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Interview with Psychic Medium; Hannah Macintyre. Hannah has been a practising Clairvoyant Medium for nearly a decade. She has studied at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK and through her journey so far, has taught hundreds of students in spiritual development and Reiki within her workshops, courses and development circles.
Hannah has amassed a lovely, dedicated following on Facebook and has also performed her mediumship on stage in the past to captivated audiences.



*(This podcast was recorded on 10/11/2020)




with Psychic Medium, Hannah Macintyre PSPE:024

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Show Transcript

Intro: [00:00:01.8] Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.3] On this episode of Psychic Social.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:00:16.2] I don't believe that people get stuck here. I don't believe that people are held on Earth. I think there's choice. I think they can stay here and watch over people or move into the spirit, the realm, if that makes sense.

Oliver: [00:00:37.2] A very warm welcome to psychic social, the brand new podcast show brought to you by psychic.co.uk. The only place to get the very best psychic readings the internet has to offer. You can check us out online at psychic.co.uk or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just search for psychic.co.uk.

So, let's get right into this show. Our guest today has been a practicing clairvoyant medium for nearly a decade. She has studied at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. And through her journey so far has taught hundreds of students spiritual development and Reiki within her workshops, courses and development circles.

She's amassed a lovely dedicated following on Facebook, and has also performed her mediumship on stage in the past to captivated audiences. The lady I'm talking about is the lovely Hannah MacIntyre. Hannah, thank you so much for joining us today on Psychic Social.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:02:20.5] Thank you so much for having me. I'm really, really excited to be here.

Oliver: [00:02:24.6] It's great to have you on the show. Thank you for coming. What have you been up to today?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:02:27.7] Well, today I did a Facebook Live earlier. But, apart from that I've been out wandering Kent with my dog exploring all the autumn trees.

Oliver: [00:02:37.9] I say yes. Yeah. Well, all the leaves just really start to come down now, haven't they?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:02:42.7] Yeha, they are.

Oliver: [00:02:42.9] Yeah, we live next to a wood and it's just literally they all fall into our garden. So, it's just in the last week they really have come down, haven't they? And some lovely colors. Yeah, yeah, definitely.

That sounds great. Now, we want to sort of move into our first question with you into the show. I mean, we've obviously had this lockdown over this year, sort of on and off. And on the first lockdown period was obviously quite long, wasn't it? It was sort of 12 weeks, I think it was.

Now we were asking all the guests that come on this year after that period, kind of what they did, to sort of keep their positive vibrations raised during that time. And obviously, during the time that we're going through now with our sort of second official national lockdown. And anything that people can do to kind of do the same sort of raise their vibrations? Anything that you can recommend to them?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:03:28.9] Oh, lockdown, hasn't it been interesting this year?

Oliver: [00:03:33.6]

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:03:33.7] Yeah. The funny thing is we were told spirit told me in some of my groups, and my students that a big energy was coming, a big shift was coming. And I can remember in the final circle that I did before it all hit, saying they're showing me like a giant tidal wave and it's going to fall and it's going to change, it's going to change everybody's lives.

But, slightly naively didn't think about what it's actually like for myself, when I go through a massive change in my energy, you know, all your rubbish comes up to be dealt with, all your fear, your insecurities. And you have to work through that. That's how I believe we rise our vibrations. And so I think that's what's happening to all of us on a global scale right now, is we're all trying to come to terms with this energy and rise through it as we shift into a new age.

So, for me, it was quite exciting, really. I mean, obviously, the fear, the worry, you know, people losing people that they love has been horrendous, but I do think it's part of a bigger plan. And so I am hopeful with it. I had big plans with lockdown that I was going to rest and I was going to meditate and I was going to focus on me. I signed up for loads of courses and thought I'd do them all.

And then my following, as you mentioned, just got bigger and bigger and bigger. And I've been so busy helping people, talking to people, doing lives, trying to keep the light shining, that I haven't even done one chapter on my course.

Oliver: [00:05:19.4] Right? Okay.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:05:21.0] So, I think, for anyone out there that wants to know how to raise their vibration, it's a very personal thing. And I can't give you a list, what I can say is there are things that really worked for me personally, like being out in nature, meditating, being around loads of beautiful crystals, but I'm also have to be very mindful of what I allow into my energy.

So, I'm very good at avoiding things that I find upsetting or difficult because I don't want that energy in my energy. So, I think for a lot of people out there, you know, you have to give yourself permission sometimes to turn off the news, if it's depressing you, to not watch the horrible TV show, if it's full of negative people and low vibrations and difficulties and, you know, be very conscious of what you're putting into your energy and who you're surrounding yourself with. So, that for me is key.

Oliver: [00:06:23.7] Yeah, that's very important is there and obviously you touched upon walking in nature, and stuff like that. And although it sounds sort of very simple, and people sort of will just go, well, that's just going for a walk. But, it's actually very important, isn't it?

Not only for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. And, you know, some sort of I know, some sort of functional medicine doctors would potentially prescribe as part of their medication, and quote, unquote, would be a, you know, walk in the countryside or woodland walk or walk, you know, in nature, to help you, you know, feel better, and obviously, good for your physical and mental health. But, yeah, it's...

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:07:00.8] Absolutely.

Oliver: [00:07:01.3] Yeah, yeah.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:07:01.7] And I think, you know, one of the things that I always like to say to people is, if you're feeling stuck, you know, you need to get yourself to a space where the energy is moving so that your energy can absorb that movement.

So, walking in the woods with the wind, or walking by a river or a stream, where there's some natural movement will help your energy to shift to help to move the things that you want to move in your life. So, it is very simple. But, it's also completely life changing, I think.

Oliver: [00:07:32.1] Totally, 100%. And also, you mentioned about the news. And yeah, switching off, choosing what kind of you receive into your mind as opposed to, you know, just having the TV on and just accepting that it's there to have it on and it's in the background, but you're still absorbing that stuff, the negativity of the news. And I switched the news off, you know, I stopped watching about three months ago. And it absolutely transformed how I felt, and and it lessened, obviously, the initial anxieties of the first lockdown and the break, and then sort of breakout of Coronavirus in this country.

And I felt so much better I did, I did check in the news on an app on my phone, you know, probably once or twice a week, just a quick check of the headlines, but actually switching off the news and that constant sort of what felt like a barrage of negativity coming at me personally, to close that off, to have the power just to go, I'm not gonna, I don't have to watch that. I'm not gonna watch that. Was was really good for me personally, I'm sure it's probably worked for a few other people as well. But, yeah.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:08:30.6] Absolutely, absolutely. Things so simple. And we're all fed this sort of belief that we we have to watch it. We have to get involved. We have to worry about things. And I can remember a few years ago, I got really upset about the children in Syria.

And I'd watched this documentary and it was horrendous. And I meditated on it. And I spoke to my guides, and I asked them what I could do. And they said very clearly to me, nothing. But, I tell you what you could do, you could stop watching it and lowering your vibration and changing the work that you need to do here where you are because all you're doing is buying into that fear, buying into that sadness, buying into that sorrow when you're actually not able to do anything very much about it.

You can donate to a charity, but aside from that, what are your options? So, it's really important, I think, to switch off and give yourself permission to do that.

Oliver: [00:09:29.1] Yeah. And it is and like I say, you know, it's okay. Because you that is something that you are in control of, you know, we don't live in a newsroom, do we? You know, you have the option to have it on or off or watch something else or do something else. So, yeah, I've been sort of immersing myself in podcasts and books and wonderful podcasts like Psychic Social and you know.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:09:49.5] Exactly. That is exactly what you need to do.

Oliver: [00:09:50.8] Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Great. Well, yeah. So, we wanted you to just tell us about, we wanted to move on to next question if you can, and wanted you to take us back to the beginning.

And how did you sort of become psychic or how did you realize that you had this kind of ability? Was it passed down to you or were you aware of at a young age? How did it come to you?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:10:10.2] Well, I think I'm, I'm a little bit different, because I'd love to tell you that I was communing with spirit from my childhood and I just knew. No, I was always interested in mediumship, and spiritual stuff. But, I didn't have a calling that I thought that I would have recognized as a calling.

Now, when I look back, I go, oh, yeah, now I see it, but at the time I didn't. And so what happened to me was, I was having a really tough time feeling very disheartened with life, and it just being so difficult and people being so negative, and I was in my early 20s. And it just seemed like everything was harder than it needed to be. And one of my friends, a work colleague actually, gave me a message from my grandfather.

And in that moment, I knew because the message was so good and clear and precise, I knew that my grandfather could still see me, I knew that my grandfather was still watching. And that moment changed everything for me because I then started to get more actively involved in a spiritual development circle that she went to. I went because I thought it was cool. I'd love to tell you, Oliver, that I went because I felt a deep spiritual calling in me.

But, I just thought this will be interesting. Wow, maybe I'll see some other people get messages. It didn't occur to me that it was part of a path. And when I look back now, I mean, there's things that my mom has told me that I used to hear people calling my name when I was little. And I used to get premonitions about things and ideas about things.

But, they were so natural to me that it never occurred to me that they were part of a gift, if that makes sense. They were just something that was going on in the background. And I didn't really consciously engage with them until I joined a circle and then decided to try and flex that muscle for myself.

Oliver: [00:12:20.6] Mhm, very interesting. Yeah, that is very interesting. Yeah, I mean, I I've had a sort of experience in my life, where I just sort of always been very much of an empath, but kind of never really realized it until recent years, and never really realized how much I felt other people's feelings and energy without actually speaking to them. And I just thought that everyone could do that, you know.

But, it's interesting, as I've got into, you know, working on psychic social and psychic.co.uk that, yeah, I've realized that this is something that I've been able to do and not that not not, it's not something that comes to everyone naturally, you know, being able to, you know, like someone will come to the front door, like the postman or whoever, and I can immediately just get if they if they have, especially if it's negative, I immediately feel like I'm hit with this negative blast of energy before they've even said anything. And then I just thought everyone felt like that, but obviously not, I've been told.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:13:11.3] Yeah, exactly, and that's the thing. I think it's sometimes for some of us it's just so natural. And you don't it's just how it's always been. So, you don't...

I mean, I can see now that I always was going to be a healer because I collected I mean, even when I was quite young, I had adults telling me their problems, people leaning on me for support, but it never, I never stopped to think, why is this happening? What is this? It was just how my life was. So, I just sort of floated around in it, you know?

Oliver: [00:13:45.5] Yeah, sure.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:13:47.6] So, it's just something that I've worked I've worked on and work with spirit. And you know, now when I look back, I go, oh, yeah. But, at the time didn't realize it at all.

Oliver: [00:13:58.1] Yeah, of course. Sure. Well, we wanted to obviously ask you about, you know, some of your readings and stuff you've done in the past. And I'm sure you've had quite a few of these over the years of being a medium. But, is there a reading that you've done for someone in the past that kind of really stood out to you and kind of stuck in your memory?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:14:13.8] There's been a couple. The funny thing is they're all so amazing. And I have to say that I still now spirits still wow me. They still amaze me with the things they come through with. I think for me, there's been two, two, maybe three really big ones that stuck out for me.

So, before I was officially a medium, I used to have a ready meal business and I used to deliver meals around to elderly people in the local area. And I can remember going to this gentleman's house and I'd been spiritually developing for about four years at this point. And he was ever so sad because his wife had passed and she just came forward so strongly, so clearly. And it was this fighting within me because, you know, I was there under a non-spiritual guise, I was there as the lady that delivers the meals.

And I had to ask him to sort of explain and say, you know, I just want to let you know, I've been working on my connection to the spirit world and I need to let you know that your wife is here. And she was talking to me about a pink I could see pink flowers and this shrub, and I'd only ever been in his kitchen.

And I said, I said, I don't know what flowers they are. And as I did, she said they're Pyrenees. And I said, oh, they're Pyrenees. And he said, follow me. And he walks down his hallway with this stick ever slowly into his living room that had these double doors. And on the other side of the double doors was this gigantic pink Pyrenee bush in blue, and he said that was her favorite flower and that was hers that she planted there.

And I'm talking to him more and getting more information, it turned out that she was a medium. And she was a Reiki master. And so she knew that it was absolutely appropriate for her to step forward to him. And she knew exactly how to communicate through me.

And her presence was so strong, and it gave him such comfort because he was so filled with sorrow at her passing. So, that was a really lovely one for me, because it was right at the beginning and kind of blew my mind a little bit.

Oliver: [00:16:24.8] Yeah, that's very nice. Yeah.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:16:26.8] Another one for me is a friend of mine came for a reading and she'd been trying for a baby and it hadn't been happening. And she was going down the route of adoption. And she came for a card reading. And I was talking to my spirit guides. And they said to her, your baby is already here. It was so clear the message, your baby's already here.

So, I just relayed that to her. And we both assumed that it was a child she was going to adopt. And then two weeks later she found out she was pregnant. And now she's had that baby. So, at the time the baby was actually here in the room with us. We just didn't know.

Oliver: [00:17:07.0] Didn't now, amazing. Wow.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:17:09.2] So, it's this, I mean, there's been so many, but those two for me particularly stick out.

Oliver: [00:17:14.0] Oh, they're lovely stories. Thank you very much for sharing those. Yeah, I'm sure you've got hundreds and hundreds. But, yeah, they're great those two. Well, obviously we've been hearing about your mediumship so far throughout the show. And can you tell us about your guide or guides? Do you have one or a few? And how do they work for you or does that guide work for you?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:17:30.3] So, I used to have a team of five guides that I knew by name, knew by energy, could talk to, could call in and I would really, really see them. But, one of the things that my guides have been talking to me about is that we all hold on to this expectation with spirit guides that we want to know what they look like, we want to know where they're from, we want to know the lives that they've lived. And actually, the really important stuff that we need, the wisdom, the guidance, the unconditional love, it doesn't need to be given from somebody who's in the shape of a human, if that makes sense. You know, they're in the spirit world, they are, their soul is free.

So, now, when I work with spirit guides, I don't know who I'm working with, I just tune into that energy. And I can call, still call on my old team. And they do come, but I feel like they're working with other people now and I have to... it's a bit like you know, being at school and you go up a year and you really miss your old teacher, but you know that it's time for you to work with new energies. It feels like that to me. So, I don't I I know there's a team. I know that there's around eight of them with me, but I don't know the details of who they are. They just come to me as light.

Oliver: [00:18:54.8] Okay, that's interesting. And I don't think we've had an explanation not that before from any psychic. So, that's that's very unique as well. So, you work clairvoyantly so you see, see images and things like that. Do you have do you work clairaudiently? Do you hear sounds? Do you hear voices and things like that? Clairsentiencely? Do you use any of the other claire's in your mediumship at all?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:19:16.2] I'm a I'm a hodgepodge, Oliver, I use all of them. I think that spirit are very, very intelligent. And one of the things when I'm teaching my students that I always encourage them to do is not pigeonhole themselves into one Claire, because you meet people on spiritual journeys who do this all the time, I only see, I only feel, I only hear. And as soon as you're saying that as a manifestation, that's all you're going to get.

Oliver: [00:19:44.3] Close yourself off. Yeah.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:19:46.0] Yeah, exactly. Whereas if you just learn to surrender and trust, trust in the intelligence of the spirit world. They don't need you to tell them how you want to receive it. They will give it in the best way for you.

So, with me, it's always a bit of a mixture. Sometimes I feel it, sometimes I hear it, sometimes I just know it, sometimes I see an image that they then talk to me about and it varies depending on the energy I'm working with and my own energy.

Oliver: [00:20:15.5] Mhm. Mhm. Okay, that's interesting explanation. Thank you very much for that. Well, that moves us nicely into a break. Now, we're hearing some fantastic stuff from clairvoyant medium, Hannah MacIntyre here on Psychic Social today.

And we're very much looking forward to hearing more from Hannah in part two, where we'll hear all about her time at the world famous Arthur Findlay College, her fascinating take on the afterlife, and much more. So, we'll see you after this.

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Oliver: [00:22:30.6] Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social and our chat with clairvoyant medium, Hannah MacIntyre. Now, just before the break, we mentioned the Arthur Findlay College where you studied and honed your mediumship. Hannah, can you tell us a bit more about some of your experiences during your time there?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:22:45.5] Oh, it's the place. It's just such an incredible space to work with mediums, other mediums. It's I mean, my friend calls it Hogwarts. And I think that's probably the best description for it. It's this beautiful old building. And that is just filled with the best teachers, the best energy, the best people to work with. And I think there's something very unique about going to a space where you leave your life behind for a week.

So, for me as a mom, you know, I go there for a week, and I focus solely on my mediumship. Someone else prepares my food. And you know, you don't have to deal with any of life stuff getting in the way. And so I think it's a really great place to really propel your mediumship forward because it's so intensive. It's got the best quality of teachers. And, you know, it really attracts wonderful, interesting people from all around the world. So, you can really find out so much about other people's journeys and other people's experiences and learn from them as well. It's just magical.

Oliver: [00:23:59.5] Great. And I understand [inaudible 00:24:03.2] do sort of test platform work there, is that right, in front of test audiences?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:24:07.7] Absolutely. There is nothing like standing up in front of a room of your heroes to demonstrate mediumship. There's nothing quite like that for me, making the nerves come out. Yeah, you you can practice in front of your peers, you can practice in front of other people.

And of course, the staff there who are these amazing, accomplished mediums with such great evidence and such great different ways of working and so yeah, it's definitely a button presser. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's so worth it.

Oliver: [00:24:39.6] Great. Well, that's fantastic to hear all about that. Thank you, Hannah. Now, the listeners would love to hear about how you practice your Reiki. I understand you do Reiki, and maybe you could explain to them for anyone who doesn't know how Reiki works, how does that work? And can you tell us a bit about it, please?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:24:56.3] Of course. So, I started off as an Azure Reiki Master and then moved into Angelic Reiki. And Reiki essentially, in layman's terms is using the universal energy that's there for everybody, pulling it in and channeling it into somebody else's energy so that you can remove blockages, remove negative energy, break down barriers. I mean, it's it's holistic. So, it works mind, body, spirit, emotions, it heals everything. And it's a really wonderful, just a fantastic energy to work with.

So, the difference with Angelic Reiki is that you have your own personal healing Angel, who you know by name, mine's called Gizrael, and they come forward, they are assigned to you in this lifetime for your healing work. And so they blend with you and they bring a wonderful energy. And to me, in honesty, all healing, whether it's Azure, whether it's spiritual healing, I mean, there's so many different types out there. Essentially, what you're putting into somebody is love.

You are pouring the love of the spirit world into somebody. And that love and that energy, it has its own again, intelligence, it knows where it needs to work, it knows what it needs to do. And it can really shift things in people. It's a, it's such an amazing thing. Now, I'm very passionate about Reiki, as you may have noticed, but it's also really important, I think, for your listeners to understand that no healer can wave a magic wand and just take away everything that is wrong with you. And it is sort of like entering into a contract, I think, with your healer, with the spirit world.

You know, you need to accept as the person who is seeking healing, that, that healing will urge you to make transformations in your life, it will urge you to look after yourself better, it will urge you to deal with the past. But, of course, we as humans we all have free will and choice. And so if you choose not to use that energy the right way, for example, you go home after a Reiki healing session and binge watch the news whilst drinking a bottle of wine, you're going to undo that work. It is miraculous, but it can't change things unless you work with it.

So, when you go to see a healer, you need to be working hand in hand with that healer to help transform your energy. But, the the healer can't do it all for you. And spirit can't do it all for you. You have to take some ownership of making some changes in your own life as well.

So, I'm very passionate about people understanding that because I think so many people think they can just go to see a Reiki healer and that will fix all their problems. But, it it's it's a journey healing. It's a never ending journey. I mean, I'm 10 years into mine. And I'm still working through things for me.

Oliver: [00:28:06.5] Sure, sure. And I'm sure it was, some people might not know exactly what the process is. So, if you could just sort of briefly explain. It's raising your hands above the body and not actually touching the body, is that right?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:28:16.8] Yeah, different healers work different ways. I'm a non-touch healer. Some people like to have that physical contact. But, essentially what happens is the healer opens himself up. And it's a great expression that the shamans use, which is hollow bones. So, you become that bridge for that energy.

So, the energy comes in through you in through the top of your head where your crown chakra is down through your body, down your arms and out of your palms, and sometimes out of your heart center as well, sometimes out of your third eye as well. And that energy just flows in to your client. And like I said, it's got its own intelligence, it's just so amazing.

So, it knows where it needs to go because sometimes we have physical ailments that are actually from, you know, an emotional upset from years ago. And so your physical element might be in your left knee. But, the emotional upset that's causing that pain is actually in your heart. And the energy will know that. It will know where to flow, where to go, how to heal that person the best way for them, it's just amazing. And so as the recipient for me, you would come here, you would be wrapped up all snugly in a blanket and lie on a couch.

There'd be some beautiful music playing, just drift off. And you know, some people see colors, some people feel things, some people have experiences, and some people just lie there and have a rest. And you know, I can't tell you exactly how it will feel for you. But, I can tell you it's completely transformational.

Oliver: [00:30:01.0] Lovely. That sounds fantastic. Now, some psychics have been on before have mentioned that obviously, they've done Reiki as well, like they can sort of send the healing anywhere in the world, is that something that's possible is it with Reiki is that you can sort of give the healing remotely? Is that right?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:30:16.4] Absolutely, absolutely. So, I mean, I try and get my head around this. And then my brain short circuits, and I just it's almost like to see a wisp of smoke coming out of my ears. But, from spirits' perspective, time and space doesn't exist.

Oliver: [00:30:33.4] Yeah, sure. Of course.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:30:34.5] That's a human construct. Therefore, you can heal any timeline, any life, in any place, at any time, with your intention. So, it is I mean it is amazing. And I remember when I first started, one of my school friends, who I hadn't been in contact with for years, contacted me and asked me to do some healing on her. And she was in London, and I was in Kent. And we did it.

And it was just so amazing. And she could even tell that when I'm meditating my head flops to one side, and she could see that she can see that in London. Even though I was here, she knew the position that I was in as I was channeling the healing for her. So, absolutely, don't be held back by your limited human perception of what's available to you.

Oliver: [00:31:19.5] Exactly. We are far more than we think we are, aren't we?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:31.22.5] Absolutely.

Oliver: [00:31:24.7] Yes. That leads us nicely into into the next question now, which we wanted to we ask all our guests that come on Psychic Social, is what are your thoughts about the afterlife in your life and through your mediumship experiences so far? And what do you think happens when we eventually leave Earth?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:31:40.8] Oh, I love this question. So, my thoughts on the afterlife are that we think we we often think and everyone talks about it, that we go off somewhere. And although I do believe that going off somewhere is available to us, for me, and my experiences with spirit, they stay around, not in an intrusive way, but just in the same way that if God forbid, I passed to the spirit world tomorrow in that way that I would want to still see my children grow. And I would want to be a part of their life.

So, I think, you know, spirit is very subtle. And I think there's a reason for that, because I think they're all around us all the time. And we wouldn't want to be able to feel them all the time, it would be too much for our little human monkey mind.

So, they're around, they are around all the time watching. I think there may be some back and forth, you know, and my understanding is when we move into the spirit world, it's with ease. It's natural. I don't believe that people get stuck here. I don't believe that people are held on Earth, I think there's choice, I think they can stay here and watch over people or move into the spirit, the realm, if that makes sense. And when we go there, we get to look at our lives, we get to look at the decisions we made. We get to look at what we signed up for, why were we here? What were we supposed to learn?

But, how were we supposed to develop? And have we done that? Have we succeeded? Have we had the experiences and allowed the experiences that we needed to have to grow for our soul's growth, for helping the other souls around us growth? And so I think we have like a big life review. And then we just float around in absolute light and love and joy and happiness. And it sounds [inaudible 00:33:46.9] amazing.

Oliver: [00:33:48.7] It sounds great. That's a great explanation. Thank you. Did did you kind of think that we could come back and, you know, maybe to learn some more lessons in another incarnation?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:33:58.3] Absolutely. Which is part of the reason why it's always funny to me that people want to label spirit guides. Because I think that in honesty, if we accept that we reincarnate, and we accept that we need to learn, then you don't get to the level of spirit guide without having lived a few lives here.

And we always want to sort of fixate on one look and one fragments of that that energy's experiences to make us feel safe as human beings. And it's always a massive motivator. I think when you know, as we ascend and we work on our selves in our journeys, and we rise and we change our vibrations. I'm always saying, you know, I better learn it this life because I don't want to come back again and have to experience this again.

Oliver: [00:34:43.1] Yeah, sure, sure. Yeah. Well, excellent explanation. Thank you very much for that, Hannah. Well, we're coming towards the end of the show now. And the last couple of questions we've got for you are going to be moving slightly away from the psychic world. We just wanted to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you'd like to read and what you'd like to watch on TV. So, could you tell us what sort of last book you read or box that you watched on Netflix or any other streaming platforms?

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:35:06.0] Of course, be prepared for a really high brow here, not.

Oliver: [00:35:11.5] Go ahead.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:35:11.7] Well, as I said, I don't like things that lower my vibration. So, I am a big believer in cruddy TV. Because cruddy TV makes you happy. So, I've watched an awful lot of RuPaul's Drag Race, which is my absolute favourite. And actually RuPaul is has some interesting spiritual insights there when he's trying to pep everybody up.

But, I also really, really just enjoyed Schitt's Creek, because it was just such an energy of love in that entire show. And it you could just go to bed at night after watching it and feel happy. And I think that for me is very, very important. I try and watch things that bring me joy.

Oliver: [00:35:53.9] Sure. Exactly. And what about sort of books and stuff and or do you listen to audiobooks or podcasts or anything else that you [inaudible 00:36:02.5]

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:36:02.8] I read a lot of books but I, I'm, you know, I'm gonna be honest here, Oliver. I'm a bit of a, I love teenage sort of fantasy novel. So, I'm reading Harley Quinn, the Harley Quinn series at the moment, and that's all about witchcraft and magic. But, again, it's that kind of, not too taxing, you're not going to, you know, I'm not going to go to sleep at night worried or traumatized or upset, you know, just all the bit fluffy.

Oliver: [00:36:31.0] Well, not like my current listing is. I'm listening to an audio book on 18 hours worth of neuroscience in my spare time. So, that's a bit heavy going. Yeah.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:36:42.0] Wow, that's not for me.

Oliver: [00:36:43.3] Maybe I need to just shut out and watch You've Been Framed or something? I don't know. Okay, it's great.

Oliver: [00:37:45.2] Great stuff. That sounds great. Well, will put all the links to that in the show notes on the website. And yeah, thank you very much for that, Hannah. Well, it's been wonderful to have you on Psychic Social today.

Thank you so much for joining us and sharing all this great stuff and information with the listeners here. And well, I could just like take care and stay safe. And we look forward to speaking to you again very soon. Hannah, thank you very much.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:38:05.9] Thank you very much. I've loved it. Thank you so much for having me.

Oliver: [00:38:09.0] Thank you, enjoy the rest of your day.

Hannah MacIntyre: [00:38:11.0] And you.

Oliver: [00:38:11.2] See ya. Thanks. Bye.

Outro: [00:38.17.3] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social. Today's show was brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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