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Interview with Clairvoyant-Medium; Rosemary. In this show, we connect with Spiritual Medium Rosemary who has an impressive 40 years of experience as a Psychic practitioner. Hear stories about some of her amazing Mediumship readings, her take on spirit signs, and insights into what she believes happens when we pass on to the spirit realm.



**This Podcast was recorded on 27th July 2021**




With Clairvoyant Medium, Rosemary PSPE:027

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[00:00:02.9] Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver: [00:00:13.2] On this episode of Psychic Social.

Rosemary: [00:00:15.6] So, I said to the lady, I said, you know, I said, “Look, I have to tell you because I have to tell you what I what I get, what I see. I said I’m seeing two pairs of hands,” and I described them to her. And she looked at me and she said, “You’ve got my parents with you.”

Oliver: [00:0:36.3] Welcome to Psychic Social with me, Oliver Duke, the podcast that explores all things from the psychic and spiritual perspectives, including interviews with famous psychic practitioners, discussions about the afterlife, the paranormal, and much more. So, relax and enjoy the show.

Today’s guest is known as the Chelsea Clairvoyant with an astounding 40 years’ experience carrying out psychic readings for people from all walks of life. She’s a particularly tuned-in empath, allowing her to deeply feel and connect with people’s emotions with complete clarity. We’re so pleased we’ve managed to get her on the show. It’s the wonderful, Rosemary. Rosemary, how are you today?

Rosemary: [00:01:17.1] I’m doing very well, Oliver, and thank you so much for asking me to participate.

Oliver: [00:01:21.5] Wonderful to have you on Psychic Social today. So, what have you been up to today? Anything exciting?

Rosemary: [00:01:25.3] Well, you know, there’s always lots to do. I’d find there’s always a lot of admin things that take your attention. There’s always a lot of calls and emails and this and that to -- and getting the diary sorted out. So, yes, I’ve been reasonably productive today, you’d say.

Oliver: [00:01:40.7] Good stuff. Sounds good. Yeah, yeah. Good stuff. Well, we wanted to ask you, as we kind of move on into the years’ experience show, during the really difficult times, like we’ve had over the last sort of 18 months with these lock downs and years’ experience due to COVID, how did you kind of keep your positive vibrations raised, you know, personally? And is there anything that you could recommend to people listening that they could do as well to raise their own vibrations if they were kind of, you know, feeling a bit demoralized by this, as I think we all have been?

Rosemary: [00:02:10.5] Yes. Well, I can completely understand the feelings of being demoralized. But, you know, I’m quite a lucky person because I do enjoy my own company. And I actually, whilst I’m gregarious and I love people, I do need a little bit of solitude as well.

So, I think I was fortunate in the respect that I didn’t really mind being on my own. And I always, you know, I’m quite resourceful. I always find something to do. And I did start doing a lot of writing during lockdown, as many people did. I also did a lot of catch up reading, and tackled all the cardboard boxes and drawers and cupboards, you know, doing a sort of archeological dig on papers. And it’s fascinating what you can unearth, you know, going through all old photographs, and a trip down memory lane.

But, you know, as far as keeping one’s spirits up, in lockdown, I think a lot of people found it extraordinary difficult. And I did a lot of work with clients on Zoom and Skype and so forth. And one of the things I would say it’s a very, very simple thing, but music. Music that you enjoy, particularly if you can get a wiggle on and get wiggling to it. It really releases the energy if you can just get your body moving to the music. Or just simply enjoy it. You know, if you want to sit and listen to some classical, it doesn’t matter what your taste is. If it’s music that you enjoy, it automatically uplifts the Spirit.

The other thing is if one has the opportunity to go out and be amongst nature. I know that sounds like a cliche, but actually, you know, it does put you right in touch with where you are on the planet as it were.

Self-care, very important, and that’s not self-indulgent. I mean, you know, buy that extra expensive bottle of bath oil, buy that bunch of flowers for yourself that you wouldn’t normally. You know, make it more of a habit because the more you give to yourself, the more that universe will reflect that back to you. So, I just think that there are there are certain things that you can do. And also, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

You know, reach out to a friend, phone them up and say, listen, this is a phone-a-moan. I feel dreadful. How are you? And by the end of it, you’ve either had a great mutual moan and make each other feel better, or you’ve had a great mutual moan and made each other feel worse. No. But you you’ve got to reach out and recognize that this is not just happening to you

Oliver: [00:04:26.3] Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Well, that’s really good advice. And a lot of people have been doing kind of video calls, haven’t they, and having video when we were kind of, you know, locked in our houses as we as we were. A couple of times people were having sort of video drinks, weren’t they, where they were kind of having a, you know, if you do partake in alcohol, there were having a couple of glasses of wine and a chat over video which was kind of, you know, the next best thing to actually being in-person, and people have been doing that, haven’t they?

Rosemary: [00:04:54.4] We’ve all, you know, rediscovered the importance of actually communicating with one another, and a bit more often too.

Oliver: [00:05:02.1] Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Definitely. Well, that’s great advice. Thank you, Rosemary for that. Well, we wanted to learn some more about you in terms of, of your journey and years’ experience how you came to be where you are now and years’ experience where you’ve come from. We wanted you to sort of take us back to the beginning. How did you become like a clairvoyant? Did the gift come to you? Or was it passed down by a family member? Or were you just born with it? How did it come to you?

Rosemary: [00:05:27.8] Well, you could say all of the above, which is the kind of really quick answer, and it’s rather irritating, because it doesn’t give much information. I’ll try and give you the information. I can, I can remember being in my pram on one occasion, very, very clearly, I have an older sibling. And I remember looking out of my pram and consciously thinking, “What on Earth is my older sibling doing?” Because they were at that point and a sandpit and sort of throwing sand around. And I years’ experience couldn’t, I couldn’t quite get a grip on what that was all about. But, I do remember thinking those thoughts very consciously, which is not what a baby would think.

So, having gone back to that, you know, there was some sort of other consciousness or, or broader awareness there that that made me realize, not that I realized it then. But, later on, when I remembered this incident, that, you know, there is a years’ experience bigger consciousness going on. My family are Celtic, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, there’s a smattering of French and a smattering of Spanish, but then, you know, we’re all a bit of a mixture. But, my grandmothers have --

My Irish grandmother could read by breaking an egg into a glass of water, which I’ve never heard of before or since. I mean, well, you know, since. Nobody practiced professionally at all, but various, both sides of the years’ experience family had various gifts, and my other grandmother could astral travel. And she was actually born in India, but she one night dreamt about what was Peking, then Beijing, the Forbidden City. And this must have been about around 1900.

And she was a very good artist. So, she sketched when she woke up, she sketched this Forbidden City, and she did the colors, you know, the green tiles, or red tiles or ochre pillars, or crimson pillars, whatever it was. But, Puna in India didn’t have a good reference library. So, she couldn’t find any verification that what she’d actually seen and drawn was accurate until, as a late teen, she came back to this country. And at one point, went off to the British Museum. I think it was either the British Museum or the British Library, one of the two, and asked to see books, if there were any photographs of the Forbidden City.

And sure enough, there was a black and white photograph of what she drawn, exactly the same thing. And underneath, there was a description of the colors of the tiles and the pillars and the whatever. So, she knew that what years’ experience she’d seen was accurate. And she thought it was a great game, she could sort of zap around the planet and go and have a look at various things. I mean, nowadays, you’d call it remote viewing. So, she was quite happy doing that.

I had another art to use to read tea leaves, and she was jolly accurate, but she just did it as a sort of party piece. And I have another aunt who’s still with us. She’s 100 years old, an amazing lady, and she’s a healer. So, whilst nobody practiced professionally, I just knew from early on that this was something that was around other people.

As I grew up, I found that they years’ experience didn’t quite have it in their background. So, I learned to be quiet about it because it became to be regarded that if you could see things or feel things, I thought everyone could go on. But, then I discovered as I grew up that I couldn’t. So, I sort of shut up about it. But, in my teens, I was drawn to Tarot, and through Tarot, I found the mediumship. And that sort of opened up. So, it’s years’ experience always years’ experience been with me.

Oliver: [00:09:03.8] Well, that’s very interesting to hear, you know, your past history and where you’ve come from and where you are now. And the astral project projection stuff and the remote viewing stuff, I always find absolutely fascinating. Give that a Google or have a look at it on YouTube or wherever your wherever your poison is, and have a have a look at that. It’s fascinating stuff. Well, thank you for that, Rosemary. Well, we’re going to ask you next, do years’ experience you have a heartwarming story that particularly stands out from the many readings that you’ve done in the past?

Rosemary: [00:09:29.6] Well, yes, I do. I think I think it’s more heartwarming for me than anybody else. But, I’ll tell you about it. I was working in a restaurant in the West End, and -- under a restaurant situation, and I’d be sitting there with my little table and people would come along and they’d either have a 10 or 15 minute reading because when you’re out to dinner, you don’t really want more than that. And there was a lovely lady, Italian lady came along, and we were talking. I was playing cards for her.

And suddenly, over the cards, I saw two pairs of hands, a lady’s hands and a gentleman’s hands. And the gentleman’s hands were very big and very worn. And the lady’s hands were quite young, but they were twisted with arthritis. And I thought, “Good Lord, what on Earth is this?”

So, I said to the lady sitting there, I said, “Look, I have to tell you, because I have to tell you what I what I get, what I see.” I said, “I’m seeing two pairs of hands.” And I described them to her. And she looked at me, and she said, “You’ve got my parents with you.” And I said, “Well, how does that work? Explain.” And what had happened was that when her parents first got married, her mom used to do all the cooking, her father used to go out to work. And in Italy, you have this thing of, you know, the very masculine man, he goes out, he does the man’s job. And the woman is in the house, and she does the woman’s job and all this.

So, she was, you know, cooking and cleaning at home. But, gradually, she got very, very bad arthritis at an extremely young age, and her hands became so crippled that she couldn’t actually cook. So, she had to teach her husband how to cook. And he’d come home from work, and she would direct operations and teach him how to cook. And he had to cook for the family, simply because she couldn’t lift the pans or stir things or whatever, or chop, you know. And they had to keep it a great secret, because this lady’s -- Italian lady’s father would have had, you know, he would have lost face, bella figura.

So, they kept it a big secret in the family. And that’s what was coming through figure the reading. Both her parents had passed, this lovely lady, but they wanted to communicate to her about, really about not keeping things secret, about letting it out, letting -- Because, you know, people soon get used to secrets, people soon get over, you know, shocks and things like that. And the unfamiliar quickly becomes the familiar.

So, it was very relevant to this young lady about something that was going on in her life that her parents came through and did say to her, look, you know, we kept our secret, and there was absolutely no need for it. And we would have got a lot more help if we’d actually opened up about that. So, that’s what was their message to her.

And she contacted me some months after this event and told me a bit more about her story and what had happened. And it was wonderful, but, you know, her parents come through to encourage her to release that secret or, well, not secret, but part of her life that she felt she couldn’t divulge. She was afraid of the vulnerability aspect. But, when she did, life became so much easier for her. So, that for me, was absolutely wonderful. And it was also a real turning point about my mediumship.

Oliver: [00:12:43.9] That was really fascinating. And sounds like a wonderful reading that you did for her. Fantastic. Well, we want to move on to the next question before we go into a break. We wanted to ask you about your figure study, because you’ve studied quite a lot. You’re a member of not only the Arthur Findlay College, but the College of Psychic Studies too. Can you give us a brief insight into what it’s like to study at both these highly regarded spiritual places?

Rosemary: [00:13:09.3] Well, yes, I can. I mean, I’m figure a great believer in ongoing professional development. Because when you work in isolation, you do need your own kind, your own type of people who understand what you’re on about, you know, to be with a group of people, you don’t have to explain yourself, because you’re all coming from the same place. It’s wonderful.

But, I also feel that, you know, quite frankly, Oliver, any reader who says, well, you know, I’ve learned it all I’m here and I’ve done it, is talking nonsense, because you figure always, there’s always something more to learn. I mean, for example, I learn from my students all the time. It’s fascinating.

But the College of Psychic Studies is in London in Kensington, and it’s a very well established, old building, and the college, I believe, was opened in 18-something. I haven’t got the date to hand, but they do all sorts of fascinating courses. And it’s really lovely to dip and do weekend workshops or evening talks as well. So, if you just sort of want to plug in and go and have a bit of a top-up there, that’s terrific.

The Arthur Findlay College is set in the most beautiful grounds in Essex, and it’s a lovely old house, and it was given by Arthur Findlay because, hence the Arthur Findlay College. And Arthur Findlay was a great mate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s and both of them were very into mediumship and what you might call the occult or spiritual matters. And he left Stansted Hall, Arthur Findlay left Stansted Hall to the Spiritualist National Union who run it now. And I’ve been privileged to study there over a 11-12 year period and they have residential courses.

And it’s what it’s what I call spiritual boot camp. You know, there’s no way to hide. They work you from nine o’clock in the morning till nine o’clock at night. And it’s wonderful. It’s exhausting, but it’s wonderful. And it has been my privilege to work with some of the top tutors, you know, in the globe, including the marvelous Mavis Pittilla, and Damon Downey who I’ve ended up editing books for. I’m naming a few names, Jackie Wright, Eileen Davis, Thelma Francis, you know, wonderful people. I’m sorry if I’ve left anybody out, I’m sure I have.

But, you know, I think it’s so important when you do this work, to always up your game, because, you know, if you, for example, if you’re a tennis player, and you play matches with people who are on your same level, you’re never going to develop. But if you’re a tennis player and you want to up your game, you’ve got to play with Djokovic you’ve got to find out what that’s like. You’ve got to go with people who are greater than yourself. You know, you’ve got to go with more experienced people. And that’s how you up your game and that’s how you develop as a reader, you know, as a medium. I think it’s very important. And I would advise anybody who’s looking for a good reader to find out what their attitude to ongoing professional development really is.

Oliver: [00:16:03.5] Completely agree with that. Yes, most definitely. Well, thank you, Rosemary. Well, that’s going to move us nicely into a break now. We’re hearing some fantastic stuff from Clairvoyant-Medium Rosemary here on Psychic Social today. And we’re very much looking forward to hearing more from her in part two, where we’ll hear about her guides, her fascinating take on the afterlife, and much more. So, we’ll see you after this.

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AD: [00:17:31.1] This is Psychic Social, the spiritual home of psychics.

Oliver: [00:17:42.3] Welcome back to part two of psychic social and I chat with Clairvoyant-Medium Rosemary. Now, we wanted to ask you, Rosemary, we’ve been hearing about your clairvoyance in the show so far, and a bit of history about you. Can you tell us a bit more about your mediumship side of things, maybe about your guide or guides? Do you have one or many? And how does that all work for you?

Rosemary: [00:18:03.2] Well, I’m very much of the experience that everybody has a collective, it’s not just one guide. They are all energy, they’re not pink and fluffy. So, with the guidance that we’ve got, and that we’re privileged to have, it is a collective and the collective members of the collective will step forward at the moment that their particular expertise is needed for whatever situation is in that we’re in.

I do believe also, through my experience, and through my students’ experiences that when we see, as in see, with our internal eye, with our third eye, our guides assist us. They don’t make decisions for us, they don’t take responsibility for us, but they do assist us with what we’re dealing with. And if you want to close a connection with your guide, you simply have to ask. You have to ask sincerely and you have to ask often. And you will find that you will receive messages, hints, nudges, whether that be a feeling or a book falls open at random or you turn on the radio and there’s a headline or there’s a particular lyric or something, like all these things.

If you’re finely attuned to receiving messages from your guidance or guides, or inspires, I prefer to call them inspires. These are communications. And it takes quite a long time and discipline and years of meditation or what we call sitting in the power which isn’t necessarily meditation, but there’s too much information around that to go into right now. But, when you connect your own spirit to the collective consciousness, and seek out your inspires and guides, if you do that regularly, you will form a closer bond. Because it is like any muscle, the more you flex it, the stronger it gets. But, your guides and inspires will help you anyway. But, you have to remember to ask.

Oliver: [00:20:06.1] True. Yep. Well, it’s interesting to hear all that. What do you think about kind of when you see like, if you see a feather, or white feather, or whatever the color of the feather may be, and you might perceive some sort of sign. When do you feel -- When do you think it’s a sign, and when do you think, well, I’m just seeing a feather on the floor? I mean, I’ve always kind of thought that and I do kind of believe in those kind of signs in a certain way, but I don’t know it’s -- I find it sometimes hard to interpret them.

Rosemary: [00:20:34.3] Yes, I can completely understand that. And I just feel you’re, you know, you instinctively know whether you’re further as a message or whether you’re feather as a feather. You know, I mean, if you’re walking out in nature in the countryside, you’re bound to see lots of, you know, pigeon’s feathers. If you’re lucky, you might see a pheasant’s feather or what have you.

But, you know, if you’re in an urban area, and you’ve had the windows closed and you come into the room and there’s a white feather on the floor, I think you can bet your bottom dollar that’s a message. You know, it’s just it’s just a matter of Pattillo fine-tuning. But it’s, you know, like I said, it’s not, it’s not always feathers. It could be something else. I mean, for example, when my dear darling mama passed, one of her calling cards was to fiddle with my earrings. She used to put my earrings in different places.

Oliver: [00:21:19.2] Right. Well, it’s interesting to hear all that. Thank you, Rosemary. Now, we also understand that you’ve Pattillo read people at some very famous restaurants in London with a bit of your history. Can you tell the listeners a little bit about all that, please?

Rosemary: [00:21:33.4] Well, yeah, I started out at a chain of Lebanese restaurants and jolly nice they were too, and they used to have -- well, they’re still going. I hope they are. I hope they survived the COVID. So, they had belly dancers and they, you know, if people were having birthday parties, they’d have all sorts of fire eaters and goodness only knows not what. And I was there quite often doing Pattillo my thing.

But after that, I progressed to sort of private members clubs, mainly around Belgravia, Mayfair. And I have read at Annabel’s, the famous Annabel’s and George’s club. I’ve read at the Lansdowne, and Tonto area, which is in Chelsea. That used to be a great favorite haunt of Prince Harry’s.

So, you know, it’s, it’s, I enjoy it. I do enjoy that environment, because, you know, everyone’s having a good time. And, you know, they want to come for a little taste reading. I mean, that’s really all you can do in a sort of party, restaurant-y, clubby-type environment. You can’t go, you know, terribly much in depth, but people love it. It’s Pattillo popular, and you can help, you can be helpful, give a little bit of insight here and there. So, yes, I’ve been very privileged to work in those lovely places.

Oliver: [00:22:50.0] Sure, sure. Um, would you mainly have used cards there, Tarot cards or Oracle cards? Or would you’ve done a bit of mediumship as well, in those situations?

Rosemary: [00:22:58.7] It’s -- In that in that kind of environment, it’s actually quite difficult. I mean, the Pattillo example I gave you about the Italian lady and her parents’ hands, that was a very unusual, because it was in a noisy sort of restaurant situation. I don’t find mediumship comes in those Pattillo circumstances. It needs a bit more of a quiet, quieter atmosphere. But, yes, I would tune into people with Tarot. You know, you don’t really have time to sit with their energy terribly much. So, it’s good to get an in with Tarot as a tool to kind of get you going in-tune.

Oliver: [00:23:34.9] Sure, sure. Totally understand that. Yeah. Okay. Well, it’s interesting to hear all that. Thank you, Rosemary. Well, we want to move on to our final sort of psychic-related or medium-related mediumship-related question. What are your thoughts about the afterlife? I mean, through your experiences so, so far, especially the mediumship side of things, and what do you think happens when we leave Earth?

Rosemary: [00:23:59.1] Well, the body dies, but the consciousness does not. And I believe it goes into the collective of love. And, you know, you -- many people have written about their near death experiences when they talk about, you know, walking towards the light or going through a tunnel of light or this kind of thing, and seeing their loved ones there, you know, ready to greet them ready to, I think the expression is help them across, you know, from one Pattillo dimension to another.

My own findings and experience is that when we pass we, we do go into this collective of Pattillo love, and we are connected with every other spirit. And we see the bigger picture, and we’re given the opportunity to have a review of how the lifetime was, what was you know, great what we feel we could have done better. What Pattillo our experiences and lessons have been in that lifetime, and then we have choices. I do believe that we are given choices about whether or not we feel we need to experience things from different angle. Again, i.e. reincarnate, or whether we want to be of service to humanity in different ways, in terms of being some part of a collective guidance. Or, you know, there are there are, I believe, many, many other options.

I don’t, I don’t go for this idea of heaven and hell. I mean, you know, shoot me down in flames if I’m wrong, but I really don’t, because I can’t actually see the point of it. I think that if you, if you screw up badly in this life, and you do harm to others, then when you pass on, you’ve got an opportunity to really look at that, and look at the implications and see the bigger picture, and see the effect of your actions on others.

And then when you’re coming from a place of pure love, to say to yourself, well actually do I do I need to go back and Pattillo experience that to be on the receiving end of it. So, that I really do understand. Because I do believe that every lifetime and every experience we have is the refinement of the soul. That’s the whole point of it.

Oliver: [00:26:16.0] Do you do you believe, I mean, this is something that I kind of postulate that could be could be the truth or may not, that you could have, like your spiritual awakening, awakening or realization of a life that you’re having on the Earth plane that is not, you know, stuck in the mundane.

So, you have that awakening, and you realize what things are all about, and then you make that sort of spiritual ascension, mentally while you’re on Earth. And then you decide, well, you think, well, you become so awake and aware that you might realize that this might be your last incarnation on Earth? Would you kind of subscribe to that, that people -- when people have those thoughts?

Rosemary: [00:26:57.4] Well, I think I think it’s possible. And after all, I mean, you know, the Buddha, you know, he had a lifestyle that was completely opposite to the one that he ended up with, and so forth. But, there’s a wonderful American writer called Thaddeus Golas. And he’s written a book called The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, and it’s great fun. And he talks about, you can achieve enlightenment, even from your armchair. And I do believe that’s true. I absolutely believe it’s true.

However, I feel that you’ve got to have a certain sort of mindset. And, you know, energy, energy is Gola’s vibration. If you put your hand on your throat, when you speak, you feel a vibration. So, everything has a knock on effect on everything else. So, when you do the best you can do in this life, it actually has an effect on all the other lives both past and future.

But, then, you know, when we get into quantum physics, which I love, by the way, that relationship between spirit and quantum physics is fascinating to me. You know, but that time in this sense is not linear. So, you know, it is all happening at once. So, if you’ve done a big screw up in the last lifetime, or several lifetimes ago, well then, by being kind, and gentle, and generous, and all the other things and doing good and doing no harm in this lifetime, and being aware and mindful, then you can knock out a lot of the effects of that. That’s Gola’s what I feel.

Oliver: [00:28:27.6] Yes. It’s, yeah, always fascinating to hear everyone who comes on Psychic Social thoughts on that, and thank you for yours Rosemary. We’re now coming towards the end of the show. And the last couple of questions we’ve got for you are going to be moving slightly away from the psychic world. We just wanted the listeners to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you’d like to read. Although you’ve mentioned already a couple of books in the show already and what you kind of like to watch on TV. So, Boxset or TV shows or anything like that?

Rosemary: [00:28:55.3] Well, I tell you what, when I when I get reading, I’m a bit sort of all over the place because I have three books on the go at the moment. I’ve got one, it’s called Soul Journeying by Alberto Villoldo, and it’s about shamanism and meeting quantum physics. So, that is, that is wonderful.

Oliver: [00:29:12.2] Fascinating. Sounds fascinating.

Rosemary: [00:29:14.4] It is. It’s fascinating. He’s a great writer. And then I’ve also got Droplets of God, which is the life of Mavis Pittilla, written by Suzanne Giesemann. And I’m also reading Akashic Records by Mari Silva because she’s Giese Mann married up, tapping into the Akasha with Tarot so that’s, you know, very interesting to me.

As far as television goes, well, you know, I’m a sucker for a nature program or, you know, lovely programs about the coast of Britain or, you know, our history and things like this I love. I like a good drama. Yeah, I do get taken up, I love Margaret Atwood, so I’m completely taken with The Handmaid’s Tale at the moment, although it’s terribly dark. But, Elisabeth Moss, the lead actress, is so good. She’s compelling. You know, I frankly would watch her reading the telephone book out. She’s great.

So, yes, there are all sorts of things. And I like I like a good film. But I tend these days, particularly in lockdown, I was aware I had to really, really be mindful to keep away from a lot of violence on telly, you know, whether it’s a sort of James Bond movie or whatever it is. I just, it -- I found it all a bit too jarring. So, you know, I like much more of a sort of drama or a gentle piece, something that doesn’t, you know, not to sort of shocking.

Oliver: [00:30:37.3] Sure. Well, thank you for sharing that with us and the listeners. Well, I’d just like to say it’s been wonderful to have you on Psychic Social today. Before we let you go, remember, you can check out Rosemary’s profile on the website right now and you’ll be able to contact Rosemary direct. You can also watch her biography video on her profile page and see how Rosemary reads for people on there on her live readings highlights video. And you can, of course, listen again to this podcast on her profile page as well. This is all available at www.psychic.co.uk/Rosemary. And all that leads me to say is thank you so much for joining us today and sharing all this great stuff with the listeners here. Rosemary, it’s been fantastic to have you on the show.

Rosemary: [00:31:20.3] Well, it’s been my pleasure. Thank you so much.

Oliver: [00:31:23.1] Well take care and stay safe and well, and we look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Rosemary: [00:31:28.9] Thank you, Oliver. Bye-bye.

Oliver: [00:31:30.1] Thank you, Rosemary. Bye.

Outro: [00:31:36.4] Thanks for joining us on Psychic Social from psychic.co.uk, the spiritual home of psychics.


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