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🔮 Is my Trauma from my Ancestors?. . . & (IX) THE HERMIT Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:040] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary, who has been a practicing Psychic Medium for over 35 years

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**This Podcast was recorded on 26th June 2023**




With Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:040

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk

Paula Mary (00:12):

When I was in my twenties. And every time I was tuning up, I could only hold it for about 20 minutes. And there was this darkness that came in and it, and then obviously someone said to me, well, that's your ancestors. You'll need to have work on that. And I did. And it really helped.

Oliver Duke (00:36):

Welcome to this episode of Psychic Social, and we are gonna be talking with Paula Mary today, psychic medium about another tarot card in the classic tarot deck. And we're also gonna be talking with Paula in the second half of the show a bit later on about ancestral healing psychic ancestral trauma and all of that kind of stuff. Running through your ancestry, your bloodlines, people that have passed on, and how that could, could affect you and how you are today in your current incarnation on this earth. But before we do that we'd like to welcome Paul and Mary back, and we're gonna be talking about the hermit today, which is card number nine in the major arcana in the classic tarot deck. So welcome back, Paula. Thank you for joining us again today on Psychic Social.

Paula Mary (01:24):

Oh, pleasure. Hello Oliver. Hello everybody. I look forward to talking about the hermit. Definitely.

Oliver Duke (01:29):

Yes. Well, let's get straight into it then. We'll guys, if you have got a classic tarot deck in front of you, then brilliant. You please just grab the hermit card. Give yourself a few seconds to pull that out. If you need to pause the podcast, get the hermit card out. If you've got our QR tarot deck, our amazing QR tarot deck, which is based on the classic tarot deck then yes, get the hermit card out from there. And don't worry, if you haven't got either of those two things, you can just go online and grab a picture online and get an image of the hermit card so you can follow along with us here. So Paula please give us a bit of an overview to start with about Yes. The hermit card.

Paula Mary (02:07):

Yeah, absolutely. Well, it's a bit, you know, when you get the full card, everyone thinks, oh, they're a full, but it's the same, a bit like the hermit. If you get the hermit card, you think, oh my God, that they're, they're isolation. They're, they're on their own. But it means more than that. More than that. I mean, I often was called a hermit back in the day but I isolated myself because I wanted to think and channel and tune and, and, and get my connection, right? So the hermit is about sort of isolation mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, but it is about looking at that and dealing with the situation by yourself, which actually is really encouraging strength. So it's not about sort of disappearing into loneliness. It is about dealing with your problems when you feel the time is right for you to do that.


It's like you, you don't, everyone says, oh, you sort that out, sort that out. Well, if you get this card, you know yourself when you need to sort a situation or you are avoiding a situation, but you know, at some point you need to talk about it does signal that you need to withdraw. And sometimes that is a really good thing because if you are in a group, say a work, and it's getting a bit uneasy with, with the people there, sometimes with drawing from gossip, withdrawing from a situation, we'll bring in calm and this is what the card says. Look at what you can withdrawing from your, from your life. Look what you can sort of step back from a little bit as well. And, and being on your own makes sense of the situation. So it's a really good car to have if you've got a, if you get this card, you've probably got some sort of situation or problem arising, and it means that you can sort this out yourself with a bit of time and isolation of your own. But when we say isolation, we don't mean you sit there on your own. It's about tapping into you tapping into the situation and getting what your deep feelings are about it yourself. So it's bringing up your significance, your spiritual side, and not sort of allowing others to help you with the situation. So it's like an independent path for you to, to deal with. And sometimes solace and stepping away from the situation is a really important thing to do in oneself Oliver, isn't it? If you do

Oliver Duke (04:38):

That. Yeah, definitely. And, and while you were talking there, I was just thinking what comes to my mind whenever I see this card is I see it as a sort of meditative card where, you know you would go into a meditation and all those, the things that re that reference this card is, you know, taking yourself away, having a quiet reflection, sitting alone with your thoughts, but possibly being in a me meditative state Yes. So that you can create a clear space to have that conversation with your higher self. Yes. And hopefully sort of deliver yourself the guidance that you need to get through whatever situation it is you're trying to understand.

Paula Mary (05:18):

Absolutely. It's, it's like connecting. If, if, if, you know, if you, you pray to God, it's connecting to that. If you pray to the universe, connecting to that, if you know what you believe in, it's, it is stepping back and asking for help and guidance as well. I feel it's quite deep in sort of the prayer, prayer as well, whatever.

Oliver Duke (05:37):

Mm-Hmm. Mm-hmm. And finding your own wisdom, you know, finding your own wisdom within. And if feel lot of people do struggle you know, say you've got a really difficult situation Yes. And you are really struggling to, sort of, your mind is working in overdrive overtime. Like, oh, how do I fix this? How do I fix that? Yes. I swear, most of the time, if you try and just sit in patiently in silence on your own, if you can take yourself away and just cl try and clear the mind and just Yeah. Get, try and get in Yes. Into a sort of meditative state if you can. And you'll find that the solutions Absolutely. The problems that you might be facing will come, potentially come through well, a lot more likely to come through, you know? Yes,

Paula Mary (06:17):

No, absolutely. And like you say, it's making peace with oneself. Mm-Hmm. And whatever way that is, whether you pray, whether you, you know, you connect your guys or whatever source you, you, you want to connect to, it's is about raising your vibration and being strong within and dealing with the situation for yourself. I feel that it's empowering, it's empowering you to just step back and not go with the crowd. Mm-Hmm. It is about connecting to you within you and how you feel the situation. Cuz we can all get sucked into certain situations which we find difficult to come out. So if you get this hermit and you're sucked into a situation, then it means come away from that. Mm-Hmm. And I think that is really powerful if you do that.

Oliver Duke (07:06):

Sure. And then find out what's right for you. And that, that would lead me onto what I, how I perceive the lanter that the guy is holding in the car. Yes. He's holding that in front of him because I think at some point, you know, in his meditative state or where he's clearing his mind, he's gone to the top of the mountain or wherever he is, he's still got that lamp in front of me that in front of him that is Yes. Hopefully gonna shine light the way forward in the situations Yes. Of

Paula Mary (07:30):

Situation. Absolutely. And sort of watching, it's like you are watching <laugh> watching in the dark, what's going on. You are sort of keeping an eye out. You are, you are, you are having deep thoughts and you are, you know, when, when you even look at the moon or you go outside and you look at a lamp, you often get a feeling of calm within, don't you? Sure. And you know, and it's like the dark hours, your, your mind is still working, but going out into that and having a meditation state will often really help you in the situation that you are going through at the time.

Oliver Duke (08:06):

Sure. Exactly. Yeah. That's a great explanation. Paula, thank you. So can you tell us a bit about, about the colours? We normally have a little look at the colours, don't we? Tell us what they sort of signify in line with this, this particular card in the major arcana.

Paula Mary (08:18):

Yeah, I think the sort of, I would call it, is it green? It looks bluey,

Oliver Duke (08:23):

But it isn't it sort of

Paula Mary (08:24):

Green sky, would you say? Oliver?

Oliver Duke (08:26):

Oliver, yeah. It's, it's, it's a funny colour, isn't it? Sort of aqua kind of greeny. Yeah. Yes. Greeny blue. Yep.

Paula Mary (08:31):

I think it re expresses that when you get that colour and you sort of get like a bluey grey that you are, you, you are withdrawing yourself from the outside distraction. And it's about concentrating on your own self. So I think when you've got that, it's about right, we need to reflect. So the colour is saying, you need to sit here, reflect and build this colour up so it changes to a pink or a yellow. So it's more vibrant if that makes sense. Sorry, the

Oliver Duke (09:02):

That's all right. No, carry on. We love the wind chimes. I like that <laugh>.

Paula Mary (09:07):

So it represents that you, you need to shift your consciousness Yeah. The colour and move it into more love for yourself, more pink, more yellows, more brighter colours to come full into. So it feels like you are not quite connected to your heart if you, if you get this colour there. So it sort of emphasising that you might have to do a little bit of work with the negative thought pattern and, and get your, your heart, get it vibrant into your colours, into the, into the pinks, rather than keeping it at that colour, if that makes

Oliver Duke (09:44):

Sense. Yeah. And the, and the, and the, that warm yellow colour that sits within the lantern, that lights the way forward, that is an indication of what, where you need to be, I think, isn't it, in terms of the colours?

Paula Mary (09:55):

Yes. No, absolutely. And I think if you see the lantern, it's only small, but I think you've got to focus on bringing that up more inside of you and bring it out. So it's like the lantern is shining and all your thoughts are going onto that, but bring that lantern into you, bring that colour into you and shine it out.

Oliver Duke (10:15):

And the colour you said of like the, his robe is like, is grey, isn't it? And that's signifying what you said before about sort withdrawing away and sort of fad Yes. Fading into the background to, you know, have that reflection.

Paula Mary (10:28):

Yes. It's, it's about sort of the colour, the colour speak volumes, don't they? Mm-Hmm. If you see someone wearing black all the time, what does that say? That sort of signifies their upset. They're, they're, they're sort of, they're trying

Oliver Duke (10:41):

To hide into the background. It, I think it said that if only if someone wears all black, it means they're trying to, when they go out, they're trying to unconsciously just not be seen or fade into the background, isn't it? Yes.

Paula Mary (10:52):

So, so the, it it's uncertainty. I would've thought. The grey, the grey shows a bit of uncertainty. They don't wanna wear black, so they're coming out <laugh>

Oliver Duke (11:01):

Not sure about the whites, so it's the grey <laugh>, but,

Paula Mary (11:04):

But it's sort of objective and it's recognising their own path. So it, it is about for them to come out and be a bit more flamboyant, I would say. Mm. but it, yeah, it shows that they are in a good place with the grey, but it feels like they need to reflect. That's why they need to push back into the, on their own, on the isolation to move forward so that next time they come out, they're wearing sort of bright orange <laugh>.

Oliver Duke (11:34):

Sure, yeah. Yeah. When they come back from the reflection. Yeah. Well that's great. Thank you Paul. We've got a great overview there of the hermit card in the major, a icon card number nine, and I hope you guys enjoyed that. Have a look at that card again today or whenever you can in the coming days, and just listen back to this podcast and, and just try and understand that card even more. We've also got great, some great resources for the cards as well on our website, psychic.co.uk. So go and have a look there. Well thank you again for that, Paula. We're now going to just take a quick break, but after that we're gonna be talking with Paula Mary about ancestral trauma and how that runs through the timelines as well, through not only people that are still incarnated here on earth, but the people that have passed on to.


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Paula Mary (15:13):

Yes. No, absolutely. Well, ancestors, we've got our father and our mother side of the family, and when we sort of work with spirit or we're developing, we tap into that energy. When you open up to spirit, you work with your ancestral energy. So it's really important in my view, to have an understanding of your father's family line and of your mother's family line and what it, you know, what is it that maybe is blocking you in your work if you have a block. I mean, for me, for example, every time when I was younger, I started tuning up and I got this witch coming, and she kept saying she <laugh> was Margot from my mother's side. But it's like energy comes in and you've got to look at the line and see is there anything that needs to heal? And I've been doing a lot of work on ancestors.


And when I work, I worked with someone the other day actually, and they were really sort of anxious. And when I tapped into their mother's side of the family, they were all, they, they lined up very quickly and they were all saying how much anxiety has affected their lying. And I asked if they wanted healing. And a lot of them come forward, they all held hands. And I sent lots of vibrant healing to help. And within it, it's sort of an instant, the client felt so much calmer because their anxiety is affecting the client because you are tuning up, you are, you are, you are walking around with that energy of your father and your mother's side. So I feel it's really important to have a look at what needs shifting or embrace their fantastic psych ability, because my mother's side had huge psych ability, and yes, there were some darkness there, but that has been healed.


So now when I tune up, I have the ancestral of my mother's side, and they were really powerful healers and psychic. So I think it's, once we heal that line, I think it's really important that, that you feel better, you won't be blocked, your vibration will go up higher, but also you have an understanding of your family and how you are, how you were as a child. I think it really affects the sova, in that way, the energy around it. And I think it's really important to talk to the ancestors and ask them if they need healing or if they want to go into the light. There's some ancestors that wanted to be moved over or go somewhere else. And I think it's important to have that connection because I think it makes you a much more powerful healer or reader, or if you are not into that, it just gives you a much more powerful energy around you to feel more happy within. And if you look at your family line and there's been depression, there's been anger, and you wonder why perhaps you are feeling like that, having healing on the ancestral side will really uplift your energies.

Oliver Duke (18:24):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Okay. That's great. I mean, take, can you take us through kind of like how you would go about a typical ancestral healing? Say someone's come to you or you or you're healing someone remotely. How, how'd you go about that?

Paula Mary (18:36):

Well, absolutely. So first of all, you obviously talk, connect to the client, and when you connect to the client you, you pick up how they're feeling or they tell you, you know, they've been feeling anxious or they've been feeling, you know, they, they can't connect properly or there's a block. So I will always go, first of all to look, you look at past lives, but I also go and look at ancestral. So I connect to my guides and they tell me, yes, this is an ancestral issue. So my guides will then sort of tell me what sort of issue the fa the father line had or the mother line had, if any. Or it might be too powerful, it doesn't have to be negative, it could be like really positive, but the energy could be really overpowering the client, if that makes sense.


Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And so it's about calming the energy down for, for the client to be able to feel a lot better themselves. So if they're sort of tuning up and they're, say they're, they're tuning up doing mediumship and their father's side, they were, there were mediums, but there was a lot of darkness through alcohol consumption, for example, or mental health, then the, the medium might not be able to hold the energy for more than say, 45 minutes. They, they might throw them down a bit because they haven't cleared or worked with the ancestral energy. Mm-Hmm. So my guys will then just talk to them. They'll bring them in, it's like a, we call it a hub. So they'll all sit around the chair and they can talk and say how they're feeling and whether they want healing and what purpose is for the client and how they're there to help the client and talk about their pain.


And that ha that pain has a big impact on the client because they'll go, oh my God, that's why my mum was like that, or That's why my dad was like that. And they will come away with a more understanding of what went on down the family line and having that understanding really lifts and enables you to connect better. Sure. And then healing that line. And then you, it obviously, it might not just take one session, I'm going to be honest, if there's a lot of deep stuff, then it will need a quite a few sessions to clear that off. But it's working with them to communicating with them, which they do, and they tell you their pain. And then you can see when I was doing it the other day, there was all sort of grey, they're all sitting on a chair and they had full of anxiety and it was mainly in their stomachs, the anxiety. And it was all grey, I could see. But after I healed and I was doing healing for about half an hour, I went into tra so I don't speak. And then at the end it was like all their solar plexuses were bright yellow. Mm-Hmm. and it was amazing. And then the client felt an awful lot better. And then I would work with the client on her solar plexus and her energies. Then after, so you work with the ancestors first, then you go and heal the client.

Oliver Duke (21:37):

Mm-Hmm. And you can do that remotely as well, can't you?

Paula Mary (21:39):

Yes. Oh, abso absolutely.

Oliver Duke (21:41):

But better to be in person, would you say? Or does it matter?

Paula Mary (21:44):

I think if, if I think if you're, if if you're psychic and you know, and, and you sort of know about it, then I think online is fine. But I think if you are a bit a dubious about the whole setup and you're not sure and you want more validation than one-to-one, I think is good.

Oliver Duke (22:00):

Yeah, sure. I was just thinking while you were talking there about you know, about these people that coming to be healed. Yes. I imagine that most people that whether, whether they're seeking psychic healing or whether, whether they're going to see a psychotherapist or whatever it, whatever it is. Yes. they might be unaware that the kind of trauma or the thing they might not necessarily have, have, have gone through a specific trauma in their current lifetime at that point. Yes. But they'll be feeling the pain and whatever it was from the trauma of the people that have passed. Yes. But the people that have passed, whether it be mother, father, grandfather, or grandmother, whatever that is mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, maybe they, at that time, they weren't able to express what happened to them. They didn't wanna talk about it, and then they pass on. And then the, the next generations would, would never know what happened to them. No. Because they wouldn't want to talk about it. But they're holding this whole horrible and ancestral trauma that a lot of the time they just don't understand. So you are there to help them connect with their ancestors through this trance meditation, through this mediumship and help them to relieve that trauma.

Paula Mary (23:07):

Yes. I mean, it was, it was when I was in my twenties and every time I was tuning up, I could only hold it for about 20 minutes. And there was this darkness that came in and it, and then obviously someone said to me, well, that's your ancestors. You'll need to have work on that. And I did. And now obviously they're, they call and it really helped sort of the Irish line the, the trauma you know, of their lives. And I think, you know, obviously when, when you are a medium, you do connect to that, you connect to that energy. So if it's heavy, honestly I could, I was like, why can't I only tune up for 20 minutes? What it just then flawed and I couldn't get another connection, but now I can hold it, you know, because obviously they're all healed and, and it's really important, but it takes some time.


It just doesn't happen sort of overnight. There's lots of sort of you know, different ways of doing it as well. You can neither do the ancestral in a, in a, in a group healing with, when I do it with my guides. Or you could sort of bring each one out individually. So it's variable on, on the, on the sort of person, the psychic that's doing it. Mm-Hmm. Or, or yeah. To, they do it for the client. The impact is, is really amazing because now my ancestors talk to me and now my ancestors channel for me, and now my ancestors give me the information. Whereas at the beginning they couldn't do it. They couldn't hold it, they couldn't speak to me cuz their energy was so heavy, full of pain, full of trauma. From my family line on my Irish side, it was, it was very sad, my family line.


So that trauma in itself is, is immense. Mm. And now we're, you know, obviously we're like 20 years on from that. They talk to me every day. They come and help me. They're, they're amazing and they're full of love and they help. And the vibration is amazing. And my sort of healing, they were healers. So my healing is great because of them. It's not me, it's them. Mm-Hmm. So when I channel, I channel to them for the healing. So yeah. It's, it's amazing the work that you can do to how it was for me when I was 20 to how it is now in my fifties. It's a, it's completely changed doll Oliver for doing work on the ancestors.

Oliver Duke (25:35):

Sure. And imagine when you first started as well, when you, when you were doing it saying you could only sort of you know, channel and up for sort of 20, you know, go into a trance channel for 20 minutes and that the energies are so, so strong. I imagine that you're not just kind of trying to break through one negative energy. It's a collective ancestral negative energy, which is why it was so difficult in the beginning, would you say?

Paula Mary (25:56):

Yes, absolutely. And you are absolutely right. It was, it was loads. And so yeah, it, and it is a whole thickness of what you would say go trying to sort of channel. So you do have to have a better understanding of, of your childhood. And, you know, I'm gonna be honest over here, my mum and I don't have a great relationship and I never really knew about her childhood, but once I tapped into the ancestors, they told me and I was like, oh my God. So that gave me a better understanding of her and a better understanding of her why she was the way she was. So, you know, it is, I think it's uplifting. I think it's hard sometimes to, to really feel what went on for your ancestors. It can be painful, but the over ending of it is really powerful and uplifting and positive.

Oliver Duke (26:43):

Sure. And I, I imagine that depending on the trauma, as long as it's not absolutely horrific, you know, when you, when say you are the person that's come for the ancestral healing and you find out why your parents or your grandparents were the way they were Yes. That you can kind of, sort of become more at peace and sort of forgive them. I mean, you don't even have to forgive them to their face, but just forgive them for what they'd been through. And Yes. When now you've got that better understanding of what happened to them.

Paula Mary (27:07):

Absolutely. I mean, ma now me and my mum, you know, we, we, we communicate and, and it's all good, you know, and it, it gives me a complete understanding of the way she was and the way she is. Mm. and it, it really does help. Sure. It, it really does help indeed on that. And it's all anxiety, it's all worry. It's like we hold onto so much anxiety, but for me, I was anxious when I tuned up, but that was the energy of my ancestors and that's been healed. So when I tune up, I don't have any anxiety. So That's amazing. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So obviously I'm quite passionate about it, helping people, helping mediums as well with it, because I've been through it <laugh> Sure. And I've come out the other side on it. Sure.

Oliver Duke (27:53):


Paula Mary (27:53):

You're, and I do a lot of work with, with clients with, with that. And, and it's really yeah, it's amazing what you can pick up and what they tell them as well. And then they, they walk away with a, a much better understanding and able to connect when they tune up to their ancestors. And if you, you know, you have guides, you have ancestors, but if you actually connect to your ancestors on readings or healing, it is a higher vibration. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>.

Oliver Duke (28:22):

So if people listening, thinking, you know what, I'd like to try and, you know, some people who are specifically people that might be very, very tuned in, very spiritual, you know, very psychic. If they're thinking about wanting to kind of learn how to do this, is it something that is easy to learn or takes a while? Or how was your, how did you train to get better at doing this when you started in your twenties and beyond? It's,

Paula Mary (28:41):

Yeah, I think it's, cuz obviously when you've experienced something, you, you then think, oh, right, okay. And you’ve, you have that understanding. But for me it's always about the connection. For me, it's all about my guide telling me what is needed. I mean, I did go on a little course for our ancestors as well mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. and I think that's important too, to have more of a sort of an understanding of, of how you would heal that. So I went on a an afternoon about how to sort of tap in and, and, and, and find out about your ancestors. So I think that's important as well. But I think mainly if you are a psychic, you could tap into that yourself. You could sort of tap into the line. But obviously if you are not sure about that, then it's important to maybe go and see someone who actually does the ancestor side of things to be able to sort of tap in.


But I think yourself, if you just connect to your heart and you just sort of tap into your father's line or your mother's line, you'd be able to pick up Oliver or sense what, whether I need to go and see someone, is this blocking me? Do I need help? And then you can go from there. So I think you would have a sense of knowing yourself if I, if you needed to take that on further. Mm. But I think anyone can learn it. Anyone can sort of tap into their own ancestors and make it better. Definitely.

Oliver Duke (30:06):

Yeah. This is, I think a misconception most people have is, oh, I can't do that. You know, I'm not psychic. I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do that. You can like, and, and, and I am can I am proof aren't I, that you can become, you not become psychic, but you can start to recognise your psychic ability. Cuz I never had it before in the last, you know, years. Only until like one or two years ago did I start to, you know, start to predict things and use my psychic ability, which everyone has. So, you know, don't be sitting there listening to this thinking, oh, I could never do that. Or I don't, I can't do that.

Paula Mary (30:37):

It like a no in your heart. I think if you centre into your heart, you breathe into your heart and you just ask the question, it's a bit like a pendulum. Do I need work on my ancestors? Well, you can just will hear a yes or a no. Mm-Hmm. And you will know you all have a no. And then you could, you know, tap into yourself and say, right, okay, I'll send love to my ancestors. I'll send love to my father's line. And if you want to take it further, then obviously, you know, you look for a, a therapist who can do that. And I think but I majority you'd be able to have an understanding of yourself. I mean, I knew at 20 there was something wrong with my ancestral side because I kept getting blocked. Mm-Hmm. but obviously at that time I did go to someone to, to clear it for me. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (31:24):

Yeah. I mean I'm, I'm reading a book. I think we chatted about this before we came on to record. Yes. I'm reading a psychology book at the moment called it, it didn't Start with You and it's about ancestral trauma actually, and how it's carried down the lines, the bloodlines even after, you know people passed on and all that kind of stuff. Yes. And there was one thing about, you know, a particular guy in the family, the unfortunately committed suicide and like the knock on effect, not only obviously to the family around him, but the generations that let, that were, let that came after that, after him. Yes. I think it took us sort of three generations to clear that negative energy without any kind of healing before, you know, those generations after that didn't hold the trauma that that poor chap had left behind. You know? No,

Paula Mary (32:09):

Absolutely. And it's a bit like, you know, anxiety, there's a lot of anxiety in the world at the moment and the people are carrying and, and getting very an anxiety about everything. But if you look at your line, it will come from there. It will a hundred percent. There will be something that will come from your ancestors that will need clearing. And yes, you have to work on your own anxiety, but if you have an understanding of why you might be feeling so anxious and you look at your line and whatever other situation you are dealing with, you have a better interpretation of it. And then you think, oh my god. And, and you know, I'm gonna be honest, my line, my, my mother's line and is full of anxiety. Mm. All the women full of anxiety. But I'm living proof that you, you can clear it, you can deal with it, you know, and you don't have to take it on.


And it's that then understanding that it's a pattern that keeps coming back. And then when I look at the rest of my family and you and you, you sort of just observe them. When I observed my mum in my twenties, I thought, oh my god, she's full of anxiety. So, you know, it, it's about being more aware about looking and listening about what's going on around you rather than getting engulfed in it. And if you have a better understanding that, oh my God, everybody in my family have anxiety issues, well it can't just come from my mum, it has to come from ancestral. And you work on that line, my mum's a lot better than she was and my anxiety's gone. So I think, you know, it's a really important, I think to have a look at your, your line.

Oliver Duke (33:53):

Definitely. Sure. And I think people listening, the key point as well from all of that is that, you know, if you, if you are feeling like that anxious or whatever it is, or angry or however your current life situation feels within you, that is not your destiny. And whether it's this life, something you've experienced in this life, trauma or trauma that's been passed onto you, this is not your destiny. You can change that. You can you know, work through that and move that energy away from you and allow a better, happier energy to come through it. It's not gonna happen overnight. You know, you're gonna have to take work, you might have to have this healing with Paula and do lots of other stuff and look within that might be a bit difficult and painful, but ultimately this is not your destiny. And you can change that, can't you?

Paula Mary (34:35):

Absolutely. I mean, I'm living proof. I mean, I was very anxiety as a very early age as a child. And I'm living proof that, you know, you can deal with it and you can come forward with it as well. And I think, you know, it, it's important to know that you can change anything. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Yes. I, I'm a believer that you can actually change anything. And you know what? It's it, you are, you, you are not your mind. You're not your thoughts. You are you

Oliver Duke (35:04):

And you're not your ancestors as well. Yeah.

Paula Mary (35:07):

Yeah. Well, you, you, you are the energy, you are the energy of your ancestors. You, you are the energy, you are not your mind. You're not your thoughts. So that is important with anxiety. And if you sort of tap into the ancestral side of the energy, you are picking up on the energy. You're not picking up on their mind or their thoughts. So it's about feeling the energy. Mm-Hmm. Feeling the love within you to be able to know that you can deal with anything. Mm-Hmm. And you know, when, when your mind is overriding it's about bringing that light source in from your ancestors. Cuz that's what I've done. I've said, right. My mind is struggling, ancestors help me, and all of a sudden there's a whoosh of light and then my brain stops. Mm-Hmm. So once you heal your ancestral line, they can really help you with, with you and your thoughts, your mind, your anxiety, or any situation that you are in. So healing the line is really important in my view, to have a good relationship with your ancestors.

Oliver Duke (36:11):

It is, yes. Very important. And also, I feel as well just sort of making sure that you try as hard as you can to sort of connect with your, your higher self so you know, your spiritual self and personally, you know, I I I like you, you know, as a, as a, as a boy and a young man and growing up, you know, was very, very anxious about a lot of things. I'm not that anymore because I spent a lot of time, you know, understanding about spirituality, understanding about my higher self, and once I actually felt I managed to properly connect with my higher self, all that sort of chatter and the noise of the mind, like you said, you know, you know, you're not your thoughts. All of that stuff just, just went and that, and then that space opened up and I was able to connect with who I really was, if that makes sense.

Paula Mary (36:56):

Yes. No, absolutely. And the ancestors are who you really are. Mm. You know, tapping in, they're in your soul groups. They're, they're part of you, they're part of your family. And I, and I think it's really important to tap into them because if you ask for healing, they will jolly well, you'll jolly well know that you've received it. Sure. If you ask for ancestors, once the line's been healed, and I have to say the line has to be healed in and how do you know it's healed? Well, you will know because you'll feel the vibration. And they will say, thank you so much. You know they will turn around and say, that's enough <laugh>. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (37:32):

Yeah, sure.

Paula Mary (37:33):

It's okay. You know, so you'll have an understanding that that, that both have been healed. But at the same time, and I need to make this quite clear, when you're healing your ancestors, you yourself will have to be healed through that energy too. So healing the ancestors and then healing yourself through that energy of the ancestors to clear that off you is really important too. Sure,

Oliver Duke (37:54):

Sure. And would you say that if, you know, if people wanted to make the first step towards doing something like this, aside from seeking out ancestral someone like you that can heal the ancest ancestral trauma Trauma, yes. Would it help to sort of try and learn a little bit of a kind of meditation techniques, whether that's online, on YouTube or wherever else you can get some sort of meditation tips so that you can maybe try and just start, if you haven't already started that, try and just start that process of kind.

Paula Mary (38:20):

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, all I would, yeah, brilliant. And all I would say is get into that heart centre, fill yourself up with pink love and sit there and ask, does your ancestral need healing? Or what, what, you know, what do they require? What's going on on the line? And the more you sort of tap in and it's like you're connecting the spirit and you're bringing your energy out and you're going into a little bit of a trance or meditation state, you'll be able to pick up an awful lot about your family. Sure.

Oliver Duke (38:49):

Sure. Well, thank you, Paula. It's been a wonderful conversation today. I really enjoyed it about ancestral healing and ancestral trauma. And also we've talked yeah, in the first part of the show about the hermit and the major arcana. Yes. So yes, that's fantastic stuff. Thank you for joining us today, Paula. We come to the end of the show now. But before we let you go, and we'll let everyone else go, we just need to remind everyone that Paula has her wonderful 20 pounds off code for our wonderful video on Demand tarot course which is 10 hour Tarot, and that's normally 97 pounds down to 77 pounds with the code Paula 20. So you just go to psychic.co.uk slash learn tarot and we'll put the URL, the web address in the show notes below this podcast.


So you can just click through it there. And you can also play blah play <laugh>. You can also pay, you can also pay via Klarna there, and you can get pay in three over three months. So that'll work out about 25 pounds a month. So yes, thank you again, Paul. And also, before I forget as well please do leave us a fantastic review. If you really love this podcast on Apple Podcasts or whatever other platform you're listening on, it really helps us to deliver all of this wonderful psychic spiritual content to you. So thank you again, Paula, for joining us today. Yes, sir.

Paula Mary (40:05):

Thank you, Oliver. It's lovely to be part of your show.

Oliver Duke (40:07):

It's been fantastic. Thank you, Paula, and we'll chat again soon. Bye-Bye. Take care. Bye.

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