day.

Oliver: [00:03:23.3] And get some fresh air. Yeah, well, the weather is very good at the moment, isn't it, for September?

Claire Broad: [00:03:26.7] Yeah, exactly. I'm making the most of it.

Oliver: [00:03:29.9] Yeah, it's been really warm and nice, isn't it? Now, we just wanted to know as we move on into the show, what did you get up to over the lockdown period we've had over the last few months and previously early on this year? I mean, how did you go about kind of raising your positive sort of vibrations or keeping them raised during that time?

Claire Broad: [00:03:47.9] Yeah, well, I think this is, you know, really key actually, I'm glad you asked me this question. Because actually, I sometimes say that spiritual people put quite a lot of pressure on themselves to make sure that they are up there in high frequency. And sometimes things happen in the world that knock you off your perch a bit, don't they? So, actually, I dealt with the lockdown twofold. First of all, I have a lovely community on Facebook.

So, I did weekly videos to try and put out a positive message trying to help people raise above fear, leave the fear behind and understand that, you know, despite the fact that we were obviously being communicated that there was a threat to our lives, to remind everybody that, you know, ultimately, ultimately, we're spiritual beings and life's eternal and to try and get some perspective here. And so I was doing sharing information and teaching every week but at the same time i actually took some time for me, which I haven't done for the last few years because I've been so busy out there, you know, with the with, with the the books that I've written, doing talks and demonstrations and workshops, and obviously working with clients one to one. I actually took this time to get back In touch myself with spirit, go out in walks. Just reconnect with nature, I think like so many of us did, and, and slow down a little bit. And I must admit that, you know, even I mean I need that as a spiritual person, but I think all of us are guilty of just going 100 miles an hour.

So, I took that time really to just take a pause and to reassess. And I think I did what a lot of people have done, I, I looked at relationships that I was having with people in my life, what was uplifting me, what wasn't uplifting me, what what was supporting my growth, what wasn't. And just reassessed everything really, it was positive and negative time, I felt very rattled by it on one level, because I could tell that there was something huge going on in the world that was going to change our lives. And at the same time, I was trying to take the positives out of it and communicate that.

So, I was quite open with, with my readership, my, you know, my, my clients, the people that follow me, my own audience, I was quite open about the fact there were days when I was struggling, and days when I felt really positive. And I think that was probably all of us, so I was keeping it real.

Oliver: [00:06:14.8] And it is nice to do that to connect with the people that do follow your, your dedicated sort of audience, and make those videos and connect with them because I'm sure, yeah, there were lots of people that were, you know, feeling despair at that time, and not knowing what to do and stuff like that.

So, it must have been great for them to kind of see you to help, see you to help them guide them through to a certain extent, I mean, the things that you were doing. I mean, I know personally, I kind of did some I made sure I just got stuck into exercise, and did a bit more meditation and did some breath work and sort of threw myself into my work at home. And that kind of really helped me keep focused and try and sort of, you know, push push to push aside the sort of negative stuff that was happening, but still, obviously know that it was there. But, try not to let it take over.

Claire Broad: [00:06:56.0] Exactly. I think it's all about rising it. You know, all spiritual understanding is about rising up into higher states of awareness, if you can, rising up from lower states of mind into higher states of mind, however you do that is your meditation.

Oliver: [00:07:10.1] Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Now, we want you to take us back to the beginning for you, how did you become a psychic or how did the gift come to you? Was it passed down by family member or did it come at a young age to you? I was four when I gave my first message? Yeah, so it's something that's been with me my whole life, I can remember. even younger than that, having dreams where I remember what I believe to be past life experiences. Because I was so young, I couldn't possibly have even formulated that understanding by that point in this world, visions that I was seeing.

And I would see lights and like all like bubbles in my bedroom, even younger than the age of four. But, four was a kind of defining moment, I suppose in my life, where I was standing in a cemetery in Richmond in Surrey. My grandfather had died about a year before and we were my mom and my nann were cleaning his plots there. And I was playing with some stones and [inaudible 08:18.3] with some water, and just amusing myself. And I felt my granddad come around me. I felt his presence. I just knew it was him. And which was funny because obviously at the age of four, I had no concept of death.

I didn't even really, to be fair, have the emotional maturity to even care that he'd died really. And I didn't understand that my my nan and my mom would benefit from knowing that he was coming close. And yet I felt him and he was impressing on me a message asking me to please tell nanny that granddad says I love you Ivy, and I'm fighting back, going no, I'm playing, I'm quite happy. I don't I don't need to say that granddad, you know, there's just no, there was no question in my own mind. There was no you know, analytical thinking, critical thinking, none of that it just was and in the end it was so... he was so intent to get through to my nan.

He was just the the force at which this message was coming through in the end I just stood up and said nanny, granddad says I love you Ivy and my I can remember my mom and my nan were standing at the gate by that point getting ready to go. And they just looked absolutely gobsmacked because as my nan would later tell me as I grew up, and she her name's Ivy, she always went by the name of Connie. That's how I got I heard her being addressed. Obviously I called her nanny, my mom called her mom. But, my granddad did call her Ivy from her first name, which is Ivy.

So, she just knew she knew that that had come out of the mouth of babes, that her beloved husband I was trying to get through to her. But, the experience at the time just kind of it kind of stuck with me just planted a little seed of of knowing, oh, you know granddad's around. And and then as I moved into teenage years, I mean, I grew up in a very balanced household, my mom kind of had spiritual beliefs. But, my dad was, if you like, sort of atheistic in his outlook or agnostic.

And so I didn't really think about anything spiritually speaking, until it all started to happen in my teenage years where I started to see and who I now know is my spirit guides standing at the end of my bedroom. And so it's a life long unfoldment of knowing for me. And that kind of that encounter with him made me explore mediumship. But, actually, what I found out, in answer to your question is that my nan had always seen spirit herself. And we've now been able to trace it back three generations.

So, it is something that appears to be genetic to some degree. And so I've kind of inherited it, but then been born with this ability. And then basically, the spirit world came to me and brought this to me, it wasn't something I needed or looked for, or you know, asked for. It's just always been there. And so it sparked in my early 20s a real interest and need to understand what's going on here. So, it's and I've now been what I term has been in development for 25 years. But, in other words, I've been, you know, doing this work for 25 years, and it just keeps on unfolding and delivering, it never gets boring.

Oliver: [00:11:43.4] I'm sure it doesn't. Yeah. Anyway, it was very interesting to hear the story about your grandfather. I mean, the way that he connected with you when you were that that young, how did you did you... Did you feel it? Was it kind of a touch feeling? Or was it like an ASMR sensation? Or how did that how did he present himself? Was it through auditory or or visual to you? How how did that come about?

Claire Broad: [12:05.7] Yeah, funnily enough, the process has never changed for me either with my mediumship, I describe it a little bit like a game of charades, because I don't know how else to say it. I try and keep things simple so that people can kind of get gain an idea of what it might be like. But, I felt him because I'm clairsentience. I sensed him, I felt his whole presence, I could feel his emotions, I could feel his the energy of his personality, just almost as if it was wrapping itself around me like he was becoming me. And then I could hear in my mind, I would say like a song playing out in your head, that kind of hearing, I could hear the words of what he was saying internally in my head in his voice, but I could hear it internally. It wasn't externally with my ears. And I didn't have any clairvoyance at that time.

Now, I can see clairvoyantly as well, which I will say to people visualize your front door in your mind's eye, you can see it there. It's not like how you're looking in the room per se at things around you. It's that inner eye. And but I didn't have that at the time. It was literally all sensing. And just the message playing out. Now I get all of it. So, it is more like a game of charades. I'm feeling this. I'm seeing this. I'm hearing this. How do I make sense of what I'm receiving and interpret it?

Oliver: [13:24.3] Right, right. I'd say that's great explanation. Thank you for that. That's fascinating. Now, we want to move on to our next question. And we want to know, during your readings, were there any sort of really funny sort of things that happened during any readings or any sort of heartwarming stories that you've had in the past in any of your readings that you've done?

Claire Broad: [13:41.5] I've well, they just this well, trying to remember everything actually. I will this time I was I'm racking my brain thinking, yes, there's been some really funny times.

Oliver: [13:52.9] Something that sticks out, yeah.

Claire Broad: [13:53.1] There's so many, so many heartwarming ones. I'm trying to pick. I think one of them that was making me made me love, but I'm not so sure whether I should laugh about it or not, is that I was delivering a message to a client of mine, who her deceased loved one was showing me that the client was carrying this spirit person in their pocket and I was thinking, well, I don't know how that can be carrying someone in your pocket.

And then I was shown that there was a tiny little plastic bag with ashes in it, and that this person was literally carrying them around with them in their pocket. And when I was able to give that information, cuz it was obviously very specific. The client was thrilled because she wanted to know whether a loved one knew about this because it was so unusual. Most people don't do that. And and we did have a good laugh about the fact that you know, a loved one was literally in a plastic bag in her pocket.

Oliver: [14:52.3] Hopefully with some earholes.

Claire Broad: [14:56.8] You know so that is quite funny. One of my favorite examples of heartwarming, I think really is and just fantastic evidence of survival is another client who, whose mother came through in the reading and was telling me that there was a handbag that her daughter hadn't found yet that she wasn't aware of. And that she wanted. The mother was saying, I want you to go and look in the handbag, you'll find that there's a ring in there that I want you to have, because you haven't got anything of mine. And I want you to have something of mine. And my client was saying to me, no, no, absolutely not. All of my mother's stuff's been cleared out, there's nothing left. I know that there isn't anything.

So, I just asked her to go away and see if she could at least research it, which to her credit she did. She spoke to her dad, who then went and searched the home actually found this handbag, it was tucked away in a place that hadn't been thought of. They looked inside the handbag, and there was the ring.

So, my my client knew beyond doubt then that there was that her mom was around her because she knew she didn't know that information. She knew there's no way I could know that information. And, and so now she wears the ring. And so she you know, it's just that it's to me, it's heartwarming. Her mom's with her all the time, you know.

Oliver: [16:18.0] Yeah, that's fantastic. That's really good. Well, it's a great story. Great stories those two. Great, fantastic. We've been hearing about your mediumship throughout the show so far. And you mentioned you touched upon your guide briefly earlier. Can you tell us about your guide or guides? I mean, do you is there just one or are there many? And how do they work for you?

Claire Broad: [16:36.1] So, I have a team working with me now because that's my mediumships I'm folded, they come in for different times for different purposes, depending on what it is that I'm going to be doing. As a teenager, that the guide I was mentioning earlier goes by the name of White Feather.

And I did have a lot of problem with this at first thinking why do all medium seem to have Native American Indian guides or nuns or until he could explain to me that it's an archetype and that there is a purpose to be in shown him because of his Germanic roots he's walked this earth before. He understands about spirit contact and healing. And that is why I'm seeing that image of him. He's what I call a spirit guardian.

So, he's the guardian walks with you your whole life. So, he's been with me from birth, and we'll be there till the end. But, at certain times, but depending on my own development, or depending on the need, other spirit guides have come in. So, I've there is a chemist or alchemist is almost what I want to call him who comes close to me working around the conditions of mediumship depending on what type of mediumship I'm doing. And there are many others I've, I've seen healing guides. I've seen... There's a whole team of them, I could reel them all off, but they would take forever, but they come and go depending on the need basis. And we all have that we all have that support and help there it's not I'm not special.

Oliver: [18:10.6] I was just asked you that, sorry. Yeah, to interject, I just about to say, you know, does everyone have their own personal guide walking with them throughout their life, but they just don't know it because they're not tapped into it. Is that correct?

Claire Broad: [18:19.7] Absolutely. You know, I know that for instance, you know, say a surgeon is working and helping people they're, you know, in their health profession they're going to have inspirers and help in spirit working alongside them. They're just not tuned into it. They won't be knowing we, it's it we, I believe in reincarnation. And I believe that we've walked many, many paths, many lifetimes. I've worked with a lot of scientific minds.

And Dr. Julia Mossbridge, who is a leading expert on time, has studied a lot to do with the fact that time doesn't behave like we think it does. And that you know, we're in a multi dimensional universe. And so a lot of our guides that walk with us through life are probably people that have walked with us before, who we're not remembering as we come into this particular lifetime, but because there is a bond of love there already they're invested in our well being and so are walking with us, so are our loved ones and family who we know here.

Oliver: [19:23.7] Sure. I was gonna say and why do you think it is that I'm just like to say, I'm a great believer in reincarnation. And I believe that that is something that definitely happens as far as I'm concerned. But, why do you think that we when we have our lives on earth that we don't remember, generally, those past lives? Why is it that we don't we we're not given any recollection and we just think that this is our existence and kind of that's it in a lot of senses? What Why do you think that might be?

Claire Broad: [19:55.4] I think it's because it actually if you could experience if you imagine if you were experienced in all of those lifetimes, or you had the memories of all of those lifetimes, one, it would be overload, two, as you come into the physical body, the brain cannot cope with the amount of knowledge that is there and kept within the soul. It is there for us to tap into if we know how to, it's not totally hidden that we can't find it because I have had many experiences with reincarnation myself.

And, and also you can meet people where you have a soul connection where you feel like you've known them before or you recognize them or you know, so that I think at the subconscious level, the knowledge is there. But, at the conscious level, we are deliberately suffering with amnesia, because we would not be able to gain the experience and lessons out of life that we've come here to achieve or to experience to grow and to gain from, if we were walking in with all the baggage in the past stuff of previous lives.

Oliver: [00:20:55.2] Okay, yeah, that makes sense.

Claire Broad: [00:20:56.4] It is a clean slate is a clean slate basically because, you know, you would be overwhelmed. And, and actually there is a very famous practitioner called Dr. Brian Weiss. And he he worked with a client who was almost crippled in this life because she was carrying the fear and baggage of previous lives into this life with her. She was remembering them and it was stopping her from living. So, I believe that there's probably all those reasons to why when we're spiritually ready, we can start to remember, we can explore consciousness and tap into that knowledge, but for the most part, we come in, and we don't remember.

Oliver: [21:37.0] Yeah, I suppose as you work through life, and a lot of people will have might have that quote unquote kind of awakening and finding out who they are and why they're here. And and many people might go through their life and not have it at all. But, yeah, you obviously if you had all that information when you weren't ready for it, or weren't going to take it at all during your life, then I suppose there was no point in having it at all.

Claire Broad: [21:57.0] No, it doesn't help. It could be of a hinderance.

Oliver: [21:59.9] A hinderance, yeah, I was gonna say. Yeah, exactly. Well, that's, that's absolutely fascinating to hear all that. Thank you for that information, Claire. Well, we're gonna go into a break now and we're hearing some great stuff from psychic medium, Claire Broad, here on Psychic Social today. And we're very much looking forward to hearing more from Claire in part two, where we'll hear all about her platform work, her fascinating take on the afterlife, which we've just been speaking about a bit there, and much more. So, we'll see you after this.

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Oliver: [24:14.0] Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social and our chat with psychic medium Claire Broad. Now, been hearing some fascinating information from Claire in the first half about her mediumship and our experiences so far. Now, we wanted to know about your platform work you've done in the past and some of the experiences you've had with that. Can you tell us about that, please, Claire?

Claire Broad: [24:32.4] Sure. So, for any listener listening and who doesn't know what platform work means it means to stand up and to be able to demonstrate mediumship in front of a group of people basically.

Oliver: [24:43.3] Right, thank you for that.

Claire Broad: [24:45.9] The reason you're on platform is because the platforms are in spiritualist churches. I've done many spiritualist churches. I've done theaters as you mentioned in the introduction, and I love that element of my work actually. I find that the power of spirit, if you like, is tenfold when you're standing up in front of that many people because you've got everybody's energy. And I mean, it can get busy.

So, I have a lot of people in spirit pulling at my attention trying to get through, but you can get some, you know, fascinating insights in a short amount of time really as the spirit world work quick to try and get as much information out as they can to kind of prove they're there. And I think, you know, one of the funny ones I can remember seeing is a man who was dancing in front of me, and in the spirit world, who was dancing in front of me. And he had a very sort of showy clothes on and he was trying to get the attention of somebody at the back of the room. And I was able to describe his jacket and everything.

And the lady knew exactly who he was, because he'd been a dancer, and, you know, in his life, and we were able to place him. It was just, it was almost entertaining, you know, sometimes the spirit world has got such a good sense of humor, and that they want to lift everybody and get laughs? And it... I don't know, it's, it's very different from our one to one, which is obviously a very personal and quite a deep experience, the platform work can be uplifting and insightful in another way.

Oliver: [26:17.4] Sure. And I've been to some some platform stuff in the past, you know, with the larger audiences and stuff in it, you know, although a lot of it is tragic, is that kind of they do with the spirit world do entertain you, don't they, through, you know, the medium, and it can be fun. And, and, and you're right, obviously, about the energy, you know, it's just you feel that. I mean, where we were sitting in particular, the last one I went to, you know, there were the medium sort of focused on some people that were sort of three rows in front of us. And then the messages just seemed to come from different people, to the person behind them to the person behind them.

And then we got a message well, my friend got a message next to me from his grandma. And it was strange how that energy sort of collected in that part of the room and just came backwards through the audience, it was very weird. But, yes, it's great to attend those things. And I will definitely recommend anyone, you know, obviously, when COVID restrictions are lifted, that they go and go to one and see. You probably hopefully, you know.

Claire Broad: [27:11.0] Oh, well, I can't wait to get back doing that kind of thing. And it's the intelligence of spirit as well. Often what happens is, you see a whole kind of lesson unfolding because a lot of the messages sent to have a theme running through them, or they can be very poignant. And I think the power of an audience like that is we can all benefit from one message rather than, you know, there's something there for all of us to take away to show us there's something more in life than that there's something much bigger than ourselves here on this planet.

Oliver: [27:38.8] Exactly. And I kind of likened it a little bit to group meditation. I don't know whether you've done that before.

Claire Broad: [27:43.8] Oh, yeah, I love that.

Oliver: [27:43.9] But, you do a group meditation with a large group of people. And it just enhances the whole thing, doesn't it, when you're doing it with as opposed to just on your own, you know?

Claire Broad: [27:52.6] Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. It's the energy, isn't it? It's so uplifting, healing.

Oliver: [27:58.1] Yeah, 100% exactly. Well, now, we'll just move on to the next question. And we understood for your website that you are undertaking some sort of training and workshops, and you have students that you guide into developing their own intuitive nature and connection to spirit world. Can you tell tell our listeners a bit more about that, please?

Claire Broad: [28:14.0] Yes, so I've been teaching for a long time now. I'm very privileged, I've been invited by the likes of the College of Psychic Studies to train for them, other spiritual groups like Phoenix Group, but I also do my own workshops and trainings. So, I often well in these COVID times I've been doing Zoom workshops, Zoom circles, but basically my you see my ethos really is it's okay to have a reading by a medium as you know, it's interesting to hear that your loved ones are around you or that granny saw you go into a shop and buy a pair of red shoes the other day, fine. But, ultimately, it's got to be something about something more than that which is to help you understand that you are that eternal being and that you need to have that connection to spirit for yourself.

So, much of my work is spent trying to help people understand that they are channel for spirit that that connection is within them, that they're a spirit themselves. So, I run a lot of workshops on how to meditate or how to become more spiritually enlightened so that you can experience spirit contact for yourself, how to get hold of your own loved ones or learn about spirit guides. I've just got a vast amount of knowledge that I'm trying to get out there and and even the wider spiritual teachings.

I'm very much about a lot for you know, what we've learned from the past and because this is not a new belief system here, you know, spirit communication has been around since the word [inaudible 29:47.3]. And and, you know, people in antiquity understood, I think, even better than us how to be in touch with the spirit realm. So, I teach a lot about that as well, and basically, teach you know what I've got to give and I'm just grateful that some people want to learn from me.

Oliver: [00:30:01.5] I was just thinking as well like what you just said, you know, and obviously with the, with the, with the way that life has progressed even over the last 100 years, you know, how fast paced it's become and that kind of spiritual element has, you know, sort of dissipated some more on mass maybe. I don't know whether you agree with me on that.

Claire Broad: [30:17.8] Well, totally, and I think what's happened is and it needed to happen, was that, you know, we became very analytical with the advancement of our scientific understanding, which kind of made us turn our back on religion, if you like, or organized religion. But, now, what the exciting thing is now is, of course, is that science is now exploring these frontiers, such as consciousness, and coming back into the fold of looking at spiritual experiences, because they are recognizing they don't understand the whole of this universe.

So, it's kind of coming together. A lot my work as you know, when I've been speaking with scientists and things could people that are studying consciousness studies and things, I see that there it's on the fringe still, but there is a coming together of, you know, inquiring minds trying to understand all of this. And I actually think that's the way to go. I'm very excited that it'll all come together and hopefully, we will start returning back to our spiritual roots because--

Oliver: [31:15.8] Yeah, that would be great, wouldn't it? I think people would be a happier generally, wouldn't they? I think if they did.

Claire Broad: [31:19.8] Well, that's what I was actually gonna say. Like there is science out there now that shows that the human brain actually functions better and that a human is more healthy with that, when they have a spiritual understanding or belief in something, a higher power or divine level, whatever, if they lead a spiritual life, their brain actually changes in the way that it looks and functions and the health of the brain. So, for no other reason, it's worth that.

Oliver: [31:46.5] Yeah. Exactly. It's a bit like meditation as well, your I think your amygdala changes shape, doesn't it? The more you meditate and gets bigger, I think something like that.

Claire Broad: [31:54.4] Absolutely. And I mean, I had a cardiologist once who asked me if I meditated, because he said, it improves the health of your heart. So, there are so many reasons to include spirituality in your life in whichever form that fits with you because it actually improves your well being it improves, it gives you purpose, fulfillment, all the things that we're looking for, you know.

Oliver: [32:18.0] Yeah, exactly. I mean, the science of it is fascinating, isn't it, as well. And I think I saw an article the other day online about now this little scientist might I don't know whether you've seen this at all, but scientists might be saying that they are looking, you know, once they've looked into the atom, and then into the, the [inaudible 32:32.3] whatever it is, and then into that, you know, breaking down, you know, our physical self into the smallest possible, whatever piece of matter, and now they they're starting to believe or postulate that we don't actually exist as a presence. Did you see that at all? It was very interesting.

Claire Broad: [32:48.8] No, I didn't see that. I mean, that is true. I'm on board with it. I had the privilege once of sharing a tea with somebody very famous in the scientific realms of spirituality, which is a an author called Dr. Eben Alexander, who wrote a book called proof of heaven. It was a neurosurgeon who got meningitis and had a near death experience.

Oliver: [33:13.6] Oh, I've heard of that. I have heard of that. Yeah.

Claire Broad: [33:16.3] Yes. And so I kind of was chewing over the fact with him once and, and he was saying to me, you know, the material world is all smoke and mirrors that quantum physics is proving that none of it really exists. And, and ultimately, it's our perception of the thing that makes it feel like it's real.

So, consciousness is primary. And, and that, you know, all spiritual teachers of age of all, you know, the ages have taught this, that it's about mind and raising into higher states of awareness. And that's what that's what I'm trying to do is just help people understand that this is a real thing here, we're talking about, you know, there's no such thing as death, energy just changes form, you will see all that once again. But, more than that, you are that you know?

Oliver: [33:59.8] Exactly. And it's very difficult for most to even comprehend, isn't it, until you start sort of delving into it like you have, you know, in depth, and the scientific side of it, and it's just most people just, we just can't comprehend it, can we?

Claire Broad: [34:13.0] No, because most of us are leading, you know, you know, there's nothing wrong, it is leading a simplistic life. We're not thinking that deep. It's just that when you have an experience like I did, you can't help but go down that rabbit hole.

Oliver: [34:27.1] Exactly. And as fascinating as it is, yeah, exactly. Well, great, thank you for that, Claire. Now, our last sort of sort of spiritual psychic question to you is going to be we wanted to know about what your thoughts are about the afterlife, obviously, in in general, through your mediumship experiences and more so kind of obviously we've just been talking about it now and earlier on but more so kind of what happens not only after we leave Earth but kind of beyond that, and and and where do we go? Is there you mentioned sort of multi, you mentioned multiple dimensions or multi universes before and things like that. But, where do we go? What do we do? Do we go to a... Do we go to another sphere or plane? What What do you think happens?

Claire Broad: [35:10.4] Well, that's a massive question.

Oliver: [35:12.6] And we've only got two minutes for you to answer it. No, I'm joking. I'm joking.

Claire Broad: [35:17.2] Well, I can I'll break it down and try and go as quick as I can.

Oliver: [35:20.3] Yeah, just do your thing.

Claire Broad: [35:22.7] When I'm doing readings, I can see often the manner in which people pass. They obviously talked to me about, they want to give peace of mind to their loved ones by showing how they passed, what it felt like to them. Because oftentimes, we worry or beat ourselves up or feel guilt, that we didn't do enough or that they were suffering more than we know. And actually, the process of, of dying is not easy. But, the probate process of death is very easy. It's a complete release.

So, I see that they, the spirit separates away from the body, that the consciousness of that being is focused on the spiritual dimensions, not about the physical. Many times as people are sort of sleeping more as they're dying, they're spending more and more time in spirit than they are here anyway. And so they can be meeting with loved ones in the spirit world who are getting them ready and prepared to make that crossing. It can be a very gentle experience, and awe inspiring.

So, it's different for everybody. It seems as unique as birth. So, sometimes I see people walking show me they were walking through fields, they met their loved ones. Other times I see people going into the universe who were meeting people, there seems to be spirit guides coming close. What I do know is nobody dies alone. And that in the realms of spirit, there are many, many dimensions.

So, based on our perceptions, it does seem to be kind of where we think that or how we think it will be or not be will also dictate much of our experience, if that makes sense. You know, somebody who may be expecting a religious experience might have that created around them to help them cross over. And then obviously, over time, learn that there are a whole load of different realms, I've seen the most beautiful and crystalline type of cities, I've also seen realms that look exactly like ours that are a complete mirror, I've seen things that I can't even put into words. I mean, it's so vast, and so unbelievably mind blowing, it would be hard to really in two minutes put it into a nutshell, but I think I want to leave people with the knowing here that no one dies alone. And anytime there will be somebody there reaching out, willing to help you, if you are looking for that help.

Oliver: [37:46.7] Well, I mean, I think we'd love to have you back on again in the future to do a part two with you all about that. If you we'd love to love you to come on and do that, if you could at some point.

Claire Broad: [37:55.0] I'd love to.

Oliver: [37:55.6] That'd be that'd be really good to sort of take a real deep dive into that, and talk more about that. But, but yes, I mean, what what what would you say to sort of people that, you know, would not have either a religious belief or a spiritual belief and, and just felt that, you know, we're pretty much we're maybe scared and just thought, you know, when I die, I'm just gonna go to black and you know, that's it. That's the end. What would you say to people that thought that?

Claire Broad: [38:18.4] Well, I do have a lot of people talking to me and debating the truth to me, you know, none of us have all the answers. And I'm where I'm at in my life is if that belief system brings you peace, and makes you feel happier, if the thought of having to live eternally is something you don't want to think about and you'd rather think that you could just close your eyes and have a rest, then that's fine. I have no wish to rob you of that.

But, I would say that there's been many an atheist who has had to change their mind. Either they've had a spiritual experience, such as the likes of Dr. Eben Alexander, who was atheist before he had a near death experience. And there's been many atheists in the spirit world who have come back to me and communicated to their loved ones saying that they didn't believe that this was real. So, I did... I'm at the point now where they'll either find out now or they find out later, it's fine. It's all good.

Oliver: [39:15.8] I'd say great, okay, fantastic. Well, it's great to hear all of that. Thank you, Claire. Now, we're coming towards the end of the show, unfortunately, you know, it's been really fascinating to talk to you today on Psychic Social. The last couple of questions you've got for you are going to be moving slightly away from the psychic world and multi universes and all that kind of stuff. We just wanted the listeners to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you like to read and watch on TV. Can you tell us what was the last sort of book you've read or box that you watched, anything on Netflix or any other streaming platform?

Claire Broad: [39:45.9] Yeah, the last book I read is I'm being a right old geek here. I've been reading a book which is very old now called Practical Occultism: Course and Lectures Through the Trance Mediumship of J.J. Morse. So, yeah, I know, it's a light read. Actually, it's quite interesting. But, it's where, you know, we seem to have lost quite a lot of the ability in mediumship that we used to have. And I wonder why that is.

So, I'm looking into why is that mediums of old seem to be able to enter into deep trance states in a way that mediums don't so much now. And these lectures were fascinating because they used to put JJ Morse into a room with academics, scholars and scientists put him into an induced trance state. And then these scholars and scientists would ask him questions on their subject. And he would speak in trance and answering them, even though he had no knowledge of what their subject was. So, absolutely fascinating. That's the book I'm reading at the moment and the box time will actually let you know I'm actually watching The Boys at the moment.

Oliver: [00:40:52.1] Right. Okay, what's that? I don't know what that is, sorry.

Claire Broad: [40:53.6] Okay. So, it's a superhero kind of series on Netflix. Except that the superhero, those aren't the heroes that you think of in normal terms like Superman and Spiderman. They're actually kind of at the core they're [inaudible 41:07.3]

Oliver: [41:10.1] Yeah, I see. Okay.

Claire Broad: [41:10.4] It's a very it's quite a grown up, but I wouldn't recommend it for children.

Oliver: [41:13.7] Yeah, right. Oh, I see. Okay, well, I think it's interesting to hear that. It's interesting to hear about the trance mediumship stuff, because I was watching someone on YouTube the other day, and I've watched a bit of Bashar, I'm sure you probably know Bashar, Abraham Hicks and stuff like that. I've been watching that over the last few months. And it's very interesting to listen to all that as well. It's fascinating stuff to see people do trance mediumship, isn't it?

Claire Broad: [41:34.2] There's so many different ways. I mean, they would turn themselves as channelers, they wouldn't say that they were necessarily in trance. But, I mean, it's you know, potato, potato, you're going into a different altered state of consciousness and you're channeling the knowledge of of a deceased or, you know, incarnate being through you. But yes, there are, it's all to do with the degrees to which you are going down into that level of trance.

So, yeah, fascinating. I've watched all of those, you know, even even books such as Conversations with God with Neale Donald Walsch, how he received channeled information and could just write that out, you know, and there's so much more than we know or understand available to us in this universe. It's, it's, it's so motivating. And I don't know, I just I've got such a passion for life because of it.

Oliver: [42:28.1] Yeah, sure. Exactly. Yeah, I can understand. Now, can you tell this is about your website, and your social media, and anything you're currently selling? I know, you've got a book going at the moment and the courses that you have?

Claire Broad: [42:39.1] Yeah, sure. So, come and find me, my website is www.clairebroad.com. I've also got Facebook page with the lovely community there of truth seekers, you know, we all learn and chat and it's a real place for spiritual growth. I've got a YouTube channel called Together with Spirit. And, and obviously, my books, so my latest book is What the Dead are Dying to Teach Us with with Watkins Publishing.

And I've also got a book prior to that called Answers from Heaven by [inaudible 43:12.0] So, you can look up any of those, and you'll be able to find me, and I'm, I am doing a lot of workshops, I'll be at the College of Psychic Studies again a bit later in the year, so but you can hop on my website and find out where I am or my my social media. Facebook is always up to date, I'll post lots of videos on there. So, come and see what I'm up to.

Oliver: [43:33.8] Great stuff. So, thank you for that. And I'll put all those links to that in the show notes on our websites. And so people can click into those and have a look at your book, at your website and that kind of stuff in social media. So, thank you for that, Claire. Well, it's been wonderful to have you on Psychic Social today. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing all this absolutely fascinating information with listeners here. It's been really great to have you on the show. So, thank you for joining us.

Claire Broad: [43:56.5] Thank you so much for having me and thank you to everyone listening.

Oliver: [43:59.8] Well, take care and stay safe. And we'll look forward to speaking to you in a possible part two show. We'd love to have you back to record one with us at some point.

Claire Broad: [44:06.9] I'd love that. Thank you so much.

Oliver: [44:08.6] Great, thank you, Claire. See you soon then. Bye.

Claire Broad: [45:11.8] Bye.

Outro: [44:17.5] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today's show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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