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🔮 Is your Psychic Medium truly genuine?. . . & (I) THE MAGICIAN Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:032] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary, who has been a practicing Psychic Medium for over 35 years

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**This Podcast was recorded on 12th May 2023**




With Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:032

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co uk.

Paula Mary (00:12):

I can get how someone has passed over and how they have been affected by that. I also get their favourite cake or mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, what they like to do and memories as well. And if they're not bringing that sort of information through to you and keep asking you questions, then I would say that's Alarm Bells.

Oliver Duke (00:39):

Welcome to Psychic Social and thank you again for joining us on our Psychic social podcast. Now we are gonna be talking about the classic tarot deck again today in this episode. And we've promised you a number of podcasts that we are gonna be doing, taking you through each individual card from the classic tarot deck. Now, we've done the last episode, which was episode 31 with Paula Mary, psychic Medium. And we spoke about the first card in the classic tarot deck in the major arcana, which was the full. So we are now going to join Paula again. And Paula and I are gonna chat about the next card in the tarot deck called The Magician. So this is card number one, cause obviously the fall was zero. So welcome Paula. Thanks again for joining us. And yes, can you tell us a little bit about the Magician, please, in the tarot deck?

Paula Mary (01:30):

Absolutely. Hello everybody. And I'm so happy to be here again. Well, the Magician, it's a really bright card. It's magic. You see <laugh> and we've all got magic inside of us, is what I'm going to say about the card. And it's just saying that you can be as magic as you want. It's like developing. And the more you develop, the more magic you become. But it's not supernatural. So it's like when you've got a talent, you don't over enthusiastic about it, you sort of tweak what you've got, if that makes sense. And then more vibration will come. So the card is very much about your vibration. It's about balancing. You've got over the top, it's like a horizontal eight, isn't it, Oliver? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. It's like horizontal eight,

Oliver Duke (02:16):

Top the top. That's an infinity, isn't it? Yeah.

Paula Mary (02:18):

So it's like good vibration, good balance, and the sun is very bright. So it's vi vibrant within you. Success is, is almost there. It's, it's probably there. I would say. If you have the magician card, it is a very positive card to have. It's saying you are in the right direction, you are balancing, right? You are, you've developed and you've coming forward, but you can achieve more. It's about staying and holding in that vibration, moving forward with that, connecting to the sun in the card. It's very bright yellow and moving forward. And it's like everything, if you get too close to the sun, what you get burnt out. So it's about balancing that so that you rest as well and you work on your development. So Oliver, it's a very sort of positive, good vibration card. It feels that you've got that magic inside.


And if people get this card and they haven't quite gone on their journey or their development journey, it's saying do that <laugh>. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you know, it's saying, it's a good way to move forward with yourself to be able to do that. So it is a very positive card. It's flowing so things are flowing in your life, they're balancing and it's good to stay in that. So it's about what can you do to stay like this, to stay in that higher vibration. So then it's not overloading, not overthinking, and it's just flowing with everything, but also resting as well, observing and your own energies. Like, you know, you have to take those arrests as well. Yeah. So it is a very sort of positive, successful, magical card. And it's saying that you've got more magic inside of

Oliver Duke (04:04):

You. Yeah. Well that's a great description of, of that Paula. And yeah, I mean people might sort of say what the sun doesn't actually feature in the image, but it's the yellow vibrant Yes. Essence of the sun in the image. Yes. Isn't it Behind the magician. And actually I dunno whether you know this, but this is my favourite card in the, in the tar deck of all of them. I love this card. It's my favourite card because is it right?

Paula Mary (04:25):

Yes. Cuz when you get it, it means that you are, you are in the right place, you are doing well, your images are flowing. You are, you are in a really good high vibration and things are coming forward to you. So it's like, it's a very positive car to have.

Oliver Duke (04:39):

Mm-Hmm. And it's depicting the master creator, isn't it? So you are in essence of the, the person that draws it. It's, it's sort of showing them that they are the master creator and they can kind of create anything they want in their life as they start to move forward. Not only within their life, but through the journey of the tarot and the journey of the fall. Yes.

Paula Mary (04:58):

And it, and it, yes, absolutely. It is also about finding your own talents. Yes. Finding them. What are they? Yeah. you know and that's what that card is about.

Oliver Duke (05:10):

Sure. And that takes a lot of work to be sort of look inside, look introspectively and find out. Cuz I think most people really kind of, especially when they're a bit younger in their younger adult years, that sort of don't really know, don't have much direction, don't really know what they want to do with their life and don't really have an idea of, you know, they might have some passions or some hobbies or whatever, but generally, not generally that happy within their work and want to find out, you know, yes. What their proper path is, what I, what are they passionate about, and and what they can follow a path Yes. You know, that that means something to them energetically in their life, you know?

Paula Mary (05:42):

No, absolutely. And it's about developing their personal potential. So it's about, the card is about your potential and how you can develop it, but when you get that card, you are almost there to doing that, if that makes sense. Sure.

Oliver Duke (05:56):

And what I think a lot of people don't actually notice with this card, and it was including me where after, even after I've seen it quite a few times, was that the four aspects of the minor arcana. Yes. so we've got are on the table lying there in front of the magician. So he's got Yes. The swords and the wand and the cup and the pentacle, and they're all sitting there. It just says that they've got everything in front of them that they need to actually go ahead and create anything they wish manifest and create anything they wish in their life.

Paula Mary (06:24):

Yes, absolutely. And it's like Oliver making use of your o opportunities that come your way. Yeah, that's exactly, that's the same thing really, isn't it? It's like expand, expand that go, go bigger <laugh>. Yeah.

Oliver Duke (06:36):

And, and, and then you mentioned obviously the infinity number eight symbol on its side. Yes. The infinity symbol a a above the magician's head. And again, that is representing infinite possibilities, isn't it? There is infinite possibilities within the person when they get drawn this card, obviously within a reading, unless if you're not doing a one card, you know, quick one card reading you have to tie these up with the cards around them, don't you? Yes. and that can mean, can create a bigger picture, can't it? But essentially, oh, absolutely. This card means that in itself. And and like I said, it's, it's my favourite card because personally I feel myself feel myself as always been creative and, and I like to think of myself as a master creator in what I do. So Yeah. Yeah. I think it rings really true with me. Yes. this particular card

Paula Mary (07:20):

And the card grows and you grow with the card, if that makes sense. Exactly. So the more you would grow and then the more you get the card, it means that you are on the right path and you are growing and flourishing and taking those opportunities that are coming your way.

Oliver Duke (07:34):

Yeah, exactly. And talk us through a bit, through the, through the colours in the card as well, what they might signify or represent to, to anyone that gets drawn this card or wants to learn about this card.

Paula Mary (07:43):

Yeah, absolutely. So the focus, I mean if you look at the card, the yellow background stands out. So that represents the sun. But it represents positivity, it represents success. It represents really being passionate about what you are doing and having that balance to succeed. The downside of it is don't get too successful and don't get too envious. <Laugh> sure about everything. But it's a very positive colour to have yellow. It goes with the solar plexus. It really does brighten up your day. So the card is very bright in that you are magic and that you are going to be successful and that you are developing. So it's like, keep going. So the yellow is that positive, keep going in the card. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, it's standing out. And your body is in that vibration, which is really amazing. Yeah.


Then you go to the red robe, which is passion, which comes with the yellow as well, doesn't it? You know? Yeah. You have to have that vibration to be passionate. Your heart desires and it represents love. But it represents that you are passionate about what you are doing. You are passionate in the now, you're passionate about your magic. You are passionate about your success and your future. And then the white is new beginnings. It's like, it's, it's enlightening. It's a balance between the cards, the colours, they balance very well. They're really positive colours to have and it's balancing you and new beginnings are coming your way too as well. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So you've got the yellow to vibrate that. You've got the, the passion of the red robe and you've got the white with new beginnings. So the flow is flowing really, really nicely in the card with the colours.

Oliver Duke (09:39):

Right. It was great to to hear all of that info about the colours in that card and people will be wanting to know what the colours were representing. Not only obviously the objects in the card, the people and the objects and the depictions, but obviously the colours are important as well as we know. And if you want to learn a whole lot more about this particular card and the 78 cards in the tarot classic tarot deck deck in general you can check out if you haven't already, our brand new offering to the tarot community tarot card reading community, which is our wonderful QR tarot which you'll find out a bit more about when we take a break. And you can also find out much more about the tarot, not just the cards, but how to use them in depth in our wonderful online 10 Hour on demand video tarot course, 10 Hour Tarot which we'll talk about, a little bit about that towards the end of the show as well.


So we're gonna wrap up part one with Paula now and talking about this tarot card in the deck, this second card, which is actually number one, the Magician. And there's some great info there about that. Like I say, if you wanna learn more, you can and more info on that coming up. But yes, when we come back in part two we're gonna chat with Paula. She's gonna give us some fantastic advice on kind of what to expect if you've never had a mediumship reading before, a psychic mediumship reading. So any of you out there that haven't had one before or considering having a reading and a bit sort of worried or apprehensive about what it might entail, you've never had one before. I think Paul is gonna sort of put your mind at rest and at ease and explain the whole process when we come back in part two. So stay tuned.

Imaging Voice (11:19):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (11:29):

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Imaging Voice (13:55):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (14:05):

Welcome back to Psychic Social. And we are talking today with Paul and Mary Psychic Medium, again about the classic tarot deck and individual cards in the classic tarot deck. Now in part one we spoke about the magician, which is card two, actually card number one, but card two in the classic tarot deck in the major arcana. So we've talked about some fantastic information about that in part one, but now we're gonna move on and Paula's gonna tell us a little bit about psychic mediumship in terms of having a psychic reading using mediumship. So Paula, obviously you are very experienced with this and you've done thousands and thousands of readings over the years. Yes. could you tell the people listening, especially the people that haven't really had a psychic mediumship reading or have had a a poor one what to expect from a, from a sort of bonafide, a proper psychic mediumship reading. What, what can they expect when they come to you or anyone that is a a revered psychic medium?

Paula Mary (15:03):

Yes. Well, first of all, if everyone that wants to read in wants to have a connection with someone, I feel they want, they want some information. And I feel it's really important when they go to see a psychic medium just to be, have a further openness about the reading and what they expect. Because when I, and when other mediums tune in and I tune in and have a channel, so don't use any cards and I completely sort of go into chance and I'll bring the information through to the client. The client comes with wanting something, but sometimes they get something else <laugh>. Right. So what I'm saying is come with a more openness to what you might be wanting to ha to have a reading. For example a lady came to me and she'd only just lost her son who had unfortunately killed himself.


Now it was very raw, so the son didn't come through, but the uncle came through because it was far too close. And I got told by my guides that it would be too much for her to cope with if he came through at that particular point. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So someone else came from the family and helped her and guided her. Now she came away feeling really positive about it. So what I'm trying to say Oliver, is don't have an open book a little bit when you come for a reading. Yeah. Have what you want, set the intention of what you would like to get out of it, but be open because spirit will give you what you need at that particular time and they'll give you the person from spirit that you, that that is right for you at that particular time. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>.

Oliver Duke (16:56):

Yeah. Well, I have to say I've experienced, I've had a couple of mediumship readings in the past and I've experienced that very thing myself. You know, my mum passed on a number of years ago and I think the first time I went I was obviously hoping to connect with her to a degree. Yes. And she, she kind of didn't come through, but there was a a a a relative of the family on my dad's side that came through and was very open to speak about everything and very open to connect. And, and like you say, you need to have that, although it can potentially sometimes be disappointing if you are purposely going to Yes, absolutely. Yeah.

Paula Mary (17:26):

To, and be very disappointing. But I think if, if you're going to the right meeting, they'll explain sure why that that person couldn't come through at that particular point.

Oliver Duke (17:37):

And that's a very point. Yeah, that's very, so I was gonna just interject and say that's a very good point because, you know, a medium should never offer guarantees or absolute should they, that I will connect with such and such and that's kind of a red flag it if they do. Yes. Because they can't pro, like you said, they can't kind of promise that they're gonna be able to collect, connect with the person you want to. It's it someone else might come through in the family or, or on either side or whatever. Yes. So yeah, that's, that's important to notice, isn't it? I

Paula Mary (18:03):

Absolutely, I think because obviously there's two sides and someone that has dramatically gone over the other side, they weren't ready to say sorry, they weren't ready because do you know what, they were so upset because of the pain they caused. Mm-Hmm. And they couldn't speak they couldn't speak and that's why they couldn't come through. So obviously you have to, you know, you can't just say I've got them when you haven't. And that, that is a true psychic medium. You, you know, you can't just pull someone from thin air and say you've got Yeah, exactly. It doesn't work like that. But, but it would be, the explaining is really important. The communication from the client to explain why they weren't coming through or why you couldn't get them is very important for them because they do come with high expectations and they would be disappointed if you couldn't get, if you couldn't get them. Sure,

Oliver Duke (18:59):

Definitely. Sure. And could you just tell people like maybe like the top three things to look out for for in, in a good honest, you know, psychic medium before, you know, you go in for a reading to commit to someone for a reading. There is a top three things that you could think of that you really need to make sure that

Paula Mary (19:16):

The top three things really is you make sure that you are the, the person that you work with really just channels the reading and really just gets in to trance and actually connects to their guide so they're not just sort of, you know, that they're actually got a proper channel. I think that's really important. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. I think it's important that the person, the medium doesn't ask too many questions because when someone comes and I open up, I will say, I've got this, I've got that. You don't need to know the person. You don't really need to know who they want to see. It will come in the reading. If you are good, it will come in the reading. Sometimes it's important just to know a little bit why the person wants to come, but getting names and stuff before is, is I would say no.


So if a medium is asking you specifically who you want to speak to, what their names and can you bring a picture? I would not go <laugh> sure is a message. Yeah. I, I feel that you have to you know, tune in your channel and you'll get information, you'll get validation. For example, you, I can get how someone has passed over and how they have been affected by that. I also get their favourite cake or what they like to do and memories as well. And if they're not bringing that sort of information through to you and keep asking you questions, then I would say that's alarm bells.

Oliver Duke (20:46):

Yeah. This is the, this is the big thing, isn't it? Yeah. It's the questions asking too many questions. Cause like you say, if they, if they're channeled in and they're connected correctly yes, then, then the information should flow through them. So they are like the vessel, the medium is the vessel, isn't it? Correct. They, they, the information flows through them to the queer end, to the person that's come, you know, to have the reading. Yes.

Paula Mary (21:11):

So, so if they're asking you who you want to connect to, if they're asking you your more information from you and and your situation, then I think that is an alarm bells. I mean, it's important, you know, if you, if you are wanting to have a connection, but I then I would say I'd like a connection with my fam with a family member. That's all you need to say with a medium. Sure. You don't give too much information away because, or, or don't bring, you don't need pictures or anything like that. The person would just connect and actually be able to describe the person for you. So if, if you are not getting a description, if you are not getting a memory, if you're not getting validations, then I feel that there, that is something that you would, should be a little bit alarmed about.

Oliver Duke (21:58):

Yeah, sure. And it's good advice. Yeah, definitely. Not to give too much in information away. But there's a, there's a happy balance isn't there, between giving a little Yes. Giving something and not just sitting there in silence cuz you have to give

Paula Mary (22:09):


Oliver Duke (22:09):

I think some sort of interactions you

Paula Mary (22:10):

Have to be open Oliver as well. When the client comes they, you know, a what gets me sometimes I think is if a client comes and they fold their arms and they say, you are the psychic, you tell me, I immediately freeze <laugh>. I just sort of go, oh

Oliver Duke (22:24):


Paula Mary (22:25):

I don't think I can cope with that. You have to come with an openness and, and an openness that it's going to benefit you. And then that the medium will connect to that lovely open energy that you have and they will bring what is needed for you mm-hmm. At that particular time. And you know, sometimes, including myself, I've gone for a reading, I wanted something didn't get it came away and actually on reflection actually that was really good. I really needed that. And I think sometimes that spirit work in, in different ways and they, and they give you actually what needed at that time.

Oliver Duke (22:58):

Yeah. And that and that kind of closing off thing and, and crossing your arms and stuff and being closed off, you know, it doesn't help the connection between you know whoever you, whatever you're channeling from through your guides, through you and then to that person, it makes it much more difficult. And guys, if you're listening out there, I know most it's most not generalising, but it's mostly men I think from my experience that are sit there shut their, you know, fold their arms and go, right, you tell me what's going on. Guys, if you want to connect with any, anyone through a medium, like Paula said, it's not the way to do it. You need to open your mind and just go with it. And even if you don't really believe it completely go with it. Cuz you'll be surprised. Genuinely. Absolute. Absolutely. And I've heard of many, many men going for readings in that closed off state and at the end of it being surprised, yes. But also could have got lots more information and lots more, more detailed information if they'd been a bit more open.

Paula Mary (23:53):

I mean, for me as a medium, you come with 2%, 5% openness. I get I'll get you something. Yeah. If you come with a hundred percent it will be amazing.

Oliver Duke (24:01):

Exactly. That's exactly it.

Paula Mary (24:02):

You know, I think, I think we just have, you are there for a reason and the reason isn't to test the psychic that I think that's the key as well. Yeah. If, if you are going and you're wanting to test the psychic, will you tell me you are the psychic? That doesn't work for me. It might work for other psychics, but for me, I, it tricks my energy and I don't like it. I just want to someone to sit there and, and be open and I'll be able to bring down exactly what they're required at that time.

Oliver Duke (24:28):

Sure. Exactly. Well tell us a bit about how you do your readings, particularly because we know that you don't really use cards in your readings. Some psychic mediums will use the classic Tara deck or they'll use angel cards or any other kind of cards. But you don't use any cards at all, do you?

Paula Mary (24:46):

No, I, I don't use any cards at all. What I do do is make sure I'm in my power make sure that I have got a very strong connection with spirit before the person comes. And I would do sort of like two, three minute meditation before they came just to sit in the energy, to build the energy up and, and put the intention for any members to come forward for that family. And when the person comes, I could just get them to sit and then I would just connect to their energy as well. And then get the family members through from the connection. And some are queuing up <laugh>, some take a little longer to come through. But you get a general idea of, of the situation when I see someone and connect to them, I sort of get a feeling of why they're here and, and the healing perhaps they need as well and the validations that they need from spirit to help them.


And there's been so much lately cuz of Covid and people haven't been able to say goodbye. It, it's been very stressful for, for clients who haven't been able to have that special goodbye with their loved one and vice versa from spirit. And sometimes, you know, you get a big queue of people <laugh> wanting to speak to the client. So literally I go into trance, I will get in the channel and I literally will just put my heart from my, I work on my heart centre and, and connect and I will just bring down what is what is needed.

Oliver Duke (26:26):

That's really good to get an idea of that. And people can understand a bit more about how you do your mediumship readings. And like we say, you know, a lot of, a lot of mediums are different. Some of them will use note cards, some of them will use cards and various other things. Some of them will use psychometry and, and have objects and photos and stuff. Yeah. But yeah, it's to hear how you do it. Thank you. Thank you very much for that, Paula. Well if you want to learn much more about the tarot with Paula, she's recorded some fantastic modules with us on our wonderful tarot course, interactive tarot course, 10 Hour Tarot. And you can check that out psychic.co uk. So if you want to go on, take our tower course. Paula has got a special code, haven't you? So people can get 20 pounds off. So the, the course is currently 97 pounds with Paula's code, you can get it 4 77. Paula, do you wanna tell us what the code is?

Paula Mary (27:14):

Yes, it's Paula 20. Yeah,

Oliver Duke (27:16):

Paula 20. So we'll pop that in the show notes below this this, this recording, this podcast, wherever you're listening. And all you have to do is go to psychic.co uk slash learn tarot and we'll put that link there as well. And then when you go through to check out, just use Paula's code, Paula 20, we'll put that down there as well and you'll get 20 pounds off. And also we've got our wonderful QR tarot cards as well, which you'll know about by now. And we'll put a link down in the show notes as well for that. That's psychic.co uk slash qr tarot. And you can buy those tarot cards from Amazon in the UK and the usa. Fantastic. So thank you very much Paula for joining us today for another classic tarot card and we're gonna chat about another one very, very soon, aren't we?

Paula Mary (27:59):

Yes, absolutely. I look forward to it because I think it, it's really, you know, important to get to know your cards. If you've just bought a tarot pack and you bought the QR tarot, it's good to get to know your cards.

Oliver Duke (28:11):

Yeah. And this is an extra, just an extra bit of free information we're giving you. Yes. obviously if you want the in-depth stuff, like we say, you need to go out and get the cards and possibly the course, check that out too. But yeah, this is an extra little bit we've got for you, just for you guys to a free bit of info about the cards from the psychics that we've worked with. So yes, there it is. Fantastic. Thank you very much Paul. We'll see you on the next one and take care of yourself and speak with you soon. Yes.

Paula Mary (28:34):

And you. Thank you everyone.

Oliver Duke (28:35):

Thanks Paula. Bye.

Imaging Voice (28:37):

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