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🔮 Did spirit warn of my sisters passing? . . [with Psychic Medium, Carole Bromley PSPE:028] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium, Carole Bromley.  We talk about Carole’s psychic premonitions from a young age, her life as a Psychic Medium, and some of the readings she’s carried out for people from all walks of life, including celebrities from film and TV, who have been seeking her often quite unbelievable ability to deliver in-depth psychic messages for them.



**This Podcast was recorded on 9th November 2021**




With Psychic Medium, Carole Bromley PSPE:028

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[00:00:02.06]    Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.


Oliver D.:             [00:00:12.25] On this episode of psychic social.


Carole B.:            [00:00:15.12] She was going to celebrate it with her fiancé, both fake team, and this voice said to me say goodbye to your sister, uh she's not coming back, say goodbye to your sister, you're not going to see her again. And I thought that's a bit weird, isn't it? Who's talking to me like that, you know.


Oliver D.:             [00:00:34.15] Welcome to psychic social with me Oliver Duke, the podcast that explores all things from the psychic and spiritual perspectives. Including interviews with famous psychic practitioners, discussions about the afterlife, the paranormal and much more. So relax, and enjoy the show.

Today's guest has established an incredible following nationally and internationally with her astounding accurate psychic mediumship and future forecast readings. With people from all walks of life including celebrities from film and TV, seeking her often quite unbelievable ability to deliver in-depth psychic messages for them.

People who have sat and had readings from this practitioner have been utterly astounded at the amazing accuracy in her seeing into the future. So we'd like to say a very warm welcome to psychic medium, Carole Bromley. Thank you so much for joining us on the psychic social podcast, Carole. How are you today?


Carole B.:            [00:01:27.12] I’m great, thank you, Oliver. How are you, love?


Oliver D.:             [00:01:29.25] I’m really well, thank you. We were talking before we came on actually, uh, to record, I’m just saying just getting over a bit of a bug from the children at the weekend. But feeling better now, thank you. Um, yes, what have you been up to today, anything exciting?


Carole B.:            [00:01:42.17] Uh, readings with clients, some more readings.


Oliver D.:             [00:01:45.22] Oh, good stuff.


Carole B.:            [00:01:46.25] I am launching a new product soon as well, but that's under wraps at the moment. So I can't reveal anything about that yet.


Oliver D.:             [00:01:55.14] That sounds very exciting, very exciting indeed.


Carole B.:            [00:01:57.02] It is.


Oliver D.:             [00:01:58.00] Okay, well we're sort of uh, moving towards Christmas time, aren't we? And um ramping up for that, uh, soon. I can see in the shops and on the TV that we're already being fed the uh, the Christmas vibes, aren't we?


Carole B.:            [00:02:10.03] Yes, we are. And isn't that exciting, because I feel like and I’m sure everybody else does that. We've missed out on the last two years of Christmas celebrations, and I do feel this year, we'll all be able to celebrate with our families.


Oliver D.:             [00:02:23.18] Yes, definitely let's make it a big one this year, definitely, for sure.


Carole B.:            [00:02:26.26] Absolutely.


Oliver D.:             [00:02:27.10] Yeah. Okay, well, uh it's good to hear all that, thank you, Carole. Um, well we're going to move on into the show now, um, and we've got a few questions in the show today on psychic social. Um, we want to find out a bit more about you, uh, and you as a psychic medium, and we want the listeners to learn a bit more about you as well uh through this podcast.

So um, we wanted to know from you with the various sort of challenges that we've all had to face over the last 18 months or so, due to you know the pandemic. How did you kind of personally maintain positivity, and a sort of higher vibrational state and not get drawn into which was quite a lot of fear that was being spread by the media? Um, how did you manage that?


Carole B.:            [00:03:09.05] I managed quite well actually, because I just didn't take any notice of the news, and I didn't really listen to the news, you know. Um, I’m not conspiracy theorists, but you know I had conversations, or people had conversations with me as well. So there's kind of a swapping, kind of swapping information if you like, yeah.

So I feel that's the way, that's the best way that I could cope. And not only that, but I found the news, no matter what media channel it came from, it was so conflicting and it still is. So none the wiser, don't know anything. Um, all I know is that I think and I feel we're in a better place than where we were before this time last year.


Oliver D.:             [00:03:55.01] Sure, yeah. And um was there anything in specific that you kind of uh did to sort of help yourself stay positive aside from just kind of ignoring the rubbish that was there? Um, what did you do in particular, was there any kind of meditations? With anything that you would have recommended to people that they could do too?


Carole B.:            [00:04:11.26] Actually, funny you should ask that, because you know people, a lot of people were furloughed, you know. And I although I wasn't furloughed, because I was still busy, instead of having people, clients coming to my office.

I had to have clients on line if you like, on the internet, on zoom, on your stream, on WhatsApp, on facetime, um on Facebook, so I had to change my whole delivery channel and appointment channel obviously, to meet with the demands of the work, so I had to attend many seminars, webinars, uh training courses, free courses of course for online products.

Obviously, because big companies like Zoom and read stream and others uh who want you to use their products, they're going to give you the training free of charge, because they want you to buy into their products. So I found that I was spending a lot of time doing some training, and I got a lot of knowledge out of it. And I was also able to continue working online as I do today, and I’ve completely changed and challenged myself in the way that I work now.

So all my work is now online or live at shows um, which I am moderating, because you know still COVID aware, so I haven't booked in as many shows as I normally do. I think I’ve just done the two, or I’ve done one show this year, but I’ve got another one coming up on the 29th of November, I believe.

Um, so that will be my last show this year. So that's the way I’ve uh, completely made the transformation for myself. I didn't waste it, I used the time available, what I had to, to learn new products and new platforms. Social media, hey.


Oliver D.:             [00:06:05.11] Yeah. I think a lot of other people had to do the same thing, didn't they? Obviously, not you know just in the spiritual you know realms, it was everywhere really, people had to find a different way to work, different way and if they're working for themselves like psychic practitioners do as well, you know you have to find a different way of how to deliver your service uh to people, and try and pivot and adapt to the situation and it sounds like you've done that very well.


Carole B.:            [00:06:31.08] Absolutely. And I think that, uh, not only my own success, um, but other people was also successful at learning new platforms, because everybody who I spoke to, almost everybody was using the same platforms as I’d uh spent time and effort on these seminars and demonstrations and webinars. So yeah, it kind of mix and match and we all came out um, uh, mates if you like.


Oliver D.:             [00:06:59.15] Yeah, sounds good, yeah. Well, it's definitely the way that a lot of people are working now as well, and I know some people are kind of doing some face-to-face stuff now obviously with uh, with the restrictions um, you know social distancing in your mind as well.

But uh yeah, most people are still obviously doing the online stuff which makes sense. And obviously you can do stuff, you know far-reaching stuff that you couldn't do in person anyway, you know all over the world I suppose.


Carole B.:            [00:07:22.15] Yeah. I mean that was there anyway, but it became more dominant and prominent, uh, online. So yeah, I kind of gathered a worldwide audience.


Oliver D.:             [00:07:34.00] Yeah, exactly. Yeah, it's worked well, yeah, exactly. Well, I mean we wanted you to sort of take us back to the beginning of kind of how you became or how you became aware that you were a psychic medium. Did this particular gift did it just naturally come to you? Would you say it was passed down through family? How did that happen for you?


Carole B.:            [00:07:54.14] Oh, goodness me. Well, um, long story short, yes. My ancestors, they were quite psychic. My great-great-grandfather, uh, grandparents were from uh, Galway in Ireland. And um, they were psychic and I feel like it's being passed through my family. My nephews and nieces, they're quite psychic as well, and their children are really psychic.

But I actually, uh going back to your first question, when did it happen? It happened when I was six years old and I saw a clown in the street outside the house where we lived in Manchester. I’m a Mancunium born and bred, although you wouldn't notice from my accent, because I had election neck and lessons, because nobody could understand me at school. Um, so I talk quite posh now. Um, anyway, so yeah that's when it was, when I was six. But more importantly when I was 11 years old, um, New Year’s Eve 1970, a voice said to me say goodbye to your sister, she's not coming back.

And I was in the room on my own in my house, uh my parents, my mum not my parents, because they were split, they separated that time, um, they were going to the club with my brothers and my sister just got engaged that night, she was going celebrating with her fiancé, both 18. And this voice said to me say goodbye to your sister, she's not coming back, say goodbye to your sister, you're not going to see her again, and I thought that's a bit weird, isn't it? Who's talking to me like that you know.

Anyway, lots of things happen that night, and um, uh police knocked on the door and told us they, you know had some bad news and it turned out that my sister and her fiancé had died in a car crash. So um, that was kind of a prediction if you like or a voice premonition, whatever you want to call it. The voices uh, I always used to pay attention to, and that one voice because it repeated it twice, really send goosebumps down my spine there, you know.


Oliver D.:             [00:10:04.17] It must have been terrible for you, so we're very sorry to obviously hear all that. That must have been terrible for you at such a young age as well.


Carole B.:            [00:10:11.01] Yeah. I mean I was 11 years old, and I hate that number because every time 11 comes up for me, I kid you not Oliver, it's bad luck, you know, bad luck. That's all I can say. Um, so yeah, so um, I kind of pushed the voices out for many years, because I blame myself.

And I didn't tell anybody that I’d heard this voice say this to me, because I thought they'd blame me for killing my sister off, you know. Like you do when you're a kid, you think those things don't you, and I wouldn't say anything to anybody.


Oliver D.:             [00:10:44.06] Was this voice, sorry to interject, was the voice um something that you heard while you were asleep or were you awake?


Carole B.:            [00:10:49.09] No, I was wide awake. You know, people were getting, my family were getting, some of my brothers were getting, and my mum were getting ready to go out celebrate New Year’s Eve. And my brother and myself, my twin brother myself was uh being looked after by the next-door neighbor as they did in them days, you know.

So um, and it was a voice that I heard in the living room, and it was only myself in the living room. And the voice was, it would have been from somebody standing by the side of me, because I heard it quite clearly in my right ear. Like somebody was literally standing there, but I couldn't see them, you know.

So that that was the voice, and I’ve paid attention to voices ever since, you know. I’m not sure sometimes those voices, uh, are beneficial to me or anybody else sometimes. But the thing is that they always tell the truth, and that's what's important, isn't it?


Oliver D.:             [00:11:46.28] Yes, it is. Well, it's a very sad story and like I say, we're sorry to hear that. But um, yeah, well I mean, so beyond sort of 11 years old after that, you sort of move forwards and obviously very difficult times moving forwards. But how did that kind of progress to you becoming using, um, a sort of tapped in gift that you had? How did that progress into you actually using that as for a living as a psychic medium?


Carole B.:            [00:12:17.24] Good, it was mad, it was quite mad you know. Because in between the time of uh, that experience happening, and me using it now, I’ve gone over to Denmark to work as a DJ, after um being in a DJ in England for quite a few years. And then I came back, and worked and then I got a job at the local university there as a temp, and I ended up staying there for 15 years.

And during the course of that time, I was very, I was becoming more very, uh, even before then actually, uh, even before then, spiritually aware and I just knew things about people, I knew things that were going to happen, I could see things happening. I used to have a, I still do obviously, have a lot of premonitions, and predictions that uh, all transpire. So it's kind of, I don't know, I’ve been given this gift and uh making use of it. But more so, I always question why I can see into the future and the future is always accurate. Does that make sense? It doesn't, but I can't explain it you know.

And because I worked at the university, obviously, I worked around academics, professors, um and even those uh, I’ve been tried and tested by them, not on a scientific basis, because that's something I would not volunteer to do, because I’ve read too much about these uh, scientific, uh experiments being designed to fail.

And if you look at research, you will discover yourself why you as a psychic or a medium or anybody who's a psychic or medium would not um take time out to be in one of these scientific uh experiments. So I’ve been tested, driven tested around uh academics, under natural circumstances if you like you know.


Oliver D.:             [00:14:19.08] Well yeah, I totally agree with you that, and a lot of this stuff you know um has been, a lot of studies are kind of aren't they, and the conclusions are manipulated, and sometimes and kind of like you know who is funding the studies, and this that, the other, not just in you know psychic esp or whatever you want to say about anything really.

So you're right, you have to be kind of careful who you who you attach yourself to when it comes to stuff like that, and really have an idea of what the study is about and who's behind it and stuff before you get involved I imagine.


Carole B.:            [00:14:52.05] I know. I mean, in America, there's some really good paranormal scientist over there, you know, and they've been they've done a lot of work, written books, done programs you know and everything like that. And even uh, their proof can't be proved. So if these scientists proof can't be approved, then God knows who's got a chance of being proven for anything you know.


Oliver D.:             [00:15:14.12] Yeah, but I guess you just have to, at the end of the day, prove to your clients that and that's the proof of the pudding isn't it and the people that you read for.


Carole B.:            [00:15:20.24] You know, none of us, no matter what job we're in, we've got nothing to prove to anybody, our skills are evidence alone of what our capabilities and our knowledge and our experiences about.


Oliver D.:             [00:15:35.15] Exactly, yeah. The outcome of the work that you do is the proof, isn't it? Or the yeah, the knowledge. Um, well yeah, thank you for that, that's great. Um, well, I mean from the many readings that you've kind of done as a medium over the years, is there one that you kind of vividly would remember that really kind of sticks out in your mind?


Carole B.:            [00:15:51.04] I can't. Honestly Oliver, there just wouldn't be one, there would be tons. There would be tons and tons of them, you know. Some sad, some not so sad, um. But I mean, I kind of, I don't know if I should talk about it really, you know, but oh God I will. I remember once I had a client sat in front of me, uh, I spoke about her in my book and you know and she gave me permission.

But she was with me, and um in my office, and I had a rocking chair at the time, a little wooded, well it was quite a big wooden rocking chair, and her husband had made an appearance was having a good old conversation, giving evidence, this, that and you know. What furniture they bought, I knew what company they bought it from, you know it was going really well.

And um, I feel that her husband, bless him in the spirit world there, had a bit of a wink in his eye for the women you know. And before I knew it, he took me off my rocking chair and I’d ended up on the floor. And I'm like trying to get up off the floor with a rocking chair on top of you was a sight for sore eyes I can tell you, you know.


Oliver D.:             [00:17:12.24] That's a really good story, really good. Thank you, Carole. Well, that's going to move us nicely into a break now. Um, we're hearing some wonderful stuff here on psychic social from psychic medium Carole, uh, today and we're very much looking forward to hearing more from her in part two. Where we might possibly hear about her guides, her take on the afterlife and much more, so we'll see you after this.


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Oliver D.:             [00:18:51.14] Welcome back to part two of psychic social, and our chat with psychic medium, Carole Bromley. Now, we were hearing some great stories from Carole before the break um about some readings that she'd done in the past.

Uh, now carol, um could you tell us any about any of your readings that you've done, we hear that you've done some sort of reality stars readings for them. Um, could you tell us more about these if you're able to please?


Carole B.:            [00:19:13.03] Yeah, I can. But um, I don't name, because of client confidentiality. But yes, I’ve done quite a few reality stars um over the years, um as it happens and they are quite nice people, uh a lot of them. Well, I found a walk to be quite nice actually, and occasionally, I’ve been sent the odd bouquet of flowers to my office as well from some celebrities.

I’ve also done uh, film producers on who have been seen on the red carpet as well. Um, so yeah, I’ve you know got a kind of quite busy uh, I don't like the word celebrity, you know. But I like to treat all my clients the same really. But I’d say more of the well-known people, you know. I kind of like most who if not all of them actually, who I have read for over the years.


Oliver D.:             [00:20:11.23] Well, that sounds very interesting that you've read for all those people over the years. Um, well we wanted to ask you about, um, we haven't sort of touched upon this yet, but ask you about your guide or guides in plural. Um, now nearly all of the kind of psychic practitioners that have been on psychic social uh to date have seemed to have had more than one guide. Is it the same as you, Carol?


Carole B.:            [00:20:34.02] Oh yeah, absolutely. As soon as you said guides, they all started turning up.


Oliver D.:             [00:20:39.03] Right, hello everyone.


Carole B.:            [00:20:40.08] It's almost like did somebody call my name? Yeah, of course, yeah. My main communicating guide though is uh Hannah, she uh, was a nurse in the Crimean war who introduced herself to me during dream state one night when I heard her calling my name. So uh, very interesting that she took me around the war-torn uh area and fields of Crimea and war there.

But I’ve also got healing guides, I’ve got a monk, I’ve got um, native American Indian. Uh, I’ve got a reiki guide, because I’m a reiki teacher as well, so I work with uh, I call her Janet, my reiki guide there. So yeah, there are, and I’ve got um, he's not a guide, but he's an angel. So I use same uh angel Michael, archangel Michael, for uh protection whenever I’m going into uh a premises or a venue or a house that uh would have a negative entity in it. So I use archangel Michael for that little bit of added protection there.


Oliver D.:             [00:21:49.27] Sure, okay. And um, in terms of like um the native American Indian guides, a lot of uh mediums have come on and that we've spoken to have said that they connect with American Indian guides as well, native American Indian guides.

Um, would you say that was possibly because of how spiritual they were, and how spiritually connected they are or were uh, at those times to the other side or the spirit world? Would you say that was why they present themselves as guides to a lot of mediums?


Carole B.:            [00:22:23.03] Yeah, possibly. But I also think it's because a lot of the native Americans were an ingenious type of people with a natural ability to connect with mother earth, and uh natural nests if you like. So a lot of their experience have been uh given to us or shown to us or empowered we've asked to use those uh skills and abilities that the native American Indians had.


Oliver D.:             [00:22:56.17] Because they were very connected and grounded to the earth, weren't they? And they did a lot of ceremonies didn't they, spiritual ceremonies.


Carole B.:            [00:23:02.26] Absolutely You know, they go on a vision quest after you know, a little bit of wacky backy and they set their intentions to connect with the higher realms, and they come back with some really wise words and some really good uh philosophies as well.


Oliver D.:             [00:23:22.18] Sure, they definitely do. And sort of talking about the higher realms and that subject, what are your thoughts about the higher realms, the afterlife, the spirit world um you know through your mediumship experiences so far in your life? And what do you think happens when we kind of eventually, our energy shifts away from earth and we pass on?


Carole B.:            [00:23:44.12] Well, it's kind of um, when it's been around you for most of your life, or when something or someone's been around you for most of your life, you kind of accept it don't you? Yeah. Uh, it was very hard. Although, it's very hard for me to accept at one point, I kept telling spirit to bugger off, you know. I wasn't having it, but you know, I couldn't beat him, so I joined him and that was the way it was, you know.

Um, but yes, the afterlife is certainly there, and it certainly does exist, and the scientific research does, uh prove that. But also, it is, uh people have this concept about the physical body surviving in the afterlife and it actually doesn't, it's actually the conscious mind that survives and travels in the, for there. That's why spirit is able to travel anywhere in the world or anywhere in the universe, you know.

When people ask me from the other side of the world maybe South Africa, Sri Lanka or America wherever, if I can connect to their loved one, even though I’m not in their country, can I still connect? The answer is yes. Because that consciousness uh can be tapped into and can travel there as well, you know. It's like the hub of someone's DNA, and when you're a psychic or a medium, you can tap into that energy there, that energy connects to you.


Oliver D.:             [00:25:05.03] And that energy is supposedly, you know very close to us, so close to us that we can sometimes feel it, but just most people can never see it or feel it or tap into it.


Carole B.:            [00:25:17.00] Yeah, absolutely right. You know, I mean heaven is above us, but I always say that heaven is around, you know. People walk with us uh spirit walk next to us, sit next to us, talk next to us, you know, um spirit is all around us, you know it is an energy, you know. And even though some people may not be able to see it, hear it, feel it or sense it, many people know and they're aware that it is there.


Oliver D.:             [00:25:46.01] And what do you think about consciousness, kind of we are all one in consciousness. So we are obviously all interconnected and actually we are all consciousness is us, is everyone.


Carole B.:            [00:25:57.17] Yeah, that's kind of a big thing, isn't it? It's like having a big party, you know. Who are you going to invite? What is your family now, and it's like these soul groups are all split into uh, different uh families over there in the spirit well world. You know but yeah, we can all be connected in one way or another.

But you know it's a bit like your family tree trying to attract back your ancestors, you know. To try and track back the people or souls you've been connected to in the past, the present or even in the future is one hell of a job, you know. And I don't think anybody could achieve that in any lifetime.


Oliver D.:             [00:26:37.27] Yeah, exactly. And do you kind of subscribe to the thought process that kind of like, you know you said obviously, um that we are just, we are on this earth and everyone's kind of connected and everyone can tap into everyone else.

I mean, that we are, like I am not me and you are not you. You are your consciousness controlling your existence incarnation on earth, from somewhere else. Would you subscribe to that, that would be right in thinking that?


Carole B.:            [00:27:03.08] Uh, well, it's complicated, isn't it? Oliver. You know, and it is more, it is quite scientific you know, and I’m not really on that scientific level to say yes or no. I believe that things are what they are, you know. And for that, it's um, I don't know, it's oh, it's a bit like UFOs you know. Do people believe in UFOs? It's the belief system as well, isn't it? So it works for some people, but um it's not something that I dwell on or would think about too often.


Oliver D.:             [00:27:42.13] Sure. And we have, like you say we only have, we have theories because that's all we know, don't we really? And on what you guys you know, mediums can tell people from their experiences, and the way you tap in, uh to things and energies.


Carole B.:            [00:27:55.10] Yeah, it's true.


Oliver D.:             [00:27:57.01] Well, thank you for that, Carol, it's good to hear your take on that. Um, now we're coming towards the end of the show, uh and the last couple of questions we've got for you are going to be moving slightly away from the psychic and spirit world. We just wanted the listeners to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you like to read, um, or what you like to watch on TV. Anything like that?


Carole B.:            [00:28:17.20] Oh my god, do you know what? I like murders. I am so obsessed, I know it's horrible to say, I like to. I actually spend a lot of time um being a psychic detective, you know, focusing through the eyes of the victim or the eyes or the perpetrator.

I know it's morbid and it sounds you know, but having spent nearly 25 years in this business doing what I do, it's like this part of it is more uh, challenging and more um, a kind of uh, I don't know, it's something that needs to be for me that I need to do to find out about, you know. It's something that I need to see more beyond, uh, the normal yeah if you like.

So that's what I do, I just like murders and I like um you know like the CSIs, I like the NCIS and you know um anything that's got psychological in it or thriller in it, you know. But I don't like blood and gore that's one thing I don't like, I like the mysteries.


Oliver D.:             [00:29:25.04] Sure. Did you watch uh vigil? I don't watch a lot of TV, but I watched vigil recently, with Saran Jones. Have you seen that at all?


Carole B.:            [00:29:31.06] No.


Oliver D.:             [00:29:32.00] This is the murder on the submarine, the royal navy submarine, it is actually quite good.


Carole B.:            [00:29:36.11] Actually, yes, I did. Sorry, I beg your pardon, yes I did watch that, yes. And like, you know it's kind of been so annoying for me when I watch programs, because I know what people are going to say before they say it, you know. I know the answer before the answers being given, you know what the result is, oh my god.


Oliver D.:             [00:29:56.25] That must be pretty annoying, yeah.


Carole B.:            [00:29:58.12] It's pretty annoying, you know. But I did watch it, and I didn't know where it was leading to, you know. When I sit there sometimes, and I just know what they're going to say next. I don't know whether it's obvious to other people or not, but I just know what they're going to say next, you know. It's almost like well, I just know.


Oliver D.:             [00:30:15.15] But credit to you that you still give it a go and watch it, you know.


Carole B.:            [00:30:19.00] Even though I don't mean to like take the words out of their mouth literally.


Oliver D.:             [00:30:23.15] You just do, yeah. Well, there we go. That's the energy and the gift showing through there all the time I suppose, isn't it?


Carole B.:            [00:30:30.16] Yeah. But no, I like the cyclone, yeah and that was a good program as well. Of course, I did uh, what was the other one called? The um, uh, not the thin blue line, what was blue, what was the other one, he was in conning quantum?


Oliver D.:             [00:30:45.11] Oh, is this the, um, uh yes, what is it? I can't think of the name. [Inaudible 00:30:48.15] yeah, if someone can send us an email, and let us know which one it is because we can't remember.


Carole B.:            [00:30:56.25] Give us a call. I’ve got a blooming brain block now.


Oliver D.:             [00:31:01.21] Yeah, I did watch that one as well, that was very good as well.


Carole B.:            [00:31:04.21] That was amazing. They are doing another program of it though, aren't I? So I’m going to be watching that one as well.


Oliver D.:             [00:31:12.17] Yeah, definitely. Well, that's good to hear that, thank you, Carole. Well, I mean it's been wonderful to have you on psychic social today. Uh, thank you carol. Before we let you go, um we need to let everyone know that you can check out carol's psychic practitioner profile on psychic.co.UK right now and book a reading with her directly.

All you have to do is head to our profile page on the site which you can find at all the w's that's www.psychic.co.uk/carol-Bromley. And you can watch Carole's biography video and also see how she reads for people on her live readings highlights video, which was recorded live from one of our Facebook live reading events. And you can listen again to this podcast on her profile page there too.

So lots of great ways to find out more about Carole there at psychic.co.uk. So once again that profile page for Carole is psychic.co.uk/carol-bromley. And all that leads me to say is thank you so much for joining us today and sharing all this great stuff with me and the listeners here, Carole on psychic social. Thank you for joining us on today's show.


Carole B.:            [00:32:16.05] Thank you Oliver. Thank you everybody.


Oliver D.:             [00:32:18.20] Thank you. Well, take care. And look forward to speaking with you again very soon, enjoy the rest of your day.


Carole B.:            [00:32:22.24] You too.


Oliver D.:             [00:32:23.13] Thank you, Carole. Bye.


Outro:                   [00:32:30.05] Thanks for joining us on psychic social from psychic.co.uk. The spiritual home of psychics.

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