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🔮 My pet has passed on, can I still communicate with them?. . . & (III) THE EMPRESS Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:034] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary, who has been a practicing Psychic Medium for over 35 years

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**This Podcast was recorded on 18th May 2023**




With Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:034

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by Psychic.co.uk

Paula Mary (00:12):

There's a slightly different energy. You are more open, I think when someone's had a trauma, including humans. You have a more openness to your energy. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, so you connect more. So I think when animals have been traumatised and they go somewhere to be like they're rescued, then they have a far more openness of connection. And that's where I think you can get more of an animal communication with them.

Oliver Duke (00:44):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us today. We are going to be talking about the classic tarot deck. Again, we are doing a series of these. We're gonna be talking about every single card in the classic tarot deck with the illustrations by Pamela Coleman Smith that everyone knows and loves. So today we've got Paula Mary with us, and we are gonna be talking about the Empress, which is card four and numbered three in this deck. So welcome back Paula. Thank you for joining us again.

Paula Mary (01:15):

Pleasure. Lovely to be here again.

Oliver Duke (01:17):

Yes. Well, thank you for coming and we're, we're gonna delve into this card right now, aren't we? So for, for anyone more Indeed. Yeah. For anyone that doesn't really know anything about or too much about the the classic tarot deck with the 78 cards these sort of podcasts that we're doing are gonna be a very good resource for people, aren't they, to sort of learn about the symbolisms, the meanings, the colours. Isn't that cool? That's right. Yeah. So we are looking today, like we said at the end press. So Paula, can you tell us a bit about this card? And, and if anyone at home does have a tarot deck, if you've got a QR tarot deck, R qr tarot deck, even better. But you can have the classic tarot deck in the major arcana we're looking at. And just grab that card if you can. The empress, you can pause this right now if you need to go and find it. So get that card and get that in front of you if you can. It's not a big deal if you haven't. And we can now discuss that with Paula. So Paula, tell us a bit about the Empress, please.

Paula Mary (02:09):

Absolutely. Well, all I'm gonna say is a woman in charge of her own destiny. I would say take care, responsibility of your own wellbeing. It feels like you are there, you are sitting in the chair, you are holding the crown in your hand, and you are basically in charge of yourself. So if it's not working, change the rules around it for yourself. I would say the key here is clarity and satisfaction for your own wellbeing. I said success for the future as well. Oliver. Mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, it's a very sort of proud card to have. It feels like you are on the way up of success, but it's like you are holding, you've got to hold the success for your future. And it's about loving yourself a little and working forward. And yeah, just being in charge of yourself, not letting anybody else come in and rule your life is, is one of the main focuses of this card. It's about you and your success.

Oliver Duke (03:12):

Sure. And would you also say that it's, it's sort of signifies a level of abundance with that particular

Paula Mary (03:18):

Scene? Oh, absolutely. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Cuz you've got the, the, the yellow, the sun, the vibrant which, which is your consciousness, and it's about opening that up to success in your future, but, and to get that abundance. Absolutely. Oliver.

Oliver Duke (03:34):

Yes. And the fruits on the dress, what are they, does that signify that certain level of abundance as well? Well, they're,

Paula Mary (03:39):

They're like flowers. It's like the flower robe. So it's blooming. Yes, they're coming into fruition. They're flowering. And so it's, you, your, you are coming through a very positive time and your success is really you, you, you've got success right now and it's coming to more fruition. So yes, it's flowering. Your success is flowering in like the robe, I would say.

Oliver Duke (04:03):

Sure. And, and obviously, you know, in this, this major arcana card, the empress is focused upon a woman quite clearly. Yes. So this is, is this sort of portraying and showing a sense of divine feminine energy as well within that? Yes,

Paula Mary (04:20):

Absolutely. Yep. and for something for men who get this card to come to terms with about their feminine side as well. Yeah. Oliver just a quirk on that, but yes, absolutely. It's about the feminine energy and I think whether you're a man or a woman, you need that energy. We need that energy as well to be successful. Definitely.

Oliver Duke (04:41):

Yeah, exactly. And I think, you know, when a lot of these tarot cards, yeah. Some men will, might go and have a reading and they'll get drawn, you know, the feminine cards they'll get Yes. Might, might get drawn like the queen in any of the suits. And anyone that knows about Tower already now will know that those court cards. So Page Knight, queen, and King can have both aspects of the, of the feminine and masculine energy. And then this card, like you said, you know, if it gets drawn from a man, it may want to signify to them to sit a little bit more within the, their feminine side. Yes. The creative side, the, the, the right brain side, you know? Absolutely. So that they can get more in touch with that. Yeah,

Paula Mary (05:20):

Absolutely. Oliver also, it's about loving them within. So if a man gets his card, it's about loving themselves as well. It's about connecting to them. Because a lot of men, they don't, they don't look at that, not all the time. So if they get this card, it's about actually I need to love myself and need to acknowledge the love within me as well to be able to be a su successful. So they're, if they get that card, it feels like they're a little bit not loving themselves as much.

Oliver Duke (05:49):

Sure. And, and can you talk us through the colours again? I know you mentioned the, the yellow in there for the sun in the background, but could you talk us through some of the colours and what they might mean within this card?

Paula Mary (05:58):

Yes, absolutely. Well, the, the yellow is, is about awareness of your consciousness. And it's also about positivity and success and money. So it's really positive that that is in the card really brightly. The red throne the orange and red is sort of passion, emotional, it's like really positive forward. And it is about love loving yourself. Mm-Hmm. And being successful, cuz that's what the card is about, is about your senses opening up and being successful and, and being satisfied with the nature that you are in. So if you, if you're looking at the card and, and your shifts, you see that the lady is sitting on the sort of, there's flowers, there's trees, there's grain and I think the grain is the symbol of life, life reaping, life being positive. It's like a harvest coming into fruition. So you've got that growing there on the card.


So it is a very sort of earthy card to have as well. And the flowers, they're very significant, and the trees as well. So this card is really about uplifting yourself, being positive going forward, reaping the harvest, going into nature, actually. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> olive, because we've got the trees, there's sort of trees, I suppose you could call it a forest, maybe if you look closer in the card mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. so every, every sort of tree has its place. Everything grows, everything sort of develops and you are sitting in that. So you are in that developing moment. So it's about being true to yourself and moving forward in the colours. So the colours are very positive in this card, and it's about the forest, the trees rowing, and I feel there's a like a little waterfall in there as well. So the connection of the river, it's flowing. And so therefore you are flowing within that mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. So yes, I think it's about your senses more than anything. This card as well, Oliver.

Oliver Duke (08:03):

Yeah. And to me there's seems to be a sense of like being grounded as well with all this na in nature and being within nature. Yes. And staying grounded Absolutely. Within this abundance, because I know when, when sometimes when people come into abundance, especially if it's, you know suddenly, you know it can, like, people can find it difficult to remain grounded and, and yeah. Can lose themselves a bit with that, can't they?

Paula Mary (08:26):

Yes, absolutely. But if you look at the card and, and the lady, she's actually sort of grounded into the sort of grain that's growing, isn't she? You know, so that is really earthy. Absolutely.

Oliver Duke (08:40):

Great. Well, thank you very much for describing that, Paula. That's g gonna be some really great information for, for anyone listening. And like we said, you know, if you haven't got yourself a a tarot deck right now, you can check out QR Tarot. We'll learn more about that later on. And also we're gonna talk later on in the podcast a little bit towards the end about our course 10 Hour Tarot, which as you many of you guys will know by now, Paula was instrumental in, and we recorded some fantastic modules with her on that, didn't we, Paula? Yes, absolutely. We've obviously gone through lots of cards within that as well during that course. So yes. Thank you for that, Paula. Well, that's the end press for us today. And I think we mentioned in, in a previous show with Victoria, we just, we just did, I think it was a previous podcast we just did that we are gonna be going through the whole deck in upright. And then when we've reached the end, we're gonna start again, flip it upside down, and we're gonna do all the cards in reverse. So we're gonna give you the reverse meanings as well. But that's the pressing upright for now. Thank you for that, Paula. And we're gonna take a short break now, and we will come back after the break. We'll be talking with Paula about animal communication. So Paula has done a lot of animal communication in the past, so we're gonna be talking about that. So we'll see you after this.

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This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

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Imaging Voice (12:33):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (12:42):

Welcome back to Psychic Social. We are chatting today with Paul and Mary's Psychic medium, and we have spoken about the Empress from the classic tarot deck in the first half of this show. And we are now gonna talk with Paula about something that she has a lot of experience with, and that is animal communication within her psychic work. So Paula, would you tell us a bit more about that, please?

Paula Mary (13:06):

Yes, absolutely. And hello everybody again. Animal communication. Well, to me, I, it's amazing for me because I feel that animals have got such an openness far more than humans sometimes. So when you connect to them in spirit, it is like doing a mediumship and you just open up and you connect to the person. And if they've had an animal that has passed over, then they are there. And it, and they're very open, so they come very quickly in. So if you are connecting to an animal that's passed over, it's like a, it will be there right there, and you'll be able to sense it and feel it. And I feel that they're very open and they are with their owners, I would say when they've passed over. That's how I see it. That's how I pick up from the energy. They're not in a different sort of plane, Oliver, they're all together, if that makes sense.


So if they go over and there's some loved ones in spirit, they go with them, is what I feel that I get from that situation. And you just connect to their soul like you would do normally. And they would just tell you, they will give you sort of signs about how they were the oth the other day. I actually was reading a man and he'd lost a dog actually. And the dog used to just bump his knee with his head. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> just go up sometimes while he was sitting. And I just said, I'd get in this bumpy, there's a dog that's bumping your knee. And he was like, oh my god. Yes. that's Sid. So I feel that, you know, they're very open and you can get a communication very quickly. They're so got so much love in their soul, and if they're connected with a per, you know their owner, then they're really open, Oliver about it mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, and they want to say hello, and they want to sort of show what they used to do. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (15:08):

<Affirmative>. That's, that's interesting. And I, and I, I did see something online the other day about how, you know, domesticated animals, like especially dogs and cats over time, you know, obviously they, there were wild animals at one point. Yes. And it was actually the energy and the love and communication that the Yes. Human beings over time gave to those animals Yes. Which brought them energetically closer and closer to together, to the point Yes. Where we, they became our pets. Yes. And the animals were able to sort of break out of that animalistic energy that they were sitting in and, and sort of break into our energy and our love and feel that, and, and that's where the union sort of came together. Would you say that that was probably what, how it

Paula Mary (15:50):

Oh, absolutely. And I think we, we mirror our animals or the, our animals mirror us with our energy on this earth. Like if you, I, I mean, I have four animals here, and when I'm, I'm a little bit down, they all come over to me and they're, you know, and when they're little down, I go over to them and it's like, you mirror it, you feel it, you feel it, you feel the connection far more than I would say on a human level because they're so open and, and they love unconditionally. They just love you. And, and that's when they pass over that energy there is, is how you can get such a good communication in spirit.

Oliver Duke (16:28):

Yeah. And that, that unconditional love, especially from dogs. I mean, I personally, I've not, not had a dog in my life yet, but had cats growing up. But yes, I, I I understand that, that that sort of unconditional love from, from a dog is just a one such a wonderful thing. Yes. And I even read that it can add sort of six, seven years onto pe someone's life, you know, just owning a dog.

Paula Mary (16:48):

Absolutely. I mean, I, I got Twix, she's a Yorkshire Terrier mm-hmm. <Affirmative> I got her when she was three years old. It was a rescue, and she looks at me so unconditionally, she will follow me. And look, and the love that comes from that dog to me is absolutely unbelievable. Unbelievable. And because I, I rescued her, she was in a bad place, and I, I took her out and they're forever thankful for that. Yeah. They really are. And sometimes I think rescue animals or wild animals that come in close to humans have a more openness of love. Whereas I think if, if you are, if, if you are a say a puppy and you are in a, a normal environment, you, you are, you are just, it's normal. You know, you are, you, it is not you. You are liking where you are of course. But there's a slightly different energy. You are more open, I think when someone's had a trauma, including humans. You have a more openness to your energy. Mm-Hmm. So you connect more. So I think when animals have been traumatised and they go somewhere to be like they're rescued, then they have a far more openness of connection. And that's where I think you can get more of an animal communication with them.

Oliver Duke (18:05):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and on the earth plane. I, I think also the dogs, they, they, they use their sense of smell the most, don't they? So they sense an issue or yeah. Like you said, when someone's feeling down through their sense of smell where a cat Yes. Apparently I, I hear works more on an energetic, so it can seem more of your energy as it approaches you as opposed to a dog. Is that right?

Paula Mary (18:26):

Absolutely. I mean, I, I have had far more sort of amazing communications with cats than I've had with dogs. Dogs are like, yeah, whatever.

Oliver Duke (18:38):


Paula Mary (18:38):

Yeah. What you speak to me for this world. Yeah. but cats that have gone missing and I go and try and find where they are and connect to them to see where they've passed over or they're still here, and find them where they are and how to get them home. Oh my God. The information that they give you, it's like, whoa, you know, you really said that. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> because they're so open and absolutely connect your energy. So I've had quite a lot of success with cats that have gone missing to tap into them to find out where they are for them to go home. So that, that's really positive. As with dogs, it's not as easy. They're, they're the energy. You might have to heal them a little bit. Say if a dog's gone missing, will they get very anxious? They're in fear more than a cat. And you would have to perhaps give them some healing first before you communicated with them mm-hmm. <Affirmative> because to calm them down so that they could connect to you more on a, on a communication.

Oliver Duke (19:41):

Okay. That's, it's interesting to hear, hear that about that. What I was gonna ask you was have you had any, what would you say I was gonna say, I'll rephrase that. What is the kind of strangest or most unusual animal that you've connected that's with, that's not been here on the earth plane?

Paula Mary (20:00):

Right. well, I would say it's a parrot. I <laugh>. Okay. I <laugh> someone had a pet parrot, which was amazing. And I got them on a communication. And it, it was very beautiful. It was very open. They were very spiritual. And they were showing me what the owner used to do and take them out their cage and, and, you know, they'd be around the house and even out in the garden actually. Yeah, absolutely. And I think that that was really amazing actually, that they could communicate with the owner of how that they loved them and they loved what they were doing daily to them and everything. So I think that's really important. I mean, the parrot was very spiritual, very open, had healing it, it was very healing for the, for the owner actually. So when the parrot died, the, the owner was very lost with the energy there because the parrot was quite powerful with its healing. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So it was a lovely connection that the parrot was still there with the owner actually, and still healing them, you know, so for them to know that, I think it was very helpful to them.

Oliver Duke (21:10):

Okay. I see. That's fascinating. Now if people are listening and, you know, I know you could also help people communicate better with their pets that are on the earth plane, that's still alive, people that are listening that want to try and sort of communicate better, not only with their pets that are, you know, that are still here, but obviously want to maybe try and think about working on trying to connect with them the pets that have passed on. Do you have any, any, anything that might help people, any tips or things like that? Yes. Firstly to, to, to help people maybe connect energetically better with their pets while they're here on earth at all?

Paula Mary (21:43):

Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Over. So the first major thing would be to just connect to you, to you. So sit very sort of still in your chair or lie down and just build up a golden light or pink love around your heart and bring it right out. So bring the energy, like a ball of energy right out so that it will, when you go over to your animal, that energy will go over to them. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So it's about bringing your energy out and over the animal. So you'll come from your heart and you'll bring the energy, you'll build it out. It can be any colour that you like. I normally go for pink, but it can be yellow, whatever you like, and you just bring it right the way out. So all in your body and out. So your energy will then when you go over to your pet and you just put your hand, and I would say just put your hand on the back of their neck, because that is a really good point there.


So you just put your hand there and your energy then would be over. And I just would want you to take a breath and just breathe into that and feel the energy there. And the more you do that, the more you build that up and just say in your mind what you'd like to say to the animal. And just see what you can feel and sense from your animal. Are they grounded? Are, are they, do you feel they're grounded? How do you feel they are? And if you then put your hands on their neck and then you push your hand down to their back, see what you feel as you go along, how is the energy? Is it hot, is it cold? Just sort of gauge with the, with how you are feeling the animal at that time. That's a good exercise first. And then the more that you do that, the more then that you will sense more.


And then it's about opening up their energies a little bit more. So the more you do that with your energy, the more then you will bring their energy up. So then it's about making sure their energies are quite strong as well. So with your energy, you visualise the same colour inside them as well, building that up. And then you've got the two energies that are quite strong and that what will be enable you to have a communication, because with any communication, the animal has to have the energy quite strong too as well. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, it's like when you are dealing with communication in spirit with an animal, if the animal has passed over and they're a bit of trauma, I would heal the animal a little bit before to bring the energy up so I could talk to them. Well, it's the same if an animal in this world is missing and they're anxious. It's about calming the energy down before the communication. So what advice is, make the e make sure the energies are positive and calm from you to them. So they're calm, your energies are calm. Mm. Bring them together and that will really help with the communication.

Oliver Duke (24:50):

Sure. And if you kind of, obviously a lot of pets owners, not, sorry, a lot of owners talk to their pets in the kind of like s funny or strange like ways, you know, where they might talk to a baby or something like that. Yes. Would you kind of advise, like talking to your, your dog I suppose, or cat in particular in a sort of in, in in a way that you'd more converse with a human? Yes. yes. I would say to build that, I would say actually energy. Yes. Yeah.

Paula Mary (25:18):

Because there, I'll give you an example of that Oliver, that I mm-hmm. <Affirmative> was walking a golden retriever about five years ago, and I'd taken him to the park and he'd gone in the swimming pool. It was swimming and the water, and I played ball and it was for a whole hour. And I got him back on there. I put him back into to, to get him back in the car and he refused to go in the car <laugh>. So I was like, get in the car. No, get in the car. No, he would, he, and he was a big, big lad is Monty, big lad. And he wouldn't get in the car. So I thought, right, okay. So I said, Monty, I have just walked you, I have, you have had so much fun. I've played ball everything. I've taken you to the park now get in the car because I need to take you home. And he got up and he went in the car. So the answer to your question is yes, <laugh>. Yep.

Oliver Duke (26:09):


Paula Mary (26:10):

I think they do respond better. Yes. Because it's your tone and if you're going, they don't understand that. But if, if you're going now, Monty, I would really like you to get into the car now, they respond better with that. Yes.

Oliver Duke (26:25):

Sure. And, and I imagine that kind of elevates their vibration to a degree, small degree maybe every time that you do speak with them as if they were another human being, you know, especially a dog, dog, I suppose in

Paula Mary (26:36):

That sense. Yes. Because when you connect with them in spirit and when you connect them in this world, they actually talk to you like a human. They don't talk to you like a baby. They actually talk to you it like a human. Absolutely. And it's very sensible, the conversations that you have. So I would say absolutely, you are right. I think if we talk to them more calmly, we we will get a better response. Definitely.

Oliver Duke (27:02):

Sure. Exactly. And now could you just explain a little bit more about people wanting to kind of know or just understand a bit more about how they could possibly connect with, with pets that have passed on at all? Is there anything that you can kind of tell people a bit more about that,

Paula Mary (27:17):

How to do that? Yes, absolutely. I, I think the most important thing is when you lost a pet, you that they have not gone, that's the most important thing, Oliver, they are still around you mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, and they still love you and they're in a different form, but they are still there and they have not gone. And the energy around that is really huge. So I would say that if, if someone is wanting to communicate with a, a loved one, in some respects, that's easier than communicating with some, with a pet on this world because the energy is so more open and, and, and vibrant when they've gone over to the other side. So I would suggest a, a picture or just obviously visualise them, but it'll be like have a memory of them that was something that you really liked that they were on your lap or, or a memory that, that you were really fond of them or, or something that they did while, while you were together or have a picture.


And I feel very much as you just open up your heart, your, your senses, and open up your heart and just feel that energy and call them in, call your pet in because they will be there Oliver, because they're so unconditional with their love for you. Mm-Hmm. And you sit there, it was good to maybe light a candle, have a picture, and have the intention that you want to feel their energy. That would be the first step. Maybe not the communication, but just to feel that they're there. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and then you can, can grow on that. So just sit there maybe with the candle open and just set the intention that you are opening up your energy for connection of your loved one that has passed over and call them into you. And it'll be amazing that you will feel it quite instantly. Oliver. Yes.

Oliver Duke (29:11):

Well, that's good advice. And yeah, hopefully people might even try that after, after this.

Paula Mary (29:17):

Yes, I would try that. I would be grounded. First a tip, just make sure your energies are earthed and grounded. Have the intention that you just want to feel the energy first of your pet so that it doesn't, you know, obviously we can be a bit anxious, so just do it slowly first and just sense, sense the energy. So it'll change from maybe warm to light and you'll be able to just feel it. And if you shut your eyes, you might even be able to see an image.

Oliver Duke (29:45):

Mm-Hmm. And would you say connecting, trying to connect with pets like this when you do it through mediumship is similar to trying to connect to human beings that have passed on? Absolutely. Yeah.

Paula Mary (29:55):

Absolutely. I feel it's the same. It's different as in the energies are different. Mm. and I think, I'm gonna be honest with you, it's probably harder to do the mediumship with humans mm-hmm. <Affirmative> because they've got a lot to say. Whereas pets, they just want to like, I love you and you know, I, you know, I'm here, I'm here. So I, I think there's obviously humans are more complex is what I would say. Yeah. so it is more complex energy. But yes, absolutely on the same path.

Oliver Duke (30:26):

Well thank you Paula. I'm sure people listening got something great from that and hopefully maybe they might even sort of be brave enough to try that themselves at home and you never know what they might get. Yeah, I think

Paula Mary (30:35):

Enjoy it yourself because it will be amazing because just feeling your pet, just feeling that energy is so lovely and I think it will help both sides that have been departed de

Oliver Duke (30:47):

Yeah, exactly. And if you did want to, people want to a, listening to this and they do want to learn a, you know, fancy learning, a bit of mediumship and an introduction to medium ship. We have got some great modules in our 10 hour tarot course with some medium ship in there, which Paul and Mary has done a couple of modules there. And Nikki Allen Psychic Medium has done some great modules there as well. So if you do check out that course, you can find out more about Medium ship there plus everything about the classic tarot deck, the 78 card tarot deck there. And that will lead me nicely on actually to say that Paula has still got her code for us, haven't you? Yes. to take the 10 hour tarot course and her code is Paula 20, and if you go to psychic.co.uk/learn tarot and you go to checkout, you can use Paula 20, the code at checkout, and that'll get you 20 pounds off the course, which is huge. So it was 97, it'll be 77 pounds with that code. So the link to that and Paula's lovely code will be down in the show notes of this podcast. So thank you very much, Paula, for joining us again today to talk about the impress and talk about animal communication. It was fascinating stuff. Thank you.

Paula Mary (32:00):

Yeah, no, thank you. It was lovely.

Oliver Duke (32:02):

Right, well thank you and take care, and we'll see you again for another card very, very soon. Won't we?

Paula Mary (32:07):

Fantastic. Yes, absolutely.

Oliver Duke (32:09):

All right. Thanks Paula. Take care. Speak soon. Take care. Bye-Bye. Bye.

Imaging Voice (32:14):

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