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Interview with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria, who has been reading the tarot in combination with her remarkable psychic intuition, for people from all over the world for over 20 years. 
Based just outside Edinburgh in Scotland, she now owns and operates her wonderful holistic psychic studio, offering divine guidance, Reiki, Crystal Healing, reflexology, group celebration readings, and much more, all with her alternative approach to good health and healing. 



**This Podcast was recorded on 31st January 2022**




With Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:030

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[00:00:01.29]    Welcome to Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.


Oliver D.:             [00:00:13.00] On this episode of psychic social.


Victoria:               [00:00:15.04] Maybe we are all assigned to continue a soul contract in another realm. Maybe some of us stay in some kind of energetic zone, where we're still able to connect with and guide our loved ones that we've left behind.


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Oliver D.:             [00:01:18.23] Welcome to psychic social with me Oliver Duke, the podcast that explores all things from the psychic and spiritual perspectives, including interviews with famous psychic practitioners, discussions about the afterlife, the paranormal and much more. So relax, and enjoy the show.

Today's guest is a psychic intuitive who has been reading the tarot, in combination with her quite remarkable psychic intuition for people from all over the world for over 20 years. Based just outside Edinburgh in Scotland, she now owns and operates her wonderful holistic psychic studio, offering divine guidance, reiki, crystal healing, reflexology, group celebration readings and much more, all with her alternative approach to good health and healing. So it's a total pleasure to have her on psychic social with us today, it's Victoria. Victoria, welcome and thank you so much for hooking up with us to record today. How are you doing?


Victoria:               [00:02:11.25] Hello, thank you for having me. I’m very well, how are you?


Oliver D.:             [00:02:14.13] I’m very good, thanks. Very good. I mean, I’m just sort of getting over a bit of a cold, but um, this is that time of year, isn't it? Where the cold is going around. But other than that, I had a good weekend. Um, yeah, what have you been up to today, anything exciting?


Victoria:               [00:02:25.20] Well, you know I’m just enjoying the beautiful weather here, and I was contemplating you know wondering if we're going to miss snow now, and if I can risk potentially getting some bulbs planted. But I think that's still a bit risky, I’ll put it off a little bit longer perhaps. I’m just getting excited because I can see the sun for the first time.


Oliver D.:             [00:02:41.29] Yeah, I thought that this morning. It was kind of the sun coming up a little bit earlier this morning when I went outside, and I was just thinking, yeah, it's definitely a feel of spring is potentially on its way. But like you say, this is the point where you just get a little bit excited, and then February’s like blooming freezing, you know.


Victoria:               [00:02:57.03] Yeah, I know I just kind of wish the time away at this point. But um, we'll likely get snow next week, so I’ll not get ahead of myself.


Oliver D.:             [00:03:04.29] Yeah, exactly. I think you know the kids will probably look forward to a bit of snow as well, anyone that's got children or anything like that, they love the snow, don't they?


Victoria:               [00:03:11.00] Absolutely.


Oliver D.:             [00:03:11.29] Okay. Well yeah, thanks Victoria. Well, we're going to sort of move into the show on psychic social today, it's fantastic to have you on the show. Um, now we wanted to ask you sort of with the challenges that we've all had to face over the last kind of two years, uh due to you know the ever presence or pandemic we've been through.

Um, how did you kind of personally maintain positivity in a higher vibrational state during this whole time? Um and kind of not get drawn into the apparent fear that was being spread by the mainstream media every day?


Victoria:               [00:03:42.12] Well, my family and I we were very fortunate um with regards to where we live. We're in a very small village in the heart of Scotland, and it's in the middle of countryside and we've got a really close little community here.

So really when it all started in the early days, and we went into that initial lockdown, everyone immediately pulled together and it was just kind of an unspoken, you know everyone just fell into their role I suppose within our little community, and all took care of each other.

So there wasn't a huge um amount of kind of fear that uh presided over that chapter of life for me and my family. Um, you know so we were kind of, we kind of felt like observers, um and all you know kind of watching from a safety bubble watching what was going on in the rest of the world, you know. But there wasn't any kind of fear, um, for us personally, so we're very fortunate in that respect.

Um, and it was also quite a life-changing chapter for me. I had just gone through a major surgery in early 2022, so that lockdown, it was actually kind of a blessing I suppose for me on a personal level, because it allowed me to heal both physically and spiritually, after such a big transformational um period of my life, you know. And uh, we really enjoyed all of the countryside that surrounds us. We've got river walks and lovely nature trails all around. Um, so actually, you know being kind of thrown into that and having no routine, and being at home with my family, my children and husband, um, it was really quite a pleasant chapter.

So fear wasn't really a concern for us throughout, but yeah, I certainly gave up on tuning into the news and reading the newspapers every day quite early on, um, you know I kind of detached myself from that and tried to just stay focused on my own community, my family and my good friends here in the village. Um, because really, that was all that we could do. We're somewhat powerless to do anything else.

And so we got through that initial chapter. And then as I had kind of progressed with my own recovery, my physical health returned, that is when I launched my little business that I have here up in Dunblane in central Scotland. I opened my little healing practice, um, where I do some holistic treatments, and my psychic readings, of course, so uh, yeah.

I found my premises, it all felt like divine timing really, um you know the studio that I work from. Just kind of showed up in my universe at the perfect time. And so, I went with it. You know I heard the call from the universe, and decided it would be ridiculous to ignore it. So really, that's where all my focus went into, was getting started with my little business here, um, and yeah, here we are today, yeah.


Oliver D.:             [00:06:41.19] Yeah, that sounds great. I mean, it's great that you kind of like didn't get sucked in for too much of a prolonged period, to the kind of the media storm, you know as it was. And that you did turn and focus upon your family and the things that are really important to you and close to you which is important to everyone, isn't it? I mean, from personal experience, I did kind of a similar sort of thing to you, I kind of watched it from the beginning, and then got sucked in a bit.

And then I just decided, just to kind of dump it and I thought it's no good watching the news, and constantly looking at everything happening, I just decided to stop watching the news. And I would always kind of look every day, like towards the end of the day, I’d kind of watch on the BBC app or something like that or Sky News app have a quick look at the headlines and stuff like that. But in the end, I just stopped completely, and uh you know I’ve said before on other podcasts that we recorded with other guests on psychic social, that was probably one of the best things I did for my mental and physical health over those periods, is just to ditch the news and it made me so much happier.


Victoria:               [00:07:40.29] For sure.


Oliver D.:             [00:07:41.26] Yeah.


Victoria:               [00:07:42.22] And it allowed so many, you know many of my friends and extended family went through a similar thing. Um, being kind of forced to do nothing but go out into nature to entertain yourself, which is really beneficial for a lot of people, I think. I think that initial lockdown either gave people anxiety or alleviated it. You know, and I seem to be firmly in the category of um you know a lot of stress leaving my life. Um, but I realize how fortunate I am for that to have been my experience.


Oliver D.:             [00:08:13.16] Sure, exactly. Well, I hope by now, you know a lot of people are kind of that were really in the fear of kind of turned away from the news and are looking at other things to keep themselves happy. And obviously, you know looking in to family and friends and things like that, the important stuff, uh, not the news. Yeah, well thanks for taking on that, um, Victoria.

Uh, well we wanted to sort of move forward and sort of take us back to the kind of beginning of um your journey. I mean, you mentioned just recently about obviously you know your surgery and then kind of after that sort of developing, um, your kind of psychic practice and where you are now.

But I mean, can you take us back like I said to the beginning, how did you become would you say a psychic? Or should I say when did you kind of realize you were able to call upon these psychic abilities? Did you have family members that were very psychic? Or did it come to you? Did you feel these things at a younger age?


Victoria:               [00:09:02.07] Well, do you know, my very early memories, um, of having psychic experiences, are kind of more memorable. I can recall these memories easier than I can some that came later in life, you know through adolescence and even my early adulthood I think, because you're so preoccupied and distracted by conforming with societal expectations.

So you kind of lose focus on these kind of little moments that can't be explained, and therefore, can be easily dismissed. Um, but you know, I remember really at a young age, about five or six, quite consistently, um, knowing when certain things would happen. I think children generally are more perceptive to these little shifts and frequencies, um, you know and have that kind of knowing that can't be explained.

Um, quite often, I would communicate it to my family, um, and they were always quite open. But I think it was just kind of brushed off as oh, you know kids have a wild imagination. You know, I was never told not to be silly or that I was wrong, um, but it wasn't kind of encouraged or nurtured at all, um, which would be quite rare anyway. Um, so I think I just kind of forgot about it for a time in my youth.

Um, but I know, I remember, gosh, again about maybe five or six years old, I became really obsessed with this book that my parents had, it was um, they subscribed to the reader's digest, I don't know if that's still going on, but they always got that magazine. And I remember they got this beautiful special edition book that had come out.

It was huge, this hardback, beautiful book and it had this golden embossed atlas on the front, and I would just get my head buried into this book night after night in my bed under the covers, and it was all about our solar system, the stars, the origins of the universe, um, uh plants, ocean life, crystals and where they can be mined and all their metaphysical properties.

And I remember just feeling so pulled to all of this, you know, it just felt like it was, why I was put on earth I think, to know about all these interesting things. And so yeah, I think that's where my obsession kind of began, and I got into astrology. And that did stay with me in my youth, and I got my first deck of tarot cards when I was a teenager. And really use them just for myself, you know for a personal um, yeah, spiritual connection, I guess. But I also remember having this kind of um, unexplained skill at, I would look at the palms of my friend’s um in dance class, you know when we're sitting in the wings waiting to do our little piece.

And I would sit with my friends and look at their palms and tell them, you know and it was kind of like it was made up. But actually, when you start to explore your psychic abilities and start to really trust in them in the subtleties of it all, um, and you realize that's how it begins. You know you just kind of know things that you shouldn't really know, and so I guess I didn't really exercise it for a very long time, I just always accepted um that everybody has these psychic moments, um, and that, I guess, I didn't think that I was any different to anyone else.

Um, but yeah, when life kind of settled down, um after being quite unwell, you know, daily meditations, that definitely uh, sent me on a fast track towards exploring my psychic skills, um, you know. As soon as you start to learn how to get lucid and meditation, it just starts to kind of snowball, and it becomes undeniable.

Um, but yeah, I can't really pinpoint where that line was crossed into okay, I officially trust in my psychic skills and I’m going to start reading for others, it's a very gradual thing I guess that it's just always been in my life to some degree, um, and I don't know when it kind of.


Oliver D.:             [00:13:03.08] Right, okay, yeah. Sort of a natural progression, yeah. Organic thing. Well yeah, it's interesting you mentioned also about the meditation and um, that's very good. If you can get to do that kind of for opening up, isn't it? And just becoming completely open to anything and everything.

Um, and we talked about that, I think in the podcast as well about meditation and how good that is. Um, for facilitating that exactly, like what you said. And now, we imagine you've done many readings over the years, now from all of the readings that you've done for people, is there one that you would say would you really vividly remember, that one that really sticks in your mind?


Victoria:               [00:13:38.06] Well, I would say um, I guess I have this in common with the vast majority of readers, that most of the readings I do, I immediately forget them, forget the content. And it's not because they're forgettable, it's because it's just part of my energetic routine, it's just to kind of clear everything down. I think it's just impossible to kind of carry everything with you know.

If you hold on to it as a memory and consciously file it away, um, yeah, you're just kind of filling up your energetic space I suppose, that isn't really yours to hold on to. You know that's not the job of a reader. However, I’m saying I forget them all, but there are some of course that stand out. Um, but I would say I’m thinking of one in particular that I did quite recently, um, mainly because my memory is dreadful, so that's all I can muster.

Um, but it was for a young woman who I read for her quite regularly actually, and we've developed quite a kind of close connection as reader and clearance. Um, but the reason I enjoyed this reading so much and it will always stay with me, is because it was all about allowing her to step into her authenticity, and that for me is the most rewarding thing as a reader, when I’m really you know, when someone solicits me for guidance, and they really take on board and the messages are so clear and strong, and they leave, they come away from the reading with a real action plan, you know.

A real clear, understanding of how they're going to move forward, and it kind of unclogged some energy blocks for them. You know I think when it really is benefiting someone like that, um, that's the ones that I hold on to and kind of learn from and consider how I can, you know, what can I take from that and implement into future readings, because that's why I do what I do at the end of the day.

Um, you know and so this young woman she'd been struggling a little bit with her identity, with her sexuality, you know, and just kind of, I think wondering who she really was and how she can explore that without fear, and she was very concerned about judgment from people in her social network, and in her family.

And you know, it was just so good to see that within kind of 60 minutes of doing a reading with her, she'd gone from the state of utter confusion and having no idea how to move forward, um, to you know feeling super confident and knowing exactly what she had to do, and feeling really ready and even excited about how she was going to move through this transition in her life. And that for me is um, that's really meaningful, and it is why I do what I do. As much as so many people will solicit me for a reading for entertainment, which is perfectly understandable.

You know people want to know what I can pick up on, and I think it's a bit of a curiosity around how readable they are as an individual as well. Um, and so I fully accept that, I really enjoy reading for everyone, you know and it's all relative, everyone's struggles or reasons for soliciting a reader are completely valid.

Um, but yeah, these ones where I, especially when I’m I feel that I’m helping young people, I feel really drawn to the youth, uh, I think it's because I think I’m still 21. So um, yeah, I like kind of reading for young adults that are feeling maybe a little bit lost and helping them figure out how to make some progress in life.


Oliver D.:             [00:17:08.02] Well, that's good you can actually read for them, and also, you know, you can help them moving forwards with that. Well, that moves us nicely into a break now, uh, thank you for that Victoria.

We're hearing some fantastic stuff here from psychic intuitive Victoria, on psychic social today. And we're very much looking forward to hearing more from her in part two, where we'll hear all about her guides, her take on the afterlife and much more. So we'll see off this this.


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AD:                        [00:18:37.16] This is psychic social, the spiritual home of psychics.


Oliver D.:             [00:18:47.24] Welcome back to part two of psychic social and our chat with psychic intuitive, Victoria. Now Victoria, we wanted to know from you as we move on into part two, what would you say is your kind of favorite part about being a psychic in your everyday life?

I know you kind of mentioned earlier about um, sort of helping younger people moving forward through their lives and stuff through your readings. Is there anything else that you would say that is really captures you in your psychic readings?


Victoria:               [00:19:14.16] Oh, for sure. Well, I think practicing psychic skills is such a, it's so beneficial to me on a personal level, um, I think the best thing is being energetically prepared on a daily basis. You know, having these kinds of sensitivities to energies, um, you do become quite aware of what's coming up, even if you can't put your finger on the detail or precisely what's going to be going on.

You know if you're moving into kind of um difficult territory, or if you're going to have a good day ahead, and you can kind of prepare yourself for it I suppose.  And so that you can move through with minimal um you know fuss and chaos in your life, you know. Um, but I would say one of the, by far the most interesting thing is the synchronicities um every single day, you know and um sometimes it's tiny things which could be easily dismissed and just brushed off as um meaningless.

Um, but I really pay attention to them and I notice them and I welcome them into my life, you know I see them as a really reassuring um pass on the back I guess from the universe, letting me know that you know they've got that, it's got an eye on me, I’m on a good path. Um, but I love, and I noticed this kind of strengthens my bonds to my friends and my family as well, we seem to have little things that go on between us, and that seems to strengthen our bond, I wonder if that makes sense.

Um, you know I have a really good friend one of my dearest friends, uh, Laurie, she will regularly send me messages and it's relative to something that's just been happening in my life that day, and you know we're always sharing little stories about weird things that are going on, or um, people and places. We take the same photographs and send them to each other, you know it's just really strange the little things that come up, I love that, I find it really entertaining.


Oliver D.:             [00:21:14.12] Yeah. It's brilliant, isn't it? When you're really close to someone with a friend or family, and you're so psychically connected and you're so, the energies of your minds are so connected that you can do those things remotely, and I believe that everyone can kind of do that to a degree, people just aren't open to it, they aren't for whatever reason able to tap into that, that innate skill that I feel that is in all of us you know.


Victoria:               [00:21:37.08] For sure. I mean, I know the more, obviously, I encourage my friends to explore their own psychic abilities, and I try to bully them all to meditate every day, most of them ignore me, but some of them take me on. And um, I notice it's my friends who have explored it um for themselves that I seem to have the most uh incidents like that with them.

You know, uh, for example I have a friend who there was one morning, we were talking over voice notes on WhatsApp, just leaving each other a little 30-second-long voice clips uh just talking about our day. And we both happened to be moving around in our kitchens, making some breakfast.

And uh, I cracked an egg, and I said oh, you're not going to believe this I just cracked my egg and it's got a double yolk. Well, within seconds, she sent me a photograph of a particularly large looking egg and she said whoa, wait a minute I have a feeling about this, crack the egg and it was a double yolk. Now, that is rare.


Oliver D.:             [00:22:35.03] They're pretty rare anyway, aren't they, double yolks, yes.


Victoria:               [00:22:37.25] You know, and I just thought yeah, that is a very clear message that we are being looked after.


Oliver D.:             [00:22:44.17] Exactly. Well, I can definitely testify to the rare double yolks, because I eat a lot of eggs, I’ll have three or four a day and I haven't had a double yolk in about four years. So yeah, that is pretty rare. Well, it's interesting as well about the kind of opening up stuff you say, you know your friends that are kind of open to a lot of this psychic stuff, you know you feel more interconnected with them.

Um, I mean personally, I’ve kind of the last couple of years um become more open to those you know the synchronicities that you mentioned and the signs, uh, whether it be the numbers or the feathers or anything particular is a kind of uh air quote coincidence.

You know I think that before that, personally, I would they were there, those sort of messages and signs, whatever, they were, but I just didn't look at them because I wasn't open enough to them, and I think that was definitely the case for me personally becoming opening up to them, and then the more you open up to them, the more they come. I don't think it's necessarily that you're looking out for them more, I think they just tend to hit you in the face automatically. Would you agree with that?


Victoria:               [00:23:41.19] I think so. I think, um, I think part of exploring, you do tend to close out some of the chaos from the outside world you know such as withdrawing from mainstream media, and these kinds of things. Um, and so with less distraction, I suppose you are a little bit more consciously aware of these subtle little things that the universe is delivering to you. It may be that they're happening more frequently, it may be that you just notice them more.

But I do think that there's something in acknowledging and being grateful for them, that tends to up the frequency, um, I don't know if that makes sense to you. But I certainly feel that if you know, if I notice, uh for example I have a connection with monarch butterflies for lots of reasons, but that's kind of an animal that I would look out for, and know, you know take it as a message or a sign, um.

And I think yeah, I think when you show gratitude and appreciation for the message in whatever form it comes, and just simply acknowledging that you're aware of it, I think they come more often, yeah.


Oliver D.:             [00:24:46.02] I think like you say, it's like a vibrational thing, isn't it? Once you sort of elevate your vibration a bit, I think there's some, this appears to be some sort of tuning in more at a slightly higher vibration to maybe what you were previously or the person was previously. But yeah, that's very interesting.

Uh, well talking about sort of uh higher vibrations and stuff like that, we want to move on to next question and kind of ask you about your guide or guides. Now most of the psychic practitioners we've had on the show um over the last couple of years, have seemed to have more than one guide. Would you say that's the same with you, Victoria?


Victoria:               [00:25:18.16] Absolutely. Um, I when I first was acquainted with my guides in meditation, I realized quite early on that um, each individual guide or entity or whatever, um seemed to be letting me know that they were assigned to various energetic points within me. So I have seven guides that I work with quite regularly, and each of them, um, have kind of govern one of my main chakra points, um, which is interesting.

So I have there are two that comes through for me most often, um, and I can describe them in vivid detail, you know how they appear to me in meditations. Whether they are extensions of myself, or if they are spirits in another realm, um, that's still up for debates. But uh yeah, I connect with them very frequently, um, and I talk to my ancestors quite a lot I believe, that they are keeping very close watch over me and guiding me all the time.

But the guides I work with, what's fascinating is uh, the first one that I met was uh, he told me his name was Umi, he or she or it, the name is Umi. And when I looked up the meaning of that name, months and months later because it hadn't occurred to me, um, Umi means servant in Nigerian, which I thought was quite an apt name for a spirit guide, you know, a servant.

Um, and I have another guide who calls himself Obi, I know them as Obi, and again, this is a Nigerian word which means heart, and he is the one that governs my heart chakra. He dresses in green, and um, yeah, just lovely feelings when I connect with him. So they're the two that come through for me the most, but I have others.

Um, I think it depends on what I’m personally working on in my meditations, you know, who I would need to kind of call upon. Um, I don't work with any deities, um but yeah, I do a lot of ancestral work in my practice, and I feel a really deep connection to my ancestors. And uh, I feel that I’ve got quite a lot of purpose in breaking generational curses, you know. I think I’m here to, um alleviate some past pain from my ancestors.


Oliver D.:             [00:27:44.26] Some karmic debts, yeah.


Victoria:               [00:27:46.03] Yes, absolutely. I feel that I’m here to kind of yeah, level the playing field perhaps.


Oliver D.:             [00:27:52.02] So I thought I personally, well, I’m reading it, I’m just reading a series of books at the moment by Dr. Brian Weiss or not on past life regression, I don't know whether you've heard of him or read into his books.

Um, but yeah, a lot of that is about you know we are all apparently you know paying karmic debt from previous lives, as we go along and incarnate over and over again. Um, I thought that was quite interesting, yeah. If you've not checked that book out, have a look at that, it's really interesting.


Victoria:               [00:28:15.06] It sounds fast, yeah. I firmly believe this, and I think that we have um soul families, you know, that perhaps in a past life, my son was my grandfather or you know, through reincarnations.


Oliver D.:             [00:28:27.21] Exactly, that's called kind of mentioning there as well, that's all that kind of stuff is basically a psychiatrist who kind of regresses a woman, because she's you know having some mental issues. But actually, he ends up um you know regressing her back to past lives, sort of accidentally, and it leads off into this massive sort of journey.

And it's called many lives, many masters, and he's done like four books in the series, four or five books in the series, I’ve read two now, but absolutely fascinating. But yeah, no, they're very good, and all that karmic death stuff is very interesting. Um, now we're sort of moving on to like you know past lives and things like that and the afterlife.

I mean, our next question was, we always kind of ask everyone that comes on the show this, what are your thoughts about the afterlife? I mean, through your kind of psychic experiences so far. And what do you think happens after we leave earth? Do you think there is you know continuous reincarnation or we go to a higher plane or another dimension? What do you think happens?


Victoria:               [00:29:21.01] Well, my true belief is that, um, I think there could be a multitude of things that happen, and perhaps, um, we aren't on a set particular, there isn't one particular afterlife that's set out for us. I wonder if our experiences can actually be as unique as our physical experience here on earth, you know.

Maybe we are all assigned to continue a soul contract in another realm, maybe some of us stay in some kind of energetic zone, where we're still able to connect with and guide our loved ones that we've left behind. Um, for sure I know that I believe our souls continue um after life on earth, yes. I just don't imagine that there is a heaven as such. You know, I don't envisage um fluffy clouds and angels.

Um, I think of it on a much more energetic level. And I think um, I think, I suppose really what I think is that the afterlife to us as human beings, um, with attachment to ego. It's really unfathomable, I think it's inconceivable, um the afterlife. I know it's there; I have no doubt that it's there. Um, I just don't know what it would look like. Um, you know I just imagine no binds no constraints of time of the physical, you know being attached to the physical body in the senses.

Um it's almost just like the essence of us, just our pure soul continues on maybe returns to source consciousness. I guess we have to figure out a lot more about our conscience before we can really even begin to understand what's going on the other side. Um, but what I can say is that I believe that something is there, and that yeah, we do carry on. And our consciousness is eternal. Um, but yeah, our species just has too much still to understand about consciousness and where it originates from, to really be scrutinized by any kind of measurable sense.


Oliver D.:             [00:31:22.23] Yeah, exactly. I think that you know, that for me, encapsulates that kind of time as well, and you know, we have created time and time doesn't really exist. And the biggest thing I think for the human race, trying to uh, shed that concept or not, or try and rid ourselves of that concept is that outside of you know human existence, time doesn't exist and time is nothing.

So trying to get the mind around the fact that there's no beginning and no end, is very difficult for the human brain to comprehend, um, isn't it? And when you say like you know getting rid of the ego as well detachment from your physical self, and attachment to um your soul and your spiritual self and detaching those two is also very difficult, isn't it? Leaving the ego behind, and actually concentrating on your soul, as opposed to your physical existence.


Victoria:               [00:32:12.15] Yeah. I think many of us go through this physical existence, really striving to know the answer. And some of us might believe that we find that in this lifetime, and others might still be looking, others might not care to know. But I just think, I think it would be silly to think that any one human can possibly conceive all of it, you know all of us are burdened with ego, and it's not something that we're meant to escape from, I don't think.

You know, so many of us are looking for enlightenment, and I think that comes in installments. You know I don't think any of us truly can reach that in this existence and maintain it. Um, we might have very brief moments of death of the ego, um, but realistically, it's here for our survival, you know it allows us to navigate the physical world and it's necessary. So yeah, it would be a bit of a strange existence if we were detached from ego. Um, so yeah, we need that, um, you know and it's important to keep your two feet on the ground.

So well, it's definitely something that I’ll never stop being curious about, and I’ll never stop exploring it and trying to understand it. I think a lot of it is about understanding myself on a very deep level, you know. I think when you know yourself, you kind of understand the universe, that's what I believe.


Oliver D.:             [00:33:32.12] Exactly, fantastic. Well, thank you for sharing that um, with us, Victoria. Um, well we're coming towards the end of the show now, and um, the last couple of questions, we've got for you are going to be moving slightly away from the psychic and spirit world.

We just wanted the listeners to get to know a bit more about you in terms of what you'd like to read, and what you like to watch on TV. Um, is there any kind of box sets or TV shows you're into at the moment or you watched recently?


Victoria:               [00:33:55.13] Well, I’m incredibly boring when it comes to this topic. Do you know? I couldn't actually tell you how to switch my television on, that is no [Inaudible 00:34:04.20]


Oliver D.:             [00:34:04.27] I like that.


Victoria:               [00:34:05.08] I do not watch television. I need my children to figure out how to press all the buttons, you know if I ever had a television emergency and needed to tune in, um, I need to get my kids to deal with that for me. Uh, that's how dreadful I am. Um, the TV is sometimes on in the background, and I will occasionally have my interest peaked by maybe a little drama, you know like a little three-part drama, something like that, you know a little one-off series. Um, and uh maybe a nature documentary from time to time, but no, I’m not a fan of the box sets.


Oliver D.:             [00:34:38.12] Okay. Any books that you've been reading recently? Or do you like to read books?


Victoria:               [00:34:42.23] I do. But I tend to stay away from fiction completely, to be honest. Um, I like to read a lot of cultural books, um, and books about foreign travel. Uh, cooking I really enjoy, um and of course a lot of spiritual books and a lot on tarot and astrology as well.

So yeah, but I do tend to stay away from story books, and I think the reason being, I quite enjoy creative writing myself, and I think my own imagination is wild enough without it needing to be nurtured from external sources. So yeah, it's a non-fiction.


Oliver D.:             [00:35:18.03] Yeah. It's a bit like me, I mean, I like to read factual books, as opposed to fiction. But um, well, thanks Victoria. Well, it's been wonderful to have you on psychic social today. Now, before we let you go Victoria, we need to let everyone know that you can check out Victoria’s psychic practitioner profile on psychic.co.uk right now and book a reading with her directly.

All you have to do is head to our profile page on the site, which you can find at psychic.co.uk/Victoria. Now you can watch Victoria’s biography video right there and you can listen again to this podcast on her profile page there too. So some great ways to find out more about Victoria there at psychic.co.uk, and book a reading.

So once again, that profile page for Victoria is psychic.co.uk/Victoria. And all that leads me to say is thank you so much for joining us and sharing all this great information and stuff with me and the listeners here today, Victoria, thank you for joining us on the show today.


Victoria:               [00:36:11.18] Thank you so much for having me, take care.


Oliver D.:             [00:36:14.07] Yeah. Take care too. And we look forward to speaking with you again very soon, enjoy the rest of your day.


Victoria:               [00:36:17.20] Thank you, you too.


Oliver D.:             [00:36:18.12] Bye-bye now.


Outro:                   [00:36:24.24] Thanks for joining us on psychic social, from psychic.co.uk. The spiritual home of psychics.

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