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Interview with Psychic Medium; Shawn Stone. Shawn prides himself on having a fresh and modern approach to Psychic work in the 21st Century. In this show, hear all about his Mediumship and Spiritual Coaching, his amazing experiences clearly seeing future events, his take on the afterlife and much more. Shawn has a lovely engaged following on social media and currently carries out Psychic readings daily from his home.

*(This podcast was recorded on 26/11/2020)





With Psychic Medium, Shawn Stone PSPE:026

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Intro: [00:00:02.8] Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.3] On this episode of Psychic Social.

Shawn Stone: [00:00:15.6] And she’d been hurt very badly, and we’re walking across the beach, and I turned around to ask her would you like to go for coffee, and she wasn’t there. She just disappeared.

Oliver: [00:00:36.7] Welcome to Psychic Social with me Oliver Duke, the podcast that explores all things from the psychic and spiritual perspectives, including interviews with famous psychic practitioners, discussions about the afterlife, the paranormal and much more. So, relax and enjoy the show.

Today’s guest on Psychic Social prides himself on having a fresh and modern approach to psychic work in the 21st century. As a psychic, medium and spiritual coach, he possesses an amazing gift with not only being able to clearly see future events, he also has the ability to channel spirit passing on their messages to loved ones. He has a lovely engaged following on social media and currently carries out psychic readings daily from his home. The person I’m talking about is the fantastic Shawn Stone. Shaw, thank you so much for joining us on Psychic Social today. How are you doing?

Shawn Stone: [00:01:25.8] I’m really well, Oliver. Thank you for having me today. Thank you for asking me to come on the show. I’m really excited about it.

Oliver: [00:01:31.5] Well, we’re really pleased to have you on. It’s fantastic that you could join us today. We just wanted to know kind of what you’ve been up to today. And obviously we know in this kind of sort of, well, we’re actually coming towards the end of this sort of second lockdown period. What have you been up to? I think you’ve kind of mentioned that you might have moved house recently.

Shawn Stone: [00:01:47.1] I did move house recently. I wouldn’t recommend moving in a lockdown. However, I am here now. It’s been one of our beautiful days today where the sky has been low, just frost on the ground. I’ve been for a lovely walk, done my gratitude journal, done my diary for next week and the week after the next few weeks. I’m just going in to gratitude today for all that is. I’m just feeling very settled now. I’ve been here about five weeks. I moved from Sussex, Brighton, and I’m near Glastonbury. So, I can open my energy here in Glastonbury and start doing my readings in a very spiritual energetic part of the world.

Oliver: [00:02:27.6] But, it sounds great that you’ve settled in so nicely now into your new house and your new space and your new energy. Now, I mean, we’ve been asking most of the guests that have come on after sort of March time this year, about kind of how they dealt with the initial lockdown period that we had at the end of March this year. And how they kind of kept positive vibes raised and up and maybe how they kind of helped other people around them, including maybe their followers on social media to kind of do the same. How did you do that, Shawn?

Shawn Stone: [00:02:59.4] Well, initially, approximately a week before the pandemic came, being a nature empath, I was living by the sea. And I was going to the sea, Oliver, and I was hearing and feeling something was coming. I never knew how to explain it, it was like a big wave of something was going to come and change the world. I wrote it in my diary, I put it on my Instagram, my Facebook page. And when it came, it was like oh my goodness, this is what it is. I wasn’t expecting the magnitude of the worldwide pandemic, the virus.

Personally, I put my… went into typical contrarian mood, went out there, see what was happening. I did realize initially, everybody was gone to fear, panic. So, I stepped my game up, my energy up, my vibration and started doing maybe one or two videos a week for my followers on my Facebook, my Instagram pages. I kept the vibration high, stepping up self-care, rounding, and also not feeding into the fear and the media.

So, yes, it was about raising the vibration, staying on top of the energy. And I got really, really busy with my work. At one stage, I had a three, maybe four week waiting list for my readings. But, it did give me the opportunity to stand back and ask myself who I was. And I went right back on my journey across some timelines as well. So, it was really nice to sort of stop and reset everything -- as everything was resetting, to reconnect with who I really was.

Oliver: [00:04:38.7] Yeah. And I think it was a great time for a lot of people to do that as well. It’s interesting you mentioned about, you know, you said you felt this wave of change or whatever the wave was that was coming. And one of the other psychics we had on recently mentioned the same thing. They were they were in a development circle right before the pandemic came and they kind of felt this sense of this huge wave of change coming. It’s interesting that you mentioned that.

Shawn Stone: [00:05:02.3] Yes. And I think, you know, being an empath we, we feel energy a lot deeper. And it was the sea that was speaking to me. The birds were tweeting, singing differently. Mother Earth was screaming, going, something’s coming. Something’s coming. Something’s coming. And when it happened, it was like, this is what happened. But, it was -- the scale of it was so immense, it took us all by surprise, didn’t it?

Oliver: [00:05:31.1] Yeah, it did. It definitely did. Yeah, yeah. Well, I mean, we’d like you to kind of moving on sort of into the show now. And we’d like you to sort of take us back to the beginning for you, where it began for you as a psychic. Would you say it was it was something that you were born with, or something that you sort of kind of had to cultivate or discover? And how did how did it work for you in terms of your psychic journey at the beginning?

Shawn Stone: [00:05:55.4] I do believe it’s in my blood. My grandmother, and my mother, they’re Irish. They used to sit around, when I was a child, doing the tea leaves in the backroom, used to close the curtains. And they also used you to do something called scrying, where they used to scry the fire flames, bit like channeling the flames. And once I grew up Oh, that’s what they were doing. And as a child, I was always with my mother. I was like her shadow.

So, I’d sit there and watch it all. Then one day, my grandmother said, Shawn, can you see anything in the fire flames? And I did. I started seeing faces. And I started channeling names. And she was just going oh, yeah, that’s your grandfather. Oh, yes, that’s your auntie. And I do believe it did come through my Celtic side. Also, I had my first, if you want to call it psych experience, at age four.

I was laying in bed one evening, and I felt the presence of this man appear. And I’d seen him. Had a very dark suit on, black, possibly gray, a tie. His hair was very similar to mine, black and curly. And it was just like this wonderful energy came in the room. And this light came all around me and I felt very protected. Went downstairs the next morning, and I explained to my mother what I’d seen. And she said, oh, my goodness. That’s your grandfather. I was nine months pregnant when we went back to Dublin to bury him. And my grandmother was… I remember her saying, oh, Shawn’s got the gift, too. And that was the start of all.

But, what I’ve noticed in my readings, Oliver, is when somebody elderly passes through to the spirit world, somewhere along the family line, the bloodline, a child is born. It’s interesting, isn’t it? So, that was the initial stages. Then that was developed in my mediumship, my connection to the spirit world. And as we know, not every psychic is a medium, not every medium is a psychic.

I developed my psychic ability, if you want to call it open in my third eye, my ESP, my extrasensory perception at school, mainly because I was bullied. So, I used to use my energy, my ESP to see where the bullies were on the school grounds, school yard, on the playing fields, and I’d divert that energy into protecting myself. So, that’s where it started developing, that went throughout my schooling.

Oliver: [00:08:47.2] Right. I see. That’s very interesting to hear all that, Shawn. Well, you mentioned just a couple of minutes ago about the kind of scrying in the fire and I’ve seen a little bit about scrying. You can also do scrying, you know, in a mirror with water. Is that right as well?

Shawn Stone: [00:09:04.7] There’s lots of ways to scry, yes. I haven’t heard of that one in particular.

Oliver: [00:09:11.1] Maybe I’ve got that wrong. But, yeah, yeah.

Shawn Stone: [00:09:13.6] I’m burning some incense here, and it’s in my eyeline and it’s round a picture of one of my guides, and that’s a form of scrying.

Oliver: [00:09:22.9] Well, so great to hear all that. Thank you, Shawn. Well, I’m sure you’ve kind of had many, many, sort of, you know, fantastic, done many fantastic readings, I should say, over the years as a psychic. But is there a reading or some readings that have really kind of stood out for you and kind of stuck in your memory for whatever reason?

Shawn Stone: [00:09:41.5] There are many and as a psychic medium, quite often we have to forget about it because we can’t carry that energy forward with us. I’ve predicted lottery numbers, lots and lots of pregnancies. I’ve even worked with the police with a missing person. For that I can recall, what can I recall that stays on my heart.

I was away before I started working professionally about 10 years ago with a friend on holiday. Going to Spain, and we sat in a cabaret bar watching a cabaret show, feeling very relaxed. And there were two other ladies in the corner of the room, and all evening, I said to my friend, I feel very drawn to this lady. What is it? And she was looking at me, I was looking at her.

Towards the end of the evening, she came up to me, sat next to me. And for maybe about 14 minutes, I held her hand, her husband, her late husband came through. She’d gone on this holiday with her sister to get over the grief. And for about 14 minutes, he just came through, my face changed into him, and I just channeled all this information to her things like are you going to have a grandson, you must go on that trip that we did, that cruise. Then all of a sudden, the light changed and he disappeared.

Now, why it always stays in my heart, this particular story, she said to me, she was so wrapped in grief and loss, that when she got home, she was going to commit suicide. But, now she knew that her husband was with her, and he was going to go on the journey with her and be in all these wonderful places with her, it gave her the life to carry on. And I always remember that story, because it’s like, the power of the power of spirit came through to me to use me as a channel, to give her the life to go on. And the spirit move in such mysterious ways. And I often think about and think, well, did you do all those trips?

Oliver: [00:11:47.2] In some instances, yeah, I mean, like that, for example, you save, indirectly or directly save someone’s life, haven’t you, really with that information.

Shawn Stone: [00:11:58.3] It’s certainly not me. From an early age my family called me Shawn the messenger. And even when I got back to Ireland now it’s like, have you got a message for me Shawn. And I do give them a message. They all stand in a line and I give them a message, and then we’re done. I don’t have any ego of this work. I don’t say I said that, I did that, I saved somebody. I now know I’ve been used as a channel throughout my life to help guide and heal the separation of the loss between the Earth plain, and the person that’s in the spirit world.

Oliver: [00:12:35.6] Well, that’s really nice to hear that story. That’s a wonderful story.

Shawn Stone: [00:12:39.0] Yes, I’ve come to accept it now.

Oliver: [00:12:41.4] Yes. Well, it’s really nice. Thank you for sharing that, Shawn. Thank you. Well, I mean, we’ve been hearing about your medium ship in the show so far. I mean, could you -- You’ve mentioned your guides briefly earlier on. Can you tell us about your guide or guides? And are there one or many? And how do they work for you?

Shawn Stone: [00:12:59.9] I currently have three guides. I have Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, and he’s been my guardian guide since I was born. And he’s helped me and assisted over the years with acceptance of myself -- my ego self, not having any ego of the work I do. If I do, he comes in and says enough; confidence, self-belief, healing myself, and he also gives me the healing energy to help others. And he also helps as well with my creative side. Because I do a lot of video work, I write a lot of affirmations. And he comes through and helps with me in my creation of words and stories and writing

Then I have a lady named Anna. Anna’s from Eastern Europe. And she helps with my mediumship work. So, for example, prior to doing a mediumship reading, she comes through. I always listened to a particular piece of music on repeat that I’m not going to share today because it’s very personal to me. I listen to that, I believe that connects with her vibration, she comes through my soul. Then I can connect to the aura of the client and see what spirits within their aura, because the spirit comes through to me in the aura, I see the color or sometimes their face changes into that person, or I see the person on the left side, the right side or they walk in the room with them.

Then this is quite a powerful shift to have maybe just a month or two after the pandemic, my guide changed. Well, another guide came in. And his name is Cyrus. Now Cyrus was a famous king of the Persian world. And I always had an interest in the Persian world. I always listen to music. I was quite fascinated by the country. Now, Cyrus mentioned the Bible, he was called Cyrus the Great because he respected the customs and religions of the ones he conquered. He was acknowledged for being a great healer throughout his time.

Now he helps you have strength. He gives me the strength that I need to move forward and to do my readings. He helps with my soul journey work, and he also helps me to see the bigger picture. And since he’s been channeled through me, the information and evidence that comes with my psychic readings has been really powerful. I’m much in gratitude to have these guides and I work with very sacredly. They’re gentle guides, they work very gently with me.

Oliver: [00:15:25.1] Okay. And the first two, you mentioned, when did you when did you first kind of realize that they were these people, and they had the names that they had, and they had their personality, or whoever they self-belief were? What self-belief kind of age or time in your life did you realize about them?

Shawn Stone: [00:15:45.3] It’s a good question. I’d probably take a whole show just to talk about the spirit, to pour it into content. The secret of finding our guides is within our soul. We have to do a lot of personal development, we have to go into our soul. They self-belief carmate with us in this lifetime. Anna came through maybe around 10 years ago. I found a picture of her and felt very drawn to her.

Saint Patrick, he obviously, was with me since I was a child. I didn’t find him till my early 20s. But, when I found him, it all made sense. Because channeling the spirit world, as a child, until I worked it all out when I became an adult, I thought it was the Holy Spirit coming to me every evening, so I became quite religious, reading the Bible, going to Sunday school, doing religious education. And I started seeing pictures of Saint Patrick and felt very drawn to him, like I’d seen him before. Then one evening I lit a candle near a picture of him. And that was when the magic happened of him saying I’ve been your guide. So, that’s how I found my particular guides.

The interesting story of Cyrus was, I was working out my Christian name in Persian. And it said, walk like a king. So, I googled Persian king, and seen this picture of Cyrus the Great, and the word of alive. It was such a powerful connection, I could hardly look at it. I was shaking, thinking, who is this person? I’ve seen him before. And it must have took about two or three weeks for him to gently come through to my soul.

And I went out and bought a lovely picture of him, went into nature and connected and learnt all about his history. But, now I’m working with them. And I’ve got enough at the moment. I don’t think at present, I would like any more. I believe in this lifetime we have six. We’re lucky if we find a handful. But, that is a story of me finding my guides and the journey I went on.

I have done a YouTube and a Facebook video about how to find your guides, how to connect with them. But everybody is individual, some do, some don’t, some believe in them, some don’t. But I really believe that our guides pollinate with us in this lifetime. And one stays with us throughout our time. They come through long before we were born. They may come and go. Sometimes they stay in shadow until they are needed again to help us achieve a specific task or to give us such strength or a purpose in what we’re doing. But they always give me unconditional love. They’ve never judged me. They always give me what I need, not what I want. But also moving forward in love, light and protection.

Oliver: [00:19:02.7] Well, that’s a very interesting and detailed description of all of your guides. And thank you so much for that, Shawn. Well, that moves us nicely to break now. We’re hearing some fantastic stuff here from Psychic Medium, Shawn Stone, here on Psychic Social today and we’re very much looking forward to hearing more from Shawn in part two, where we’ll hear all about his traveling experiences, his fascinating take on the afterlife, and much more. So, we’ll see you after this.

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AD: [00:20:34.9] This is Psychic Social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:20:45.2] Welcome back to part two of Psychic Social and our chat with Psychic Medium Shaw Stone. Now we were talking with Shawn about lots of fascinating stuff before the break. Now we’re going to hear a bit about Shawn’s spiritual coaching. Shawn, can you tell us a bit more about that please?

Shawn Stone: [00:21:01.3] Yes, sure. I’m -- writing and putting together my own spiritual coaching package into modules, which is a personal one-to-one with me and the client which I have called, Are You Ready to Awaken Your Soul. The main emphasis of the coaching is to assist and help the client to become the person in this lifetime, the person they really are meant to be. However, in order to do this, I have to go back with them first.

Now, I’ve learned a lot of disciplines, there’s been so much for me to learn and I feel spirit have promoted me to do some teaching now. So, disciplines grounding, being at home with the guide, learning ethics, taking time out, boundaries. But, going back, the first part of the modules is clearing ancestral karmic ties, cleansing old conditioned thoughts and beliefs, shadow clearing, healing past wounds, working within a child, that’s going to be quite a big one. Working out who are their spirit guides. I know how to find spirit guides now so I can pass that information on to them.

Then we can go into more empowering modules, which is learning self-love, understanding true life purpose, learn to listen to that own intuition, clearing the clutter away, sitting with thy soul, and listening to their own intuition, manifesting what they want into their life, and finding appreciation and joy. I’ve always been quite a passionate person about helping and guiding others. So, it comes very natural to me.

Oliver: [00:22:37.8] So, it’s very much a sort of an empowerment and uplifting sort of almost like a like a like a sort of life coaching thing, but with your spiritual guidance along with it. If that’s what you say that was.

Shawn Stone: [00:22:49.2] It is And everything grows from our soul, first and foremost. And I’m not saying I’m the catalyst. But, going back to being the messenger, I like to go through at first. So, everything I teach, preach, I want to have gone through at first. There’s nothing like having that experience first, Oliver. It’s like our true emotions, as I’m walking my journey, I do a lot of writing, and I want to pass that on to other people to enable and help them to, to really become the person they need to become in this lifetime.

Oliver: [00:23:28.3] I think if people are searching for that sort of thing, you know, they want to, you know, definitely approach someone that has walked that path already. And take advice from that person rather than sort of looking for people around them that might not have walked that path or might not intentionally want to walk that path. But, finding someone like yourself that understands, you know, where they want to go, and where they’re going and where their life is going, or where they want to be.

Shawn Stone: [00:23:55.7] Yes, I think the shift of the worldwide pandemic has shifted many people into that truth. If you think about it, everybody went into fear. Everybody was told to go indoors, be better human beings. You can go out once a day for a walk, you can queue and learn some patients and have some gratitude for the food that you’re collecting today.

And after the fear settled, I know many carmate people who are following me that are starting to change their lives. They’re becoming healers. I’m doing a lot of work with people who are wanting to become mediums, etc. So, it’s been a worldwide shift and this is what we need, that vibration of the healing light just to rise maybe 0.5%. And then Mother Earth can settle and we can we can rebuild what has been broken from the root chakra again.

You know, and I did get given the name of the messenger as a child. And what I believe every medium does is they’re the messenger, they’re the facilitator to blend the two worlds together so the client can touch and feel that love once again. And I work… from the heart, and the people that come through to me do feel that, and whether that heart is broken, damaged, they’ve been betrayed. It’s all about lifting them into their power, into their space, and just giving them that energy to be able to move them forward.

With all the work that I do, when somebody says to me, Shawn, you’ve given me the tools, you’ve given me the love or the upliftment to move forward, that’s just magic to my ears, and I have a wonderful day. It’s like social media. If I put an affirmation out there, I do a video, if one person just comes back to me, and it happens quite often. And it could be somewhere in America, somewhere in different parts of the world, they’ll just say, oh, I really needed that today, Shawn, thank you ever so much. I really needed to hear that. That’s given me some upliftment.

They can go away, pass that on to somebody else, and that will uplift somebody else. It’s what I call a domino effect. On my social media and the videos I do, I don’t do it for numbers and likes. So, I’ve never asked anybody to share any of my work. I do it with love from my heart, just hoping to uplift, even just one person. It does make my day.

Oliver: [00:26:31.5] That’s a really great sentiment, and a really great kind of attitude to have moving forwards, which, obviously a lot of psychics have, don’t they? But it’s great to, great to have that attitude and that mentality, you know, within carmate that. Well, Shawn, we understand from you, looking at our website, and social media and things like that, that you’ve carmate traveled pretty extensively across the world over the years, and has sort of passed some spirit messages on to people during your travels. Could you tell us more about that, and any great stories you have during those times of travel?

Shawn Stone: [00:27:01.8] Sure, yes. And I think I’ve been to 30 to 40 countries. And prior to coming in, to work and professionally within the work I do, I did work in the travel industry. So, I was very fortunate to travel to a lot of countries then. However, I think it’s eight years ago now, Oliver, I lost both my parents to cancer in the same year. And to get me through the grieving process, I was traveling to all these countries. And I think there’s 51 countries in Europe, and I’ve been to 31, including the Vatican City. And my friends couldn’t believe it. They’re like, where are you going next? But, it was part of my healing journey.

And I’d always bring my cards with me. I had one particular set of cards I had since I was 15, never charged. So, for example, I could be sat on a beach in Portugal, I could feel somebody needed a reading, and I’d got the cards out. But, what I didn’t realize, walking across the beaches, walking across the land, I was actually healing the pain, the separation, and the loss. And we must remember that when we heal others, we heal ourselves.

And I can remember one day, I was sat on a bench in Gibraltar, very broken, very hurt. And a lady was sat at the other bench. And what I noticed about her initially, her top teeth were missing. And again, we felt very drawn to each other. She came over and asked could she sit next to me. And I said of course you can. She held my hand, and she said we both have been broken and hurt. Can we walk together? And we walked across the beach.

Then just like an angel, she disappeared. And I googled it all and thought, what was this about? She came and she left. And it was very much like an Earth angel had appeared. And from that day onwards, I could move forward. It was a story that I will always carmate remember it. And I also write a journal each day. So, it goes back in my journals. But, yes, I called her the Earth angel that just appeared and then left.

Oliver: [00:29:38.4] And how did she leave? How did she kind of disappear? How did that happen?

Shawn Stone: [00:29:43.7] Well, we went for this walk and I picked up she had been in an abusive relationship, and she’d been hurt very badly. And we walked across the beach and I turned around to ask her would you like to go for coffee, and she wasn’t there. She just disappeared. And of course, initially, I thought, is this a figure of my imagination. I went back to my hotel room, lay on my bed and just processed it all. Rung a friend and explained what had happened. And my friend has been doing this work a lot a lot longer than me. She said, it’s an Earth angel. She came to send you some healing. And then they disappear.

Oliver: [00:30:28.0] Wow. And was this woman a local or was she English? Or where was she from? Could you tell?

Shawn Stone: [00:30:36.9] She was she was English. She was an English lady. I can visualize her now. Maybe about 5”2, quite small, blonde, golden hair to her shoulder. But, what was very significant about her, her teeth was missing as if somebody had hurt her, somebody had punched her or done something bad to her. So, she found me to heal. But, she must have got healing from herself. Maybe that was her thing, Oliver. She was going around healing other people in order to heal herself.

Oliver: [00:31:11.7] A lot of fascinating stories. Thank you for those, Shawn. I’m sure you’ve got lots more of those. Amazing. Well, we’d like to kind of move on to our to our last question, our last psychic question if we can of the show, which is, what’s your thoughts about the afterlife through your mediumship and being a psychic? And what do you think happens when we eventually leave the Earth?

Shawn Stone: [00:31:36.2] It’s a very good question and there’s lots of perceptions I’m sure you’ve heard and the listeners have heard there’s so many different stories about the afterlife. So, it led me to do a video about, on my official Facebook page. And also on my website, ShawnStone.co.uk. I did a blog about three months ago about what actually happens when we pass this world, where do we go. And my belief is when we pass, as our physical body is shutting down, and our heart stops beating. Our brains are full of dopamine, the feel good drug, if you want to call it that, and this gives us pleasure and ecstasy. And that’s why when people are around people that are passing they’ll say, oh, they really went peaceful. They’re leaving the pain body behind.

Now, many have experienced near-death transitions often describe the stories of a tunnel white light, don’t they. And this is true, because as we’re crossing, the veil between the two worlds is lifted. And our aura, which is connected to our physical body releases. This is the part that does not die. It holds the memory bank, the karmic records, our emotions, and our personality.

Now, these also transition with us. I’m led to believe it’s a silver cord, an etheric cord at the back of the neck. It disconnects from the physical body, from the physical body, and this is when the white light and the tunnel appear and the passageway appears. And this opens up to the realm, what some people call heaven, and some people call hell.

Now, this is what I think is the really important part and the interesting part, where do we go? The spirit will consist of 10 realms, six are higher, four are lower. And depending how we’ve lived our life on the Earth plain, depends on which realm we go to. So, for example, if somebody takes their own life, they will go to the spirit world. However, they’ll go in a lower realm because they’ll have to be taught about the precious life that they’ve given up.

Somebody like Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, they’ll go in a higher realm, they’ll go quite high quite quickly. My late mother, she was a very giving, charitable, selfless person. And I felt her go very high very quickly to the higher realms. So, heaven really is a place on Earth. To understand the afterlife, we must understand our life here on the Earth plain first, who really are, what is our life’s purpose, and what is our mission? And are we spreading love? Are we spreading kindness?

It’s a bit like a bank. You invest into that bank goodness. When you get to the spirit world, then all your lovely karmic energy is kind of counted up. And that’s where you go on to whatever vibration you need to go in the spirit world. That’s my belief. Not everybody will agree with that. I have a lot of feedback with what I did on my Facebook video. But, that is my belief. And I work in truth. I’m a truth seeker. And that’s it very well with me.

Oliver: [00:35:32.3] Great, but it’s good to hear, definitely good to hear your take on it, Shawn, as we ask every psychic that comes on. And yes, you know, obviously, they’re -- everyone’s, you know, thoughts and opinions and ideas about what happens after you die are different, not carmate massively different, but are slightly different in places. But, it was interesting you mentioned about the silver cord, because I have heard about that before in a book I read a number of years ago, which is about 50 or 60 years old, I think called The Supreme Adventure. Have you heard of that book? It’s like a spiritual book.

Shawn Stone: [00:36:01.9] No, I’ve not come across that one, Oliver.

Oliver: [00:36:03.1] Yeah, it’s a really, really old book. And I don’t know how I came across it, I found it, but I ended up buying a secondhand copy off Amazon. And you can get books from other bookstores. But, yeah, it was really good. It mentioned about the silver cord and about -- and that’s, that’s it, that’s the attachment from the, from the physical body to the spiritual, to the spirit, is that -- Yeah.

Shawn Stone: [00:36:22.1] Our aura has seven layers to it… aura since a child, the outer two are visible to the third eye. But, our aura is our energy field. And this has everything; our karmic records, every thought we’ve taken on the Earth plain, and it just releases just from the back of the crown chakra. And that’s when the transition to the spirit world happens. And we’ve also heard stories about people that have gone to the light and come back, haven’t we? And that’s what happened, it wasn’t their time.

Talking about going to the white light, there was twice when I was a child that I nearly died, and spirit, spirit saved me. So, now looking back, I know why they saved me. But, there was twice when I nearly died. One I nearly drowned, I had to be saved by my cousin. And the story still runs for the family when Shawn nearly drowned in the river. And secondly, I was on a cliff. I used to love climbing and outdoors. I got lost on this cliff. And the emergency service had to come rescue me. And now when I look at it, I know why I was saved.

You know when you go back in your life and you put the jigsaw puzzle together? It goes back to what I talked about earlier about understanding why we’re here, what is our purpose, and what is our mission. My mission is to provide evidence of the afterlife, do my healing work, do my readings and be as creative as I can to raise the vibration of the planet, of other people’s energy, to keep the vibration of the Earth plain in love, life and, and harmony.

Oliver: [00:38:16.5] And that’s a fantastic reason to be here and be alive, isn’t it, to carmate affect people in that way, isn’t it?

Shawn Stone: [00:38:23.6] It is. But it’s been a quite a difficult journey, Oliver. It hasn’t been easy. And it’s only now that I’m putting it all together. Partly due to lockdown, there’s more time on my hand to stand back, sit back and reflect. I feel very much at peace why I am here. It can be a blessing. It can be a curse. Not everybody believes in this work. We feel nature more. We have more of a connection and attachment to the spirit world. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I absolutely love the work I do. I’m very passionate about the work I do. And I love every day that I’m learning something new.

Oliver: [00:39:06.9] Great. Well, it’s great to hear all that, Shawn. And thank you for your thoughts about the afterlife and those stories as well. It’s fantastic to hear those and fascinating. I’m sure the listeners have very much enjoyed to hear all that sort of -- that stuff.

Now we’re coming towards the end of the show now and the last couple of questions we’ve got for you are going to be moving a little bit away from the psychic world. We just wanted the listeners to get to know you a bit more in terms of kind of what you like to read, maybe what you like to watch on TV or online. Can you tell us what the last book you read was or kind of Boxset or TV show you watched?

Shawn Stone: [00:39:38.7] I don’t watch TV. I don’t watch TV, but watch YouTube. I don’t watch any mainstream programs. Also, certainly not the news. In fact, in one of the videos I did at the beginning of the last lockdown was please do not sit in front of news and watch it like a soap opera.

In fact, about six weeks ago, I thought, right, I’m just going to watch the news for maybe about 30 minutes on my phone. So, I went onto YouTube, I won’t say which new station it was, for about 30 minutes just to see how I feel. Well, my vibration went down straight away. The terminology, the words that they were using, the darkness of it all.

Oliver: [00:40:24.3] It’s all inflammatory, isn’t it, and scary and you know.

Shawn Stone: [00:40:28.4] It is. And then the news bulletins, the music, and the words that they’re using, you know, lockdown, you don’t lock down people. You don’t even lockdown animals.

Oliver: [00:40:38.7] And the copy is all in bright red and bold, and you know. Yeah.

Shawn Stone: [00:40:43.9] This particular one I watched, it was like, wear mask, stay protected, do this, do that. And I stood back and thought one, I had to get some sage out and cleanse my TV -- my phone and my, my aura, just and go for a walk just to cleanse myself. So, I don’t really watch TV. If I’m cooking… an evening, I’ll put some [inaudible 00:41:01.5] on YouTube in the background, listen to them. I love listening to music, meditation music.

And reading. I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to books. And I’ve just read again, a book that I’ve had for maybe 20 years, which I’d recommend, The Art of Psychic Protection by Judy Hall. This just goes a bit deeper about how to protect yourself. And to me, it’s like a Bible. I’m also reading Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore.

And at the beginning of the first lockdown, I started studying numerology, and I bought a book on numerology, which I’m reading now. Keep on dipping in and out until I’ve learned all about the history enough. There’s an interesting story of this, Oliver, this particular book I have in my hands now. I purchased this book on eBay, five, six months ago, because I believe in recycling. Received the book within a day or two, opened it up. On the second page, there’s a stamp. Maybe back in the day, people used to put stamps on books, there’s a name and address and a telephone number on the second page.

I can’t say the name, but I looked at the address. And the address was the same address I lived in maybe 15 years ago in Leeds. So, I called the… and explained it to them, put the book down, meditate on it and thought, what is the chances of that happening? So, I searched for the lady, being the psychic detective I am. Couldn’t find her, found her daughter on social media. And unfortunately, the lady had passed. Lit a candle, she came through to me, and said I wanted you to have this book. I want you to study numerology. And as I said at the beginning of the show, spirit move in mysterious ways. I often think the chances of that happening, if scientists put that in a machine and worked it all out, it probably would be about billions to one -- [crosstalk]

Oliver: [00:43:21.0] Unbelievable, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Shawn Stone: [00:43:24.2] Things like this happen to me nearly every day. Not as powerful as that. Just synchronicity of psychic energy or spirit communicating with me. So, yes, it’s definitely a path that I’m kind of enjoying at the moment, the numerology. And all started with the 11/11 movement. I don’t know if you’ve seen on social media for the last few years where everybody’s putting 11/11 up.

Oliver: [00:43:50.4] Well, I’ve started seeing 11/11 in the last few months, probably about six to nine months like a lot more. I mean, I’m just recognizing it and seeing it all the time. You know, almost every time I look at my watch or I look at, you know, whatever, anything that’s got a number on it I always seem to see it. And yeah, funnily enough our, you know, our website is kind of not quite live yet, but it’s about to go live in the next couple of weeks. And we just put like the area code of our phone number in the footer but obviously, you know, haven’t got the finalized phone number yet, for carmate the office.

But, we just put 1111 in there and I saw that the other day, I was like -- and that was just random. You know, we could have put 0000 or 2222 or 9999 or whatever, you know. But just thinking that, you know, I was like, oh, that’s interesting, you know.

Shawn Stone: [00:44:37.2] Yes, and what I’m working out as well now I’m working numerology into my readings. Quite a lot of people enjoy it. And numbers follow people around as well. I’ve moved three times, sorry, twice in the last couple of years. And I’ve gone from number 28 number to 28, which is a one which is new beginning. I was speaking to other people who moved from addresses or buy new cars of similar number plates.

Oliver: [00:45:04.0] But that’s very interesting because my first house that I lived in as a child was number 28. There you go.

Shawn Stone: [00:45:09.5] Wow. We were meant to speak today, weren’t we?

Oliver: [00:45:13.5] Yes, we were. Definitely, yeah. I love that. That’s great

Shawn Stone: [00:45:17.2] We’re both creating something new. It’s a new beginning, we’re in New Energy.

Oliver: [00:45:21.4] Yeah, yeah, for sure. It’s definitely what we’re doing here at Psychic Social and psychic.co.uk, for sure. Well, Shawn it’s been fantastic talking to you today. Before we let you go, could you just tell everyone listening about your website and your social media, and anything you’ve currently got selling? Obviously, you’ve got the course coming, and we’ll put all those links in the show notes for you.

Shawn Stone: [00:45:39.4] Yes, of course, I’m not selling anything. At the moment, my website, ShawnStone.co.uk. It’s Shawn with a W. I do provide all the different types of services. People can book readings with me on there. Sometimes people just get in touch with me, ask me a question. That’s fine. There’s an email on there. But, they can contact me. I’ve got Instagram, I’ve got YouTube, I’ve got my official Facebook page, which is Shawn Stone Psychic medium. If you just Google me, you’ll find me somewhere.

And the Facebook is fantastic. We’ve all become very connected through the pandemic. It’s not about sharing things and likes and pass this… on. I talk about some deeper topics. And it has become a, you know, a community for people to dig in and out of Oliver. But, yeah, I’m hopefully, going into sort of more products next year. I want to create my out Tarot cards. I want to get my book published. But, that’s all next year. There’s no rush. You know, take all this journey in its stride. It doesn’t have to be rushed. The affirmation for me is just walk gently in peace, and with gratitude in my heart.

Oliver: [00:46:51.5] Well, that sounds great, Shawn. Fantastic. Can you tell us a bit about, you mentioned to me before the show about your TV and radio work you’ve done, and all you’re going to be doing. Can you tell us a bit more about that, please?

Shawn Stone: [00:47:00.7] Yes, of course. The radio where I did a video maybe three years ago, I read a producer scene, and he said, oh my goodness, did you do that? I said yes. He said did you write? I said no, Just channeled it on the beach. And he said, would you like to be interviewed? I said, that’d be grand. Yes. And he said, would you like to do shows for us? And it’s all professional radio, FM stations.

So, I was doing shows and have been doing shows about law of attraction, how to ground yourself, talking about the chakras. You know, I’ve been writing them myself. I’m doing -- the next one I’m doing is how to find the real Christmas spirit this year, because this year is going to be such an emotional Christmas for people because of the Just worldwide pandemic.

The TV work, I’ve worked on some of the Sky TV stations here in the UK. I have a production company who wants to do a psychic show with me with a twist. And he’s chosen three or four psychics in the UK to do this show. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, we can’t do it. So, that’s penciled in. Then I’ve had somebody get in touch with me from America, from Hollywood -- [crosstalk] I know. All very genuine. And I’ve never reached out to anybody. They come to me, which I like that, that happens very organically… is they have some celebrities in the USA, many actors and sports people. I can’t mentioning names at present, even though I’ve got the script. And they’re going to be talking about their experiences of the afterlife.

So, the production company have chosen, I think it’s three mediums from around the world. And the last message I had when lockdown is over, they’re coming to London to do some filming with me. So, I’m just very much in gratitude. And it’s not about oh, success in America or the ego self. If I can have more of a platform to explain and talk about the afterlife, that’s amazing for me.

Oliver: [00:49:13.2] Well, it’s fantastic to hear all that. And all of that sounds massively exciting for you, Shawn. Well, we’re very much looking forward to hearing more about that, once you sort of completed those things. And maybe you can come back and, and chat with us on another Psychic Social and tell us all about it.

Shawn Stone: [00:49:28.4] Oliver, it would be my pleasure to come back and do another show with you. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I’ve really enjoyed your energy as well. You’re a great interviewer. And having been interviewed before, yes, I’d be up for that again. Totally.

Oliver: [00:49:41.0] Great stuff. Sounds brilliant. Thank you, Shawn. Thank you so much. Well, I mean, it’s been wonderful to have you on Psychic Social today, Shawn. And thank you so much for joining us and sharing all this great information with the listeners and me here today. Thank you very much for Just coming.

Shawn Stone: [00:49:55.6] It’s been my pleasure, Oliver. Have a great day.

Oliver: [00:49:57.4] Well, yes, thank you, and you too. Take care, stay safe, and we look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Shawn Stone: [00:50:01.2] Thank you. Bye-bye.

Oliver: [00:50:02:7] Thank you, Shawn. Bye.

Outro: [00:50:10.3] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social from psychic.co.uk, the spiritual home of psychics.


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