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Interview with Psychic Medium; Chris Riley. Chris is known as the UK’s best-loved Psychic, as voted for by his loyal fans and clients. Born and raised in Essex, UK, his bubbly and passionate personality has seen him deliver thousands of wonderful readings to his clients over the past few years. Chris has appeared in some of the UK’s most popular newspapers including the Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Mirror, Metro, and Spirit and Destiny magazine and connects daily with his hundreds of thousands of followers on Social Media.



*(This podcast was recorded on 13/11/2020)




With Psychic Medium, Chris Riley PSPE:025

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Intro: [00:00:02.1] Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.7] On this episode of Psychic Social.

Chris Riley: [00:00:15.3] He was resuscitated and as he was resuscitated his mum said breathe, she was in the -- he said she was literally looking like he was in the clock. She said breathe. And as she said breathe to him, the resuscitation was done, and they brought him back to life.

Oliver: [00:00:31.6] Welcome to Psychic Social with me, Oliver Duke, the podcast that explores all things from the psychic and spiritual perspectives, including interviews with famous psychic practitioners, discussions about the afterlife, the paranormal, and much more. So, relax and enjoy the show.

Our guest today is known as the UK’s best-love psychic, as voted for by his loyal fans and clients. Born and raised in Essex, UK, his bubbly and passionate personality has seen him deliver thousands of wonderful readings to his clients over the past few years. He’s appeared in some of the UK’s most popular newspapers, including The Daily Mail Daily Star, The Mirror, Metro, and Spirit and Destiny magazine. The person I’m talking about is the captivating, Chris Riley. Chris, thank you so much for joining us today on Psychic Social.

Chris Riley: [00:01:23.4] Thank you for having me.

Oliver: [00:01:24.6] It’s lovely to have you on the show. Thank you so much for joining us. Obviously, we’ve been locked down a couple of times now this year, sort of after sort of March this year. And we sort of wanted to know, from you, how did you kind of -- how did you keep your positive vibrations raised through that time? How did you kind of keep happy, keep positive and possibly transmits that to your followers as well?

Chris Riley: [00:01:45.3] Yeah, do you know what? I think in the beginning, it was a big adjustment for everybody, including myself. And I was having a conversation with someone the other day actually about this and how being psychic or being sensitive. I don’t know if we take it harder than everybody else. But, I just feel like this, this second one, it’s been a lot harder.

But, the first one earlier in the year, I’m not used to being at home all the time. So, and I live on my own as well. So, being at home on your own all the time, and I’m very, very grateful that I can work online and I can you know, and I can work on the phone and email and everything else. But, it’s mentally, it’s hard in general for everybody, you know.

So, I suppose going back to what I was saying about fitness, so just be as active as I could and can be, because it helps your mind so much I find, and just getting out in fresh air as much as possible. Because you do you do feel like suffocated and stuck and everything.

And I get that that just really, and I suppose I, especially in the first lockdown, was sharing a lot of kind of like guided meditations. So, I was sort of talking and doing a lot of meditations and sort of things on talks on mental health and -- Because normally I’d go live and I would do readings, readings all the time. And I thought why, you know, what can I do differently? And what are people going to want and need. And so I was sharing the meditations from relaxation to, you know, whether you’re visualizing things and just for -- to help people’s mind, I suppose. And started to kind of build up a bit of a thing with that, really.

So, every morning, I was doing those meditations, but I suppose now because things are slightly different, and not everyone’s at home. I mean, I went to London the other day for a dentist’s appointment, and it actually blew my mind how many people were around. I mean, from where I live to the train, and also to Liverpool Street, it was like, so busy. I thought God, like we’re supposed to be in a lockdown, you know? But, I suppose. Yeah. So, just sort of try to be as active as possible and just really sharing sort of as much positive content as I can show, and kind of putting focus also towards sort of like people’s mental health and wellness really.

Oliver: [00:04:18.8] And that exercise and the meditation, those two things together, are well-documented for being very good for your mental health, aren’t they? And -- [crosstalk] Yeah, I was going to ask you, you know, in terms of meditation, how long have you been doing it? And what sort of -- how did you learn how to do it, and what sort of meditation do you practice?

Chris Riley: [00:04:37.9] I’m being completely honest. I don’t really meditate myself. I should and I should do it more. It was something that when I -- Actually, when I was very young. I remember my mum used to, I don’t know why but my mum used to play like dolphins sounds and things like that and sounds of waves, and stuff and I used to go to sleep to it. So, I suppose from a very young age, I was kind of like meditating, I guess.

And I basically just follow, just listen to music. And not everyone resonates listening to music of whatever type, but normally music. And I don’t follow a particular thing. I just focus on my breathing and relaxing my body and I find that it’s, I get -- I kind of get more from helping other people do it, because I know how hard it can be to kind of settle your mind and your own thoughts and you can meditate. A lot of people on a, you know, on a daily basis, say to me, I meditate but I get so much in my head and I can’t switch off. And that’s what I feel is really, that showing people how to meditate you benefit from.

Oliver: [00:06:02.7] Yeah, that was reminds me of that saying I think it might be a Buddhist saying or something, if it comes then it comes, if it stays then it stays, if it goes, let it go. And I always remember that when I’m doing my meditation because it just -- it’s just telling you not to judge anything that’s coming into your mind. If it’s there, leave it. If it wants to go, take it away, and so on and so forth. And I always try and remember that when I do it.

Chris Riley: [00:06:23.2] Yeah, yeah. I mean, I said I don’t meditate. Sometimes I do. I’ll always if I’m going to do an event, I’ll normally sit for 30 seconds or only a minute before and just clear my head. But I, if I felt like my energy was a bit weak or you know different to normal, then I would normally meditate and just sort of like, I suppose, revitalize my energy if you like. But it’s only really something I do when I feel like I need to. But I love to show other people how and that’s why I suppose with the first sort of lockdown it was really popular.

Oliver: [00:07:08.5] And other people, many people meditate in many different ways. They, like someone who paints, that might be their meditation, or plays a musical instrument, that might be their form of meditation. So, it can be very different for other people, can’t it?

Chris Riley: [00:07:19.8] Absolutely. And I mean, I can’t play -- [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:07:24.9] Neither can I. That’s why I just sit there. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, totally. Well, thanks for that, Chris. Well, I mean, we want to move on to the next question if you could, and wanted you to sort of take us back to the beginning for you. And how did you become a psychic? Or was it always with you? Or was it passed down from a family member? How did that come to you?

Chris Riley: [00:07:45.4] It is in a family. I mean, my mom is a medium, my auntie, and my nan who’s my great nan, I believe, who’s past, she used to give tea leaf readings and things so it is in the family. And for me, actually, when I was growing up, my mum wasn’t, you know, say wasn’t a medium then. It wasn’t something that I suppose we were all open-minded to, my family were open-minded to. But, it wasn’t something that was encouraged, I suppose. At the same time, it wasn’t shut away, it was like it was never spoken about I, suppose.

So, the first kind of experience, I was eight. I think it was about eight years old. My younger brother, who’s now 16-17, 17 nearly. So, I was about nine. So, I’m now I’m now 26 so I was eight or nine years old. And we lived in the countryside, very sort of quiet place. The primary school that I went to had like 16 or 17 kids in and it did eventually close. So, really quite village, like you can imagine it was really out the way, not many people knew where it even was, that it existed.

So, this particular night I remembered, and I can remember this is clear as day and those things you can remember when you’re a child that are just so vivid. I remember laying in bed at night, thinking that we were going to get broken into. And in my head I thought, oh, I don’t be so stupid. Go to sleep. But a part of me in my head felt like someone was telling me. So, I remember that getting up, it was it was late at night. It was about half past 10, something like that, creeping, getting, you know, quietly to the front door. And we had -- It was an old wooden door, a council house. Like, it was an old wooden front door, it was going to be replaced with a new one just before the PVC sort of doors were coming out.

So, we had a bolt at the top and bottom and a latch, sort of the slide across latch. And we were never really, we sometimes put the bolt on the top, sometimes the latch, sometimes not, you know. As I said, quiet area. There was never really any concerns about that. So, I put the latch on the door, it wasn’t on. And I think one of the bolts wasn’t on, so I’d done that and went to bed. So, I went to sleep. I can’t -- I don’t know exactly what time, but my mom was heavily pregnant so this was before my younger brother was born. And there was this bang, bang, bang, bang and someone was literally kicking the door in so much that their shoe, boot, whatever came through the front door and there was a big hole.

Now the bolts came off the door at the top and the bottom and the latch stayed on. I don’t know how the latch stayed on considering if they were kicking the door that hard their, you know, boot came through the door literally. So, the latch stayed on. So, my mom woke me up and she was telling me, you know, someone’s trying to get in the house and whatever, we’re going to we’re going to sleep in the front room in case they come back etc. So, you can go back to sleep. Don’t worry.

The police came in the morning. But it wasn’t really, when I got up, my mom was like oh thank God you put the latch, you know, did you put the laptop on the door. Thank God you did. And that was all that was really said about it. And then it, you know, was never discussed again.

But, I said to my mom I think whoever’s done it is really close. My mom’s like what do you mean? I was like well really close to the house. So, about five years on, the phone randomly rings one day and it’s the police and I say we’ve got a DNA match. We basically, we picked up a piece of chewing gum on your driveway when this happened, we’ve got a DNA match. We just wanted to let you know that it was your neighbor. So, mom’s like okay.

So, obviously, what had happened was we then found out that he -- this guy was at the pub. So, he’d gone to the pub which was at the end of the road, so close. Gone to the pub, probably got drunk, came back, tried to put the key in our front door, I assume, thinking. It was, do you call it detached house where they’re together. [crosstalk] Semi-detached. So the two doors were basically next door if you like. So, he was probably frustrated and just started kicking the door. So, that was the first experience.

And as I say my, I do come from a family of mediums now. And since that we’ve had, generally speaking for, and I’m sure people listening to this will understand this as well. But when you lose someone, I think you start to question your own belief, and where that person goes and whether there is aftermath and heaven, and all the things in your mind. And through loss and grief, a few of us in the family become, as I say my mom and mom being mediums as well, much more susceptible to that and kind of followed that path. So, you know, with that break-in, it was never really spoke about after. And it was crazy. It was absolutely crazy.

And other things like that happened over the years until I was about the age of 16 and I sort of lost my dad’s dad who I was very, very close to. And talking about grief I really had this like burden over me. I really, really struggled with losing him. And I went to a medium and I remember paying… it was like 45 pounds for 20 minutes. And I thought, God, that’s a lot of money.

So, I have my reading and the stuff that this lady told me was unbelievable so much so that I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and I came out of there. And I thought, do you know what, he’s actually all right. And this relief -- [crosstalk] burden -- Yeah, yeah this total peace came through me and then I was okay. So, I was already kind of into the Tarot cards and I was doing readings on eBay from the age of about 13, for like two to three pounds a reading. And I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I kind of did in a way.

And after losing my granddad, the kinds of readings, if you like, that I was giving people were becoming much more specific to a point where I was getting names and descriptions of people and I was thinking to myself, God, I don’t really know. This is getting a bit weird now. [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:14:49.3] You’re becoming more tuned-in, you are becoming as you went along. Yeah, yeah.

Chris Riley: [00:14:54.9] Yeah, but I still didn’t really get it so I went to a circle joined us at the you know, spiritual circle. Got some advice. And from then on, started to put myself on social media, and was offering free readings, and I still do even now, you know, seven, eight, nine years on. And, yes, so, and I’m very, very lucky that my, my work is built on recommendation, and people following me and watching my readings and tagging their friends and their family and, and I’m very, very lucky with that. So, yeah, that’s really where it all started.

And I suppose I didn’t really understand it until about the age of 16, really, when I went up to see someone, and get that advice and understand. Because I used to think to myself, God, you know, what, if someone comes to me that has lost someone to suicide, or has been, you know, in a tragic passing, or how would I even talk about that, you know? I was young, you know.

And I suppose the people that were coming to me and having these readings, would, I think they’d look at me and, and I used to get, I used to go out with my mom and aunt and we used to do events together, and people would come to me and they’d sit down, and I think they’d look at me and think, God, he’s young, what the hell is he going to tell me? You know? And most of the time, when I kind of started to open my mouth, it was like, how does he know this stuff.

Oliver: [00:16:20.3] That’s very interesting, and my next question to you was going to be actually, -- lead on nice. I was going to ask you about the readings that you’ve done, and were there any that really kind of stuck out in your memory? Or stuck out in your memory, I should say. Are there any that stuck out for you that you can sort of tell us about, Chris?

Chris Riley: [00:16:34.2] Yes. Yeah. So, talking about being young and having that thing of people not really taken me per se. Not so much down. Not so much. I mean, I’m 26, but a few years ago. So, as I say, I used to go out with my mom and my aunt, and there was this one particular reading. And we’d do one-to-one readings in hotels, normally. So, this was actually up, north to me in Leicester. So, this really lovely lady came in and had her reading and obviously went. And then a few months later, I got an email and it said hi, you read for me a few months back… can you come back. And I went back and I read for her mom.

And then after that, again, six months on, so I’d basically read for this lady, her mom and then I went back and read for the same girl again that I started with. And I hadn’t seen her mom since I’d read for her. So, we talked only a few months before. And I started this reading and we spoke all about her work and her love life and everything as generally I normally would. And I said, have you got any questions? And she said yeah, I’d like to know about my mom’s health.

Now going back to what I was saying about, you know, not being sure how to put things sometimes, I thought God, you know, what does she want to know. Like she’s asked me about her mom’s health. And I said, well, I feel like you’re -- I said to her, I feel like your mom’s had a breathing issue. I said you’d understand in the last two weeks she’s been to a hospital with a breathing problem. Yes, I understand that.

Bearing in mind I’ve not seen her mum for about six months and I didn’t even know that this was the problem. And she then said to me, no, seriously. She said, that is right she said, but I just need to know what’s really wrong with my mom. And as she said that and we were literally sat… to me, like it was, you know, private reading. In my head I felt, I thought and I felt cancer and I could say, you know, like if when you were at school and you’d see like a diagram of the human body. Well, I see like a diagram of the human body and I could see what looked like, by the -- I think was the bowel I could see, and there was like a -- what, what to me felt like a centimeter in size, like really tiny possibly a tumor.

And I thought, I can’t tell this lady. I just can’t. And she said, please tell me what’s wrong with my mom, please, please tell me. And within the same second we both said cancer. And I said to her, if I’m honest with you, I said I feel that it’s in this area. And I’m seeing like, it would probably be a tumor. I said it’s probably only about a centimeter in size. I said, look, if you need anything please phone me. You know, here’s my number, give me a ring.

And the phone rang a week later and she said I’ve got my mom into a hospital for a scan. She’s got cancer, she has a tumor. It’s in the stomach -- it’s by the stomach and the bowel and the stomach lining, it’s a centimeter in size. You know, thank you so much for telling me. They’re going to remove it. So, it was removed and she had treatment for a while and sadly, she passed away. About a year and a half or two years on, but she might not have had that time to time. [crosstalk]

Yeah. So, it was one of those things where, as I said to you, it was hard because I used to think about, can I say this, do I say that? And now, I don’t do any health readings or pregnancy or anything like that, where I’m put in a difficult position, basically. So, you know, normally if someone came to me now and said to me, look, please tell me about my mum’s health, I would say no. But back then, I suppose I was learning. And she really desperately wanted to know. So, I gave her the answer. And it, I would assume, you know, maybe her mom wouldn’t have had that year or year and a half, two years that she did have. So, yeah, it’s something that really sticks with me, that experience.

Oliver: [00:20:51.4] Yeah, it’s amazing. I mean, so when you saw this kind of vision, sort of you said, this cross section of the human body and like an image of the stomach, or the bowel, or whatever it was, was that actually kind of -- This sounds weird, but was it actually of that person? Or was it just someone showing you a drawing or an outline or graphic? Or how did that clairvoyantly kind of come into your mind? How did you see that?

Chris Riley: [00:21:18.3] Well, it was first like a diagram, and then I thought I was looking inside a stomach, like literally. But then I didn’t know if that -- sometimes you think to yourself, am I imagining that? And I’m sure people listening here will relate to this. But, some, but you do think yourself am I imagining this is the vision. So, at first it was like a diagram and then the diagram in my mind turned into like, a sort of like a movie of a stomach. So, I could see what looked like the stomach lining. And I think it was by, like the bladder. I can’t quite -- or the bowel, I can’t remember exactly. But, yeah, and I just saw, like, it like become like a diagram.

And now if there is, for example, a reading about somebody or somebody who has passed, what will happen is with regards to health. So, for example, I’m to sense a gentleman who’s passed with a breathing problem. I don’t get physical feelings. So, I never -- some psychics and mediums do, I don’t. So, I don’t get physical sense of breathing problem, like I don’t get physical pain in my chest, but I will feel drawn to that area.

So, as soon as some notice I know has passed with a breathing problem or a heart attack, I will instantly feel drawn to that area. So, that’s how I kind of work. And I will feel it in my own body. So, when I’m healing people as well, I would kind of scan my own body is their body, if that makes sense. [crosstalk] So, I feel it in their own body. But that was kind of like a vision of like a picture, and then kind of like a film, which is kind of how I get a lot of what I what I receive. But I also predominantly feel my information. That was like a, like a clip in my mind.

Oliver: [00:23:04.6] Okay. I see. And you sort of feel those reference points on your body, sort of?

Chris Riley: [00:23:09.2] Yeah, yeah. So, if somebody sort of said to me, you know, I’m concerned about my, my body or my health, I might feel drawn to my stomach, for example, or my back, or my shoulders or my, you know, like, drawn to an area. And I will feel deeper into that as to what the problem is, but I will normally recognize straight away.

Oliver: [00:23:28.4] I see. Okay. Great. That’s absolutely fascinating. Well, I mean, we’ve been hearing about your mediumship in the show so far. Can you tell us a bit about your guide or guides? Do you have one or many, and how do they work for you?

Chris Riley: [00:23:43.6] I say I don’t use guides. I’m sure I have many. I don’t really reference to them, to be honest. I have no idea who really works with me. Occasionally, if I do like a stage audience show or an event, I might get a feeling of somebody beside me before I do it. But, I couldn’t tell you details about them or whatever. I think because this has kind of been, I suppose within me since I was little, I don’t feel like -- I’m very blessed to be able to say that I don’t feel like I’ve had to work at -- like for it.

So, I, as I said to you, I don’t really meditate often, unless I feel like I need to. With the guides, I don’t sort of speak to a direct guide. And I think because I don’t -- When I’m giving a reason, and this is something a lot of people ask me, is how do I switch it on and off and I don’t. I don’t ever turn on and off. I don’t ever open up or close down or anything. Which some people might think he’s really wrong. But, that’s me, and I’ve never had any problems with that in any way.

Oliver: [00:25:04.1] I was going to say, does that not drain you sometimes being constantly open to that?

Chris Riley: [00:25:07.0] No, because I don’t feel like -- I can go into a shop and walk past someone and I’d never look at that person and pick something up. The only time that I’m open is when I’m giving a read. And what I find is, I work well, instantly. So, if, for example, I was to do reading over the phone or in-person, I will never get anything before. I will only get something as soon as I hear that person’s voice.

Oliver: [00:25:32.3] Right. Sort of opening a gate sort of thing and kind of closing it, in a way?

Chris Riley: [00:25:36.1] Yeah, yeah. And I really, I really feel that when I say, you know, have you had your reading before, and I give them a little introduction, that’s like, consciously my way of saying, right, you know what, I’m ready to work now. And it’s the same with an audience. I’ll say, you know, have you been before, have you seen a reading before, and that’s like my way of opening up, I suppose. Because I’ve never consciously visualized anything or, or opened up, should I say.

Oliver: [00:26:03.7] I see. Right. But, that’s, that’s, that’s great. Thank you for that, Chris. Well, I mean, we’re going to head into a break now. We’re hearing some fantastic stuff from psychic medium, Chris Riley here on Psychic Social today. And we’re really looking forward to hearing more from Chris in part two, where we’ll hear some more of his psychic stories, his fascinating take on the afterlife, and much more. So, we’ll see you after this.

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AD: [00:27:31.4] This is Psychic Social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:27:41.8] Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social and our chat with Psychic Medium Chris Riley. Now, we wanted to ask you as we move on into part two, Chris, was there any sort of distinct difference between reading for people in-person as opposed to reading for people on, say a video call, whether it be Zoom Skype or in any other way?

Chris Riley: [00:28:02.4] The only the only thing I would say is I do prefer to see people face-to-face. It doesn’t make any difference the information that comes through, whether it’s about them or their past ones at all. It’s always an amazing experience whether it’s over the phone or in-person. But, I prefer the personal meeting the person, them sitting in front of me.

You know, and I love like when I work from home and I help people around the house to make them a cup of tea and, you know, to sit down with them and, you know, have a proper chat with them and I just feel like it’s much more personal. Although, it’s incredible that we can speak all over the world through Skype, Zoom. And I do speak to people from all over on a daily basis. I mean, I had someone the other day from Trinidad. And I was like, are you serious? So, yeah, it’s absolutely amazing. But, I do really prefer, I think, the personal one-on-one.

Oliver: [00:29:16.6] You can’t beat being in someone else’s kind of personal space and energy, can you? Especially, like that you know.

Chris Riley: [00:29:21.3] No, no. Exactly, exactly. And I, you know, and I just before this second sort of lockdown, I did a day in a in a salon, in a beauty salon on Halloween. And it was the first sort of like in-person thing I’d done for quite a while, obviously, because of the restrictions. And I think I’d done about 10 readings, 20-25 minute readings. Half an hour break. And when I’m when I’m seeing people in person I like to just do one off the other. Like, I’m in the right mindset as to kind of in flow.

It absolutely knackers me at the end of the day, but when I’m on the roll, you know, I just prefer one after the other. And the -- I don’t know if it is, if it is stronger when you’re in person or not. It could be. But, you know, people that come in, there was a young girl, who came in first. And I’d always ask have you had a reading before? And she said no. And in my head, I thought she’s got endometriosis. Which, you know, is a condition that can affect, I think it’s the womb, if I’m right.

Oliver: [00:30:26.2] And the ovaries or something like that. Yeah. [crosstalk]

Chris Riley: [00:30:28.1] -Possibly and pregnancy, that sort of thing. And I thought, God, do you know what, if I say that she’s going to be out the door.  Like, she’s never had a reading before. You know, I’d ease myself in gently if you like. So, I started with about her love life and her relationship and her career and family, and then I came to that. And she’d been diagnosed two days before. And her mom came in after and she said to me, you know, I’m so grateful you’ve told her that because she’s got the diagnosis, but it’s taken the doctors like four or five, six weeks to find the fault through so many different tests and they’ve had to do.

But she is still in denial about it. She’s like she still doesn’t believe that that’s what it is. She said, but I’ve tried to tell her, you know, that I have kids, she’s like, one of, I think it’s three kids, whatever. You know, I have kids that are healthy and she can -- it doesn’t mean she can’t have children, and that was what she wanted to know. So, I don’t know if it is stronger when it’s in-person, or not, as I say. But significantly, I wouldn’t say there’s a difference, but it’s just that personal touch.

Oliver: [00:31:35.8] Yeah, exactly. And it is nice to be to be face-to-face. But, obviously, we are, you know, very lucky to have -- be able to make video calls and stuff of really good quality now anywhere in the world. And that obviously, makes it great for lots of things; keeping up with family and friends and things like that, that do live far afield and, and obviously during something like lockdown as well. But also for, you know, psychic readings and stuff like that, you know, so people can still have readings and still feel connected to the psychic via video call. But, yeah.

Chris Riley: [00:32:03.2] Yeah, I mean, we’re so lucky that through lockdown -- [crosstalk] the first one more, so we can speak to family, you know, and we can video call, FaceTime. And I think, mentally, it was a big thing for a lot of people [crosstalk] to have that contact and actually seeing them on the screen. And we’re very lucky to have that. I think a lot of us will be lost without that through this lockdown.

Oliver: [00:32:27.6] Yeah. Well, I’m a child of the 90s, and we didn’t have anything like that back then. So, yeah, we are very lucky now, yeah, to have that.

Chris Riley: [00:32:33.5] Yeah. I mean, I was born in 94. But, I remember having like my first little flip phone. But it never had like FaceTime on it. [crosstalk] And so, I mean, I wonder what it’s going to be like in 20 years’ time, you know.

Oliver: [00:32:47.1] Teleportation, that’s what’s going to go, I think, through the phone. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. Then it can be in-person anywhere in the world. Yeah. This is it, yeah. Yeah. Well, that’s great to hear that. And yeah, obviously, you just mentioned about that, sort of live appearance in the salon, you mentioned. Are there any other live events that you could tell us about you’ve done in the past. So, some platform work that you’ve done in front of live audiences, anything like that?

Chris Riley: [00:33:10.9] Yeah, so I’ve done a lot of my own events. I, normally, I have about 50 people when I do shows. I don’t really like any more than 50, because at the end of the day, I think people are pay, you know, 20-25 pounds a ticket to come to these sorts of events. And I like as many people to get a reading, and to have that kind of intimate experience. So, kind of around 50 people. I’ve done pretty much most of the UK.

Normally just sort of take someone with me, go to, you know, a venue, do an evening show and then read private readings. The shows I love, obviously, at the moment, it’s not possible. So, it’s been nearly, I don’t know, nearly a year I’d say since my last sort of in-person event. And I’ve never -- I wouldn’t say I’m a really confident person. I’d say I’m more confident now, but I never used to be

And the first kind of platform event I’d done, I was about 17 and I remember it was for 100 people. And I remember getting up thinking how on Earth am I going to do this? And it was to raise money for charity. It was for a young boy with cerebral palsy who -- It was to raise money for a wheelchair for a young guy. And I remember getting up thinking how on Earth am I going to do this, because I’d not done, really done one before.

And actually, I kind of feel, it’s almost like I kind of excel in a way. So, this sort of like power. I wouldn’t say the power comes over me, but this feeling comes over me of just come trust, I suppose. I mean, I trust my ability with more -- with any -- more than this world, you know. So, I just and I’ve always said as well just say whatever you get and that’s what I do.

And I get people to bring photographs along, normally. And they’re placed down in front, you know, on the table. And I will mix it up. Sometimes I do the first half of just sort of straight readings and the other half week photographs. And I think a lot of people like to have a photograph read or piece of jewelry, or I’ve, you know, I’ve had people bring handkerchiefs and cats -- [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:35:42.8] Right. I see. I was going to ask you, do you do, obviously, the psychometry, the full on psychometry, obviously you do.

Chris Riley: [00:35:49.2] Yeah, yeah. I mean not, not in private readings. But, if someone bought something along to a show and I had them put it down and I was drawn to it, then yeah. If I was drawn to it, of course, I would touch it. And normally, I will touch something, get an instant feeling. I’ll give you an example. I had a client about two months ago, who I was really drawn to this bracelet that he had on, and I kept looking at it. And normally, if I’d feel drawn to an object is because it’s really significant or it belongs to a past relative. But it wasn’t past relative, it was a previous relationship.

And as soon as I touched it, it was like a vibration came through me, and that made me feel that this was with an ex-partner of seven years ago. And they had met in Great Yarmouth… a caravan -- and it was exactly right. And he literally went wow, was like how on Earth did I know -- [crosstalk] And I thought I don’t really know how I know it, but I know it. But I just touched his bracelet literally within a split second, and just felt this this energy. And I was obviously, drawn to it for a reason. But, yeah, so with the photographs very, very similar. So, if it belongs to it -- If it’s of a past loved one, normally, I would get a feeling of something, whether it could be, you know, the past… or a name or a description of some -- a place or something, and it goes from there.

Oliver: [00:37:22.5] So, I was going to say in terms of the psychometry or the objects that you’re kind of holding and getting the messages through or from to the person, is there any way you can kind of explain a bit more about how the message is channeled -- is it kind of channeled through the object? I know you said --  mentioned about the guides and things like that previously in the show, but how does that kind of channel through you? Is it something -- Do you see the visions? Do you hear the sounds? Do you hear someone saying something about the object? Or how does that work? What is it the message you’re getting?

Chris Riley: [00:37:55.7] Yeah. So, I with object, so whether we’re talking about a bracelet or a ring or a piece of jewelry, everything carries energy. So, the jewelry that I and you wear carries our energy, and that’s what we’re psychically connecting into. So, when I touched that bracelet and got that instant feeling of this being from an ex-partner, you know, seven years ago, etc., that was the feeling that I got psychically. So, through my own intuition, if you like.

And when I think about past loved ones, if I’m picking up a photograph of a loved one who has past, I think possibly in some ways, it’s sometimes very hard to define. So, it might be that for a moment, I am working on a psychic level. So, I’m getting a feeling of -- to connect me to the person I’m reading for. So, I might pick up a photograph of someone’s family member that’s passed and say, you know, who is this picture, it’s mine. And I might get a feeling about their career first, or their love life. But normally ,it’s about that past loved one.

So, I would get a sense of a face, normally as soon as I touched that picture or look at it, I get a feeling of something, whether or how the person died or name whatever, as I said. So, I think the difference between the objects as the bracelet or the ring, whatever, the piece of jewelry, and the picture, I think the object is more of a psychic feeling. And the -- And normally what I would do is I will hold the photograph of the loved one, and I’ll put it to my heart. I don’t know why I do it, but I just do. And I normally will hold it on my heart for a second in that area. And then once I’ve got an established connection, and they say to me, yes. So, if I said this is your mom, she passed of an a heart attack. Yes. I will put the picture down, and then I will be fine. I won’t even need to look at it again.

Because I suppose it’s like, it may be psychically for a moment, I’m not sure. I mean a lot of this stuff. We, as much as, you know, talking of psychics and mediums, it can be quite difficult at times to prove a lot of this and say, oh, I am working psychically. Or I’m working as a medium or I’m doing this or doing that. So, I try not to label all this stuff, but I guess that’s how it works for me. And for someone else, it might be completely different and might not -- what I’m saying may not resonate, and that’s absolutely fine. And as I say to people that come to me, I’m not the medium for everyone and the same as the next person. I mean -- [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:40:47.2] Yeah, no, I was going to say that, I think also what you just said, it’s vitally important that, you know, you do connect correctly with the medium, you want to have a reading with. And I think just picking any old medium is not, you know, not say any old medium, but just choosing them at random is not, I don’t personally think how it should be done. It should be, you should try to develop some sort of connection, whether it’s looking at a video of them, or watching them on YouTube a bit or see them on Facebook doing some Lives and stuff, and then making that decision, where you think, oh, actually I really connect with that person, I’d like to have a reading, and then going and have it, you know.

Chris Riley: [00:41:22.7] Yeah, 100%. I mean, and I, you know, I’m not the cheapest on the block, right. But, I like to think but I’m incredibly genuine. I, going back to what I said earlier about free readings, I still give free readings now, even years on, whether that’s live streaming, I do a hell of a lot of charity work for a variety of charities from bullying…  to Marie Curie, different cancer charities. So, I’m always trying to do my bit, you know, and balancing my time between free readings and paid work.

And with my paying clients. I mean, there was there was a young guy the other day, I think he was in America or somewhere. I was on Skype or Zoom, whichever call. And I mean, I was 15-20 minutes in, but I just did not feel like it was wow. And I like people to come to me and have a good reading and not be like one bit of information’s right, the next bit’s not, the next bit is, the next bit isn’t. And I always will -- I say in my mind, I might give 5-10 minutes. I probably turn away, I don’t know, one in 10 people, but not very often. But, I’ll always stop and refund them. And there’s occasions where I’ll say to them, you know, we’ll try again in four weeks’ time, and it’s been absolutely mind-blowing four weeks later. But I don’t know why that is sometimes.

Oliver: [00:42:53.9] That’s interesting, isn’t it? And that also goes back to that, having that connection with that person as well. Maybe it might not be initially the first connection might not be good, like you say and then a few weeks’ time, then then the connection is good. But, But, yeah.

Chris Riley: [00:43:05.7] Absolutely. But the thing is, as I say did this young guy the other day, I was about 20 minutes and I said to him, look, I’m really sorry, but I’ve got to stop. I said I’m going to refund you, you know, you’ve been with me for 20 minutes, but I just personally don’t feel like this is quality. There was bits and pieces, probably 75% relayed. But it was like every three bits of information, one didn’t make sense. And it might just he didn’t know, it might be I was wrong. But, I would never want someone to pay for reading and go away just… [crosstalk] spent 10 minutes or 20 minutes, I will stop and I will refund them. So, that’s, I think, it’s just being -- having an integrity about what you do.

Oliver: [00:43:48.5] Exactly. And of course when you say, you know, you’re not the cheapest on the block, but I mean, like with anything in life, you totally get what you pay for. And if you want quality, then you got to, I guess,, be prepared to pay for it, you know?

Chris Riley: [00:44:01.2] Yeah. I mean, you know, I have people now that some clients offer me double what I charge, and I wouldn’t take it, you know. And I like to, if I did, I have to do my free work as well. I thought that that really balances it out. It’s really important to me that I do my live streams and messages and charity work. You know, there’s got to be kind of like a balance, and I feel like I’ve got it about right.


Oliver: [00:44:30.1] Sure. Well, it sounds like you have. Yeah, sounds good.

Chris Riley: [00:44:32:04] Yeah, yeah. So, but I guess that as well it’s about self-worth. And I find that that charging a decent price or amount for a reading, I seem to attract people that don’t want to waste my time. Whereas going back, take me years when we were, you know, three to five pounds, whether it was on eBay or whatever. This was before eBay banned them by the way. So, we’re talking quite a few years ago.

But it’s, yeah, if they were two, three, four five pounds, you do get time wasters. But when you’re a decent amount for what you do. You know, the same as if you go and have a haircut, if you want a decent cut and color, you pay for it, you know. So, but I like to think that my, my readings, as we said earlier on, are, I guess, life-changing. And it’s not something that you need to have every week. Although I don’t put a time frame on it. But no one comes back the week after speaking to me, to put it that way, because I like to think they’ve got enough guidance and answers and insights.

Oliver: [00:45:44.8] Sure. And what’s -- [crosstalk] I was going to ask you, what’s the average sort of length of time you do a reading for? Is it sort of half an hour, an hour? What sort of time lengths would you give to reading?

Chris Riley: [00:45:55.4] I mean, I do -- I was doing a half an hour through the first lockdown. And then I thought about it. I thought, well, maybe actually, some people would like 15 minutes. So, I’ve started to offer quarter an hour, which I’ve been very busy with, with both, with the 15 minutes and the half an hour. Sometimes it’s been -- the quarter of an hour, hasn’t always been enough.

So, there was a lady and a gentleman yesterday who had a quarter of an hour last week, and just didn’t feel like it was long enough. They still had -- wanted a bit more, they came back yesterday for half an hour. So, sometimes if 15 minutes is enough, most of the time it is. I don’t often go over half an hour. Sometimes if the reading is sort of incredibly emotional, or there is more I need to say then, of course, I go over, very happy to. If I felt that there was more that I needed to say, or there was a loved one that I had not mentioned, then I would, you know, be happy to go on a bit longer. But yes, it will be a quarter of an hour, half an hour, and normally, it’s enough.

Oliver: [00:47:12.6] So, there wouldn’t normally be a need for anything past half an hour, you think, for people?

Chris Riley: [00:47:17.2] No. Unless, as I say, unless there was incredibly emotional. Because not only I think, part of my work, I’m not a counselor, but part of my work is that, sometimes is counseling when there is emotional trauma, or there is trauma from relationships, or could be anything. And I think a lot of people sometimes as well, take I guess, comfort and that, in talking to someone like myself.

So, as much as I’m not a counselor, and that is doing some courses in, one day. But I’m not a counselor, but I think a lot of people do -- and like, if it was emotional, and it was -- the person say, was at half an hour, was really upset and needed more, I’m not going to say to them your half an hour is up now… I’m quite happy and quite flexible with my time.

Oliver: [00:48:20.7] Well, that’s great. Well, thank you for all that, Chris. It’s great to hear all of that. Well, we want to move on to your last sort of psychic-related question of Psychic Social today. And we wanted to ask you what your thoughts were about the afterlife through your life so far, and your mediumship experiences so far? And what do you think happens when we eventually leave the Earth?

Chris Riley: [00:48:41.3] Do you know what? I’ve heard and thought so many different things about this. What I find hard to, not understand but I guess confirm is that are the readings that I give and the readings that any medium gives where they’re communicating with a past loved one. I feel their loved one’s so close to me. So, I think how can that loved one be in a separate world or dimension?

So, I feel that our loved ones are around us. They’re here, they’re so easily connected to. But, I’ve heard so many stories, I spoke to a guy recently, we’d had a face to face reading, and who had had a near death experience and he was telling me about it. And it was kind of mind-blowing what he saw. And he basically, had an operation, came out of theatre, was sitting, like, as a sort of like an out of body experience.

So, he kind of was sitting up out of his own body, if you like. And he could see his mom who had passed in the clock vividly. And he was resuscitated. And as he was resuscitated, his mum said breathe. She was in the -- He said she was literally looking like he was in the clock. She said breathe. And as she said breathe to him, the resuscitation was done and they brought him back to life.

And so I like to believe that, and I know that our loved ones are so close of how -- when, you know, in life and when we do pass. But I don’t -- I can’t say to you there is a heaven and it looks like this or there is a spirit world and it looks like this because it can’t be proven, I guess. And, you know, I won’t know until the time comes that I go there myself. So, I really can’t -- I don’t know. I feel, as I say, that I believe our loved ones are here and around us. And that’s where I leave it at, really.

Oliver: [00:50:54.5] The veil is very thin between this world and the next as they say, I think. Yeah.

Chris Riley: [00:51:00.1] Yeah, yeah. And as I say I find it hard to kind of fathom within my mind of if it’s so, if our loved ones are so easily contactable through medium and can give such incredible information in detail, then they can’t be far away.

Oliver: [00:51:17.7] No, no, I believe that too. Definitely. And I’m sure lots of other people would do that are listening. Thank you for your take on that, Chris. Now we’re coming towards the end of the show now. And the last couple of questions that we’ve got for you are going to take us slightly away from the psychic world. We wanted to -- the listeners as well wanted to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you like to read and what you like to watch on TV. Can you sort of tell us what the last book you read was or audiobook, Boxset that you’ve watched or Netflix, or any podcasts, anything like that?

Chris Riley: [00:51:48.6] The last book I read was Mrs. Hinch. Do you know Mrs. Hinch?

Oliver: [00:51:53.1] I don’t know. Please, tell me what was it about?

Chris Riley: [00:51:56.2] So, I’m in a bit of moving house, and I’m into my home stuff. So, Mrs. Hinch is a clean influencer. And, and I like to, on sort of like social media, I like to follow really positive people. She’s just one of those positive influencers. And she’s got a couple of books. I was reading her memoir. I don’t really read, to be honest. I wish I had time to sit and read books.

But, if I do read it, something like that, or it’s normally something related to what I do. [crosstalk] medium or about something spiritual. That type of book. I mean I was going through some books that I’ve got packing things for this house, new house move. And a couple of books that I’ve got, like, I’ve got, you know, crystal ball and meditation books and stuff like that. So, that’s the sort of thing that I would read. But I’ve been reading this book on Mrs. Hinch. I think a lot of -- She’s well-loved. She is amazing. [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:53:06.9] I’ll have to check her out. Definitely.

Chris Riley: [00:53:08.5] Yeah, people listening, yeah, are going to know Mrs. Hinch.

Oliver: [00:53:13.4] Right. I see. Great. Okay. And what’s your like -- What are you watching on telly or sort of Boxsets and things like that? Anything on Netflix or other streaming platforms?

Chris Riley: [00:53:21.7] Netflix, I do watch a bit of Netflix. I was watching. I think it’s called The Fall.

Oliver: [00:53:28.3] Right. I heard of that. Yep, yeah.

Chris Riley: [00:53:31.7] Have you seen it?

Oliver: [00:53:32.6] I haven’t seen it. No, but I’ve definitely heard of it. Yeah, yeah.

Chris Riley: [00:53:34.6] With Jamie Dornan in it. And it’s basically about a serial killer, it’s great. Anything that I watch like that on TV or film I’ve got to kind of get stuck into, otherwise, I get bored. So, yeah, there’s a few sort of like Netflix series, but that’s one that I’ve been watching recently. And then TV, I love I’m a Celebrity Jungle, and it’s starting this weekend.

Oliver: [00:54:00.4] Oh, is it? Oh, I didn’t realize that. Yeah, definitely into that. [crosstalk] It’s in Wales, isn’t it, this year or something was it? Yeah.

Chris Riley: [00:54:07.8] Yeah, looking forward to that. That’s this weekend. But, yeah, no, I don’t really watch a lot of -- [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:54:14.8] Do you watch Bake Off at all? I love Bake Off, [crosstalk] do love a bit of Bake Off.

Chris Riley: [00:54:16.7] I love baking. Yeah, I do. But, yeah, I’ve not really watched a lot of that.

Oliver: [00:54:28.6] Yeah. Cool. Okay. Well, thanks very much. Our listeners would be very interested in all that. Now, can you just tell everyone before we let you go about your websites and your social media etc., and anything you might be currently selling; your YouTube channels and courses, anything like that?

Chris Riley: [00:54:43.3] Absolutely. So, my website is ChrisRileyMedium.com. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, Chris Riley Psychic. I don’t have any particular courses or anything at the moment, but as I sort of said to you, through this, I’ve been doing a lot of phone reading. So, I’m always available for them. I have an incredible team of readers that work alongside me. I’m offering phone, text, email, reading. So, wherever you are in the world, there’s option for everyone. But, yeah, you can follow me on social media, Instagram, Facebook, as I do lots of free readings of all different things, and lots of different things. But, yeah, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Chris Riley Psychic.

Oliver: [00:55:32.8] Fantastic. Thank you, Chris. Well, it’s been absolutely wonderful to have you on Psychic Social today. It’s been really fascinating talking with you today, and listening to all the things you had to share with us and the listeners. Well, stay safe and take care. And we look forward to speaking with you again very soon, Chris. Thank you very much for joining us today.

Chris Riley: [00:55:50.3] Thank you. Have a lovely day.

Oliver: [00:55:51.6] All right. Look after yourself. You too. Bye. Bye.

Outro: [00:56:00.5] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social from psychic.co.uk, the spiritual home of psychics.


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